Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Grace Park, Nicki Clyne and Others Who Joined Nxivm Are Weak-Minded

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island for a Nxivm retreat.

By Bangkok

People didn’t join NXIVM because they were preyed upon during a ‘vulnerable’ time in their lives.

They joined because they were weak-minded dupes FROM BIRTH.

Keith Raniere was simply the pied piper who told them exactly what their WEAK MINDS wanted to hear.

Guess what?

Graduating from an Ivy League school doesn’t make somebody strong-minded. In fact, many Ivy League grads are even more susceptible to cult leaders than the average layperson —– due to their elitist belief system which makes them unable to cope with certain realities they don’t agree with.

Read and learn.

Allison Mack

Allison Mack was on top of the world before joining NXIVM. Great career. Lots of money. The future looked bright.

She had every reason not to join NXIVM, yet she did. She actually threw away her entire TV career for Keith and wound up broke, LOL.

Why? She was weak-minded.

Nicki Clyne

Nicki Clyne. Same story. She threw away her TV career to work at a vegan deli. LOL.

She had every reason not to join NXIVM, yet she did.

Why? She was weak-minded.

Grace Park

Grace Park. Same story. She appeared in a recruiting video with sicko Keith.

Why? She was weak-minded.

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk?

She admits to joining NXIVM to overcome her shyness (Her boyfriend may also have had some influence in her decision to join). However, she was still a successful actress with lots of money and a great career. Thus, I seriously doubt that she was as shy as she claims. That sounds more like a handy excuse to explain her departure from NXIVM for PR reasons.

Kreuk had no reason to join NXIVM and to follow a madman like Keith. Yet she did. She became a teacher and a recruiter for NXIVM.

Why? She was weak-minded. A Canadian idiot from birth.

Barbara Bouchey

Irish Barb Bouchey? Same story. No reason for Barb to join except she was weak-minded and greedy.

Emiliano Salinas

Emi Salinas? Super rich and well educated. He had no reason to join NXIVM.

Why did he join? He was weak-minded.

Alejandro ‘El Duce’ Betancourt

Betancourt? Same story. Weak-minded.

Rosa Laura Junco

Rosa Laura Junco? Same reason. Weak-minded.

The only thing this diverse group of people had in common was the fact that they were all weak-minded dupes.

In general, I have found that certain people — mostly leftist sympathizers — are simply more susceptible to being brainwashed by cult leaders.


Keith Raniere, leader of the Nxivm case


Image result for bernie sanders
Reasonable substitute for the absent cult leader Keith Alan Raniere

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  • What a stupid useless article, all the author can say is “she was a weak minded”…is that all you had for Defense. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know how anyone could join this cult like organization and not question its teachings.

    I think the author of the article is simple minded thanks to his simple reasoning why people joined NXIVM!

  • Heres the thing you can’t ever lose sight of and investigators will claim to excavation when most times they are just covering up. If Allison Mack was a male in a Fem run biz, situation reversed, the investigative journalism would say she was a partner… That’s the truth. And you’ve let her sk8 on the state losing the child pornagraphy on her computers. You the public are just as despicable.

  • How much more proof do you need that media and journaltyros like above are the very same predators sex traffickers and scofflaws, and most important, people like Frank think YOU are weak minded. After all. Your still chugging his rapist/pederast apologetic swill.

  • This post it only has the purpose of defaming these actors. Both Mack and Kreuk are excellent actresses who have left their mark in one of the most acclaimed TV series of our century. The show industry has made many victims, including the two of them. I am not an American, but from the outside, from the EU, the American mass media seems like that feeds on drugs like attributing libelous accusations. Luckily not everyone is like that.


    • “This post it only has the purpose of defaming these actors.”
      Matteo Contu

      Allison Mack is a convicted felon who was involved in:
      Sex Trafficking
      Human Trafficking
      Forced Labor
      Racketeering Conspiracy

      How can someone defame Allison Mack?
      Pip Pip Cheerio, Mate!

  • “The GOP just refused to entertain any ideas that go against their leader,” said Janja Lalich, a sociology professor at California State University, Chico, who studies cults and extremist groups. “That kind of closed-mindedness is just so typical of cult members.” Many experts and politicians have made the comparison between Trumpism and cults. Lev Parnas said there was a “cult-like” atmosphere around the president, as did Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s former communications director. Joe Walsh, the former Illinois congressman who launched a failed bid to challenge Trump’s nomination, said point-blank: “My Republican Party isn’t a party. It’s a cult.”

    Psychology experts say Trump’s narcissistic qualities, us-vs.-them mentality and lead-by-fear approach is straight from the textbook of history’s most notorious cults. Republican senators were scared that if they voted to convict Trump of the impeachment charges, he would attack them with nasty nicknames and launch campaigns to discredit them. And they were right to be worried. Trump referred to the Democrats who tried to remove him from office as “dirty cops,” “leakers” and “liars.” He insulted Romney, saying the senator failed “so badly when running for president,” and he tweeted a video that called him a “Democrat secret asset.”

    “They’re afraid to get on his bad side,” said Lalich of Republican senators. “That very much parallels what we see in cults where people are terrified of, you know, being caught out in any kind of expression of doubt or mistrust of the leader.”

    • “A healthy suspicion of our political leaders is what The United States of America was founded on.”

      I believe that ultra nationalism was a big reason that put Adolf Hitler into power. The German people then turned a blind eye to the unsavory things that Hitler stood for. As a conservative Republican, I worry that many members of the Republican party are so willing to sacrifice sound principles at the Trump altar. An example is often how patriotic the Trump rallies are. Yet, we stand by as Trump denigrated McCain, Mattis, Kelly, and now Vindman. A guy who got 5 deferments from military service casting dishonor on those who served honorably just because they disagreed with him?

      Sorry, but a true patriot should question that.

      I may very well vote for President Trump again. But it’s okay to call him out. I may do so by not voting for him in the Primary election. That may be my protest vote that he needs to watch his conduct.

      • Man what the fuck are you talking about and why are you choosing to talk about that instead of glorified females turning out to be just as bad as the other half of planet Earth. Stick to the subject matter ffs. You think Allison Mack is just another poor victim too? We’re going to need some more yo momma jokes for the 2020s yall

    • Wow, Ray. You need to take off the blinders and smell the shit your democrap party is putting on the debate stage. 4 more years for Donnie and then another 4 to make up for what you corrupt bastards tried to pull in the first 4.

  • Frank, typical you are beating a dead horse again. scumbag….why don’t you write about how fucking stupid you are?

  • Bangkook says it is the weak-minded that join cults and everyone who joined Nx is weak-minded.

    A careful analysis of Bangkook’s theory shows he is not weak-minded. Instead he is so strong minded that he can see other people’s weaknesses–but that is just his delusion–and that shows that he has the delusional mind of a potential cult leader.

    To prove his cult leader potential, Bangkook should demonstrate that in a golden shower he won’t get wet.

  • this of the weak / strong will, I have seen it in many situations and of all kinds, I have sometimes found myself in situations in which I consider myself very bad or awkward and there are others in which I feel very confident and I do more assertive, for this reason I can not say that I am strong or weak of will, since one is not made in one piece, if it is true there are people who learn to be that way or appear to be, but they are hardly 100% So all the time.

  • something that people like Bangkok do not understand, is that there is NO such thing as the devil will, the will manifests itself, like any other emotional energy when there is attunement between what you feel and what you think and do, in that sense someone can have weak will for some things but very strong for others, or simply if you convince yourself that there is some good, I have importance in what you are doing, having said that, it is good to remember that cults specialize in making people believe that there is a positive value in the things in which they believe and do, in the SLAVES OF SCIENCE program I could see history after history of people who did very bad things to people they knew, even their relatives, were convinced that it was the only way of helping them in the case of Nxivm I realize that many people played to be guards and others to be prisoners.

  • Bangkok, like Raniere, you’re pulling stuff out of the air and trying to make it sound as if you know what you’re talking about, when you don’t.

    Also, an important distinction you fail to make is that the handful of exceptional examples you are holding out are of those who stuck with, and got involved in the inner circles of, an extreme cult, who may indeed have been particularly vulnerable from the beginning – and even they they still may not all fit that characterization. As far as the vast majority of the thousands of people who joined NXIVM, lots of experience and research shows that assumptions and stereotypes are wrong, and it’s situational vulnerability that is the prime factor – including the life turmoil typical of young people (very few older people join cults, demonstrating that it’s less about inherent personality characteristics) and having others in their social circles involved.

    Here’s some research that is in line with other expert opinions and studies about cults:

    Clinical Update on Cults

    “A factor-analytic study of 308 former members of 101 groups resulted in the development of the
    Group Psychological Abuse Scale (Chambers and others). This scale identified four factors associated
    with cultic environments: compliance, exploitation, mind control and anxious dependency. The
    following definition emerged from this study:

    “Cults are groups that often exploit members psychologically and/or financially, typically by making
    members comply with leadership’s demands through certain types of psychological manipulation,
    popularly called mind control, and through the inculcation of deep-seated anxious dependency on
    the group and its leaders.”
    Who Joins Cults?

    No particular psychopathology profile is associated with cult involvement, in part because cults, like
    many effective sales organizations, adjust their pitch to the personality and needs of their prospects.
    Although cult members appear to have a somewhat higher rate of psychological distress than
    nonmembers, the majority seems to lie within the normal range. Nevertheless, clinical experience
    strongly suggests that certain situational or developmental features (singly or in combination)
    appear to make people more receptive to cult sales pitches, including:

    a high level of stress or dissatisfaction
    lack of self-confidence [typical of young people]
    desire to belong to a group
    low tolerance for ambiguity
    naive idealism
    cultural disillusionment
    frustrated spiritual searching
    susceptibility to trance-like states”

    Involvement in cults has nothing to do with ideology. Here we’re focusing on a human potential cult that tended to appeal to young urban types, though then again if you look at NXIVM’s promotion of Ayn Rand’s philosophy as well its social and financial teachings – male
    dominance and polygamy, gay conversion therapy, anti-tax and even tax-resistance – it actually starts to tend more ideologically right. But if, for instance, we looked at religious cults, from the Moonies to various fundamentally Christian ones, we’d find plenty that were solidly right in ideology and political affiliation, to balance those that might be seemingly left-leaning.

    If you actually look at the research about education levels, cult involvement and political affiliation, the facts run completely counter to your perceptions and beliefs, but I want to avoid getting any further into the messy and largely irrelevant politics.

    • I really liked your blog until I realized you were using this for right wing propaganda. Bernie Sanders build a movement as a movement leader that’s far different from a cult leader. One ends up in history books and the other ends up in jail. It’s extremely ignorant and irresponsible to compare the two. Someone would only do that if they have an agenda.

    • there is such a character on both sides, it is not a matter of left or right, people who catch the attention of the masses and channel a desire or hope based on their own expectations, but it certainly becomes a cult of personality when people They refuse to see that such a person is not, just is not infallible or perfect as they imagine, but it is really a fraud, when regardless of the overwhelming amount of evidence or coincidences that accumulate against him, and even then Keep supporting.

      Think of characters like Carlos Salinas himself, in Mexico, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Fujimori in Peru, Alvaro Uribe in Colombia, Berlusconi in Italy and many others like Trump himself, people who have more dirt and still see them as saints or heroes, it really makes me laugh so much people believe that Trump will dry the swamp of corruption of politics in the US, it may not be a lizard from the same swamp, but don’t get confused it is a lizard like them

      • So skippy, let’s just let the corruption continue. No one is perfect but some are obviously better than others. I’ll take my chances with the current President than the shit your party is offering up.

  • Spot on Bangkook. However their weak minds sure were able to put shadowstate niceboy and sultan spank into masturbation frenzies while they acted out their careers.

    • So your brain is stuck on masturbation?
      No wonder you write as anonymous.

      I’ve got a news flash for you.
      All those Plaintiffs’ lawyers are masturbating right now thinking about how much money they will squeeze from the NXIVM defendants.

      • No I think right now Mr. Glazer is wondering how Sarah Edmondson will not be seen as every bit as liable (and criminal) as any of the defendants if this shit show aka Glazerpalooza ever gets to trial.

        I saw a part of the Lifetime treatment of Catherine/India Oxenberg vis a vis NXIVM. Was a hoot watching B- actresses play B- actresses, and the young lass who played Alison Mack portrayed the proper amount of sadism and confusion. Sarah Edmondson comes off as something less than the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and the question Frank Parlato couldn’t wait to ask Catherine Oxenberg at their first meeting is almost too funny to be true.

        Speaking of self amuse, Shadow’s favorite pastime before he became the Frank Report’s legal expert, Tom Waits has a pretty humorous take on keeping one’s own company.

        • ” Shadow’s favorite pastime before”

          Before I came over to the Frank Report, I was a frequent commenter on Breitbart using another pseudonym.
          About two years ago, it became apparent that the Democrats would not stop until they impeached Donald Trump.
          Rather than wallowing in misery waiting for that shoe to drop, I saw a link on Drudgereport which headlined “TV actress is next to be arrested in Albany harem.”

          And while you’re hating on Catherine Oxenberg (who was trying to protect her daughter) while loving Allison Pimp Mack, you might take note of Oxenberg’s book “Captive” which details how even before Pimp Mack was a harem master, Pimp Mack would wake up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder.
          One person familiar with Mack told me that could be a symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder.
          If you care so much about Pimp Mack, you should try to get her some psychiatric help after she leaves prison.

          • 1) I called Allison Mack “sadistic” and “confused”. Not exactly terms of endearment. You have devoted much more energy to her than I have.

            2) I did not demean Catherine Oxenberg.

            3) There is no doubt that a reasonable person, reading your frequent (multiple daily) posts here, would conclude (a) you have no life and (b) you have a rather unhealthy interest in Allison Mack-Clyne and Nicki Clyne-Mack.

            4) I think it is sad that, in your mind (and nowhere else), your contributions(?) to the Frank Report are helping law enforcement bring down the NXIVM bad guys and girls. Nothing wrong with fantasizing, I guess.

            5) If I need a “20” on a Dunkin Donuts over the weekend, I will reach out to you.

          • To All of Them Witches

            1.) ” I called Allison Mack “sadistic” and “confused”. All of The Witches

            Allison Pimp Mack knew damned well what she was doing.

            2.) “your contributions(?) to the Frank Report are helping law enforcement bring down the NXIVM bad guys and girls. ” All of them Witches

            No the Ghouls of NXIVM are bringing themselves down.

        • You have a point about Edmondson, though I think that given for instance that she ended up branded, and may come off as not having been smart enough to be able to figure out what was going on, Glazer has a good chance as portraying her as more of a victim than a perpetrator. And Vicente is right behind her in terms of having been an organizer who profited quite handsomely while the scam was running, plus I don’t see how he makes a clear case for having been victimized except in terms of the time and perhaps professional opportunities he lost.

          As many have noted, Toni Natalie is the real weak link that Glazer probably ought to be concerned about.

    • Anonymous,

      Baloney bopping frenzies? How’d yah know? It’s so true! The last year Smallville was on TV….. I developed carpal tunnel in both hands; and my dong had to be grafted back-on. Shit you must be psychic or something….. Do you know about the time your dad blew me? I hope you have a nice evening and a wonderful Friday tomorrow!!!

    • As usual, any article that mentions Kreuk in any dim light brings out the mad defenders anonyspank and mad spank. Heaven forbid when their dream girl is taken down from the pedestal of worship.

        • Dude don’t call ppl pervs when you literally support females who sex slavery traffic other females preffering to blame men. You’re a freak of nature.

  • Bangkok is right! I have found that certain people — mostly leftist sympathizers — are simply more susceptible to being brainwashed by cult leaders.
    Lefties always fall in line and follow their leader like robots, like now they are all rallying behind Bernie, even when he is a so called Socialist Democrat. Then they show how stupid they are when they say Trumpism is a cult! What bulls**t! Berni and the libtards are weak soyboys and Trump is a strongman. That’s why the people follow him. We aren’t racists, or white supremists, or deplorables, thats fake news by the lamestream media and suppressives. He’s draining the swamp and the deepstate and making america great again. Haven’t you seen his rallies? He’s the only one who can take over the government and run it his way, Four more years isn’t enough.

  • I don’t think they’re weak willed. I think they are more agreeable than normal, are on the narcissistic scale, feel they need to be part of something bigger, and can’t be content with an ordinary life.

    • Yes, I don’t think they fit the definition of the catch-all phrase weak minded, nor do I think everyone who joined had the same flaw. I don’t think they all lacked something, I think most found something to gain by joining.

      Weak Mindedness:

      Weak mindedness is the state of being easily impressionable or possessing a weak sense of self-will, judgement or conviction. A weak minded individual’s opinion may be easily swayed by propaganda or emotional manipulation tactics, as they do not possess an adequate ability to judge or discern the quality of an assertion, or they may exhibit a lack of discipline. Weak mindedness can result from several factors, including but not limited to lack of education, lack of critical thinking skills, lack of interpersonal experience or understanding, or developmental disability.

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