Women of DOS defend Master Raniere as revelations of branding, collateral and slavery spread…

Ringleader Allison Mack

You can see why it is hard for the women of DOS to explain.

To the common person untrained in the teachings of Keith Raniere, it may sound a little strange and perhaps unhealthy.

The purpose of DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] is said to be for women to understand what it is like to be a true woman and the master-slave relationship is meant to support this understanding.

The slave women of DOS are branded with a cauterizing iron. It is important that the procedure be done without anesthesia in order that women can experience the pain of the white-hot iron on their pubic area.

The conceptual founder of DOS, Keith Raniere, explains the reason for pain in the branding process:

“One must learn to overcome pain to experience oneself as separate from the body,” Mr. Raniere said. “Experience of pain separates the body from your true self.  True pain is therefore love.”

The women of DOS are required, like slaves of the ancient past, to wear [at least symbolically] ‘chains’ in the form of necklaces, belly chains or ankle bracelets.

Collateral should be nude photos and videos. However, they should not be flattering nude photos. Women are advised that simple sexy nudes are not acceptable. They should be something a woman would be embarrassed to have released. The nudes have to be raunchy and graphic.

Women are taught the differences between the sexes.

In this and through other teachings, Mr. Raniere is said to offer the women of DOS a chance to grow in a way unequaled in any other teaching program.

Women are taught they want to be with only one man because of the idea of having a child sired by one man.

Men, on the other hand, need to spread their seed with many women and naturally want to be with more than one woman.

Mr. Raniere and his disciples teach in bold metaphors. He teaches that men and women are essentially the same as they were when Neanderthals lived. Men are stronger as they went out of the cave and hunted animals for food. Women stayed back to care for the children and for the dwelling cave. In this respect, a man should protect his women, and his women should take care of him by doing domestic chores and satisfying his sexual needs as he desires.

As details of the teachings and practices of DOS come out, some of the well-intended followers of Mr. Raniere are telling people that DOS does not exist. They say there are destructive people out there trying to hurt Mr. Raniere.

Others are admitting DOS is true but that Mr. Raniere has nothing to do with the all female group and that some of the more enthusiastic followers Allison Mack, Dani   Padilla, Rosa Laura Junco, Loretta Garza, Carola Garza, Jimina Garza, Nicki Clyne, Marianna Fernandez and Monica Duran got together and created DOS to help women.

Meanwhile the inner circle knows the truth: Mr. Raniere created the idea and guided his women to create the DOS program for the welfare of women everywhere.

The leading women of DOS are said to be convinced that they are the strong ones for staying and, while others leave, they stand strong to weather the bad publicity.

This will raise them, they know, in the esteem of Mr. Raniere.

The good women of DOS are rebutting to the people with serious reservations about branding and collateral by saying “what is this that it is so bad?”

They are getting a lot of push back, however, from people unable to understand the esoteric teaching of Mr. Raniere.

According to sources, the “emotional journals” the slave women are required to keep for their masters are replete with admission of “emotional failings” over the revelations of DOS which were told would be kept secret.

Some are asking when the collateral of the offending slaves will be released to punish them for leaking the information.

Meanwhile, Vancouver is in shambles— over 30 have defected. Los Angeles has closed. In Mexico some powerful men are asking questions about exactly what is being foisted on their daughters, sisters and wives. The Mexican contingent is starting to crumble.

Albany is in distress. Several people have quietly resigned. Others are trying to determine how to leave without angering Mr. Raniere or causing him to punish them for breaking their word. The same women who made lifetime commitments to Mr. Raniere.

Overall, Albany is still holding strong, but some women have said they have or will be going to the FBI.

marianna fernandez
Mariana Fernandez.
images (4)
Allison Mack, slave and slave master.
As high as a woman can go: Loretta Garza has her own pod of slaves. She is a direct slave to Mr. Raniere,
Nicki Clyne uses her acting talents to help other women to grow.
rosa laura junco
Rosa Laur Junco a married slave of Mr. Raniere,
skinny bronfman
Money makes the world go round. Behind all the causes of Keith Raniere is the one person who funds it all – Clare Bronfman. Without her, Mr. Raniere’s efforts might be all in vain.
monica duran
Monica Duran is a slave of Mr. Raniere’s and provides her skills in fashion and design in harmonizing the world of DOS.
jimina garza
Jimina Garza is another talented slave woman of DOS.

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  • You changed the picture from Nicki Clyne to Allison Mack.

    Speaking of Nicki, about an hour ago around 11:30 AM she posted on her instagram account “but friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.” – Thomas Jefferson under a picture of Monica Duran who is one of the DOS women pictured here.

  • Most members of cults are women. I think on average the figure is 75%. There is something about the female psyche that is more compassionate and trusting than men that allows them to be easily manipulated by sociopathic men. Men too can be manipulated by women, but it is typically via their beauty and sexuality. These women have donned the martyr complex of their charlatan leader. The “us against the world” mentality that isn’t rooted in rationality, but in narcissism, a feeding of the ego of being better than those on the outside as a sort of cure for, ironically, low self-esteem, which is what some women who join these type of groups seek help for. Every external event or circumstance, no matter how bad, is manipulated to have meaning to further serve the agenda of a cult. Since there have been many more bad events for NXIVM that good ones, Raniere has to somehow “flip the script”, and turn this bad into good. Hence, the overemphasis on “love is pain”, “success in failure”, “growth in pain” and the “us against the world” themes to ease his follower’s cognitive dissonance.

    Ladies, get over yourself. Your leader is nothing but a multi-level marketing conman who happens to be a misogynist. His past businesses are evidence of this and NXIVM is just another Ponzi scheme that uses the same or similar methods. The only difference is he had the financial backing of two “poor little rich girls” to use NLP, hypnosis, suggestion to manipulate you while you allow it to be done in the name of human potential and ethics. He’s got you doing 900, 800, and 500 calorie diets and branding yourselves, and you gals willingly believing that is good for you. His time is up and it’s time to get out.

  • Rosa Laura Junco’s husband Luis Montes has real depth and intelligence. It is not likely he knows anything about this, and he would never condone his children be educated in this kind of misogyny. Rosa Laura’s father Alejandro Junco is the Rupert Murdoch of Mexico. He will be shocked and horrified. Rosa Laura has three children with her first husband who is not in favor of ESP. She could lose custody of her older kids, and maybe she should. Can you imagine how damaged children raised in this philosophy will become? Especially daughters?

    Sara Bronfman’s husband Basit Igtet would never support this, even if it involves his sister in law Clare and not his wife. I doubt Basit will let his wife Sara anywhere near Raniere after learning of this. Where are Clare’s parents? Her father is dead but what about her mother and stepfather? Clare’s stepfather is a huge celebrity in England his name is Nigel Havers. What about Clare and Sara’s siblings? Where is Edgar Bronfman Jr. on all this? Where is Edgar’s daughter Hannah Bronfman? She is close with them. What about Adam Bronfman? Has everyone abandoned Clare?

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