Sketch of Allison Mack tells 1000 words; Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman now running the sex-slaver cult


“Smallville” actress Allison Mack pleaded “Not guilty” to sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor charges as part of an alleged sex cult in a federal court in Brooklyn Friday.

Mack, 35, appeared before a judge “looking unkempt and gaunt.”

She was wearing jeans, a denim shirt and holding tissues, CBS 6 Albany reported.

The judge refused a request by her lawyers to release her without bail.

A bail hearing will be held Monday.

Compare the sketch with the pic of the woman on the cover of the New York Post today.


Allison Mack has now experienced Executive Success to its fullest. And she has experienced what happens to just about everyone who comes in contact with Keith Raniere. She is the first of his followers to go to jail. There will be others. To the extent that they helped Raniere, they are going to be arrested.

Clare Bronfman – now currently in charge of NXIVM and leading the sex-slaver cult is next.

When she is arrested, the cult will fall like a house of cards because she is financing the entire operation now. They can’t recruit any one – and even the Mexican operation that has generated so much cash for the Raniere/Bronfman crime syndicate may not be operating now (The founders of the Mexican Centers – Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt – suddenly decided to cede control of that operation last week).

Clare is holding everything together in her usual parsimonious, authoritarian and brutal way. Oh, the joy she must be feeling to finally be in control of everything!

Without Allison around, it’s doubtful that Lauren Salzman will be able to hold the slaves together.  And, if the slaves decide to go to the authorities and tell everything they know – which is exactly what they should do – then Lauren will also likely face arrest and imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the President and Prefect of the ESP operation, Nancy Salzman – who Clare supposedly despises and vice versa –  is nowhere to be found. The only question now is whether Nancy “flips” on Clare before Clare “flips” on Nancy.


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  • ….And I believe he spends a lot of time writing fake comments here.
    SOS , do you actually expect anyone to believe your name refers to guitar strings?
    Your creepy, pervy misogynistic comments give you away.
    Time for you to fuck off.

  • Hey Butterfly1992,

    You’re somebody I don’t know since this is the first time I’ve seen a comment made by you. You’re also biased because not a single person exists on this planet who doesn’t have subjective emotions, feelings, desires, motivations, and other factors. However, being human beings, we have also been gifted what philosophers call the Intellect. This power grants us the ability to use a process called rational reasoning. In its correct application, a person argues from premises to a conclusion using the objective rules of logic. The term objective is the opposite of subjective, which implies that it is free from emotions, feelings, desires, motivations, and other factors.

    See. I just engaged in a process called (deductive) rational reasoning.

    If I have such a sad little existence, does that make your existence even sadder since you have concerned yourself with it?

    Ah, you’re that same person who made the “harem” comment in a response to a previous comment I made on a different blog post. Let me tell you what the alias SultanOfSix means.

    SultanOfSix is a mashup of three words: a transliteration of an Arabic term and two obvious English terms. The first is an Arabic word that means “power” or “authority”. “Of” is obvious. And “six” is a reference to the six strings on a guitar. I came up with this alias a long, long time ago as an instant messenger (IM) alias. You see I enjoy great electric guitar players like Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen etc., and this was kind of a homage to them. I also used to play but haven’t done so in quite a while.

    LOL at MAGA. What does “Make America Great Again” have anything to do with this blog? If I was a MAGA wouldn’t I be figuratively be shouting “fake news” all the time in the comment section?

    If you cared to actually follow the train of comments that started this whole “pissing contest” it amounted to others being “pissed” enough to “poking a celeb-u-tard” (not my words) at what amounted to 1) a harmless comment that stated that I find some YT comments hilarious and 2) my own armchair psychology as to why Kristin Kreuk may have been bullied and the possible effects of it in molding her character and motivation to join NXIVM. So,not my fault.

    As far as I’m aware, Frank Parlato has allowed his blog to be a place for free speech. You’re free to see my alias which you now know the meaning of, and ignore my comments if they offend you so much.

    • See, immature. Someone made a joke about you and now you’ve spent the better part of 24 hours arguing with that person. Look at what you wrote. It’s exactly what I said. Immature, which is where MAGA enters into this. SultanofSix is a misogynist name. Period.


      Sultan = a Muslim sovereign, (power, ruler) By no means is it a direct translation of the word power.
      Six = corresponds to the number of slaves per pod in DOS.

      You’re just a sad little MAGA loser. Misognyst, arrogant, and trying to project an intellect that isn’t there, just like Trump.

      • Ha!

        Immaturity. Because poking a “celeb-u-tard” and referencing a celebrity pictured watermelon from a stupid slapstick comedy is pinnacle of maturity. I guess in your mind it becomes immature when your immaturity is responded to an you can’t handle it.

        — Spending the better part of 24 hours.

        Yeah, sure. Talk about hyperbole.

        Arabic, like Hebrew, is a trilateral root Semitic language, meaning words are derived from three consonants. Words derived from the transliterated consonants S-L-T all have the connotations of power or authority. Hence, Sultan can mean power or authority or one who exercises such, like a king.

        Six to reference the number of slaves of DOS? ROFL. Now that is probably the dumbest projection you’ve made to date.

        Don’t tell me what my alias means. I’ve used it for the better part of twenty years.

        — You’re just a sad little MAGA loser. Misognyst, arrogant, and trying to project an intellect that isn’t there, just like Trump.

        I voted for the independent Gary Johnson in the last presidential election.

        You’re just a d-bag, pot calling the kettle black, loser.

          • It was either him or Jill Stein. It didn’t matter to me since my vote was irrelevant and only a matter of personal protest against the two primary candidates.

            You’re like the king of aliasing and projection wrapped in a pita bread.

          • Also, you might want to reconsider your new alias when trying to mock someone as being a bigger idiot.

          • Um, I commented on your voting for Johnson the Libertarian Hamster.

            I’m not apart of whatever disjointed comment thread you got going on here. Have fun with your protest vote, makes as much sense as your comments about Sultan of Six being about Eddie Van Halen.

          • I know what you commented on you moron.

            Yes you are part of this comment thread since you interjected yourself into it.

            And my protest vote and my truthful explanation of an alias that I formed at least twenty years ago makes more sense than you donning the alias “Sultan of Misogyny” and posting with it in an ass-backwards attempt to mock me. Unless you actually are the “King of Misogyny”.

            Lying turd.

        • Here are some english words derived from the transliterated consonants S-L-T:

          SaLTy – SLuTty – SoLipsisT – inSoLenT – obSoLeTe

          Certain connotation gets lost in translation.



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