Post Impeachment – The Worm Has Turned – on Dishonest, Criminal, Deep State Democrats

By Stay Calm 

Here is what happened in the past 10 days

After the impeachment fiasco was over, things immediately started changing gears:

Voter fraud involving Democrats was exposed in Iowa.

Chris Wray referred FBI agents involved in FISA abuse to the FBI’s disciplinary office.

The National Security Council was cleaned out and trimmed down almost overnight with the removal of 73 people.

Mike Flynn’s trial was put on hold indefinitely.

Roger Stone’s case went from scary to limp in a single day when the prosecutors threatened an excessively harsh penalty, then suddenly back-peddled before all the prosecutors quit the case for unexplained reasons.

Pressure from former Obama-connected players helped get the original case against Smollett dropped. But a Republican Special Prosecutor re-indicted Smollett last week on six counts.

Jussie Smollett suddenly came back in the news with six new charges being laid.

The DOJ announced they are accepting Rudy Giuliani’s evidence in consideration of further investigations into Ukraine corruption.

Matt Couch announced he’s being forced to hand over all his Seth Rich material to the Rich family. He makes it sound bad, but is it really?

The family of Seth Rich is asking to get testimony from Julian Assange. Put two and two together.

Image result for seth rich
Seth Rich was murdered. But by whom? Was it some unknown robbers who stole nothing or was he assassinated for leaking DNC material to Jullian Assange’s WikiLeaks? The fact that the Rich family is now shifting positions from a frightened posture of supporting the DNC position to now seeking evidence from Assange and others who think he was assassinated by Deep State operatives suggests the Rich family is being protected from assassination [suicide, car accident] by intelligence and law enforcement in the Trump administration.
Judicial Watch exposed an attempted cover-up of FBI emails relating to Seth Rich.

Trump promised the family of murdered federal border agent Brian Terry that he will declassify intel from Obama’s Fast & Furious Mexican gun-running scheme.

China is being exposed for the secret war it’s been waging against the U.S. for years. Four arrests have been made in a giant data theft operation and 1,000 more investigations into technology theft are ongoing.

AG Barr has agreed to testify before the HJC, where he will have an opportunity to devastate the Dems and the DS and expose whatever he wants to (“How do you introduce evidence legally?”). A lot could happen between now and then.






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  • Sure, Frank – and Trump isn’t a pussy-grabbing sociopath. I guess your shooting for a pardon from Trump when they put you in a cell with Keith.

    • pussy grabbers need love too.

      How’s you’re 401K looking? You better stash some away because the next four years will be a continued boom.

  • As I said in the original comment that became this story: These are all encouraging developments, but it’s more like food going into the mouth rather than the sh!t coming out the other end. I remain skeptical until something actually happens.

    • And in real news:
      “More than 1,100 former federal prosecutors and Justice Department officials called on Attorney General William Barr to step down after he intervened last week to lower the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone”

      • Hey flower pot, stick your fake news where the sun don’t shine.

        Her is the real news

        Leftwing Group Organized Barr Attack Letter

        The headline sounded ominous: “Former Justice Dept. Lawyers Press for Barr to Step Down,” blared an article in Sunday’s New York Times. More than 1,100 former federal prosecutors signed a letter to condemn Attorney General William Barr and encourage Justice Department employees to tattle on the nation’s top lawman if they see anything naughty.

        The lawyers were outraged at Barr’s decision to override “line prosecutors,” including two holdovers from the Robert Mueller investigation, who had recommended an excessive sentence against Roger Stone. “Barr’s actions in doing the President’s personal bidding unfortunately speak louder than his words,” they wrote. “Those actions, and the damage they have done to the Department of Justice’s reputation for integrity and the rule of law, require Mr. Barr to resign.”

        Times reporter Katie Benner, trying to make the stunt look like a legitimate grassroots effort, attributed the letter to Protect Democracy, which she described as a “nonprofit legal group.” But Protect Democracy is not an organic activist group spontaneously created by high-minded legal experts alarmed by Trump’s alleged flouting of the rule of law. Protect Democracy was launched in early 2017 as part of an extensive anti-Trump operation managed by a leftwing tech billionaire: Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. This is who is behind Protect Democracy and a number of other nonprofits formed to destroy the president.

        In 2018, according to the group’s most recent tax filing, Protect Democracy collected nearly $7 million in donations; Omidyar’s most politically-active nonprofit, Democracy Fund, has donated $2 million since 2017. Democracy Fund is spending tens of millions each year to underwrite dozens of anti-Trump projects. “Over the past two years, I have seen alarming and sometimes unprecedented violations of our country’s democratic norms,” Joe Goldman, the fund’s president, wrote in 2018.

  • The picture of Clinton on the left – free, unindicted, and no longer really even under the shadow of investigation* – is reality-check that those who have made claims or predictions about this sort of thing, have consistently been completely wrong.

    The mentality reminds me a bit of the case of Lauren Salzman, a quintessential cult true believer who kept expecting that her guru was finally going to carry through on promises that had never been fulfilled, year after year.

    I’m no fan of Clinton, just pointing out the reality:

    *Justice Dept. winds down Clinton-related inquiry once championed by Trump. It found nothing of consequence.

    p.s. The other bit of culty behavior that’s predictable, is the 1 to 4 line drive by trolls that do things like accuse me of being a Muslim, just for pointing out inconvenient truths that they can’t really confront with any facts or logic of their own.

      • As predictable as a robot, like I said – one sentence, so devoid of thought or facts it could actually just be generated by a disinformation AI algorithm running on a server somewhere.

        Thanks for making my point!

        • You may have a point, AnonyMaker — It Runs Downhill’s total comment “You Anonyspank, are ill enough to believe your own BS” could conceivably be a Bot.

          On the other hand, the word “spank” is often used by commenters on Frank Report. It may have originated as a mocking of Sultan of Six and his fervent defense and evident unrequited love of Kristin Kreuk. That’s how he got the nickname of Sultan of Spank.

          • Anonymaker and the Mad Spanker use the same rhetoric to belititle others in an effort to further their personal bs agenda. Their crap is strikingly similar. Oh, and a typical Democrat blaming a troll. They are the bots that have “server issues”

          • Good AI bots will be able to learn enough of the language style of particular forums in order to appear to fit in as if they were simplistic human contributors. Just look at what is being done with “deep fake” videos to see where the technologies of deception and misinformation are quite obviously headed.

            I started out my career in tech as a programmer in a pioneering startup developing adaptive software, and then as I eased into semi-retirement helped a friend who was almost single-handedly building a multi-million dollar business based on a program that read and “scraped” websites for data which was analyzed and then fed into other websites, and so I have some idea of what can be done with relevant current technology as well. If I were working for a disinformation operation like the Russian Агентство интернет-исследований and tasked with seeding as much online discord as possible, I’d at least set up a semi-automated process loaded with typical language for various online forums, so that I could manage hundreds if not thousands of divisive and uncivil comments, to dozens or hundreds of different sites per day, with a bit of minimal intervention to provide a seeming human touch – that would be similar to the way that social media companies automatically identify possible objectionable comment and feed it into screens managed by human operators, who quickly make decisions and respond to thousands of posts per day.

            At this juncture, I think it’s time to start weeding out comments that show so little evidence of actual human thought relevant to the context, that they might as well be spit out by machines whether or not they actually are. I hesitate to label them as “unintelligent,” because some of the machine algorithms are probably capable of more sophisticated analysis and logic than some of the nominally human participants here.

            Here’s a fun example of sort of crude artificial intelligence – though not necessarily any more so than the 1 to 4 sentence trolls – that is able to engage in seeming human exchange for long enough to tie up sales callers for as much as several minutes:

            “We provide friendly, patient robots that talk to these rude telemarketers for you. They love to chit-chat, and will often keep nasty callers engaged for several minutes.”


            In the second sample call on that page, “JOLLY ROGER GETS SOLAR PANEL GUY REALLY MAD”, “This salesman gets tired of trying to convince Jolly Roger to buy solar panels. So he has his supervisor give it a try; at about 5:54 this guy has a melt down.”

            It’s very much like the approach of the nominally human comment trolls, in that much of the purpose just seems to be to string along and slowly infuriate the target.

          • I think it may be a good idea to not approve comments that only offer an insult – whether or not they are bots or not. As Frank Report continues to evolve it makes sense to stop the short insult comments and the name calling, without making any point. There is one commenter here who often makes a good point then spoils it at the end by calling the commenter he is responding to an idiot or a dummy etc..

        • Anonymaker
          Even though some of these comments sound as though they were generated by some type of bot, I’m pretty sure most of the troll comments here are posted by real people.

          The comments generated by bots are vague and simplistic, but some of the people who have trolled me here have shown that they know personal information about me, so obviously they must be real people.

          • Flowers, Anonymaker recently wrote this as part of a comment

            Humans are story-tellers, and seekers of meaning in life’s randomness – our nature is so prone to theorizing, that it’s been shown through research that we are susceptible to seeing patterns where there are in fact none, and then even acting on such errors of perception and thought. It is par for the course for rumors and theories of all sorts to circulate.

            I urge you to read this and really internalize it and then go back and read those comments you reference here and try to distance yourself and ask the question – is there really personal information someone ‘knows’ or are you projecting that into the text. Please do this every time.

          • Just Please
            You are either making presumptions about me and about facts that are impossible for you to know, or you are possibly one of the criminals who has tried to intimidate me since 2014.

            If you are the presumptuous example, what you don’t realize is that some of the knowledge the troll revealed is very unique, and was also used as an accusation against me by the person(s) attempting to intimidate me.

            I urge you to reread your comments addressed to me and try to really internalize your need to try to ridicule and/or harass a stranger. This type of abusive behaviour points to a personality disorder, typically NPD.

  • The murder of Seth Rich was shocking and should never have slipped from the news. Employee of Clinton. Shot in the back. Nothing stolen.

    • You never heard of gang initiation killings?

      A roommate of mine was the victim of something similar decades ago when I was a student, an artist who was kidnapped off the street for no discernible reason, and taken to be shot execution-style in a remote location, only surviving because the bullet intended to kill him was fired by some kid (back in the days when it was the Italians, and particularly the Sicilians, who were the real “original gangsters”) who must have been nervous and shot at enough of an angle that it just grazed my friend’s skull. It could have been a case of mistaken identity, though even more bizarrely, he was kidnapped right after visiting me where I worked, just when I was supposed to be getting off my evening job, but as I had to work late he went out the door instead of me and was hustled into a car at the curb – and we actually looked quite similar, though no one would have had any reason to put out a hit on me, either.

      If you don’t believe me, I bet that Frank, being from Buffalo-Niagra, can confirm that things like that did (or maybe even still do) actually happen. In the big city near where I grew up, there were ongoing mob wars back in the day, with the innocent sometimes collateral damage.

      I sometimes suspect that a lot of the people who comment here must be young and with very little experience of what real life is actually like, and how strange it can sometimes be – for no particular reason, and certainly not due to devious conspiracies around every corner.

      A fact-check shows that apparently the best theory in Rich’s case is actually a robbery gone wrong – the sort of thing that happens in the less-than-perfect real world – particularly given that there had been a lot of robberies in the area, and that Rich was not shot execution-style. And let’s remember that conspiracy theorizing isn’t necessarily just harmless, but can be very distressing to families and survivors (note that Frank tamps down on certain of the speculation in the Snyder case, out of sensitivity and respect) or worse:

      ‘Rich’s parents condemned the conspiracy theorists and said that those individuals were exploiting their son’s death for political gain, and their spokesperson called the conspiracy theorists “disgusting sociopaths”.’

      • A fact-check shows that apparently the best theory in Rich’s case is actually a robbery gone wrong

        What fact check Slick??/ The democrap talking points you constantly pull outta your ass. You might want to keep up slickster instead of pulling old Washington Compost fake news outta your butt. The parents have had a change of tune. Now who in the DNC hierarchy ordered the murder of Seth Rich?

      • There in Washington DC, within about one minute after speaking on his cell phone with his sometime girlfriend, Kelsey Mulka, Seth Rich was shot.[19] “He was talking on the phone with his girlfriend when she heard noise on Rich’s end of the line, Mary Rich said. Her son told his girlfriend not to worry about it.”[20] The Washington Post published a record of Seth’s cell phone calls that night (including early July 10, 2017):
        Before Closing Time at Lou’s Bar: Seth made 3 calls: 1) & 2) to Joel Rich (unanswered).3) to a friend lasting 1 minute.At Closing Time at Lou’s Bar: 4) 1:21-1:33 Another friend called Seth, 12 minute call.After Closing Time 5) 2:05-3:34 Seth called Kelsey Mulka, his girlfriend, who was in Michigan. They conversed for 89 minutes. Then the call was disconnected. 6) 3:36-4:19 (approx) Seth called Kelsey again, and they conversed for 43 minutes.At about 4:19 a.m., Rich told Kelsey that he was nearly home and said, ‘I gotta go,’ according to Joel Rich (Seth’s father), who has talked with Kelsey . . . .”[21]
        This time log indicates that immediately or almost immediately after ending that call, he was in a fight, then quickly shot from behind, all possibly in less than 1 minute after call ended; then in about 1 minute after the shots police were on scene at 4:20.[22] Although there was a report that Seth had been shot twice in the head ,[23] he was evidently shot in the torso.[24] It has been theorized that the motive was a robbery, but neither his wallet nor his watch were taken, causing doubt that the motive was robbery.[25] The (tabloid style) Daily Mail Online says that the coroner’s office confirmed the cause of death as gunshots to the torso.[26] Fox 5 reports that a witness near the scene, Mark Mueller, heard the shots and went to the scene. Mueller says, “He was conscious, & I saw him moving his hand, and uh then they carried him past me to the ambulance. I had to look at him to see if he was anybody that we knew from the neighborhood”.[27] Consistent with Mueller, Seth’s mother reports that he was alive and talking when the police arrived (about a minute later). This report with the lack of a head shot (and evidence of a fight), requires explanation if one entertains the hypothesis of a political assassination.

        The Daily Mail also claims that prior to his death Rich had been at Lou’s City Bar until around 1:45 AM where he was inebriated, but refused the offer of a ride home.[28] It is a walk of about 1.7 miles from Lou’s City Bar to the corner where Rich was shot at about 4:19 AM with Rich’s activities between 1:45 and 4:19 still under investigation as of August 18, 2016.[29] In contrast with the inebriation claims of the Daily Mail, witnesses at Lou’s City Bar said that Rich had a couple drinks, which would likely have lost much of their effect in two hours. The general manager of Lou’s bar stated that Rich was a “couple-of beers kind of guy,” and that “despondent and drunk” was “just not Seth. I never saw him drunk or even tipsy.”[30]

        The walk home time has been estimated at 30 minutes, but whether or not Rich went to a second bar before heading towards home (2113 First St NW, DC 20001), remains to be shown. The Washington Post claims, “. . . a person who spoke to him that night and agreed to be interviewed on the condition of anonymity said he did not go [to the Wonderland Ballroom bar] . . . .”[31] Fox News has presented a video of Lou’s bar and the neighborhood of that bar, also of the nearby Wonderland Ballroom bar, and what the possible walk-for-home route looks like.[32] (Sales and service of liquor Saturday-Sunday is limited to no later than 3 AM in Washington DC, by law.[33] The Wonderland Ballroom bar closed at 3 AM early Sunday morning if it was following the schedule posted on internet on August 21, 2016.)[34]

        The police were aided in finding the location of the shooting by an auditory system in Washington DC called ShotSpotter.[35] Rich was yet conscious and breathing when the police found him. World News Daily reported that Vito Maggiolo (EMS public information officer) stated that Seth was transported to a hospital in Priority 1 condition (critical) in an ambulance ride of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.[36] But after emergency surgery, he was pronounced dead at 5:57 AM.[37] It has been reported that Rich’s “favorite spot” was Lou’s City Bar, where the bar put a plaque at his usual seat, either temporarily or permanently.[38]

        On July 22 three days before the presidential Democrat convention, WikiLeaks released a multitude of emails from “the top of” the Democratic National Committee (DNC),[39] emails which indicated that members of the DNC had given favorable treatment to Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary of 2016. After the Democratic primary, the leader of Wikileaks was interviewed by a Dutch television man; in that interview Julian Assange spoke about the dangers to their sources (whistle-blowers) who give information to WikiLeaks.

        • Anonymous
          Thanks for posting that article.
          That information really points to some random motive for Rich’s murder, either an attempted robbery, or even a case of mistaken identity.

          It’s disgusting that the alt-right conspiracy theorists continue to promote their nonsense and to harass Seth’s family.
          His family was correct when they described these conspiracy nuts as sociopaths.

  • The Democrats are so desperate to unseat Trump that their new Dream Ticket is Bloomberg and Hillary.
    Bloomberg promises to buy the election with 2 billion dollars of advertising.
    He is worth 56 billion dollars.

    The Democrats will pull out all stops to defeat Trump.

  • Obama’s Fast & Furious Mexican gun-running scheme.

    It is laughable but sad that the fucking democraps want to draw articles of impeachment against President Trump once again, as well as AG Barr for looking into the injustice done to Roger Stone. Yet they had no interest in the corrupt criminal Obama regime as the O-hole and his criminal wingman former AG Holder as they ran guns to the criminal Mexican drug cartels.

    • It’s funny how stupid the idiot supporters are… not only do they not realize that the idiot in chief is and will forever be impeached, just not removed from power, but now they are accusing injustice on roger stone the Democrats when they are the ones that’s preventing justice done… I cant help but feeling sad for them as they donot realize what they will get if the idiot stays in power for another 4 years….TOTAL ANARCHY AND CHAOS!!!

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