Dominique Santoni, Mayor

French Mayor Suspends Reelection Campaign Because of Sara Bronfman

There seems to be no end to the trouble for people associated with Keith Alan Raniere.

Now, it looks like the Mayor of Apt, in France, is going to lose her reelection bid because of Nxivm.

Here is how it happened.

Last summer, I received an email from the Daily Caller’s Brad Sylvester.

He wrote, “I’m a reporter with The Daily Caller News Foundation. I read your report about NVIXM’s connection to ‘Rainbow Cultural Garden’ schools.

“We’re looking into writing about this. Could you elaborate more on what evidence you have that the two are connected?”
At the time, the Daily Caller did not know of the connection between Nxivm and Rainbow. But I contacted him, of course, and worked with him closely to share information – including the fact that Sara Bronfman-Igtet had a new Rainbow School in France under the name Campus Beyond the School.
The Daily Caller shortly thereafter published an important story entitled Sex Cult Founder, Alleged Followers Tied To Experimental Schools For Children Still Operating Internationally
I was quoted in the Daily Caller article to this effect:
Former NXIVM publicist-turned-whistleblower Frank Parlato told the DCNF that only devotees of Raniere put their children through the Rainbow Cultural Garden curriculum.

“I think the real thing to focus on, the real terrible thing, is that these kids are being abused,” Parlato said. “Their parents are still believers in Keith’s ideas and greatness.”

“These children are being raised by a series of strangers, who are not high paid, who are speaking to them in different languages every day,” Parlato said. “And the kids don’t get a rest, they don’t get the opportunity to just talk with their mother or be with their father.”

The Daily Caller also wrote about Sara’s French connection to Rainbow, writing as follows:

RCG lives on in France through a company called Athal Education Group, which Sara Bronfman-Igtet and her husband, Basit Igtet, founded and financed, the French news outlet Le Dauphine reported in December 2018.

In December 2018, Athal launched its “Campus Beyond The School” program, which it claims will guide children as young as 2 years old to master their mind, body, expression and world as they are simultaneously taught German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese and Russian.

The mayor of the French town of Apt, Dominique Santoni, was pictured standing beside Bronfman-Igtet and her husband at the inauguration of Athal’s “Campus Beyond The School,” and the town’s office of tourism helped promote Athal’s holiday camp in April and summer camp in July.

Athal offered to register a child to their summer camp in July when the DCNF first reached out for comment and later declined to comment on follow-up inquiries asking about their connection to Raniere and NXIVM.

Santoni, the Apt mayor, did not respond when asked if she was aware of Athal’s connection to Raniere and NXIVM.


The Daily Caller report on the school seems to have begun the process that led to the closure of Campus Beyond the School and has infiltrated the mayoral campaign of Apt, France, where the school was located.

The Apt mayor, Dominique Santoni, is now under political attack from her opponent for her prior support of Bronfman-Igtet.

Now comes word that Mayor Santoni is suspending her reelection campaign. The election is from March 15-22.

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The Mayor of Apt Dominique Santoni. Here is a story from France Bleu translated into English


Municipalities in Apt: an American sect disrupts the campaign


By France Bleu Vaucluse

A language school project is fueling the municipal campaign in Apt.

The school leaders were linked to an American sect. The school is closed. Nothing illicit happened in Apt, but the candidate supported by the En Marche Republic attacks the mayor Les Républicains.

A street in downtown Apt (illustration)
A street in downtown Apt (illustration) – Alain Hocquel – VPA

In Apt, the municipal campaign has escalated between the candidate of the La République En Marche and the outgoing mayor Les Républicains.

Dominique Théveniaud attacked the town hall over a language center installed in the old buildings of a public school in Apt.

The people in charge of this center are linked to an American sect . The center never opened in Apt but the subject ignited the municipal campaign in Apt.

Nothing illegal in Apt, but links with an American sect

It was an American website that ignited the subject.

Until this summer, the language center was a project of the Athal Education Group, a subsidiary of the group which had taken over the Domaine des Andéols in Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt.

The municipal council had largely approved its installation in the old school of Romarins.

But last August, the Daily Caller, a website founded by a former FoxNews alumnus, asked the town hall if it is aware that officials from the language center are linked to Nxivm.

Apt then discovers that the leaders of the Athal Education Group are being prosecuted in the United States for their links with a guru convicted of sex trafficking and a criminal association . The town hall then alerts the prefecture.

Authorization to open the language center was canceled.. Nothing illicit has happened in Apt, but this dossier has been timely emerging from a campaign campaign for a week. The mayor of Apt believes that the attack is slanderous . Dominique Santoni is considering a legal action and is pausing her campaign to respond to the attacks.

Silence of the town hall or slanderous attack

The language school is closed, the last employees were dismissed in January, for lack of students. The Athal Education group is even dissolved. The town hall had given its agreement to rent the old school of Romarins for 30,000 euros per year.

An elected official had questioned himself well in 2018, but he had not spotted that one of the leaders of Athal Education was linked to an American sect. She [Sara Bronfman] had negotiated a fine to avoid prison in the United States . The guru is in prison for sex trafficking and the association of criminals.

In Apt, the town hall discovered this link last August with the Daily Caller’s email, a website close to the American right.

The town hall immediately informed the prefecture.

Athal Education then accusesdthe town hall of having provoked administrative inquiries and refused to pay the rent.

Six months later, the school is closed, but the municipal campaign is open.

Nothing illicit took place in Apt, but the candidate supported by the Republic in March denounces the silence of the town hall and the media .

Mayor Les Républicains paused her campaign to defend herself and Dominique Santoni plans to prosecute for slander.


Anti-American Muslim Basit Igtet with his wealthy Jewish wife and sex-cult member Sara Bronfman.


In recent weeks, Frank Report has learned that Sara Bronfman-Igtet suddenly left France and went to Portugal – leaving behind her just-completed mansion and closing down her school.

She seems to have also closed her hotel, the Domain of Andeols, and it seems she may not reopen it again.

The Igtets do not own the hotel resort but lease it. I understand the lease is up and they may not renew.

The Igtets have also abandoned their newly-built mansion, their produce farm and 9-hole golf course – all of which they recently acquired in the area where they had planned to stay for years to come.

But they have left suddenly.

The stench of Raniere follows one wherever one goes.

From a video of Keith Raniere explaining the value of his teachings. He may be proud to be from this planet, but I can assure you the planet does not feel the same way about him.

Keith Raniere is a true poison, a filth on the earth. Anyone he touches is in imminent danger of being destroyed. I know from firsthand experience.

He got most of his power to destroy others from Sara and Clare Bronfman’s money.

The Bronfman money came from the filth of a man as bad or worse than Raniere, the murderous bootlegger and opium dealer, Sam Bronfman, their grandfather.

It is not surprising that filth begets filth.

Bronfman ‘s ill-gotten wealth came from manufacturing poisonous rotgut illegal alcohol and then the subsequent building of the illegal narcotics [opium/heroin importation] business targeted to the youth of America.

That is the true heritage of the filthy Bronfmans.

Sure old Sam rehabbed his image as a legit businessman by building Seagrams and as Jewish philanthropist by using his ill-gotten billions to buy prestige and respectability.

That’s not hard to do.

Steal billions by hurting others, illegally. Go legit. Give away some millions and suddenly the people you killed and the youth whose lives you ruined through your assiduous bringing in of drugs [to replace the lost alcohol sales when Prohibition ended] doesn’t matter anymore.

You are a great businessman and a wonderful philanthropist and history is rewritten.

His idiot granddaughters joined a cult and put about $150 million of his filth money into a filthy cult led by a blight on the earth and it harmed people all over the world

The latest victim is a mayor in France who has suspended her campaign because it appears she supported a demon.


Sam Bronfman, one of the greatest criminals of the 20th century.







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Frank Parlato

Frank Report’s founder and lead writer Frank Parlato is one of the internet’s most acclaimed investigative journalists. His writing and investigations have helped expose major criminal organizations and scandals.

Frank’s work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, New York Post, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Rolling Stone, and more.

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  • I did my master’s degree on the language of the classroom, including studying students using English as a second language. There was amazingly little research on the subject at the time (mid-1980s). There was one hard fact one could hold on to, which held across all the research: the stronger a child’s grasp of the mother tongue, the better would be that child’s learning skills in all other subjects, including acquiring foreign languages.

    The language policy of these Rainbow schools could not possibly have been designed to mess up these kids’ learning more, by alienating them from the mother tongue. How can you conduct an experiment like this on children with no supervision, no control, and against the single most basic tenet of language in education? I am convinced these schools were brainwashing and child-trafficking exercises. And I refuse to believe that the idiotic Keith Raniere did this on his own — running a public school is a huge exercise. If there’s one aspect of Nxivm that deserves a deeper dig, it’s these schools.

    Kudos once again to Frank for his singular role in exposing all this depravity and insanity.

    • Fred:
      My nephews were adopted from Russia when they were four years old.
      My family took great care to raise them as English speakers.
      Within ten weeks of their arrival in America, they were speaking some English.
      Today, they are 19 years old and speak English with standard Midwestern accents.
      They only know two words in Russian.
      Please and Thank you.
      They have no desire to return to Russia which is still recovering from 72 years of Communist insanity and cruelty.

  • These people spread corruption wherever they go. They’ll already be up to mischief in Portugal. Wonder where they’ll have to run to next…

    • Portugal, deeply Catholic, full of the spirit of Saudade, is unlikely to be an easy mark for these reprobates. I’ve been there a lot and I have to say its the least pretentious, most down to earth country in Europe. Portugal definitely lacks the vanity of France. Let the Portuguese press know all about it Frank. If I were Sara, I’d try east Europe, Croatia’s nice. Latvia?

  • “She [Sara Bronfman] had negotiated a fine to avoid prison in the United States…”

    Whoa, when did THAT happen?

    Great story, Frank!

  • Great job both in the general work that led to exposure which got attention in France, and the current reporting about the outcome.

    It looks like Bronfmans’ educational project never really got off the ground, so I wonder if she even had students other than her own kids – or those of other NXIVM members not named. It also appears to me as if she may have been trying to water down Rainbow Cultural Garden’s strict approach in order to appeal to outsiders – thus it might not have been limited to Raniere’s followers. I wonder if they actually got any participation in the summer camps?

    P.S. “She [Sara Bronfman] had negotiated a fine to avoid prison in the United States ” – shouldn’t that be Clare? Sara has been implicated (particularly now in the new civil suit) which is what I think is referred to, but hasn’t formally been fined (she’s apparently even about to get money back from her technically untainted share of NXIVM assets being sold) and only has money tied up in helping secure Clare’s bond.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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