Rainbow Cultural Garden is geared to the wealthy – at $125,000 per child per year!

Keith Raniere devised a ‘revolutionary’ babysitting program to teach children. It is called Rainbow Cultural Garden.

His concept is based on his theory that teaching children from earliest infancy in multilingualism develops greater brain development.

Mr. Raniere does not speak any foreign languages. He can speak only English.

Mr. Raniere’s program provides each child in the Rainbow Cultural Garden seven different foreign babysitters. Each babysitter speaks in their native language to the child.

The seven languages are Spanish, English, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, German and Japanese.

The “Full Rainbow’, with all seven languages, costs $120,000 per year per child in the USA.  There is a discount per child if more than one sibling is enrolled.

It is not known if he conducted any studies to support his brain development theory.

The babysitters are called ‘Multi Cultural Development Specialists’ [MDS].

MDS’ are paid between $10-$15 per hour. While they babysit the child, they speak to the child only in their native language.

The weekly schedule is that each of the seven babysitters watch the child alternatively for a total of 90 hours per week of foreign babysitting. Each of the seven babysitters is with a child about 13 hours per week.

At 90 hours per week, the Rainbow program engulfs the average child’s every waking hour.


Many MDS are hired from online advertisements.

An MDS does not have to hold a college degree or have a background in early child development.

There are no evaluation tests to ascertain how fluently a MDS candidate speaks her own language.

MDSs do not have to demonstrate advanced linguistic skills in their native language.

They only have to be willing to work for $10 – $15 per hour and be able to speak one of the seven languages as their native tongue.


Like all of Mr. Raniere’s enterprises there is a strong business model.

Rainbow operates on what retailers call ‘Keystone.” Keystone is to sell services or products at double the cost. At 90 hours per week, and $10 +/- per hour, it costs Rainbow about $50,000 per year for babysitting services.




The concept that seven strangers come into a home and speak in foreign languages to a child for 90 hours a week is a novel one. There is no kindergarten, no early childhood education, or any set curriculum associated with the program.

In Rainbow, parents have to take Mr. Raniere’s claim of greater brain development based on faith. There is no testing of children to determine how well they learn any of the languages.

When an MDS is with the child, parents are encouraged not to talk to their child so that the child imbibes the foreign language of the MDS who is present.


Some parents do less than the full seven languages.

Mr Raniere, who claims to be a scientist, holds a bachelor’s degree. He majored in biology, mathematics and physics. He hold no master’s or doctorate degrees.

He has never published any peer reviewed scientific study. He is not known to have published any scientific study.


New York City:https://www.facebook.com/RCGKidsNYC
Mexico City:https://www.facebook.com/RainbowCGMexico
Guadalajara Mexico:https://www.facebook.com/RainbowGuadalajara
Monterrey Mexico:https://www.facebook.com/Centro-Multicultural-Rainbow-Monterrey-223114771130254




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AL Tru
5 years ago

Trumps Executive Order: Human Trafficking signed Dec 21st 2017

6 years ago

Can someone please confirm that Keith Raniere only has a Bachelor’s Degree? As ESP students we were told he has 3 PhDs.

Temple Kung Fool
Temple Kung Fool
6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

All the information that I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot, states Keith triple majored earning a bachelors degree in biology. He does not have a Phd.

I’d like to see his college records and birth certificate.


[…] In a previous article  I wrote that Keith Raniere’s Rainbow Cultural Garden is based on his theory that teaching children foreign languages increases their brain power. […]

Temple Kung Fool
Temple Kung Fool
6 years ago

Truly frightening!

I considered this when confronting my wife with her participation in this cult; the only thing scarier than the idea of Raniere sleeping with my wife, which thankfully never happened, was the idea that she might go along with his insane experiments on our children.

His ideas are plain nuts and the level of training for instructors is non-existent, they are not qualified to make their own decisions let alone teach a child.

Even if they did not join the retarded garden for mindless children my kids would likely have exposure to all the weekly ESP events. Do Espians mingle with non-Espians? Probably not. What kind of nonsense did you all talk about?

Keith, you are ruining families. Your secretive ways are divisive and fail to connect human beings.

You create hedonistic zombies and when they wake up they are going to be angry.

Angry at the money and time you stole from them.

Angry that they slept with an ugly, dirty old man.

Angry that they believed a liar and are going to feel very stupid when they wake up.

Angry that you fucked with their belief systems. Yes, that’s right, your new ESP belief system is not your own.

Angry that what they paid for was 99% bullshit.

They are not ethical. Just like the lies in Scientology, what ethical good is ESP, Jness, SOP, or DOS actually doing with the money and power they control? Chime in any time Keith.

The sad part is, I met many of your students and I am sure they enrolled in your programs with the best intentions. Most are good people but they are following a crazy, self centred maniac. Some families have already broken apart as a likely result of these unethical teachings or the fact that you sleep with your female students (some of them were married and others were babies).

If karma works, then Keith will have a large karmic price to pay for his behaviour. Perhaps someone will come along and brand him and turn him into a slave just like he did to women in DOS.

Keith, you are a slime ball.

Read, think, act and get out.

Karma is a Bitch
Karma is a Bitch
6 years ago

Vanessa R
Vanessa R
6 years ago

This is a very generous review of Rainbow. In my opinion there are much worse things going on than those listed here. These children are taught to do ‘penances’ as soon as they can talk. I have personally witnessed one child who was not allowed to eat because they had had an emotional reaction and were being punished.
They are taught a ‘mission statement’ similar to that of ESP which begins their indoctrination. They start this as babies even under one year old. I believe this program is turning these children into little robots who will go on to ‘uphold’ Keith’s mission without question. They will not have any access to their intuition or gut instincts and will simply follow orders. They will turn against their parents and will only be loyal to Keith. Parents, I ask you, is this what you want? Are you happy to hand over your children to the experiments of this insane man?

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