Mike Drop: ESP ‘tech’, a step by step process to create sociopaths

In the story Expian: ‘Open Letter to Keith Raniere’: ‘Your “tech” is beautiful, but I no longer support ESP!’, the writer says of Keith Raniere, “I think you are a brilliant man. The material is the most beautiful and life changing tech that I have ever experienced. I wish everyone in the world had access to the tools.”

The writer goes on to add: “I do not ‘stand by ESP.’ I do not agree with a lot of things that reportedly have been happening under the ESP umbrella. However, I do stand by the tech, and I do stand by justice being upheld.”

In reply to the post, someone commenting, using the name Mike Drop [whose true identity I do not know] wrote the following:

By Mike Drop

I have heard this expressed by many Expians who have yet to seek de-programming counselling or read up on thought reform.

Keep in mind that the desire to defend ESP or find no fault with the stuff we learned IS the programming. We are taught “the tools are good” and there is no need to question them, because in ESP we trust.

Once you begin to understand that all of the things we learned were to create dependence by using shame and guilt, you will see the tech is destructive. Every hour spent absorbing the tech creates a feeling like you cannot function ever again without the tools.

Each module is designed to kill your conscience while proclaiming to connect you to it. They slowly kill your connection to your gut feelings (intuition) and condition you to separate your body/mind/feelings. The first couple modules begin the journey to becoming a sociopath who can out-logic every feeling you feel. To know you cause/choose everything in your life and need to accept that others can’t/don’t influence you.

The next step is to make everything “your issue”, which you never stop hearing about. It’s never about someone else’s behavior or actions. It’s you. All the time.

Now it’s time to teach us that when we don’t like something that’s happening, we use our emotions to try and change it. This. Is. Bad. This says that you don’t/can’t affect me. You cause your stuff. I cause mine. If you cry/laugh or even fucking smile, you are trying to manipulate me. It takes away the natural, messy interactions humans have.

This is just the beginning. Now think that we are told to do the module at least three times, go out in the world and practice and then do it all again the following day/week. Repetition. Now think of how many times you have done/coached a module. Ingrained every time you take it. Over and over. Until you can repeat the material without thinking. Without. Thinking. In ESP we trust.

Next up: It’s time to understand when ‘Honesty’ is necessary and that, if your cause is ‘Noble,’ ‘Honesty’ may hinder your mission. If YOU believe you are doing noble actions for the greater good of Humanity that’s all that matters. Remember, I choose my stuff. You have Free Will and choose yours. My decisions don’t effect you.

So now you believe you choose everything you do/say/support. You know others opinions and perceptions don’t factor in your life. Your gut intuition doesn’t exist. You can logic it away. Honesty is optional.

Now for the kicker: At this point, most people will still have a conscience. This. Is. Bad. Time to start paring away at basic concepts learned as children. Good vs Bad vs Evil.
To start to slowly alter how you define and see these words. What you learned was wrong. Nothing is inherently good or bad. You need to ask what is good or bad about it? Enter in the ability to over-logic something. To ignore your inner moral compass (gut feelings) and rationalize away the bad things. Where you end up is finding nothing is bad. There’s a mission, a cause, a reason, and you chose all of it.

This my friends is why so many slaves and servants (the males) have stayed. Now add up the hours and years being immersed in this process. Throw in some life-damaging collateral and the fear of being harassed, sued or worse. How involved were you? A coach? A Proctor? A Senior Proctor? A Slave or Master? Did you run groups? Did you work for them? Did you spend time with Keith or Nancy? Did you live in Albany?

Please consider all of this when you decide if the tools are good or not. You are programmed. And really does it matter if the tools are good when they are in the hands of a murderer/sociopath/psychopath/pedophile?

No. It. Does. Not.

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5 years ago

Excellent summary.


[…] to the post by Mike Drop: ESP ‘tech’, a step by step process to create sociopaths, the guest view below by Another Expert Expian is […]

5 years ago


The most perfect dissection of ESP that I have ever read
The most perfect dissection of ESP that I have ever read
5 years ago

This was obviously written by someone who was deeply sucked into ESP, yet somehow got out, and has had time to process what was done to him/her.

Yes there is some initial honey in the trainings, particularly if you haven’t been exposed to much philosophy or psychology.

But there is an undercurrent of exploitation of self-doubts (and “enrollees” are selected to have self-doubts). New “issues” are found more quickly than old “issues” are resolved. The result, as intended, is creation of dependency, rather than liberation of the spirit.

Read some of the early Frank Report posting, about Parlato’s time as a NXIVM consultant. NXIVM needed consultants because everyone in the inner circle of ESP was so addled by Raniere-speak that they could not make basic business decisions any more.

ESP breeds dependency. By design.

Raniere has fled to Mexico. He will flee to Fiji or elsewhere if necessary. There is no “mission,” and he cares only about himself (and his allegedly herpes-ridden and flaccid penis).

Espians, you had a life before, and has your life actually improved since you enrolled? Really?

It’s time to go. Some of your Espian friends have already become Expians. They are not suppressives or Luciferians. They just really looked at the “data” and figured things out. You can too. And they will understand you, welcome you, and help you, when you also become an Expian.

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