Expian: ‘Open Letter to Keith Raniere’: ‘Your “tech” is beautiful, but I no longer support ESP!’

[To help readers ascertain the veracity of anonymous guest views, going forward, Frank Report will disclose whether I have verified the identify of the writer or not. In this case, I have not. I received this email, which was signed by someone using a woman’s name. I do not know the individual. I publish it exactly as written but at the request of the writer, I have not disclosed the name the individual used.]

Here is what she wrote:

Hi Frank

I am reaching out to you as someone who was involved with ESP for some time now.

I wrote this originally as a way to process what was going on for me, and realized that it may help others in a similar position. I want to stay anonymous so please respect that.

I wrote it as an open letter to Keith.

Former Espian says Keith Raniere is a brilliant man, but his morals might not be quite as high as his intellect.


Dear Keith,

            I have gone back and forth about writing to you. I have asked myself questions such as: “Am I just explaining myself?” “Do I just want to share with you what is going on for me, or do I want answers to my unanswered questions?”  “What if I am wrong?”

            It has been a confusing and frustrating evaluation process consisting of contradicting information, lies, broken trust, and unreliable sources.

Nancy Salzman {Aka Prefect] with students of ESP.

In saying all of that, this is what I have concluded: I think you are a brilliant man. The material is the most beautiful and life changing tech that I have ever experienced. I wish everyone in the world had access to the tools. I will continue to use them for the rest of my years as they have helped me to get more of what I want out of my life. But, as is true for anything that involves human beings, there is human error, and that is where things start to get distorted.

            I see the tech and the community as two separate entities. While I am in full support of the tech, I cannot say the same for how I view the leadership. From some of my first experiences of how the company was run, I noticed some red flags. I did not come in expecting ESP to be run perfectly. However, I have come to find (in my somewhat short life experience) that tools such as accountability and transparency yield what I would label “better” results when it comes to upholding an ideology. Both of which I have found to be lacking and unwelcomed in the leadership in ESP. I do believe that the company is facing the effects of that.

            In my efforts to seek out what has been really going on, I have heard a substantial amount of consistent stories. While I have not personally experienced the things being talked of, I do believe that certain things are true and that you, Keith, may not be as noble as I had previously thought (especially when it comes to your relationships with women.)

            Honestly, I would love it if I was wrong, but no one has been able to provide me with such data. I am sad that something that used to be so pure, good and meaningful to me, I no longer see in the same light.

            So, no, I do not “stand by ESP.” I do not agree with a lot of things that reportedly have been happening under the ESP umbrella. However, I do stand by the tech, and I do stand by justice being upheld.

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5 years ago

I know who wrote this she is in the picture


[…] the story Expian: ‘Open Letter to Keith Raniere’: ‘Your “tech” is beautiful, but I no longer suppor…the writer says of Keith Raniere, “I think you are a brilliant man. The material is the most […]

Mike Drop
Mike Drop
5 years ago

Yes I agree with Anonymous.
I have heard this expressed by many Expians who have yet to seek de-programming counselling or read up on thought reform.
Keep in mind that the desire to defend ESP or find no fault with the stuff we learned IS the programming. We are taught “the tools are good” and there is no need to question them, because in ESP we trust.
Once you begin to understand that all of the things we learned were to create dependence by using shame and guilt you will see the tech is destructive. Every hour spent absorbing the tech creates a feeling like you cannot function ever again without the tools.
Each module is designed to kill your conscience while proclaiming to connect you to it. They slowly kill your connection to your gut feelings (intuition) & condition you to separate your body/mind/feelings. The first couple modules begin the journey to becoming a sociopath who can out-logic every feeling you feel.
To know you cause/choose everything in your life & need to accept that others can’t/don’t influence you.
The next step is to make everything “your issue” which you never stop hearing about. It’s never about someone elses behaviour or actions. It’s you. All the time.
Now it’s time to teach us that when we don’t like something that’s happening we use our emotions to try and change it. This. Is. Bad. This says that you don’t/can’t affect me. You cause your stuff. I cause mine. If you cry/laugh or even fucking smile you are trying to manipulate me. It takes away the natural messy interactions humans have.
This is just the beginning. Now think that we are told to do the module at least three times, go out in the world and practice and then do it all again the following day/week. Repetition. Now think of how many times you have done/Coached a module. Ingrained every time you take it. Over and over. Until you can repeat the material without thinking. Without. Thinking. In ESP we trust.
Next up it’s time to understand when Honesty is necessary and that if your cause is Noble, Honesty may hinder your mission. If YOU believe you are doing noble actions for the greater good of Humanity that’s all that matters. Remember I choose my stuff. You have Free Will and choose yours. My decisions don’t effect you.
So now you believe you choose everything you do/say/support. You know others opinions and perceptions don’t factor in your life. Your gut intuition doesn’t exist. You can logic it away. Honesty is optional.
Now for the kicker. At this point most people will still have a conscience. This. Is. Bad. Time to start paring away at basic concepts learned as children. Good vs Bad vs Evil.
To start to slowly alter how you define and see these words. What you learned was wrong. Nothing is inherently good or bad. You need to ask what is good or bad about it? Enter in the ability to over-logic something. To ignore your inner moral compass (gut feelings) and rationalize away the bad things. Where you end up is finding nothing is bad. There’s a mission, a cause, a reason, and you chose all of it.
This my friends is why so many slaves and servants (the males) have stayed. Now add up the hours and years being immersed in this process. Throw in some life-damaging collateral and the fear of being harassed, sued or worse. How involved were you? A coach? A Proctor? A Senior Proctor? A Slave or Master? Did you run groups? Did you work for them? Did you spend time with Keith or Nancy? Did you live in Albany?
Please consider all of this when you decide if the tools are good or not. You are programmed. And really does it matter if the tools are good when they are in the hands of a murderer/sociopath/psychopath/pedophile?
No. It. Does. Not.

5 years ago
Reply to  Mike Drop

This deserves its own repost. This slow thought reform is exactly why it is difficult to convince people to leave and to show how indoctrinated with the material they are in their thought process. I still read or hear people who left the cult still use NXIVM terminology and still have its stupid ideas about literally a perpetual growth that ends nowhere – I mean you’re an adult over 30, WTF are you talking about? – stuck in their brains.

5 years ago

The “Tech” fast food take out in that it’s a mish mash of a dozen other ideas put together by men and women seeking a quick dollar from selling feel good – get rich schemes.

Though, if the writer has gotten something out of her experience in Keith’s cult then good for her. Dealing with cognitive dissonance isn’t easy and it’s a process. I would advise her to enter therapy with a good old fashioned therapist who is also a real [medical] doctor.to further deprogram because not doing this could lead to more trouble and even more years wasted in terms of reclaiming humanity, becoming truly successful in her endeavors, falling in love, getting married, having children and growing old surrounded by grandchildren. This scenario is the bottom line for all of us.

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago
Reply to  ionwhitepoetry

Some of us had the latter fucked over for them because of this shit cult.

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago

It’s garbage. It seeds time wasting stupid ideas into people and builds a dependency on the group via thought reform. The fact that it does the latter undermines any true analysis of the positivity of its tools.

Tech This
Tech This
5 years ago

Dear Ms. Love the Tech,
Keith did not developed ESP. He repackaged a lot of different programs. That is why his patents or turn down by the world intellectual property organization due to the fact that it was not new and was like too many other programs.
Yes you might have gotten a lot out of it but you you might have by taking other programs such as “The Works” by Katie Byron which asks almost the same questions as an EM.
The issue isn’t the training. If left pure and taught pure as it was at training centers who had no intention of mind bending and brainwashin (now shut down). It would be just like other self-help programs.
The issue is using the training program as a hunting grown for wealthy students they could then extract thousands are millions of dollars from or women who fit Keith profile for his sexual appetite.
The training in this situation is just secondary.
The abuse that takes place amongst the leadership in the conflict of interest amongst those on the board who are all in the back pocket of Keith Ranieri is extremely conflictual. That is not ethical.
Those that stand in the way of this game that is played at the highest level, by attending to expose this too members, get so emotionally abused or get criminal charges and or civil charges pressed against them.
How does this uphold the humanitarian mission that they try to sell.

5 years ago

This is a very common phenomenon with Expians and other ex-culties. They simply cannot reconcile the idea that they wasted countless dollars, hours and energy into an organization that uses “technology” which was SOLELY devised to create dependence. The “technology” is nothing that you cannot find for free in books, online videos, and numerous other sources in the information age. The mish-mash of new-age belief systems, EST, Scientology, and other philosophies that make up NXIVM’s “tech” is literally and specifically designed NOT to uplift and strengthen, but to provide the illusion of benefit while diminishing critical thinking and creating reliance on the cult.

It’s VERY hard for an ex-cultie to fully realize that they’ve been completely, 100% bamboozled.

Still, it’s encouraging to see the writer at least reaching that first baby step of thinking “tech=good, Keith/organization=bad.”

Next step in the healing: realizing that NXIVM is 100% garbage.

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