Nice Guy Upset About ‘Fake Skin’ Photos of Kristin Kreuk

By George Frobisher

As if it were not bad enough that there is a battle waging between Sultan of Six and Kreuk-Buster over whether the fantastically talented, Canadian taxpayer-funded actress, Kristin Kreuk, acted a little less than ethical when it came to real life, courageous denunciation of her former mentor, the ethicist, and convicted sex-trafficker, Keith Alan Raniere– there is now a new battle brewing between one our most esteemed commenters, Nice Guy 2.0, and Frank Parlato over whether posting some, arguably, questionably authentic photos of the wonderful actress is what a real ethicist like Frank would do.

Believed to be a real [not fake skin] photo of Nice Guy 2.0.
In short, Nice Guy 2.0 deeply resents the dubious pictures, and refers to Frank as a “Gaslighting Knave” for posting pictures of Miss Kreuk which are “fake skin” and sure to rankle feminists like Nice Guy 2.0 himself.

Nice Guy 2.0 writes: 

Dear Frank Parlato or Gaslighting Knave

Re Fake Skin Photo of Kristen Kreuk [below):

Image result for Kristin kreuk sexy
Fake picture objected to be Nice Guy


Image result for kristin kreuk sexy
Believed to be authentic?

Nice Guy continues:

Here we go yet again, Fake Skin!!! What’s the matter Parlato? Kristen’s Asian A-cups not big enough for you? I guess only oversized Sicilian C-cups turn you on. It’s a wee-bit racist, as well as sexist, don’t you think?

How do you think real women feel when even the bodies of Hollywood stars must be upgraded by men such as you?

Fake skin is an affront to the female form, and the bastardization of what God designed.

Do have any human decency left within you, or is the Sultan right?

Parlato you have lost your moral compass. This website is rife with cultural appropriation and awash in foul language.

NiceGuy2.0 is done. I will be back one week from today. I suggest things change; or I will be joining the ranks of Pyriel, Actaeon, and FriendsOfAllison….

Therefore, I plead to Frank Parlato’s integrity and humanity to change before it’s too late!!!!

Here is the original [real skin] photo below, before alterations were made to God’s flawless design to suit one man’s fancy.

Please note how Kristen went from Asian A-cups to Sicilian C-cups in a mere 24 hours. Do you believe such a thing is remotely possible?

Sultan of Six, maybe you could make yourself useful for once and back me up for once!!!!!

Nice Guy has approved this picture.


From here on in, I have been appointed by Frank as the guardian of authenticity for Kristin Kreuk pictures. But Nice Guy 2.0, it is hard know which Kreuk pics are real for, unlike you and Sultan, I have never met the exquisitely talented actress that Canadians love to work to pay taxes to support.


I therefore can only use my best judgment to ascertain which photos feature fake skin and which are authentic.

I am truly sorry you were offended. Here are some photos of Canadian taxpayers’ favorite actress that independent websites declare are authentic.

Related image

Related image


Related image

According to the Facebook page Eclectic Ladies the pic below is authentic:

The face seems right and body proportion seem correct, yet I have serious doubts that this stellar actress would pose in such a revealing and clearly blatantly sexually suggestive fashion. I call it fake. And it is despicable.

Image result for kristin kreuk sexy

Back to the real.

Image result for kristin kreuk sexy
Seems authentic.

Is this simply a cropped and reversed [changed from left to right] version of the photo above? If so, does that qualify as a ‘fake skin” photo?
Finally, here is one Kreuk photo that I am pretty suspicious of. There is something about it that just doesn’t seem right.

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  • Mean girls and Spankyspermtalker stuck in Kristin bash feast loop, as usual, putting up weirdo photoshopped pics…Sad…. Meanwhile, Kristin continues to be a success and loved by her fans. 3rd season of Burden of Truth and hopefully a 4th season will be on CW!!! Yay!

    • You have no life spirit to waste with your religious infatuation, you sad little freak, let alone on a bit-part actress whose name is known only to some as a NXIVM cult member. Your life must be so empty to behave this way. You get nothing out of your e-stalking/groupie one-way devotion. With each prayer you spew for this “smell the fart” actress, as she has been called, you get weaker.

    • That shows that she has a devoted fan base – which is what fuels much of this. I’ll bet there’s nothing near the same sort of following for Edmondson, Voth or Park.

  • Give NiceGuy a break, he’s probably married to someone who is as flat as a board.

    The only fake skin photos of Kristin Crook(ed) are those that were taken prior to the past year or two, as she is aging rapidly, just check out some recent photos. Sorry Sultan, you missed your chance, now you have to fall in love all over again with a prune.

  • Congatulations to Flowers. After doing a faceplant out of the blocks, turns out she’s the most normal commenter on Frank Report. What a bunch of fucking kooks on this site.

    • I’ve always been pretty normal, Nutjob….or at least I’ve been the one trying to point out that crazy things like Ben Whatever-his-name-is were just bullshit.

  • The TRUTH is revealed.
    Kristin Kook is not half Asian, but is 100% Sicilian, and she had to reduce her boobs and ass in her “before” photo so she could believably play a high school girl and be cast in Smallville.

  • “Frank Report is dedicated to FRANK’s investigative journalism and the pursuit of truth.”


    You must have a different definition of “investigative journalism” and “truth” than everyone else.

  • Niceguy – I haven’t stopped reading Frank Report. I haven’t commented much lately because of problems with my noisy neighbours. Hopefully things will change soon or I’ll have to move. 🤬

  • Today NiceGuy2.0 has learned his comments as well as those of his 3 sock-puppet accounts have been limited to 15 comments a day total. Fake Skin is one thing, but NiceGuy’s and the puppets’ speech are quite another.

    Currently NiceGuy will not be returning until further notice. Unless of course Frank lifts his sanctions against NiceGuy.
    NiceGuy is not like Apartheid South Africa in the 80s; he will not bend so easily or readily to [Bishop Tutu] Mr. Parlato.

    • I have not and will not ban Nice Guy; He is far too well liked on this website and would be keenly missed by many.

      • Thank you for the kind words!

        Thank all for the love and the hate!

        A protest is a protest! NiceGuys2.0 will be back next Tuesday. Take care!

        … And remember Fake Skin is just the edge of the precipice to an artificial world.

        We have met the enemy and he is us,”

  • Everywhere you look these days, you can see ‘skin’. Sex sells because the woman has nothing else to give and thirsty salivating cucks have no self pride. Shadowpoof would approve of some Ally Wack cankle pictures. He & the Stalky Beetle have abused their genitals more times to their target actresses then you have had hot dinners. The bottom photo of Kreuk may be fake, but she should still strive to increase her chest and ass. Both are too flat. Solution, Ally Wack donates some fat from her ankles for Kreuk’s new boobs and buttocks. That is efficient recycling. Have the ankles of Grace Park and Nikki Clyne been designated acceptable? Their faces are atrocious. .

  • Emergency group masturbation session scheduled at 4pm today. Niceguy’s house – Southie, across from Big Dick’s Barbecue & Shrimp.
    Don’t be late. The Mrs gets home at 6:30pm sharp. Johnson is bringing the rulers. FYI Sultan may be there and he is PISSED. RSVP to shadowstate&

  • Waste of an article. This so called niceguy is every bit as worthless here as he is in actual life. Titz on a bull have more worth. Nobody in their right mind should give two shitz about the goofball.

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