Sultan and Kreuk-Buster Battle It Out Over Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Before anyone gets mad at me – let me explain that this is a compilation of comments made by Sultan and an anonymous commenter I like to call Kreuk-Buster.

The order of the comments and replies may not be exactly as they were posted, but I think readers will get an idea of their respective positions.

Instead of posting them as comments, I made this into a little conversation, as if Sultan and Kreuk-Buster were together discussing their respective views on the marvelous and extremely talented taxpayer-funded Canadian actress, Kristin Kreuk.

By the way, you might notice some racism on the part of Kreuk-Buster, and I have left that in because I feel that this debate needs to presented accurately. I don’t condone racism against any race, but I understand it exists and every race gets some and dishes some out. And if you have traveled around the world you know it is true and not at all limited to America.

In addition, a word of explanation is necessary. Kreuk-Buster and others on this blog have suggested that Sultan of Six practices excessive masturbatory rites {onanism} while delighting in the thought that Kristin Kreuk might be his winsome lady. There is no evidence to back up this speculative claim. Neither has Sultan denied it. But some people refer to Sultan of Six as Sultan of Spank, or the Mad Spanker.

Finally, to illustrate the post, I have chosen some random pictures of Kristin Kreuk from the internet that purport to be authentic. Some could be photoshopped, [i.e. placing Kreuk’s head on someone else’s body.]  AnonyMaker knows about these things. I don’t. I’d be happy to hear his or anyone’s opinions on the authenticity of the photos.

I had written about Kristin Kreuk in my post New MK10ART Paintings of Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and Others Reveal More of the Dark World of Nxivm as follows:

Frank: Kristin Kreuk is an interesting character in the Nxivm story. She managed to escape in time to avoid prosecution. She seems to have been a little distant from the worst crimes of the group. She was used as a recruitment tool by the cult and she refused to fight against the cult or even be forthcoming about her role in the cult after the fight was over.

Perhaps all of that is excusable but her constant virtue signaling – and her trying to pretend she is really like the woman she plays on TV – a brave, crusading lawyer, who takes on the big criminals without regard to her reputation or safety – annoys some readers.

Sultan responded to me:

You wrote, “Kristin Kreuk is an interesting character in the Nxivm story”?  But only to you, Frank, and the anti-liberal right.

She’s not interesting to the government authorities (and hasn’t been for a long time) or any alleged victim who has filed a legal or publicly known grievance against her due to her association to NXIVM because they don’t exist.

Alleged virtue signalling isn’t a crime. It would even be low on the moral spectrum of sins if it was considered one. The worst a virtue signaler does is call people to a claim of virtue but not act upon it themselves for the non-benefit to only themselves. They aren’t even causing others to become victims.

She’s also an actress by trade. Her job is to assume a character while filming or on stage. She is not her character. She may possess some attributes but not others of the character, all, or none at all.

I suppose if she played a character that was a nun who called people to Christ she could be considered a virtue signaler since she doesn’t do it in real life, but that wouldn’t really matter to you.

Virtue signalling is only important to you because it can be repeatedly used to negatively tie her to NXIVM for what is most important to you: to constantly reflect your distaste for her refusal or unwillingness to join in your fight which she didn’t need to be a part of because she wasn’t a victim and did nothing illegal or wrong while she was a part of something she thought was doing good at the time.

Image result for Kristin kreuk sexy

Kristin Kreuk at WonderCon 2013 (8609402842).jpg

Before I could answer, Kreuk-Buster entered the debate, referring to Sultan of Six as the ‘Mad Spanker’.

Kreuk Buster: Kristin Kreuk SHOULD be interesting to government authorities. I think they haven’t looked hard enough. She is the underage girl procurer of Nxivm. And a big thanks to the Mad Spanker guy (a fan) for keeping her name from disappearing from this blog.  Put a damn sock in it Spanky.

Sultan: You first culter.

Kreuk Buster: You have no idea what you are talking about.

Sultan: I know more about what is being talked about than you.

KB: What do you know Sultan-Spank? You are a stalky masturbator. You have zero information to share about the cult activities of the one you would let poop on your face.

SS: That’s why you cry lame insults in the comments whenever your pathetic attempts to engage in an argument eventually crap the bed.

KB: Wrong, but you spank in your empty bed!

SS: You’re a whiny bitch loser. You cast bigoted and other types of slurs, and constantly use the lame bullying and gaslighting techniques of the sociopath that you are.

Image result for Kristin kreuk sexy

KB: Must someone be in the same zip code to call you a Paki? This blog will do, Abdul.

SS: You’re one to talk about someone having “low testosterone” as you anonymously cry in the comments section of this blog. “Boohoo, Kristin virtue signals.”

KB:  She sure does Spanky!

SS: You are always complaining, “Boohoo, Kristin is a coward.”

KB: She sure is Spanky!

SS: “Boohoo, Kristin has no breasts and ass.”

Image result for Kristin kreuk sexy

KB. LOL What the fuck?  But… She certainly does not have breasts and ass Spanky!

SS:  “Boohoo, SOS owns my ass in everything,” that’s what you are saying.

KB: You don’t even own your own testicles, Spanky. Kristin Kreuk does! Hahahaha!!!

SS: So now you’ll cry about white knighting, “libtards”.

KB: Okay!

Related image

SS: And cast other types of slurs.

KB. Like Paki, poo-face and cuck, right?

SS:  And constantly use the lame bullying and gaslighting techniques of the sociopath that you are.

KB: Heeeerrreeees Johnny!

SS:  It’s more like “boohoo, I wish Kristin got sucked deep into the cult and was in as much trouble as others.”

KB: Sure Spanky! You are desperate to believe your dream spank left NXIVM in 2012/13 because you are desperate to believe your creepy email to her daddy “saved” her!  HAHAHA! You know that seeing as she was still in the NXIVM cult, taking classes and spending money in 2016, you are not her brown knight savior! That must be a real kick in your little brown sack!

Image result for Kristin kreuk sexy


SS: You think you can virtually shout somebody down.

KB: You think masturbating to Kristin Kreuk will make her wear a wedding hijab for you.

SS:  You couldn’t even say the shit you say about the “cowardly” Kristin to her face.

KB: Where’s she at?

SS:  That’s how cowardly you are. Pathetic.”

Image result for Kristin kreuk sexy

Image result for Kristin kreuk recent pictures

KB: Go on Spanky!

SS: That’s why you cast stones hiding behind your virtual wall to not expose your many weaknesses.

KB: Weakness, as in your non-dominate spank-hand!?

SS:  Your balls–if they even exist–are as tiny as little marbles.

KB: Go on Spanky!

SS: And yet you stalk me on the Internet.

KB: No Spanker, you show up on the Frank Report and the whiff of cumin, turmeric and third-world pre-cum, combined with your robotic Asperger’s speech sticks out like a boner in yoga pants!  You don’t have a life.

Image result for Kristin kreuk sexy

SS: You never had one.

KB: Yet you still waste your weak life force on this woman who does not care if you exist or not.

SS: Why do you care? It’s my life. It’s my choice to do what I want with it. I’m not here to live by your God-awful standards.

KB: Your candle blew out a long time ago Spanky, if it was ever lit in the first place.

SS: You never had one.

KB: You made your spank-nest, now you must lie in it!  Yeah! That’s it Spanky! Your here to worship a small breasted/assed woman (your words) who would not even fart at you, but through you like you weren’t even there!


Image result for Kristin kreuk burden of truth


So this is the kind of white hot anger that can emerge between two internet commenters who do not know who the other is.  It is like road rage but happily it occurs behind a keyboard and not a wheel.

At the root of it is Kristen Kruek?

In part. Sultan is determined, as if he made a life vow, to defend Kristin Kreuk who, from all accounts, he has never met . She may not even know of his existence.

If she does, I would think she would want him to go away, for the more he defends her, the more people like Kreuk-Buster fire back and the more Kreuk remains relevant to Frank Report.

What the reason for his obsessive defense of an actress he never met and likely never will meet, is not clear. It could be a mental disturbance that needs psychiatric attention, or, on the other hand, it might be harmless, unrequited infatuation, harmless in itself, of a man with perhaps no woman in his life and with perhaps a little too much time on his hands.

Or perhaps Sultan, to give it the best construct, is a crusader for justice.  He thinks Kreuk is being unfairly tarnished and does his part to bring justice in the world. He may not be particularly attached to Kreuk. He might simply find her a worthy topic to defend – against the injustice of being unfairly criticized – without any concern about her as a person. Like a hobby or a bit of social justice warfare.

If Kreuk was not around, needing to be defended, he might take up someone else, without attachment.

On the other hand, if Sultan is a mad spanker, and he cannot find a woman, and has wasted years of his life spanking while imagining a woman he will never spend a moment in life with, then perhaps Kreuk-Buster might be the remedy to his excessive onanism.

Sultan might have a chance at a real woman and not be a lifelong spanker [if he is] and a lonesome loser [if he is] if he forgets about Kreuk and seeks a compatible woman. A life mate.  Perhaps she will not be quite as attractive or famous as Kreuk, but she might  admire him and be willing to spend the time of life with him, something Kreuk is not prepared to do.

If this is the case, if Sultan is a mad spanker, and wastes, as Kruek-Buster accuses him of wasting, his life force on an impossible dream, than Kreuk-Buster is really Sultan’s very good friend in disguise.

“Go and spank no more,” Kreuk-Buster is saying in effect to Sultan.

As for Kreuk-Buster, he makes some good, amusing points, but he seems to let his underlying – I guess we must call it “racism” – get in the way.

I toyed with the idea of editing out all the references to “brown skin,” “Paki” “poo face” etc. but then I thought it better to keep it in — as more honest journalism.

For that is what this is: We have published many stories about Kristin Kreuk and her role in Nxivm. And it gets reaction and a lot of clicks and I do like clicks.

Yet this post is not really about clicks and not really about Kristin Kreuk either.

It is about people, people on the internet, who do not have to disclose their real identity, debating, and how they debate, and how they seem to hate over something as trivial as an actress they never met.










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  • So is niceguy gone for another week or what? The first time was weird, but whatever – he probably got caught typing under the covers again. But a second time for the same “fake skin” reason – and the same doctored picture nonetheless?

    I think it’s time for Niceguy to do some explaining.

    – Niceguy – You’ve been demanding skin for so long – of all people to get offended at fake skin…Can we get a more coherant and believable explanation? Please include why you and Actaeon get no sensitive when you see nipples?

    – The time has come for details on the shady disappearance of Actaeon. What’s up with the veiled suggestions that Frank needs to give authorization in order for you (niceguy) to fully disclose what happened to poor Actaeon.

    • Niceguy is a pussy and a weakling.

      He’s now threatening to leave FR if Frank doesn’t cave-in to his ‘demands’ about fake skin (whatever the fuck that even means, lol).

      To be honest, I still have no idea what the fuck he’s even talking about. I have no idea why this pussy threw a girly tantrum over a few photos.

      He must have been raised as an Amish prude or something, having sex thru a hole in the sheet.

      If Frank caves-in to Niceguy’s ‘demands’ then Frank will be the biggest pussy of all time.

      I hope that Frank posts even MORE fake skin photos, whatever the fuck that even means, LOL.

      I hope that Niceguy slithers away to his fat ugly wife and never comes back. Since he’s not a real man and I resent talking to pussies with no balls.

      Hey Niceguy, without your fat wife paying the bills I doubt you’d be able to even support yourself.

      That’s a lowly excuse for a man.

      I’d never let another human being pay my way in life.

      I’m not sure how you can look in the mirror and respect yourself.

      But I do see why your fat Sicilian wife doesn’t respect you.

      Maybe if you got a better job you’d gain her respect again —– and she’d stop bossing you around, pussy boy.

      Oh well, here’s hoping that Niceguy will fuck off and go cry in a corner and never come back.

      Have a nice day.

    • Re: Actaeon:

      I will defer to Frank. It’s his call. He asked me not to make any more jokes regarding the situation. Apparently things are more sensitive then I was lead to believe.

      • I do not know what you are talking about – though I would like to know what you are talking about. I do not know why Actaon stopped commenting. If he told you, Nice Guy, please feel free to share.

        • Frank,

          I apologize Frank. I am joking around with Nut-job regarding Actaeon. I will cease my behavior and not do anything similar in the future.


          I have no concrete(real) idea why Actaeon left. I have been pulling your leg. Maybe the time a made referring to “self-gratification”; I don’t really know.

          I must move on with the Fake Skin Protest. I will be monitoring things from afar and plan to be back on Saturday. I hope the editors respond to my demands…No more Fake Skin.

  • “Kristin Kreuk SHOULD be interesting to government authorities. I think they haven’t looked hard enough. She is the underage girl procurer of Nxivm. And a big thanks to the Mad Spanker guy (a fan) for keeping her name from disappearing from this blog.

    This top comment is from another commentator. I didn’t say that!

    Spanky responded to that top comment about Kreuk from someone else and I responded to him, starting with “Put a damn sock in it Spanky”, which Frank mixed into the top comment as if it’s the same person.

    Frank posted another Spanky post a while back and credited another poster with some of my words like it’s all one person.

    The above post was to Spanky and about Spanky, nothing to do with his fav actress.

  • I’m not 100% sure about this, but the picture of the voodoo doll about to be stuck with a sharp object may be photoshopped. The Kristin Crook(ed) head looks like it could maybe, possibly be photo-shopped, but then it could also be the tears of laughter in my eyes from reading the story.

  • Not “Kreuk Buster” but “Sultan Buster”. Posters have been annoyed with SOS with his strange white knighting behaviour since probably before the Saratoga In Decline blog came out. If SOS were all over Grace Park, it wouldn’t be “Park Buster” but still “Sultan Buster”. I personally have called SOS a “mad spanker” and “spanky”, but didn’t invent the names. I personally refer to him as a “beetle” after “Beetlejuice” who appears after calling his name three times. Before you are done saying Kristin Kr…. there is SOS, the “mad spanker”. Hopefully, the beetle gets the help he needs, at least a diagnosis.

  • Dear Frank Parlato or Gaslighting Knave,

    Re Fake Skin Photo of Kristen Kreuk(third- photo down):

    Here we go yet again, Fake Skin!!! What’s the matter Parlato? Kristen’s asian A-cups not big enough for you? I guess only oversized Sicilian C-cups turn you on. It’s a wee-bit racist, as well as sexist, don’t you think?

    How do you think real women feel when even the bodies of Hollywood stars must be upgraded by men such as you?

    Fake skin is an affront to the female form, and the bastardization of what God designed. Do have any human decency left within you, or is the Sultan right? Parlato you have lost your moral compass. This website is rife with cultural appropriation and awash in foul language. NiceGuy2.0 is done. I will be back one week from today. I suggest things change; or I will be joining the ranks of Pyriel, Actaeon, and FriendsOfAllison.

    • Addendum To Comment January 26, 2020 At 8:36 pm:

      I do not believe Frank Parlato is a racist or a sexist, but I do believe readers may misinterpret or misconstrue the true meaning of the Fake Skin.

      Therefore, I plead to Frank Parlato’s integrity and humanity to change before it’s too late!!!!

          • I think he means the third picture down – but the first one of Kreuk.

            Respectfully, I think you might want to consider exercising a bit more discretion and due diligence with respect to the images you post (I make a habit of specifically referring to them as images, because they are not necessarily photographic reproductions).

            In the big picture, I think eventually much of the graphic material that is online that we now treat with a certain inherent credibility and even as evidence of a sort, like images and videos, are going to be extremely convincing and virtually undetectable “deep fakes.” That’s going to require a sea change in how we treat such things, and we might as well start now because the future is barreling down on us.

          • AnonyMaker,

            Here is the original[real skin] photo below, before alterations were made to God’s flawless design to suite one man’s fancy.


            *Please note how Kristen went from Asian A-cups to Sicilian C-cups in a mere 24 hours. Do you believe such a thing is remotely possible?

            To Sultan of Six, maybe you could make yourself useful for once and back me up for once!!!!!

            See you all next Saturday!!!!!

          • To Kristinia Krueketello & Frank:

            The DDs and Kardashian…..
            Very funny, now I’m not coming back till Monday. I know the female readership is solidly behind me. Will see who has the last laugh.

    • You threaten to leave because this blog is “awash in foul language”, LOL?

      Yet half your posts are laced with foul language and petty insults directed at dudes like Scooter Johnson or yours truly. LOL.

      Half your posts are meaningless drivel with no purpose other than to insult somebody else, making few intelligent points about any real topic being discussed.

      Whereas my posts — although filled with insults and drivel — always make intelligent points that piss people off because they can’t refute them, especially Heidi. 🙂

      Sounds to me as if your fat Sicilian wife ordered you to watch the homefront for a week, while she brings home the bacon. That’s the reason you’re leaving.

      My advice:

      Please stay gone ASSHOLE, since a real man wouldn’t ‘threaten’ to leave if his ‘demands’ aren’t met.

      A real man would simply stay and fight without getting all butthurt, or he’d simply LEAVE without any female drama, without any warnings.

      But we all know you’re not a real man, you’re just a cuck who takes orders from your fat ugly wife.

      Now go fuck yourself and stay gone, you weakling pussy.

      Hopefully you’ll get butt cancer and drop dead so that Satan can put a pitch fork up your fat butt, LOL.

      God knows your fat Italian wife ain’t gonna fuck you.

      Oh, and have a nice day. 🙂

  • Hey Frank,
    Do you really expect this mad spanker to have any objective reasoning in regards to Kreuk and her Nxivm affiliation after he admits to following (stalking) her for over a decade? I kind of feel a little bit sorry for him as he obviously is not right. I bet his camel’s name is Kristen, it’s a double humper (pun intended), and he puts lipstick on it.

    • I feel sorry for him too. He seems to be an intelligent man and one would think that if he dropped the Kreuk fantasy, he might find room for a nice woman in his life.

  • I wonder if Vanguard gave prostheses to his slaves. Buttock augmentation with prostheses is a surgical procedure with high levels of safety, which achieves a significant change in the body image of patients and produces great satisfaction in them. The buttocks represent one of the areas of greatest beauty and sensuality of a woman. Paradoxically obtaining a beautiful form is always a difficult job. It has been shown that physical exercises increase the volume and improve the shape of the buttocks, however they involve a huge and long effort that in many cases leads to the abandonment of them.The gluteal area is perhaps the most difficult area to develop through techniques sports.

  • Kreuk Buster is Frank or one of his pals.

    Frank, you’re lame and about as sincere as Raniere when it comes to fighting for the truth. You’re just in the NXIVM game to save and promote anything dealing with yourself, while slanting the conversation against anything or anyone you dislike. None of the bigotry, masturbation articles, and other inflammatory comments you or you pals post in the “name” of free speech is relevant.

    At least Kreuk joined NXIVM because she thought it was good and would help her and help others. You did it to just to cash in for a $1 million dollar paycheck from the Bronfmans.

    • I do not know who Kreuk Buster is. I enjoy much of what he writes but I DO NOT condone or like the racism, or bigotry. I wish that would cease. But Kreuk Buster has served one great purpose, he is trying to help Sultan get well. And if he can save one obsessed man, as he calls him a mad spanker, then he will have done a small service to humanity – and to Kristin Kreuk.

      • –I enjoy much of what he writes

        Of course you do because he shares your viewpoints.

        — But Kruek Buster has served one great purpose, he is trying to help Sultan get well.

        Physician, heal thyself!

        I’m sure a juvenile, bigoted, sociopathic, gaslighting, and selective hate-mongerer is sincerely trying to help Sultan get well. Is this the actual lame rationalization you came up with for the perpetual state of affairs that you constantly allow?

        –I DO NOT condone or like the racism


        Yes, you very much do. You can’t wash your hands of this. See the above. You’re the ultimate power behind this website and you allow such irrelevance under the pretext of freedom of speech, a principle that was instituted by the founding fathers as a recourse against tyrannical governments or any state of affairs where a lopsided, unjust power imbalance can arise. Ironic.

        • Sultan I meant every word I wrote. And I appreciate you too. Thanks for defending Kristin Kreuk and if I am wrong about you, if you are not obsessed with her, then keep on in her defense.

          • Excuse me once again for doubting your sincerity. Words unbacked by action are hollow. Claims of racism, criminality, homophobia, misogyny, etc., against you are easy to find on the net. The seedy operations that you apparently run in real life and have garnered you multiple bouts with the law have brought a morally comparable set of characters who have expressed a similar weltanschauung in the comments. That the stereotypes of Italian mafia are brought to the forefront of the mind when reading such information is unsurprising. Both you and Raniere are Italian and have been involved in shady dealings for many years. It shouldn’t shock anyone that you two worked together, and the falling out has resulted in two people in trouble with the law. That your war has resulted in unnecessary and innocent casualties would be par for the course. There is no need to worry about what is posted here and give it anymore of the time it doesn’t deserve. Adios.

          • Interesting comment. That Raniere and I both being Italian makes it likely we would have illegally worked together then fell out and fought each other like Mafiosi.

          • Sultan-

            Get your cultures and languages right. It’s not adios. It’s Arrivederci!

            You are such a racist douché.

            FYI…Frank has never watched or owned The Godfather on VHS or DVD like most Italian Americans.

        • Don’t cry Kareem. You don’t have enough bodily fluids to waste talking poppycock about a European race superior to your smelly one, while simultaneously “whacking” off to your favorite NXIVM cult member.

          “Whacking off”… get it…? Because Italian gangsters have people “whacked”.

          • This is what I mean about Kreuk-Buster. The racism is unpleasant but, being Italian, the joke at the end about Italians is funny.

            I decided to approve the comment because both Sultan and Kreuk-Buster have been going at each other for a while. The comment about the Europeans being superior says as much about Kreuk-Buster as it does about Sultan. One point in Sultan’s favor is he never descends to racism.

  • To begin with, the first picture is an obviously faked version of the one discussed recently, that it was still more revealing than typical for Kreuk and thus questionable; the quick fact-check on these is to do a Google image search and see if different versions of the image come up, and then it’s often more obvious which are altered. The picture further down with a tiny brown skirt is both out of keeping with the photos that Kreuk allowed to be taken of her, which were fairly conservative, an also has a face that looks disproportionately large and photoshopped in.

    “Kreuk-Buster” seems to me equally fixated about Kreuk in their own way, and thus just as much in need of an admonishment to move on and grow up – particularly given all the juvenile language. That reminds me of another way to look at it: I can almost image Sultan saying the things he writes in a heated bar argument, whereas KB is obviously the type who comes online to write things they know they dare not say in public.

    • Slick, you are every bit as fixated as fellow Imam Sultan and his buster buddy. You are an incredible hypocrite, I will give you that.

    • Thank you First Science Officer Lieutenant Spock of federation starship NCC-1701. Your insights into Fake Skin are appreciated immensely.

        • Just because you’re paranoid and call everyone Sultan doesn’t mean they are him. Your persistent need to be seen as a group of people who are with you and project it onto others is really quite pathetic. Not everyone has your weakness that needs to be supported by a group, even an imaginary one. These type of people have a surety within themselves that isn’t dependent upon other people’s validation.

  • Almost every picture looks like she’s thinking of taking a shit, in the process of shitting, constipated and relieved she just took a shit. Hey Spankmaster can you pass her the Charmin?

  • Frank, I won’t dwell on your sad return to silly, salacious fiction of a few years ago—but I will point out you spend a lot of needless words saying Sultan has wasted so much time defending a woman he will never meet, But you ignore that Kreuk Buster, and his buds, are also wasting so much of their time and limited supply of wit on bashing Sultan, their brown-skinned nemesis who they will never meet, and who they would be to afraid to insult to his face. You not only take the side of the K-busters and repeat their racist insults, but you don’t even acknowledge they are just cowardly punks hiding on the internet, who are NO DOUBT jerking off to some fantasy– maybe to Kreuk, or maybe to their brown-skinned nemesis they are obsessed with.

    • Hey Sultan of Slut, maybe some of them have husbands or wives that they deeply love and have a fulfilling sex life. You keep beating it raw you lonely ole perv.

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