The SUN Reports Parlato’s Letter to Allison Mack Urging Her to Get Hair Tested for Poisoning – Features Comments By Dones and O’Hara

Emma Parry,
‘GET TESTED’ Sex cult actress Allison Mack may have been POISONED by Nxivm leader and should undergo testing, whistleblower claims

Frank Parlato, the group’s former publicist who later exposed them as a cult, is now urging the pair to get tested in an open letter, shared with The Sun.

 Actresses Nicki Clyne (left) and Allison Mack (right) may have been poisoned by their cult leader, a whistleblower has claimed
Actresses Nicki Clyne (left) and Allison Mack (right) may have been poisoned by their cult leader, a whistleblower has claimed

It comes after Frank discovered that all four women who lived with Raniere between the late 1990s into the 2010s – along with all four of their cats – were diagnosed with cancer.  Two of the women – Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske – died, each leaving a seven-figure estate to Keith.

One of the surviving women Karen – who asked for her last name to be kept anonymous – gave Frank an old ponytail she had saved, which he tested as part of his documentary The Lost Women of Nxivm.

The results were startling and showed that Karen had higher than usual levels of toxic metals bismuth and barium, both of which can cause serious health problems.

 Keith Raniere is currently in prison on a slew of charges
Keith Raniere is currently in prison on a slew of charges (Credit: YouTube)
 Allison looks ashen-faced as she leaves court after pleading guilty to racketeering charges
Allison looks ashen-faced as she leaves court after pleading guilty to racketeering charges (Credit: AP)

 Mack appears much different in earlier pictures before she joined the cult

Mack appears much different in earlier pictures before she joined the cult

Now Frank – and others who knew Raniere – are concerned that he may have been trying to poison other women – including TV stars Allison and Nicki.

Nxivm, which claimed to be a self-help group, was exposed as a cult in 2017 when it was revealed that members had been forcing women to be branded on their groins – and take part in a sinister master-slave group called DOS in which women were forced to have sex with Raniere and starve themselves.

Raniere is currently in federal prison awaiting sentencing after being charged with a slew of crimes including sex trafficking.

Frank told The Sun: “During my work on documentary film, I hired a forensic scientist to test the hair of Karen, an inner circle member of Keith Raniere’s harem, in order to determine if there was any reason to believe that she may have been poisoned.

“After thinking about his situation some more – and after conferring with others that are familiar with Keith Raniere – I have concluded that Allison Mack and other first-line members of DOS may all have been subjected to the same conditions and treatments that led to the elevated levels of bismuth and barium in Karen’s hair.

 This document used at Raniere's trial shows his first line of DOS 'slaves' who he put on starvation diets and instructed to recruit more women
This document, which was  used at Raniere’s trial, shows his first line of DOS ‘slaves’ who he put on starvation diets and instructed to recruit more women
 Allison is pictured looking gaunt and ashen faced as Raniere is arrested by Mexican cops
Allison is pictured looking gaunt and ashen-faced as Raniere is arrested by Mexican cops (Credit: Frank Parlato)

“I’ve written an open letter to Allison Mack – Letter to Allison Mack – You May Have Been Poisoned By Sex-Cult Leader Keith Raniere – Get Hair Tested Now! and other women – urging them to get tested as soon as possible in order to determine if any of them were also poisoned. I’ll also be mailing the letter directly to them.”

He added: “If you compare pictures of Allison before she joined Nxivm and towards the end, she looked markedly different – she goes from being a beauty to having this grey-aura about her. She’s emaciated, ashen-faced.

“Many of the other women also start to look that way once they get close to Raniere, which suggests something was going on.”

Smallville star Allison and Battlestar Gallactica actress Nicki were both members of the sinister master-slave group at the heart of the cult –DOS – and were instructed by Raniere to recruit more slaves as well as hand over damaging collateral such as naked pictures, it emerged at Raniere’s trial last year.

In the open letter, which Frank addresses to Allison, Nicki and six other women who were named at Raniere’s trial as his first line of “slaves”, he writes: “I know your first instinct will be to deny that Keith could ever do anything like this to you – especially since you were his first-line slaves in DOS.

 A picture of one of the brand's Raniere ordered his followers to have done on their pubic area
A picture of one of the brand’s Raniere ordered his followers to have done on their pubic area.
 Raniere put his followers on near-starvation diets and made Allison run miles every day
Raniere put his followers on near-starvation diets and made Allison run miles every day. Credit: Frank Parlato

“But, trust me, Keith has always played the long-game – and he knew for certain that he was eventually going to have to replace each of you as you got older and less interesting to him from a sexual standpoint.

“I doubt that Pam or Barbara ever thought that Keith might be the cause of their illnesses.”

Frank also points to a suspicious incident that occurred at one of Nxivm’s annual events “Vanguard Week” – a week-long celebration for the birthday of Raniere, who liked to call himself the “Vanguard”.

According to Frank, “almost all” of the 400 students at the event – held at a resort in Lake George, New York in August 2016 – were struck down with a mystery illness.

Susan Dones discusses the possibility of Keith Raniere’s murderous propensities with Frank Parlato.

Former Nxivm member Susan Dones told The Sun that she believed she may have been poisoned by Raniere as every single time she came to the group’s headquarters in Albany, New York, she became sick, and then would miraculously get better as soon as she returned home to Seattle.

While she left the group too long ago to get tested – she said she would encourage Allison and any of the other women close to him to get tested.

Labeling Raniere “a psychopath,” she said: “I put nothing past Keith. And who knows what kind of resistance Alison may have been coming up with. If she was starting to ask certain questions or say ‘I don’t feel comfortable doing this’, he wouldn’t have liked that and any of these things are all possibilities.

“How hard is it to say, take a sample of my hair? If I was Allison, I would want to know.

“There are certain things that can be done to clean up your body. If she has those chemicals in your body, you can get those chemicals out of your body.”

 Frank tested these hair samples belonging to Raniere follower Karen and found high levels of dangerous toxins
Frank tested these hair samples belonging to Raniere follower Karen and found high levels of dangerous toxins
 Fellow Raniere follower Barbara jesse died in 2014 from brain cancer
Fellow Raniere follower Barbara Jeske died in 2014 from brain cancer

She added: “It’s not uncommon for people of his certain psychological makeup to experiment on people – we know Keith was conducting all kinds of experiments such as the starvation diets with DOS and he just enjoyed seeing how far he could push people.”

Joe O’Hara sees the point of Allison Mack getting her hair tested.

Joe O’Hara, who worked as a consultant for NXIVM before leaving in 2004, also supports Frank’s call, telling The Sun: “There’s good reason to believe, based on analysis of Karen’s hair, that she somehow ended up with highly unusual concentrates of certain metals in her hair. She was tested, that’s a fact.

“So I would think anyone else that Raniere was close to and spent a lot of time with would want to get their hair tested, just to find out whether or not they also got the same treatment that I suspect Karen got.

 Pam Cafritz was another follower who died in 2016 from cancer
Pam Cafritz was another follower who died in 2016 from cancer
 Kristen Keefe also contracted cancer but survived and managed to escape the cult
Kristin Keefe also contracted cancer but survived and managed to escape the cult

“You have to remember Keith was on a constant cycling in and cycling out of women. I don’t know what the magic age was. Certainly, anyone over 40 seems to not fit his profile. The younger the better from everything we know about him.

“The older they got, the women got replaced. So I think Allison for sure should get tested and all of the first lines DOS slaves are candidates.

“There were four women who got cancer who lived in the same house. I don’t know if he was feeding them something – somehow putting something in their food – who knows. But there’s something there – that’s just too many cancers in one spot.”

Cindy Liberatore told Frank Report that she believes that Keith Raniere poisoned her sister, Barbara Jeske.

She told The Sun “I do believe Raniere poisoned my sister and those other women – and I think he should be held accountable.”

The Sun reached out to Raniere’s lawyer for comment.


Keith Ranieres super lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, outside the Brooklyn courtroom. [Photo by Dianne Lipson]
Apparently, Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, did not respond. But he has remarked previously that he thought that Frank Parlato’s investigation is bunk and that his client, Raniere, would certainly never harm women.The same line of argument was used at Raniere’s trial with unsuccessful results. The jury convicted him on all counts in less than four hours.


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  • If Mack was poisoned, there will be some heavy metals still trapped in her organs and bones leaching into her bloodstream. The blood flows throughout the body nourishing Mack’s hair follicles. The hair follicles then generate new hair.

    If there are any heavy metals in Allison, the hair follicles will test positive.

    There will still be some level of trace metals (molecules) even after the last few years.

  • Can the 2 women who died be exhumed and have their hair tested? Possible other tests? If possible, this avenue should be explored. I know there is no reason for LE to do it because even if they were poisoned you can’t prove it caused cancer and can’t prove Raniere did it.

    Which brings up another point. I think LE should go back through the NXIVM homes and buildings and sinks, plumbing, refrigerators, garages, items left over etc…. and check for trace elements…poison.
    And I think cosmetics and medications and eye drops and toothpaste etc….should be checked if anyone has any of that stuff still sitting around.

    Yes this is over the top but I believe Keith poisoned them. Scary stuff. He said he has had people killed. Now we know how.
    (he said this on video that I watched)

  • Before we shed any tears for the wanton women of NXIVM, let’s look at what these women did.
    In Pam Cafritz’s case, she groomed a 12-year-old girl for sex with Keith Raniere.
    Subsequent to this grooming, this underage girl was statutorily raped some 60 times.
    While the girl chose not to pursue the case or assist in a police investigation, if the girl’s allegations are correct, Pam Cafritz enabled the sexual molestation of a child.
    Why should I or anyone else shed any tears for Pam Pimp Cafritz?

    “It is time to get at the rock bottom of his statutory rape and who aided and abetted him. We know Pam Cafritz did and we suspect Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman and Rosa Laura Junco. But there may be others.”

    Let’s look at the example of the actress Allison Mack.
    By 2012, the Albany Times Union had published an expose about Raniere’s tendencies toward pedophilia.
    Nevertheless, there is an allegation that Allison Mack might have been grooming an eight-year-old girl to be “mentored by Mack’s Vanguard.

    “Neighbor: Allison Mack befriended 8-year-old girl – and seemed to be grooming her- said to have fondled her”

    “It may be true that Allison had no ill intentions for the 8-year-old girl – mentioned above – and maybe others of like age. But Allison [like Pam] knowingly associated with – chose to dedicate herself to – a man accused of pedophilia.”

    In reality, Pam Cafritz and Allison Mack appear to be the Saratoga versions of Ghislaine Maxwell, the late Jeffrey Epstein’s Pimp.
    Why would anyone mourn any of these women who would pimp out little girls to a pedophile?

    • Look Shadow, I don’t mean to be a pain, but this is a bit over the top. You tend to pass judgment on many people, including Mack – what she did or did not know, what she did or did not do. Here you have a neighbor making an observation, and speculating on what Mack might have been doing: “grooming” a child. How could he/she know? How could YOU know? I have not seen evidence that Raniere was into girls as young as 8. Twelve, thirteen, fifteen, yes.

      You seem disproportionately focused on Mack as the epitome of evil; the “Saratoga version of Ghislaine Maxwell,” who belongs in Gitmo for life. Are you saying now that if she has been poisoned, she deserves it? That’s what it sounds like to me. Why does Mack seem to trigger such extreme hostility? I neither totally defend nor condemn her because we simply do not know the whole story.

      At the time I casually knew Raniere, apparently things were going on with Rhiannon, of which I hadn’t the slightest indication. And I can see how he could easily convince people that the rumors and allegations – including those in the magazine articles – were false. Because that is what they were: Rumors and allegations.

      Another thing puzzles me – on this blog, you see Nicki Clyne lurking around every corner, under a wide range of names. I doubt very much she is posting here. I’ve said before I think you unwittingly allow people to pull your chain.

      Is Nicki Clyne your next candidate for the epitome of evil?

      I realize I’m just inviting another three page diatribe on the evils of Mack, but I just wanted to speak up one more time. Why don’t you do some of your famous research and digging, and focus on Raniere a bit? You know, the ringleader; the one who masterminded the whole, sorry thing? Mack did not do that; she got sucked in. Eventually she did wrong, but she is no Raniere, sorry.

      • Nancy, thanks for calling that out.

        I’ve noticed it has risen lately to a level that reminds me of what might have been the mindset of people who took part in lynch mobs in the supposed “good old days.”

        • Nancy and AnonyMaker, I agree with both of you. The hatred against Ms. Mack seems to have increased since her sentencing and it does read as hatred which is a passionate emotion. It seems ShadowState believes he ‘knows’ Allison Mack and has been severely let down by her. He also seems to like to balance this with his recounting of how civilized a life he lives and enjoys recounting stories of reading books of import. His entire demeanor is very concerning and one hopes he has people in his life who are aware of this fixation on Ms. Mack.

    • The story of the 8-year-old girl in question has never been confirmed by the child’s parents. The story was told by a witness to Frank Parlato.

      No one knows the substance of Mack’s conversations, not even the neighbor.

    • You still can’t give up the fake stories huh?…
      “Allison befriended an 8-year-old” story is BS and only an idiot like you still believe it…
      Of all the people interviewed, only one came with this stupid story.
      Nothing made sense and Nothing was fitting (and if a real journalist was interviewing him, a period would have been asked…to see it chronologically, it fits)..

      You are so pathetic! You have nothing against Allison so you come up with those rumours…
      Worst yet, the pathetic loser dares to consider that it’s fine if she is poisoned…
      Good thing is that nobody cares about your position in this world and this kind of reaction show how lonely in this big big world…old man

      BTW, so nice to answer to one of your stupid comments, I loved to ignore you but I feel like it’s necessary to mock your idiocy once every while…old man.

      Still, get a life!

      • Shadow will not understand or read any of the above comments.. he has built a Quasi-religion around “She is Evil” “PIMP Mack” reason and logic are now ignored beacuse of his PERSONAL Vendetta…He has carried this for years and years… (The reasons why will become clear.. but until it can be factually proved why.. hang fire he has revealed his Identity by posting his letter to the judge) until then see the comedy as he idnetifies yet another Nikki Cline posting on FR, whom he is deeply jealous of, an is another target.. this twisted unrequited love story is deeply disturbing.. he actively feels that it was akin to the genocide of sending Jews to gas chambers.. the misogoney (racism, homophobio, xenophobia excluded) Epistion was arrested. Shadow: ” I hope all the women (underage victims) get charged and arrested” (Not the powerful Clinton, Prince Andrew, and his beloved TRUMP) Target the abused .. not the abusers.. Frank gave him a platform as a “correspondent” Good people there 🙁

      • You delusional fool. She admitted to grooming girls and you’re in denial. Let’s see how you’d react if you had a daughter, and she met someone like Keith.

  • AM was so pretty and full of life. She went from amazing to emaciated and ashen.

    I hope she and the rest use this opportunity to carefully scrutinize their relationship with KAR.

  • Can the body naturally get rid of these chemicals over time? In the case of Karen’s ponytail containing these chemicals from years ago, would a current hair sample contain them? I am suffering from illness so not phrasing all this very well but hopefully, someone will understand and enlighten me! I am just wondering if Alison Mack was poisoned, would it show up today even though she has not been consuming the poison since KR was arrested?

    • Natashka, my question exactly. In the over 1.5 years since KAR has been out of circulation, Allison might have cut off or trimmed all the hair that would have contained evidence of poisoning, if that occurred.

      And, yes, I believe some heavy metals can be removed by a process called chelation.

      I hope you feel better soon.

      • —Allison might have cut off or trimmed all the hair that would have contained evidence of poisoning—

        Fortunately, because Vanguard demanded ungroomed crotches, a lot of hair evidence remains.

      • Thank you Nancy ☺️

        That is what I was wondering, 1.5 years and a short hair style could have been trimmed to the point of no hair left from the last episode of poisoning.

      • That’s good. The first looked like nonsense to me but I have caught up my sleep since then, so here’s to that!

        I don’t think anyone knows what happened to Pam’s body and I thought I read that Barbara’s went back to the family for burial but I really don’t know for sure. If there is a body, exhumation might answer the family’s questions about what happened to her

  • When one joins a criminal gang, the main threat to one’s health is one’s fellow gang members.
    As Bugsy Siegel said to businessman Del Webb, “We only kill each other.”

    “We Only Kill Each Other: The Life and Bad Times of Bugsy Siegel”

    Don’t waste any tears on Gangsters.

      • Yes, I do.
        Allison Mack chose an apartment in Brooklyn’s St. George Hotel, one of the more historic buildings in Brooklyn.
        Allison Mack describes herself as a movie obsessor

        Allison Mack
        Storyteller, question asker, music lover, theatre goer, movie obsessor, Shakespeare studier, globe trotter, food inhaler, woman of 35 and counting….

        As such she would be aware that parts of the “Godfather” were filmed in the St. George Hotel.
        Most famous of all was this scene.

        “The famous “Luca Brasi sleeps with fishes” part of The Godfather was filmed in the once famous and glamorous bar of the St. George.”

        • For full disclosure to our non-regular readers of Frank Report – Shadow also believes Carlos Salinas is madly trying to re-start NVIVM because he no longer has a way to launder money to the US.

          Ever get stuck listening to someone at a party who rambles on with crazy thoughts? When you see shadow ranting & raving about pimps & gangsters, simply nod politely, and scurry away at the first opportunity.

          • FYI Mr. Sarcastic Nutjob,

            Shadowstate1958 is well versed in gangster and pimp culture. He has watched the following movies: Menace to Society, Boyz in the Hood, Fort Apache the Bronx, The Warriors, and Escape From New York. Those movies are just a smattering of the movies Shadow has rented from the Red Box at his local Walgreens.

            Nutjob, you cannot compete with Shadow’s arcane street knowledge.

  • The weak, ashen look in the photographs also could be attributed to near-starvation eating habits, lack of sleep, and the circumstances they were in when the pictures were taken, such as just having plead guilty to felony crimes, their “hero” being whisked away by the Mexican police, etc. Also, keep in mind the women who were potential poisoning victims were no saints. Not that they deserved to be poisoned, I just don’t care very much if they were.

    As far as Agnifilo saying Raniere wouldn’t harm women, even minus the poisoning the proven damage of near-starvation, lack of sleep, physical exertion with the previous conditions, the mental and psychological stress, etc., is harm.

    • Even one of those factors would generally leave people ashen-faced. I’m looking pretty ashen myself at the moment. Hopefully, my workmates are not poisoning me!

      I’m sure the mortification of being in court and waiting for your collateral to be shown to a bunch of strangers and awful behaviour to be exposed would drain the colour out of anyone. Then again, it’s worth these women being tested.

      Did all the women who were diagnosed with cancer have a will drawn up leaving everything to KR? Obviously, the ones that died did but how about the others?

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