Letter to Allison Mack – You May Have Been Poisoned By Sex-Cult Leader Keith Raniere – Get Hair Tested Now!

Editor’s Note: In conjunction with my work on “The Lost Women of NXIVM” documentary film, I hired a forensic scientist to test the hair of Karen, an inner circle member of Keith Raniere’s harem, in order to determine if there was any reason to believe that she may have been poisoned. The results of that testing indicated that Karen’s hair had extremely high levels of bismuth and barium – two substances that have been associated with a variety of cancers.

After thinking about his situation some more – and after conferring with others that are familiar with Keith Raniere – I have concluded that Allison Mack and other first-line DOS slaves may all have been subjected to the same conditions and treatments that led to the elevated levels of bismuth and barium in Karen’s hair.

The following is an “Open Letter” to Allison Mack – and other women – urging them to get tested as soon as possible in order to determine if any of them were also poisoned.

The Sun also has a story on my letter : https://www.the-sun.com/news/261528/sex-cult-allison-mack-poisoned-nxivm-leader-testing/

The DOS First-Line Slaves, including Allison Mack, should all be tested for poison.


Dear Allison, Camila, Daniela, Lauren, Loreta, Monica, Nicki, & Rosa Laura,

I know the past couple of years have been very difficult for all of you.

To begin with, Keith Alan Raniere – the man who was your Master and also the Grand Master to all the other members of DOS – was grabbed away from you at gunpoint by the Mexican Police back in March 2018 and unceremoniously deposited at the Mexican/U.S. border.

Once he crossed over to the U.S., he was immediately arrested by the U.S. authorities – and rushed back to Brooklyn, NY to face a variety of felony charges in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York (EDNY).

Although Keith had assured all of you that he would never be investigated – let alone prosecuted – by federal authorities, it turns out that he was only partially correct.

While it was true that he had essentially attained “total immunity” in terms of investigation or prosecution by federal law enforcement officials, it appears that his protection was limited to the Northern District of New York (NDNY).

So, it must have come as quite a shock to you – just as it did to Keith – to find out that EDNY officials did not have to honor the immunity he had been granted by NDNY officials.

Now, I’m afraid I have another matter that you will also find quite shocking: you may have been poisoned by Keith or one of his underlings.

I know that your first instinct will be to reject this notion out of hand.

So, let me explain to you why I believe it may be true – and why I think you need to arrange to be tested for possible poisoning as soon as possible.

To begin with, you’re all familiar with the fact that Keith tends to be repetitive in many of the things that he does.

He only eats certain foods (At least that was the case until he was incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center – where he now eats just about anything he can get his hands on).

He likes his women to be skinny and with longish hair – and their pubic areas to be ungroomed.

He likes to look at crotch shots of women’s vaginas – and the closer the better.

He likes to be the center of attention.

He likes his followers to obey his every command – and never to challenge his authority or opinion.

He likes to punish his enemies by suing them into oblivion.

You get the idea.

Well, as part of my background investigation for the Investigation Discovery (ID) documentary film entitled “The Lost Women of NXIVM”, I met with Karen U, a woman who had lived with Keith for almost 30 years.

During the course of my discussions with Karen, we talked about the fact that so many of the women who had lived with Keith had contracted some form of cancer.

That included Pam Cafritz (renal cancer), Barbara Jeske (brain cancer), Kristin Keeffe (cervical cancer), and Karen herself (bladder cancer).

Four other cats who lived in the same household at 3 Flintlock Lane also died of cancer.

After I pointed out how unusual it was for there to be such a “cancer cluster”, Karen agreed to provide me with a lock of her hair so that I could have it tested for poison residue. The hair sample was taken from some locks of hair that Karen had cut off many years ago.

The test results were shocking to the scientist who did the testing – and to all the other medical personnel who have subsequently reviewed the findings.

The general consensus was very clear: Things like this don’t just happen randomly. Karen likely ingested something that contained bismuth and barium.

For more information about bismuth toxicity, read HERE. And for more information about barium toxicity, read HERE.

As it turns out, the four women who contracted cancer while living with Keith also found the situation to be very suspicious – and raised questions about it to Keith.

His response was a classic Keith dodge: He told them he had been informed by one of his shadowy investigators that Edgar Bronfman – the father of his primary financial supporters, Clare and Sara Bronfman – had been trying to poison him for several years. He told them that they were simply “collateral damage” to those attempts by Edgar.

Once each of the four women was diagnosed with cancer, Keith advised them to eschew regular treatments from oncologists – and to, instead, turn their medical care over to him and the since de-licensed Dr. Brandon Porter.

Two of them – Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske – did just that. They both died without ever having received appropriate medical care. Both women left their seven figure estates to Keith.

The other two – Kristin Keeffe and Karen – both sought more traditional care from oncologists. They are both alive and well today.

I suppose all this could just be the result of a lot of unconnected coincidences. But that seems very improbable.

Almost as improbable as many of the attendees at Vanguard Week 2016 being felled by some sort of gastrointestinal illness – except, interestingly enough, that Keith and the other members of his inner circle never got sick. By the way, it was also Dr. Porter who was in charge of handling that outbreak.

And let’s not forget that Keith was a self-proclaimed scientist. And he spoke quite often of poisoning being the modern way of assassinating people.

In addition consider the mysterious case of the later Suzanne Kemp, who also got cancer after she made her seven figure will out in favor of Keith Raniere.

So Allison, Camila, Daniela, Lauren, Loreta, Monica, Nicki, & Rosa Laura – please take my advice and arrange to have yourselves tested for possible poisoning as soon as possible.

If you can’t afford to have this testing done, please contact me – and I will make arrangements for you to be tested at no cost to you.

I know your first instinct will be to deny that Keith could ever do anything like this to you – especially since you were his first-line slaves in DOS.

But, trust me, Keith has always played the long-game – and he knew for certain that he was eventually going to have to replace each of you as you got older and less interesting to him from a sexual standpoint.

I doubt that Pam or Barbara ever thought that Keith might be the cause of their illnesses.

And look what happened to them.

Yours truly,

Frank Parlato

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  • While it’s plausible, I doubt he poisoned All of the cited people…

    Allison, probably…Raniere did everything to destroy her. To the point he pushed her close to death up until the arrest.
    Rosa and the other, I doubt he tried…And Lauren, definitely not (Clare could be poisoned too).

    Still, I would also have checked the drug level in Allison’s blood because this is even more likely…

    Allison is nothing close to what she was starting to be from 2013 until she left…She was also making absolutely no sense during that time.
    She started to go from “down to earth” to a “nutjob”.

    While the extreme diet was likely to impact her decisions, it less likely to impact her mind to the point she was impacted…Something else must have been used…

    • There’s not even the slightest hint of a shred of evidence that Raniere was giving people in his inner circle or DOS psychiatric drugs – though I’m sure you’d like to have some straw to grasp at, to try to explain away your Ally’s descent into sociopathic behavior. And if he had been, that almost certainly would have been evidence brought forth, and likely additional charges, at his trial.

      Plus there’s the problem you can still never address in any regard, that Mack had some long periods away from Knox Woods and Raniere’s direct influence, and yet continued to be a fully gung-ho sex slaver, such as when she was off doing the play in San Diego, and still took to berating Lauren Salzman for not being tough enough on her slave pod – which also demonstrates that she had a pivotal role as Raniere’s henchwoman and enforcer, that gave her authority over even other first-line slaves and those technically more senior in the company.

  • Pretty sure after the 5 minute google search bismuth is Pepto-Bismol, but isn’t barium what you drink when you go for a scan?

  • Nicki’s birthday is February 11th. I’m trying to think of what would make her the most happy. What she gets or what she doesn’t get. Would she like handcuffs, or does she already have them? Is she missing some equipment for her BDSM torture chamber? Did Dr. Danielle Roberts take her cauterization pen to Mexico? Does Nicki need something like that urgently now? Wouldn’t that be a nice gift, which she would be very happy about, and then still be so useful? How about a live performance, like an arrest with bondage by FBI officials and riding in a police car? Or is Nicki happy if Nicki doesn’t get a grand jury indictment until after February 11th? Or new original prison clothes? Nicki write down your birthday wish list here on Frank Report! I am open for ideas. And let me surprise you.

  • Barium and bismuth are both commonly found in hair coloring. Although bismuth is less frequently found in over the counter hair coloring products today, it was much more prevalent in the past. Barium peroxide is pretty much universally used in hair coloring formulations, especially in any henna products. Both metals are still quite commonly found in commercial coloring formulations used by hairdressers.

    • Concerning chemicals in hair color:

      Bismuth is generally non-toxic.

      “Bismuth (Bi) hair levels has not correlated bismuth exposure with hair bismuth levels, therefore, hair bismuth levels are measured primarily for investigational purposes. Bismuth is a non-essential element of low toxicity. However, excessive intake of insoluble, inorganic bismuth containing compounds can cause nephrotoxicity and encephalopathy. Absorption is dependent upon solubility of the bismuth compound, with insoluble bismuth excreted in the feces while soluble forms are excreted in the urine. Sources of Bismuth include: cosmetics (lipstick), Bismuth containing medications such as ranitidine Bismuth-citrate, antacids (Pepto Bismol), pigments used in colored glass and ceramics, dental cement, and dry cell battery electrodes.”

      Barium peroxide is used in the manufacture of hydrogen peroixide.

      barium peroxide
      noun Chemistry.
      a grayish-white, water-insoluble, poisonous powder, BaO2, used chiefly in the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide and as a bleaching agent for textiles.

  • A while back someone who I think was a lifelong resident of Clifton Park and lived near Knox Woods, commented that an inordinate number of the people they knew in the development seemed to have gotten cancer. Some of the Raniere’s neighbors should get tested as well, to see if there’s a more widespread problem – and to ensure that if whatever might have been going on was more limited, they didn’t somehow get affected by it.

    • “Allison is evil. I knew it from the start. Trying to steal Keith and now a traitor. No loyalty.” Pea Onyu

      Pea Onyu, aka Nicki Clyne:

      What kind of person is Allison Mack?

      1.) Allison Mack fabricated false allegations of criminal behavior by a family member.
      Allegations that the FBI found to be absolutely untrue.

      2.) Allison Mack encouraged other women to fabricate false allegations about their family members.

      3.) Allison Mack decided to poach Nicki Clyne’s then-boyfriend despite Nicki’s friendship towards Allison.

      4.) Allison Mack promised young women female empowerment and then delivered extreme physical torture, extortion and sexual slavery.
      The sadistic Allison Mack reveled in it.

      Nicki, you know from personal experience that I am telling you the truth.

      Allison Mack bore false witness against members of her own family.
      Allison Mack failed to honor her father and mother.
      Allison Mack coveted her friend’s boyfriend.

      Allison Mack not only violates the laws of the United States and New York
      State, she also violates the Ten Commandments.

      Nicki, Why would you be surprised that Allison Mack is a traitor?
      Nicki, Why would you be shocked that Allison Mack is a sadistic scumbag?

  • I find it highly suspicious about Sally Brink, who died of breast cancer also. Her husband, Damon, was the head of the SOP, which by default makes him a total moron.

    On her gofundme page, it says, “Part of the donations collected here will go towards Sally’s traditional medical bills, which are already substantial. Part will go towards working with cutting edge technology, science, and medicine that are complimentary to the standard practices. There are people doing amazing things to combat all type of cancers, and what Sally finds will be shared and added to the already tremendous body of knowledge that exists today. If you contribute you will be not only helping Sally and her family to get through this intense life change but you will also be contributing to actual testing, experiences, and results from many alternative sources.”

    Does anyone doubt that this ‘cutting edge technology’ was really just going to keith and nancy? What a joke.


    she might have been saved, but she didn’t raise enough money. possibly because none of it went to her anyway. who knows.

  • I would think Kathy Russell would be the one to have her hair checked. She is closer to the profile of the women who died of cancer.

  • Please send shadowboy a couple locks of her hair. That should keep him busy for awhile and off the Frank Report.

    • Unlike you I don’t worship fifth rate actresses who pimp out women and girls to a known pedophile.
      And while your at it why don’t you treat Allison Mack for her psychosis?
      She is a woman who gets a thrill from having a criminal for a boyfriend.

      It is a condition called Hybristophilia.
      Hybristophilia is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed an outrage, cheating, lying, known infidelities, or crime—such as rape, murder, or armed robbery. The term is derived from the Greek word hubrizein, meaning “to commit an outrage against someone” (ultimately derived from hubris “hubris”), and philo, meaning “having a strong affinity/preference for”.[1] In popular culture, this phenomenon is also known as “Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome”.

      • Bullshit buddy. Mack is constantly on your mind and in your comments. The truth seems to bother you and yet you’re the one with the infatuation.

          • Hang fire people.. we are all going to learn more about this crazy twisted stalking unrequited love story that is Shadowstate and Alison.. just waiting on the release of his letter to the judge after her sentencing to 100% confirm we have the correct guy! Apparently he hates a stranger that much that he’s wrote 100plus articles to declare… SHE IS EVIL.. PIMP MACK!! The truth is stranger than fiction… Shadow have you approached her at public events?? Have you tried to contact her on social media?? Why do yo HATE one person soooo much?? You have now identified 8 Nikki Clines on Frank report.. is it like Pokémon gotta catch em all?? Are you jealous that Nikki married and maybe had sexual relations with her?? Please answer the above questions.. I suspect you won’t but tick tock.. there is an expose coming on you

  • Pam Pimp Cafritz recruited and groomed at least one underage girl for Keith Raniere’s sexual pleasure.

    Why should anyone shed any tears for Pam Pimp Cafritz because she might have been poisoned?

    The same goes for everyone else who followed Pam Pimp Cafritz’s terrible, inhumane example.

    • “That God Dam bastard 😡”

      Allison Mack chose to ally herself with the Devil.
      Did anyone cry for Ernst Roehm after Adolf Hitler murdered him?
      Did anyone cry for Leon Trotsky after Joseph Stalin murdered him?

      • Hitler, Trotsky, and Stalin murdered people. Trotsky and Roehm are less know, but they all murdered people.

        Patty Hearst would be a better example if you want to bolster your argument.

        No sane person is going to follow your logic with the comparison you make to the four men.

        Should we compare you to John Wayne Gacy? John Wayne Gacy loved old television shows, musicals, politics, and conspiracy theories. You are a white man over 50. You never murdered anyone. It’s a close fit. Are you like John Wayne Gacy?

        Like you, John Wayne Gacy was from Chicago. Coincidence?

  • Keith should be locked up until he dies and be forbidden from having any form of sexual contact with a woman again. That should be the minimum punishment for him in this world. God knows what it should be in the next.

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