No Sympathy for Lauren Salzman – She Was Getting Back the Same Treatment That She Had Given to Many Others

Lauren Salzman

By Shivani

This is in response to How Lauren Salzman Was Cheated Out of Motherhood by Keith Raniere and DOS.

Lauren kinda sorta testifies about Keith Raniere playing with her head, “…gets me in a collateralized vow for like committed to growth.”

What? Whatchu say here, Lauren 40-something year-old Salzman? “For like committed to growth.”

Hah? Huh? ●《⊙□£》>$’. like EX%>♤~¥○○?

Marmaduke wanna a cookie is all I got.

But first old vasectomized Marmaduke has to get on his collateralized leash and be led out to take a dump, this time in federal court, hopefully all over Keith Raniere and his post-it notes, while gnawing down on Keithie-Weethie’s pencil. At last.

Well played, Mother Nancy. Bite it off.

Lauren Salzman was talking here in sworn testimony about her long, tortuous and completely hallucinated “love relationship” with Keith Raniere. At this point, in her story, it was almost 2016. Lauren had been batted around Raniere’s prairie with its volleyball court for half of her life.

Who was committed to “growth” in this frigging freakazoid insane asylum? Raniere had a newer squad of intimate groupies. Lauren wasn’t in on many of the group blowjobs anymore.

There was a new mariachi band in town, and they outscreeched Lauren’s tiny violin. Great ballz of fire.


Lauren first met Keith when he looked like this.


When he looked like this, he started weaning Lauren away from his sexual attentions.


She waited for him for years – because she once touched a man during a volleyball game.


Keith Raniere goT Mariana pregnant but waited to tell Lauren until after he got her branded.


NY Times photo of Keith Raniere 2018. Lauren was on hand for this photo shoot.


Keith Raniere sitting inside a Mexican police vehicle on March 26, 2018. It is our last known photograph of the Vanguard.  It was taken moments after Lauren – with guns pointed at her head – gave up her beloved Vanguard.

Lauren had gotten cut from that herd, but she had always been kept from the real and entrenched inner echelon around Raniere. She had to be relegated to being Nancy Salzman’s girl scout and potential spy.

Always, Lauren was only a bridesmaid, never the bride of Satan. How many other women did Raniere live with “full-time,” whenever he decided to screw Lauren? Nancy knew and could not have cared less. Raniere was Nancy’s Wet Kiss, not the unqualified Lauren’s.

Raniere worked to keep Nancy Salzman compartmentalized. He needed her to feel like she was his near counterpart. Nancy Salzman liked doing the Executive Success Strut and being worshiped, being a president.

Raniere wasn’t wanting Nancy Salzman to be involved in the crossfire of his rejection of her daughter, Lauren. So he had insisted that Lauren not gripe about her love life to anyone but Rosa Laura Junco, who would rat on Lauren to Raniere and others, no matter what Lauren said.

How come Lauren Salzman didn’t want to see this? She was getting back the same treatment that she had given to many others, and she knew what she was doing while SHE was doing it.

Lauren even made sincere, enthusiastic and dutiful suggestions about how to improve conspiratorial group deceptions and outright lies, and she’s admitted this herself.

Lauren had been screwing over others for Raniere, with and for her mother and, ultimately, for herself, for years and years. She was complicit in using the very same kinds of techniques against others which kept being used upon her.

Again in 2015-2016, Lauren could see that she was the obvious outsider now, in the new and apparently “socially accepted” Raniere-demanded context. He “had to balance things out” and play happy family with Mariana, let her get pregnant.

Just shortly before Raniere displayed his 2016 New Year’s redesigned living arrangements, he made Lauren more fake promises for a baby and got her to make him a promise. “…gets me in a collateralized vow for like commitment to growth.” Again, what? Whatchu say here, Lauren?

Mother and daughter – Nancy and Lauren Salzman.

Lauren had isolated others and cut them from the herd until they waved the white flag and groveled or disappeared. On other occasions, she had held out a little carrot to persuade others to keep slaving away for Raniere, but she didn’t see her “avatar baby” as Raniere dangling a carrot in front of her for around 20 years?

She was a collaborative ”leader” and “teacher” of Raniere’s methodologies while she was aware that he was a liar, a cheat and a thief. She knew for a long dog’s age that Raniere was screwing around and getting others to pimp for him.

Lauren saw Mariana living Lauren Salzman’s insane dream come true. During the 2016 New Year’s gatherings of Raniere and his cohorts, Lauren was put into a smaller group with women who were now more intimate with Raniere than she. And she started talking about how she was feeling about her poor, woebegone self and about Raniere’s domestic life, as a “couple” with Mariana was no fun.

Ooh my, what a klutz. Whoops. Lauren is sitting in Raniere’s new domicile in Woodstock, and Lauren is boo-hooing and bitching to his newest best gal Fridays. Probably they were politely waiting for Lauren and Nancy to leave the festivities so the group blowjobs could get started.

Lauren saw in that little group exercise just how irrelevant she was to Raniere’s refurbished sorority. Still, Lauren was just going to keep plodding through the swamp right up past the point when she was stuck in Puerto Vallarta with lawmen’s guns up at her head. She had to crouch, her Master hiding in a closet, like R. Kelly’s rock opera had become her swan song.

Maybe Nancy Salzman has been using her daughter very efficiently, before, during and now after Lauren made her plea bargain, just subsequent to Nancy’s. Lauren was a star witness, not Nancy Salzman. Pimpmama?

Even though Lauren Salzman should reap whatever limits to her freedom that her actions rightfully earned, I can understand the reasoning put forth by Frank Parlato. The thought of Nancy Salzman getting to skate over her daughter, perhaps getting by with a lesser sentence than Lauren, is not easy to accept.

There’s a pattern to look at closely, about how Nancy Salzman offered her daughters up for sacrifice to Raniere. Her daughter, Michelle, did better for herself and didn’t fail to marry a Nxivm “congregant” who wasn’t broke. Michelle can still afford her own pedicures and gets her hair done, goes out in public and doesn’t look homeless.

Lauren was always a failing princess and would never make it as a queen of Mexico or even as hotdog stand employee dressed up as a queen. Nancy can use Lauren to help carry her bags and to scrub and fill the bathtub, maybe answer a few phone calls and hold the door. That would be loving enough.

Did anyone see how Nancy Salzman was prancing and posing, when she walked out of court between two of her manly-looking, besuited attorneys, after her plea deal? The only thing that’s missing from those pictures is Nancy’s pom-poms. Sssss boom bah.

It was rather a catastrophic letdown, pleading guilty, maybe hanging a daughter out to twist in the wind. But Nancy could’ve been too busy strutting out of court to give a damn. Classic barracuda.

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Nancy Salzman

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  • Shivani:
    How is it that so many American women manage to have children without all of the drama that the NXIVM women seem to go through?
    It’s simple.
    Most women look for good decent stable men to be husbands and fathers.
    Men who are not flashy or egotistical.
    Men who don’t claim to be the World’s Third Smartest Man.
    For some reason Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack were unable to do what the vast majority of American women do every year.

    Most women and men understand that to be a good parent one must be stable and mature.
    Being a parent is more than being a sperm or an egg donor.
    Being a parent is trying to be a loving but mature, adult who provides children not only with the material needs of life but also provides friendly discipline and serves as a good example for children.

    Do Keith Raniere, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack provide good examples of mature adulthood?
    Not by a long shot.
    All three of these people have displayed a casual cruelty that render them unfit to be parents.
    And as you go through the many, many stories on the Frank Report you will find few examples of NXIVM members who would qualify as good parental material.

    There is a right way and a wrong way to become a parent.
    Most people choose a right way be either marriage and procreation or formal adoption.
    In either case the true parent must behave in a mature and responsible manner and serve as a good role model.
    My mother had a female friend and co-worker who never married.
    Nevertheless this woman adopted and raised four children, two boys and two girls, to young adulthood.

    I have mentioned that my brother and sister in law adopted two boys from Russia.
    Russia has around a million children in orphanages and until 2012 Americans could adopt these children.
    Because of chronic poverty caused by 72 years of Communism and a corrupt government and culture Russian families and the Russian government can not adequately care for these children.

    But there is a right way and a wrong way to adopt children from overseas.
    The wrong way is to try to grab children off of the streets.
    Was that what Allison Mack and Kim Constable were trying to do in Belfast in November 2016?
    The right way is to work with adoption agencies, orphanages and local governments to openly and above board adopt children.
    My brother and sister in law traveled twice to Siberia, once in the winter and once in the following summer.
    They worked openly with local authorities.
    They appeared in a Siberian court to gain the right to adopt these children.
    To assure the Russian authorities that the boys were being adopted and not abused my brother and sister in law hired a Russian woman to serve as an escort all the way to Moscow to explain to local Russians along the way that the boys were being adopted and not harmed in any way.
    (There had been reports of adoptive American parents abusing Russian children.)
    When my brother and sister in law arrived in America they had to appear in a local American court with paperwork from the Russian court to finalize the adoptions.
    When everything was finalized my brother and sister in law took the boys to a local indoor ice skating rink to celebrate their American Homecoming Day.
    Everything was open and above board.
    Nothing was concealed from the authorities in either Russia or America.

    Since then my nephews have traveled America from Washington DC to Lake Tahoe and have visited Florida and New Orleans.
    And they have visited Nashville, Tennessee and Branson, Missouri.

    Today the boys are young adults who speak standard American English.
    They received food, clothing, housing, an education and medical care.
    My brother and sister in law endeavored to serve as responsible adult role models for the boys.

    That is the way normal responsible adults raise children.
    Could the members of NXIVM claim to be normal responsible adults?
    Could Loopy Lauren Salzman, who kept a young Mexican woman locked up in a room for 18 months, serve as a responsible adult?
    Could Allison Mack, a woman even known to her friends as “Ally Wack”, who was responsible for branding over one hundred women with a hot cauterizing pen, be considered a responsible adult?
    Could Keith Raniere, a big baby who was the Mad King of the NXIVM nutcases, serve as a responsible adult?

    Some people might regard it as horrible that Loopy Lauren Salzman and Ally Wack will never become mothers.
    I believe that it is a blessing that Loopy Lauren Salzman and Ally Wack will probably never become mothers.
    Entrusting children to the care of anyone in NXIVM is a form of child abuse.
    And according to adoption laws it is likely that these two sadistic NXIVM ghouls will never become parents.

  • A letter to the Judge

    Do you recall all those illness visits you approved and Lauren dutifully caring for her recuperating mom? Mother Nancy and Lauren made good use of those visits with Lauren diligently learning the program for a plea deal practicing her script and testimony memorized for Judge and Jury! Tad James NLP classes would now serve them well.

    All those hesitations to take a moment to recall the script Mamma so precisely prepared for Lauren to deliver with the culmination of a tearful breakdown!

    Judge please take note! You were made witness to the ultimate performance of Lauren’s life in your courtroom. Lauren had 20 years of training from Nancy and Keith and joyously dished our pain and suffering to thousands. Give her the justice due to her many victims!

    Don’t forget Dani’s 2 years imprisoned in a room
    Don’t forget Dani dumped at the Mexican border without a passport or a dime in her pocket
    Don’t forget the distraught intensive students being force fed drugs to quiet them down
    Don’t forget Lauren’s distinction of being the top recruiter of DOS slaves

    I could keep going here Your Honor but I’m sure you have many more details about the atrocities Lauren Salzman and Nancy Salzman perpetrated upon innocent victims whose only goal was personal growth and to be humanitarians!

    PLEASE remember the victims and sentence these two villains for a time commensurate with their evil deeds.

  • Frank, Shivani needs a new collum section dedicated to, “Sher, called “Shivani Rants”. The elegant words to describe her subjects and topics are impressive. Seriously though, I often wonder what the hell she’s talking about. Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to understand a mad foreigner yelling at me because the light is green.

    • No, Heidi is not Shivani and Heidi is flattered. Like Shivani, Heidi is a fan of and inspired by You Tube’s “The Amazing Polly.” Unlike Shivani and Polly, Heidi is not a genius — maybe a little above average, intellectually, but nowhere close to those brilliant brainiacs.

  • Shivani managed to make me laugh with her first 16 lines. Not everybody can do that and it happens quite rarely with me. Shivani has a special talent to observe sharply and to write even more perceptively. You could write much more factual, but it would not be so entertaining by far; thank you for that.

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