Fake Guru Nithyananda Swami Is a Little Smarter Than Nxivm Guru Raniere – He Fled His Country and Started His Own Island Nation

Shivani has called our attention to Nithyananda Swami, a man seemingly cut in the Keith Raniere mold. But Nithyananda seems a little smarter than Raniere. When the authorities were out to arrest him for rape, he dashed out of India and bought his own island near Ecuador  where he cannot be extradited. Raniere stupidly went to Mexico where he could be arrested and was deported. Let’s take a look at Shivani’s view of Nithyananda for this joker deserves some scrutiny and perhaps – with some good reporting – a few of his fools might wake up to his bogus teachings and leave this “renunciate”.

By Shivani

There’s a now notorious fake guru named Nithyananda who has fled recently from India because he was accused of rape by the authorities in Gujurat, a state in western India.  He has acquired an island from Ecuador.

His days playing God in India, mainly in Gujarat, were about to come to an end. The only surprise about this is how long he got away with his guru-status without being arrested for his sexual habits.

Years back, when I first noticed Nithyananda, he was being mythologized as a very youthful renunciant and “god-man.”

Well, finally that fell apart for this jackass, because his ego got too big and he didn’t bother to be subtle anymore about his sexual appetites.

What a mishmash of spiritual stew and sexual hijinks Nithyananda made for himself and his devotees, most of whom remain stalwart about his divinity and so-called teachings. He became very famous in India as an enlightened being.

Just now Nithyananda announced he has founded a new, independent island nation. It is near Trinidad and Tobago, and he has named it Kailaasa. The name is derived from Mount Kailash, a high Himalayan peak in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China.

Mount Kailash is an ancient, sacred site, a mountain which is not climbed, as this would disrespect the feelings of many faiths, including the Hindus, the Jains, the Buddhists and the Tibetan Bons.

Kailash is seen as the ancient home of the Gods. People make pilgrimages to the base of Kailash from all over Asia, especially during the warmer and less monsoon-like season. This has been happening for centuries. My own very dear ex-husband has accompanied his guru there in recent years. I will not go down that rabbit hole just now while referring to Nithyananda, but my ex is now in his late seventies and has “retired” to live in India with his (latest) guru.

This fake “holy master” Nithyananda started young and got famous in his early twenties. He walked all over various parts of India delivering his God-man platitudes and gathering disciples. I used to see photos in Indian press of Nithyananda sitting and giving satsang to his substantial crowd. It was unavoidable to notice a few things about his set-up. Those chelas (students) who sat up front, closest to him were almost all young women. Row after row of young women seated nearest to him struck me as a sign of what Nithyananda was designing.

This is unusual in India, where crowds gather rapidly and most often are composed of men, who are out and about more than women tend to be, especially in less metropolitan areas. Now India has been changing a lot through the decades, since my family and I lived and traveled there for many years, starting around forty years ago. India is more polluted and crowded and more modernized than ever, of course. But the guru game has always been a tradition in India.

When we began living there, Nithyananda was not even born. He came along on March 13, 1977. As he became famous, already he was messing around, doing things like changing his birth date to January 1, 1978, getting faked blood tests to show he was chockful of rare amounts of testosterone, changing his name from Tiru Rajasheka to Nithyananda Swami and trying on 3 or 4 more birth dates shown in various documents.

He has gotten older and pudgier, dresses more and more fancily, is more markedly egotistical. He got himself a load of followers and plenty of money, but Nithyananda’s main weakness and interest appears to have been to get himself more and more “worship” via sex. He accepts puja (gifts) and enjoys unpaid labor, the best accommodations, etc.

Now he has his own island and has declared it an independent nation and is far removed from extradition. Since I began looking into cult-like societies in the 1960s, there have been numerous similarities to observe between them, regardless of the propounded “religious beliefs” being used as the core philosophies.

This isn’t intended to invalidate what Nancy Durkin has written about Keith Raniere and Jim Jones being rather alike.

However I also see at least as many distinctions as likenesses between these men and their organizations. Power madness and greed, sick sexuality, deception and trickery abound all over the world. One can see the same in the political arenas internationally. There does not need to be a religious or a spiritual excuse. The danger comes out to public when the movement and the guru or leadership begin to get caught and the organizations start their decline and begin the last lingering moments of their swan songs or try to find new disguises, costumes.

Anyone interested in peeking into Nithyananda, simply type in “Nithayananda’s island,” for the latest. There is plenty of press, waiting to pop up and to study.


Nithyananda Swami even had his own actress ala Allison Mack. Her name is Ranjita and unfortunately for Nithyananda who pretends to be a celibate, a video captured him acting in a very un-swami like behavior with her.

The holy man with the famous Tamil actress, Ranjita, caught in a candid video.

Related image

Not unlike Allison Mack, Ranjita remained faithful to her ‘renunciate’ guru and claimed she was going to leave acting and become a renunciate.


Nithyananda in communion with a tree.

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  • Fellatio – also was origined from the Hindoos ! The Good Swameeee has just spread the Hindooo Gospel from his varied contact points

    Case 1 – dindooohindoo

    It starts with Lord Shiva who asks “women to eat his testicles”

    Devi refused this disgusting food, and finally Siva said, ‘I will give “you something never tasted”, by anyone else: the “wo balls resembling fruits below my navel”. Eat the testicles that hang there and be satisfied.’ Delighted by this gift, the goddesses praised Siva.” — Padma Purana 5:26:91-125; cf. Linga Purana

    Case 2

    Then we have Sage Dirghatama who asked the wife of King Bali to “lick every part of his body” !

    ”After that, King Bali appeased that sage and was furious with his wife; and sent her again well-dressed, after her toilet, to the sage, when the seer said. ”O. Devi!Cast off your bashfulness and then “lick the whole of my body with your tongue”, after rubbing it with salt, curds and honey; you will then attain your wish and get sons.” Matsya Purana 48.67-76

    Case 3

    As per the Puranas ,When a Hindoo Rani is not sure ,”if she is being fucked”, by her limpdick husband – then “oral sex is the best practice” or NASAL SEX

    “O sage, in the course of the sexual activity she suspected him to be another man.
    Hence she received the semen through the mouth into the nostril.
    Thence were born the twin gods Asvins, the foremost among physicians”.
    Shiva Purana, UmaSamhita 5.35.32-34 (Bala Kandam, Chapter 14. For more details on yaham,refer to the book “Gnana Surian”,published by Kudi Arasu Press)

    Case 4

    Then we have the “birth of Ayappa/Karthik Niggpa” when the “sperm of Shiva”, entered into Agni’s mouth ! How did that happen ? I wonder !




    The scandal of Seeta is that she performed Fellatio on Ravana . This is the BLOT on the psyche of Hindoos as Rama is in the DNA of the Hindoos.

    Sita performs Fellatio on Ravana ! Ravana was an African and Seeta was deeply dis-satisfied with her husband ! The Satanic Verse is that Ravana made Seeta perform fellatio ! dindooohindoo !

    Book III : Aranya Kanda – The Forest Trek

    Chapter [Sarga] 52

    तस्यास्तत्सुनसं वक्त्रमाकाशे रावणाङ्कगम्।

    न रराज विना रामं विनालमिव पङ्कजम्।।3.52.18।।

    Sita’s face with her beautiful nose on Ravana’s lap and not on Rama’s, shone no more like a lotus without its stalk.


    बभूव जलदं नीलं भित्त्वा चन्द्र इवोदितः।

    सुललाटं सुकेशान्तं पद्मगर्भाभमव्रणम्।।3.52.19।।

    शुक्लैस्सुविमलैर्दन्तै प्रभावद्भिरलङ्कृतम्।

    तस्यास्तद्विमलं वक्त्रमाकाशे रावणाङ्कगम्।।3.52.20।।

    रुदितं व्यपमृष्टास्रं चन्द्रवत्प्रियदर्शनम्।

    सुनासं चारुताम्रोष्ठमाकाशे हाटकप्रभम्।।3.52.21।।

    Sita’s face looked beautiful with her smooth forehead, shining hair and spotless complexion like the inside of a lotus, with clean, white, shining teeth, a nice nose and lovely red lips. She was continuously weeping and wiping her tears. Her face which was pleasing like the Moon on the lap of Ravana appeared as though the Moon was rising through dark clouds.



  • What is the problem of the Hindoo male ?

    The LENGTHS that they go to ! The Hindoos have a way to stop rape and sex !


    It is called Vagina Locks They place steel and alumunium locks on the vagina

    http://www.outlookindia.com/news/article/man-arrested-for-keeping-wifes-private-parts-locked/769191 http://uptownmagazine.com/2012/08/man-puts-an-actual-lock-and-key-on-his-wifes-vagina/


    Hindooosthan is the Impotentica Capital of the world !


    People ask Y ? It is simple !

    Hindoos are the sons of Rama ! Rama was an Impotent Gay Pansy – as per Seeta !

    And the proof is the limpdick of Rama !

    This is Hanooman describing the UNDERSIZED LIMPDICK VIRILE MEMBRANE OF RAMA ! (Don’t ask how did Hanooman know) Book V : Sundara Kanda – Book Of Beauty Chapter [Sarga] 35 verse 18.

    “He has three folds in the skin of his neck and belly. He is depressed at three places (viz. the middle of his soles, the lines on his soles and the nipples). He is undersized at four places (viz. the neck, membran virile…….)

  • Is there anything stopping a group of friends, all former military, from simply invading this clown’s country to liberate it from him? Maybe can even rename it Parlato Island!

  • Honestly you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m going to save you from hurting more religious sentiments, being extremely bigoted, racist, sexist and tell you to do more research before writing next time. It is basic journalistic ethics to read and understand both side before you comment. But it doesn’t seem like you know anything about journalistic ethics. Learn the truth.

    • Starting this remark with the word “honestly” isn’t helping your cause, nor is there any assistance required from you for any “saving.” Sit typing and pretend to moralize to yourself. Use your acquired word salad of non-experience self-importantly, transparently, fatuously. Give a few insults and continue to assume your righteousness, in the name of whoever, of whatever.

      This is the way of the fearful, to cast stones ignorantly. Anything will come out of such a consciousness, except for any authentic willingness to engage in self-examination. You will be starting over. Comprehend that you can have no effect, except for demonstrating more of the violence which is showing here and now, from the expressions of anger without reason.

      When you are willing to contemplate yourself, both the unconscious and the conscious defensiveness will start to evaporate. You will begin to “prove yourself” to yourself and will no longer be impelled to prove yourself, so ineptly, to any public forum, never mind to me.

  • Raniere should have high tailed it to Waykaya Island in Fiji a little faster.

    And there is another parallel to NXIVM.
    The Swami’s girl friend Ranjita is a Tamil, an ethnic group from the island nation of Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon.
    It turns out that Clare and Sara Bronfman’s nephew Ben Bronfman married the Tamil rap singer M.I.A.
    The Tamil Tigers are a notorious terrorist group in Sri Lanka.

    “Bronfman met British rapper M.I.A. in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York in 2008. They became engaged and M.I.A gave birth to their son, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman, on February 13, 2009.”

    In another cultural note the actress Sue Lyon, who played the title character of “Lolita” in the film of the same name, has passed away.
    For those of you not into high culture “Lolita” was the 14 year old girl molested by an adult male and the book “Lolita ” was one of Keith Raniere’s favorite books.
    By way of coincidence Sue Lyon also starred in the film “Night of the Iguana” set in Puerto Vallarta the Mexican city where Keith Raniere was arrested just before Keith Raniere was ready to conduct some Group Fellatio with Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman.

  • I don’t believe this guy would rape anyone. This seems ridiculous. Nithyananda Swami should be allowed to give his swami love to who ever he wants. Maybe he’s taking trantric to whole nother level. It may not be the best way for a swami to live but who’s the authority on how a Swami conducts his business?

    • Peaches:

      Baby, this is for your spiritual advancement, I’m taking tantric to a whole nother level.

      You might have a point, but only if you disregard the power imbalance between guru and disciple. Then it’s no different from all the other lies men tell us to get into our pants. Raniere’s only unique contribution to this was the blue light special.

      • Yeah, well some women tell lies too. They’ll tell you how much they love you, or how you’re their soulmate, but then run off with another guy and waste years of your life. You don’t need power imbalances or fantastical claims. You just need people who trust or believe in something that can be used and abused.

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