What Could Law Enforcement Do to Resolve the Many Mysteries Regarding Pam Cafritz’s Death?

The late Pamela Anne Cafritz

It’s been more than three years since Pamela A. Cafritz allegedly died.

Pamela Cafritz

I say “allegedly” because insofar as I know, there is no objective third-party proof that she’s actually dead.

In New York State, “Death Certificates” are issued by the New York State Department of Health.

Unfortunately, however, the agency only issues them to “the spouse, child or sibling of the deceased” – or to “other people who have a documented lawful right or claim, a documented medical need, or a New York State Court Order”.

None of us here at Frank Report qualify under any of those criteria.

And apparently, no law enforcement official in the Northern District of New York really cares very much about what happened to Pam since she disappeared from the NXIVM scene.

Not the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York, not the Albany, NY Field Office of the FBI, not the Saratoga County District Attorney, not the Saratoga County Sheriff – and certainly not the New York State Police which has a long history of aiding and abetting the NXIVM cult and its illegal operations.

This led me to start wondering what real investigators might do if they decided to resolve the many mysteries regarding Pam Cafritz.


Is She Really Dead?

I guess the first thing that real investigators would do is determine whether Pam is really dead.

Unlike Barbara Jeske – who was being cared for on-site by her sister right up until the moment she died – it appears that Cafritz was never visited by any member of her immediate family prior to her alleged death.

Early harem members and purple stripers Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz. Both dead before the age of 60.

Thus, the investigators would likely talk to the various people who were around Pam when she supposedly died. People like Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Dr. Danielle Roberts, and the FORMER DOCTOR, Brandon Porter.

Danielle Roberts, D.O.

And they’d likely interrogate the FORMER DOCTOR, Brandon Porter, in great detail if he, as rumored, is the one who signed her “Death Certificate”.


When Did She Die?

According to several of our sources, Pam died on November 7, 2016.

But according to those same sources, her death was hidden from the NXIVM community until November 28, 2016.

Keith Raniere & the late Pam Cafritz

Real investigators would want to determine what went on during those “missing” three weeks.

They’d want to find out why Raniere ordered that Pam’s death be hidden – and even denied – for three weeks.

They’d investigate whether Raniere forged a new will for Pam – or any other legal documents – before he allowed her death to be announced.

They’d try to determine if Raniere and Clare Bronfman drained money from Pam’s bank accounts during that time period.

Clare Bronfman

And they’d seek to find out if Raniere and his modern-day Angels of Death – Dr. Danielle Roberts and the FORMER DOCTOR, Brandon Porter – did anything during those three weeks to cover up what really caused Pam’s death: e.g., Did they have her body embalmed to remove all bodily fluids from it? Did they have her body cremated to remove any evidence of toxins?


Why Was Pam Removed From the Albany Medical Center?

Just prior to her demise, Pam was being treated for renal cancer at the Albany Medical Center (There is a record of an ambulance transporting her there for treatment).

According to several sources, her attending physician of record at the Medical Center was none other than the ubiquitous FORMER DOCTOR Brandon Porter.

The FORMER DOCTOR, Brandon Porter

But there supposedly is no record of Pam ever leaving the Medical Center and returning home.

That’s because Pam was allegedly taken out of there by a group of NXians led by Keith Raniere.

The others who were supposedly involved in surreptitiously removing Pam from the Medical Center include Esther Chiappone Carlson, Marianna Fernandez, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Jim Del Negro, Adrian ‘Fluffy” Fernandez – and, of course, the ever-present FORMER DOCTOR, Brandon Porter.

Jim Del Negro

Real investigators would certainly want to know who it was that made the decision to remove Pam from the Medical Center.

And they’d want to determine if Pam was alive or dead when she was removed from there.

They’d also want to find out if the story was true that while Raniere and his cohorts were carrying Pam out of the Medical Center, they dropped her to the ground – an event that supposedly caused the entire group to break into raucous laughter.

Did the fall precipitate Pam’s death – or was she already dead when that happened?


What Happened After Pam Was Taken From Albany Medical Center?

Real investigators would want to find out if, as rumored, Pam was transported to her home at 21 Oregon Trail in Waterford, NY – which is where she had previously been co-habiting with Raniere and his soon-to-be baby mama, Marianna Fernandez.

Mariana Fernandez and Keith Raniere

They’d also want to determine if she were dead or alive when she arrived home.

And they’d want to verify if the rumor is true that as soon as she was declared dead – reportedly by the FORMER DOCTOR, Brandon Porter – her body was placed in a bathtub and packed in ice.

Those investigators would certainly want to question Jim Del Negro and Esther Chiappone Carlson – the dynamic NXIVM duo who were reportedly dispatched to buy all the ice they could find as soon as Pam died.

Esther Chiappone Carlson

They’d also want to talk to anyone who knew what happened to Pam’s body after she died.


Is Pam Frozen in a Cryogenic Vault or Buried in the Backyard?

Raniere had previously told several people that the plan was to have Pam’s body cryogenically frozen so that she could be brought back to life at some point in the future when a cure for renal cancer had been found.

But there is no known record of her body ever having been transported to such a facility.

In fact, there is no known record of where Pam’s body is today.

Real investigators would certainly want to find out if Pam is actually spending eternity in a cryogenic vault waiting for scientists to find a cure for renal cancer and a way to bring the dead back to life.

Or whether she’s in a shallow pit in the backyard of 21 Oregon Trail – or somewhere else.

The backyard at 21 Oregon Trail


What Caused Pam’s Death?

Ultimately, real investigators would want to find out what caused Pam’s death.

Was it the renal cancer – which she was first diagnosed with in 2013 but which had reportedly gone into remission quite sometime before her death?

Or was it the milky white “medicines” that Raniere concocted for her – and had her take on a daily basis?

MK10 Pam Cafritz

Or was it something else?

And most importantly, did Pam die of natural causes or was she murdered?


What Happened to Pam’s Estate?

According to several sources, Pam had $8-$9 million of money in bank accounts when she died.

Real investigators would want to track down exactly what happened to that money.

Some of it was reportedly used to pay off new charges on Pam’s credit cards after she died.

But what happened to the rest of her money?

Did Pam, in fact, leave a will – and, if so, who were the name beneficiaries in that document?

Was the will ever probated – and were her assets ever distributed?


The Memorial Service

Several months after Pam supposedly died, a memorial service was held to commemorate all of the good things she had done for NXIVM.

During the service, Raniere sobbed and told everyone there that Pam was his “Life Partner” – and that he intended to keep the property at 21 Oregon Trail exactly as it was when she was alive so that she would be happy there when she returned to life.

Investigators would likely want to find out who paid for the memorial service – and who attended it (It is believed that only members of NXIVM were in attendance – and that none of Pam’s family members were invited to attend)

They’d also want to verify what attendees were told about the whereabouts of Pam’s body.


Anyone who knows anything about the disappearance and supposed death of Pam Cafritz should contact Frank Parlato at 716-990-5740 or frankparlato@gmail.com.

Frank will keep your name confidential – and, if you are concerned about your potential inclusion in an investigation regarding Pam, he will help you find an attorney to properly represent you.

Don’t wait. If you were part of the conspiracy involving Pam Cafritz’s death, now is time to come forward.

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K.R. Claviger


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  • I believe KRClaviger felt conflicted writing this article. Pam Cafritz aided a child molester and rapist for decades.

    I am glad Pam died looking like the monster she truly was; It’s a fitting end.

  • I take it no one has even attempted to see if they could at least confirm whether or not a death certificate was filed for Cafritz – which may be a different matter than obtaining an actual copy.

    Here’s a bit more about what someone in the area who was willing to do a bit of legwork, might try – while the authorities might not issue a death certificate to someone without a direct interest, they may well confirm the existence of one:

    Where do I get a copy of a Death Certificate?
    Death Certificates are kept at the Town or City Clerk’s Office where the event took place. This information is also available at the NYS Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics in Albany, NY. Go to http://www.health.ny.gov for more information.


    Claviger, do you not have access to a records search that would turn up a probate filing?

    • AnonyMaker,

      You should turn this comment into an article. People in the area of Saratoga read the Frank Report, but those who avoid the “intellectual” comment section will miss your excellent and important idea!

      • NiceGuy, thanks for the appreciation, and the suggestion.

        I’m planning to try to do a bit more legwork on the matter over the weekend, and then I’ll consider what might be done next.

      • I know. And, understand your reasoning. Yes, she is dead. This of course is extremely sad. Most likely, I’m sure Pam was teased by her long neck and was pretty insecure about this. Thus, enter Keith Raniere, to help sooth her soul and gush about how special his million dollar baby meant to him.

  • Could this story explain why Dr. Danielle Roberts supposedly fled to Mexico about a month ago?
    “Danielle Roberts Reportedly Flees to Mexico
    November 14, 2019”
    “And apparently, no law enforcement official in the Northern District of New York really cares very much about what happened to Pam since she disappeared from the NXIVM scene.”

    I hate to say this but this passage illustrates why it is not prudent to travel to the Albany New York area.
    Even a homeless person on the street usually has some kind of death certificate or investigation to determine a cause of death.
    Embalming a body destroys the bodily fluids and makes a subsequent autopsy pointless.
    Cremation also destroys the entire body and prevents a toxicology to determine if the person was poisoned.
    “In fact, there is no known record of where Pam’s body is today.”

    Death certificates usually state how a body was disposed of and where is it buried.
    Without a body an autopsy is impossible.
    When a person passes away, there is usually paperwork to establish what happened to the estate and its assets.
    This is particularly the case when a person passes away with an estate of 8 to 9 million dollars.
    If a person passes away without a will, that is called dying “intestate.”
    In such a case, the State of New York will have an intestacy law that determines who the next of kin are and how the estate is to be divided up.
    The next of kin will include a spouse, any children, parents, siblings and nieces and nephews.
    Since Pam Cafritz’s father was already dead, her next of kin would include her mother and siblings.
    Her next of kin would not include Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman or any other NXIVM ghouls and flying monkeys.

    • Albany isn’t Chicago – it’s perhaps more like Springfield (Illinois’ capital)*. There’s no reason to get hysterical about personal safety in the city.

      We don’t know that Cafritz died without a proper determination of death and the issuance of a death certificate – we only know that we don’t know whether or not such happened. “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” as the old saying goes – it’s a fallacy commonly known as argument from ignorance, and more generally is a burden of proof type fallacy ( https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/burden-of-proof ).

      If you really want to do some “research” and “investigation” you could e-mail the authorities in New York (my research into who to contact is noted below) and find out if they will at least confirm that a death certificate was issued, even if it’s not possible to obtain a copy. Also, if it turns out there’s a provision for journalists to access such information, you could then hand off the details about how to do it to Frank.

      * Actually, a fact check shows that even much more “white” downstate Illinois is still pretty dangerous:

      “With a crime rate of 59 per one thousand residents, Springfield has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 17.”
      Springfield, IL Crime Rates and Statistics – NeighborhoodScout
      https://www.neighborhoodscout.com › il › springfield › crime

      That’s worse that Albany, at 44 per thousand in the same statistical set

      • Yeah, well, last time I was Albany — about a month ago — I was trying to look up some PIPPINO relatives using my cell phone — under a new number I’d hoped not to share with my tech-stalker ex-husband but perhaps someone did — when after placing a couple calls to directory assistance and, even, getting through to one of many related PIPPINO’s — suddenly, a new 411 operator could not pronounce Paul PIPPINO and began insisting the only thing close to PIPPINO she had in all of Albany was a “Mary Jane PINO.”

        Now, call me crazy or hard of hearing, whatever, but I repeated and spelled ”PIPPINO NOT PINO” for her a number of times before I finally remembered that the NXIVM username and password Toni Natalie was dishing out many years ago — which I did not use, personally — was…ta da! Mary Jane Pino!

        Coincidence? I think not. Paranoia? Nope, and really don’t give a fig anymore.

        So, if it’s not Jeff Apple, I guess Kirsopp & Co. are still hanging their hats on that “trespass” case or IDK mebbe trying to justify billing Bronfman or someone in some more recent corrupt activities, such as helping my ex make me look paranoid if and when I dare repeat this TRUE story.

        Either way, I’m sorry, but Albany, NY sucks.

        • You *do* give a fig, Ms. Heidi, and that is clear. You should! You do! We are rooting for you– giving more f*kz than those sad, sorry house-arrest, terrified of prison bitches do.

        • Heidi, I wish I’d known you were coming to Albany – I still owe you that dinner. But I might even have been going through Northern California at that point.

          I can tell you my story of other travels recently, and ending up half a world away, in a line of a thousand people at customs – right behind someone with a direct connection to the NXIVM case. Coincidences do pop up, particularly when we’re looking for them!

  • Based on what I’ve hared, Pam’s mom Buffy Cafritz could care less about her daughter. Pam’s brother is another story and he would be the one dealing with any legal issues.

    The EDNY should be looking into these issues because it might not just be tax evasion, it might be robbery of her trust account with no death certificate.

    • “Pam’s mom Buffy Cafritz could care less about her daughter.”

      That might be true that Pam and her mother were estranged but Pam was still worth an estimated 8 to 9 million dollars and that should certainly pique her mother’s interest and the interest of her siblings.

  • The key here is perhaps Mariana, as she would know what happened. If anything, every person deserves an official burial registered just like a birth so this, especially when she gave her life, spirit and fortune to the group, is bad on any level. Certain secrets are bad to keep… you can refer to the bible and proverb 28:13 if you are religious.

  • I want to throw something out here regarding the cancer of these women (and perhaps playing the devil’s advocate here). My parents’ first home was in a neighborhood very, very, close to Knox Woods. When I was 1 year old, they bought land and moved less than 2 miles north of their first home (to accommodate the growing family of 7). However, most neighbors stayed in that old neighborhood and our families remained friends with them our entire lives. But one by one, the neighbors starting dying…each of cancer. And not the same type of cancer. As an adult, I always thought it was very odd how many lives in that neighborhood were taken by cancer.

    • Clifton Parker – I wondered the same exact thing. If perhaps it was something environmental as opposed to fun time poison drinks and snacks.

    • Interesting…that’s a cancer-prone area. Doesn’t explain why the “mystery” girlfriend who kept a lock of her hair only had the higher chemical levels during the time she had cancer (unless, as Swede world says, the chemicals were symptom treatment residue) and why the cancer didn’t return though she went on living in the same place.

      Attempted poisoning or no, these women relied on Keith alone to cure them. Keith and Nancy deceived them, tricked and intimidated them out of getting proper medical treatment. And with motive.

      I wish Frank would publish Pam’s last will and testament. That says it all as to deceptive means and motive used to encourage Pam to surrender to a painful, gruesome death.

      At the very least, Keith & Nancy destroyed these women’s will to live, making death appear more enticing than life — all for their own gain.

      Tantamount to murder, maybe even more cruel and criminally minded than a quick, painless execution, if you ask me.

    • Mohawk River, connecting to Hudson. Knox Woods is right up from the Mohawk river and around the bend from all the Cohoes manufacturing factory town. A total Victorian, depressed manufacturing town. Textiles. Down from the big GE plant in Schenectady.. The water there was bad, especiallly in the 70s80s/90s. They did Thanks for pointing to this.

  • Oh come on Law enforcement!!! It can’t seriously be of no concern to the authorities that the body of this woman, Pam Caftritz, who ‘died’ has vanished? How? This is your job. Produce the body, locate the final resting place at least, if you can’t, you still have a job of work to do – get the f*ck on with it!!!

  • This evil wretch deserves no respect but what a way to treat a dead body!

    Was she totally estranged from her family?

  • All good questions.

    If no death certificate, did Raniere really have the right to execute her will? If not, does that mean he and others like Clare Bronfman stole her money?

  • Thanks for keeping up the heat on this issue, and asking the tough questions that need to be answered.

    My guess is that Cafritz’ family and their attorneys have followed up on some of these questions that concern them most, but that they are keeping what they know to themselves. For instance I wouldn’t think her mother would be satisfied not to know what had happened to her remains, unless she’d really been written off.

    I don’t think that things such as disposition of Cafritz’ trust/s could have happened without there being a death certificate. NYS DOH might at least confirm whether a certificate had been issued.

    Saratoga County Surrogate Court records should have records available to the public if Cafritz’ estate was probated, though they don’t allow guest online record access.

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