Bangkok: ‘The Possibility I’m Dennis Burke Can’t Be Ruled Out’

Former Arizona US Attorney Dennis Burke represents Clare Bronfman. It is not known if he is posting here under the moniker Bangkok.

A reader calling himself “A Friend of the Good Guys” accused our esteemed commenter, Bangkok ,of being Clare Brofman’s attorney Dennis Burke in the post Is ‘Bangkok’ Really Dennis Burke, Former US Attorney and Clare Bronfman’s Lawyer? Bangkok writes Frank Report to explore that idea. 

By Bangkok

How do I address this TURD who has attempted to tarnish my good name? 🙂

My first instinct was to point out why this turd’s laughable presumption (that I’m Dennis Burke) is not possible.

However, it then became apparent that this turd might be doing a very good job at ‘trolling’ everybody here, including me (i.e., he might not actually believe what he’s saying).

However… I finally realized that this turd REALLY DOES believe what he’s saying – and he’s not likely trolling us.

Why does he believe that I’m Burke?

…Because he’s probably a real-life enemy of Dennis Burke and, just like Milady Heidi Hutchinson-Manzana, he’s prone to seeing his enemies everywhere he looks.

It’s called paranoia.

For instance, last year Heidi wrote a story about “freshly frozen” rattlesnakes being launched into her yard by Dennis Burke or Sandweg, or by some mysterious henchmen hired by them.

Heidi also made up some bullshit story about ‘drone strikes’ by these same 2 guys, LOL, but she didn’t really define what that even meant.

Common sense tells me that (either):

1) Heidi staged that whole incident herself (probably hiring somebody to do it) just to make a police report to get attention for herself and/or to get sympathy from Frank.

2) If it really did happen (if it wasn’t staged), then it was probably her ‘ex’ — Mr. Manzana — who hired somebody to do that shit, cuz it’s almost always the ‘ex’ who’s behind petty shit like that.

Okay, getting back to this TURD who called me Burke.

Firstly, this guy just can’t be reasoned with. That much I already know.

The more logic I use to prove him wrong, the more he’ll solidify his own delusion (i.e., the more proof I provide that I’m not Burke, the more he’ll believe I’m Burke).

I honestly see a connection between this turd’s viewpoints and Heidi Manzana’s viewpoints.

Perhaps Heidi has a boyfriend and it’s him. Or perhaps they are just kindred spirits or random soulmates who have yet to meet.

Here’s my TOP 10 LIST of why I can’t possibly be Burke:

1) I’ve called Clare Bear an ugly mule on many occasions, which would be odd if I were an attorney working for her.

2) I’ve insulted both Emi Salinas and his corrupt father many times, which would be near impossible if I was really Burke (who allegedly worked for Salinas).

3) I’ve never been to Arizona cuz it’s too fucken hot. That whole shithole state is beneath my living standards. 120 degrees? I’d rather live in Alaska and freeze.

4) Dennis Burke looks like a semi-bald & fat slob in his photos. He looks like a clown. Whereas I, on the other hand, am too god damn good looking to ever be mistaken for that guy. I am ALMOST too humble to admit that I was blessed with good looks.

5) I’m just too NICE of a guy to be Burke. From all reports, Burke seems like a real asshole. However, I truly am a nice, honest and wonderful guy. I am humble. I represent truth, honesty and integrity. I am the type of guy that people strive to become. Thus, I can’t possibly be Burke.

6) Obama was a Socialist asshole and Eric Holder was a retard who had no business being Attorney General. Thus, I’d never work for a sleazy administration like that. I have standards.

7) I ran out of reasons, maybe I really am him?

8) You caught me. Heidi was right. Maybe I am him. 🙂

9) “A Friend of the Good Guys” is likely an even WORSE attorney than Claviger as if that’s even possible. LOL. It took Claviger 6 tries to pass the BAR exam and most of his clients currently reside in the slammer.

10) I can be reached at 1-800-Eat-My-Pussy


Okay, seriously. Am I really him?

I suppose that possibility can’t be ruled out. 🙂

But as far as Mr. Claviger being a shitty attorney, that much is fucken true.

I kid you not. 6 fucken tries to pass the BAR exam. He’s got so many clients in the slammer that they give him ‘special reports’ on Keith’s prison antics.

Speaking of which, I want another update on Keith’s daily prison life and how he’s getting along with his fellow inmates. Is he still being protected by the Aryan gangs? Another update by Christmas would be nice. 🙂



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  • You know the really spooky thing about you and your posts, Banger, is that you tell stories that I have only shared with the police, the FBI, my ex-husband before he started using this all to his personal advantage and/or were witnessed by caregivers working for my disabled son in our household.

    I have not discussed many of these matters publicly — including on FR to my recollection, as Frank and I discussed yesterday. Where, for instance, did you hear that I was a “HOBO” i.e. camped out near my son’s house on July 1, exactly? Or about the “frozen snake” ?

    I certainly hope you don’t live in Irvine, CA or know anyone who does? Say a UC “research” student or faculty member who might have gotten caught up in some illegal stalking and other NXIVM-like harassment activities? Or maybe you know something about a fraudulent workman’s comp claim concerning a snake poised to scare caregivers within inches of their lives that NXIVM may have been named in? Back when I was being labeled a secret NXIVM member?

    Or are you, as Niceguy proposes, a simple neighborhood stalker who’s just really into plump old Moms under emotional distress?

    Inquiring minds wanna know, Bangcock, just how you come by all this detailed, personal info NOT previously disclosed in any public forum.

    BTW, it was “friend of the good guys” and Jeff Peterson, not I, who claimed you’re Dennis Burke and/or John Sandweg. I’ve always thought you were Jeff Apple, or someone harassing me on his behalf. Like a UC faculty friend of his. Or maybe his AND Denny’s.

  • Whomever this freak is, it does concern me that he knew of my unusual whereabouts on July 1, along with a few other details regarding some very unusual circumstances. Under the circumstances, I find this person threatening. And obnoxious.

    • This is some sidetrack. Frank Parlato must have reasons for publicizing it, and I don’t know what those reasons are right now, but Frank knows what he’s doing, and I do trust that, even if this doesn’t make much sense so far over here, just being an observer.

      Why all of these insults, this bitter vibe, about Heidi? What is the writer of this content trying to “accomplish” by blabbing personal-sounding, indignant nonsense? Maybe it is not nonsense?What’s the motivation, really? What a coldhearted feeling it is though.

      How come someone is directing anger at Heidi, being sarcastic towards her, trying to belittle her? Look who is talking. Do you have a dead sister? Has your heart been devastated by a loss like that? Have you been trying, for years and years, to get at the truth about what happened to your loved one, who can never be forgotten or replaced? Could you walk in Heidi’s shoes, or do you want to try to pile more pain on her? You think this is easy for Heidi? Well that really looks plumb stupid.

      What I can say is that this has little or nothing to do with Heidi; this is all about whomever has been writing these weird remarks about her and acting shady. We are well aware that our written contents reflect ourselves, our own subjectivity and perspectives. So, this shit is not looking very good. How come somebody has got his or her panties all in a bunch and has to react, so off-center?

      No need to answer any questions from me, but ask yourself and please, take a long look. What is in it for you to talk smack about Heidi or to try to harass her? And how come there is this self-important bullshit vibe about who you are or are not? What is with the extensive psychological game-playing? Why not just take a little time to let it go, to get past it? How is the defensiveness relevant? Write the autobiography of THAT. See if that is sassifying. Take your goddamn time.

      Heidi is innocent. Her sister is deceased. What the hell do you want from her! How about back off and let her be. Keep your anus out of it, for the love of God. This is not helping anything, not from what I see. Activism is not reactionary. Activism is responsive, wants to learn what is true, what is real. Activism is a responsibility, every minute. It overcomes petty bullshit fast, no time to waste getting hung up throwing mudballs. So who is representing what here? Speak your truth or stfu with the angry hot air. Got something to hide? Then shut up and go try to hide. Why complicate that? Interested in self-destruction?

      Why would you want to make this story about you? Why would you want to make an obfuscating asshole out of yourself? How about calm the fuck down.

      Does anyone give a hoot WHO he or she is? What is this about, really? Look out below and look out above? Who is so disgruntled? You wanna torment somebody, go after the guilty parties, ridicule Raniere and the Bronfmans, the Salzmans, the Mack, the Russell fool, etc. Go after the ones who have done harm, not after Heidi.

      Why make anything all about yourself, who you are or are not and about how you get off on targeting Heidi? Do not bother trying to explain yourself to me. Talk to yourself. Get straight with your own mind.

      This is like that old Carly Simon hit, “I’ll Bet You Think This Song is About You.”

      Don’t bother to knock. It will start up something loud but not proud. Sympathy for the devil, as Jagger sang it so well.

      You do not know what is in Heidi’s mind or heart. She governs that. All each one of us can do to keep going is to get real with the self, to examine one’s own feelings and awareness or unawareness. Only then might you be able to walk in someone else’s shoes. And if you do that, you find compassion. Then you can begin to respond calmly and to tap into your own life forces, instead of just reacting to the surface. This is work that cannot start if you sit in judgment from some remote high horse. To me that is weak and takes no genuine effort, no courage.

    • Heidi,

      Bangkok is a teenager in your neighborhood. I am positive of it. Bangkok seeks attention primarily from women. Like you, Barbara Bouchey and Flowers. Rarely does he attack men with the exception of me.

      • True, Banger does like to attack women in particular. But so would any misogynist or plain old bully who simply might be more comfortable maligning those he sees as weak or defenseless.

        I find it interesting Bangkook has never to my knowledge attacked any Mexican NXIANS — much as he swears he can’t possibly be Burke bc he has no compunction about (anonymously) insulting Clare Bronfman.

        That fits the cowardly bully profile. Clare’s got nothing on them. But not the solely misogynist profile as there are plenty of Mexi-NXIVM females to pick on.

        Unless my “teen stalker neighbor” is racist, you think? And why wouldn’t the lad be more attracted to a girl closer to his alleged age? Or a lady less likely to suffocate him with a very long, tight squeeze hug?

        C’mon Banger, give us a big, deep hug.

    • Heidi,

      We have been over this territory before; Bangkok is a teenage boy[possibly lesbian teen-girl] who resides near your residence with your son. His parents know of “you” directly or indirectly via gossip. He looked you up out of curiosity eavesdropping on his parents conversations. Bangkok’s curiosity completely peaked/exploded into an obsession.

      If you want it to end…
      …just speak with your neighbors. Let the neighbors know you are being harassed by a teenager in the neighborhood. Don’t explain everything. Just let the neighbors or neighborhood know there is a teenager who is harassing you; And thinking of going to the police.

      Let your neighbors know that the harassment stopped in the fall for a few months, and started up recently, around high school or prep-school Christmas vacation time.

      When the grapevine/gossip chain reverberates back to Bangkok’s parents; Bangkok’s parents will realize the obsessed teenager is their child.

      Remember the restaurant in your neighborhood is named Bangkok? It’s not a coincidence. Remember Bangkok knew you were camped out in front of your home? Remember Bangkok knew about your pool and your meeting with the pool man?

      Inform the neighbors what is happening. Bangkok clearly will read this post. So what! It will get back to Bangkok’s parents. Make sure that the neighbors know the stalker is named “Bangkok”. I have a feeling Bangkok’s parents take Bang to to the restaurant or it’s one of Bang’s favorites. His parents will realize it’s him.

      Bangkok the storm is coming… Mom and dad will learn their child is a stalker or as you yourself say Bangkok, ” a mad spanker. 😉 I hope I don’t ruin the holidays at the Bangkok household.
      Goodnight dipshit!!!! 🙂

      -If Heidi follows my instructions Bangkok your ass is Cooked!!!!!!

  • I have never been more certain “friend of the good guys” and Jeff Peterson are spot on in their claim that Bangkok truly is Dennis Burke, ET AL.

    Or that Burke may well be perpetrating on-going harassment of me on behalf of his clients: Clare Bronfman and Emiliano Salinas — including using this forum as a means to do so as well as to discredit me, generate hostility and deceptively, wrongly reinterpret my prior posts and intent — which often includes a comedic, satirical component — albeit someone at least as dull and as diabolical as I imagine the disgraced former Arizona, US AG believed responsible for the deaths of two ATF agents is IF he’s not my ex-husband or a hybrid thereof.

    In any case, I’m scared. You win. Now, what? Do I get to see my son for Christmas or are gonna try to spook me into telling someone about it bc I’ll look just so irreparably “paranoid” I can never protect his interests again.

    That what you want, Bangkok? Cause I really don’t see your point in this mindless cruelty. Unless, of course, it’s just bill the Bronfman brats to attack while protecting Salinas as usual?

    I never thought Gina & Kris Snyder’s & Pam & Barb’s deaths might, indeed, were outright murders as much as now, either.

    Little hint for your financiers and accomplices — the cat is now fully out of the bag, much more was recorded than shown on ID, including any evidence FORMERLY in my possession concerning Gina’s death. ID producers have all the evidence, including her journal.

    It’s all already on record. So go spook someone else ass-clowns cause I’m not what’s standing between your Demon Messiah and the electric chair or you and Clare’s loot or Emi and his Cuban retirement Villa.

    As Frank once put it, “Fuck off, Puto!”

  • “The more logic I use to prove him wrong, the more he’ll solidify his own delusion (i.e., the more proof I provide that I’m not Burke, the more he’ll believe I’m Burke).”

    That’s typical of conspiracy theory believers. It applies similarly to cultists and religious fanatics; attacking beliefs can actually tend to reinforce them.

    • Anonymaker,

      I started commenting back in February of last year. Before that I had read articles and occasional comments starting when the New York Times branding article hit.

      Bangkok is obsessed with getting people to believe he is secretly Burke. Bangkok
      has been at it for over a year. It’s almost as tiring as Scott Johnson’s Amway obsession. Bangkok I believe is 17 years old.

    • That’s typical of conspiracy theory believers. It applies similarly to cultists and religious fanatics; attacking beliefs can actually tend to reinforce them.

      This statement is typical of an elitist blowhard who does not realize how much he does not know.

      • Those points are actually backed up by research.

        What is it you think you know, that is so special that it’s had to be covered up by vast, nefarious conspiracies?

        Sorry if I have to be the one to tell you that reptilian shape shifters controlling the world, and Santa Claus bringing presents to the fireplace upstairs, don’t really exist.

        • Really slick, that’s the best you got. Stick this conspiracy back up that orifice you shoot out all that stool

          FISA REPORT JUST RELEASED 12/17/2019:

          The country’s top secret court capable of issuing surveillance orders issued an unprecedented report Tuesday; accusing the FBI of presenting “misleading” intelligence to spy on at least one senior Trump campaign advisor.

          “A secretive federal court accused the F.B.I. on Tuesday of misleading it about the factual basis for wiretapping a former Trump campaign adviser and ordered the bureau to propose changes in how investigators seek permission for some national security surveillance,” reports the New York Times.

          “The frequency with which representations made by F.B.I. personnel turned out to be unsupported or contradicted by information in their possession, and with which they withheld information detrimental to their case, calls into question whether information contained in other F.B.I. applications is reliable,” Judge Rosemary Collyer wrote.

          “This order responds to reports that personnel of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provided false information to the National Security Division (NSD) of the Department of Justice, and withheld material information from NSD which was detrimental to the FBI’s case, in connection with four applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) for authority to conduct electronic surveillance of a U.S. citizen named Carter W. Page. When FBI personnel mislead NSD in the ways described above, they equally mislead the FISC,” adds the order.

          This is a developing story.

          Source: New York Times

          • You can bet some of the FISA judges knew of this fraud and are trying to cover their own corrupt asses. Now the crooked Lisa Page is going on the dyke Maddowcow show to cry about being a victim. She should do a Comey and go on FOX and backtrack and cover her lying leftwing ass.

          • To No Justice & No peace maker,

            Are you f’ing Kidding? If the illuminati are so powerful; Why do they allow f*cking morons like you to uncover facts and information?

            Why doesn’t the Illuminati just bury the information or kill simpletons like you? LOL

            While you are researching this bullshit “slick”, your wife is out banging some guy, and she is wondering why she married your loser ass.

            Or you are just some loser living in a basement apartment by themselves and by a f*cking miracle you can afford an internet connection. LOL

            Either way you are a f*cking tool!

        • AnonyMaker,

          Did you not watch Land of the Lost in the 1970s?

          The reptilian SleazStacks are from another dimension and taking control of our reality.

          • Hey idiot, keep your empty head firmly up anonyfaker’s rear opening. You are one of the biggest bullshitters on this blog and that is saying a lot. You continue to spew your idiocy and ignorance here on virtually a daily basis and for an assclown like you to accuse someone of living in their mommy’s basement is the ultimate in hypocrisy and projection. Please give the greatest Christmas gift to this blog and shut the fuck up or get Arkancided. Trust me, little fella, you won’t be missed.

          • Well stated NicerGuy. Wish the POS niceboy would suicide herself and make the Frank Report a much Nicer place.

  • I started believing Bangkok = Dennis Burke months ago after reading it and then essentially all of Petersons’ twitter threads were proving true. His tips & info have been spot on.

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