Is ‘Bangkok’ Really Dennis Burke, Former US Attorney and Clare Bronfman’s Lawyer?

Former US Attorney Dennis Burke, - Does he post on this site anonymously?

Ed. Note: The following guest view raises some questions about the curious relationship between former US Attorney [for Arizona] Dennis Burke and  his now-convicted client, Clare Bronfman. One of his roles for her was to attempt to get one of Keith Raniere’s closest harem slaves illegally into the US.

The US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York during their prosecution of Bronfman/Raniere revealed that the plot to get Mariana Fernandez, mother of Raniere’s youngest son, was fraught with deception.

This guest view begins with the feds description of Burke’s role in aiding the efforts to keep Mariana in the US.  Burke was not charged with any crime in the matter. Neither was he charged criminally for his role in the notorious Fast and Furious drug and gun running scheme that involved the CIA and drug cartels.  Burke was however forced to resign [take the fall] as US Attorney for lying about the Fast and Furious crimes.

Burke has been the subject of intense criticism [and a lawsuit] by a former partner and former close friend Jeffrey Peterson, who alleges Burke is allied with the Mexican drug cartels and in particular with the former president of Mexico and reputed drug cartel boss of bosses, Carlos Salinas.

Frank Report is not making any accusations against Dennis Burke, but the following post has a lot to say, raises some questions and should be published. Mr. Burke is welcome to respond.

Finally, the guest post makes the accusation that Burke comments on this website under the moniker Bangkok. I have no comment on that. I do not know if that is true, but the guest poster seems to have identified something that strongly suggests to him that Bangkok is Dennis Burke.  Since Bangkok is anything but shy, I would be pleased to hear his response and naturally will publish it.

A Friend of the Good Guys

Still trying to shape the conversation, are you Dennis Burke? (aka “Bangkok”)

Understandable, considering your documented history of willful, knowing participation (along with your pal John Sandweg) in Clare Bronfman’s and Raniere’s NXIVM schemes “to circumvent the immigration laws and to fraudulently use assets from an estate in probate to ‘make [a] gift’ to Mariana Fernandez for use in obtaining an investor’s visa.”

(Document 256 Filed 12/28/18 Page 25 of 29 PageID #: 1913, Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS)


“A January 2, 2016 letter submitted on behalf of M.F. [Mariana Fernandez] by Dennis Burke, another attorney with Frontier Solutions, represented that M.F. “has no intent to remain unlawfully in the United States” and that she continues to live in St. Luis Potosi, Mexico where she ‘enjoys a large network of family and friends, including her mother and sister who live nearby.’ [2]”

“In fact, the government’s investigation has revealed that M.F. had been living in the Albany, New York area for nearly a decade as part of the Nxivm community and as an intimate partner of Raniere. In August 2017, M.F. gave birth to Raniere’s child in Albany, New York. The relationship between Bronfman and M.F. also appears to be personal in nature. In or around July 2018, after Raniere’s arrest, a trust was created named the ‘KAR 2018 Trust.’ Bronfman is the sole donor of funds into the trust—approximately $500,000— and M.F. is the sole recipient. The notation ‘family support’ appears on each of the disbursements of funds from the trust to M.F.”

The above paragraph and footnote are quoted from: Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 256 Filed 12/28/18 Page 6 of 29 PageID #: 1894

Mariana Fernandez with Keith Raniere in Mexico.

“On August 6, 2016, Bronfman sent an email to a non-attorney with M.F.’s name in the subject line. In the email, addressed to ‘Whomever It May Concern,’ Bronfman stated that M.F. is ‘a Mexican citizen . . . who is asking for a B1/B2 visa to re-enter the USA to care for her closest friend, Pamela Cafritz.’ [4] The email attached a letter from Mr. Sandweg in support of a grant of a nonimmigrant visa for M.F. In the letter, which was addressed to the United States Embassy in Mexico, Mr. Sandweg identified himself as the ‘former Acting General Counsel for DHS and Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’ and stated that M.F. had entered the United States to care for one of her ‘closest personal friends, Pamela Cafritz’ and that M.F. ‘poses no threat to immigrate to the United States.’”

“[4] The defendant Keith Raniere described Pamela Anne Cafritz in his motion for bail as his ‘deceased long-time significant other.’ (ECF Docket Entry No. 74 at 14.)”

The above paragraph and footnote are quoted from: Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 256 Filed 12/28/18 Page 7 of 29 PageID #: 1895

And: “the letters written by attorneys for Frontier Solutions falsely disclaimed any intent by M.F. to immigrate to the United States.” (Document 256 Filed 12/28/18 Page 26 of 29 PageID #: 1914)

Dennis Burke (aka “Bangkok”), everyone including law enforcement investigators who read Frank Report, know the above crimes described by government prosecutors in the case against NXIVM are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of your knowing and willful participation in Bronfman/Raniere/NXIVM schemes.

Clare Bronfman heads to court with a man identified as Dennis Burke’s law partner John Sandweg.

Must be a bummer to be so nervous about finally getting busted for once in your history of corrupt advocacy for Mexican cartel-related interests, that you can’t help but keep checking back in with Frank’s blog, trying to shape the conversation, even after you swore to stop posting.

I guess all you can do is nervously continue to hope prosecutors don’t do their jobs when it comes to you, and that the memory of your knowing and willful participation in the Bronfman/Raniere/NXIVM schemes somehow fades away before you and Sandweg end up in the slammer together with Raniere.

Kind of how you hope the public forgets about your direct responsibility for numerous deaths in the Obama-era Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, where weapons were illegally trafficked by government agencies to Mexican cartels, on your watch, while you were the boss in Arizona, Dennis K. Burke.

Brian Terry was killed – collateral damage – of the CIA’s secret, illegal fundraising effort called Fast and Furious.

How much did they pay you to do that, while you faked “concern” with U.S./Mexico interests, you corrupt bastard?

For the record, as if everything else you write isn’t offensive enough, there’s no need to constantly belittle the Son of God in your posts.

God knows, Dennis, you were already sanctioned by the Arizona Bar on April 11, 2014 in case number PDJ 2014-9028, for violating lawyer Rule 42, Ariz. R. Sup. Ct., specifically ER 8.4., Misconduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

And God knows, Dennis, you were previously called a liar by both federal (DOJ) and state (Arizona Bar) government investigators, (the DOJ I.G. among others) even before NXIVM prosecutors documented your knowing and willful participation in Bronfman/Raniere/NXIVM schemes.

Did you tell your law client, Clare Bronfman, about all of the above, before you billed her and her “Ethical Science Foundation” for your “legal services”, Attorney Burke?

Hey Bronfmans, if you’re reading this, you can still sue Burke for making a classic “Burke play”…stabbing a friend in the back who he was entrusted to advocate for, so as to further his own self-serving (cartel-related) interests.

Should be obvious by now that Burke threw you and others under the bus so as to save the only NXIVM co-conspirator he was truly concerned with from prosecution.

Dennis Burke (aka “Bangkok”),

(aka “He who has never won an election and only held appointed positions he gained by being everyone’s fake friend”),

Here’s to wishing that Santa brings you and your corrupt friends a well deserved lump of coal this Christmas.



Editor’s note: Bangkok, I certainly hope you are not going to let someone call you a “corrupt bastard” and not respond. 

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3 years ago

Gotta love it when conspiracy theories are completely contradictory, which is a fairly typical quandry – either Bangkok is a middle-aged attorney, or a teenage neighbor of Heidi’s. The believers in at least one of the theories, and everything they are convinced is evidence for it, have to be completely wrong – or quite possibly all of them are.

Or, maybe Bangkok is a shape-shifting reptilian who is both – Clare Bronfman’s attorney when he needs to be, and a teenager spying on Heidi when necessary. Wouldn’t that explain it, and then all the conspiracy theorists could be right?

3 years ago

The whole Dennis Burke on FR theory came from Jeff Peterson. Remember him? He’s the conman who swindled senior citizens out of their life savings and said it was the Arizona Mafia that caused his new business to fail.

Sound familiar? Wasn’t it Keith Raniere that swindled Millions from the Bronfmans, lost all of it in commodity trading, and then blamed it on Papa Bronfman’s manipulation of the market?

Jeff Peterson and Scott Johnson should make their own radio show – Dumb and Dumber. Or Crooks and Kooks.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Still trying to spread the “Peterson is a conman” story Dennis?

Didn’t Peterson sue Dennis Burke for $100 million, for defamation after Burke made those false allegations? It was alleged that Burke and his group of friends now work for Mexican cartels, and their attempts to discredit Peterson are part of a lengthy, ongoing retaliatory campaign against him, orchestrated by Burke.

Link to the lawsuit is here –>>


[…] our esteemed commenter, Bangkok of being Clare Brofman’s attorney Dennis Burke in the post Is ‘Bangkok’ Really Dennis Burke, Former US Attorney and Clare Bronfman’s Lawyer? Bangkok writes Frank Report to explore that […]

3 years ago

Ha ha, Dennis Burke aka Bangcock is a snake bastard. Frank, isn’t this the same guy that wrote you a death threat? He referenced killing you with a small tight thread? I think it was something like ms36? It happened a couple of years ago so I don’t remember the exact code he wrote. I do remember at the time researching what that code was and found it was a tiny military-grade string. If my memory serves me right, he also warned for you to watch what you eat. I do apologize for not being able to remember the exact details; it’s hard to keep up with all these criminals and which crime they committed against whom. There’s just so many.

Frank Parlato
3 years ago
Reply to  Peaches

The threats did not come from Dennis Burke – at least not directly.

3 years ago


I have added additional information and suggestions regarding your Dual Mercy-f*ck with Flowers.

Please follow the link below:

3 years ago

How do I address this TURD who has attempted to tarnish my good name? 🙂

My first instinct was to point out why this turd’s laughable presumption (that I’m Dennis Burke) is not possible.

However, it then became apparent that this turd might be doing a very good job at ‘trolling’ everybody here, including me (i.e., he might not actually believe what he’s saying).

However… I finally realized that this turd REALLY DOES believe what he’s saying —- and he’s not likely trolling us.

Why does he believe that I’m Burke?

…Because he’s probably a real life enemy of Dennis Burke and, just like Milady Heidi Hutchinson-Manzana, he’s prone to seeing his enemies everywhere he looks.

It’s called paranoia.

For instance, last year Heidi wrote a story about “freshly frozen” rattlesnakes being launched into her yard by Dennis Burke or Sandweg, or by some mysterious henchmen hired by them.

Heidi also made up some bullshit story about ‘drone strikes’ by these same 2 guys, LOL, but she didn’t really define what that even meant.

Common sense tells me that (either):

1) Heidi staged that whole incident herself (probably hiring somebody to do it) just to make a police report to get attention for herself and/or to get sympathy from Frank.

2) If it really did happen (if it wasn’t staged) then it was probably her ‘ex’ — Mr. Manzana — who hired somebody to do that shit, cuz it’s almost always the ‘ex’ who’s behind petty shit like that.

Okay, getting back to this TURD who called me Burke.

Firstly, this guy just can’t be reasoned with. That much I already know.

The more logic I use to prove him wrong, the more he’ll solidify his own delusion (i.e., the more proof I provide that I’m not Burke, the more he’ll believe I’m Burke).

I honestly see a connection between this turd’s viewpoints and Heidi Manzana’s viewpoints.

Perhaps Heidi has a boyfriend and it’s him. Or perhaps they are just kindred spirits or random soulmates who have yet to meet.

*Here’s my TOP 10 LIST of why I can’t possibly be Burke:

1) I’ve called Clare Bear an ugly mule on many occasions, which would be odd if I were an attorney working for her.

2) I’ve insulted both Emi Salinas and his corrupt father many times, which would be near impossible if I was really Burke (who allegedly worked for Salinas).

3) I’ve never been to Arizona cuz it’s too fucken hot. That whole shithole state is beneath my living standards. 120 degrees? I’d rather live in Alaska and freeze.

4) Dennis Burke looks like a semi-bald & fat slob in his photos. He looks like a clown. Whereas I, on the other hand, am too god damn good looking to ever be mistaken for that guy. I am ALMOST too humble to admit that I was blessed with good looks.

5) I’m just too NICE of a guy to be Burke. From all reports, Burke seems like a real asshole. However, I truly am a nice, honest and wonderful guy. I am humble. I represent truth, honesty and integrity. I am the type of guy that people strive to become. Thus, I can’t possibly be Burke.

6) Obama was a Socialist asshole and Eric Holder was a retard who had no business being Attorney General. Thus, I’d never work for a sleazy administration like that. I have standards.

7) I ran out of reasons, maybe I really am him?

8) You caught me. Heidi was right. Maybe I am him. 🙂

9) “A Friend of the Good Guys” is likely an even WORSE attorney than Claviger, as if that’s even possible. LOL. It took Claviger 6 tries to pass the BAR exam and most of his clients currently reside in the slammer.

10) I can be reached at 1-800-Eat-My-Pussy


Okay, seriously. Am I really him?

I suppose that possibility can’t be ruled out. 🙂

But as far as Mr. Claviger being a shitty attorney, that much is fucken true.

I kid you not. 6 fucken tries to pass the BAR exam. He’s got so many clients in the slammer that they give him ‘special reports’ on Keith’s prison antics.

Speaking of which, I want another update on Keith’s daily prison life and how he’s getting along with his fellow inmates. Is he still being protected by the Aryan gangs? Another update by Christmas would be nice. 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  Bangkok

“10) I can be reached at 1-800-Eat-My-Pussy.” -Bangkok

I knew you were a female. Son of a bitch! You are a little bitch.

Goodnight, Little Bitch!!!!

3 years ago

How many Burke sock puppet accounts (all operated by Burke himself) will participate in conversations with themselves, in this thread, in their usual orchestrated effort to misdirect readers or deny the facts of the article?

Or will the pompous Mr. Burke simply write more of his usual arrogant innuendo, dismissing the article and comments as “irrelevant..” while rationalizing that “no one reads the comments…”

3 years ago

No…Burke has real problems coming up.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

This is exactly when the “Comments” sections become the only game in town. George Orwell once said his ideal job during WW2 would have been with the government office that identified enemy pamphlet writers by their literary style. Orwell said he could have identified dozens, and he wished he could have seen some of them put up against a wall.

Those were the kinder, gentler days. I know nothing about this particular set of accusations, but they seem informed, and when people who wax so loquacious go so quiet when they’re asked a straight question, you have to wonder.

There are major efforts underway from all kinds of quarters, to flood the bulletin boards with inflammatory nonsense and misdirection. It’s a wonder any of us can get a word in edgeways. These comments threads will be the subject of many an inquiry, as the nefarious threads are unraveled. Plenty of false flags woven from this cloth.

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