Bangkok Goes Off on Nice Guy and Heidi – Defends Lauren Salzman

By Bangkok

Although Heidi ‘Manzana’ Hutchinson never ‘officially’ joined NXIVM and although she never became romantic with Keith Raniere, she was still an ENABLER of Keith just like everybody else who witnessed Keith’s aberrant behavior for years and didn’t report it to authorities or at least publicly condemn Keith among his peers.

I’m too lazy to re-read Heidi’s articles from last year LOL, but if memory serves, Heidi admitted to the following things:

1) She admits to witnessing Keith cheat on an IQ test that he later used to recruit female followers, while remaining silent until 2009 about this DEVIOUS shit.

Keith Raniere said he is the smartest man in the world. His brain is so powerful it set off radar detectors.

Thus, she enabled Keith to use that fake IQ test score to ‘recruit’ people for many years.

As for her claim that she didn’t know Keith was using that fake IQ test score to recruit people for years, my reply is: “Yeah, sure, and rain travels up instead of down”.

2) She admits to catching Keith leaving her sister’s window but is now trying to claim that she didn’t know they were having sex on that occasion.

Yeah, sure.

Heidi Hutchinson

Common sense tells me that Heidi knew GOD DAMN WELL that her sister and Keith weren’t just playing Scrabble before she walked in. LOL. Common sense would tell her that they weren’t just watching HBO together.

Yet she remained silent for many years – but likes to shit on OTHERS for not standing up to Keith sooner. WTF?

3) She admits to receiving a $10,000 payment from Keith as payment for a slogan that she created which Keith wanted to use for NXIVM. Granted, Keith allegedly sent her this payment without her asking for it. However, to the best of my knowledge, Heidi kept the money and didn’t give it back. If that’s really true, it would mean that she accepted money from a guy who allegedly committed statutory rape on a family member years earlier.

Yet she shits on OTHERS for accepting money from Keith and his shady activities. WTF?

4) She admits that Keith had influence (or was somehow involved) in her own divorce from Mr. Manzana [Jeff Apple], which seems rather odd since Keith was the same guy who allegedly committed statutory rape years earlier.

To put it another way, why would an INTELLIGENT PERSON seek marital advice from the same bastard who allegedly committed ‘statutory’ rape many years earlier?

…and then she comes HERE to shit on Lauren for not being perfect? WTF? 🙂

IMPORTANT: I’m not condemning Heidi for these things.

Heidi was clearly confused or mentally mixed-up back then.

She’s human, just like Lauren.

However, I’m simply making the point that it’s HYPOCRITICAL for Heidi to condemn Lauren Salzman (and other people) when women like Karen U, Kristin Keeffe and even Heidi herself remained equally silent for many years before finally seeing the light.

Pot meet Kettle. 🙂


PS — If my ‘memory’ didn’t serve me perfectly (and some of my data is not correct), then Heidi can correct me for the record. As I said earlier, I’m just writing what I ‘remember’ from articles she wrote last year. But I’m pretty sure that everything written is accurate though. 🙂


Nice Guy Condemned by Bangkok

Message to the sycophants who kiss Heidi’s butt in every thread…

If Heidi reserves the right to trash other people and castigate them whenever she wants, without Frank intervening, then it’s a bit hypocritical for Heidi to expect her own hypocrisy to go unmentioned. Fair is fair.

I have no photos of Nice Guy so I simply googled his name and came up with these.


If you wanna pucker up and kiss Heidi’s butt (like Niceguy and his unnatural crush on Heidi), then be my guest.

That’s your Constitutional right to be a sycophant. But it sure doesn’t command much respect. 🙂

I’ve said this before many times…

It’s been obvious to me that Niceguy’s wife has been wearing the pants in their marriage for years.

It’s also obvious to me that ‘Niceguy’ is NOT just a fake persona, as he’s trying to claim now. He wears his heart on his sleeve and everybody here can see that.

I could tell from day #1 that if wifey says jump, Niceguy is airborne within 2 seconds flat.

I also know that Niceguy likely washes the family clothing every week, while wifey is the main breadwinner.

If the kiddies need a booger stain removed from their shirt, it’ll be Niceguy who fetches the bleach (not wifey).

That kind of life will slowly take the manhood away from a dude.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Defending Lauren Salzman

Lauren Salzman

Thank you for posting this, Frank: Lauren Salzman Recruited Sarah Edmondson by Lying and Agreed Sarah Should Cuckold Her Husband if Raniere Commanded

As it relates to my article yesterday, Bangkok: Lauren Salzman Deserves to Be Forgiven, I feel compelled to respond.

Frank’s entire article proves that Lauren was being 100% HANDLED by Rosa Laura Junco and Keith himself.

It also proves that Lauren was being SPOON FED every single recruitment/collateral instruction by Keith and Rosa Laura Junco, which means she was essentially powerless to decide anything on her own.

Frank has, therefore, proven that Lauren was just a ‘mule’ who was carrying the ‘water’ supplied by Keith and Rosa Laura Junco.

Frank has proven that Lauren was just a non-thinking slave; just a gal who had almost no decision-making ability, without first checking with Rosa Laura Junco or Keith.

This proves why the judge will take pity on Lauren. She just wasn’t part of the real decision-making.

She was essentially a secretary, just taking dictation from Rosa Laura Junco and Keith.

She was a harmless lamb, living in a den of wolves.

Guess what, Frank?

Keith Raniere shows off a chest full of hair to entice the ladies such as Lauren Salzman, Rosa Laura Junco, Clare Bronfman, and other lucky ones.

Keith was the one TELLING HER what her slaves had to do, such as being willing to have sex with other men or to carry another man’s baby, etc.

Lauren was akin to a mentally abused girlfriend. She just went along with whatever her man was telling her – to avoid setting off his displeasure.

Lauren was just a pleaser, nothing more.

Frank has possibly just proven, with a single article, just how NON-culpable Lauren Salzman really is.

Frank has just backed up my initial article and confirmed my conclusions.

Thank you, sir. 🙂

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  • The women in this group, in my opinion, suffer from Battered Women’s Syndrome.

    This needs to be presented at Lauren’s sentencing.

  • The only person kissing butts here is you Bangkok…And some quite dirty butts.

    “Lauren was akin to a mentally abused girlfriend. She just went along with whatever her man was telling her – to avoid setting off his displeasure”
    And it’s an excuse for 20 years of criminality…

    “Lauren was just a pleaser, nothing more.”
    Ok so someone coerced, starved and destroyed deserve more than some who was a pleaser… you sure make a lot of sense.
    I shouldn’t feed the troll thou, it’s obvious your latest messages are a desperate cry for attention…”let’s be controversial”.

    If it’s not that, you are just a common idiot.

  • Dearest Bangkok,

    Lauren Salzman, my dear son, will never be in the cards for you.

    Lauren Salzman will never ride your hairless pink pony.

    You and Flowers should mercy-fuck each other!!!

    A joint mercy-fuck is the only way either of your sexual needs will ever be satisfied. Don’t think about it as a joint mercy-fuck; Think about it as sexual synergy!

    At no point in recorded human history has a joint mercy-fuck ever occurred!

    Bangkok you should be the first!!!!!

    Bangkok, my dear son, before going over to Flower’s government-subsidized apartment, purchase a 12 pack of beer and have it bagged in a brown paper bag[extremely important]. When you arrive at Flower’s lair, drink all 12 beers to anesthetize yourself. Then take the brown paper bag the beer came in and place it over Flower’s head. Trust me, Flowers looks like a cross between someone who feeds Alka-Seltzer to seagulls and the cafeteria lunch lady at your high school. You will definitely need both the 12 pack and the paper bag!

    Bangkok, no need to bring condoms! Flowers is long past menopause and both of you are virgins; So no risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases!!!

    I am sorry, Bangkok, but beggars can’t be choosers. Look at Sultan! He is so hard up he is in an imaginary relationship with a celebrity.

    • Bangkok,

      List of Additional Considerations,
      Suggestions, & Needed Supplies for the Dual-Mercy Fuck with Flowers:

      •One dozen roses; Women are women, even bat shit crazy cat-ladies like to be romanced.

      •One weed-whacker; No doubt from poor hygiene, and lack of amours(lovers); Flowers has gone full native. Her bush will be thicker than Collin Kaepernick’s Afro or the Congo jungle.

      •One spray can of WD-40 oil; Her lower lady’s part from decades of lack of use, poor hygiene, and menopause is now like a rusted sump-pump; Or 2 sheets of sand paper glued together.

      •One bottle of Viagra; Self-explanatory; Just steal your dad’s whole bottle; Don’t just steal 1 or 2 pills, Dipshit! Trust me you will need the whole f*cking bottle[Caitlin Jenner is better looking than Flowers]. 🙂

      •One can of Lysol; Cat ladies rarely clean their apartments.

      • One economy size bottle of
      Massengill Extra Cleansing Disposable Douche 64oz [self-explanatory].

      •Please remember to bring the 12 beers and the paper bag; Unless you now have access to some Fentanyl to anesthetize yourself.

      •Safety Precaution: Make sure Flowers knows your parents are aware of where you are; You don’t want to end up in the freezer with the cats.

      Bangkok, you will be boldly going where no man as gone before!

      Good luck you little dipshit!!! 🙂

      • I don’t see how she can have a relationship with anyone (outsider) after all these years of living that life. I wonder how she will cope in prison. Would she have access to a psychologist or someone who could delve into that mind?

    • Natashka,

      The only highlight of this article is the pictures Frank Parlato dutifully picked out. I LMFAO when I first saw them.

      Frank picked out some priceless gems. I am honored by the fact Frank spent 8min picking out photos to roast me.

      • It was not meant as an insult Nice Guy. I was trying to capture an image that I think might look like the persona you try to create on Frank Report, although Bangkok thinks it is no persona but the real you.

        • Frank, I was not insulted. I greatly enjoyed the photos! I don’t take the banter or roasting seriously.

          Clearly, I love sh*ting on and roasting Scott Johnson and Bangkok; And I believe, “If you can’t take it don’t dish it out”.

          Please keep the photos coming with Bangkok’s articles. I truly enjoyed the photos.

          And the reader Natashka enjoyed them.

        • Frank,

          To help you out with you future photo selection, I have B- looks and a D+ body.[I a have to loose 20lbs]. You did get the hair color right!

  • Thanks, Bangcock, for clarifying what I brought up last week. People thought it was Flowers and told this long-time reader to fuck off. At least it brought out some truth in Hiedi for once in her life. Now if she would just update that profile picture.

    • Slim Shadey(Flowers),

      You are so obsessed with Hutchinson. Hutchinson has an adult son with healthcare issues and a sister who was either murdered or driven to suicide. What is wrong with you? Are you going to start harassing Kristin Snyder’s living sister next?

    • Since I haven’t even commented on this thread before (and have just read it now) I’m not sure why Niceguy is even mentioning me. You are as obsessed as Dahlia is. Maybe you’re the same person?

      Dahlia, if you have a genuine reason for your obsesssion, then spit it out. Otherwise, your identity becomes pretty clear, and it’s certainly not beneficial to you, (although you don’t seem to realize that yet.)

        • Just reading your earlier post made me want to shower. Wish I could erase your words from my mind, too.
          Do you watch a lot of porn, Niceguy? Might be time for you to get a new hobby.

          • Flowers,

            “Just reading your earlier post made me want to take a cold shower.” -Flowers
            How exhilarating! Thanks for sharing!

            I watch less porn than you; I am positive. You are f*cking crazier than Sultan of Six.
            You are also a mean bitch.

          • Am I mean because I won’t respond to your childish trolling, or mean because I asked Dahlia (who is possibly another Niceguy alias) to stop the passive aggressive whining and spit out their reason for being so obsessed with me?

          • Flowers,

            Surprise!!!! Some people obviously enjoy my roasts of you. I could care less about what you think. You have no redeemable quality!!!!!

            Bangkok and Johnson are actually funny. I actually just apologized to Johnson and previously have apologized to Bangkok because I was too harsh on them.

            I am attempting to make people laugh at your expense.
            Dahlia is not me. I could give an F’ who you are in real life. I would never DOX you under any circumstances. I find you irritating. You are a woman. I would never under any circumstances ever DOX a woman.

          • Niceguy
            I think you’re too much of a coward to admit to why you’re so obsessed with me. Your excuse is irritation? I never even comment about you, except to reply to some of your comments written about me, so what is irritating you so much? LOL.

            Why don’t you just grow a set already and admit the truth? Your “friend” Dahlia/Agenda/Dr. Festinger/etc. has already fucked up and accidentally disclosed their (your?) real identity.

  • Hutchinson and NiceGuy are too worthless to comment on, but Bangkok needs to remember womens’ lib occurred decades ago, so Salzman can’t have it both ways, be a victim and simultaneously a liberated woman. It doesn’t work that way, Bangkok.

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