Nice Guy: Ben Myers and Michelle Salzman Spotted at a Macy Gray Concert; ‘Then My Wife Ordered Me to Stop Posting on Frank Report’

Ben Myers with wife Michelle Salzman

Ed. Note: Nxivm has achieved a level of notoriety that the spotting of members in public places is a bit of an event. Some might say it is not unlike seeing a skunk in your driveway. It is not necessarily pleasing, but it’s still fascinating.

Recently we published a story about a Nancy and Lauren Salzman spotting at a Starbucks at a thruway rest stop at Plattekill, NY at about 8 PM on Saturday night.

The sighting raised some curiosity, not just for the spotting of the winsome mother and daughter, but also because a question arose as to whether they were – by being together on that outing – at that time – violating the terms of their bail conditions, which subjects each of them to home confinement.

In any event, one of our most delightful commenters, Nice Guy, happened upon Ben Myers and Michelle Salzman-Myers, husband and wife, at a concert in Massachusetts.  I have learned from another source that Ben – the former hacker for Nxivm – is now gainfully employed by a firm in the area in a supervisory capacity and with a salary in excess of $100,000 per year.

Here is the account from Nice Guy, who seems to have run afoul of his wife for making late-night comments on Frank Report. [See my marital advice to Nice Guy at the end of this post.]

By Nice Guy 

Back in October, my wife and I attended a Macy Gray concert at Sculler’s Jazz club inside of the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton in Allston, Massachusetts. Michelle Salzman and Ben Myers were sitting in the front row, three tables from where I was in the front row.

Sculler’s is a small venue. The front row seats were $300 or so apiece. My wife probably lied about the expense of the tickets. Dinner is included ahead of time. Food is mediocre like any meal that is included for free. LOL

Macy Gray appeared at Scully’s on October 17- 19, 2019\

Michelle Salzman is a hell of a lot better looking in person. Ben Myers is about the same, maybe slightly better looking in person.

Michelle with her mother Nancy Salzman and sister Lauren Salzman. These three women helped run Nxivm for nearly 20 years.

Michelle got up and danced with a few other women, all strangers. Ben stayed at the table.

I was staring at Michelle and Ben because I was in shock to see them. It was surreal, Frank.

Michelle and I made eye contact twice and she gave me the look. I stopped looking over. I was so obvious because it was so bizarre seeing them. I was positively the only person that recognized them.

I would have taken a picture, but my wife said, “I will f*cking kill you.” My wife is Sicilian and I am sure you know Sicilian women. LOL.

You may remember a while back I asked Nutjob if Michelle Salzman was better looking in person. She is a lot better looking. I was surprised by how shorter she is than I imagined. I am 6’1″, so it’s relative.

They looked very happy and still smitten with each other.

Michelle with her husband, Ben Myers.

Reading the Cambridge poster’s comment about Ben Myers motivated me. It was a while back so I very much doubt they have any idea who I am.

The concert sucked. Macy Gray had a hard time in the beginning because she looked to be on opiates or some kind of barbiturates.

I live in the Metrowest area outside of Boston. Cambridge is a 20-minute drive. I am what is known as a MassHole. I was actually born in Cambridge while my dad was in graduate school.

It was so incredibly unreal seeing Michelle Salzman and her husband. I almost did not think it was Michelle because she is better looking in person. It was Ben’s relative likeness that confirmed things. I wish I had taken a picture.

Ben Myers


Michelle Salzman

Odds are I will not be running into them again because I am 20 minutes away and do not plan on trawling for trouble. Now that I know Ben works in Cambridge, it all makes sense. Now that I know Ben has a good job, I understand why they were having a night out and well dressed. The other writer mentioned Ben is a millionaire? How is that possible? Any ideas?

[Ed. Note: Ben might be a millionaire with the cash his in-laws have secreted. Keep in mind that only $520,000 in cash was found at Nancy Salzman’s house by the FBI and seized. Several insiders told me that the cash that Nancy has hidden in various houses was well over $2 million dollars.]

I would greatly appreciate it if I can remain anonymous. My main fear is my wife and I like keeping my head between my shoulders and my jimmy-Johnson between my legs.

After reading the gentleman’s description from Cambridge, I figured what the hell am I being scared for. LOL I now feel ridiculous. I am experiencing insomnia and boredom at the moment. 

Take care, Frank!


My wife woke up as I was signing off and asked me who I was texting with and demanded to see my phone.

My wife then ordered me to cease posting on that “crazy website” I am always on.

Frank the reason I am posting at this moment in defiance to my wife is for one reason only. I am posting because of Dani’s imprisonment.

Ben Myers and Michelle Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Nany Salzman knew about Dani’s confinement.

Ben and Michelle got off-Scott free. I want them to feel uncomfortable and feel like Frank Report readers are everywhere. They should be made to feel uncomfortable and should feel just like the people that Nxivm vindictively went after like their lives are under a microscope.

Many of the victims of Nxivm are now emotionally scarred for life and some have legitimate PTSD.

Michelle and Ben were positively at the Macy Gray concert and enjoying themselves immensely. Please post my spotting of them at the concert. They more than deserve to feel uncomfortable after being a part of causing so many people pain and needless suffering.

I wish you well!

I will be taking a break for a while. I am sure you will be happy I am taking a break from my prolific posting. 


[Ed. Note: No, Nice Guy, I like your posts and think you should continue. Tell your wife that you will not be henpecked. She is Sicilian. I know she will appreciate it. As Don Corleone said to his godson when he was talking like you, “You can act like a man!”

I will expect more comments from you soon.  And thanks for this interesting story about spotting Michelle and Ben.

Image result for godfather brando you can act like a man
Nice Guy, you can act like a man! Please do so.  We enjoy your comments.



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  • What about Michelle Salzman Loshin Myers? Is she getting prosecuted too? And what about where all the money went? Could it have gone to Nancy’s sister, Carole Kass Loshin, and her husband, Steve Kass, of Tofutti? And what about Lorraine Loshin and Milton Loshin? The money went somewhere…

    • Anonymaker,

      Re Facebook Macy video:

      I greatly appreciate you taking the time to look up the video and post the Facebook link. I also enjoy reading your writings from your efforts in investigating other subjects or topics. I believe in being polite, and practicing reciprocity where applicable.

      So here is a full well written explanation to your question……

      I enlarged the video you posted. The Facebook video is from the wrong night. Macy is wearing black gloves with the fingers cutoff. The night I attended Macy’s show she was wearing old ratty red gloves with the fingers of the gloves cutoff.

      Now you may wonder, considering I took no photos, why I remember such an odd minute detail. How can you not be skeptical?

      The reason I noticed this detail is because the gloves were so
      incredible ratty, but more to the point, I knew someone with a drug problem. Individuals with drug problems hide there hands with gloves because their hands get very puffy or swollen looking to the point of being disturbing.

      Let me give you the full explanation……
      …I went to a preparatory school in the 80s with a bunch of rich “kids” with drug problems and money to burn. There was one particular girl who always wore gloves with the fingers cutoff. At the time my classmates and I believed she just wanted to look like Madonna. The real reason she wore the gloves was because she was “shooting” up, I learned later from a professor.

      When Macy Grey appeared on stage I immediately new she was “feeling strung out”, meaning off the drugs or the drugs hadn’t kicked in yet. 15 minutes after taking the stage her drugs kicked in she became alive, her color in her face returned, and she started acting like a professional stage performer instead of a slouched over and melancholy drug addict.

      If you have ever watch a drug addict after the drugs kick in the results are astonishing to say the least. My seats were close enough that Macy Gray was about 12 feet away. We were eye ball to eye ball. I doubt many people noticed anything was off except for front row ticket holders with drug addict experience.
      LOL; There is always comedy in tragedy or you can cry.

      ….So that is the long winded reason why I noticed a pair of old ratty red gloves with the fingers cutoff.

      Here is an article with an explanation of why shooting up causes puffy hands.

      Side note:
      If you are wondering how bad the drug problems were in prep-schools in the 80’s…..One time I went to a semi-formal after party at a hotel. I walk into the hotel room where one of the parties was being held…..the students had taken down a mirror and built on top of the mirror a large “sandcastle” made out of powdered cocaine. God only knows how many 8-balls that took to make. Sitting on the mirror was tens of thousands of dollars in cocaine.

      I was a relatively speaking goody too shoes and ran the hell out of the room.

      Have good weekend. Please post a simple two word reply “saw it” Thanks!

      • I’ll give you the “saw it” to prove at least one person read your post. You seem very informed on this topic.
        Two questions:
        When you throw your hands in the air while doing the wave at Fenway, are you wearing ratty batting gloves with the fingers cutoff?

    • Scott, happily Nice Guy is returning to Frank Report and has written a post which I intend to publish tomorrow on the reasons for his last post.

  • Nice Guy’s Official Declaration, Clarification, and Full Retraction; How I truly feel in real life! The following is my 12 point retraction. My Retraction:

    1. First and foremost, I wish all current and former members of Nxivm and their victims peace,happiness, joy long lives, joyous love and prosperity.

    2. My comments are always made under a moniker/avatar/character. Whenever I post, I post under a pseudonym character, my character is just me role playing on this website/blog. NiceGuy is not who I truly am. Its not my real name. I wish no one in my real life or the world harm or ill will.

    3. I do not truly feel anyone from Nxivm; and especially Michelle and Ben should ever be placed under a microscope, followed, or bothered, ever. I bare them no ill will and I wish them the best. I sincerely mean this!

    4. I did observe Ben and Michelle at the club. Oddly enough they actually are better looking in person. Ben actually looks better with a shaven head and no glasses. Ben and Michelle make a cute couple, actually. I did not speak with them personally or make any gestures in their general direction, whatsoever!

    5. Nothing that I previously stated in my article should be considered fact or truth other then, when I witnessed Ben and his girlfriend at the club and described what they looked like in my role playing article/fictional role playing post.

    6. I took no pictures or any form of recording of them at anytime.

    7. I wrote this entire declaration myself and my wife has no idea or knowledge of anything I have ever actually posted on this website other then the fact that I once told her about my NiceGuy character. NiceGuy is a character role I like to play on the

    8. The NiceGuy character and anything I have written and posted is not indicative of how I truly feel about anyone or anything. I wish no one under any circumstances ill will or harm. I hope and wish only happiness to all and all Nxivm members past, present, and future.

    9. Only the government and the state can make decisions regarding people’s lives. I have no say or right nor does anyone else do decide anything affecting other people.

    10. I do not want to encourage or intended to encourage anyone or members of the public at anytime to ever bother anyone from Nxivm prior or current members; Especially Ben and Michelle should be left alone. Again, Ben and Michelle and former and current members of Nxivm should be left alone. Private citizens have no right to harass or bother anyone.

    11. I have no plans to ever see Ben and Michelle or anyone else from Nxivm ever again nor do I want to. Seeing Ben and Michelle was a random occurrence, my wife bought the tickets months ahead of time.
    12. We all make mistakes and all deserve the ability to move on with are lives and not be judged by anyone except the government and God.
    Hi Frank, I will greatly appreciate if you have the spare time to post this comment. I will be emailing you a copy for your records and mine. Thank you!

    P.S. Frank you were right not even 24hrs have past and I am back.

  • Maybe if we spent less time observing them like they’re movie stars, and spent more time cracking the code, we’d have as much money as them?

  • Niceguy, I thoroughly enjoyed your post and the picture you painted for all of us. I remember your earlier mention of the encounter but appreciate the longer story. I am glad you are keeping them in the spotlight since both Ben and Michelle knew things were happening around them that were not ethically right.

    Your wife should not be concerned about your posting on Frank Report. It’s healthy to have an outlet and you’ve said you can relate to the suicides being reported herein. It appears, to me, there are unresolved issues there and posting your feelings here could help with that as well as the insomnia these memories has brought on.

    Like Frank, I almost always enjoy your comments.

  • NiceGuy act like a man? That’s hilarious! He first has to work his way up past child, he’s even too scared to make a simple phone call. LOL

    Even Ben Szemkus came on my radio show after apparently making up a story. I like Ben’s made-up story better, it included a professional whore. Salzman is just an amateur whore. LOL

    Hey NiceGuy, try pulling the zipper on your pants around to the front. Do you even know what that means? LOL

    If something like this happened to me, my wife wouldn’t act like she’s in charge of me, because she isn’t. Plus, she understands what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Thanks for confirming what I already knew, you’re a pu$$y NiceGuy. LOL

    • Scott, Ben’s story was a bit more entertaining than Niceguy’s concert story is, though the addition of a professional whore would help.
      I think Niceguy should have taken the pics, regardless, (his wife would have had to visit the powder room at some point, giving him an opportunity) and then he could have photoshopped Stormy Daniel’s into the scene….

      • Flowers & Mr. Scott Johnson-

        Flowers: lately I have noticed you have been sucking up to Mr. Scott Johnson.
        Allow me to help you., Flowers, make a love connection.

        Cupid will help you make a love connection.

        Scott: If you were single, would you be willing to date a young, intelligent, beautiful, sexually charged, and possibly schizophrenic clone of Bee Arthur from Maude; Whose ex-boyfriend curiously happens to be in the basement freezer? Scott, don’t worry about her ex-boyfriend, he won’t mind if the two of you date. He is busy developing freezer burn.

        • Great idea. If anything comes of this, will the two lovebirds kindly keep us updated as the relationship progresses?

        • Scott, be careful, is someone setting you up? That ends with Flowers always saying to you, “God’ll getcha for that, Scott!”. Flowers finally pulls your zipper down, and then you have nothing more to laugh about.

        • Flowers’ ex-boyfriend is not in the freezer.
          Flowers has no room for her ex-boyfriend in the freezer. It’s already filled with dead cats.

      • Why would you assume Stormy Daniels wasn’t there – along with Ben S.?

        I’m planning to look through the video and photos and see if I can find Ghislaine Maxwell there, too – and maybe even Jeffrey Epstein!

        If there are no coincidences….

        Ben Myers is working in Cambridge, adjacent to Boston.

        NXIVM’s current corporate counsel, Ashcroft Sullivan (as in John Ashcroft, Attorney General in the Bush Administration that ordered Jeffrey Epstein be virtually pardoned), is also in Boston.

        Geoffrey Epstein was strongly tied to MIT and Harvard – both in Cambridge

        Ghislaine Maxwell was last known to be living in New England.

        Pam Cafritz went to the same small college in Massachusetts as Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s daughter Alexa, by his wife who was also involved in Aleister Crowley’s Thelema along with Jack Parsons, and in the next town over from where Alexa lives to this day.

        Scientology is of course much of the basis of NXIVM, bringing us back full circle. And Scientology is about to open one of its massive new “ideal” church and school facilities in Allston – the same town Sculler’s Jazz Club is located in.

        If the conspiracy is anything, it is deep and pervasive…. 🙂

        • Interesting that Scientology is opening a new church and school there, as I’d heard it was a dying “religion”, but it must be thriving in some areas of the country.

          Btw, I thought the couple in the video clip looked like Ben and Stormy. 😄

          • Flowers,

            ….As a holiday arts and crafts project for Christmas this year, you should taxidermy your ex-boyfriend and dress him up as Santa Claus; And stick him in the front yard.

            ….Then for the perfect finishing touch you can take out 8 cats from the freezer and dress them up as Santa’s reindeer.

            Like Martha Stuart says, it’s all about the presentation!

          • “Interesting that Scientology is opening a new church and school there, as I’d heard it was a dying “religion”, but it must be thriving in some areas of the country.”

            There are stories that Scientology, through its followers has bought over 30% of downtown Clearwater Florida.
            Ultimately Scientology intends to turn Clearwater, Florida into the Scientology Vatican.

            How the Church of Scientology doubled its footprint in Florida

          • Why address only me, Niceguy, when so many others posted delightful comments about your story?
            You really seem interested in ice cold pussy cats. I wonder if that’s symbolic or something.

    • Nice Guy,

      No worries, Scooter is just a sad ex-suds salesman who isn’t personally involved with the NXIVM story.

      He knows no players personally and we know nothing about his wife other than he says he’s married.

      His Amway soapbox is so small compared to the NXIVM story, he couldn’t get a blog with a 1,000 readers to follow him so he comes here to pester us and blow off his Amway LOC steam.

      Once again Scooter, no one gives a crap about you or your college small-time radio talk show.

      • Thanks for not addressing any of the points of my comment. Is your real name Joe Biden? LOL

        NiceGuy wasn’t personally involved in NXIVM, either. At least I have the MLM scam knowledge that oozes out of NXIVM. I’ve had three PhDs, Frank, and numerous other guests on my radio show, so that is hardly “no one.” LOL

        • Oh Scooter Boy,

          The windmills are calling,

          You are like Don Quixote saying you are fighting the Amway scam.

          Neither the Federal Trade Commission nor any other government agency sees it your way. Must be lonely out there on your ass (donkey), soapbox and your degrees, shouting from your radio station “Amway is a scam” but the government lets them keep on building.

          Face it, dude, you and your 3 Pile it higher (PhD’s) just couldn’t make you successful in Amway.

          You tried the get rich walk-away residual income that some have in Amway (just like most industries) and you didn’t hit the mark.

          Now you’re bitter and want it shut down so those who have been successful will lose what they have built.

          Sounds bitter to me, Scooter titty baby boy.

          You don’t even have a zipper yet. You still have pull-ups.

          • The FTC sees it my way, they just haven’t gotten around to Amway. Yet. Just ask Vemma, Herbalife, and Neora. LOL

            It is a bit lonely being one of the very few without apathy and stupidity. But that’s life. LOL

            The only people “successful” in Amway are scam artists. I don’t consider that success. LOL

            Why don’t you zip up your pants and come on my show, if you’re so smart? LOL

    • His wife will never run out of laundry detergent. She loves it and looks forward to him getting suckered again!

  • Oh Nice guy. You know how much the FR readers like a good picture. Just think, you could have claimed the honour of being accused of stalking a Salzman! I’m sure taking a sneaky pic would not have been a killing offense, maybe just in the doghouse for a day?

    Come back soon, it’s already a little less entertaining with bankok missing from the comments.

  • Oh! Awesome Congrats niceguy on making it to Correspondent status! I am honestly happy for you. Great article. Macy Gray! That’s perfect.

  • What’s the real reason niceguy is threatening to stop posting?

    A. Jealous of the 120 comments on the Flowers thread and is looking for attention.
    B. Too busy doing prepwork so he can appear on Scott’s buddy’s podcast. It will be riveting dialogue.
    C. Like poor Actaeon, he’s really quitting because he gazed at Keith’s hairy chest one too many times.
    D. Bangcock was right and niceguy will be busy getting some splainin out of wifey.
    E. Winter is here and he’s letting homeless Bangcock move in. He’ll be busy getting that little dipshit’s room ready.
    F. He lost the fistfight with Mitch Garrity. Loser had to leave FR & on the way out the door, make up the most embarassing explanation EVER of why they’re leaving.
    G. Tom Se – errrrr Shadow has been stalking him and he needs to lay low.
    H. He’s pissed Frank wouldn’t publish any of his masterpiece posts and was hoping this grand exit would guilt Frank into doing so.
    I. Can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. Michelle. Salzman.
    J. He’s sorry. He didn’t mean it. He’ll keep posting. Apologies all around.

  • Now we know why Nice Guy wouldn’t pick up the phone for Scott Johnson. He wasn’t afraid of johnson he was afraid of his wife. She told him not to call Scooter. Otherwise big brave Nice Guy would have manned up, taken off his wife’s panties, put on his big boy pants and called Scotty and gone on his show.

  • The lil guy Nice Guy. I knew I liked him. He’s the perfectly emasculated man and doesn’t mind admitting it to the world. That’s pussy whipped. Probably cuckolded too. Any chance the Society of Protectors could take him on? Grow a set of balls will ya, Nice Guy ?

    • Definitely SoP material. I picture a mini me del negro. No I take it back.
      I’m really happy he got a post elevated to an article. He hasn’t been this happy since, well, the Macy Gray concert! He’s wanted this for so long. And everyone asking him to post more!?! Dreams do come true.

      Cheers Niceguy! I’m polishing off a bottle of Bulliet in your honor tonight!

      • Mitchell,

        “I am polishing off a bottle of Bulliet in your honor tonight!”, Mitch.

        Will that be before or after you polish-off and top-off your Jamaican male nursing aide?

        Mitchell there is no shame in interracial relationships between men. Be free!

        • Again using the implication of my possible homosexuality as an insult and this time adding race to the mix. That’s very sad. And intolerant. You should be ashamed. Or maybe it’s just the character you’re roll playing as that is an intolerant bigot. Idk.

          That I should be insulted by the suggestion that I’m gay or involved with a black man says a lot. About you. Or character “Niceguy”. I’m just not sure.
          It saddens me that none of us know the “authentic” you.
          It occurs to me that a NXIVM intensive may have been helpful for you. I think there was a module for that.

          • Mitchell,

            “Mitchell there is no shame in interracial relationships between men. Be free!”

            My words are definitively words of freedom and compassion.

            Mitchell, we all know you are being a hypocrite. Mitchell stop pretending to be so offended. Are you kidding? Should I start posting your previous misogynistic statements? “Women are all so stupid”, Mitchell should l post everything ? All the regular commentors know who and what you are Mitch. Mitchell you are cut from the same misanthropic cloth as Scott Johnson.

            Mitchell your name is now at the top of my Naughty List:

            1. Mitchel Garrity
            2. Bill Cosby
            3. Harvey Weinstein
            4.Sultan of Six
            5. Scott Johnson
            6. Al Goldstein
            7. Betty White

  • I agree that Ben Myers is scum of the earth and so is his wifey Michelle Salzman.

    Do you think his job knows that his was NXIVM’S hacker in their Computer trespassing case? That he helped to lie in court documents about where the servers where?

    Ben Meyers, with the help of NXIVM’s legal team pulled the wool over the prosecution eyes by pretending he was an independent computer business man hired by them. Instead he had been an insider for NXIVM for decades.

    His job should know that he is/was in the NXIVM cult and the son in law of a soon to be Federal prisoner and head of a massive sex cult. Don’t you think his job has a right to know such information?

  • Nice Guy come back. I’ll talk to your wife and ask her permission for you. If need be I’ll romance her and tame her a might. Then I’ll order her to let you come back to Frank Report. We love you here.

  • ” the reason I am posting at this moment in defiance to my wife is for one reason only. I am posting because of Dani’s imprisonment.”
    Nice Guy

    From your post it sounds like you are the one imprisoned, not Dani.
    Does your better half keep your family jewels in a special pouch in her pocket book?
    It sounds to me like you are a little too nice.

    “The concert sucked. Macy Gray had a hard time in the beginning because she looked to be on opiates or some kind of barbiturates.”
    Nice Guy

    Macy Gray has always sung like she is in an opiate induced haze.

    Just remember that if Ben is a millionaire it’s from driving lower level employees like slaves.
    The only Executive Successes from NXIVM are the scumbag Salzmans.

    And Frank, I would not be surprised if some of the money filched from the Bronfman sisters in the bogus commodity trades found its way into the hands of Nancy Salzman and Company.

    • Shadowstate,

      “Does your better half keep your family jewels in a special pouch in her pocket book? It sounds to me like you are a little too nice.” -Shadowstate

      Shadowstate LOL, I’ve given you so
      much shit, I definitely have it coming…

      FYI she keeps my “jewels” in a lockbox on a bedside table and only takes them out when she wants a piece of ass. I am a kept man. Things can always be worse. Look at Scott Johnson’s life.

  • Nice Guy You did a good job describing Macy Gray, because you mentioned her apparent opiate haze. That is fine for you and your wife. One foresees no marital problem, that is, unless your wife happens to know that perhaps you find kind of handicap attractive.

    Now, as far as Michelle goes, there you went overboard and described her as good-looking several times. Now why did you do that, if you want to remain happily married?

    No one gives a shit about how good-looking you thought Michelle was in person, nor did anyone need or want to hear this 3 or 4 times in few little paragraphs.

    Massa2shitz, we have a problem, or at least you have one now.

    You also said that probably your wife is a liar and let us know that she does not hesitate to threaten your life, just as conversational fodder. “I will f*cking kill you!” Then you lay it on thick again about how GOOOD-LOOKING you thought the CUlt NuT is.

    How will you be able to fix this mess? There are only twenty days left until Christmas, and you just crapped all over the merry Holiday Spririt. And you went and did it on the worldwide web.

    Far be it from me to offer marital advice. You could write one hundred times “Michelle Salzman is ugly.” Then have the statement made into a poster and tack it all over Boston.

    You could spend a fortune on presents for your wife. Starting NOW and continuing until 2020 is well underway and see it that will help you restore harmony. Maybe you have a sizable doghouse in the backyard and can move into it and be exceedingly penitent and obsequious. You could go on a fast or something.

    • There is nothing wrong with looking at the buffet as long as you don’t eat from it. Men never stop looking till the day they die.

      Happy Holidays and make a New Years Resolution this year to try acting normal. 🙂

    • The persistent gift idea is goer, Shivani, I can think of no better recompense for NG’s erm, insensitivity – along with Frank’s advice that you just continue to post here, Nice Guy, grow a set, make up for the lowkey shading of your missus, by endless tribute and explain that your job here is not done..also, that it might not be, from her experience at Macy Gray, all about the epiphanic beauty of Michelle Salzman, but something that does not necessarily vie with her..she’s a lawyer right? and no doubt a Sicilian beauty? Be an asset all round, Pony Boy.

      • I have no fucking idea what you posted. But the fact that you mentioned Macy Gray and Pony Boy made me stop scratching my head and start rolling on the ground at your comedic genius.

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