Letters to Editor: Ben Myers, Bronfmans, & the Lost Women, Including Another Lost One –the late Suzanne Kemp

Here are some of the emails I got within the last week on Nxivm and its cast of characters. For obvious reasons, I must keep the identity of the senders anonymous. This encourages information flow. Many emails I get just ask questions but some provide important information.

Here are some I want to share with Frank Report readers, who may, in turn, have something more to add.

Michelle Salzman Myers with her husband, Ben Myers.

RE: Ben Myers

Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Parlato. I would like to express our deepest thanks and gratitude for your unwavering work in exposing Ben Myers and Nexium’s Dr. Porter’s Mengele experiments. 

Your exposures are highlighting the dangers of unregulated psychological torture and the need for informed consent and data protection for all human subject experiments. 

Thank you on behalf of all bio-potential measurement professionals. Your work makes it much easier for us to keep the unaccountable executive caste responsible when it comes to public safety.

Have you ever met Ben in person, Frank? Having had to deal with Ben Myers for almost a year now, I personally think that bastard predators like Ben need to have a label branding them on the forehead because corporate Human Resource background checks don’t do shit to protect employees from the remaining Nexians. Especially with known blackmailers like our buddy millionaire hacker Ben.

Do the cops have a list of all the Nexium retreat-trained “executives” who might be compromised by Nexian creeps? That would be useful.

Thank you for all your work, it’s really helpful in our struggle to keep The People’s Republic of Cambridge free of CCP controlled sweatshops and other spy factories 😉 Yup. For real.

Let me know if you’re curious about Nexium’s possible forays here in Beantown. I’m under all sorts of NDA fun, but these fuckers gotta get investigated and exposed. I would really appreciate it if you could keep my identity confidential, though my employer will blame me for any releases anyway. I am a little afraid that they will dump something to frame me as leaking sensitive info first, but fuck’em anyway. These Nexians create a giant mess that all of us are too terrified by their political connections to clean up, then they ride out to the next town.

Happy Turkey Day!



RE: Suzanne Kemp

Do you remember Suzanne Kemp? She was wasting away during V-Week in 2008 or 2009, all alone. Keith was pissed at her for some reason and refused to let any of her friends visit her.
I can’t find her obituary and it’s also 2:30 in the morning but I’m curious about the timing of her death vs. the date of The Rat’s comment.
This is all I know of the situation.
And I need to stay anonymous if you publish anything about this.
Thank you.


Edgar Bronfman Sr.

RE: Bronfmans

High Frankie …

You missed a part of the Bronfman’s [story] and how they rose to power with assistance of W. L. MacKenzie King. MacKenzie King authorized the Customs Department to confiscate legit alcohol from farmers. The alcohol was then sold from Customs to the Bronfmans without the necessary tendering process.

Image result for w. l. mackenzie king
W. L. Mackenzie King, Canadian political leader from the 1920s through the 1940s.

The Bronfmans then contaminated the alcohol, and shipped the poison to the U. S. from Regina.

Once in the U. S., the alcohol was distilled to separate the crap from the booze.


Edgar Bronfman, Sr. and his bootlegging father, Sam Bronfman.


Cynthia Libratore, sister of Barbara Jeske, appears in the Discovery ID film ‘The Lost Women of Nxivm”. She raises serious questions about whether Barbara Jeske was poisoned.


Heidi Hutchinson appears in the DIscovery ID film ‘The Lost Women of Nxivm’ – and calls into question her sister’s “suspicious death”.

The sisters of the dead could unite in a call for an investigation.

You might suggest it, as it could bring the effort to get the truth considerably more power.  More power, etc.  Interviews and outrage.

Or just the relatives of the diseased.  Not just sisters.  All their stories are horrendous.  The Jeske family’s having to beg to get Barbara’s body sent home and on and on.  The more outraged relatives, the better.

The group should have an outrageous label for themselves and there’s power in numbers, plus anonymity. The relatives could be supported by friends of the group. It could become its own force.

For truth and solving mystery.  Rather than revenge per se.

Others. Such as the millions of relatives of missing kids. Could support the effort of this group.  Missing youngsters.  Is the biggest hidden crime of our time.  Right up there.   So many are silent regarding it.  Helpless.

So, orchestrated and framed strategically, could start a movement powered by new public awareness of the sheer magnitude of the problem.  Relatives of the Nixivm dead.  Is the beginning!



Don’t let anyone kid you, Frank, you hit the big time with your film [The Lost Women of Nxivm] being on Investigation Discovery.

So you know, Frank, Investigation Discovery, or simply just ID, is rated as the #1 network for women and the leading crime and justice network on television. They do true crime, all the time. They are a part of Discovery, Inc., which owns Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Network, etc. Those networks are their sister channels.

Their audience is more than triple HBO and is in the millions. Congratulations.



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  • Susanna Kemp died from breast cancer. She was in her home, with some friends when she past away.

    The good news is she was visited by friends who left NXIVM. She was well cared for by some of the members of the NXIVM nine.

    One of the members came from Washington state and stayed and cared for her during her final days. One member was able to get an early release of a movie that Suzanne wanted to watch before she pass away sent to her home so they could watch it together.

    NXIVM sumbags circle their wagons waiting for her final breaths. Even asking about her final Will, if you can believe that.

    One of the computer hackers even made his way into her house and spent time on her computer before she died. How creepy was that and what was he doing on her computer?

    Suzanne Kemp was a step ahead of Raniere and Salzman. She had changed her will and left all her money to charity. and her car to a non-NXIVM member who had become her best friend. The creepy cult got nothing.

  • Frank,

    My wife woke up as I was signing off and asked me who I was texting with and demanded to see my phone.

    My wife then ordered me to cease posting on that “crazy website” I am always on.
    I will be taking a break for a while. I am sure you will be happy I am taking a break from my prolific posting. 😉

    Frank the reason I am posting at this moment in defiance to my wife is for one reason only I am posting because of Dani’s imprisonment. Ben Myers and Michelle Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Nany Salzman knew about Dani’s confinement. Ben and Michelle got off-Scott free. I want them to feel uncomfortable and feel like Frankreport readers are every where. They should be made to feel uncomfortable and should feel just like the people that Nxivm vindictively went after like their lives are under a microscope. Many of the victims of Nxivm are now emotionally scared for life and some have legitimate PTSD.

    Michelle and Ben were positively at the Macy Gray concert and enjoying themselves immensely. Please post my spotting of them at the concert. They more than deserve to feel uncomfortable after being a part of causing so many people pain and and needless suffering.

    I wish you well!

  • PLEASE! Anyone with information on Suzanne Kemp — her family, her friends, V-week attendees — for the love of God come forward! Where, when, how did she die? Was there an obit? Where was she from? Give us something more to go on. Remain anonymous if you wish. Post from a public place. Any untimely deaths surrounding NXIVM COUNT. Thank you!

  • Frank,

    Back in October, my wife and I attended a Macy Gray concert at Sculler’s Jazz club inside of the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton.
    Michelle Salzman and Ben Myers were sitting in the front row, three tables from where I was in the front row. Sculler’s is a small venue. The front row seats were $300 or so apiece, my wife probably lied about the expense of the tickets. Dinner is included ahead of time. Food is mediocre like any meal that is included for free. LOL


    Michelle Salzman is a hell of a lot better looking in person. Ben Myers is about the same, maybe slightly better looking in person. Michelle got up and danced with a few other women all strangers. Ben stayed at the table. I was staring at Michelle and Ben because I was in shock to see them. It was surreal Frank. Michelle and I made eye contact twice and she gave me the look. I stopped looking over. I was so obvious because it was so bizarre seeing them. I was positively the only person that recognized them.

    I would have taken a picture, but my wife said: “I will f*cking kill you.” My wife is Sicilian and I am sure you know Sicilian women. LOL.

    You may remember a while back I anonymously asked Nutjob if Michelle Salzman was better looking in person. She is a lot better looking. I was surprised by how shorter she is than I imagined. I am 6’1″, so it’s relative.

    They looked very happy and still smitten with each other. Reading the Cambridge poster’s comment motivated me. It was a while back so I very much doubt they have any idea who I am.

    The concert sucked. Macy Gray had a hard time in the beginning because she looked to be on opiates or some kind of barbiturates. I live in the Metrowest area outside of Boston. Cambridge is a 20-minute drive. I am what is known as a MassHole. I was actually born in Cambridge while my dad was in graduate school.

    It was so incredible unreal seeing Michelle Salzman and her husband. I almost did not think it was Michelle because she is better looking in person. It was Ben’s relative likeness that confirmed things. I wish I had taken a picture.

    Odds are I will not be running into them again because I am 20 minutes away and do not plan on trawling for trouble. Now that I know Ben works in Cambridge, it all makes sense. Now that I know Ben has a good job, I understand why they were having a night out and well dressed. The other writer mentioned Ben is a millionaire? How is that possible? Any ideas?

    I would greatly appreciate it if I can remain anonymous. My main fear is my wife and I like keeping my head between my shoulders and my jimmy-Johnson between my legs.
    After reading the gentleman’s description from Cambridge, I figured what the hell am I being scared for. LOL I now feel ridiculous. I am experiencing insomnia and boredom at the moment. 😉
    Take care Frank!

  • I knew these women who have passed away. They were well-intended, good people. Shame on you for dragging them into your self-serving muck while they cannot defend themselves.

    • IMO, part of the tragedy is that Keith found well-intended people and ruined them. Partly because they can not do it themselves, I feel obligated to help in anyway possible to find out if Keith had a hand in their deaths.

  • https://247wallst.com/special-report/2019/12/04/50-worst-movies-of-all-time-2/8/

    20. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)
    > Genre: Action, crime, thriller
    > Directed by: Andrzej Bartkowiak
    > Starring: Kristin Kreuk, Neal McDonough, Michael Clarke Duncan

    “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-LI” is a feature movie adaptation based on the video-game franchise. The film stars Kristin Kreuk, who starred in the television series “Smallville,” as Chun-Li. Critics thought the plot was lacking and the characters miscast (Chris Klein and Michael Clarke Duncan also appear in major roles). It was a box office disappointment, grossing less than $9 million domestically after costing $50 million to make.

    Didn’t NXIVM say being in their cult made you successful and used this coach as an example? 🤔

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