Shivani: Kristin Snyder Trusted Nxivm and No One Has Ever Seen or Heard From Her Again

By Shivani

I keep wondering if Kristin Snyder thought that the Nxivm Intensive at the Westmark Hotel was a setting that she could TRUST as a safe space to tell the group, and its leaders, what she was going through. She was unlikely to have encountered – or to have begun to face much of – the Nxivm deceptiveness yet.

What happened to her personally or privately with Keith Raniere would have caused her so much conflict, confusion, so much worry. What to do? Especially if you think over Kristin’s personal background, how she lived, who she loved and how she had been raised, just imagine what she was experiencing, all of her trust betrayed.

Kristin Snyder cam from a devout Catholic family. L-R Robert, Kristin, Kim, Seated Jonnie Snyder.

Yet Raniere and his group pretended to be promoting “righteous action.” A united front of superior ways and means was held up and sold as if it were a grand panacea of real growth.

This had to have been intensely hard on Kristin, to confide in a group, one she had been taking “human growth potential” courses from and whose members seemed to know what they were selling. The entryway was really into a group dynamic of destructiveness, completely unacknowledged. Yet all were caught up in it. No one was doing any honest work on themselves at all.

In fact, the more delusional a person was about Raniere being supreme, the more Raniere could use that person. The more entrenched an acolyte was in his pathology, the more power he let the sucker have. He didn’t need to lock any idiot who believed in him behind closed doors or to keep battening down his hatches, once someone had surrendered to him. He could control those people. They had said “Yes, Master” and were permanently captured. They could catch more subjugates, even as he kept his repulsive “supremacy” running the show. He had his army.

The group was selling its own hidden evils as goodness. The group was practicing group insanity and upholding their own surrenders to a pervert who enjoyed making them all back his madness. The very second he decided to target anyone, the group followed suit.

These groupies let him be about having him get sex from minors. They were happy to engage in sex-trafficking for him. They were happy to litigate for their benefit and for Raniere’s. They hid and moved money for him. No criminality, no humiliation could be too much. It was for their Vanguard; it was for themselves, both as a group and individually. He was their God. This was their chosen path.

The Vanguard’s photo was hung on walls for worship in the homes of those he controlled.

One of Kristin’s Alaska-situated, Westmark Hotel intensive leaders knew the drill and was still smarting from learning Raniere’s scheme.

Esther Chiappone Carlson.

Yet Esther, knowing Raniere was the man who deceived her, that she had broken up her own family to be with, and then found out that Raniere was a lying manwhore, still supported the entire movement.

She was more than prepared to sacrifice Kristin Snyder. She was not going to allow any truth to come out and shake her own false convictions. She consulted with the grotesque Prefect, Nancy Salzman, about how to handle Kristin, and then she did what she was told.

Obviously, the whole intensive staff was obedient only to Raniere, to Salzman.

Esther Chiappone Carlson knew Keith Raniere had lied to her, and yet she was willing to lie for Raniere.

Esther refused to examine her OWN mistakes.  She was instead, highly invested in backing up the lies, the deceptiveness. She had joined the power rangers of Nxivm.

Esther helped organize the group efforts to gaslight Kristin, for many hours, for more than one group session, and to get rid of Kristin, now a troublemaker. An inconvenience, like a horsefly buzzing around too much, potentially ruining Esther’s/their nice image.

Kristin might have even thought that, by telling the group that Raniere had gotten intimate with her and that she was sure that she was pregnant, they would see her truthfulness and act upon it to help her. She might have hoped that she could even help the group, by revealing something that they deserved to know.

How could Kristin know that the people surrounding Raniere were every bit as unsafe as their leader? He had tricked her, emotionally, mentally and sexually with his scam. She was among people who believed in him and who were all invested in covering for him, for themselves.

Kristin Snyder

Maybe Kristin was deeply upset, but probably she thought she could be helped. Why would she ever dream that she was going to find only group suppression, group leaders’ lies and that she was really putting herself in danger, forced to try to stand alone, to be told that she was not okay but the GROUP was to be lauded as fine and noble?

She would not be allowed to dismantle their God or their godliness.

Have anyone of you ever had to stand alone against such odds? Could you? Have you ever been sexually abused and tried to cope with its consequences, only to find that you had confided in a pit of vipers? Just try to put yourself into Kristin’s shoes, during all of these circumstances. It must have been dreadful for her.

All of the Nxivm individuals were devoted to their group’s lies, pretense. They sold self-help to her. Then she was subjected to abusiveness, maybe even had become pregnant. Then, when she tried to tell her truth, every single member of the organization fucked her over, made her wrong and put her right up against their walls. It seems to have been designed to strategize solely to damage her and even to eliminate her. She was not worth anything to these people. In fact, she had become their ENEMY.

Imagine what their group’s gaslighting would have done to Kristin then, if she opened up out of trust, not to accuse, really. She would be saying, “Look, this is what happened between Raniere and me. What do you think? What do I do now? The guy was not celibate with me; I am pretty sure that I’m pregnant. You are good people who know him better than I do, so I’m asking you to help me.”

And instead, the very opposite occurred, like a huge and shattering slap in her face. Everyone in charge just wanted Kristin to shut up about her “truth.”

Imagine how that would have upset and damaged her, made her feel desperate. And ultimately, these savages removed her from the group entirely. They did not allow her partner, Heidi Clifford, also in the group and ready to help Kristin, to leave with her and to assist her life partner.

They made Kristin look “crazy” instead. Someone was assigned to drive Kristin away in a vehicle from the Westmark Hotel and the group. They all ganged up on Kristin expressly to protect themselves, their profits, their Godman.

Westmark Hotel in Anchorage where the Nxivm intensives were held.

What really happened?

If Kristin were pregnant by this shit heel Raniere, perhaps only a woman can begin to comprehend what Kristin was trying so hard to endure, to handle.

I ask you all, have you ever carried life inside of your womb? Or if you’re a man, have you ever felt protective of your own seed, growing, about to arrive as an infant, your baby? Arriving helpless, innocent, needing you?

Who could Kristin turn to and get any support or guidance?

Raniere had invaded her emotional balance, her inner makeup, had completely devalued her own relationship with her partner, very possibly he impregnated her. Why would she even imagine or want to imagine, as of yet, anything weird or sneaky or dangerous to her well-being, when she had opened up to trust some of them? She was on the periphery of the cult still, not at its dead center.

The Nxivm atmospheres were committed to concealing their ulterior motives and the misery of their sexual habits, each one having been conditioned to stand up for their fictionalized versions. The gift to all of humanity! Their frigging predatory sweat hog was to be SUPREME. Or else.

Contest those jointly-maintained lies, object, present any evidence to the contrary, what will happen to you?

Abruptly the whole bunch is against you. Anyone you might have trusted, perhaps wanted to or had decided to confide in about your own experience, if that didn’t cooperate with all of their lies, suddenly would turn their backs on the “truth-teller.”

Any inconvenient truths were not allowed. No one caught up in this allowed themselves to face the ugliness of the underbelly.

It had to be denied, buried.

Kristin Snyder may have made a fatal mistake – confiding in and trusting the Nxivm leaders.

Of course, it was their duty to uphold Raniere’s demands about his perfection.

Kristin would not have known or understood what was really happening, that Raniere was a gross perv who screwed whoever he wanted to screw. The Nxivm crowd was all devoted to hiding that truth.

Anyone Raniere had messed with sexually who stayed in this group had already made the decision to live with this bullshit. Everyone was pretending something noble was being lived and offered, for sale.

Many Nxivm members knew plenty of the true circumstances around their own interactions with the harem and its leader. These very individuals led Kristin Snyder’s group experiences, both in New York and in Alaska.

The only way out, was out. Kristin did not get the chance to even begin to find her way out, and these Nxivm cult sickos made sure of that.

But none of the liars and members of their very own personal freak show were about to reveal any of it. They were choosing to be representatives of the entire fiction. Raniere was being praised and upheld by people who actually knew, from personal experience, that they were being dishonest to call him celibate.

Kristin had stayed at Esther’s place in New York not long before attending her last Nxivm intensive, partly led by Esther, in Alaska. There would be a prior basis for Kristin to “trust,” based on Kristin’s acquaintanceship with Esther and some of the other Nxivm women or men.

Of course, she wouldn’t have known much, if anything, about how Keith was screwing just about everyone. Kristin might have had no idea, as yet, that there was such an enmeshed group, dedicated to Raniere and to all of their lies about his celibacy.

She might have thought that in Alaska, at that intensive, with her partner also participating in the intensive, that she had a “safe space” to tell what had happened to her and what was still happening to her. She might have even thought that telling the truth would be seen, valued, respected, that she could help everyone by revealing her experience, as well as her current circumstances. That poor young woman was in for a horrible surprise.

And no one has ever seen or heard from her again, since she trusted Nxivm.


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  • anyone who had any idea of what was happening, or even SUSPECTED that something was happening, is responsible for any fatalities or damage – with all the crazy groups that have been pubicised in the last 30 years NO ONE should be trusted if there is even a smidgen of doubt…..if the person or group is honest they have nothing to fear — and what about her family ….did nobody care for her?????????

  • I think that her disappearance was set up. Either by her or but NXIVM. But if she went on her own, she would have come back by now. Or at least try to get in touch with her wife!
    They should take her DNA and compare it to all Jane Doe cases around the US.
    Maybe this would be helpful.

  • See Scott Amay Johnson. You say things that are hurtful without educating yourself first. This is why you fall for scams. Even if a question seems stupid I ask. How else would anyone know if they don’t ask? Here is an article with Kristen’s loving parents. She’s a Marines daughter. ” no man left behind”. I think someone should find Kristens body and bring her home where she belongs. Next to her daddy. He died of a broken heart not knowing where his daughter was. I really hope that you can have more respect for the dead, Holocust survivors and the rest of the Lost Women of Nxivm.

  • “What happened to her personally or privately with Keith Raniere would have caused her so much conflict, confusion, so much worry. What to do? Especially if you think over Kristin’s personal background, how she lived, who she loved and how she had been raised, just imagine what she was experiencing, all of her trust betrayed.”

    Now let’s remove Keith’s name and put Ed kinnums name or Ester or Nina’s name or whom ever.

    What if it wasn’t Kristen feeling betrayed rather Hiedi Clifford expeirencing the feeling of being betrayed?

    Kristen seemed to be in the way for someone. There is still no proof of rape or pregnancy.

    There are still a missing kyak, paddle and body.

    If Ester was in love with Keith and wanted him to herself she would have had to kill a lot more people than just Kristen.
    Ed Kinnum Nina Cowell and a few others should come forward and say their peace. Unfortunately for you folks involved is that the truth finds its way out of the well. It would be better to confess now rather than later.
    Unless Kristen is surviving hidden somewhere. What a clever person someone was. To be Organized and Secretive. But are they a murderer? Without the body because let’s say she was “burned at the stake” so to speak we may never no the truth.
    It is however interesting with Ester. She seems to be presently close to all the Lost and deceased of Nxivm. This
    female devotion to their master is intriguing to me, yet Nancy flipped before. Can she do it again? Ester Ester Ester where for ought thy Kristen?

    • Snyder had her own company called Environmental Ecological consultants
      A family with 2 parents that loved her
      Her parents paid for her Softball and she ran track.
      Snyder was apart of the Nordic Search and Rescue team in Anchorage Alaska

      Sure Scott, no foundation there to be had.

  • Very good, straightforward story, Shivani. Please allow me to add a small footnote from my own, personal experience.

    When a detractor exposes Raniere, or any higher-up in NXIVM, or even threatens to, it isn’t just the cult members themselves who turn on that potential whistle blower and their family — it’s whatever opposition the Bronfman, Salinas, Betancourt and other massive fortunes of certain devoted NXIVM followers can buy that’s also used against the non-believer.

    It’s private investigators, hackers and paid consultants armed with all the information or “collateral” — real or contrived — cult members inadvertently provided on themselves and their families while working through their “issues.”

    Why were NXIVM members required to turn over their laptops to Salzman’s son-in-law, Ben Myers, and his team of happy hackers? For one example.

    It’s corrupt elements of the justice system from cops on the take all the way up to courts controlled by big name law firms.

    Why were Judges being cyber stalked by the NXIVM tech team?

    It’s corrupt caregiver or housekeeping agencies happy to send thieves, gas lighters, illegals promised citizenship or threatened with deportation to your home, caring for your kids for a kickback.

    It’s the guy working on your car repair at even a respectable shop willing to hide a tracking devise for a few extra bucks.

    It’s regulatory agencies in your workplace or child protection agencies responding to even anonymous calls falsely accusing you of fraud or abuse.

    It’s anyone and everyone in your life NXIVM can reward to use against you, to discredit and silence you.

    It’s a full frontal attack on your 1st Amendment rights.

    And if you still won’t STFU, they will attempt to have you imprisoned or otherwise disposed of.

    • This is how Scientology operates, too. Hubbard’s “Fair Game” policy, about how Scientology can deal with designated enemies, is one main part of Sci.’s arsenal which I feel sure that Raniere adopted for himself and his group. Once he had Clare as a rottweiler with deep pockets, he had found a very useful juggernaut to deploy. He had Pam Cafritz, but Pam was wearing out, so better to just let her die, take her remaining assets.

      Fair Game not only allows but sanctions and encourages the use of litigation, of P. I.s and pre-planned threats, document raids, intensive spying, sometimes for more than 20 years, harassments, etc. against anyone who displeases or seems to threaten the fake religion. One is allowed to “destroy enemies utterly” and may invent evidence to do so and also may resort to violence.

      Recently I’ve reread the e-mail Kristin Keeffe sent to Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, et. al., to warn them about how Raniere’s criminal activities would pull them into enormous legal trouble, not too far down the road. Kristin was in a unique position to know this, because of her own work for Raniere, plus the length of time she had been able to watch him in action.

      I wonder how much she realized what a shot in the dark it was to send off her warnings to her old friends and compatriots? She said that she told Pam Cafritz specific info before she made her way out but also withheld even more, as she made her escape with her son. She had hoped that Cafritz would tell them ( Nancy and Clare, etc.) what she’d told Pam.

      Keeffe had to get together her own resources very stealthily to pull off her departure with her son, at all. I don’t think she wanted to believe how deeply far gone her old friends were determined to remain. Kristin even said how Raniere was abusing Clare for failing to bring Raniere Edgar Bronfman, Sr.’s, head on a platter, with his inculcation into Raniere’s doctrines, along with access to Bronfman’s $$$ and clout.

      Now, Kristin Keeffe, was she not sent to Alaska after Kristin Snyder’s disappearance, to spread Bronfman money around? So, was Keeffe already looking for her own way out, at this time or not? It looks that Kristin hoped against all hope that these women would wake up. She said that she didn’t care what happened to Emiliano Salinas. Oh my, how come!?

      I would like to know how much of this story Keeffe has shared with law enforcement and what she knew/knows about who was bribed? How much did she know about Kristin Snyder’s circumstances, the circumstances which ked to the money being spread about in Alaska?

      Kristin Keeffe has said quite directly that she went through years of physical abuse at Raniere’s hands, and not only physical abuse, but also psychological manipulation, group-shunnings and acts of malintent. Kristin is one of the few who expressed herself clearly and with rational explanations of what she saw, experienced, having been with Raniere for so many, many years.

  • Good article pointing out the important fact that Kristin would have trusted what she surely believed was a SAFE space, to unburden her truths. Thanks, Shivani.

  • “Contest those jointly-maintained lies, object, present any evidence to the contrary, what will happen to you?” What happened to me, or more accurately, what I decided to do about it, when I found out about Amway’s tool scam is I started speaking up about it. I also didn’t write any over-the-top, factless, melodramatic stories that take far too long to read for the value of the information being presented. I stuck to the known facts.

    • Scott Amway Johnson for the love of God! Did you get brain washed by Amway? Don’t worry I’m sure no one else on FR cares anymore. Nor are we dumb enough to fall for the old Amway hat trick in the 1st place. Maybe Dr. Gastone Porter can help you.

      • I was brainwashed by Amway as much as Frank was brainwashed by NXIVM. Frank educates people about NXIVM and I educate them about Amway and other MLM scams.

        Besides, we’ve already covered the fact that brainwashing is a fallacy. Didn’t you read that in the various comments on this website?

        There are more people reading Frank Report than just you and me. Since 10s of millions have already fallen for Amway and continue to fall for Amway and other MLM scams, it never hurts to educate others.

        I don’t need any help, whether it’s from Porter or you, unless you want to help educate others about Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

        • Scott please give me a list of other MLM scams. I think I’ll help you out. You shouldn’t have to suffer like this.
          As for brain washing. Do you think this is a pathetic excuse for a murderer? Do you think if a Nxivm person killed Kristen they may claim they brain washed?

  • Something just clicked for me (not sure why it took so long cause it’s fairly obvious). Keith has always thought through his illegal activity so that he will have someone else to take the blame for his actions. Allison is the perfect example of this.

    If things with Kristin’s “suicide” went sideways, I think Keith set up Nina to take the fall for her murder. I don’t think Nina knew this. That is why Nina looks guilty as hell. That is also why NXIVM inexplicably opened up their wallets and brought her to Albany – they wanted to keep all eyes on her. I bet they told her what to tell the cops, and that’s why Nina gave such a jaw-dropping lie. Nina was the back-up plan if the suicide plan was sniffed out. I’ll hypothesize that Nina was the one in class who elicited the suicide note content from Kristin and had her write the note.

    One other thing that never made sense was why Keith would pull the whole “fire Nina or you’ll never talk to your kids again” scheme with Dr. Salzman. If Nina knew anything about the murder, wouldn’t Keith be trying to keep her happy and not be ruthlessly going after her? Well, this “fire Nina / NXIVM 9 stuff” all occurred long after Kristin’s disappearance. In Keith’s mind, the danger had passed. Therefore, he no longer cared about Nina. She didn’t have information to rat him out (or else she would have already done it with her being part of the NXIVM 9). Plus, the Kristin Snyder case was closed and history. Worst case, Keith could still pin everything on Nina if the case was reopened.

    • So Keith Raniere is a genius?
      Let’s tell the truth about Raniere.

      Keith Raniere could not find his ass with both hands.
      Everything Raniere touched turned to crap.

      Allison Mack and the rest of the NXIVM crew got caught because they are fundamentally stupid.

      • Yup. You got my entire point, shadow. Keith Raniere is a genius. I shoulda saved my typing fingers and given you the cliff notes.

      • Little known fact: Dr. Salzman is a laser specialist.

        …His daughters are con artists, their mother is a hypnotherapist (and con artist) and Lauren’s larger brand was no mistake, IMO. Perhaps it’s time to ask Dr. Roberts who trained her in laser empowerment scarring?

        • My comments about Dr. Salzman have generally stayed unpublished, including about his laser abilities, his prior education, his wife after Nancy, etc., etc. Roberts will not deliver any honest answers atmall about this laser instruction, but Frank Parlato or some site moderators have had the chance to see my observations.

      • Agreed. Psychopathy, in and of itself, misses the entire point of the possibilites which “genius” might be equipped to encounter. Raniere would be incapanle of ANY genuine self-analysis.

        Raniere cannot see outside of his own narrowness of sick perception. He never will.
        Everything about him is limited to his own consciousness, just like everyone else, but he could not, does not see himself with any degree of realism. Actually, he has had to guard against any such self-reflection or personal insight. It could’ve driven him psychologically right off the rails if he were capable of baring himself to himself.

      • So you agree with me on why money was thrown at Nina? Most comments I’ve read have insinuated NXIVM was trying to either buy her silence, or thank her for a job well done.

        • I neither agree nor disagree with your opinion regarding why Nina was paid a lot of money. I don’t even know IF she was paid a lot of money. Just because someone makes a statement doesn’t make it true.

          • Good to see that your ignorance doesn’t impact your consistency in dropping condescending, topic changing comments.

          • Scott,

            By that logic everything you post could be bullshit……

            Which everyone believes anyway…..

          • Actually, YOU changed the subject. I was commenting how Raniere sets things up to put the blame on others, whereas YOU tried to change the subject to Nina being paid off.

    • Also, Nut Job, The “NXIVM 9” — not unlike Toni Natalie — did demand payment of over $1M from Keith — via Clare Bronfman — by MIDNIGHT or ELSE.

      None of them were above extortion, IMO, and now we learn Nina took $50k in hush money if not blood money.

      Just as significant is the fact that the NX 9 did not contact the authorities prior to requesting the money had they some newsworthy (or blackmail worthy) information to report.

      In fact, before I first independently contacted Jim O’dato regarding my suspicions about my sister, Gina’s, death and the statuatory rapes in 2009, none of them who later implied they knew about some of those — Toni told Frank she broke the underage sex story, for instance — contacted authorities or the media.

      • Heidi – Don’t you think Nina would have quietly disappeared (rather than loudly becoming one of the NX 9) if she had been part of the cause of Kristin’s death? That’s partly why I think she was unknowingly “plan B”.

        • I’m still mulling it over, Nut Job, and it’s certainly a possibility — fits right in with Raniere’s Modus Operandi. When doesn’t he have a scapegoat or two on hand — a ”Luciferian” primed to take the fall for him? Only problem where Nina’s concerned — something I learned behind the scenes of “Lost Women of NXIVM” — the Anchorage group were all apparently dealing remotely only with Nancy Salzman from Albany, not directly with Keith Raniere in the aftermath, anyway. (Although Keith certainly could have been issuing orders to and through Nancy).

      • “NXIVM 9— not unlike Toni Natalie — did demand payment of over $1M from Keith — via Clare Bronfman — by MIDNIGHT or ELSE.”

        I forgot about the extortion angle that wasn’t moral extortion but “legal” extortion.

        Good point!

    • Nutjob,

      Your theory makes a lot of sense in view of the fact Raniere wanted Nina fired.

      Nothing in this case adds up.

      • Agree. Poke a hole in my idea. I think it’s the only angle that accounts for most of the “not adding up” stuff.

        • Right, I agree. Your hunch fills in the blank, “Why did Raniere want Nina fired?”

          I can go either way myself. I think Snyder was driven to suicide or was murdered.

          The only difference is whether it’s prosecutable in a court of law.

          To me it’s murder either way.

          • True that, Niceguy. One of NXIVM’s favorite forms of cover-up — make them all complicit.

  • Shivani:
    Your post is Food for Thought for anyone still in NXIVM or thinking of joining it.
    NXIVM is really a Gang of Gaslighters and Criminals.
    Liars for whom no lie is too outrageous.

    Anyone who knows about the true circumstances of Kristin Snyder’s disappearance and presumed death who does not assist Frank Parlato or the authorities in uncovering the truth is still, in their heart of hearts, a member of NXIVM.

    • Investigation Discovery, The Lost Women of Nxivm will debut very soon, Dec 8, 2019 at 9pm, eastern. The two-hour special is bound to bring more public awareness to what Nxivm/DOS members continue to try to conceal. What if it’s your name, about to be exposed?

      Readers of the Frank Report have heard the names, seen the photos of members and read stories about criminally abusive acts done, under many different circumstances, by Raniere and his cult. Frank Parlato has made his phone number available, consistently, and he has kept offering a way to make a step towards not holding back anymore.

      The tv channel, ID, will alert an even bigger audience. Names will be named publicly. For some former cult members or current members, this could be the first time that their names will be said, in front of everyone who watches. Your name could be tied, even to murder.

      Even more details of ESP/Nxixm/DOS crimes are about to emerge. Things are about to escalate.

      Anyone who has been hiding burdensome Nxivm secrets can still call Frank Parlato for some help now, to get ahead of the new wave of public disclosures. He has said this over and over.

      Maybe you saw something and it has bothered you for years. Maybe you were pressured to do something, and it has never stopped being a source of regret, guilt, even fear. Maybe you have only just figured something out personally and don’t know what, if anything, to do.

      Even more likely, if you joined this group and have put it behind you, you would be reluctant to reopen your own regrets. Maybe you’ve moved on and just want to forget.

      But what you saw, what you might have done, even what Nxivm leaders might have gotten you to do or what was done to intimidate you, could be very important information.

      The best moment to speak up is before you become the object of more investigation.

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