The LeBaron Massacre Seems to Have No Tie to Nxivm – More Likely Drugs or Water Fight

The LeBaron massacre – where three mothers and six children were killed – looks less like an accidental killing – of women and children caught in a crossfire of rival drug gangs – and more like targeted murder.

Reportedly, there were three SUV’s – where the woman and children were killed – one of them 10 miles distant from the others – which suggests this was no accident, not a case of mistaken identity.

The killing of women and children could be interpreted as the most ruthless message: ‘We will stop at nothing. Your entire clan will be exterminated.”

The LeBaron clan are not passive players in their north Mexican world. They are a white, polygamous Mormon group – some of them old-style Mormons right out of the days of Brigham Young.  But they are not members, however, of the Utah Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The LeBarons have straddled the US and Mexico for decades, gaining dual citizenship  – often arranging for babies to be born in the USA – and, at least in the past, in order to reap advantages of polygamy, pedophilia, land ownership, etc..

In the past, the LeBarons were not above killing people – including mothers and children.

It is curious, the media, in painting them as victims [and the murder of children certainly aligns with victimization] have failed to record the bloody history of the LeBaron clan.

The recent murders of the women and children may be related to Mexico’s drug trafficking and the LeBaron’s desire to defend themselves and not obey the demands of the drug lords who rule the area.

It may also be related to the fight over control of water or other territorial issues.

They are not likely related to Nxivm

There are those – and quite a few of them – who are coming to me and saying that Nxivm or certain family members of Nxivm members – had a hand in the killing of the LeBaron women and children.

I don’t think this is true and I will take a moment to explain why.

It is true that 11 LeBaron clan teenage girls from Chihuahua came to Clifton Park, NY, [near Albany] in 2016, and, after being exposed to Nxivm’s leader, Keith Raniere, the girls left suddenly and went home. None of the LeBaron girls who came to Clifton Park were among the slain.

Rosa Laura Junco, a wealthy Nxivm member, invited the LeBaron girls to Clifton Park and it was established at the criminal trial of Raniere that she was working to find virgin girls for her leader. In the end, Rosa Laura offered her own teenage daughter to him.

Alejandro Junco

Rosa Laura’s father is Alejandro Junco, the most powerful newspaper publisher in Mexico.

This does not suggest any tie to the Junco family to the slain Lebarons. Again, none of the children slain were among the LeBaron girls brought to Clifton Park to be with Raniere.

In addition, Alejandro Junco was eager to get Rosa Laura out of Nxivm. She did not get out until after the arrest of Raniere.

It seems improbable that Alejandro Junco would sponsor a massacre of LeBaron mothers and children in some effort to cover-up, or send a signal to the LeBaron clan about keeping silent concerning his daughter’s role in the suspected pedophilia between Raniere and the LeBaron girls.

To repeat: The children who were murdered were not the same LeBaron girls that went to be tutored and groomed and possibly sexually assaulted by Raniere.

In addition, Junco had a better target for assassination: For about six months before Raniere was arrested [March 26, 2018], Junco was trying to get his daughter to leave Nxivm. He took some extraordinary [and legal] measures to get her to leave.

Among these was that he seems to have hired detectives to locate the whereabouts of Raniere after he fled the USA; they found him in San Pedro Garza Garcia [near Monterrey.]  Instead of having Raniere killed, Junco informed Frank Report, through one of our mutual contacts.

This is how I broke the story of Raniere fleeing to Mexico:  Keith Raniere has fled the United States; may be seeking to avoid imminent arrest in NY!

The FBI soon went down to Monterrey seeking to speak with Raniere, who then fled to Puerto Vallarta. I also broke the story of his being in hiding there.

Frank Report traced Keith Raniere to an exact address in San Pedro Garza Garcia. Here is the Vanguard with one of his slaves Mariana Fernandez. Raniere is pushing the stroller of his son, Kemar.
Raniere in a gated community in San Pedro Garza Garcia with his branded slave Jimena Garza.

Junco obviously did not murder Raniere, and yet for possibly less money than he spent to locate Raniere – in bloody Mexico, he could have had him assassinated.


If Junco did not kill the LeBaron women and children, could it have been another father of Nxivm members, Carlos Salinas?

The former Mexican president and reputed head of the drug cartels – the boss of bosses – is one of, if not the most, feared and hated man in Mexico.

His son, Emiliano Salinas was the Mexican leader of Nxivm.  Sources say Carlos was not pleased about his son’s participation in Nxivm but was never overly anxious about getting his son [and daughter Cecilia] out until after the branding story made national news in Mexico and Emiliano was being lambasted in the press.

Sources told Frank Report that Emiliano was on a short list of potential candidates to run for president of Mexico representing his father’s political party, Partido Revolucionario Institucional, [PRI]- something  Raniere keenly supported.

When the branding story broke, it dashed Emiliano’s viability for a run for the presidency of Mexico.  Frank Report personally worked with dozens of members of Mexican media to provide them with information about the branding and Emiliano’s role in it – well before Raniere’s arrest.

Emiliano, with his TV actress wife, Ludwika Paleta, might have otherwise made an attractive first couple. Branding women became the death knell of Emiliano’s incipient candidacy.

News reports in Mexico credited Frank Report with breaking the branding story – and tying Emiliano to the story. This is a screenshot of a news video. Frank Parlato [l] and Emiliano’s wife, Ludwika Paleta [r].
Emiliano Salinas, Ludwika Palata and Carlos Salinas.

After the branding story broke nationally in Mexico, Carlos Salinas seems to have put his foot down demanding his son and daughter quit the cult. When Raniere fled to Mexico, he tried to see Emiliano, who avoided him – even telling the press he was occupied with family affairs.

Carlos Salinas, if he is anywhere near true to his reputation as a murderer, could have silenced Raniere forever quite easily in Mexico.

Instead, it was arranged – possibly by Junco and/or Salinas [who did meet at least once over the Raniere matter] – to get Raniere arrested by Mexican federal police and deported to the USA.

The record fast deportation [less than one day] may have been the work of one or both of these two powerful and wealthy fathers  – who both had a similar interest – the protection of their children from the taint of Raniere.

But they did not kill him.

So why would they kill women and children in the LeBaron family who are at best remotely related to Nxivm?

That is not to rule out Carlos Salinas being involved in the LeBaron massacre, unrelated to Nxivm. He may be behind the assassins’ plan to target women and children of the clan – over drugs, money, control of the region or other disputed concerns.

That leaves Raniere, and his devotees, the Seagram’s heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman, and any other remaining, loyal Nxivm members.

Raniere was convicted and in federal detention. It is hard to imagine him putting a hit on anyone right now. Clare Bronfman is under home arrest awaiting sentencing for her conviction. Sara Bronfman fled the US and is living in France. It is hard to see how they could have had a role in the killings.

In 2009, Raniere said he had people killed for his beliefs and I think it’s true. I also think his murder victims were women.

But why would Raniere or anyone in Nxivm order a murder of LeBaron women and children?

I can see no reason and this budding, unsubstantiated conspiracy theory ought to be laid to rest at once, in my opinion.

Who killed them and what was the motive?

Our frequent commenter, AnonyMaker, has made an important comment about the LeBaron massacre.

He said, “This seems almost certainly to have to do with the unfortunately brutal realities of Mexican drug gang operations, whether a case of mistaken identity as has been suggested, or retribution against the LeBarons for opposing crime and cartels…

“It’s also been reported that a woman driving one of the vehicles…   was perhaps the most prominent anti-crime activist in the family – and also involved in the water disputes.

“…. the water disputes… apparently involve accusations that the LeBarons have been illegally drilling hundreds of wells on their properties – presumably impacting the availability of water for others (such activity can cause others’ wells to run dry, or even impact surface water if placed close to rivers.”


Another one of our commenters, Shivani, added this to our study of the massacre:

“The LeBaron family…  is a big group, about three thousand, and not at all ‘unknown’ where they have been living, since the 1950’s – that is, this particular LeBaron group, and they have more than one settlement.

“Their settlements really contain different branches of ‘philosophy’ and lifestyles…   Their unity is not as unified as is presented. Some LeBarons are not into polygamy, some are. Some are anti-drug, and frankly, some are dealers who work for or ‘with’ cartels. Most of their more current divisions stem from power-move murders within their own family cult itself when two brothers in charge broke from each other, and one killed the other eventually (like carrying out a very planned hit.) It has only gotten crazier over the years but they try to appear unified to outsiders, regardless of what goes on among them.

Rhonita Miller

“The blonde woman [Rhonita Miller] who was incinerated along with four of her children has three children who were not with her. Only 30, she already had seven children. Rhonita was born with the surname LeBaron. She was the one of the 3 mothers killed who was the most involved in community activism. One of her most known fights had been ongoing, about water rights. Rhonita was not quietly off on a ranch living invisibly. She was a lively outgoing community presence.

“Rhonita’s was the first vehicle to be shot into, by a group of armed men, igniting the gas tank. Another woman killed, the woman with the darkest hair, was said to have died when she got out of her vehicle, waving her arms and begging the shooters to stop attacking. It was one of her sons who hid his wounded siblings and made the walk alone, for help. But also Mormon men working outdoors saw fire in the distance and then more fire and were on their way to investigate…

“There are tougher members of the LeBaron group, who appear to live a grittier, more hoodlum kind of lifestyle, going back at least 3 to 4 generations, and there are more insular members of this cult, who live mostly farming and keeping a lot to themselves.

“The family members who have spoken, and I have found 3, two men and one woman, all say that they are well-known presences in their area and have been, for several generations. They are certain that Rhonita was targeted, that there was no mistaken identity or accidental crossfire situation at all.

“…. There is deep pain and bitterness about how many [LeBaron’s] have been killed or otherwise harassed, going back many, many years.

“But the underbelly is their own, some of it murderous, infighting among familial offshoots. Some have embraced a criminal kind of way of life. Some have not. A few will discuss these divisions openly and some definitely do not want to talk about it.

“I do think, very much, that massacre began and was motivated by vengeance directed at Maria Rhonita. We do know that there has been at least one arrest of a suspected drug cartel leader, related to this slaughter.”


Water at Root of Massacre?

In 2012, a dispute over water between the LeBaron clan and neighboring Mexican farmers became violent. Members of the LeBaron family shot at a group of 500 people who wanted to destroy what they claimed were “illegal wells” drilled on the LeBaron ranch.

The LeBaron’s were prepared to kill those farmers – and they kept them at bay and kept their illegally gotten water.

In May 2018 “El Barzon” a Mexican NGO who claim to fight for the defense of the land accused the LeBaron family of violating a 1957 agreement by drilling hundreds of illegal wells in the municipalities of Namiquipa, Riva Palacio, Buenaventura, and Ahumada.

A History of the Violence

There is obviously no justification for killing children, and usually not adults, but it is possible the LeBaron’s may have continued their longstanding violent ways up to the present – and experienced retaliation.

They are fighting for water – and willing to shoot those affected by their water drilling – and evidently winning that battle – possibly parching out people whose families have lived in the region longer than the LeBarons

A history of how the LeBarons got started in northern Mexico might give readers a clue of their violent origins.

The Church of the Firstborn, or the “LeBaron order” split from the Mormon Church in the United States because they refused to abandon polygamy, a requirement in 1886 for the state of Utah to be recognized as part of the USA.

The Lebarons went to La Mora, in Chihuahua, Mexico, led by patriarch Alma Dayer LeBaron Sr., the common ancestor of the LeBaron clan.

Alma was ordained by Benjamin F. Johnson, who had received priesthood authorities from Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Alma was excommunicated in 1924 for continuing to practice polygamy, which the Utah Mormon’s officially disavowed in 1890.

Alma had five sons, Alma Jr, Benjamin, Ervil, Ross and Joel.

The sons disputed over who was the greatest spiritually.

In 1955, Ross LeBaron claimed he had been assigned by God to prepare the way for the One Mighty and Strong, who would be “an Indian prophet”.

In 1956, Ervil LeBaron published a booklet titled “Priesthood Expounded”, which became a bible for the LeBaron order.

Brother Joel claimed he was personally visited by 19 prophets, including Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and the founder of the Mormon church Joseph Smith.

In 1957, Ben LeBaron wrote he had received the power of the “One Mighty and Strong of Joseph Smith’s 1832 prophecy” and consequently he was meant to redeem The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from spiritual bondage – including by restoring polygamy.

Joel and Ross both claimed special “Firstborn order” priesthood lines of authority as coming from their father, Alma.

This created a family feud

In 1972, the brothers had a feud over leadership of the “Church of the Firstborn of the Fullness of Time”. Ervil started his own, “Church of the First Born of the Lamb of God”.

Ervil also ordered the murder of his brother Joel.

In 1974, Ervil was tried and convicted in Mexico for Joel’s murder. His conviction was overturned on a technicality; with allegations that he bribed his way out of Mexican prison.

In 1975, Ervil ordered the killing of Bob Simons, a polygamist who sought to minister to Native Americans in the area.

In 1977, Ervil ordered the killing of Rulon C. Allred, leader of the “Apostolic United Brethren” another Mormon sect. Ervil LeBaron’s 13th wife, Rena Chynoweth carried out the murder with Ervil’s stepdaughter, Ramona Marston.

In 1977, Ervil LeBaron ordered the murder of his own 17-year-old daughter Rebecca, who was pregnant with her second child. She had wanted to leave the group.

On June 1, 1979, Ervil LeBaron was arrested by police in Mexico and [like Raniere] extradited to the United States, where he was convicted of Allred’s death.  In 1980, he was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah. He died a year later in prison. He was 56.

In 2009, the LeBaron family engaged in a war against drug dealers in Chihuahua.

On May 2, Erick Le Baron, 17, grandson of Joel LeBaron [and Meredith Romney, a relative of Mitt Romney. The Romney’s polygamist clan live in Colonia LeBaron] were kidnapped and held in a cave. The ransom for Romney was paid. The ransom for Erick –  $1 million – was not.

The LeBaron clan [some say they were advised by Raniere] announced they would not pay any ransom. Erick was nevertheless released by his captors on May 10.

On July 6, 2009, Erick’s brother, Benjamin, and another Lebaron clan member, Luis Widmar Stubbs, were kidnapped and murdered on the streets of “Colonia LeBaron” by hitmen who left a message alongside the victims’ bodies stating that the crime was in retaliation for Benjamin’s activism against the cartels.

This may or may not have been the true reason for the killings.

Raniere, in defense of his comment on a video that he has “had people killed for his beliefs and for theirs” claimed that the people killed for his beliefs were Ben LeBaron and Luis Stubbs – because he had advised the LeBaron’s not to pay ransom and to continue to fight the drug barons.

Keith Raniere claims he had people killed for his beliefs in a video made on April 23, 2009.

The problem with Raniere’s claim is that while Ben and Stubbs were killed on July 6, 2009, Raniere made his “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs” statement [on video] in April 2009, about three months before the killings; the two men were still alive.

After Ben and Stubbs were killed, the LeBarons prepared to fight the armed cartel members with armed resistance.

Although gun ownership is illegal for most Mexican citizens, the LeBarons worked out special arrangements with local officials that allow them to have an ample armament to defend their communities and at times become aggressive.  The LeBaron clan is known as armed and dangerous, and men and even women who will stand up to drug barons and farmers who want water.

Some of the LeBaron clan deal drugs themselves, and their dual citizenship is helpful in this endeavor.


Of course, not all the LeBaron clan are descendants of the murderous Ervil [there were four other brothers] and reportedly the victims of the recent massacre were not members of Ervil’s Church of the First Born of the Lamb of God.

Why the women and children were murdered remains a mystery.

But the most likely scenario is this was no accident.


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4 years ago

The Daily Beast has a good piece which mentions that a special commission set up by President López Obrador is examining a number of possibilities, and then goes through them, concluding with the most mundane but perhaps most likely – water – over which there seems to have actually been more conflict than previously reported:

“The targeted attack theory might be the more credible, at least based on what we know now—but it still doesn’t explain why the family would have been targeted.

One possibility now being reported in Mexico is that the killings are linked to an ongoing series of violent clashes between the LeBarons and an alliance of local farmers over land and water rights in the semi-desert of northwestern Chihuahua.

The farming collective is called El Barzón. Its dispute with the Mormon clan over local aquifers goes back some six decades, and had escalated dramatically over the last few years. The farmers accuse the family of syphoning “excessive” amounts of water from rivers and vital aquifers for the commercial cultivation of maguey, nopal, and walnut trees, leaving nearby communities without enough water for subsistence farming.

Mexico’s National Water Commission (CONAGUA) also alleges the LeBarons’ have sunk hundreds of illegal wells on their properties. They also have reservoirs allegedly bulldozed to hold water diverted from local rivers, leaving little or nothing for indigenous communities downstream.

In one high-profile investigation, in November of 2017, CONAGUA found a dozen illegal drainages on a single property, the La Mojina ranch, owned by Julian and Joel LeBaron. In another case, local politician Alexander LeBaron was accused of using his influence to grant 395 water concessions to family members and illegal strawman companies. He flatly denied the accusation. But the resulting strain on the Carmen River Basin and Flores Magón aquifer reportedly left some 900 families in the region without sufficient water.

“Mexico’s National Water Commission (CONAGUA) also alleges the LeBaron’s have sunk hundreds of illegal wells on their properties.”
In April of 2018, more than 100 members of El Barzón invaded the LeBaron family ranch at La Mora to protest the diminished water table. They destroyed property, crops, and vehicles and, when they refused to disperse, LeBaron family members reportedly opened fire on them. At least one LeBaron and five campesinos (small farmers) were wounded in the clash.

In the aftermath, Julian LeBaron told a Mexican newspaper that he and his family were prepared “take justice into our own hands” against the campesinos. Shortly thereafter Barzón leaders publicly announced that they’d received death threats from the LeBarons. A few months later, in June of 2018, two members of the ejido were murdered, supposedly for “protecting water rights.” The crimes remain unsolved.

Then, in August of 2019, a court ruling in favor of the farmers ordered Francisco LeBaron, Julian’s brother, to restore land allegedly confiscated by the family from small farmers in Chihuahua. It appears that court order was ignored by the LeBarons. In fact, shortly before the massacre, El Barzón claimed the family was planning to excavate 50 new wells.”

4 years ago

While I think it’s open to question whether Mexican authorities have the resources and will to actually get to the truth in any particular case of the rampant violence in their country, in this instance they have to be under enormous pressure to do something, and it appears that progress of a sort is being made – time will tell whether this is just for show or actually getting the heart of the matter:

“MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico has made an unspecified number of arrests over last week’s massacre of three women and six children of dual U.S-Mexican nationality in the north of the country, Security Minister Alfonso Durazo said on Monday.

“There have been arrests, but it’s not up to us to give information,” Durazo told reporters in Mexico City.”

Mexico makes arrests in massacre of American women, children: minister

4 years ago

For anyone interested in a bit more of the history, here’s an account that details how the Mormon church first used the Mexican colonies as a tacitly sanctioned refuge for members who wanted to continue to practice polygamy, but ultimately cracked down on them – particularly after the Mexican Revolution forced many to return to the US:

Commentary: What the media isn’t saying about the history of Mormon polygamy in Mexico

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

AnonyMaker, Do you think you could précis this and the last article you linked to from this news outlet? A bit of an ask I know but It isn’t available in EU/UK, and I’d like to know more. Thank you.

4 years ago
Reply to  blow

blow, sorry to hear about your access problems. I travel internationally and deal with a bit of that, particularly with respect to videos, but wasn’t aware it could be a problem with news sites – except from places like Russia and China that engage in censorship.

I make an effort to provide something of an introduction to any link I post, but as a practical matter don’t have time for extensive summaries – though I’d gladly entertain specific questions. Would it work for you to try a VPN to work around access issues?

A search turned up this piece by the good old BBC, which has much of the same history along with some additional current context that makes it worth reading in its own right:

‘”It’s not like they can uproot an entire community,” says Anna LeBarón, Ervil’s daughter, who wrote a book about life in her father’s sect called The Polygamist’s Daughter.

Anna says she has seen the calls for the Mormons to return to the US but points out that “it isn’t that simple.” The Mormon community pre-dates the drug cartels in Sonora and, even though they now live side-by-side to some very violent people, it isn’t realistic to expect them to simply leave. They are “very integrated” into the local area, she says.

“These kinds of events give people reason to consider their options. But it’s an entire community. It’s their livelihood.”
Recently the family had become more vocal again in their opposition to the cartels, especially in calling for action on the illegal traffic in assault weapons and high-velocity arms from the United States. Whether their activism was enough to provoke such cold-blooded slaughter of their children is hard to say.’

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

My reply thanking you didn’t post – hope this does. The BBC article was helpful.

Sam Clemens
Sam Clemens
4 years ago

Keith should have stayed with Toni Natalie and none of this would’ve happened.

4 years ago
Reply to  Sam Clemens

Sam Clemens aka Nicki (abfnt1):

If it isn’t NXIVM’s “Mysterious Stranger.”

Say Nicki,
One of your personas recently said that NXIVM has a new Prefect.
Who is that Prefect?
Ester Chiappone?
We know that Nicki Clyne is the Legatus Pro Tempore.
Who is the Vanguard Pro Tempore?
Justin Elliott or Lucas Roberts?

4 years ago

I read an article about a 15 year old young lady, now an adult, who managed to get away from the LeBaron community in Mexico. What she had to say gives more of the underbelly of how their “religious beliefs” can get twisted to hell, behind closed doors. Their lifestyle also makes them stand out noticeably, wherever their settlements are in Mexico. Always the “us and them” factor is part of their atmosphere and day-to-day life. They’re used to it. But their beliefs make for conditons internally, regarding their sexual and social “religious” behaviors, abetted their inherent isolationism, which keep the “domestic conditions, conditionings, which are conducted as a private lifestyle, not generally discussed or even recognized.

Even amongst themselves much is hidden, not discussed, patently unacknowledged. Their isolationism allows them a substantial “invisiblity” especially within more private or intimate, settings. So again, behind closed doors, things are harder than they are represented as being by the their internal communities by their group, as a whole. Stiff upper lip is evinced, to outsiders. “We’re are fine, fine, fine, okay? Leave us ALONE to live our way.”

The young woman who got out was born into the LeBaron lifestyle. She said that for as long as she can remember, there were regular difficulties with having enough food, enough water and electrical power. She said locals not in their religious community generally assume that these offshoot Mormons are well-off, because they build bigger houses than are usually found where they reside. But the structures are big to accomodate their communal living arrangememts and large families. Inside, very often, is much poverty and even hunger, thirst, unsanitary conditions and much, much worse. It doesn’ t show much to outsiders. Some LeBaron groups have more means, wherewithal, yet most do not have any easy life, at all.

The LeBaron groupings look “better” from the outside looking in than on the inside, looking outwards. From within there is secrecy. The Mormons stand out as different, insular, even oddball, but the worst hardships are kept as secretive as possible. Inherently, generation to generation there’s this compulsion to support their own concealments. It is a requirement. It is culturally understood. This promotes a highly defined lifesryle, regarding women and their own daughters, cousins sisters,nieces, etc. Men rule the roost. It’s a man’s world, and this is their personally, religiously held “comprehension” of how life must be lived.

This hides abusiveness, particularly sexual abusiveness, as being taken for granted, as if it MUST be accepted. Who can say if even females who are being abused talk amongst themselves, as this kind of talk would be deemed to be unacceptable. This is what women are “supposed to” experience, if that makes any sense; this is intrinsic to their very lifetime of internal conditioning.

When the now young woman who got out of the LeBaron world was three years old, her father died. She described the belief system of this group has specific “requirements” about how the females must live and behave to be viewed well at all, to be supported, communally.

Her mother had to have a husband, or else she would be looked down upon, and women, culturally in this LeBaron group, are not well-supported unless they’re married and being housewives. The new husband was not picked by her mother. Really this marriage was arranged “familially.” Men decided, in other words, who her mom had to marry next. He turned out to be an older guy.

He also turned out to be tempermental and frightening and used physical violence towards his new wife and all of her children, whether from her previous marriage or from his own spawnings. Children are being born, boom, boom, boom, woman by woman by woman. That too is de rigueur.

The abusive behavior in our escapee’s house turned into sexual horrors for the young lady as she developed, and she was scared, sickeningly worried, that her younger siblings were in for the same sexual violence. In context, NO ONE around her would help her, and she knew that, clear as day. She had no one to tell, no one who would help at all. In fact it would be dangerous to even try to seek help.

Her mother was being abused, was “helpless” and in denial. The women are taught to accept, to be resigned, about “the ways of men.” Evidently the sexual abuse and even incestuous actions can be viewed as just ” the way it is.” Their inner workings are very isolated, not easily observable by outsiders.

The women are supposed to be only wives and mothers. This training starts from birth. Their social personae must display devotion to their husband, to their family and to the automatic governance of the men, who are seen to be in inherently in a superior position, and must be treated as such. You have to keep showing this in your behavior to be treated okay ar all within the group. Not only men insist upon such subservience, but so do the women. It runs deep within their so-called philosophy.

This fifteen year -old girl waited and eventually found some almost haphazard means to escape. Not only that, she managed to take a few of her younger sibling with her and was able, once on the outside of their LeBaron culture to find some help.

She has a practical guardedness about telling much more, publicly, anything about where she and her rescued siblings are, even the details of how she finally engineered her way out. Her name was used, what I read. But I will not use it, wanting to be protective of her.

Look, I realize this could be more than people are interested to hear. Yet cults are cults. It is never what it appears to be, superficially or at a casual glance.

4 years ago
Reply to  Shivani33

Sorry, the female perspectives and duties are controlled by the group’s primal belief in male supremacy.
“Abetted BY their inherent isolationism.” By cracky, as a humorously bad joke about Confucius would say. The LeBarons are isolated, by cracky, in their own dogmatism. No girl or woman really has any “crack” of her own. Her orifices are used and riled over by the practiced governance of the communal men. It is a lifetime sentence. It is the luck of the draw, what characters the men display, behind their walls.

John Davis
John Davis
4 years ago

It sounds like there is much more to the story than Mainstream media is spinning.

Will we ever know the Truth? Probably not.

4 years ago
Reply to  John Davis

It’s likely more just a problem that most of the media has as short an attention span as most of their audience. Complex and nuanced stories like this take time and patience to flesh out.

It doesn’t help that the Mexican authorities themselves may not yet have a good handle on what happened – or may never even be able to figure out quite who did what, or why. It may even be a typically messy mix of factors, such as a combination of the old water disputes, hopes to grab some of their land and businesses cheap if they area forced to leave, and pushback against their anti-crime activism.

In a case like this, we probably need to be patient – and hope that investigators in both law enforcement and the media do their work.

4 years ago

Leaving all other reasons aside, you cannot drill hundreds of boreholes to steal limited water supplies in a drought ridden territory. Of all the stupid acts of overweening entitlement a coloniser can commit, this IS the deadliest. Between the cartels and the Mormon cult, what kind of life can the poor inhabitants of that region have?

Our poly-blah-blah ‘freedoms’ and drug/oil/land addiction here in the free West, appear to demand nothing less than genocide, for anyone that gets in the way of our wants, let alone needs.

4 years ago
Reply to  Blow

Did I see you write the word “Genocide”?
What a load of crap!

There are now approximately 120 million people living in Mexico.
More than any other time in history.
Go to any city or town in Mexico and you will find grocery stores and convenience stores filled with food.
The Mexican people, while poor by American standards, enjoy a higher standard of living than ever before.

Better food.
More food.
More health care.
Access to Education.

You are one of these Soy Boy Liberals who enjoys “blaming the victims”.
It’s all the white man’s fault in your twisted world.
Do you even want to toss out the white Europeans who are at the top of Mexican society?
Do you want to return to pre-Columbian Mexico?
Let’s go back to the time when the Aztecs ruled Mexico, before those evil men Christopher Columbus and Hernan Cortes.
Let’s go back to the Aztec days of Mexico when the Aztecs practiced slavery.
Let’s go back to the Aztec days of Mexico when the priests practiced human sacrifice to the Aztec Gods.

Forget the blood thirsty drug dealers who have turned Mexico in to a violent hell hole.
It’s all the white man’s fault!

4 years ago

Im a grandmother actually. The point i made was to do with the fatal mistake of all colonisers.

They arrive on what they assume is virgin territory, all is calm seems like they can crop and grow with little interference, then, because these territories are remote, water fear sets in and bore-holes are dug, somewhat hit and miss this scenario, but good clues are vegetation, oh and water sources identified by animals and people, (Im assuming this place has no bubbling brooks and poor ordnance survey/geo-mapping)

because not all boreholes are forever, so more are dug. this messes with the meagre water table and at this point the colonisers would learn just how many and who is sharing their virgin territory – I was thinking about the Western Cape – it seems ironic as a white south african to say this, but your white supremacy is too raw man, too over the top. I call these people colonisers because they live in a settlement called Colognia Baron.

And anyway, Not all colonisers world-wide have been or are white, but in reference to our particular zeitgeist and territories, they are. Why does that make you so mad? Its just a fact, no need for hysteria, but maybe some introspection?

4 years ago
Reply to  blow

Please allow me to explain Mormon theology to you.
According to the Mormons the North American Indians are part of the Twelve Lost Tribes of Israel in the Bible.
I am not Mormon nor do I believe that but the Mormons actually revere the Mexicans who are predominantly Indian or indigenous.
The Mormons compare the Mexicans to the ancient Egyptians of the Bible.

“but your white supremacy is too raw man, too over the top. ”

Let’s talk about so called “white supremacy”

To be precise let’s talk about how a WHITE nation Britain ended chattel slavery which was practiced all over the world well into the 1800s.
How come the black, brown and other nations failed to take the lead in abolishing slavery?
It was the European nations led by Britain that led the world in a crusade against slavery.
“Chattel Slavery & How the UK Redeemed Humanity”

4 years ago

Didn’t watch. Ive had my fill of white supremacy for one lifetime, thanks.

Oh, and you have definitely backed a loser if that’s your nag.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

If you’re not willing to at least consider new information, that makes you a Libtard. LOL

John Davis
John Davis
4 years ago
Reply to  Blow

Sure you can. It’s called the Rule of Capture. And it’s done all the time in the US.

4 years ago
Reply to  John Davis

In the Western United States where water is scarce the Rule of Capture is the norm.

4 years ago
Reply to  John Davis

The subject is Mexico, not the US. Their legal system even has an entirely different basis, going back to that of ancient Rome, not England. Their water law could be entirely different, with nothing at all like the Rule of Capture – I don’t know for certain, do you?

Also, if you read the thorough articles about the situation, or go back and read Frank’s piece carefully, there’s reference to a 1957 agreement – even in the US, such accords can supersede the basic Rule of Capture, as can legislative acts as well, which often specifically address overly intense drilling. I used to live in an area in the US where water was a scarce resource, and there was often intense dispute over old agreements and compacts that superseded common law.

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

Yes, Thank you Anonymaker, this is interesting.

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

If you go down to the Lower Colorado River area you will find that before the water even reaches Mexico and the Gulf of California American states, using the Rule of Capture and other laws have reduced the river to a trickle.
Mexico receives almost nothing from the Colorado River.

A picture of the Lower Colorado River after the US has taken most of the water,
Don’t get your ankles wet.

4 years ago

You need to research a bit more thoroughly, it’s much more complex than that, governed by various agreements that supersede the old common law based Rule of Capture – and Mexico is taken into consideration, though they end up with the short end of the stick when there is not enough flow of water (as now happens consistently):

‘”The Colorado River is managed and operated under numerous compacts, federal laws, court decisions and decrees, contracts, and regulatory guidelines collectively known as “The Law of the River.”‘

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  John Davis

The Rule of Capture in Mexico included the Mormons capturing drug cartel bullets. Put that in your “law and order” pipe and smoke it.

4 years ago

Mexico’s decade long drug war is clearly a National Security threat to the United States.
America’s common border with Mexico means that Mexico’s violent chaos will spill over into America.
Mexico is literally on the verge of being a failed state.

Several years ago a Mexican rural school that taught future teachers was raided by cartel gun men and forty-three future teachers were kidnapped and murdered.
The bodies of the forty-three student teachers were never found.

2014 Ayotzinapa (Iguala) mass kidnapping
Part of Mexican Drug War
On September 26, 2014, 43 male students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College were forcibly abducted and then disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. They were allegedly taken into custody by local police officers from Cocula and Iguala, in collusion with organized crime.

Since the Massacre of the LeBaron women and children, a Mexican police officer responsible for the capture of El Chapo’s son was gunned down by two gun men in Sinaloa.
Over 150 bullets were fired into the Mexican police officer’s body.

President Trump offered to help the Mexican President known by his nickname of AMLO to fight
against the well-armed Mexican drug cartels.
AMLO, being a typical empty headed Liberal rejected President Trump’s generous offer of assistance.

AMLO foolishly believes hugs will defeat bullets.
He is either corrupt or stupid.

To defend the American Homeland we must build the Wall and staff it with well-armed American Border Guards.

4 years ago

It’s not just the LeBaron clan. All polygs play rough. we never had any problems keeping the teenagers in line in Southern Utah. They all knew how fresh blood comes to Short Creek. Plenty of hippie parents ended up in the community lime pit. UHP is well aware, but when they close ranks it’s tough to make a case. Just have to remember, those kids are born without birth certificates. When one doesn’t have a birth record, then a death record is not needed either. And all those communities have solid hog farm programs.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ervil

This is chilling, if true.

4 years ago

Thanks for laying all this out in one nice piece. It seems very comprehensive.

The one thing I’d emphasize, is that apparently polygamy has been dying out among these communities. I think that further demonstrates, that it’s not a viable structure in advanced societies – providing more evidence contradicting Raniere’s claim that it’s somehow inherent.

Also, it’s interesting if it was Junco, and perhaps also Salinas, who had Raniere tracked down in Mexico, and tipped of the authorities – not Clyne’s hapless climb on a local landmark, posted online. That to me smacks more of the sort of banal reality of what does actually go on behind the scenes – that such powerful man could have had someone tracked down, but would be satisfied just seeing him turned in to the authorities and put on trial, rather than risking trying to pull off something more nefarious.

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

I believe Franks rendition to be correct. He was tipped off to the whereabouts of Raniere’s first location in Mexico by Junco or Salinas, but then Keith moved to a different location there that was given away by Nikki.

4 years ago

I’d say Emiliano Salinas had his hand in this.

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