LeBaron Family Reportedly Murdered – From Family of Girls From Chihuahua Who Ran From Raniere – Drug Cartels Blamed

The LeBaron Family

I just got this report from a source – the shocking news that members of the LeBaron family – the same family that sent almost a dozen teen girls to be mentored by Keith Raniere in 2016-2017 – have been slaughtered, reportedly by Drug Cartels.

The LeBaron family is part of a Mormon community in the state of Sonora, Mexico and they have dual U.S. and Mexican citizenship.

Raniere and Nxivm are not suspected,

Here are the reports just as I have received them.


Update: FBI has a chopper headed to rescue the remaining children.

Update: The town of Lamora has the Mexican army on the way, we don’t know if they are still in danger. Every precaution possible is being taken to avoid any more casualties. The situation isn’t safe yet. The army is 40 min out. They have over 100 agents armed and ready for war. This is going to be a long night.

Update: All the kids are shot and wounded waiting under a tree for help. There are no local police available in this rural area, the family is trying to rescue them as quickly as possible. They are going to have to wait over 2 hours before an ambulance can get to them. The only survivors so far are Devin, Trevor, Cody, Jake, Zander, and Rogan. Cody is injured, he’s 7 years old and is the oldest child taking care of the other 4 injured children. All 5 of them are waiting to be rescued. we don’t know what condition they are in.

Update: Devan and Trevor ran over 5 miles to get help. These 2 brave boys hid as many of the surviving children as they could. They are hidden under a tree. Donna and Christina have been confirmed shot and killed along with some of the younger children. We don’t know how many of the kids made it. They were ambushed. The families are currently headed to rescue the surviving children. We don’t know who survived or who are injured or if they are still in danger. More updates to come.


2 mothers, 11 children still missing!! 4 dead found dead!

Short summary: All 3 families were driving together in a caravan through Northern Mexico. We assume that they got in a mafia crossfire. The families are thinking that the mafia mistook Rhonita’s vehicle for a rival’s, then proceeded to attack. They eventually realized they killed an innocent family. To cover their tracks they burnt the vehicle with all of the passengers inside. Then took all the other women and children hostage. It’s a developing story. That’s all we have. 5 confirmed dead, 11 missing. 13 victims are children.

1 mother (Rhonita) and 4 kids shot and burned alive.

2 mothers and their children kidnapped.

1st mother: Dawna Langford 43

Her kids:

Kylie Evelyn – 14

Devinn Blake – 13

Trevor Harvey – 11

Mckenzie Rayne – 9

Cody Greyson – 7

Jake Ryder – 6

Xander Boe – 4

Rogan Jay – 3

Brixon Oliver – 10 months

2nd mother: Christina with her infant baby.

They are all US citizens.

This happened sometime this morning/afternoon.

Please contact your local new stations. Send them pictures and info. We need to blast this story! Please share. The more awareness we create, the more pressure it puts on getting the survivors back.

I’m so sorry if I misspelled anything, or have grammatical mistakes. I tried to keep everything updated and accurate. My family and home town are in shock and are horrified. Please help bring them home safely.


Friends, please pray for my family in Mexico. We need all the prayers we can get. Pray that those still missing are found, and prayers to comfort all those in need.   Kendra Miller-  I just want to ask every person that know to  please gather your families and pray for us all.  My sister in law Nita and 4 of her children,  Howard Jr, Krystal, and the twins Titus and Tiana were all shot at and burnt traveling over the mountain by Chihuahua mafia.
My Aunt Dawna Ray Langford with 9 of her children and Christina Langford Johnson with her baby Faith are still missing.  There are soldiers and armed men that have been mobilized and are now headed towards us to help. There has been lots of shooting heard a couple miles from our home.  At this point, we are still hoping to see Christina, Aunt Dawna, and their children back alive. God is with us. Please be with us in your prayers.
Update! Both these beautiful mothers have been killed, the Cartel killed them and several of their sweet babies  They left 6 of Dawna’s kids on the side of the road and took off, Devon hid his 5 siblings (all shot/wounded please pray they make it!) in the bushes and ran all the way back to the farm for help! Langfords are on their way to aid the remaining children right now.
Please pray for these families and that the murderers are caught & brought to justice!
Update: The three mothers were driving from Bavispe to a wedding in LeBaron, another Mormon community in the state of Chihuahua, when their three vehicles loaded with children were attacked by gunfire, causing one of the vehicles to explode in flames.

Lupita Orduno, a spokeswoman for the Sonora Attorney General’s Office, said authorities planned to release more details about the attack on Tuesday.

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  • While checking for news on the story, I found this that puts it in perspective from people deeply involved – not just armchair theorists, or ideological leaders pandering for support:

    ‘locals and security experts stress that a version of Trump’s proposed crackdown has been in place since 2006, and warn that more of the same will only make things worse.

    Daniel LeBaron, a relative of the Sonora massacre victims, told VICE News that authorities cannot afford to escalate the same “failed strategy.”

    He said Mexico needed to reduce its rampant problem of impunity, while the U.S. should address its own role in the instability. “Mexico is in this situation because we border the biggest illegal drug consumption market in the world,” he said.’


  • https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/11/mexico_turns_down_a_megagenerous_offer_from_the_big_orange_gringo.html

    ! (Make Mexico Great Again)! This article provides insight into AMLO’s thinking …

    Mexico turns down a generous offer from the Big Orange Gringo?

    Mexico, which just saw its troops chased out of Sinaloa in an ignominious defeat by filthy drug cartels and now has seen the massacre of a group of American families on its soil, got a rare and generous offer from President Trump:


    That’s the same Trump who just decapitated the brutal ISIS leadership and who pulled U.S. troops out of Syria on the grounds that he can’t stand endless wars. No U.S. troops for Syria, no U.S. intervention for Venezuela … but Mexico is different. Mexico is special. If Mexico wants help, Mexico gets help.

    And this is coming from a neighborly leader with a very fresh track record of blowing extremely powerful non-state actors straight to hell.

    Trump didn’t even argue or push for it, he just let the president of Mexico know that all he has to do is make a call. The VIP treatment would be his. The power was there, the good will was there, and an extended track record of success was there. The U.S., remember, also did a helluva a job helping Colombia clean up its cartel-narcoterrorist problem, too. That’s in addition to the ISIS victory. An offer of help from a guy like this can only be a good thing, particularly because he doesn’t like extended military involvement.

    It’s an offer the Kurds and Venezuelans can only dream of.

    The Mexican response?

    Usual garbage, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he didn’t want it.

    According to the Daily Caller:

    Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador flatly rejected President Donald Trump’s offer to “wage war” on drug cartels following the massacre of a U.S.-Mexican family along the border.

    During a Tuesday press conference, López Obrador rejected Trump’s public offer to send U.S. military forces to Mexico and help his government combat organized crime. The leftist president — reiterating a position he’s long held — argued that war with the drug cartels was not the best approach.

    “We have to act independently and according to our constitution, and in line with our tradition of independence and sovereignty,” López Obrador said Tuesday. “War is irrational. We are for peace. It is a characteristic of this new government.”

    He was still into his “hugs not bullets” policy, despite the clear evidence of a pretty significant threat to his state and cries from Mexico’s locals to take the offer. Here’s one and I’m watching the Mexican press for more.

    It’s pretty much a sign he’s in denial about the problem.

    Yes, there are explainable reasons for it, very old ones:

    One, the Mexican elites have always had contempt for the people and culture of northern Mexico, the carne asada belt, meaning, they could care less if that area endures attacks.

    Two, Mexico has nursed its grievances for more than a hundred years over the U.S. invasion of Mexico in the 1840s, which ridded them of the curse of a clown dictator, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, but left them hostile to the U.S. military. It was that grievance-nursing, taught in Mexican schools, that AMLO was appealing to.

    Three, cartels aren’t just bad guys out in the badlands — they have tentacles all through the Mexican government. There’s a reason Mexico sends its Navy in for big cartel sweep operations. They don’t trust either law enforcement or the army. And the corruption extends well beyond the gunned professions, and well into the soft-handed political classes.

    But there are also signs that this isn’t going to go over all that well with Mexico’s public. Even the Guardian is noticing. Lopez-Obrador is under significant pressure to scrap the hug thing and fight the killers.

    The threat, after all, is pretty real. The cartels are fattened and enriched on the U.S. opiate epidemic profits and the billions they have earned in smuggling and crossing fees from the organized border surgers. That’s made them ambitious and mean.

    And Mexican public attitudes are changing. AMLO himself was elected on a change wave election, signaling that people are thinking differently. That AMLO has gone into denial and retreated into the comfortable old truisms, imagining that gringos on U.S. soil are a bigger threat than cartels massacring both locals and Americans (which will do wonders for Mexico’s tourism industry) is insane.

    His idiotic response calls to mind a 1990s story about Mexican President Miguel de la Madrid telling Singapore’s founding father, the famous Lee Kuan Yew about how unfortunate Mexico was to have a U.S. border. Lee slapped sense into the dolt by telling him he’d practically kill to share just one tiny piece of the American border.

    De la Madrid ended his term office unpopular and in disgrace, the public still screaming at him as he made his exit. AMLO is setting himself up for a whiff of that Mexican tradition, too.

  • How is it determined who can owe ‘permanent allegiance to the US’ who is not a US citizen and who lives outside the US or its territories or possessions? Who makes the determination?

  • So one cult meets another…………so what?………but if they think they are US citizens…………i understand they are delusional……….the US govt doesn’t recognize dual citizenship…..it you are born here you are US citizen………..but if you leave and assume living in a foreign county with foreign citizenship……….you are a FORMER us citizen………

    • Dual citizenship, or nationality, is a gray area – neither explicitly permitted, nor forbidden, under US law. See, for instance:


      The LeBarons have apparently maintained both for generations – for the purposes of enjoying all the rights of US citizenship, including staying and owning property in this country when it suits them, while being able to get away with illegal polygamy in Mexico (it’s still illegal there, but not prosecuted the way it began to be particularly when Mormon Utah started cracking down in the late 19th century). It’s curious that their playing such a cross-border game doesn’t get noticed, and questioned; the media have been reporting them as US citizens, rather than noting their dual nationality.

        • Thanks for the link. It explains things a bit further – but still leaves unclear, for instance, how someone loses US citizenship if they hold dual nationality, something that seems as if it can be determined only on a case-by-case basis when someone has done something egregious that comes to the attention of authorities.

          I noted that one of the LeBarons quoted in an article is a Mexican legislator – one of those potential grounds for loss of US citizenship. But Mormons seem to have virtual immunity from anything but blatant criminality – similar to that seemingly enjoyed for a while by Raniere’s FLDS on the Hudson.

          • interesting comparison ………..i saw a US notice about the BRITISHER Megahan Markle as the FORMER US CITIZEN afer she became a British one…….evidently she doesn’t carry the same ‘weight’ as the Mormons………….

          • I think the issue of dual nationality is a relatively low priority, there are bigger fish to fry. However, if something dramatic happened, such as the U.S. going to war with Mexico, this would become a higher priority, as well as all cross-border issues. The Mormons have found a legal workaround with the polygamy crime, just officially marry one woman and “date” the others.

          • as a US taxpayer, i find supporting security ? for ‘americans’ who are unable to live in the US because of their higher ‘continuous allegiance ‘ to THEMSELVES and no others……….are not the SAME US citizens as I am………..but i am expected to pay taxes to support their safety? isn’t this the reason Trump offered help?………I suppose if we made drugs legal like we learned with alcohol prohibition the drug people would have to take their money (and battle) elsewhere…

    • Polyamory is Madness.

      Even if these murders were related to Mexico’s massive drug trafficking, the whole idea of Polyamory is no foundation on which to build a stable society.
      Mormonism is a curse on America.

      • Both rely on acquiescence, sympathy or even collusion from local and state politicians, which is why in the US the FLDS in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona got away with literally taking over towns for the better part of a century, until the feds finally went after Warren Jeffs. And the US example shows that once again, things don’t always fall along convenient lines of ideology – the “conservative” Mormon heartland is about as much of a hotbed of cultish craziness, including pedophilia and sexual exploitation, as California.

        • Shallowstate: Study closely the posts here of Actaeon and AnonyMaker. They are supported by fact and have a recognizable beginning and end. I and others are much more likely to follow well thought out posts such as this as opposed to your meandering, mass media mostly anti-Mack missives.

          You have given me hours of entertainment during down time on my job. In return I offer free advice: words make sentences; sentences make paragraphs. Organize those paragraphs into a cogent theme which has an introduction, a thesis and a logical conclusion. Ok, it’s the 21st Century, I guess you can squeeze in the OCCASIONAL RELEVANT link to YouTube or Wikipedia.

          Adopt an expository style as outlined above and you might even convince me that (A) Allison Mack is the Devil and (B) you did not have a major woody (we’re talking a woody you could tow a boat with) for Allison Mack long before she ever knew what a Vanguard was.

          • I hope he takes your advice! I usually skip over Shadow’s writing now for the very reasons you outlined.

          • To All of Them Witches:

            Perhaps you would like to read the Sentencing Letter I sent to the Judge.
            The Sentencing Letter that accuses Allison Mack of being a Sex Trafficker.
            The Sentencing Letter that accuses Allison Mack of ASSAULTING AND BATTERING around 100 women with hot irons.

        • To so-called Nicegal:

          November 6, 2019 at 11:28 am
          I hope he takes your advice! I usually skip over Shadow’s writing now for the very reasons you outlined.”

          If you don’t like Freedom of Speech perhaps you should consider moving to a country more to your liking.
          Like Saudi Arabia.

          • Shadow, I am in no way saying you don’t have a right to write what you do but I also have the right to choose not to read it. I skim but the repetition is getting to be a little too much for me. Try not to be so sensitive.

          • I have every intention of using the resources available to me to procure your sentencing letter. That will put me one step closer to revealing your true identity and understanding your obsession with Allison Mack, which preceded her involvement with NXIVM, and which I believe might be a story as sordid (or comical) as any we have read here on the Frank Report. I would not be surprised if it involves a Shadowy appearance at a comic con or hundreds of creepy emails sent to the actress per week. Just a hunch.

            A lesson in simple logic (also gratis, like my short writing tutorial).
            A) Shadow does not like Allison.
            B) Witches criticizes Shadow. A+B does NOT equal
            C) Witches is defending Allison. I had never heard of Allison Mack or Smallville until I read about them on The Frank Report. I do not care if she is imprisoned or not. I do not care what happens to her.

            And for at least the third time, amigo mio (I do not dislike you, I find you entertaining), if you were really concerned about the plight of “ASSAULTED AND BATTERED” (or trafficked) women, you would spend some time volunteering at a local group which helps these victims. You seem to have enough time on your hands.

            In the next week, I will collect a list of groups in the Chicagoland area which help assaulted/battered/trafficked women recover their dignity and get their lives in order and which are looking for volunteers. I will forward this list to Frank Parlato, and he can forward it to you.

          • Shadow you are not paying attention:

            “Like Saudi Arabia” is NOT A SENTENCE.

            Words into sentences. Sentences into paragraphs, etc, etc, etc.

            These writing skills served me well during the seven years it took me to get my Bachelor’s degree!

        • The Feds didn’t go after Jeffs for polygamy, they went after him for sex with minor girls. Utah is also the hotbed of MLM scams, which is financial pedophilia (and young adults) and exploitation.

      • Shadowstate,

        Well its been almost a month, but you finally posted something I can agree on. 😉

        BTW: Nutjob, Scott, Parlato, myself & Ben Szmekus are all attending a polyamory gangbang next week do you have room on your busy schedule to join us?

          • Don’t lie about why you’re canceling, Scott. We know you and Flowers are going camping next wk.

          • Nutjob,

            Great! Now Flowers is going to accuse Scott of planning to kidnap her and abscond with her into the wilderness like “Bluto & Olive Oyl”.

  • The Colonia LeBaron is infamous. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-38526255 A polygamous Mormon cult, patriarch Ervil LeBaron committed multiple murders, eliminating rivals and those he considered disobedient to his word as God’s representative on Earth. This included one of his 13 wives and 2 of his 50 or so children. He believed in and preached the idea of “blood atonement”, a doctrine of Brigham Young’s (now disavowed by the Mormon Church) that held that apostates should be killed. Ervil LeBaron was eventually apprehended and died in a Utah prison, but his reign of terror did not end with his death. His followers remained loyal, and they continued to murder the patriarch’s designated enemies, culminating in the notorious Four O’Clock Murders in which four former cult members, including a child, were shot to death at precisely the same time at three separate locations in Texas.

    I could scarcely believe it when I read this. But it’s all true; a quick search of the internet provides extensive documentation from reputable news sources. The BBC seems to be the only outlet even mentions the cult’s past in connection with the Monday killings:

    “The victims were members of a community called Colonia LeBaron which was founded by a breakaway Mormon group in the first half of the 20th Century after the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the US starting cracking down on polygamy.” https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-50299562

    The Monday killings are horrific. It may be that this was simply a case of mistaken identity or unfortunates getting caught in the crossfire of rival drug gangs. But it deserves to be mentioned that the LeBaron clan has a long and bloody history in Mexico. They had also challenged the drug gangs and were lobbying to be allowed to create their own “security force”. They had clashed with local farmers over water rights.

    Make no mistake, this is a cult. A polygamous Mormon cult with a long history of extreme violence and abuse. This is the kind of cult that puts pasty oversexed Keith Raniere in the shade. It’s a cult whose members have committed some 40 murders. It’s a story that should be far better known.

    • ‘They had also challenged the drug gangs and were lobbying to be allowed to create their own “security force”. They had clashed with local farmers over water rights.’

      Cause and effect – and karma.

    • Thank you for sharing this and providing all the detail. I had read about this many years ago. There is also an interview on line with Anna LeBaron, the daughter of Ervil LeBaron who escaped the cult at 13, just before the group’s “marriageable age” of 15:


      She wrote a book stating she had endured horrific living conditions, child labor, and sexual grooming. I don’t know what their practices are today but if they continue to marry off young teens (before they can make a mature, informed decision to participate in polygamy), I shun them. I have never agreed with that practice as to girls that young.

      The butchery of the women and children, however, is horrific and vile, no matter how or why it happened..

    • I wrote some stories about the LeBaron cult earlier this year.

      “Shadow: Keith Raniere and Ervil LeBaron’s Bad Ass Warrior Bitches”

      I should note that NXIVM has a peculiar attraction for rogue elements of Mormonism.
      Nicki Clyne shared a Brooklyn apartment earlier this year with Samantha Le Baron.

      All that said these children are truly innocent victims.
      They can’t help being born into a polygamous family living in Mexico.

      • Can you please edit an error in the first paragraph of the intro to this story? It currently reads “…teen girls to be mentored by Keith Raniere in 2106-2107… ”

        Although you might be “forward-thinking” in your general outlook and perhaps even progressive in a political sense, I suspect you meant 2016-2017 in this particular case. 😉

    • Thanks for detailing that. I’m surprised that the media initially gave the group a pass on its violent polygamist background.

      However, from what I’ve recently read, polygamy is apparently fading out in the Mexican Mormon communities. I think that’s a sign of how it fundamentally turns out not to be a viable social structure in advanced societies – Raniere was entirely mistaken in claiming that its ancient roots somehow validated it as a natural behavior.


      • You’re surprised the media lies? Congratulations, you are the last remaining person who believed that. I wouldn’t count on Mexican Mormon polygamy fading out, it’s more like ebb and flow.

    • Actaeon,

      You should look up the massacre carried out on Brigham Young’s orders. Brigham being the second founder of Mormonism.

      The U.S. government never truly investigated it despite many politicians and celebrities such as Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) calling for an investigation. Sound familiar?

  • From the Jeffrey Epstein Front
    Project Veritas Video.

    ABC News covered up a story linking the Perverted Degenerate Bill Clinton to the Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein three years ago.

    Nothing to see here. Move Along. Move Along.

    “VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup “We had Clinton, We had Everything”

    ““I’ve Had This Story for Three Years… (ABC) Would Not Put It on The Air” says Good Morning America Breaking News Anchor, and 20/20 Co-Anchor Amy Robach. “It Was Unbelievable… We Had – Clinton, We Had Everything…”
    • Robach: “We Had Her Whole Allegations About Prince Andrew…I Got a Little Concerned About Why I Couldn’t Get On.”
    • Amy Robach Describes How She Interviewed a Woman Who Had the Courage to Come Forward “Years” Ago About Epstein: “She Had Pictures, She Had Everything. She Was in Hiding for Twelve Years. We Convinced Her to Come Out. We Convinced Her to Talk to Us.”
    • Robach Details ABC’s Initial Response to Her: “Who’s Jeffrey Epstein? No One Knows Who That is. This is a Stupid Story
    • Robach: “Now it’s All Coming Out … I Freaking Had All Of It…”

    “She continues, “The Palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways.”

    “Robach goes on to express she believes that Epstein was killed in prison saying, “So do I think he was killed? 100% Yes, I do…He made his whole living blackmailing people… Yup, there were a lot of men in those planes. A lot of men who visited that Island, a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment.”

    • Sometimes it seems like you and I are sitting right next to each other riding the same stories. I love this. It shines in the light and helps me, sun and moon. I’m a Wearechange.org reader. (Also an old Paul Butterfield freak.) Everything you post and regardless of our individual perceptions, this affinity is wonderful to me. So often when thinking, ” can I get a witness?” You’re right here. Whatever it is, crazy as it might sound, you give me so much. Always have loved surprises and adventuring. You bring it.

        • Scott,

          Shadowstate may now need an actual diaper change…..

          I guess that will be one wedding I will not be getting invited to.

          BTW: Shadowstate those old Trojan™ condoms from high school you have been keeping…..incase you get lucky…..in your bedroom bureau are no good anymore.

          • Yes, let you boyz imply what was not said. I respect and have affinity for shadowstate 1958. The same, yet different affinity, goes out to Niceguy. To Klavinger, to the men and women who watch our young boys’ safety at our schools, to the man who just took my hand last week and walked me into a gas station, a big beautiful black gentleman, salt of the earth, who noticed that I was feeling faint. I keep seeing angels, everywhere and there is thankfulness.

            It’s mine to share or to keep silent.

            This grows. The emotion I feel about Heidi, about Mr. O’Hara, towards Susan Dones, the sense of Mr. Parlato, about so many people here and everywhere, is not going to end. It just is. It’s an honor to see, appreciate the life, the love, the depth, the beauty of what someone, anyone, is giving. To respect the struggles, the heartbreaks, the breakthroughs, the words, the joys.

            This comes from a wild woman not from any kind of saint. This comes from a fool, not a paragon of anything at all. It is living. We are living. Everyone is both a teacher and a student. Everyone. Even a crow, even a snake, even a leech. We exist. That is enough, for me.

            The same affinity, looking again, led me to help out at a safe house for women and their children, who needed some bit of safety. Some were drug addicts, some were prostitutes and also drug addicts.

            So what? These are human beings, and it cannot be denied, not by me. Still they can be given respect, they can be cared for and comforted. They can be provided soap, towels, a bed, someone who will listen and not to condemn. It is so simple, really.

            Who the hell am I not to wash their wounds, not to see the pain in their eyes? Who the hell am I to sit in judgment and to do nothing?

            I appreciate shadowstate for what he does. Someday some way maybe I’ll be lucky enough to meet him, on earth or “in heaven” and neither one of us has this confused by anybody’s own uncomfortableness with their own unrequited horninesses.

          • Shivani,

            I am sorry and I would like to point out I did not mention your name.

            I was just teasing Shadowstate the same crass way he teased everyone’s favorite Girl Scout.

      • Thank you, Shivani33.
        That’s my whole purpose in life to find new information and provoke myself and others to see the world in a new light.

        A few years ago I thought Pizzagate was crazy.
        After NXIVM and Jeffrey Epstein I am not so sure.

        ABC killed the Epstein story three years ago to protect Epstein, Clinton, Dershowitz and the Royal Family.
        People should be boiling mad.

        • Why would they have killed the Epstein story 3 years ago? Because they were allegedly getting threats from “The Palace?” Hmmmm

          This whole thing appears to be nothing but a fabricated set-up. I don’t buy it.

          • Well, if you don’t buy it Flowers then no one else should. You’ve proven you have an exceptional ability to separate facts from fiction and are able to use deductive reasoning to get at the truth 😐

          • Flowers is actually right!

            The person who leaked it was shopping it around and was paid by Veritas……

          • The Media adore the Royal Family because it brings in female viewers.
            Female Viewers bring in advertising dollars.
            As for me and most males the Royal Family sickens us.

          • They killed the story because it exposed the Clintons. Again. During the 2016 Presidential campaign. Think about it: ABC/Libtards/George Stephanopolos/anchor/former Clinton spokesperson/Clinton sexual assults and rapes, etc., etc., etc. The dots are all there, all you have to do is connect them and bake the cake, the “royals” are just the icing.

        • Shouting from the rooftops. Even if it’s that old movie, Network, and it comes out as “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

    • Shadowstate,

      Did you know that the Veritas Project is also a secret organization on the hit television show Smallville. The show that was on for 10 years and helped to spin-off 4 other hit network shows.

      The organization known as Veritas took its name from a secret shadow organization in a comic book….


      Nice crazy pants!

    • Robach has since clarified those comments, including noting that considerations about press access to the British royal family, given the alleged involvement of Prince Andrew, were key:


      The network’s attorneys perhaps had questions about the same victim accounts that Acosta as a federal prosecutor had essentially devalued or dismissed – at the behest of the Bush White House. It doesn’t necessarily break down along the simplistic black-and-white lines that true believer partisans would like.

  • President Donald Trump generously offered to help destroy the Mexican drug cartels today.
    Mexico’s corrupt evil government arrogantly declines the offer!

    “Trump says he could send US military into Mexico to ‘wage war’ on drug cartels
    ‘You sometimes need an army to defeat an army!’ president tweets”

    “Donald Trump has suggested sending the US Army over the border into Mexico to “wage WAR” on drug cartels in a typically bombastic tweet.

    “The US president said his country stood “ready, willing & able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively” if his Mexican counterpart, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, asked him for help. Mr Lopez Obrador declined the offer during a press conference on Tuesday”

      • You have seen the Seattle documentary, probably. What a mess. People wigging out, shocking displays right on the streets where people have their businesses, walk their children to school just trying to live their lives. Surrounded by filth and madness, old needles and lost civil rights. The pursuit of happiness screwed.

        • Mozzarella tomato basil avocado fat Italian bread. No margarine in our house, ever. Two gorgeous grandson schoolboys, giant fruit smoothies and hungry cats. The heck with bad typing. Life is good! Cats are insistent about 6 o’clock. I am late for a date.

          • I know all about cats.
            I grew up with a pet cat.
            The cat owns your house and as long as you behave the cat will let you live there.

            My sister in law is a dog person with two dogs and one cat.
            She trains service dogs.

        • I have a friend named Svetlana who emigrated from Russia to Portland Oregon.
          She is full of stories about how crazy Portland is.
          A group called Anti Fa controls the streets of Portland and anyone who opposes them gets beaten up.
          The police stand and watch the riots while munching on their doughnuts.
          The whole West Coast is bizarre to a Midwesterner.

      • Shadowstate,

        You wouldn’t be able to afford an apartment in Orange County California. LMAO.

        You well be in one of those tents with the rest of the rift raft.

    • shadowstate,

      I was in LA for Thanksgiving last year for a week you are full of shit!!!!!

      The video is bullshit!!!!!

      You R a tool….

    • Where is Emiliano and the rest of his Mexican friends at to sing there “give peace a chance” songs that was supposed to change the violence of Mexico?

      Those who don’t know Raniere had a hair brain idea that if people would band together and speak out, sing songs and tell people violence was wrong, the people of Mexico would see the error of their ways.

      A gaint switch would happen and a kumbaya moment would change the face of Mexico.

      We all can see how successful this Master plan has worked. Who wants to vacation in Mexico?

        • Scott,

          Regarding the people Raniere killed:
          Were they “murdered on the same day”, they, “died” ?
          And did people “died very often”?

          Were you, by chance, lobotomized?

          “It worked as well as every other Raniere project”, just like the projects in your life Scott….

          ….Imagine Raniere and you share something in common, besides limp dicks. 😉


      • Emiliano Salinas just popped up in Mexico City at a “Save the Children” function.


        #Espectáculos | ¡OMG! 🙀 #EmilianoSalinas reapareció en público luego del estacandalo de la secta #NXIVM, condenada en NY. El empresario e hijo del expresidente Carlos Salinas, asistió a la #CenaEnRojo, en el Papalote Museo del Niño, que organizó Save the Children México, a la que también acudió #LudwikaPaleta y #CeciliaOccelli.

        # Shows | OMG! 🙀 #EmilianoSalinas reappeared in public after the scandal of the #NXIVM sect, condemned in NY. The businessman and son of former president Carlos Salinas, attended the #CenaEnRojo, in the Papalote Museo del Niño, organized by Save the Children México, which was also attended by #LudwikaPaleta and #CeciliaOccelli.

        Descaro! “Save the the children” después oh antes de traficarlos? 🤪

        iheart valentina
        Nerve! “Save the the children” after or before trafficking them? 🤪

    • These problems have been going on for years and are more related to economic crises, problems of addiction to some substance or alcohol, and interestingly it is more national Americans than immigrants who fall into this situation, many people who have lost their jobs and houses, they often fail to recover and the government and society simply ignore them, as happens in other parts of the world, the only difference is that the US loves to sweep the poor under the carpet to maintain the image of prosperity , but ask the people of Atlantic City how much they “love” Trump.

    • Scott,

      Deep Thoughts with Scott Johnson:

      “How ironic, these kids would have been safer (alive) with Raniere than with their parents”, Scott Johnson.

      So true Scout !!! So true!!!

      ….And even more ironic the kids would have been safer with you…..

      Not necessarily true with…

      …….Mr. ShadowMack. 😉

  • This is an awful thought but the young girls from Chihuahua who were sent to Albany to be “mentored” by Raniere were part of this clan. The visit to Albany must have been arranged through the Mexican branch. Maybe by Emiliano? What if the “boss of bosses” saw this as a potential threat to his son’s freedom?

    • “The visit to Albany must have been arranged through the Mexican branch. Maybe by Emiliano? What if the “boss of bosses” saw this as a potential threat to his son’s freedom?” Pyriel

      Great Point!

      And these girls were staying in houses owned by Rose Laura Junco, a future Mexican newspaper heiress, and Dr. Brandon Porter, whose house was purchased with help from Allison Pimp Mack.

      Even if these Mexican girls were not raped and murdered in this attack they would still be afraid to talk after what just happened.

        • The Knife was also run by Jens Erik Gould. He has been in hiding ever since he left NXIVM with his tail between his legs.

          Jens Gould was one of the only NXIVM members to show up at his Vanguard’s hearing in Texas after Vanturd was returned from Mexico to the United States.

          The question is, is Jens Gould still a follower of NXIVM or is he in hiding and fearful of tarnishing his reputation even more by publicly speaking out against his (once) Master?

          There have been plenty of stories about women of NXIVM. What about the MEN of NXIVM Frank?

    • Trump is going to send in troops and ‘Clean Up’ Mexico. Just like Iraq. 20 years later and we are still in that shithole. Good luck with that.

      Trump should start with the biggest Drug Cartel in the world – the DEA. Simultaneously allowing Big Pharma to sell deadly opioids – but, God forbid people walk around with cannabis flowers. Because millions die from marijuana every year. Yeah right.

      If we legalize marijuana, you immediately eliminate a huge source of funding for the cartel. Hmmm… think about it.

      • State, local and federal governments will tax it so much that it won’t eliminate street level dealers. Look what happened in Canada and some of these states that legalized it. It had an initial bump in the state coffers, but there were a lot of unintended consequences as well. Note that Idaho opted not to legalize after seeing what happened in neighboring Washington and Colorado.

  • Media coverage is starting to appear. I’ve seen some suggestion that the incident might have been a case of mistaken identity; it’s also possible that it’s further bloodletting within the infamously violent polygamous clan itself.

    This is the one solid article:

    Queen Creek woman says at least 10 relatives murdered on way to wedding in Mexico

    • Infamously violent cult may be an understatement. Ervil Lebaron, known as the “Mormon Manson” and his cult were responsible for some 40 murders in the furtherance of their crazy religion. Have you Googled The Four O’Clock Murders? Quite the horrifying tale, this cult of crazies.

      And they’re still there in Mexico, this Colonia Lebaron. There may be a good deal more to this latest round of bloodshed.

  • My prayers go out to the Lebaron family.

    Murdering an entire family including women and children is the most disgusting heinous act possible. I hope every single one, of the men responsible for this senseless slaughter of innocent lives, is brought to justice and faces the death penalty.

      • ShadowState,

        The border between Texas and Mexico it’s not like the border between Rhode Island and Connecticut.

        Defend a 1254 mile border?

        The Israelis cannot even keep the the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip secure. The Israelis have one of the best military and security forces in the world.

        The 1254 mile Mexican border is a logistics nightmare.

        All the Mexicans have to do is blow a hole in the wall or tunnel through.

        You are smoking a pipe dream…

  • Speechless. The violence of Mexico’s paramilitary criminal insurgency rivals anything in the Middle East; it may be worse. Americans are mostly in the dark about the conflict. If they knew, they might have a greater understanding of why so many millions of people have been displaced in Mexico and Central America. Simply absorbing refugees while denying the cause is enabling several narco-states to grow stronger with each passing day. We will pray for this peaceful family. But the conditions there should not be a surprise, this is the daily reality for so so many. Frank, I reached out on twitter to this blog. Maybe you can get in touch with them, and find out what they know of the area, and who controls it. http://www.borderlandbeat.com/ They are the only English language news source I know of who is reporting what is happening on the ground, in a war zone. Recall that the government tried to arrest one of Chapo’s sons like ten days ago at the request of the U.S., and were utterly defeated in the operation, outmanned and outgunned, by his paramilitary force, his private army. Make no mistake, the government of Mexico is running nothing. Warlords are in control.

  • How do you know Raniere had nothing to do with it… he gave them advice, and for what we have seen the advice and things he has done is totally different of what he really has done… So…. maybe yes

    • Those girls brought up from Chihuahua to Clifton Park to be mentored by Keith Raniere can finger a lot of people.

      There is a lot of violence in Mexico based on the drug trafficking but the entire history of the polygamous Mormon church is tainted by violence.

  • Oh, dear God!

    And how many stupid, asinine, brain dead politicians will tell us that we need open borders with Mexico and Latin America to let in the drug cartels and groups like MS-13?
    Heaven forbid that America defend itself from drug traffickers, human traffickers and terrorists.
    Why “Diversity is our Strength” these traitorous clowns in the Demoncratic Party will chant.

    Donald Trump is Right!
    Build the Wall!
    And staff it with armed guards ready to shoot to kill!
    America First!

    And don’t bet the Salinas gang had nothing to do with this atrocity.
    The Salinas gang is in tight with the drug cartels.

    And the Demonrats sent guns to Mexico in Operation Fast and Furious.
    Right, Dennis Burke?

    • the hate in your heart will grow and a cancer will sprout, and that cancer will infect your being to the core such that your children, grandchildren, and neighbors will run at the sight of you. some will smile and bear with your unbearable hate but they will not wish to be near you and in fact wish you would just go away. i’m praying for you brother or sister. you need it in order to find love in your heart. praying for you.

    • That sounds like the sort of virtual apocalyptic hysteria typical of of cults – just what comes out of someone like Raniere, or Scientology’s Hubbard, stirring up the tribal us-against-them mentality against others labeled as “suppressives,” “psyches,” the Illuminati, and so on. It includes the typical canard of ascribing ridiculously extreme positions of virtual evil to perceived opponents, that are gross misrepresentations if not outright fabrications – what’s known as a straw man argument:


      Also, back to another topic, remember not long ago when you were positively clucking that baseless speculation in the media about Chelsea Clinton’s possible political aspirations was somehow validation of your theorizing about her and her family? Did you own up to that turning out to be completely wrong?

      Chelsea Clinton quashes suspicions she’s considering congressional run

      • Hey Slick, stick your theories where the sun don’t shine. The Clinton crime family is finished, and that includes your precious lil Chelsea. She is going down with the corrupt foundation.

        • Is the Clinton Foundation somehow more corrupt than the Trump Foundation?

          I’m happy to see the chips fall where they may, regardless, whoever is guilty of any wrongdoing. As far as I can tell, at the extremes the partisans on one side aren’t any better than those on the other.

          Kid, I’ve seen generations of true believers like you go down in flames. Before QAnon it was UFOs and reptilian aliens, etc..

      • Someone denying they are consider running is the oldest trick in the book. They often run soon after denying it. The much more effective way to prevent her from winning is to ensure enough people know how stupid and corrupt Chelsea is.

        • I think you’re grasping at straws there. When I read in to the situation, there are already a number of declared candidates including at least one who appears that she would be a first something or other, meaning Clinton would have to knock out the sort of candidate she could be expected to reflexively support – plus she doesn’t even live in the district in question.

          She’s also just had another child, and seems as if she has a comfortable gig as a mother, non-profit director and part-time academic – and no particular political aspirations. And she has dual master’s degrees including one from ivy league Columbia, plus a PhD from Oxford, so whatever she may be she’s not dumb; it’s an all too common mistake to discount the inherent intelligence and abilities of vilified figures (including that of Raniere, even if he wasn’t the world-class genius he claimed to be), whatever their other shortcomings may be.

          Do you ever go back and review situations in which you made the wrong call, and try to learn from them?

          • I don’t think I’m grasping at all. Chelsea is often seen with Hillary in public interviews, soaking up the political vibes and propping her up to keep her mom from falling down. So much for the highly educated, stay at home mom loving on her kids. She can easily hire a nanny to take care of her kids. I never said the 2020 cycle, there is 2022, 2024, 2026, 2028, etc. In fact, it’s probably too late to run for 2020, but she’s young and can change her public position at any time and run in a future election. Besides, she doesn’t want to appear to be desperate to run for office. Her dad is a Rhodes scholar and both parents are Ivy leaguer lawyers, the perfect background for liberal politicians to run for office: “Look at me, I’m so smart, vote for me!” I’m not saying Chelsea isn’t academically smart, just that she has the typical Libtard training instead of real-world experience. I never said it was a certainty Chelsea would run, read my comment again. I said “often.” Do you ever go back and review situations in which you made the wrong call, and try to learn from them?

  • Disgusting.

    These fuckers have no semblance of humanity. And for what? Some material trinkets and a little temporary power. They have no understanding of Reality.

    Hell awaits them.

    • It’s incumbent on the United States government to protect the American Homeland or this Madness will become commonplace in the USA.
      Just look up the phrase “Colombian necktie murder: to see how bad America’s future can be if we allow the drug cartels to rule in America.

      • Ever hear of the opioid crisis? American drug cartels are different…traded publicly and protected by your government. Not violent, but the American drug cartels’ danger lies in the fact that they are protected by government. The judiciary is apparently just catching on. And I thought it was a “Haitian Necktie”

      • Sadstate:

        You are a much more entertaining loose cannon when offering your thoughts on Allison Mack, whose favorite neckwear was a pearl necklace (do some research) provided by her Vanguard.

        In just this thread alone, you mention that the US will be overrun by (a) Colombian cartels (if you really want to read about a horrific sort of neckwear, check out “necklacing”, a South African technique for dealing with one’s enemies (both horrifying AND environmentally unsustainable)) and/or (b) “struggling Mexican gangs”. In my opinion, as unlikely as it is that either (a) or (b) will ever come to pass, they are still much more plausible than your theory, woven from articles on the Frank Report, that NXIVM was planning on world domination beginning with Mexico (led by the World’s stupidest Harvard grad, Emi Salinas) and Libya (led by the world’s ugliest gigolo, Bassett Hound Igtet). The more I read about Raniere, Salzman and NXIVM, the more I believe it is highly unlikely that NXIVM could turn a profit at a Vegan restaurant in a hipster neighborhood (even with the no doubt considerable hospitality skills of Nicki Cline), much less attain world domination.

        But all of this comes from the man who theorized that Chelsea Clinton was being groomed to be an elected official in New York State. While Chelsea might fill a pantsuit better than her lumpy frumpy mom, the article below shows that Chelsea will likely be satisfied with living in the $10 million apartment provided to her by her parents.


        • As a public service announcement, a recounting of Sadstate’s posts on this thread on November 5, 2019 (military time): 00:05, 08:52, 08:53, 08:57, 08:59, 09:08, 10;12, 12:58, 13:01, 13:07, 13:14, 13:17, 14:40. There are still six hours left in the day. Nice life! Don’t overexpose your brand.

          • All of them Witches,

            Just wondering…..

            Do my posts calling out and correcting Shadowstate’s lies count towards my personal posts count?

            I would not post so much if Shadowstate did not lie so much… 😉

          • Anony:

            I am thinking of hiring a high school student to go through the Frank Report and make a cumulative timeline of all of ShadowstateofObsession’s contributions.

            I think the results might reveal that Shadow is every bit a hostage of NXIVM as that young woman who was confined to quarters in Clifton Park.

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