Oops, Another Lie by Nata-LIE – Her Catfished Husband Winds Up Marrying the Non Existent Woman

Scott Foley with Toni's imaginary woman.

Toni Natalie, our queen of deception, tells all kinds of lies in her book, The Program Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm.

She also tells plenty of lies in real life. A good rule of thumb to use in determining if Toni is lying is: If she is making a sound – she’s lying.

God bless her.

Some of her lies are very hurtful to people; some are just stupid and kind of funny.

Of course, it is not funny if you steal your son’s inheritance – after abandoning him as a child. And then call yourself a brave single mother.

Or have an affair with a married man who you insert [over your son] as executor of your stepfather’s estate so you can get the whole inheritance – virtually at your stepfather’s deathbed. [And you thought Clare Bronfman was ruthless with her father on his deathbed? There was a reason why Raniere was so enamored with Toni – they were both experts in the same kind of things.]

And no, it is not funny to lie to a bankruptcy court judge and say you own no valuable paintings when you are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars worth of rare Ramon Santiago paintings.

It’s ugly of course to say that the most valuable painting – the one of your son, Michael – belongs to Michael to bankruptcy court – and then keep it for yourself.

Image result for ramon santiago "Michael" painting
Toni Natalie poses in front of two Ramon Santiago paintings – the one on the right is the very valuable painting “Michael” of her son – which Toni told bankruptcy court she did not possess and was owned by her son.

And, it is not funny to defraud leasing companies with your brother, then file bankruptcy and try to blame your fraud on Keith.

And it is not funny to blame your brother’s heart attack or possible suicide – from an overdose of heart medication  – a lifelong cocaine user, scam artist, grifter, conman, philanderer, who became unhealthy from his long use of drugs, his immorality and his million dollars in debts – he cheated everyone – no you can’t blame that on Keith Raniere.

That’s not funny at all.

Keith is a bad man. John was a bad man. But Keith did not cause John’s death.

John had tax liens around a million dollars. He and Toni had stripped much of their parents’ wealth to support their lifestyles and John was out of options when he died in 2009.

From Toni’s book.  Top – Toni and John Natalie. Bottom their stepfather, Al Schnier, and mother, Joan Schnier.

How John and Toni conspired to cheat and defraud their stepfather is another story for another day. And how they got their mother to put businesses in her name that they ran – which forced her to go bankrupt, take her name off of her own home, and have hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax liens {which cannot be discharged in bankruptcy] is another story also.

But it still isn’t funny to blame her brother’s death on Keith Raniere – who had nothing to do with it.

Toni has made a living out of blaming everything on Keith.

In fact, I have doubts that John committed suicide. He was using drugs and taking heart medicine – a bad mix – and his heart may have simply given out one night.

John Natalie. I’d like to see the death certificate to see the cause of death.

In fact, as Kim Snyder told me – the obituary, which Kim looked up – says the family wanted gift offerings to go to the American Heart Association. Kim asked, quite logically, if he committed suicide, why did they want offerings to go to the American Heart Association?

“He likely had a heart attack,” Kim said.

Two former friends of Toni’s [not Nxivm related] who were around at the time, told me that when John died, the story the family told was that he died of a heart attack.

Is it possible that Toni changed her story about John’s death from a heart attack to suicide because it fit her Raniere narrative better?

Would anyone do that to a dead brother?

If they would, it would not be funny.

And it is not so funny that Toni – in order to keep me [and others] from interviewing the Snyder family – as part of my very serious investigation into the disappearance of Kristin Snyder in 2003 – told me [and others] that Kristin Snyder’s sister, Kim, is mentally retarded.

Kim Snyder – Toni says she is mentally retarded – but unlike Toni, she raised her son. And contributed to this story with research. She is not, as Toni said, mentally retarded.

Toni did that, I think, to keep the Snyder story to herself. But it backfired. I got to know Kim and she was very hurt by Toni trying to keep her from telling her story – by falsely claiming Kim is retarded – which she is not.

So for Toni Nata-LIE’s lies – some are not so funny.

Still, you have to admit some of them are funny. Like her crazy Scott Foley scrotum story. I doubt it is true, but who knows, it might be true in part.

One part that is certainly not true is her blaming her breakup with Scott [hubby #4] on Keith.

Toni Natalie 2018. She attended the trial of Keith Raniere and wrote in her book that Keith paid more attention to her than to the judge.

It would almost be a sign of mental illness to blame everything on Keith, except Toni has made a living of this. [More on that later].

Toni tells a funny story in her laughable book about how she broke up with Scott. It is a funny story, although it has a dark violent tone to it also:

Scott and I took a much-needed and well-deserved vacation, renting a cabin on Canandaigua Lake. I had climbed out of the abyss and was working hard on myself, on my emotional recovery. For the first time in a long time, I felt optimistic. But I didn’t get that vibe from Scott. Even on the drive there, he seemed off—distracted somehow. It was my birthday, August 12, so we went to dinner with some friends. When we got back to the cabin that night, there was an incredible thunderstorm. The bursts of lightning shone purple light on the mountain, and all of that majesty was reflected on the lake. “Come outside,” I told Scott. “You can see God over the mountain.”

“I’m good,” he called from the back bedroom.

But it was too singularly beautiful to be missed. So I went inside to get him. Scott was sitting in bed, blanket over his knees, fiddling with his phone. His thumbs were moving at warp speed. He was so enthralled by whatever he was doing that he didn’t see me come in. When he noticed me, he was startled, and dropped the phone. It wasn’t his phone, I realized. It was a burner, the disposable kind that drug dealers use.

We both went for the phone. We grabbed it at the same time. But he was both stronger and taller, so he pulled it up over his head, and my grip wasn’t tight enough to snatch it. So, I grabbed his scrotum instead.

“Let go of my balls!”

“Let go of the phone!”

“Let go of my balls!”

“Let go of the phone!”

At that moment, my beloved dog, Raymona, cried out and peed on the floor. Worried, I loosened my grip on his balls (if not for Raymona, I could have ripped them clean off). He broke the phone in half, went outside, and hurled it into the darkness. As it flew, a bolt of lightning crashed.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just—you’re so distant, I barely know you anymore. Samantha makes me feel young, alive. Wanted.”

“Samantha?” I spat the name at him. “Sa/7?a/7tha?”

I packed up his things that night and sent him away. We were done. A few days later, I got an out-of-the-blue Facebook friend request from “Samantha Orr.” She wanted me to know that she was the one who had been texting my husband. As soon as she relayed that message, she vanished. Her profile picture morphed into a faceless egg. Scott had never actually met her in person. He’d been catfished. “Samantha” was a honeypot, I realized, tasked with seducing my husband and ruining our marriage.

In the months that followed, Raymona—whom I loved more than I loved Scott, truth be told—developed a rare medical condition that caused her nails to painfully fallout.

Now even my guard dog had PTSD.


Skipping past the ridiculousness of this story – [and the domestic violence exhibited by Toni] of her grabbing little Scottie’s scrotum to make him give up his phone and her dog [thankfully] peeing which saved Scott Foley’s balls from the fierce Nata-LIE – and skipping past the stupidity of putting this [if it were true or not] in a book to humiliate little subby hubby Scottie – the part of the lie that rings loudest – and funniest – is the catfish part.

Toni writes, “I packed up his things that night and sent him away. We were done. A few days later, I got an out-of-the-blue Facebook friend request from ‘Samantha Orr.’ She wanted me to know that she was the one who had been texting my husband. As soon as she relayed that message, she vanished. Her profile picture morphed into a faceless egg. Scott had never actually met her in person. He’d been catfished. ‘Samantha’ was a honeypot, I realized, tasked with seducing my husband and ruining our marriage.”

Ah, Keith. So Keith did it all. Samantha was imaginary? That Scott was busy madly texting a woman he never met. Skip how absurd this is.

And forget, also, that Heidi Hutchinson says she went with Toni to see “Samantha” [whose real name, as Toni well knows, is Denise]. And can confirm she was a real live woman and that Toni knew that as well.

But did Keith hire this woman, as Nata-LIE says in her book?

It seems not. I have perhaps the best proof that Toni lied about Samantha [Denise] being an imaginary woman – someone Scott never met – just a honeypot sent to catfish little Scottie.

Here is the proof: Scott married her!

Scott Foley with wife Denise – the purported honey pot woman hired by Keith Raniere to catfish Scott.

Yes, that’s right, Toni’s catfish woman, who played the honeypot scheme – paid for by Raniere – was really not hired by Keith to lure Scott away from his old lady, Toni. [And I used the term ‘old lady’ literally. Scott is 10 years younger than Toni.]

No, Scott went to work at a supermarket chain when Toni and he were still married. There, he met Denise [Samantha]. She worked in the floral department. He worked in the meat department.

Toni lost Scott the ordinary way.

It was karma: Back in the late 1990s, Toni met Scott when she hired him to work at her restaurant. She embarrassingly says in her book, Scott had a nice “ass.”

She was his boss and Toni soon lured Scott away from his then-wife and from his child – knowing clearly he was married and the father of a young child.

Toni and Scott ran off together – both of them abandoning a child – off to the Florida Keys. When Toni came back to Rochester where her son lived with his father, she never reentered her son’s life.

Fast forward 10 years. Just as she committee adultery with Scott back in 1999, Scott committed adultery with Denise, a real woman, in 2009.

Samantha – Denise – is a real woman, not an imaginary woman hired by Keith Raniere to break up Toni Natalie’s marriage.

You can’t blame Scott. He met a woman closer to his own age – not an old hag obsessed with scamming people using Keith Raniere as her excuse. That was no life for him.

He left Toni, went to work in Latham. She lived nearby. They moved in together and finally they moved south and wed. It is a happy ending for Scott and Denise.

And for Toni, just another provable lie, a little funnier than some of the rest of her lies. But a lie nonetheless.

[I contacted Scott Foley for this story.  He informed me he did not care if Toni lied about him in her book. He did not want to go on the record.]  





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Big J
Big J
4 years ago

The “non existant woman” is SO much better looking than Toni Baloney. Her skin looks like old, wrinkled, worn out couch vinyl. Frankly, I think her son is lucky she stayed out of his life. Fishlips Toni.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Who said white trash only lives in Arkansas and West Virginia? LOL

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

LMAO! Thanks for inserting some much needed comic relief in this Toni travesty. I’m kicking myself over what a complete fool I’ve been to have ever bought into A WORD of her diabolical bullshit. I have it on good authority that Toni has bald-face lied to the DOJ and obstructed justice in doing so. Hope they throw the BOOK right back at her. Change “Patient Zero” to “Perp 2” once they get around to all those timeless, juicy RICO charges up in the NDNY. God willing.

4 years ago

Dr. Gastone H. H. Porter professor emeritus Columbia Me, aka Nicki:

Not the bogus Dr. Gastone Porter who graduated from the non-existent Medical School at Princeton.
“I’m the Gastone Porter who graduated Columbia Medical School 1984. Not the Dr. Gastone Porter who went to Princeton class of 1970 ”

This impostor Dr. Gastone Porter is stealing your good name and no doubt will steal your medical practice.
Not only that but this rapscallion Dr. Gastone Porter is trying to steal from you Toni Natalie, the most beautiful woman in the world.
This scalawag will stop at nothing to deny you your most beautiful Toni Natalie, the Horse Apple of your eye.

You must defend your good reputation Doctor Gastone H. H. Porter from this rascal.

You should immediately contact every Medical Board in every state and province of North America to make sure that this False Dr. Gastone H. H. Porter is not practicing medicine on unsuspecting patients who badly need real medical care from a trained, experienced medical professional like yourself.
Legatus Clare Bronfman and Vanguard Keith Raniere would expect no less.

In defending yourself Dr. Gastone H. H. Porter, you are defending the honor of Toni Natalie, the fairest pearl of New York State.

Honest Opinion
Honest Opinion
4 years ago

OK, if I am being honest, Natalie is good looking enough. She has nice enough features. I also think physically speaking Nikki Clyne and And Alison Mack are actually better looking than Kristin Kreuk. But once you get past the physical stuff, I am guessing there is not much else so we go from “nice-looking enough” to “my got they are ugly ass bitches on the inside.”

4 years ago
Reply to  Honest Opinion

The inside is what really counts.

New Book Coming Soon
New Book Coming Soon
4 years ago

What people are finally getting to see is that Toni Natalie will lie about anything to make up a good story about how she is a victim of Raniere. For Toni Natalie, all events in her life lead back to Raniere.

Her brother dies or commits suicide – “Raniere drove my brother to suicide”. Nope, the emails were checked when you met with the NXIVM 9 and the ones between your brother and Raniere were only a few and it was your brother asking Raniere for money for a business deal. How did he kill your brother by not loaning him money?

Toni’s dog dies, first she thinks it’s the bad dog food and there is a massive dog food recall. Hum… what would make a better story?… “Raniere poisoned my dog”, yeah, that’s it.

Scott is lonely and sexting… how could he! I’m so pretty and so good in bed. How could he even look at another woman? OK, I’m ten years older than him and have an obsession with Raniere and Barbara Bouchey. Wait, I’m beautiful. How could he be sexting with another woman? I know…”It’s someone planted by Raniere”… Yep, that’s it. Raniere sent her.

Toni Natalie tells the bankruptcy court her son has the famous painting and she sold the other ones to her mom. All of a sudden they appear in Toni’s house while it’s for sale. Mom is still alive and son doesn’t have his painting but has his own place. Is the pretty girl a big fat liar?

This is just the top of the Deep Bag of Lies of Toni Nata-LIE, coming to a bookstore near you.

Dr. Gastone H.Porter
Dr. Gastone H.Porter
4 years ago

i Hate these rascally men and catty women who can’t find anything wrong about Toni so they make themselves ridiculous by attacking her looks. This is bad strategy since she is the best looking woman on this website. What an angel face. What a hot physique. Sultan worships Kristin Kreuk and Shadow worships Nicki Clyne.
I don’t think Sultan has a chance with Kristin. Shadow has a chance with Nicky but I don’t think Allison though I think he favors Allison more. I hope I have a chance with Toni. I never spoke to her but at least I use my real name so she can find me. I live in Omaha -in the same neighborhood as Warren Buffett but he has a bigger house LOL.
But even though Toni is quite well off with her book and podcasts I’d pay all the bills.
I’m easy to find. I am a physician. As well as a psychologist. I could cure Toni’s fibromyalgia (I’ve cured many patients) and I could cure her PTSD. That is my specialty as many veterans will attest.
Toni if you give me a chance I will make you the happiest woman in the world. You are already the most beautiful.
Your Humble and most obedient servant and liege
Dr. Gastone Hiram Hasbrook Porter
(I’m the Gastone Porter who graduated Columbia Medical School 1984. Not the Dr. Gastone Porter who went to Princeton class of 1970 A lot of people mistake us because our names are the same.
Why don’t you make your name the same as mine ?

Robert jr.
Robert jr.
4 years ago

You’re wrong! Toni is by far the ugliest. My angel face artist Marie White and Teny Geragos are the prettiest. I would have chosen Kristen Kruek or Allison but they wouldn’t look my way. If I find out my angel face is branded, I’ll blame your slut Toni and will challenge her to a duel. I’m not opposed to slapping a shemale. She’s no angel and should go to jail for stealing from the government and calling Miss Kim a retard. Toni is ugly. Teny is a beautiful smart lawyer. I wish she wasn’t married. Raniere should have fired her. I hate him.

4 years ago

Dr. Gastone Hiram Hasbrook Porter aka Nicki:

“I could cure her PTSD. That is my specialty as many veterans will attest.”

How would you cure Toni’s PTSD?
By showing her snuff films from your cousin Brandon’s collection?

“I’m the Gastone Porter who graduated Columbia Medical School 1984.”

That is a very exclusive medical school, Nicki, I mean Dr. Gastone H Porter.
Less than one in twenty applicants are accepted.

“Acceptance rate: 4.5% (2010)”

“According to U.S. News and World Report, VP&S is one of the most selective medical schools in the United States based on average MCAT score, GPA, and acceptance rate[3]. In 2018, 7,537 people applied and 1,007 were interviewed for 140 positions in its entering class[4]. The median undergraduate GPA and average MCAT score for successful applicants in 2014 were 3.82 and 36, respectively. Columbia for 2020 is ranked 6th among research-oriented medical schools in the United States”

Oddly enough Dr. Gaston HH Porter, aka Nicki you refer to a Dr. Gastone Porter who attended Princeton University’s Medical School.
It turns out that Princeton University is the one Ivy League University that does not have a Medical School.

List of Ivy League medical schools
“Only one Ivy League university, Princeton University, does not have a medical school.”


Dr. Gastone H. H. Porter:
Could it be that this other Dr. Gastone Porter is a fake?
Heaven forbid!

Dr. Gastone H. H. Porter professor emeritus Columbia Me
Dr. Gastone H. H. Porter professor emeritus Columbia Me
4 years ago

I went to Columbia. Not Princeton. The point is if the other Dr. Gastone Porter lied about his school that was what he told me and others. It only makes my case for Toni’s hand stronger. I can be easily found among the alumni of a real and distinguished school. Shadow, you stick to wooing Nicki and I’ll stick to Toni. It’s all personal preference and I prefer the prettiest queen to ever ascend the throne.

4 years ago

Bahahahahahaha, Hi Toni

4 years ago

Roberta Desdemona makes a good ghostwriter. If she is looking for a job, I know who has one for her. She does well to fill the comments section with questionable and false exaggerated claims, but she makes others write comments.

Roberta Desdemona
Roberta Desdemona
4 years ago

This story is a lie. Zero truth to it. Keith did set this up. With the honeypot girl. Every word Toni wrote in her book is true. Who are you going to believe: The wondrous heroine of Nxivm or Frank Perlato some dork with a blog?

It’s silly to even question the truth here. Bottom line- Toni Natalie is credible and very beautiful too. I never met a 58 year old woman who looks so hot. I’m not a lesbian but if I was I could go for Toni in a big way. And every man I know would Have the hots for her.

4 years ago

So Roberta Desdemona, aka Nicki:
You are from Walla Walla, Washington?

Did you ever go apple picking in Walla Walla, Washington?

Is this a picture of you and your wife Allison picking apples?

All About Toni
All About Toni
4 years ago

Toni lied about “they had rented a cabin”.

Toni and Scott bought a trailer on the lake.

Toni was already mad at Scott because he had gone to town while Toni was at the lake. While he was in town, Scott got served papers for Toni to be deposed in NXIVM’S lawsuit against Dones. Toni was attempting to dodge servers.

It wasn’t the first time Toni had caught Scott texting “another woman” either. Scott was emotionally and sexually abandoned by Toni while she was engaged going after Raniere, once again.

Scott worked his ass off every day at their restaurant and paid their bills. Toni just got to do what she wanted and hardly worked at the restaurant. Everything was about Toni. When isn’t it?

4 years ago
Reply to  All About Toni

This is too funny. So Toni’s romantic birthday getaway, in an idylic cabin was actually an escape in a trailer, hiding from servers. This just gets funnier!

Roberta Desdemona, Walla Walla Washington
Roberta Desdemona, Walla Walla Washington
4 years ago

This is over the top and wrong. I believe Toni. She is much prettier than Samantha. This Frank Perlato guy is Asshole. I am new to this website and never posted a comment before. But I can tell Toni is honest and very much better looking than Samantha. I know what I’m talking about too. I am a fashion model, casting agent and licensed psychologist in the state of Washington

Another good try Toni
Another good try Toni
4 years ago

Hi Toni Nata-LIE,
Guess you got tired of being Dr. Porter.
One quick search in WA State Department of Health shows no licensed psychologist by the name of Roberta Desdemona. It doesn’t even show anyone in any profession in WA State by your name.

New to the site, you can tell Toni is honest, good on ya mate. She’s got some beachfront in AZ she wants to sell you.
Glad you find her better looking than Samantha, you and Toni can have drinks and talk about it.
Toni could have also been a fashion model since she’s pretty.
Maybe you can cast her in your next show or movie. Toni is looking for her next new adventure.
Contract Frank, he can hook the two of you up. Oh that’s right, YOU ARE TONI

4 years ago

To Roberta Desdemona. Is Desdemona your middle name? Or is your whole name a moniker? You have probably already read William Shakespeare’s play Otello or seen Verdi’s opera Otello. Maybe your parents would be cultured and interested in art. Hence your name. But I think everything you write is faked. Thank you for your contribution to the entertainment.

Nil By Mouth
Nil By Mouth
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Entertainment? I find the abnft1 troll akin to a very spoilt kid in a restaurant wilfully dedicated to ruining everyones vibe with their voluble smart-assery, same lame joke told over and over again…while their multi millionaire/gangster parents, and their minions, look on indulgently –

All the really CRUSHING bores remain dedicated to mxivm it seems to me – The die-hards with their sh*t-eating grins.

4 years ago

“Roberta Desdemona, Walla Walla Washington
November 2, 2019 at 8:37 pm
This is over the top and wrong. I believe Toni. She is much prettier than Samantha. This Frank Perlato guy is Asshole. I am new to this website and never posted a comment before.”

Oh. really?
Your code is abfnt1 and you have posted here many times.

Roberta Desdemona, aka Nicki, I must say that the Knife Media wasted your talents as a writer.
You should have been writing comedy stories like the Harvard Lampoon or The Onion publish.
Have you read any James Thurber stories from old copies of the New Yorker?
Or Charles Addams cartoons from the New Yorker?

4 years ago

So Toni’s book is reminiscent of the book Running With Scissors that Oprah touted so much but turned out to be 100% fabricated.
Publishers should be ashamed for not doing their due diligence.

4 years ago
Reply to  g


Don’t forget the other fictional book that Oprah touted as Nonfiction…

A Million Broken Pieces.


[…] Oops, Another Lie by Nata-LIE – Her Catfished Husband Winds Up Marrying the Non Existent Woman […]

4 years ago

Scott certainly upgraded. I wish him and the genuinely pretty Denise all the best.

Everything Is Raniere's Fault According to Toni's Imagination
Everything Is Raniere's Fault According to Toni's Imagination
4 years ago

Damn pretty catfish if you ask me!

No wonder Toni had to lie about this one. What was she going to say? She couldn’t say, Scott got fed up with me obsessing over Raniere and blaming everything wrong with my life on him and went and found a very pretty woman his own age without a personality disorder to marry. That wouldn’t make her a victim. Everything is Raniere’s fault and Toni’s a victim the way she tells it.

Toni, did it ever occur to you to just get on with your life after you left Raniere? Getting a relationship back with your son while he was still young? How about caring for your parents instead of burdening them with the mess you made financially? Is there anything you ever do that isn’t for your benefit? I can answer that for you, no!

How about getting a job and contributing to society instead of whining about Raniere, fibromyalgia, severe dyslexia and claiming you have PTSD, which is quite obvious you don’t. What he did to other women isn’t a drop in the pan compared to what you two did to each other. After all, you scammed the scammer. You should be proud. You haven’t done anything else with your life.

I can’t wait to hear about more lies being exposed. I come here for the laughs at her expense now. She laughed all the way to the bank with what she made on that piece of fiction and the scams she’s pulled. Turnabout is fair play.

4 years ago

Hey, Dr. Gastone H. Porter:

Toni NataLIE sounds like the perfect recruit for NXIVM 2.0.
And Toni is a Drama Queen just like many of the women in NXIVM.

But Dr. Gastone Porter, if you insist that Toni NataLIE has never told a lie in her life, then we must take you at your word since a member of NXIVM would never lie.

Oh, by the way Dr. Gastone Porter, aka Nicki, did you make it home safe and sound Friday night after the RIOT in nearby downtown Brooklyn?

Chaos in Brooklyn as 1,000 anti-cop protesters storm subway stations yelling ‘don’t let these pigs touch us’ after a spate of violent arrests and the city’s vow to add even MORE officers to crackdown on anyone not paying the $2.75 fare

Brooklyn sounds like the perfect place for NXIVM’s new worldwide headquarters.

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