Argument Debunking Story That 2100 Children Were Rescued From Underground Cages in California

The following guest view is in reply to the Frank Report story Reports of 2100 Children in Underground Cages Rescued By Navy Seals and Child Slaves on Colonies on Mars – Should We Censor the Improbable?

In that story, Frank Report wrote about a man named Timothy Charles Holmseth who made a YouTube video – with almost 100,000 views. In his video he claimed he was chosen by the Pentagon to reveal to the public that earlier this month Navy Seals and U.S. Marines rescued 2,100 children from underground bases and bunkers in California. There is no corroboration for his claim, and no reports of arrests – other than other websites who quote him as the source.  Reportedly, the children were caged as part of an adrenochrome-producing child slave operation. Andreneochrome is reportedly used as an adrenaline rush by the elite and to produce it, it is claimed, children need to be terrorized.

I questioned why the Pentagon – as Holmseth claimed – would choose him [and no other media] to tell of their heroic accomplishment. May people apparently believe this rescue on no other proof than Holmseth’s video where he sits on a couch before a video camera and says it is so.

By Swede World

If your BS meter wasn’t pegged on red line by the second paragraph – the thing’s just busted.. You wonder… No one seems to have reported 2100 children missing? — plus unknown hundreds (thousands) more already killed by the “evil adrenaline cartel?” Why are the Pentagon and Navy Seals taking down a domestic organized crime ring normally handled by Department of Justice/FBI? And all the other assorted weirdness Frank points out.

A quick background check on Timothy Holmseth puts any doubt to rest.

Holmseth’s bio says: “Timothy Charles Holmseth, 51, Minnesota, is a former radio broadcaster, government reporter, magazine writer, song writer, author, and publisher…recognized with first place awards for news reporting and column writing by the North Dakota Newspaper Association including Best News Series, as well as awards from Boone Publishing.”

He was never a “radio broadcaster” – just a guest on an internet podcast. Never a Government reporter (whatever that is) – and never wrote a magazine or song anyone knows of. Search of the ND Newspaper Assn site shows they ever heard of him – and Boone Publishing doesn’t give awards.

He authored three unsubstantiated sensationalist conspiracy theory “books” on the brutal abuse and murders of little girls Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony – which garnered national headlines – to cash in on the macabre public fascination. Two books were 30-40 pages and his flagship tome – 65 pages! All three volumes were published by… can you guess? “Timothy Charles Holmseth Publishing Co.” Hemmingway or Tolstoy he ain’t.

Then look at the alleged pictures of kids in cages — a pathetic photo-shop fail. The heads are grossly disproportionate – The huge hand in the foreground could not be in perspective. No bars in front of some faces – distinct bars in other places. Upper torsos and arms are contorted into impossible positions or cut off. Lighting, shadows, focal points – all inconsistent. I’ve done photo forensic work – this is not even in the ball park. Fake photos documenting fake news.

At best, Holmseth is a fabulist conspiracy whack job using hyperbola and sensationalism to promote his shtick, gain attention and make a buck – and at worst he believes his own lunacy and is a paranoid schizophrenic.

Timothy Holmseth says his ‘commander’ led a US military operation that freed 2100 children in cages in California. No other media has confirmed his report.

Either way, Frank is absolutely right – you can’t censor someone’s first amendment freedom because they are warped or stupid. The real conundrum is the inability – or unwillingness – of so many people to apply critical thinking and common sense to what they see and hear — exactly the same reason Keith Raniere was able to deceive and destroy so many lives for so long.

You know Albany Times Union, Rick Ross, Dr Paul Martin et al were raising serious warning flags on Raniere’s dangerous cult and renewed pyramid scams all the way back in 2003 – but it was Frank Parlato who finally locked onto the target and wouldn’t let up until he went down. Good on you sir.

To view Helmseth discussing what would be an historic rescue of 2100 child slaves in California

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  • Your stupid article here is a LIE in how its presented…total lie, he never said caged AND there is a GOOD reason he was chosen as the reporter to the Pentagon for these issues. He is also always smeared and attacked by MSM, people like YOU, Hollywood, cops and the cabal itself……..they have to shut up these people and even kill them to make the truth go away!

    • Parts of society are really obsessed with pedophiles and hoping these gross conspiracies are true. Sadly it speaks to what titillates pedo conspiracists.


    • If the only proof is the writer’s history, it isn’t good enough. Because of how terrible the crimes are in our nation in this regard, to many people it is still plausible. If you really want to debunk it … DEBUNK the STORY ITSELF, don’t “slander” the author.

  • The people fighting to close down stories related to human trafficking raise a huge red flag for me… I question whether they’re in on it, paid off to be complicit, blackmailed, or a sicko pedophile themselves. I guess Red October will be news as it’s slowly revealing the horrors on Wiener’s laptop…but since we already have heads up with evil people involved including various parts of past government branches; clowns in america, not a space agency, officials, politicians, celebrities, world governments, huge corporations, msm heads, etc.. this fuktard has the audacity to act surprised why major media journalist (lol) wasn’t handpicked for a detailed story, crumbling msm is propaganda for the sheeple.. digital warriors are top of the organized independent awakening public to actual news & truth, so hopefully these evil bastards don’t send our world to hell in a handbasket!

  • Strange how the military is training to fight underground in close quarters. Wow, it must suck to look like such an ass hole. I can understand not wanting to believe because it is so horrible but if that is the case shhhhhhhhhhh just sit their and shhhhhhhhhhhh sometimes it is good to just listen.

  • Yes, the image of the caged women is from the 2013 MOVIE “Pawnshop Chronicles”
    Here is a link to the movie on Youtube. Jump to 1 hour 4 minutes and see for yourselves.

  • The guy who wrote this in attempt to discredit someone else is an idiot. 800,000 kids in the US alone go missing. Millions globally. There are pictures of the tunnels and other variable pictures. Open your eyes. There are things and people coming up from those tunnels and there is military fighting that good and brave fight using training code names like “Defender 2020” to this mission.

    • I appreciate your reference. I suspected that the picture was “real” in that it was not doctored apart from being deliberately edited to degrade its quality and just being dishonestly appropriated to promote a conspiracy theory.

      • Conspiracy theorist- Someone who questions the story of known liars. Yeah, okay. Also, a documented CIA-derived term first promulgated to discredit those who challenged the narrative of the JFK assassination. You may be right about this, but you are on the wrong side, man.

      • Whats even stranger is they removed the video. If its so fake, why bother? That 10,000 navy troops were training in the area was very convenient add on to the picture from a movie I must have missed. But I’m not sure if you’re saying that these atrocities don’t happen or the story was bs, which one?

  • Wow. I just read the rest of the comments. You people should be ashamed of yourselves! In more ways than one!

  • I don’t even have to say how pathetic and ignorant the author of this “story” is. No words to make him/her feel like a piece of shit. This person(s) has to live with themself(s) for eternity. Congrats! Enjoy your new life!

      • Because that picture is to discredit and spread disinfo, the other pictures I’ve seen are nothing that mild…it’s fucked up. And for obvious reasons i can’t post that here. Just wait, give it time, you’ll know eventually. If I were to guess, I assume within this year, right before election time to swing votes and keep it fresh in people’ minds and give no time to counter it with fake stories.

    • Yes, indeed this article is true. There are extensive tunnels on both sides of the US. This has been going on for decades and decades….and it has been allowed to continue because of attitudes like yours. You do no research…By denying this, the tourture of children continues. And oh yes, there are that many kids missing.

  • I arrived here after doing a search for “Timothy Charles Holmseth of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force” who is credited with reporting that “Over 35,000 malnourished, caged and tortured children have been reported rescued or found deceased in underground tunnels beneath large US cities” in something else I read this morning.

    There is no evidence any of this is true. All I find is conjecture based on this Timothy guy’s youtube videos and his website.

    The ONLY mentions I can find of this “pentagon pedophile task force” are on Timothy’s own website, declaring himself to be the only “authorized” reporter for the unit, and on some Field Mcconnell’s website saying the PPTF and Timothy is fraudulent…

    Interestingly, both this Field Mcconnell guy and Timothy Holmseth were arrested in relation to the same crime in Florida?

    People can say literally anything.
    Unfortunately, people can believe literally anything, too.

    I have the impression this Timothy guy is severely delusioned and is deliberately spreading lies.

  • So who wrote this story debunking the child rescue? Normally the author puts his name down. I’m debunking the debunker. The first thing they do is attack a persons character. Hyperbole. Nothing more. I think the writer has ascending testicles. Do you know how many children come up missing each year in the US? Sounds to me like the writer might know about this stuff more than they are letting on.

  • What the hell are you talking about when you say no one reported 2100 kids missing???? Do u know how many children are missing in the United states, let a lone the world..smh

  • You ask why no one reported the 2100 children missing… Lol,, you dumbass. Over 800k go missing each year. They do get reported and countless numbers of them get swept under the rug.
    This is a sad, failed attempt. The only thing it debunked is any credibility you think you had.

    • Yes frank you just got debunked, why are you so wrong, are you involved? Only God knows this answer! Freedom for the Children! I hope and pray they find everyone of them! And put the sinners in jail!

    • It’s true–approximately 800k children go missing each year. Some are kidnapped by family members (like dads who did not get custody in a divorce), but others just go…missing. There is much data on this. The author did not do his/her homework. Very strange. I smell a rat.

  • The fact that you couldn’t take the time to research outside your mainstream media bullshit reporting is proof as to why you don’t understand. The people of this country are waking up, as is the rest of the world. Get a real job

      • Probably the same audio clip going around from an anonymous person claiming they know nurses who know nurses who work in the central park makeshift hospital put up by Samaritan’s Purse. There is no way if that were true that there wouldn’t be people all over social media posting about these rescues and the people who believe that need to wake up, cuz they’re the ones who are still asleep!

  • My BS meter was triggered by the author’s so-called credentials: The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more. You want to talk about BS; these are the big churners of the shit pile!

  • You are a repulsive person who was probably hired as a troll by the Deep State or is a Satanist himself. Judgment Day is coming for you!!!!

  • been following timothy for awhile now plus i know he is honest and i know that the USSS was purged when trump was elected and that 1 October was a false flag! So get bent shill and Q says hi ! Also Mr. Lawrence Dean O’Brian is full of shit! Timothy, had my buddy from third group check on it. So have fun because it’s coming to an end. Also the DOS got the NCMEC in 2018, I just missed putting an application in by june 1st 2018 so yes 800,000 children go missing per year just inside the US! Also why is Timothy being protected by a pentagon task force and why did they just recently arrest and set free Field McConnell?

  • Excellent photoshop skills!😂🤣
    Didnt bother to read the story, but those photos are incredibly fake. Who would be convinced by that?

    • Flowers,

      The photo is not fake. It’s not photoshopped. Shadowstate provided the top photo of women and children in cages.

      Apparently the photo was taken at Mr. Shadow’s residence.

    • not a fake photo but real nekkid
      girls in real cages I’ve seen it…

      In the movie called
      “Pawn Shop Chronicles” 2013.

  • The photographic mess is exactly what was a stop sign to reading any of the story behind the photos from whosoever “created” them. If I had read its words, it would have been for one particular reason: to further investigate something or someone(s) wired by strange motivations. You have a trained eye, and it comes from practicing with your own eyes, examining (a lot of material) and paying attention. What you have said comes from practice, experience rather than some never-never land. These photos are glaringly unreal. The more pertinent question is, how come it has been done, at all?

    There is much to observe from these pictures, and it has nothing to do with what is “showing.” Do you see the persons being depicted within the cage structures? This is somebody’s twilight zone of personal “illness” and perversion, or so it appears. Like a bullmoose in headlights.

    What glares out at me the strongest from the images is an insight into who the one or ones who fabricated this imagery can be and what, perhaps, ails the person or persons. Who would depict, or want to or enjoy working on such an endeavor as is contained here?

    Maybe that’s something Frank is asking commenters to bring out in the open. (?) Maybe he is standing back and writing without injecting a writer’s personal viewpoint or any prejudices about the whole matter opinionatedly, so people will resort to forming mostly independent opinions?

    The photos are that perverted, and Frank Parlato is no dummy. He probably went fishing for thoughts here. I think he can see how obscene these photos are. Somebody, with or without assistance is portraying a sadistic exhibitionism, the whole warp and the weft, is what, first and foremost, leaps out of this imagery to me.

    • If anyone is interested in viewing two men from WeAreChange showing and reporting upon what they saw, and what occurred, as they went to Epstein’s best-known island, these gentlmen have two new YouTube videos. Fascinating. The second one, TOP 5 Things We Discovered Inside Epstein’s Private Island came out 2 days ago, and I am just now ready to hit play. The first video from these guys, EXCLUSIVE: First-Ever Look Inside Epstein’s Private Island tells the viewer a whole lot. It’s only been up at YouTube for 3 days.

      Some of the remarks made by residents nearby Epstein’s islands mention how long the traffickng of even small children was being seen, via observances of the docking area, helicopters, and of seeing groups of children frequently, obviously in transport.

      The two men who filmed this had a hard time getting anyone to take them over to the island at all. Some boater said that they didn’ t want to risk that their boats could be impounded People there with whom they had conversations, who reside in the locality, said “everybody” knew what was going on there. Whatever that means, it would be worthwhile to hear.

      Also, people who are residents nearby said that there are still things going on at Epstein’s second, and larger, island, about which almost zero has ever been reported. It is quite the news famine.

      I don’t know how much the residents knew, but what is on film from the island itself, from the adventures of WeAreChange, is substantially more footage than I’ve seen up this closely before. If so inclined, sort the wheat from the chaff with your own eyes. It is Halloween appropriate.

    • Ok Shivani, I’ll take the bait.
      These morbid photos of naked caged women are disturbing. I think one reason, some might think this story is true, is to much TV. They can’t differentiate between real and unreal. They can’t tell the difference between special effects and reality. Unfortunately some people believe it’s real and must be true because, “I seen it on the internet” or “it’s true, he told me so”. I used this article to teach my son about freedom of speech and to question everything. I remind him, while he’s reiterating stories to me to, simply state the facts sir.

      Scott feel free to edit my writing if your bored. Thanks

  • Of course two thousand children were not being held in underground cages.

    Debunking these tall tales from the imaginations of the mentally ill is exhausting. Playing whack-a-mole with nutty conspiracy theories quickly ceases to be either fun or productive. It’s pointless, and if Frank wants to destroy the credibility of this site by publishing them, that’s his business.

    • Actaeon,

      You are a prideful human being….

      …..Even Genesis God’s masterpiece, I believe, you would ridicule, criticize, and find fault with.

      Do you search for ideas and beliefs to lay siege to; So you can deconstruct them to show your infinite wisdom?

      Actaeon your hubris is on display for all.

      Actaeon you have the ego of a man that has sucked a lot of c**k, most likely his own. You may be drunk on your own ****.

      The Frankreport is like a newspaper you can choose to read the whole thing or just the sections and articles you want to read. 😉

      You do not have to critique anything on the Frankreport that you do not want to read. You choose to. Just like you choose to s*ck your own ***k, the one thing you are good at.

      So please for everyone, who enjoys reading conspiracy articles……

      ……Go back to sucking on your c**k. 😉

      • You are utterly obsessed with homosexual activity Niceguy, you seem to see it and ascribe it everywhere.
        Are you coming out? On The Frank Report? How thrilling!!

        • Anonymous(Actaeon)

          If I go homo you are the first person I am contacting…..Because with all of the practice you have had sucking your own c**k you probably would give an excellent blow job.

          • Anonymous(Actaeon)

            Please note that I am using harsh language with you a man. I have never used on the Frankreport or in life harsh crass language on women, ever.

            Not to be sexist, but men fall into a different category.

            Actaeon has proven himself to be a pretentious, pompous, misogynistic, pseudo-intellectual and all around big time asshole.

            If you want to defend the Greek Mythology and PHD Charleton it’s your right. Top of the day to you!

      • God’s Masterpiece? Baaa ha ha ha You talk about God and Genesis which YOU know NOTHING about ,and is a Jewish Plaigarization of the Cueniform Tablets, then tell some to go back to SUCKING THEIR OWN COCK? WTF is wrong with you. Go fuck OFF ! NICE GUY YOU are NOT !

    • Actaeon,

      What you do not understand is how you communicate your disdain for conspiracy theories or anything you do not agree with is rude and usually incredibly pompous.

      Who should you try to emulate? Try being like AnnoyMaker. AnoyMaker debunks beliefs or theories by explaining what is wrong with them with facts in well mannered polite english.

  • Swede World,

    Haven’t you ever watched Star Trek?

    Clearly the Romulan Empire or the Borg are up to something.

    I guarantee in 2 years Timothy Holmseth, will be a regular fixture on the New York City Subway Line.

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