Allison Mack’s Initials May Be on DOS Brand – Sarah Edmondson Says in Interview

Top flight reporter Allison Swan for Hollywood Life copped a great, exclusive interview with Sarah Edmondson.

Edmondson, 42, recently published her memoirs of her time in Nxivm. The book is entitled Scarred The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM, the Cult That Bound My Life’

Edmondson, of course, was a longtime Nxivm member and leader of the Vancouver Center – and, most important of all, a branded DOS slave.

She was the first source I spoke to to confirm she had been branded. That led to Frank Report’s first post on DOS and its practice of branding and blackmailing women.

Without her being a confirming source – that she had herself been branded – I could not have run with the story as soon as I did.

My initial story, published on June 5, 2017, entitled Part 1: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; Sources: Human branding part of Raniere-inspired women’s group. led to a massive fallout for Nxivm and a number of slaves leaving DOS.

It was a twin effort – while Frank Report was openly reporting that women were being branded – Nxivm members were quietly contacting Edmondson to confirm that what I had written was true. She confirmed it was so.

The cult immediately began to crater and by Vanguard Week 2017 in late August – the number of attendees was down to 125. It had been almost 500 the year before.

Edmondson did more than merely provide me with information. She interviewed with the NY Times and allowed them to photograph her exposing her brand, which was featured in a front-page story that shocked the world and prompted the Department of Justice to begin an investigation of Raniere and others in the group.

Right from the start, Sarah told me she suspected the brand not only includes Keith Raniere’s initials but Allison Mack’s.

Swan, for Hollywood Life, renewed the theme in her recent interview.

She began by asking Edmondson the question that still haunts women who have been branded – are Allison Mack’s initials part of the brand or is it just Raniere’s?

Edmondson told Swan: “You know, we still don’t know to this day. When I start to figure it out, I saw the A.M. first, and then I saw the K.R. It was testified to in the trial that it wasn’t ever planned to be A.M., that it was just a coincidence. But I am not convinced. I know the way Keith works, nothing with him is a coincidence. He may not have disclosed to anyone in the group that he was designing it that way. But I believe he wanted to ruin Allison….   he was trying to break Allison. He would often do things to really break down your need to be liked or to have attention. He’d say things like, ‘imagine that everyone in the world hates you.’ This was the kind of thing he would do on a regular basis….  he just wanted to destroy Allison and so I think that no one else may have known that the initials were there on purpose, but I think that everything he did had a meaning…..”

Swan: “So she was truly his puppet in this?”

Sarah Edmondson: “Yes. (Allison gave an interview) and said that she came up with the branding. She said it was her idea. But that was a total lie…. In the trial, there was an audio clip played where Keith tells Allison how to do it (the branding) and teaches her to make it look like it’s a sacrifice. On the audio clip he says, ‘and have them say something like, “Master, would you brand me. It would be an honor.” So that it looks consensual.’”

Allison told New York Times Magazine writer Vanessa Grigoriadis that she came up with the branding idea.

Grigoriadis wrote, “I was surprised to hear Mack take full responsibility for coming up with the DOS cauterized brand. She told me, ‘I was like: “Y’all, a tattoo? People get drunk and tattooed on their ankle ‘BFF,’ or a tramp stamp. I have two tattoos and they mean nothing.”’ She wanted to do something more meaningful, something that took guts.”

It came out during the testimony of Lauren Salzman in the Raniere trial that Allison admitted she just made up that story for the Grigoriadis interview – that it was her idea for the branding. She was trying to deflect for Keith Raniere – to protect the varmint – and she told Lauren that she just blurted it out, Lauren testified.

It did not play out as Raniere had planned. He also took the fall – and he took it harder than Allison.

His stupid plan to get Allison to take responsibility for DOS and its branding and blackmail failed. And, in the end, Allison and Lauren abandoned him.

Perhaps Allison is still a believer in Raniere – but she denied him when she took her plea deal, during her allocution – and by so doing, avoided sex trafficking charges. She copped to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy and is awaiting a sentencing date.

While sex trafficking has a 15-year mandatory minimum, her racketeering charges come with no required minimum and a max of 20 years. While Mack could conceivably get 40 years – the max for both counts running consecutively – the sentencing guidelines suggest a sentence in the 3-5 year range.

Mack was charged with sex trafficking like Raniere and if she did not take a plea deal, she might have been tried with Raniere and convicted and now be facing a minimum sentence of 15 years.

Did Raniere plant Mack’s initials into the brand with his initials? Did Allison know?

I recall one DOS slave –  whose first name begins with an “A” and last name begins with an “M” – calling me and telling me that at first she thought the very visible A-M on her brand were her own initials.

Then, when she read my report, she was aghast to learn that they were Allison’s initials and she quit DOS.

Many of the women who were branded were told by their first line slave masters that the brand had to do with earth elements.

The First Line Master knew Raniere was behind DOS – and the brand contained his initials but they lied to the women they recruited as slaves telling them if they asked that Raniere had nothing to do with DOS.

Later, these slaves learned that the filthy one’s initials are on their pubic area – and that they were placed there not by their desire to give him tribute – but by his trickery and deception.


What distinguishes the lower ranking DOS slaves from the First Line Dos Masters is that the First Line all knew Raniere’s initials were on the brand – and they lied to their slaves about it.

None of the First Line seemed to know that Allison Mack’s initials were part of the brand . The inclusion of Allison’s initials in the brand could have been accidental – or, as Sarah Edmondson seems to suggest,  it might have been by Keith’s design.

You have heard of Girls By Design – this would be sort of like “Brands By Design.”

It’s funny too. Keith Raniere used to ask people like Allison – “What would you do if the world hated you?”

He was right to ask it – for the world does hate Allison now – and him too. I wonder how she would answer the question now?

Keith Raniere told Grigoriadis for the Times Magazine – the last media interview he ever gave – given probably in December 2017 or January 2018 – just a few months before he was arrested.

“It’s quite a point in life for me,” he said, his eyes somewhat lost behind his glasses. “I question my values, how I conduct myself, all of these things.” He later added, “I don’t think I’m seen as the person I think I am, and I also want to be the person that I think I am.”

Well said, my Vanguard.

Below are three pictures the NY Times Magazine took of our wondrous Vanguard – in or around January or February 2018 – just weeks  before he was arrested.

Grigoriadis from the NY Times asked him where he got his clothes, “…which require money to buy. He answered that they usually appeared. Pointing to the polo shirt he was wearing, he said, ‘until I put this on this morning, I don’t think I’d worn it before, and I didn’t know about it.’”

Happily for Vanguard his luck has continued. At the Metropolitan Detention Center where he now resides, his clothes just appear also.

[Ed. note: Next, we will have a report on everybody’s favorite DOS leader Nicki Clyne and it won’t be pretty. Stay tuned.]

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  • You can turn it inside out, flip it side ways, upside down, read it by touch, with crossed eyes. It will always read KR and AM.

  • Sarah Edmonson was my first muse for painting Franks Reports collection called, The Branding Table. There is zero dought in my mind her scar is the initials of Allison Mack.

  • Frank, you might want to check out that ‘journalist” @MsAmyMacPherson’s tweets today. She’s making some wild accusations about you.

        • Considering that Scott Johnson is a long time known commentator on Frank Report and given the large number of readers of Frank Report one can assume that Scott Johnson is a household name much better known than an Amy McPherson. Scott (Texas) Johnson has a name and is famous at least on Frank Report. I have never heard or read anything about Amy McPherson. At Scott Johnson you know what you get, 100% Scott Johnson, genuine and unadulterated. Scott always writes what he thinks, regardless of anyone. Everyone should be grateful to be invited to Scott’s Radio Show.

          • I’d listen in to hear Scott question her about the validity of her information stating Frank exposed DOS only to hide it’s dirtier side. Scott likes facts and this MacPherson character makes some seemingly incredible leaps of logic based on nothing but her imagination.

          • Anonymous,


            Scott Johnson vs Amy McPherson.

            Clearly this was written by Scott Johnson pretending to be somone actually defending “Scott Johnson”.

            Like that would ever happen. 😉

  • There’s no doubt her initials are in the brand. It’s not coincidence. It just didn’t “turn out that way”. I don’t know if people are stupid or just trolling. No, they’re stupid.

    I don’t trust anyone that was involved in that community to tell the truth and Edmondson is high on that list

    • Mitch,

      I thought long and hard about the comment you posted the other day regarding my treatment of Toni Natlie in my posts. You were right. Please take note that in the last 2 Toni Natalie articles I did not post anything mean. Thanks again!

      BTW: You are still an asshole! 😉

    • Mitch Garrity,
      Anyone who is honest will admit that the brand contains the initials of both Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.
      All one has to do is rotate the picture 90 degrees to see both sets of initials.

    • Yes. And I could never “unsee” that “A” or “M” just because anyone tells me it’s not there. The whole argument about whether Mack’s initials are visible or not has always seemed weird to me, excessively so. For crying out loud, it is right there in my face. No matter how much time passes, it is still painfully hideous, an emotional JOLT, to see those scars in any photo, and Mack’s initials have never “gone away.” The denial about it has frustrated me. I am not used to such blatant, really awful “not-seeing” of evidence, so extremely visible. Yet it happens a lot.

      The A and M were the very first of the 4 initials which popped out at me, when first I saw the photos of the lettering work. Mack’s initials, no time, no words will ever erase. Raniere’s initials even appeared to be somewhat more subtle. Consistently, he had worked to hide himself behind others, to use them for catching potential blame for his own intentions. This runs throughout the entire story, his conscious attempts to conceal his malevolence. Otherwise he might have been apprehended sooner.

      How can one doubt that Mack was and still could be, terribly proud of having her initials, combined with Keith Raniere’s, her frigging lord and master, into a slave branding logo? How that must have bolstered her disgusting PRIDE, to be part of such virulent sickness. For sexual slavery. My God. What is one to do? Stifle what is seen, and flatten the impact of it? Of what has been done to fellow human beings?

      No. I will not.

      Just as I knew what those bone breaks in Epstein’s neck and throat told me immediately about how that demon met his fleshly end. There was considerably more evidence, as well, than those neck fractures. There were two guards supposedly napping away obliviously and every available camera did not function. The cellmate(s), two different ones, and one of rhose cellmates, perhaps some vague phantom figure who might never have existed, all absent or “not working.” Barr in front of cameras doing his fatuously dramatic acting assignment. Lying through his teeth with fear dripping off of his face and his entire energetics. All visible. Why bother to argue, even?

      No magical thinking will ever erase or diminish what my own eyes see. The disagreements about those four branding letters being present has been amazing, that anyone could claim not to see it.

      During my years of being almost buried alive in the devastation of holocaust reading and studying, mostly our family was living in Florida, though we were always on both coasts due to my my former husband’s work. I have seen many, many, many concentration camp tattoos, and worse evidence upon the bodies of womem and men, with my own eyes.

      The faces of these people, the looks from those beautiful eyes will remain in my very soul. Unforgettable. The dignity of living through what these individuals endured and the indescibable losses! I do not care what religion, what race, what ethnicity, has suffered. That is all the same to me. Mankind’s inhumanity to humanity itself can be overwhelming to fully see, even to see in small part, within a single of its details and its evidence, the scars left behind. It is our duty to face it, not to hide it. Or I feel it is my own duty.

      Back then, the 1980 -1990s, there were still a fair amount of survivors living where I lived and up and down our Florida eastern coast. People make fun of Florida but the state is an international melting pot, full of refugees fashioning new lives for themselves. For deacades.

      Most of us treat one another as neighbors. Does anyone notice that? We live here together, day by day upon the same streets. Yes, Florida has its craziness, but what a depth, awealth of experience residesmhere. It is almost TOO BIG to see as it’s everywhere.

      So many are now gone and it has been a great privilege, unforgettable, to have listened, to have seen, to have embraced so many who have lived through such unholy and destructive experiences. Yet still walking, talking, smiling, being as human as it gets. This is life itself.

      Word spread when somebody wanted to know about the Holocaust, especially because I used to work in a library and was surrounded, during the eighties and early nineties, by many patrons who were Jewish. People from all over south Florida opened up to me and showed me their concentration camp tattoos, honored me deeply by trusting me. I went to every holocaust remembrance, event possible for me to attend, too. Talk about never forget.

      Those Nxivm brands are worse and more brutal in physical appearance than even those tattoos. I cannot even begin to descibe the sweetness of the elderly people who were good enough to trust me, to share their memories, their losses. These are things to be faced, not ignored. The brandings from Nxivm/DOS are intense. It hurts, even to behold these scars. Yes. It hurts. But denial is even more harmful.

      • Forgive, please the fast and inadequate typing. I wrote fast though, from all of my heart. With tears and remembrance.

  • Thanks for following up on details and developments like this. While this doesn’t provide a satisfactory answer, at least it clarifies that the situation remains uncertain.

    As discussed previously, there are two major variations of the brand, flipped right-to-left. One seems to give the impression of being just KR, and the other of including AM as well.

    It’s possible that brands got done differently just because they were accidentally flipped. It could also be that some slaves, such as perhaps in Mack’s pod, were branded differently in purpose.

  • “But I believe he wanted to ruin Allison…. he was trying to break Allison”
    Well not much of a “i believe”…it is a fact, it was pointed by several people and it’s not a question anymore…

    “Perhaps Allison is still a believer in Raniere – but she denied him – when she took her plea deal, during her allocution –”
    No , she don’t believe in him anymore…i don’t need to develop as the allocution is already a huge giveaway…

    “I recall one DOS slave, whose first name begins with an “A” and last name begins with an “M” – calling me and telling me that at first she thought the very visible A-M on her brand were her own initials”
    Monica also believed it was her initial…Raniere is not telling the main purpose of DOS to Allison, why would he say to her anything else.

    You have now one of the victim of DOS that point the Allison was nothing but the scapegoat but you still try to connect it like she was more involved…

    The fact is that up until now, nothing show an “Allison” linked to creation or anything major but another abused victim who followed order due to coercion.

    “They are on the brand of course – but that could be accidental – or as Sarah Edmondson seems to suggest – it might have been by Keith’s design.”
    No they aren’t…it doesn’t look that clear compare to a K a A and a R…
    But if it is it’s definately to put the blame on Allison and a decision that Raniere would make to destroy her (like Sarah said).
    After all, raniere FORCED Allison to do an interview blaming herself…

    “He was right to ask it – for the world hates Allison now ”
    No…insane idiot hate Allison but she still has the support of her many friends (me included)and her family…some of her fans also still support (because they, contrary to some idiots, understand it was a CULT…)

    It’s incredible that even when one of the “victims” (because she hurted a lot too…she also took advantage of the situation for too long) defend Allison, you manage to put doubts…

    If Nicole , now knowing the details and the truth decided to say she is not guilty, you would probably manage to put doubt on Allison !?

    • Emma,
      You can go to Russia and find people who love Joseph Stalin, who butchered millions of people.
      You can go to Germany and still find some people who love Hitler, who butchered millions of people.
      You can go to China and still find people who love Mao Tse Tung, who butchered millions of people,

      • You`re so predictable and easily triggered you dumbass! Been waiting for your stupid comment. I don`t need to go somewhere to see stupid people, since I can be sure that you’re around here. And then there is just the “little” difference that Allison didn’t murder millions of people like hitler. In my country you get locked up when you say something like this. Have a nice day shadow, maybe you can do something useful like checking out how many followers certain people have on each of their social media accounts. I think it has already been a week since you last posted that! You’re also the reason why normal people don’t post here anymore, because you constantly attack everyone who has a different opinion than you!

        • “You’re also the reason why normal people don’t post here anymore, ”

          Emma: Are you implying that Allison Pimp Mack is normal?

          Allison Pimp Mack promised female empowerment and then delivered female servitute by branding women like cattle and turning them into “sex slaves.”

          And you still love her???????????

          Is Emma your real name?

          You should be reminded how Allison Pimp Mack tried to recruit the British actress Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame into the sex cult.

          Tweet from Allison Mack to Emma Watson:

          “@Em Watson I’m a fellow actress like yourself & involved ion an amazing women’s movement
          I think you’d dig. I’d love to chat if you’re open.”

          Here is a series of Tweets Allison Pimp Mack sent to Emma Watson’s Twitter account”

  • Why are you making shit up instead of just putting facts out there? You keep trying to say Allison’s initials are in the brand but nobody knows that for sure. Even in her story, Sarah says to this day nobody knows. In court, it was said it is just Keith’s initials but you seem to think you know better than the actual people involved

    • How do you know that Keith Raniere’s initials are in the brand?
      Your Eyes!
      And your eyes tell you that Allison Mack’s initials are in the brand.
      Just rotate the brand or picture around 90 degrees.

        • But he wasn’t a dumb Vanguard. He was willing to fake share, as long as you promised to take the fall. Look below my comment. There are still sheep who believe that because Allison admitted to it, she is the mastermind.

          • Raniere took a much larger fall than Mack. There are some people who believe all kinds of things. Mack also stated she lied in an attempt to take all of the blame. But in the end, it didn’t work. The facts won.

  • Allison Mack deserves punishment and Toni Natalie exposes her. So does not that prove Toni the queen deserves reward. If not for Toni Allison would never have been charged.
    Ps I you my angel. Give up Ron Von. He cannot be your pearl. He’s married anyway. I am single. I feel like Sultan but I am revealing my true name and i hope it is not hopeless like it is for Sultan with Kristin Kreuk. But you’re a zillion times more splendid than Kristin. You are spectacular in every way and the sexiest woman alive.
    Your most humble and obedient servant

    • Natalie was a minor player in the NXIVM takedown. She made some positive contributions and many negative contributions. I hope she marries you, because it sounds like you deserve each other.

    • “Allison Mack deserves punishment and Toni Natalie exposes her. ”

      Dr. Gastone H. Porter,
      Toni Natalie does not deserve credit for exposing anyone but herself.
      Natalie left Raniere long ago and might not even know Allison Mack at all.
      Natalie moved to the Rochester, New York Metro area which is about 227 miles away from Albany.
      Three and a half hours by car.

      Who really exposed Allison Mack?
      Sarah Edmondson and Catherine Oxenberg, both of whom contacted the FBI with their stories.
      And other people who helped bring down Allison Mack, Keith Raniere and NXIVM include John Tighe, Joe O’Hara, Susan Dones and Frank Parlato.
      Toni Natalie is not on that list.

      By the way Dr. Gastone Porter:
      Perhaps for Halloween this year you should dress up as Nicki Clyne.
      “Nicki Clyne Weathers Storm of 9 People Quitting – Remains General Manager of Izzy Rose – Under Fake Name”

    • Kristin left before Mack even created a sex cult you crazy nutso (Sarah is the one who was branded even said she left before any crazy crap happened). SMH get off the web and go get an education and learn to read.

  • Trust Your Eyes!
    There is clearly a KR and AM intertwined in the brand.

    When Sarah Edmondson was branded it was in the winter of 2017. Around February or March of that year.

    Allison Mack was in San Diego preparing for a run in the play “Red Velvet” at the Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park.
    Mack’s acting career was spiraling towards an ignoble end in community theater.

    But according to Lauren Salzman’s testimony Allison Mack was still in charge of NXIVM DOS activities via telephone from San Diego giving orders to Salzman how to proceed.
    The branding of Sarah Edmondson was supervised by Lauren Salzman and Salzman also filmed the process.
    The branding itself was conducted by the sadistic Dr. Danielle Roberts and supposedly both Nicki Clyne and India Oxenberg were present;.

    In the book “Scarred” Sarah Edmondson claimed that she deleted from her social contacts the names of Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne over her anger at being branded under fraudulent conditions and against her will.

    “[Ed. note: Later today we will have a report on everybody’s favorite DOS leader Nicki Clyne and it won;t be pretty. Stay tuned.]”

    Nicki, Nicki, Nicki!
    What have you done now?
    I’ll bet it’s as lot more than calling yourself Dr. Gastone Hiram Porter M.D. of Omaha, Nebraska?

    • t’s Halloween, Christmas, your birthday, and free beer day, all together! Frank has teased a Nicki Clyne article. AND IT WON’T BE PRETTY!!!! Stay composed shadow. Stay composed. Good boy. Maybe you can provide some pregame entertainment by resetting some of your Pulitzer worthy Clicky Nine reporting.

    • Shadowstate,

      I really hope your box of premium Depends Adult undergarments, with no leak elastic leg bands, arrives before the Nicki Clyne article drops or things might get messy.

      Frank Parlato is such a cheapskate he probably mailed them regular mail.

  • I wouldn’t mind Edmondson claiming Mack’s initials were present IF she gave all of the money she made from NXIVM and her book to those who lost money to NXIVM.

    Also, the whole world doesn’t have to hate Mack, as Mr. Shadow hates her at least 7.7 billion times more than the average person.

    • Scott,

      So by your own logic then…..

      “I wouldn’t mind giving away all the money I received from my Class Action Lawsuit to those victims whom I duped and who lost money to Amway”, Fictional Scott Johnson.

      Wow Scott! Aren’t you a wonderfully sanctimonious and delusional gentlemen.

      • First of all, it wasn’t “my” class action lawsuit. I was a member of the class, we were the ones who were duped by Amway, and only my wife was compensated, as one of the conditions was a person could never criticize Amway if they took the money, so I removed myself. It amounted to about 5% of our tool scam losses, and nothing for the overpriced products or other overhead costs, such as babbysitters, etc. So it was probably in the range of 1-2% compensation. Also, there was no money received, we had to pick some overpriced Amway products and Amway got full credit for the retail cost, which is much greater than the IBO wholesale cost, which is much greater than their manufacturing costs. Just what everybody wanted, some products to remind them of losing money while trying to make money with Amway. At least they paid for the shipping. And it wasn’t for not trying, I talked/emailed with the class action lawyers and wrote a letter to the judge regarding the above, to no avail. But the lawyers cleaned up for $25 million in cold, hard cash, not overpriced Amway products. Also, I didn’t “dupe” anybody, we lost far more than anybody in our downline, and I stopped showing Amway to anybody immediately after I found out about the Amway Tool Scam (ATS) in 2005, years before the class action lawsuit was started. The money Edmondson made from NXIVM and her book is from her own efforts, not a court ordered Settlement Agreement. Other than that, GREAT comment! Just what I would expect from a clueless coward. LOL

        • Several things of note came from this post.
          1. You have kids????
          2. So the laundry detergent in your parent’s garage came from the settlement (of left over product)?
          3. If you stopped in 2005, then who is that Scott Johnson youtube dude with the colander and milk?
          4. Did your wife share her compensation with you or has she wizened up and keeps a separate checking account?
          5. If niceguy shows up for the podcast, what on God’s green earth will you two talk about?

          • 1. Yes
            2. My parents don’t have a garage. My mom died over a decade ago and my dad lives in an assisted care facility. They never had Amway soap in their garage. I picked some shampoo/conditioner because it weighs a lot and wanted to maximize the shipping costs.
            3. My name is very common, that is a different person with a similar name.
            4. My wife isn’t the reason we stopped being involved in Amway. I am. We shared the meager compensation.
            5. How stupid he is. Would you like to show up so I can show you how stupid you are? LOL

          • Nutjob,

            Is it possible 2 Scott Johnsons in Texas both got suckered by Amway?

            What are the odds of that?

            The odds must be like finding a heroin addict at a methadone clinic.

            On the other hand……It’s kind of suspicious that the homes in both the cat video and the Energy the Amway energy drink video both have the same 1970s wood paneling…. seems suspicious to me.

        • Scott,

          I did not know family was involved. Well you actually made me feel bad. Sincerely. I know, I know you don’t care.

          It’s incredible f*cked up how the attorneys stuck it to you and the other the plaintiffs in your case.

          I had no idea you received such a bullshit settlement. I did not read the whole case file/document.

          Now I understand why you are still bent. Jesus H. Christ that is bullshit!

          I am not going to give you sh*t about Amway anymore. I know you don’t care, but I am not going to make references to the shit in your garage it’s probably a sore spot.

          I will simply stick to insulting you for being a dumb ass. 😉

          The guy in your Amway milk experiment, most likely your son there is a sight resemblance. Lucky for him he must take after your wife in the looks department. 😉

        • Amway’s treatment of you and the others in that class settlement is beyond disgraceful. I sincerely hope you can bring them to justice, you have every right to expect a better, fairer outcome than this. Cant believe the law has nothing further to offer you in terms of justice. No wonder you’re so, well, the opposite of genial. Not that that matters to me, Ive always taken you as you come. Best of luck, to you and yours.

  • Frank, if Edmondson left in May 2017 and you reported on all this a month later, do you know if Edmondson contacted people in NXIVM to tell them what happened before you started to report? Did NX people find out thru her before reading Frank Report? If so, do you know who she told?

    • Anonymous,

      Sarah Edmondson and her husband both contacted Nxivm members to tell them what happened.

      Frank reported the branding before Sarah left that’s my understanding.

      Sarah contacted as many problems as she could which is definitely all of the members on the west coast.

      • Sarah Edmondson was branded in March 2017, stayed on for two months, leaving in May 2017 and FR started posting about it in June 2017. So Edmondson left first.

        • All the idiots who believe the facts Sarah says that yet do not want to believe the facts that make their vendetta look petty and stupid/evil are seriously mentally insane and should get a room next to Mack

    • She gives some info on that in her book. Talks also bout having to change her will since Lauren was her kid’s godmother

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