Did Gina Hutchinson’s Journal Disclose Motive for Murder? 

Gina Hutchinson

As readers know, Frank Report has been undertaking an investigation into the death of Gina Hutchinson. It may be true that she committed suicide – voluntarily, unassisted as the official report states.  However, investigators at the time were unaware of Gina’s relationship with Keith Raniere, the despicable child rapist and  racketeer at the time of her death. Had they known what we know now about Raniere, they might have investigated the death scene more carefully, and possibly interviewed Raniere and his women – to ascertain if he had a hand in any fashion in her death.

What are the possibilities? As mentioned above, she might have been depressed and simply chose to commit suicide – choosing the beautiful setting on a hill by the side of a pond at a Buddhist monastery she had visited before – including with Keith – who was later reportedly banned from the place because of improper advances he made to women and girls. It is, after all, a monastery.

Raniere might have also – for any number of reasons – sought to persuade Gina to kill herself to fulfill, as he said a higher spiritual purpose – such as he had taught her for years. He was her guru, her mentor. He might have sincerely wanted her out of the way – or then again, he might have just been testing his power – to see if he could actually get someone susceptible to actually do it. A scientific – you might say.

Finally, he might have had her killed. He, after all, told Barbara Bouchey almost seven years later – on camera – that he had people killed for his beliefs and for their [beliefs]. Gina was one of the few early people – who was still in his orbit – and yet was not entirely pleased with him – as her journal shows – a woman who was seriously questioning whether she should reveal anything negative about him – a women who, when a girl of 14, was raped by him.

And now Raniere – in 2002 – was at the height of his opportunity. He had just lured the Bronfman sisters in – heiresses of the Seagram’s Liquor fortune – dumb as rocks and looking for something to dedicate their lives and money to. And believing that Raniere was a Buddha-like guru – a celibate, pure and wise.

And here was a woman – Gina – now in her thirties – inconveniently in his orbit – forthright – outspoken – that could recall the days when he raped her as a child.

Unlike the other women of his inner circle harem – Gina was one who might talk – and the only women he raped who was still around.  Could she ruin everything for him?  Even accidentally?

It has yet to be proven that Keith had a hand in her death – but points to a suspicion that Keith might have been worried about what she might one day say about him.  It is evidence that points to motive – or at least some grounds to think that Raniere would not be displeased if Gina were to decide to kill herself.

Did he have a hand in it? Did he try to persuade her? Was anyone with Gina when she died? We may never know – but there is evidence that he was not truly surprised when he supposedly heard that Gina died – either time he heard the “news.”.

And reports that Gina had seen him – and some of his women – just days and hours before she died can;t be discounted and contradicts what Raniere said – that he had not seen her in months or years.

Now Gina’s sister, Heidi, tells some of the story and points to a fascinating page from her journal.  Though this was written several years before Gina died, it suggests that Keith was worried about what Gina might say about him. And for a man like Raniere that might be a motive to have someone killed – for his beliefs – or for theirs.



By Heidi Hutchinson

As most of our readers know, my sister, Gina Rose Hutchinson was found dead of a gunshot wound to her head on October 11, 2002 on the grounds of the KTD Buddhist monastery in Woodstock, NY.

In 1984 at the age of 14, Gina lost her virginity to Keith Alan Raniere who was then 24.    It was a statutory rape under the laws of the State of New York — then and now.

Gina Hutchinson was just 14 when the course of her life brought her into the orbit of the rapist Keith Raniere.

Other young virgins Gina’s age —some of her dearest friends — had also been repeatedly raped by Raniere.  I don’t believe Gina knew of those until many years later  — if ever in some cases.

In fact, another of Keith Raniere’s underage rape victims who wishes to remain anonymous confessed to me in about 2009 that she never told Gina that she, too, was raped by Raniere.

One of the reasons for the girls’ secrecy may have been the social stigma at that time — especially within certain religious cultures — attached to a female’s loss of virginity.

Those days, the Catholic Church wedding ceremony still required the bride to wear white and place a bouquet of white flowers at the feet of the Virgin Mary figure to signify the bride’s sexual purity up to the very night of her wedding.


A temple wedding ceremony for a deflowered Mormon bride (or groom) is still not possible today.

Another reason Gina’s friends may have long kept quiet about being raped by Raniere in their early teen years was that Gina had an on-going relationship with Keith for decades thereafter.

Raniere talked Gina into dropping out of school for him to become her mentor and convinced her that eventually they would marry and start a family together.

Raniere also claimed that Gina was a reincarnated “Bodhisattva” who would achieve enlightenment by following his teachings — that Raniere was pre-ordained or “meant to be” her spiritual as well as secular guide and soulmate — a concept that is not so alien to many traditional Patriarchal religions.

In Mormonism, for example — the religion Gina and I were mostly reared in — every male member  holds the holy priesthood while a female church member’s only direct link to God is through her husband’s “power of the priesthood.”

Gina was always a spiritual seeker, fond of Eastern philosophies like Buddhism, especially.  In Raniere, for a time, she found a God who had “recognized” her as his consort  and set her on her life’s mission to achieve enlightenment.

In late 1989, however, Gina discovered that Raniere had been unfaithful to her for many years prior — that he was fornicating with other girls he mentored, many of whom Gina herself had recruited to become his earliest acolytes or “inner-circle.”

Gina was, of course, devastated but after recovering from her shock and heartbreak she went to work for Raniere’s companies starting with Consumers Buyline (CBI) in its IT department.

I well recall the day in 1990 that Gina arranged for me to meet the smart, plucky Kristin Keefe, a young woman from out of town who was moving into the place Raniere already shared with a female roommate and business partner, Karen Unterreiner, at the now notorious #3 Flintlock Lane in Clifton Park, NY near Albany.

That day, Keefe lectured me that Gina’s heartache over Raniere’s broken promises was unwarranted because, Keefe explained, “Gina doesn’t own Keith’s dick.”

Now, that was something I agreed with — contrary to Raniere’s apparent fear that I intended to leave with his dick in hand after what he did to Gina — so long as it might help Gina get over the douchebag Raniere was and is, though I don’t think she ever truly did, unfortunately.

Gina remained besties with Keefe thereafter and continued socializing with and often working for Raniere while searching for a new soulmate to match his broken vow to her.    She also went on to a failed Mormon mission and successful  college completion.

Beginning in the mid-nineties,  Raniere experimented on Gina and, according to Kristin Keefe for one, attempted to mind condition Gina into committing suicide as a way of achieving enlightenment in her next realm as a Buddhist goddess,  “Samayatara.”

Keefe’s testament to that fact is, btw, well substantiated by Gina’s journal and other eyewitnesses who have come forward.  Raniere used snuff and suicide films and pictures along with street theatre or gaslighting techniques to brainwash Gina into suicide — although in the end the actual cause of her death may have been murder.

Gina kept journals recording her dreams, thoughts and events periodically for several years.

In one rather prophetic entry, dated July 24, 1998, Gina writes:

“Dreams of Keith:  everyone is there writing ‘recommendations’ – or a report for some agency that is checking his background – Karen Pam Kristin etc. … and I have a sheet to fill out and Keith is extremely nervous about what I might say – somehow this report is linked to his goals – money power achievement – I decide that I won’t reveal negative things about him but I choose not to say anything at all – leave it blank so not to perjure myself in the future if I have to state the facts.

It occurs to me that my knowing him has changed my life pretty profoundly.”

MK10ART’s painting of Gina Hutchinson

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  • Why did Raniere always focus over Mormons? In some way, he was attracted to them. Was Raniere rised in a Mormon family? Remember the Lebaron family inside NXIVM.

    • Short answer: Virgins. Keith sought virgins that he could deflower and, thereby, destroy.

      In the Mormon faith virginity is so sacrosanct that a girl who is not one will likely suffer some emotional trauma over losing hers to a man, like Raniere, who does not in fact intend to marry her. She could be ex-communicated from the Church, she could be stigmatized for life, her emotional conditioning could cause her to cling to her partner hoping he will “make her an honest woman” — as it was phrased back in the day — out of shame and guilt.

      For Keith, who wants to own, oppress and destroy or “break” women, a Virgin who is already conditioned by her religious beliefs like Gina was, is an ideal candidate.

      Keith also looked for “pure” sacrifices to feed his God-complex.

  • How does this journal entry implicate Keith? She describes a dream. I don’t see anything in that entry that suggests she might be murdered soon. I think you are reaching here. While Keith may be a total piece of shit, this journal entry doesn’t mean he did anything to Gina.

    • Dreams reveal the subconscious mind. Deep down Gina knew Keith’s true goals and that he was “very nervous” about what she knew about his pedophile past.

      Her statement that he had a profound impact on her life was her conscious conclusion, not part of the dream.

  • I hope Raniere falls prey to the most commited of pedophile haters in prison. I don’t want them to kill him just rape him violently for decades.

  • The Columbo in me knows that Pam is gone, Kristen bailed but Karen … that girl’s name keeps cropping up time and time again. Maybe she has some answers…

  • On the Wikipedia page for NXIVM coach Kristin Kreuk, there was a section about Frank Parlato revealing that Kreuk was still in NXIVM in 2016, was a coach and downplayed her role.

    That has since been deleted by someone with the alias “JesseM26”.

    He said this:

    “The information I removed was completely false and the reference is by an untrusted source. I will keep deleting it if it returns!”

    Now, who do we know on Frank Report who 1) uses the alias “Jesse”, hates Frank Parlato and claims he will keep deleting it if it returns like it’s his personal jihad?

    Could it be the brown coleoptera with an e-stalk/spank habit…?


    Here is a spotting of the Spank Beetle from Feb 13, 2008. Somebody in that video must of said something critical of Kristin Kreuk and his beetle radar went mental like Chernobyl:

    • What the heck does this have to do with Gina? Take your Sultan fix elsewhere, maybe to a Kruek fansite or somewhere else related to her where you both hang out. I don’t know how other commenters feel, but I for sure am one who is tired of it. NXIVM is much bigger than Sultan and a C-list actress.

  • It’s great to see you return to Gina. There’s not a doubt in my mind he had a hand in her death. As we know, he admits to having people killed on video yet doesn’t mention names. What’s in the dark always comes to light.

  • It’s wrong to suggest it for one moment that Keith has a thing to do with Gina’s death. If you say he went to see her. How do we know if she wanted to do it and Keith tried to stop her? Keith was really sad when he leaned that Gina died.

  • Who else probably had dirt on Keith? Pam Cafritz. Barbara Jeske. Nancy Salzman. Karen Unterreiner. Kristin Keefe. If only somebody was in communication with one or two of these people…
    Problem is, Keith did a good job of making sure nobody had clean hands. I wonder how much Kristin and Karen are willing to share?

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