Susan Dones: Toni Natalie Should Not Be Trusted to Tell the Truth: My Side of the Saga

Susan Dones

[Editor’s Note: Susan Dones has known Toni Natalie for over a decade and has spent a lot of time with her on the phone and in person. Thus, we here at Frank Report take her opinion on Toni’s trustworthiness very seriously].

By Susan Dones

I would love to hear Toni’s side of this story – and I’d especially like to see any text messages and emails she has to back up her claims.

I know that Joe O’Hara recently wrote a story – The Many Provable Lies of Toni Natalie – and Why She Can Never Be Trusted  – about this topic and my name was mentioned in it.

I just want to add my own thoughts – and some text message to show that Toni first tried to pretend that she didn’t know what was going on.

When three out of four people who were involved in an incident all have the same recollection of events – and the fourth person has an entirely different story to tell – who should you believe?

What put the final nail in the coffin regarding my friendship with Toni Natalie was when she lied and told me that Frank Parlato was using the DOS collateral as an extortion tool to get women to tell him more about DOS for stories for the Frank Report.

Toni Natalie: Is she a shit disturber, phony and liar – or like she describes herself – a whistleblowing heroine in the spirit of Erin Brockovich, bravely fighting for the truth?


Marie White’s painting of Toni Natalie, who in her new book describes herself as pretty no less than 11 times.

I was at a family reunion and had gotten the flu the day after it was over. My sister and I stayed an extra week to visit. From Monday through Wednesday, I was pretty sick – and spent most of my time sleeping through a cold/flu.

Toni called me while I was still visiting my family. It was during the trial of Keith Raniere and I was enjoying time with my family and a break from following what was happening at the trial. I hadn’t been keeping track of what was going on each day.


Toni called me again the next day while I was just hanging out at a cousin’s house. So, I took the call and went out on my cousin’s patio. Toni proceeded to tell me that a woman named Nicole had testified that day that Frank had threatened to release her collateral if she didn’t provide him with more information about DOS for his stories.

I got sick to my stomach as she was telling me this – and not from the flu. I asked Toni if she was sure – and she said she was there in the courtroom and heard Nicole’s testimony herself. I told her that if this was true, it would be extortion – and that Frank would be in trouble with the law if he did this.

Toni went on to say that had Frank been in the courtroom that day, the FBI agents who were there would have arrested him and put him in jail.

Toni also told me that, at first, Nicole’s parents were looking for Frank because they wanted to thank him for helping to wake Nicole up – and getting her out of NXIVM/DOS. After Nicole’s supposed testimony, however, Nicole’s parents gave their phone number to Toni and thanked her for looking after the DOS women. [What the hell, I thought – what did Toni ever do to look after the DOS women?]


Toni Natalie has told a lot of stories in her book, The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm. 

I knew Frank had obtained a copy of some of the collateral when he was working with a group of people to put together a package of materials that was going to be turned over to law enforcement authorities. [As far as I know, all of those materials were eventually turned over to the FBI]. So, it didn’t shock me to hear that Frank at one time had Nicole’s collateral.

My response to Toni was that Frank was not the kind of man who would use the collateral to extort these women to get more information out of them. Her response to me was that Nicole had testified, under oath, that Frank had done just that – and that the FBI was going to arrest Frank at any moment.

After I got off the phone with Toni, I did what I always do in such a situation, I called Joe O’Hara. I was shocked, confused and scared. Joe and I talked it through – and agreed that Toni’s story made no sense. Joe then suggested that we wait until the next day when he would be able to look at the transcript of Nicole’s actual testimony.

Overnight, it occurred to me that before they put Nicole on the stand, the DOJ would have interviewed and prepared her. Thus, they would have already known if Frank had tried to extort Nicole and, if he had, they would have already called him in for questioning and likely arrested him. When I talked to Joe the next day, he confirmed that that would be the case.

Joe also confirmed that based on his review of the transcript, Toni’s report regarding Nicole’s testimony was totally untrue. As I recall, his exact words were “total and complete bullshit.”

Although I felt better about the Frank situation, I was pissed that Toni had made up these stories about him. And I couldn’t understand why she would do so or what she hoped to gain by doing so.

To this day, I have not figured out why Toni lied to me about Frank. Maybe because I don’t make up such stories.

The next day, I got a call from Frank. He was willing to offer me proof that Toni was lying, but the mere fact that he hadn’t been arrested was proof enough to me.

Frank also shared with me that when he confronted Toni about her conversation with me, Toni said: “I don’t know why Susan would lie about such a thing”.

WTF…… was my reaction. There had been nothing in any media outlet about Nicole’s testimony for me to read before I called Joe about Toni’s call to me – and nothing posted even that morning for me to piece together enough facts to fabricate such a lie. That is how stupid Toni is about her lying.

From text messages. Susan [to Toni]: “Wow, great way to stab the knife in my back and twist it. How the fuck would I have known what had happened in court the day Nicole testified? I wrote Joe right away as I didn’t want him to get mixed up in anything with Frank.
Now I’m lying about it? WTF Toni what motivation would I have to make shit like that up. I guess it’s not enough to have Joe not talking to you. You can add me to that list. I don’t need this kind of drama in my life.”

Toni [to Susan]: “I have no idea what your talking. I spoke to Frank last night after receiving his text message after he said he got off the phone with you. I believe he’s on his way over to meet us for a drink now.” 


Susan [to Toni]: “Really, three days ago you called me, and told me Nichol had testified that Frank had used the fact that he had the collateral over her head that if she didn’t tell him more about DOS he’d release her collateral.

“I stopped you and asked you if what I heard you say was correct. You said YES. I said how could he think he’d get away with that, it was blackmail and he could be in trouble. You said if he would of been in court that day, you thought he’d be in the poky right now.
WTF, why would I make that shit up. I wrote Joe an email to warn him also knowing what was said would come out in the transcript and I was open to hearing that wasn’t true.

“I told Joe I’ve been with my family and had not been keeping up with the case.

“I also heard you told Frank I was lying.” 


When I went back to New York for the last three days of the trial, Toni acted as if nothing had happened and that we were best buds. I tried to ignore her and told her I was not going to talk to her until we cleared up her lie. She asked me if we could put it on the back burner until the trial was over. I agreed to that because it was everyone’s final days seeing Keith Raniere meet his karma.

I gave Toni several opportunities to admit that she made the entire thing up. That she had lied about the testimony and lied to Frank that I had made the story up – and that we could move forward from the situation.

Toni’s ego got in the way. All she could muster up was an “I’m sorry”. When I asked her “Sorry for what?”, she couldn’t – or wouldn’t – go into any details of what she was sorry for. If she wants to dispute this, I have several email exchanges between us that show proof of her unwillingness to deal with the real issue.

L-R: Dr. Oz, Susan Dones, Toni Natalie, Rick Ross, and Melissa Moore.

Several times, Toni has said that she “was done with this”. Each time, my response was “OK, then we can just be done”.


Toni [to Susan]: I’m done with this. 


For some people, it’s always easier to just walk away from the mess you created than to do the work to clean it up.

But that’s kind of Toni’s life story in a nutshell: make a mess, run away – make a mess, run away – make a mess, run away…

I guess that why she has four failed marriages – and an adopted son she never worked to keep in her life, help to support or raise.

It also calls into question why she stayed with Keith Raniere so many years when she knew he was a liar, a cheat, a womanizer, and a creep who spent countless hours with young girls. I guess she didn’t consider those things to be a problem.

In looking back over the years of my interactions with Toni, I can now see how she sets up her relationships, manipulates people and how the closer she got to what she really wanted (notoriety via her proclaimed victimization and her book deal), the more her true self has come out.

Toni isn’t even a good liar; she can’t keep her story clear from one page to another in her book from what I’m told. She previously reported she had a “good marriage”. Now, she claims it was a “bad marriage”.

That’s why telling the truth is always easier. The truth is consistent and remains the same regardless of how the circumstance change.

The more I have investigated Toni’s background over the past few weeks, the more I’m finding she isn’t who she presents herself to be. Toni knows my investigation skills and knows I’m like a dog-on-a-bone when I don’t understand how I missed something.

I clearly misjudged Toni – and ignored detrimental information about her. But no longer.

Toni Natalie – Not to be believed.

Toni, you are clearly on my radar now. And I’m going to find out all of your claims that are true – and all the ones that aren’t.

MK10ART’s painting of Susan Dones, who led the Nxivm 9 out of the cult in 2009.

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  • Since I’m having a hard time keeping this straight, I have a project idea for shadow to work on. Maybe he can put together a chart or graph that shows us which former NXIVM insiders are cool with each other, which are luke warm, and which are mortal enemies. We can update it each month as new accusations, new apologies, and old wound pokings arise. Gotta start with the NXIVM 9. Add Toni, Kristin Keefe, Catherine Oxenberg, and Heidi. I’d add Karen U to the list but getting a peep of info about her is impossible. Should Joe and Frank and maybe even Chet get thrown in? Or should we keep this sexist?

  • I find it interesting that Barb was the first one to cut Toni off and tell you guys she was lying and meddling. Also…if you are so passionate about telling the truth than why do you continue to publish the lie that “Susan Dones was the leader of the Nxivm 9” this is pure fiction and anyone of us would tell you and have that its false. It was Barbara…Susan lived on the West coast and had nothing to do with the Inner Circle at NX headquarters …she herself was will attest she was shocked to find out what he was up to! short..Im calling bullshit on this lie and if you want readers to take you seriously you should practice what you preach to Toni…stop lying

    • I agree, Angela
      Barbara Bouchey was the person who brought the nine women together, she was on the NXIVM board, was Keith Raniere’s lover, had known Nancy Salzman years before NXIVM, and was the Bronfman’s financial planner.
      Because of this, Barbara had more knowledge than any other member of the NXIVM nine.
      I have never made any claim to be the leader of the Nine.
      The only claim I’ve made is to be the legal owner off the videos, which has been ruled on as true by a court of law when NXIVM attempted to prove ownership years ago.
      So to clear up any confusion regarding the NXIVM 9, Barbara Bouchey was indeed the leader of the pack.

      • Susan – Do you ever think we’ll be able to see the rest of the videos? There’s gotta be a way for you to monetize them, or simply entertain & educate us out of the goodness of your heart…

        • No…the judge gave Susan a permanent injunction barring her from any further dissemination of the video as she was the only one who violated our agreement to not share it with anyone and she is not the only one with a belongs to the Nxivm 9.

      • Ahh Susan….While I’m glad you corrected that misinformation, you have included more fiction regarding the “tapes”. In the interest of the truth being told…here it is…
        You agreed to tape the meetings for us (so that Barb didnt have to rent a camera) and provide us all with copies…and furthermore, we all agreed(including Keith) that they were only for personal use, not to be shared. Eventually, due to problems with your computer you only privided Barb with her copy and Keith as he requested one.
        As I recall…in your court case.. when Nxivm argued ownership of the tapes..the judge granted them a permanent injunction against you from any ” further dissemination ” of your tape. He did not include any other copies or people…as you are the only one who violated our original agreement and did just that. Also, he was told by you that there were no other copies…you lied..and told BB it was to protect her. His ruling was in regards to you and only you.
        In the interest of fairness i have asked 5 of the 9 what their recollection of the facts surrounding the taping are…they all agree with what I have stated. Also, copyright law states…if you borrow or lease a camera to film somthing….the owner of that equipment does not own the film….just saying.
        In closing, I suggest that if you really do want to heal as you’ve told me, I reccomend you begin with yourself and be honest about everything…that I will support and after seems to be the best policy.

      • Susan,

        Just a friendly reminder…..when the day come that the exalted Vanguard is no longer with us……

        You can post all the recordings you have…..

        ……of the Couch Potato Mesiah of Saratoga Springs.

  • There seem to be some people who want to dismiss Toni Natalie’s lying by saying she misunderstood Nicole’s testimony.
    There are major issues with this that some people refuse to see in all the stories that have been posted regarding her lying. They must be under her spell as many are under Raniere’s.

    Toni Natalie cannot keep her stories straight and if you follow the entire lie through, you will see the patterns and clues of her lying. Frank and Joe will be exposing this with her book.

    In the situation with Nicole testimony, if Natalie misunderstood the testimony (which is hard to believe if you some of the testimony –

    Why would Frank encourage Nicole to go to the FBI if he was using the collateral over her head? It makes no sense.

    Why would Toni Natalie tell Frank the next day after lying to Dones “I don’t know why Susan would make up such a lie”? If she truly misunderstood the Toni wouldn’t have to have made Dones out to be liar in the story to Frank, she would have admitted she misunderstood the testimony.

    Why would Natalie not admit to Frank and later Dones she misunderstood the testimony and it would of be done. That is what a person who tells the truth would have done.

    Compulsive liars cannot admit when they are caught. They will make up another lie to cover their tracks.

    Toni’s ego cannot admit she got caught in her own web of deceitful gameplay. Remind you of anyone we all have been reading about for years? Maybe Keith Raniere?

  • Stop picking on Toni. She told me how she was the one who gave you the courage to leave nxivm and how after you left she kept you strong. She helped you with your bankruptcy defense. How could you betray her?

    • Wow, Someone in the Know… now that is a BIG ASS FISH STORY you bought HOOK, LINE AND SINKER

      Anyone who knows their facts, know that Susan didn’t even know Toni when she left NXIVN and didn’t meet her until months later.

      As far as help with her bankruptcy, it was Joe O’Hara and Peter Skolnik who were the legal minds who helped Susan through her bankruptcy, not Toni Natalie.

      In regards to betrayal, a violation of a person’s trust or confidence. Well, that would be one needs to ask why Toni has pissed off so many people? Telling lies about someone might be a good start.

      Toni Natale did that when she made up the big story about Nicole’s testimony, then told Frank Susan made up the lie and when confronted tried another lie that…. just didn’t work. That’s betrayal SOMEONE IN THE KNOW. You might want to recheck your facts.

    • Was Natalie’s claim that she gave Dones the courage to leave NXIVM, kept her strong, and helped with the bankruptcy defense more lies? That question has to be asked first, anytime Natalie claims something. For that reason, I won’t be reading her book, even if it was given to me.

    • Isn’t the point to be learned here, from not only Dones but other people who knew Natalie for a long time, that it turns out that what she tells you can’t be trusted?

  • It looks like Toni and the King Liar were a match made in liar Heaven. Too bad liars eventually fail to keep track of their lies. The adage “there is no honor among thieves” seems to be apt here.

    In the recent fantastic HBO miniseries “Chernobyl”, there was a line I won’t forget: “Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later that debt is paid.”

  • One lifelong friend of mine married the love of his life, everything he always wanted in a woman. After awhile, maybe two years, it dawned on him that he was in love with an inveterate pathological liar. It took my buddy some time to figure it through, because she lied for no discernible reason; it was habitual, as if she were addicted to lying. Somehow it gave her a feeling of power, even just aimless lying.

    She lied, too, with some crazy, but traceable motives, usually wrapped up in what she thought of as getting special treatment everywhere. She’d giddily tell every hotel at check-in that she and he were there on their honeymoon, for about a decade.

    But it went deeper than that. He came to understand why her previous husband had received custody of their three sons. She drove wedges between him, his mom and sister, or tried. His mother had to stay out in a little pool house for visits, not inside their house’s guestroom. My friend rebuilt the pool house into a comfortable nest with every accommodation, feeling terrible about the whole thing.

    Some of her worst “episodes” were wrought with drama, calling the police, wrecking the house, stealing, pills. Hedgy circumstances kept making most of their friendships or business relationships terminal. But she had a splendid image, and spent prodigiously on her own upkeep.

    Most of us have met or heard of versions of Toni. (My friend divorced.) Three years later, of all things, they remarried. The results haven’t been that great. It’s more of the same, only older.

    One good thing is when you’ve contended with one dangerous dingbat, you catch on faster to it next time, if there ever is one. Different costumes, same old tapdance. It can still hurt, though.
    Especially if the act was well-disguised.

    This is another slam-dunk article for me to have had the privilege to read here, and, like Joe O’Hara’s earlier contributions, you can see from this that what’s true is able to relax, because it’s consistent. Sturdy like an oak tree. Really the only one jockeying around, in this wing of the story, is the co-author of fictionalized autobiography…

    to whom we have been referring, The Italian Stallion HerSELF. So now, the question is whether to sing Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire or I Feel Pretty?

      • I think you’ve named the opening song! The finale song I think most appropriate for Toni is from Rihanna. Take A Bow. Currently on repeat right here.

        • Again squanto no typee. The finale song I dream of the most for Tawny Kitaen, I mean Toni is… (baby) Take A Bow.

    • “Three years later, of all things, they remarried. The results haven’t been that great. It’s more of the same, only older.

      In the words of one sage this remarriage was the “Triumph of Hope Over Experience.”

    • Shivani,

      You are right we all have known one of those stories.

      Sometimes men get so captivated by looks they throw their common sense out the window.

      The song “When a Man Loves a Woman” sums it all up.
      Here are some lyrics from the song:

      “When a man loves a woman”
      “He’ll trade the world
      For the good thing he’s found
      If she’s bad he can’t see it
      She can do no wrong
      Turn his back on his best friend
      If he put her down”

      It always ends in an emotional train wreck….

      • Are the lyrics about wifey and what she does with her clients?
        Just kidding, niceguy. I know you must be missing Bangcock and I wanted to help fill the void.

  • She claims she had Raniere pegged in 92? Not buying into his smartest man on the planet shtick – and sensing something out of line with Consumer Buyline? Right. So she stays with it knowing its a scam – leaves her husband – becomes a top seller of bogus discount pyramid memberships – until states attorneys and regulators from 27 states shut it down. Raniere agrees to cease and desist business – refund customer losses (never did) and gets off without admitting wrongdoing. And still she stays. Geez, she’s a regular saint.

    I suspect the tell-all expose is her last shot at cashing in on the NXIVM nuthouse – and eventually dozens of books will come out – so her best shot at a decent payday is to embellish some dullish details & spice up the narrative with more drama — to give her tomb more pizzazz than the rest of the field.

  • I’m trying to remember, did the false claim about Frank supposedly using the collateral in his possession come up before Natalie mentioned it – meaning it’s just something she got from somewhere else?

    Natalie seems like a diehard culty thinker. She’s also fabricating her own sort of conspiracy theories about people like Frank being sinister schemers.

    It did come up at trial in Sylvie’s testimony, which must be what Natalie is referring to – and completely misrepresenting it, particularly because while Sylvie says she was “scared” to find out that someone else might have her collateral, she testified that Frank told her to go to law enforcement – hardly the actions of a blackmailer.

    “Nicole was asked about Frank Parlato, (of Frank Report).

    Nicole said she emailed him to take her name off the site.

    She testified that Frank said she needed to call him first.

    Agnifilo: Did Frank pressure you about a civil lawsuit?

    Nicole: No.

    Agnifilo: Do you remember telling the FBI that Frank pressed you to file a civil suit against Nxivm?

    Nicole: No.

    Agnifilo: Did Frank pressure you to go to the FBI?

    Nicole: [wiping away tears]: He was scaring me. He said he had my collateral. I thought, ‘Again? I have to go through this again? Someone else can’t be telling me they have my collateral!’. So I got a lawyer.

    Agnifilo asked if Nicole knew if Frank did, in fact, have her collateral.

    She said she did not.

    Agnifilo asked her again if Frank pressed her to file a civil lawsuit.

    She said no again.

    Agnifilo: Do you remember Frank telling you to go to law enforcement?

    Nicole replied, “Yes.”

    Nicole said her conversations with Frank happened only within a limited time [2017].”

    • It could also be that Natalie misunderstood the testimony. But go ahead and burn her at the stake, that’s what the anonymous commenters on this website are really “talented” at doing. No wonder so many people join cults, many people believe the first thing they hear. Thanks for reinforcing that. LOL

      • I did wonder that also Scott, but then a “sorry, I misunderstood” would be more of an acceptable thing to say to sort the situation out instead of lying about it and blaming someone else for her own foolish comments. This is more of her not taking responsibility for her actions and lying to worm her way out of it.

      • Scott is that why billions have sold Amway all over the world? Isn’t it the world largest cult according to you?

        • The words “selling” and “Amway” should never be used in the same sentence. Distributors buy the soap for their own use, very little of it is sold to non-distributor customers, making Amway and most MLMs illegal pyramids. This isn’t just my opinion, this is how the FTC defines an illegal pyramid and wins court cases/settlments against MLM scams.

          While Amway and other MLMs have cult-like features, cults are not illegal, which is why I choose to emphasize the illegal pyramid and RICO tool scam fraud issues, both of which are, obviously, illegal.

      • I think I tend to err on the side of being compassionate with people caught up in NXIVM, and having some sympathy for the sort of mistakes that can lead people to get involved with a cult and stay – to the point of getting attacked for it not infrequently.

        I don’t see any simple way to make a leap from the testimony such as:

        ‘Agnifilo: Do you remember Frank telling you to go to law enforcement?

        Nicole replied, “Yes.”’

        To Natalie’s (reported) statement:

        “a woman named Nicole had testified that day that Frank had threatened to release her collateral if she didn’t provide him with more information about DOS for his stories….had Frank been in the courtroom that day, the FBI agents who were there would have arrested him and put him in jail.”

        Notice that she’s not just completely mis-characterizing the testimony, but then jumping to making a gratuitous, dramatized claim about it as well.

        Do you really see that as being possibly just a simple mistake?

      • Scott,

        You are right……Toni Natalie may have made an honest mistake… …..However……She should have apologized, but instead of apologizing Toni Natalie stated that Susan Dones is a liar and claimed Susan Dones twisted her (Natalie’s) words.

        What do you not understand?

        Witch hunt? Toni Natalie may not be a witch, but she is a bitch
        Scott, you are such a drama queen. BTW you are only sticking up for Natalie to buck the majority and argue with people. You know you only care about yourself.

        • Natalie would have apologized if she was a normal person. She isn’t.

          What do you not understand?

          I’m not sticking up for Natalie, I am offering another possibility. You know you only care about yourself. LOL

    • I remember reading some stray accusations that Frank was “using DOS victims” in the comments on here last year that were pissing me off bc I presumed someone was trolling to silence victims from sharing facts with Frank or FR readers — when I know none of that is in Frank’s heart at all, that he gathers intel to reinforce the investigation to help victims, do justice and get to the truth.

      I also presumed most FR trolls are NX defense plants but Toni was always so adamant in telling me that she never reads or comments on FR that in view of these cut throat revelations about her, I’m wondering if she doesn’t “doth protest too much” and she isn’t one of the very culprits throwing stones at Frank and Frank loyalists on here herself.

      Still, analyzing Nicole’s testimony it’s obvious attacking Frank is a defense strategy and thank God Nicole didn’t fall for Agnofilo’s trap, where he was leading her in her testimony.

      Gotta love Gaurufis for letting Aggie know when to shut his trap up.

    • Not sure why you are mentioning Sylvie as it was Nicole’s testimony. And I saw comments not just on here but also Ortega’s site and Reddit that interpreted Nicole’s testimony, or at least the parts that were first written about, as Frank initially threatening her, so could be Toni did too.

      • I was initially willing and wanting to believe that Toni misheard and let her fears get the better of her as well but in the bigger picture it’s clear Toni’s thoughts and actions are more geared toward increasing her book
        sales through, in part, eliminating the competition and claiming the open territory.

        When Susan, whom I know is a straight shooter, says Toni stepped in to collect the contact info and gratitude of Nicole’s family on behalf of Frank with the expectation he’d be preoccupied for the balance of the trial in jail…wtf is THAT?

        I’ve always thought Keith stole some of the soul of each girl he destroyed from them and weaved them into his web to catch more prey.

        Toni might have been one who taught Keith a thing or two about passive aggressive cattiness.

      • You’ve indeed caught an error there – I’ve mistakenly confused the two.

        As Heidi points out in another comment, there’s reason to question who those commenters were and what their motives were – it could even be Natalie herself under an alias, or people just repeating what they heard from her.

        Tony Ortega’s site is easy to check, so I did: one commenter there indeed wrote “Now hearing he was threatening women?” in response to an article that has the same transcription from Diane Lipson that I quote, so it sounds like they are referring to something they heard somewhere else – possibly even originating with Natalie.

        I don’t know about reddit, but if you have anything to show where the idea of Frank threatening people came from, I’d be interested to see it – that’s actually what I asked for in my comment. Is that how you would read that testimony?

  • No sane person would want anything to do with the NXIVM DOS blackmail material.
    That material rightfully belongs to the women involved.
    I doubt that Frank Parlato had that information or would try to leverage it in any way.

  • The way I see it, Toni used you all. She set John up, screwed over Joe, used Heidi, used Susan, Catherine and Frank. If we actually made a list, it would put things into perspective. It really makes me wonder what her end game was with each of you. Susan, I’m looking forward to reading more of what you uncover.

    • Toni Natalie uses everyone she come in contact with.

      Toni didn’t learn from the best, Raniere. Toni already knew how to be a grifter when she met Raniere.

      She’s could sell ice to Eskimos. I’ve heard these exact words come out of Toni Natalie’s mouth more than once.

      Toni Natalie is a great camillion. She can play you and get away with it longer than most.

  • How can Toni NOT respond to this head-on, direct call-out? Toni, if you don’t post a response within the next 24 hours, I will sadly conclude that you are a complete and total fraud.

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