Bronfman Links to Epstein and Wexner

Bill Clinton 11:21 As President of the World Jewish Congress. He's traveled the world to expose the legacy of oppression of the Jewish people and the spur action on their behalf.

By Shivani

You research enough and see how interwoven all of this immense story really is, and Shadowstate knows it.

Politics, both national and international, finances sex-trafficking, drugs, the prison industry, the entertainment industry, the Mega Group, the FBI, business conglomerates, the “war”on drugs, international skirmishes, religious organizations, influencers and even journalists, propaganda, financed scientists and even Satanic ritualistic who wear the best suits, ties and designer shoes to their significant day jobs.

Lots and lots of accidental deaths, “suicides” and murders.

Tons of digging even to get the news of international conferences having been convened to decide all of our worldly matters for us, without publicity or consultation, as “the elite conceal the business of the elite,” as well as their private affairs.

An estimated $29 million spent by Epstein, in a huge rush to destroy not only the tunnel system which apparently was accessible underneath his temple, on April 3, 2018.

Image result for epstein tunnels

I have seen listed notes about some of these tunnel rooms, which seem to have been written by someone who was present for the burial of the tunnels, which was a very big project. This undertaking was followed by two very substantial fires on his Little Saint James Island, noted in the press and certainly reported by Virgin Island residents.

But one has to really shop around for the info, even though it’s out there.

The first fire was reported by World Press, among others, April 12, 2018. The second fire, as was reported by a local island source, the Clover Chronicle, was on January 5, 2019. So, nine months apart.

There are a few pictures from the little article which were just cited above. The second huge fire was seen after residents who live nearby reported hearing a very loud explosion. Also, we have seen pictures posted right here of Epstein’s cement mixing truck and palettes close by.

The pressure was on, eh?

Image result for fires on little st james island

Plus, there are two links between Epstein/Wexner and the Bronfman’s (Edgar) – with one being an older Seagram’s deal which Epstein “fixed” back before he got permanently excused from Bear Sterns. Still researching that one, as it has ties to zinc and lead in a big, big way, not my kinda subjects.

The other more heavy-duty link is when Edgar Bronfman and Leslie Wexner founded the pro-Israeli billionaire endowment and influencer/lobbyist, etc., etc., group called the Mega Group in 1991, the same year that Robert Maxwell met his end off of the Canary Islands.

Image result for edgar bronfman leslie wexner
There are some who say that Edgar Bronfman Sr. made Jeffrey Epstein a money mogul.

And I’ve found out that Robert Maxwell knew Epstein as a business colleague before Ghislaine, his daughter, ever met Epstein.

Of course, one must not ignore that both Epstein and Nxivm were deeply involved in sex-trafficking and that is their primary and most obvious interconnection. Right, Hill and Billary? It would help if someone like Mr. Hoffenberg would explain how Jeffrey grew his nest egg into enough money to sponsor so much mass-scale criminality.

But I can almost hear him now, singing “Don’t Explain.”

Okay, Shadow?


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  • Sun Myung Moon’s group “bought” their “Belvedere estate in Westchester. County NY in 1972 from the Bronfman family. The sex control and human trafficking guru situation is very reminiscent of the NXIVM deal.

    Moon was said to have opened china in the mid-’70s, same time he did that photo op with Nixon, by showing some bigshot photos of Russian missiles directed at China, driving a wedge between the communist bloc nations. Moon’s kids went to Hadley School in Westchester where Donald Barr relocated after hiring Epstein at Dalton

    I have created a reddit group with some documentation in the hopes of inspiring some crowdsourcing among ex-members but they are mostly completely Stockholmed. It’s called r/MoonMosaic

  • St. Joe Minerals was the target of the takeover attempt by Bronfman with Epstein & Bear Stearns acting as his agents. The real significance of St. Joe Minerals is virtually unlimited silver resources in the ground. “Someone” acquired a huge Silver Short position driving down the price of silver to lower the price of St. Joe. St. Joe cut a deal with someone else. Many years later, the Huge Silver Short position would trigger the 2009 financial collapse.

  • It is important to understand something about Edgar Bronfman, Sr that seems to get lost on people.. Allen Dulles, former CIA director under Eisenhower, founded a corporation in Switzerland called Permindex in about 1958ish.. on the board of Permindex was Meyer Lansky, Carlo Gambino, Joe Bonanno, Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Roy Cohn among others.. a co-founder of Permindex was Bronfman Canadian family attorney, Louis Bloomfield..

    Bronfman always had a connection to American intelligence AND Israeli intelligence .. Mossad ..

    Another Bronfman connection was Edmond Safra who owned Republic National Bank of New York.. Safra’s mentor was the first finance minister for Mossad, Tibor Rosenbaum.. so Safra was a part of the Bronfman Syndicate..

    Bronfman was instrumental in bringing immigrants from the Soviet Union to Israel and the US starting in the early 1970’s and those Russian Jewish emigres came in three waves..

    For instance, Felix Sater’s family came to Brighton Beach in 1974…

    Bronfman was the head of the World Jewish Congress which is allegedly housed at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York..

    He and his daughters, Clare and Sara Bronfman were at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2007 here is a list of the members…it is worth looking at..

  • Shadowstate…Sam Bronfman and Wexner drug trade in Columbus, Ohio. Myer Lansky and Wexner postdated this alliance. Rickenbacker Air National Guard Airport in Columbus pivotal. Epstein involved. George Webb 10/2/19

  • If you scrutinize any limited or elite group, whether it’s in business or politics, sports or some other exclusive or high-level endeavor, there are bound to be connections between the relatively small number of people involved at the upper levels, and even examples of collusion (church hierarchies also conceal pedophiles). There are, after all, only so many people on the Forbes 400, and they tend to be type A workaholics with their fingers in all sorts of pies, so there’s a pretty high likelihood they will have been involved in dealings with one another – especially if you drill down to a select sub-group like the Jewish-Americans concerned with organizing so that their people don’t again end up the victims of an effort to kill millions of them in a campaign of extermination.

    As an example of the sort of things that turn up in almost any case, one could look at the Italian and mob connections to NXIVM, for for instance. The Bronfmans’ riches were first made off of bootlegging, and dealings with people like Capone. NXIVM was founded by the Italian Raniere, and his top male capo in the US is paisano Del Negro, while other important lieutenants and molls included Vicente and Natalie (Natali) – with about half of the rest of his inner circle rounded out by other Catholics from the Mexican contingent, a group drawn from elites in that country who probably almost all come from families that know one another and have had various dealings. That all hasn’t really even been looked in to thoroughly, for some reason – probably because it doesn’t fit with currently prevalent theories, biases, and stereotypes, though a century ago it would have played into popular perceptions that Italians and other Catholics were bringing crime, immorality and corruption to this country – but what connections might turn up if it were scrutinized? And what about the capo di tutti i capi of this website, Parlato, who hails from the old Mafia bootlegging strongholds on the shores of Lake Erie, where Bronfman rotgut was landed by the boatload – much of which then went down the Erie Canal to supply Albany, Saratoga Springs and even Clifton Park, if you want a tenuous connection to NXIVM’s heartland? (Plus don’t forget that before NXIVM set up Apropos, it was Romano’s Family Restaurant – Italian, of course, and chances are high it would turn out to have been run by a family who’d been in the business since Prohibition, and which might well have dealt in Bronfman booze that came through Buffalo).

    As for the Epstein case, I haven’t seen any photos of a cement mixing truck here. But given that he was doing a lot of construction on his island, how else were they to get concrete mixed and ready to use? Many of the claims floating around are easily debunked, as I’ve demonstrated, and quite a few seem to be entirely fabricated by people whole troll like that for inscrutable reasons. Epstein seems to have been very careless up until the end – typical of such types, who tend to be sort of gamblers at heart – being seen with young girls at the airport late last year, and then coming back to the US even when there were hints he was under renewed investigation, plus stupidly leaving child pornography and incriminating items like a fake passport in a safe at his New York townhouse, so it’s very unlikely anything went on at his island related to cleaning up evidence until at least after his arrest.

    And as for Epstein’s wealth, as I’ve said previously, it looks like much of it probably came from skimming money off of deals made through his ultra-wealthy connections. Just as an example, 2% is a standard money management fee – with hedge fund managers taking even more – so Epstein could easily have been making as much as $100 million per year just for managing Wexner’s wealth, though it was probably not quite that simple.

    But as I’ve said all along, I’m eager see Epstein’s and Wexner’s connections in particular, properly investigated and exposed – something that seems not to be receiving nearly the attention it merits (given Wexner’s riches, he may well have people working overtime trying to keep it that way). When I checked for actual Epstein case news, a piece related to that was among the articles I flagged to post when the opportunity arose, along with a few others of interest and relevance:

    Epstein Accuser Alleges She Was Held Against Her Will on Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner’s Compound

    Epstein Flaunted Girls After His Arrest at Hair Salon for the Stars

    French modeling scout and accused Jeffrey Epstein associate is not on the lam: lawyer [though maybe hiding from the press?]

    Prince Andrew Claims 2010 Epstein Visit Was a Friendship Breakup

    Prince Andrew Might Want to Come Up With a Better Excuse

  • Shadowstate….watch George Webb’s YouTube video from today (10/9)…he explains the Wexner, Bulger, Bursma holdings connections.

  • “You research enough…”

    All this “research”, and yet no evidence to support any of these fantastical claims. Innuendo and speculation aren’t facts. Speculate away about secret tunnels and worldwide networks of omnipotent conspirators, I’d like some proof before believing any of it. Most of it doesn’t even make sense; some baloney about these alleged tunnels being destroyed by burning (!) accompanied by an unsourced picture of some fire somewhere. A fire very much on the surface…

    Do better.

  • Anonyfaker who a member of the large cult known as Islam is always all over these threads about pedophile Epstein and his buddy Wexner. Interesting that his cult has no problem with pedophilia.

    • You miss the point that I’m pushing for focus on the actual sex abuse and pedophilia aspects of the story, like Wexner’s still unexplained role and relationship, and Jean-Luc Brunel’s involvement including possibly supplying most of the young girls seen on Epstein’s island whose origins have yet to be accounted for (few of the American victims who have come forward so far, report having been there), rather than dubious to ridiculous conspiracy theories that are more a distraction – and possibly even deliberate diversions.

      Here’s a bit more actual news:

      Epstein’s Pal Jean-Luc Brunel Quietly Sells Off His Infamous Modeling Biz
      “As French investigators hunt for Jean-Luc Brunel, and as his MC2 agency sells off assets, former employees and models say he’s linked to new agencies in New York City and Ukraine.”

      Jeffrey Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel is cooperating with prosecutors in Paris on their investigation into the pedophile, claims his lawyer

    • why are you people obsessed with Islam forever distracting from everything with a race or religion card to feel superior
      this is about people who look like you, own that, your countrymen and the crimes they commit facilitated by your democratically elected

      when you don’t like someone’s comments, don’t bash a religion…critique his comment..ish

  • Shivani 33:

    Here is the latest story from Whitney Webb which you might find interesting:

    “Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel
    A recent interview given by a former high-ranking official in Israeli military intelligence has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail enterprise was an Israel intelligence operation run for the purpose of entrapping powerful individuals and politicians in the United States and abroad.

    by Whitney Webb

    The story mentions PROMIS software which was a 1980s era computer program used to organize US DOJ case files and files used by other US intelligence agencies.
    Allegedly the people who created PROMIS claimed the US government stole the software code and sold it illegally to other countries.
    Whitney Webb’s story also alleges that Jeffrey Epstein profited from the theft and sale of PROMIS software.
    PROMIS (software)

    ” Hamilton and others asserted that the Justice Department had done so in order to modify PROMIS, originally created to manage legal cases, to become a monitoring software for intelligence operations.[2][4] Affidavits created over the course of the Inslaw affair stated that “PROMIS was then given or sold at a profit to Israel and as many as 80 other countries”

    “”There appears to be strong evidence, as indicated by the findings in two Federal Court proceedings as well as by the committee investigation, that the Department of Justice ‘acted willfully and fraudulently,’ and ‘took, converted and stole,’ Inslaw’s Enhanced PROMIS by ‘trickery fraud and deceit.'”[4]

    A book written in 1997 by Fabrizio Calvi and Thierry Pfister claimed that the National Security Administration (NSA) had been “seeding computers abroad with PROMIS-embedded SMART (Systems Management Automated Reasoning Tools) chips, code-named Petrie, capable of covertly downloading data and transmitting it, using electrical wiring as an antenna, to U.S. intelligence satellites” as part of an espionage operation”

    Also, Shivani, here is a pdf copy of Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book.
    Bill Clinton’s name appears on Page 4 under the name of Doug Band(s)
    Doug Band was an assistant to Bill Clinton some 15 years ago.

    Richard Branson’s name appears on Page 7.
    And Edgar Bronfman, Junior, Clare and Sara’s half brother, appears on Page 8.

  • To Shaivani:

    Focusing on Epstein’s pedophilia, here is a story you should be aware of.
    In 1975 the college drop out Jeffrey Epstein was hired to teach Math and Science at Manhattan’s elite private Dalton School.
    People quickly noticed that Epstein focused his attention on the female students.
    People also quickly noticed that Epstein was unqualified to teach Math and Science.
    After about a year or so Epstein was fired.

    Who hired the college drop out to teach Math and Science at an elite school?
    Headmaster Donald Barr.
    Donald Barr is the father of Attorney General William Barr, the man who as head of the Justice Department was in charge of prosecuting Epstein earlier this year.

    What a coincidence!

    “The ‘Epstein-Barr’ Problem of New York City’s Dalton School”

    “Epstein, who was charged last week by federal authorities in the Southern District of New York with sex trafficking with sex-trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex-trafficking, was a 20 year old college drop-out when he was hired to teach at Dalton by the school’s headmaster Donald Barr in the mid 1970’s. Donald Barr was the father of current United States Attorney General William Barr, who is currently overseeing Epstein’s prosecution.”

    “According to at least one former student, Dalton alums have long joked about Barr’s hiring of Epstein..”

    “Epstein-Barr is a type of herpes virus best known as the cause of infectious mononucleosis.”

    • Yes, Shadow. Epstein’s position at Dalton’s seems to have been his first notable job to accredit and hire him solely for his qualifications as a perv, child molester and blackmailer. Dalton’s Barr excused Epstein for not having a college degree and hired him for his “life experience.”

      • Apparently, there are many high ranking segments of society where child molestation is winked at.
        The famous financial journalist James B. Stewart is preparing an investigative report on the “plutocrat pedophile” Jeffrey Epstein but says his research is at a sensitive stage and he’s mum about the details.

        “James B. Stewart: The Truth About the ‘Deep State,’ Donald Trump, and Jeffrey Epstein”

        “He said he was currently toiling on an investigative report concerning the late Jeffrey Epstein, the plutocrat-pedophile whom Stewart visited at his Upper East Side mansion in August 2018. Stewart refused to provide details on his research or when he hopes to publish.

        “It’s at a delicate stage,” he said.”

        This report should be something to watch for.

        • Is any one segment of society necessarily more culpable than any other when it comes to things like child abuse?

          The FLDS and the Jehovah’s Witnesses are some of the worst offenders, and yet they are among the most marginalized and least educated of Americans. Apparently poor African-Americans in Chicago were willing to let R. Kelly slide, or even happy their daughters were involved with someone so prominent, for decades. And of course the hierarchy of the Catholic Church at all levels, made up of people largely from humble backgrounds, “winked at” pedophilia and abuse in their own ranks. It unfortunately seems to be a still all too prevalent social problem in all sectors of society – including ones like churches, where we might think there should be safety and behavior beyond reproach.

          I think you’re falling into making faulty generalizations also characteristic of culty thinking, and of just the same sort that Raniere fed to his followers.

          The journalist James B. Stewart is a very thorough and accurate reporter with a good sense of balance, and I think we can look forward to his work. He’s actually dismissive of conspiracy theory nonsense; the subtitle to the piece you linked to is, in part, ‘Trump’s “deep state” conspiracy is for “nut cases.”’ He gets into that in the linked piece, but sums it up more eloquently here:

          ‘ “America depends on institutions,” says James B. Stewart, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Deep State: Trump, The FBI, and The Rule of Law. “And it depends on people functioning in those institutions whose first loyalty is to the Constitution and the rule of law — not to an individual who may happen to be president at one time or another. I want people to understand that and respect the fact when people act on behalf of the interests of the Constitution and the American people, it’s not an act of betrayal. It’s the highest form of patriotism.” ‘

    • Epstein was by all accounts brilliant, and charismatic in a particular way.

      The reviews I’ve seen of his teaching from former students are mixed, but he didn’t strike a lot of people as necessarily “unqualified.” He was about the age at which some people get put to work as TAs at universities, including as undergraduates before getting their degrees; all that’s really necessary is to have the understanding that comes with having completed the course work oneself, and preferably some ability at teaching as well.

      And he lasted at least 2 years at Dalton (some accounts say 3, or perhaps it was parts of 3 years, which might mean he was hired mid-year because the school was in need of a replacement), before using his connections with the parent of a student he had tutored, to get a job at a major investment banking firm – a demonstration of his ability to impress people.

      The people who serve as headmasters at a place like Dalton tend to be well-connected, which is just the nature of place like that. It may seem fantastic from a perspective like a public library computer somewhere, but when it comes down to the high achievers in the world – the Barrs, for instance, both went to Columbia – it’s a comparatively small number of people who tend to be closely connected as a matter of course.

      Oh, and Chevy Chase went to Dalton – his actual family name is Crane, as in the plumbing fixture (and now vending machine) company. Want to make a conspiracy theory out of that? Come to think of it, John Lennon and Yoko Ono also sent their son Sean there.

      Most or all of your insinuations are sensationalist and off the mark, except that what really seems to have always stood out about Epstein was his interest in young girls. He also ultimately seems to have been somewhat lazy about most everything he did, relying on his brilliance and charisma as crutches, so it’s not surprising that Dalton eventually decided he wasn’t going to work out.

      The really interesting question, is how Epstein and his brother established themselves financially between the mid-1970s and the 1990s – how much of Jeffrey’s money came from fraud, and did Mark really establish himself on his own or just ride his brother’s coattails?

    • The lovely Canadian Amazing Polly is one of my top favorite sources. She confirms, broadens and elucidates my own studies, and from a slightly different angle. Also, please check out Shaun Attwood in London. His daily YouTube output has been another dream come true. He spent more than one session reading Epstein’s blackbook for us, showing definitively that the more prominent the entry, the more phone numbers Epstein kept to reach them. Around 15 numbers for Prince Andrew alone, while Epstein only had one or two phone numbers for Liz Hurley, who seems to have been more sophisticated and probably was far less tempted, enticed or impressed. But then she did not have Elizardbreath for a mother.

      Shaun Attwood went to Ghislaine Maxwell’s London townhouse, and a cleaner opened the door. His cameraman filmed the famous white stairway and banister, confirming that this is where Androol was filmed with his arm around Virginia Giuffre as Ghislaine grinned, proud as a procuress, behind the two of them.

      Hopefully, Amazing Polly returns to speak with her listeners soon. The Canadian “elections” have been causing her to want more alone time lately. One-quarter of my own blood comes from Prince Edward Island, and somehow this causes Amazing Polly to thrill me even more, can’t help it, and it isn’t going to change. I love her the way that I love the Great Man himself, Frank Parlato. Good thing Frank doesn’t need to know how dear he is. He is wise enough and strong enough to be able to keep himself immune from criticism or from flattery. Steadfast.

      • You think this lady is sound Shivani? I get that you are thrilled by her, but do you think she is sound?

        I don’t.

        • You sound like a genius who voted for the mentally stable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, multiple times, Chuckles.

    • That’s a half hour video, which is a lot to expect anyone to necessarily wade through, without giving us at least some idea of what it is about or what its major points are.

      Skipping through, it refers to QAnon, seems to make a lot out of Salzman being Jewish, repeatedly refers to an article titled “Nazi coin from ‘future’ FOUND – sparking claims of parallel universe WW3,” and seems to try to read something into a surrealistic WWII mural by José Clemente Orozco (no idea what the connection is) that is similar to Picasso’s “Guernica”.


      • AnoyMaker,

        You should explore Amazing Polly’s Blog.

        Here is a taste of what you will find:

        “Zionism: Jewish supremacism, Jewish exceptionalism, Jewish apartheid. Zionism dehumanizes the human race. Solution: Outlaw zionism.”

        The Canadian Amazing Polly is very much like Paul Serran of Brazil. I find Qanon aficionados fascinating from a anthropological perspective. The Qanons are a product of social networking. Now closeted conspiracy buffs can find each other. I imthe next Timothy McVay will

        I actual watched a good portion of the video. The video is a mind numbing exploration of various facts and news. She seems to use the Jews as the common denominator in all of her theories. Polly is even advancing the old Jewish communism conspiracy. Israelis hate communists.
        I thinks Polly is a bored Alt-Rigt house wife that has a lot of free time. Even as conspiracy buffs go Polly is quite imaginative. If 2 people are non white they seem to be suspect in Polly’s eyes. I don’t think Paul Serran and her will ever be friend despite the Qanon connection. LOL

        • Niceguy, thanks for the response.

          I have enough rabbit holes of my own to go down, not to mention the experience gained from too much time spent on too many in the past, but I do truly appreciate your taking the dive and summarizing it so I can get a bit better idea. At best a blog like this can be a place where we can learn, and share knowledge.

          I also have a couple of good overviews of conspiracy theorizing to get through. At the moment I’m trying to find time to more than just crack open Escaping the Rabbit Hole: How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic, and Respect by Mick West, who runs the MetaBunk website.

  • Think back to the ending of the Wizard of Oz movie (1939) where the frantic Wizard tells Dorothy and her friends, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

    Well it turns out that the men behind the curtain set up phony issues and narratives to distract us from the real truth.
    Jeffrey Epstein is no financial genius.
    He made much of his money from Ponzi schemes operated by his friends Steven Hoffenberg and Scott Rothstein.

    “Ponzi Scheme Victims Say Epstein Swindled Them
    There are allegations Epstein scammed his way to his fortune.”

    “Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Ponzi king Scott Rothstein square off in court”
    JUL 19, 2019 | 11:11 AM

    Hoffenberg spent 18 years in Federal prison and Rothstein is serving 50 years in another Ponzi scheme down in Florida.

    Hoffenberg claims Epstein swindled him out of 460 million dollars.
    Epstein’s other friend Rothstein was involved in a separate 1.4 billion dollar Ponzi scheme in Florida.Altogether that adds up to over 1.8 billion dollars.
    Too bad all of those charities never inquired into where Epstein got all of that money to be so generous.
    While Epstein was a Democrat his co-conspirator Rothstein was a Republican and close to Florida’s former Governor Charlie Crist.
    Epstein’s former friend Les Wexner is also a Republican.
    Epstein associated with both the Democrat Bill Clinton and the Republican Donald Trump.
    To read about Epstein’s relationship to these Ponzi schemers and his possible insider trading at Bear Stearns with Saint Joseph Minerals, a case that involved the Bronfman family, please read James Patterson’s book “:Filthy Rich.”
    There were lots of people happy to learn that Epstein was “suicided.”

    Now on to the Bronfman family train wreck.
    While Clare and Sara are zombies their other relatives are not much smarter.

    The Bronfman family has been investing in the media industry for decades.
    Most of their investments in media have crashed and burned.
    Edgar Bonfman, Junior, Clare and Sara’s half brother, sold the Bronfman family’s stake in Conoco Oil and DuPont Chemical for stakes in Universal and Warner Music.
    Just in time for music streaming to wipe out the value of the big record companies.
    Conoco is still in business and DuPont is still America’s premier chemical company.
    But the big record companies are fighting for survival in a changed music marketplace.

    And the Bronfmans foolishly sold their ownership of Tropicana fruit juices to Pepsi in 1998.

    The Bronfman family fortune, which might have been as high as 30 billion dollars, is now in the 6 billion dollar range.

    In 2005 and 206 when Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne were recruited into NXIVM the Bronfman sisters, because of their family’s ties to the entertainment industry, knew that these actresses would appeal to young women and encourage girls to join NXIVM.
    The CW network, of which Kreuk and Mack were a part, specifically targeted girls as their main demographic.

    Now here is an odd coincidence that Shivani might find intriguing.
    Clare and Sara Bronfman have a nephew named Ben Bronfman, the son of Edgar, junior.
    Ben Bonfman, aka Ben Brewer, is a rapper.
    For a time Clare and Sara’s nephew was married to the Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A.
    M.I.A. was the rapper who gave the finger at Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl Half Time.

    Ben Bronfman met M.I.A. while they were living in Brooklyn in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.
    Right now Nicki Clyne and her friends are living in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.
    I wonder if Nicki knows Ben Bronfman, Clare and Sara’s nephew who lived in the neighborhood.
    A few days ago when I asked if Sara was providing money to keep NXIVM going, Nicki told me to “mind my own business.”
    I guess that’s a Yes!

  • Ravings of a lunatic. Is there one scrap of evidence for any of this… whatever it was? It’s nothing but innuendo, and incoherent innuendo at that. Paranoid delusions of some vast international conspiracy. Run, of course, by the Jews. Some foolishness about a network of underground tunnels. Which apparently were destroyed by setting them on fire (?)

    The only possible value this post has is it demonstrates the mindset of people who believe in cults. Anybody idiotic enough to buy into this inane crap is a prime candidate to believe the extravagant, evidence-free claims of a cult leader.

  • These people are an organized crime unit. Wexner has ties to the Ohio mafia. The Clinton Foundation merely hides and launders billions of dollars. They are not even a legal tax exempt foundation though they don’t pay taxes says Charles Ortel an expert on charity tax fraud. Funny how no one with legal authority to indict and prosecute seems interested in this fact. They are all in bed with each other….DOJ along with these criminals. It makes me realize that the US government is an organized crime unit…functioning solely to enrich each other’s bank accounts- which are hidden in trusts and foundations….just like JD Rockefellar did.

    • “The Clinton Foundation merely hides and launders billions of dollars. They are not even a legal tax exempt foundation though they don’t pay taxes says Charles Ortel an expert on charity tax fraud. Funny how no one with legal authority to indict and prosecute seems interested in this fact. They are all in bed with each other….DOJ along with these criminals”

      One year the Clinton Foundation paid for Lady Gaga to drop by and give a concert to honor Bill Clinton on his birthday.
      Lady Gaga came out and sang the song “Bill Romance” with Bill, Hillary and Chelsea sitting out in the audience all smiling.
      Now can you or I get a charity to fund our birthday parties?
      Here is the Video:
      Lady Gaga – Bad Romance live (Decade Of Difference Concert – Clinton)

        • My point is why is the Clinton Foundation, a supposed charity, using its resources to pay for a Lady Gaga concert to titillate the Clinton crime family?
          That is not a legitimate use of charitable funds.

          If Bill Clinton wants to dig into his own pocket to see Lady Gaga perform that is his business.
          But that is not the proper use for a charity’s funds.
          America has Presidents, not Kinky Kings like Bill Clinton.

          • They do whatever they want to do and no one says boo! Chelsea Clinton’s wedding was partially funded by the Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Global Initiative and all the other off shoots of this monster. Everyone knows this but no one takes legal action against them. If you or I tried to do that, the IRS would be all over us and we’d be paying heavy fines AND paying taxes on that money and maybe going to prison. But here’s the catch- with Charity tax laws, if I give $4 Million dollars to the CF and the Foundation is investigated and found not to be a legitimately structured charity, I would be liable for that money I donated because I am expected to know if they are legitimate or not. I could go to prison, face penalties AND pay taxes on that $4 million I donated. So who is going to investigate the CF? Very powerful people have donated a lot of money to this phoney charity…..these very powerful people will not allow a REAL investigation of the CF because they are liable and could face prison, fines and have to pay taxes on that donation if they are not a legally structured charity- which it isn’t.

  • Shivani,

    Sometimes I truly enjoy your articles….

    …..This is not one of those times.

    AnoyMaker has previously debunked all of your allegations.

    You have been following along long enough to have read AnoyMaker’s many articles…..

    I can therefore conclude you are only trolling.

    There aren’t many female Trolls. You go girl!!!!

    • Hey lil fella, the only thing anoy faker debunked was his intelligence. Go back to your coloring book and do a better job of staying between the lines

    • So, Niceguy, when the world’s elite travel up to a mountain top in Davos, Switzerland to meet behind armed guards, they are not secretly discussing world affairs?
      What are they doing?
      Watching figure skating tournaments?
      Sharing recipes for cookies?
      Playing friendly games of poker?

      Of course they are discussing issues of Global economics and geopolitics.

      • Shadowstate,

        The Economist magazine covers those meetings every year.

        I have never stated that I do not believe in conspiracies.

        I have stated that I do not believe in the conspiracies you are peddling.

        Here are 3 confirmed concrete Conspiracies:

        1.)The liberal Obama and conservative Bush administrations all lied to the American people regarding clandestine spying on the public by the NSA.

        2.)The CIA finally acknowledged this century that they helped to foment insurection in Persia(Iran) and helped bring the Shah to power.

        3. Gulf of Tonken

        • “2.)The CIA finally acknowledged this century that they helped to foment insurrection in Persia (Iran) and helped bring the Shah to power.”

          That was called Operation Ajax and it was organized by the CIA’s Kim Roosevelt, the grandson of Teddy Roosevelt and H. Norman Schwartzkopf, the father of the Persian Gulf War General famous in 1991.
          The overthrow of a democratically elected Persian government in 1953 was finally admitted to by the US government over 50 years later when everyone in the world knew it.
          And as a result of this blunder Persia (Iran) was handed over to religious fanatics.

          Thank you, Kim Roosevelt.
          Thank you, CIA Director Allen Dulles.
          Thank you, President Dwight Eisenhower.

          Former President Harry Truman was right at the time when he rejected the idea of overthrowing democratically elected Persian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh.

          3.) ” Gulf of Tonkin”

          So the US government finally admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag operation.
          Will that bring 58,000 dead American soldiers, sailors and airmen back to life?

          1.) “The liberal Obama and conservative Bush administrations all lied to the American people regarding clandestine spying on the public by the NSA.”

          Only after Edward Snowden fled to Russia and released tens of thousands of documents proving that we live in George Orwell’s “1984”.
          At this rate the US government will finally reveal the truth about the JFK assassination in time for the century anniversary in 2063.

          • Shadowstate,

            Months before the Jeffrey Epstein story exploded into a maelstrom an interesting and intriguing individual shared a link with me to an old Miami Herald article .

            I read the article and was immediately appalled and shocked. How could such a miscarriage of justice happen out in the open in the United States?
            I shared the story with my wife, family,friends, and one colleague to no avail. No one had heard about the story and no one cared.

            They were too wrapped in there own lives and what CNN or Fox was feeding them. A libtard that I have known for 30 years asked me if I had a tinfoil hat.

            I felt like the individual that shared the link and I were the only 2 people with any sense empathy for young women, whom had been raped by Epstein. I was quite disheartened.

            Who was the intriguing individual that shared the article link?

            My dear Shadowstate it was you.

            You my friend woke me up to the pervasive narcissism and mob mentality of are society. Thank you.

            In addition you helped me realize that the Powers that be can do what they want unfettered the law.
            The powerful do not need to hide in the shadows. Do the Koch Brothers and George Soros hide? The fruit( open conspiracy) is right beneath your feet.

            The Epstein story finally bubbled to the surface because of Trump and his Labor Secretary. The Powers that be do not want the trade with China to slow. The Clintons are yesterday’s news. The powers that be did not care about the collateral damage to their old lackey. The Kochs no longer support Trump like they had. Why? Because of Chinese trade.

            And yes I know one Koch died.

            Have a nice night and thanks for the unintended lesson.

          • Niceguy:

            Thank you for your kind words.
            About two years ago my brother gave me the Robert Patterson book “Filthy Rich” as a birthday present.
            In Epstein, we have a man who sexually molested as many as 100 girls.
            As bad as the pedophile Raniere is, he is nothing next to a pervert like Epstein.
            And Epstein hobnobbed with the most powerful people in society.
            And in spite of dedicated police officers in Florida and the FBI, Epstein was given the greatest sweetheart deal in history.
            The whole case was fixed and 100 girls and young women were marginalized.

            And that is not a Conspiracy Theory.

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