The Problem With a Fake Epstein on the Gurney

MK10ART's Jeffrey Epstein.

By AnonyMaker

One of the problems with the theories that involve Epstein’s body not being on that gurney that, typically, the conspiracy theorists posing them haven’t really thought through, is that then the conspirators would have had to both get some sort of substitute into the prison to be put on the gurney, and then smuggle the real Epstein out.

It would be hard to add more implausible layers of complexity, and the requirement that a large number of people be involved and all keep perfect silence, if you tried.

Even if Epstein wasn’t dead, the simplest way to get him out – and the most obvious, to anyone thinking it through – would be to put him on the gurney, playing dead or sedated (that’s also an established cloak-and-dagger Hollywood cliche’, because it’s an obvious if somewhat fantastic solution).

Ghislaine Maxwell May Be Alive

In actual Epstein news, one of the missing persons in the case appears to have been found – though the NY Post isn’t the most completely reliable source, as we’ve learned (and no other news outlets are yet confirming this):

Jeffrey Epstein model agent pal Jean-Luc Brunel found in South America: reports

[Editor’s Note – The New York Post “finding” pictures of Jean-Luc Brunel in South America is as inconclusive as their finding Ghislaine Maxwell in a Los Angeles burger joint- which is to say inconclusive.]

And Maxwell’s lawyers are busy making appearances on her behalf, without any sign that they, much less her family, have any trouble getting in contact with her or are concerned about her whereabouts:

Ghislaine Maxwell Claims Unsealing More Docs Would Allow Epstein Accuser to ‘Hawk Her Story with Defamation-Impunity’

Prince Andrew Under Investigation

In Epstein case news, there are reports of a couple of interesting developments and details in recent days, including what I think are encouraging signs that the matter is not going away any time soon:

FBI expanding investigation into Prince Andrew’s role in Jeffrey Epstein sex scheme: report

As prosecutors go after Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators, the line between accomplice and victim may be blurred

Epstein’s butler dishes on Paris pad guests including Bill Gates, Steve Bannon

There’s also a reminder that perhaps the real underlying scandal that merits wider attention, is that Epstein was working a modeling word ripe for, and rife with, exploitation and abuse:

‘Predators’ like Jeffrey Epstein familiar faces in seedy ‘underbelly’ of the modeling world

Sadly, piecemeal, there are almost certainly more actual victims of abuse, many of them underage, than in all the dubious conspiracy theories put together.

Mark Epstein


Is there more to the role of billionaire Leslie Wexner in Jeffrey Epstein’s life than what we know?

We just don’t know about Leslie Wexner

Indeed, people have said that it was impossible not to notice all the young girls around Jeffrey Epstein – but we also know that he was good at compartmentalizing things when necessary to his schemes to influence and manipulate people, plus it seems as if Wexner may have been a rather socially clueless type, so those anecdotes raise questions but it doesn’t really answer anything.

Epstein also seems to have had a guru-like hold over Wexner, and so his is yet another of the cases in which we are left yearning for answers and explanations.

Let’s see the truth exposed about Wexner, and the White House’s role in Jeffery Epstein’s original slap on the wrist sweetheart deal.

Mark Epstein

I’d love to see more of a dig on Mark Epstein. I’ve been saying I’ve been hoping for it for a while, in fact, and have included articles about him when I’ve done periodic checks into the Epstein case. Ken Gibson is right that Epstein’s claims about his early businesses don’t seem to be supported – that would be the sort of thing to actually dig in to, to try to figure out for instance if he’s always just ridden his brother’s coattails. That would require someone researching corporate records, using the sorts of leads and sources that a real investigative journalist ought to have, and doing legwork like tracking down other people who were in the graphics and silkscreen businesses in the 1980s and 1990s.

Maxwell Photos Debunked or Not?

The Ghislaine Maxwell images haven’t been debunked – just questioned, and shown to have been subject to some photoshop cleanup, which is par for the course these days for most digital images and especially those going to the tabloids; and to may have been staged by Maxwell’s friend Leah Saffian and then run through her media agency, which sold them, quite likely because Maxwell needed the money.

Besides my previous individual experience with digital image manipulation (“photoshopping”) and its detection, I’ve more recently had the chance to learn from and work with the foremost expert in the field, Hany Farid, until recently at Dartmouth (where I often am, due to various work and interests) and as of this fall at UC Berkeley.

Back to the Maxwell photos, the fact that the NY Post ran them either without vetting or without annotation – the crude attempt to photoshop out the garbage can in the photo shown, for instance, is grade-school work – just shows that’s the currency of the tabloids these days.

I have shown that the last set of photos of Allison Mack at her parents’ house appear to have been staged by a paparazzo, photoshopped, and even when over-analyzed, could be seen as showing possible signs of the head having been pasted onto the body from shots of a corpse – shall we we jump to the conclusion that she is missing or dead as well?

Scott Borgeron has admitted to knowing Maxwell, and only made the very guarded additional statement that his life is private and he isn’t currently in a relationship with her. There’s ample evidence she was living with him – certainly enough to be conclusive by some apparent standards:

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator lived a low-key life in a tony seaside town in New England, neighbors say

So, the assumption that Borgeron somehow couldn’t have been in a relationship with Maxwell, is another flop of fallacious illogic. It actually falls under the personal incredulity fallacy, which we’ve been discussing here recently – one of the typical flimsy legs of conspiracy theorizing, and culty thinking as well:

Your logical fallacy is personal incredulity personal incredulity when “Because you found something difficult to understand, or are unaware of how it works, you made out like it’s probably not true.”



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  • My question is, in the gurney pic, the one that shows a side view of his head, why is the head so much larger than the other heads as it seems to me that THAT in itself really hasn’t been questioned much. In the pic, his head is way to large in comparison to EVERYTHING else.

  • Since we are unable to leave a comment on your previous article regarding Alison Mack’s photoshopped pics, I’ll reply here.

    I have to agree that those Alison Mack pics must have been edited because I also noticed a couple odd things about them.

    For example- isn’t it strange that her parents are smiling and looking so happy in those photos, considering the legal troubles that their daughter was facing right then? Hmmm …suspicious.

    Then just look at that fake-ass dog the mother is holding. What breed of dog has gravity-defying ears that stick straight out of its head at that weird angle? Obviously that’s just not possible, so it must have been edited in (and poorly, too.)
    So… if those 2 things are fake, nothing in these pics can be trusted.

    However, I still can’t figure out how Alison showed up in court to testify, months later, if she was already dead when those pics were taken… but I’m sure Kenyon Gibson will be able to explain that to us.

    • Flowers, WordPress seems to be doing some strange things at moment – I checked with Frank, and he didn’t deliberately disable

      I’m guessing you’re playing along, but I wouldn’t actually read too much into the image of the parents, other than to note that perhaps the photographer photoshopped that elbow in to give the shot some context. But maybe the photographer hates small dogs or something, and made it look weird as one of those little things that artistic types sometimes do.

      And, actually, my conspiracy theory for Mack’s subsequent court appearance/s is that Diane Lipson reported that the person who showed up looked rather different – so that can be taken literally to mean that it was a doppelganger (not just Allison better fed and rested). In conspiracy theorizing, anything inconvenient can be explained away as just further proof of how devious the conspirators are!

      • Yes…I was being sarcastic. I hadn’t even realized ,at first, that there were those who believed that Alison Mack was dead and that this was a body double ….but I guess there are some who will believe in anything, even in QAnon….though I just heard that Roger Stone has admitted to starting that particular hoax.. No surprise there.

        • You have Stone on your feeble brain 24/7 ding-a-ling. Don’t soil your panties too badly when he walks and the lawsuits head in the other direction. By then the flowers moniker will have disappeared.

          • Lol!! Since Trump, Rudy Colludie, and the whole fan damily are in the hot seat right now, your comment is pretty hilarious!

          • Really, apparently you think your fantasy is reality. Grow up, Ukraine is the democraps waterloo. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your delusion. Not only Ukraine but now Italy, Australia and Great Britain are starting to come clean now that their putrid swamps are being drained. The paper and money trail is leading to the fucking dirty and corrupt democraps and their deep state intelligence operatives on a coup attempt. I hope you don’t suicide yourself before you see them executed for treason. BTW toots, don’t you have your own shitstain corrupt Premier to worry about.

          • Really ding dong???
            From your dear New York Times

            Federal law doesn’t provide any whistleblower protections to intel operatives who refuse to first provide their allegations to the ICIG and instead go outside the statutory process to leak their allegations to partisan activists.

            Anti-Trump Whistleblower Colluded With House Democrats Before Filing Complaint


          • So what, “Violet”? Maybe rootin’ tootin’ Rudy Colludie and TrumpleMeltDown will give another entertaining interview.
            Ooohh….can’t wait!!

        • My conspiracy theory about Allison Mack is just about as good as the one where Maxwell is dead or missing, and people have bought into that, so go figure. If I’d done a bit more work I’m sure I could have found other seeming anomalies in photos of Mack at court, and maybe dredged up another tidbit or two to make it just as good if not better.

          Here’s one, for instance: If the real Allison Mack is alive, how is she supposed to be getting back and forth from California? There are no paparazzi shots of her at the airport, and no bystander reports of people seeing her at the terminal or on the plane, how could that possibly be for such a widely recognized and even infamous figure? That’s of course falling into a version of the “personal incredulity” fallacy. My guess about the mundane reality of it is, particularly being an actress, she likely is good at concealing her appearance; a quick check to see if there was one of those things we might not know to take into consideration, turns up that airlines also help celebrities travel unrecognized:

          A behind the scenes look at how airlines whisk celebs through LAX

  • These overelaborate conspiracy theories are ridiculous. They seem endlessly appealing though. As for Maxwell, there’s not even a reason to think she’s missing; a mystery where none exists.

  • “As prosecutors go after Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators, the line between accomplice and victim may be blurred”

    Once again everyone is a victim and no one is a perpetrator.

    And Justice is a forgotten orphan.

    Even a predator like Ghislaine Maxwell is a victim.

    • Frank has put a number of my comments together here; it’s not intended to be a unified piece.

      If you have actual information, or an intelligent opinion, to contribute, then do so.

      If you are upset to see things that contradict what you want to believe, that’s just like a cultist, isn’t it?

      • You seem to be the one who has a problem with things contradicting the bullshit you believe in. As for Frank publishing your gobblety gook, that is his problem as you turn off reasonable people and many now tune out this blog.

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