Prison Report: Keith Raniere Joins With Skinheads

Keith Alan Raniere is presently residing at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Things have quieted back down at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) after the hullabaloo caused by Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide at its sister prison, the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC).

Well, at least things have quieted down for most of the 1,700 prisoners who are currently housed there.

Not so much for Federal Prisoner 57005-177 AKA Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard NKA The Convicted Sex Trafficking Cult Leader.


More Contraband = More Time in the SHU

Once again, Keith got caught with an “unauthorized electronic device” in his possession. It could have been another cell phone – or an altered MP3 player that allowed him to connect to the internet.

Either way, he got to spend another stint in MDC’s Specialized Housing Unit (SHU).

Given his frequent trips there, there are some prison staff who think that he’s intentionally getting caught with prison contraband so that he can spend as much time as possible in the SHU where he only has to deal with one cellmate and is on lock-down 23 hours per day.

He could, of course, just ask to placed in Protective Custody – which, if granted, would mean that he’d be permanently placed in the SHU.

But prisoners who do that are forever marked as “pussies” or “rats” – and, given that he’s going to be in federal prison for at least the next 12+ years, that’s something he’d want to avoid.

Although no date has been set as of yet, it is expected that Keith will be sentenced sometime in January 2020.


Skinheads to the Rescue

Ever since he was released from his most recent stint in the SHU, Keith has been hanging out with several Skinheads.

Keith’s new friends.

Since those guys previously avoided him like the plague, prison officials assume Raniere is paying them off for protection.

That’s usually how these things work in prison – especially for someone like Keith who has lots of prisoners who want to kick his ass and absolutely no ability or inclination to defend himself.

What Keith may not realize is that he has now labeled himself as “prey” for the Skinheads in whatever prison he’s eventually assigned to.

So, while Keith may have finally figured out how to survive in prison, his chosen option will be an expensive one.

And, depending on how he acts when he’s around his new buddies, he could easily end up being some Skinhead’s “prison bitch”.

Will Keith become a prison bitch?

Although those guys might never engage in any homosexual activity when they’re outside prison, that is considered to be acceptable behavior within the confines of prison.

“Gay for the stay” is the short-handed explanation.


Bitching About His Conviction – and Working Hard on His Appeal

Keith has been complaining to anyone who will listen about how “unfair” his trial was – and what a lousy job his legal team did in defending him.

He may be in the process of hiring a new legal team – and has recently had meetings with three different groups of attorneys: two from New York City and one from Chicago.

MK10ART’s portrait of Marc Agnifilo. The high priced defense attorney had little to work with in defending the Vanguard.

While this has been going on, one member of his trial team – Teny Geragos – has applied for a job at the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, the same office that oversaw his prosecution and conviction.

Last week, the Curcio attorney who was appointed to represent Raniere in this matter informed the court that his research indicated that Geragos’ switching sides would, in fact, create a conflict-of-interest but that the conflict could be waived by Raniere. He also indicated that if Raniere doesn’t waive the conflict with respect to Teny, it would extend to the Brafman & Associates law firm.

Teny Geragos

So, the “bottom line” is that Keith may end up needing new lawyers to handle his appeal because his lead trial lawyers will no longer be able to do so.

A hearing is scheduled for Friday, October 4th – at which time U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis will hear arguments from both sides and make a decision on the matter.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Whoever ends up representing Raniere on his appeal will likely end up making some pretty good money. That’s because, in addition to appealing his conviction, Raniere is also planning to sue a variety of federal, state and local officials.

At least that’s what he’s been telling people.

It is unclear who is paying for his continuing sky-high legal fees but Clare Bronfman and her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet, are both said to still be faithful to Raniere. Sara continues to operate a Raniere child experiment center [formerly known as Rainbow Cultural Gardens] in Provence, France. Clare is the current leader of Nxivm – but much of her leadership work must be done covertly because she is under “house arrest” while awaiting sentencing for her conviction on two federal felonies.


More Punishment Has Been Threatened

As previously reported, Keith is not well-liked by the guards at MDC.

As a result, they are constantly writing him up for minor infractions like not getting up on time, failing to flush his toilet, having a messy cell, etc.

These kinds of infractions are usually punished by taking away some of the offending prisoner’s privileges.

So, unless Keith gets his act together – which is highly unlikely – he’ll soon be losing the right to make phone calls (except to his attorneys), the right to have visitors (except his attorneys), and the right to order things from the commissary.

Losing his commissary privileges would mean that Keith would have to cut back on his daily intake of candy bars.


Finally, Some Glasses That Work!

Regular readers of Frank Report know that Keith has been forced to wear prison glasses that don’t fit and that have the wrong prescription ever since his own glasses mysteriously disappeared last year.

Those damn prison eyeglasses!

Throughout this time, he’s been walking into things, complaining about headaches, and bitching about the poor quality of his eyewear.

Finally, the MDC administrators relented – and allowed him to receive a custom pair of glasses from an outside vendor.

At last, some custom eyeglasses

Finally, he could see again – and did not have to squint to see what he was eating or reading.

For the first time in a long time, Keith actually experienced joy.

And you know how he feels about joy.

And then – Warning: the rest of this section may make you cry

And then, just like that, those brand new, customized, precision glasses just up and mysteriously disappeared less than one week after they arrived.

Even the Skinheads will only offer so much protection – unless, of course, Keith decides to hire a group of them to guard his glasses 24/7.

Viva Executive Success!

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K.R. Claviger


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  • I don’t expect prisoners to be treated kindly, and Raniere is IMO a real scumbag who belongs right where he is. But glorying in a prisoner’s abuse is, to me, highly distasteful. The idea that he, or any inmate, deserves to be raped or assaulted — or even have his glasses smashed — is cruel and unseemly. A society may be judged by the treatment it metes out to its outcasts. So it’s not for Raniere’s sake that I’m offended by anyone relishing the prospect of him getting beaten up or raped, it’s for the sake of simple humanism.

    “Eye for an eye” retribution is the hallmark of a barbaric culture. We are better than that.

    For his crimes, Raniere will be sentenced to a term of confinement. His liberty is taken away from him. It is, in effect, a chunk of his life that he loses. That is fitting, it is just.

    Delight in the abuse of prisoners is unworthy of an enlightened society.

    • Great point.

      It’s also important to note that MDC is a detention facility for those awaiting trial or being tried, so among its inmates may be the innocent and wrongly accused, who will be found not guilty or possibly not even tried in the end at all. Plus, we now know that up to 10% of those convicted (or who plead guilty under plea deals) may in fact be innocent.

  • As I sat down on the porch, I sparked up a fat joint and cracked open a beer, I decided to check the skank report and found this article. As I was reading, I hit the fat joint and I was reminded of The “vanguards” teachings, “we must choose pain”. As I took a sip from my beer i realized I choose pleasure and enjoy my freedom.

    After reading the article, and puffing on my joint it occurred to me that “vantard” choose pain, which is exactly what he taught. While I polished off my joint and cracked another beer I looked around to see such an amazing world around me, it occurred to me that Keith must be experiencing the same joy that I am do to his choices, he has received EXACTLY what he wanted. I am happy for him and and his accomplishment making making his desires come true💥

    • Allow me. One sure fire way is through the trustees who do roadside trash pick up. Someone will throw the desired contraband like tabaco, drugs and phones on the ground in a designated spot. The trustee shoves it up their anus and whala. Some men spend years in jail stretching out their anus for the job of keestering. Another way is through food service. It’s all organized crime. Guards can be just as sleazy as the inmates.

    • I hope that was a rhetorical question…….prisons are more corrupt than our nation’s capital.

      I hope he has a headache until he rots and dies as bubbas wife. He deserves nothing better. Ringworm will be the least of his worries. Wah.

  • The more of Clare (shudder) Bronfman’s money he burns through the better, and no matter how many lawyers he hires, he will remain in prison for a very long time. The evidence against him is too damning and abundant to give him any chance of a short sentence. I think the absolute minimum would be 15 years.

  • Raniere entered the MDC “commune” a little late in life to be high on any list of desirable girlfriends. Or boyfriends. Come on. Who wants to try to have no-good fun with a chubby newt who cannot keep a hard-on? And whose seemingly favorite sexual exchange is to sit or lie around and offer nagging, fake spiritual lectures to get a bunch of self-help shrews to service his oscar meyer weiner? We have all heard that his projectile missile has already been shot to hell for years. A 59 year-old manwhore without much kinetic friction left. 39 cents.

    It looks like the world’s semi-smartest dork couldn’t expend any workable brainwashing on anyone in the population, or he would have his own “bitch.” Gee whizzzzz, how humiliating!

    If he had been more industrious, he would have a cavity nearby for his personal use. He could’ve even been storing his eyeglasses overnight in a convenient ziplock sequestered in his girl/boyfriend’s anal handbag. Subtly, of course.

    So skinhead protection for the old perv does sound like what Keithy-Weethie has tried to arrange for his retirement years. What a shame, considering Flabturd’s known preference for unmowed, excessively hairy everythings. It is nigh unto culturally unacceptable that no one has sent Flabturd a bewigged miniature piano for his extrasensory sausage-fingers to stroke. Condemned to a lifetime of scratchy, unwashed stubble.

    Does he not realize that being toothless would provide him with more variety for his client list? Clare must not be sending her satanic rat enough multi-vitamins; his brain seems have meandered into “disintegration” mode. But then, who knows whether Clare has even readopted the use of any deodorant yet, for her own dubious hygienic maintenance?

    Enough cornholio jokes. Moving on to something more MORE, imo.

    Late last night, I read parts of a patent application submitted by Raniere/First Principles, Inc. It was entitled “Determination of Whether a Luciferian can be Rehabilitated.” This was displayed onscreen during an Amazing Polly YouTube contribution.

    Astoundingly, Raniere did not offer himself as the first experimental subject. Perhaps he imagined his personally luciferian chopped Waldorf salad is undetectable, proving once again that he is a pathologically unhip idiot, lost in his own hallucinations of nauseatingly inferior grandeur.

    Quite the linguistic mishmash was used in Raniere’s patent application to disguise a boatload of hideous, clandestine intentions. So it appears to me. How fucking Epsteinish is that? If others here at the Frank Report have read it, if this patent application has been discussed to death already, please excuse me. For some selfish reason, as I guess the cult demons would tell me, I am unwilling to let my grandsons be forced to become involuntary cyborgs. Or any child, any woman, any man.

    The Amazing Polly video is called ” Epstein Pedo Prof and Nxivm Human Experiments.” By the way, this isn’t Polly’s only Nxivm exhibition. Of course Brandon Porter, the imitation Mengele, is discussed. Researching what the true intentions have been, underlying Raniere’s demands for practicing trauma-based “therapy” leads to the same rabbit holes where one goes during research of Epstein & associates fascination with Master Race eugenics. Epstein’s “pedo prof” is just another cog in a massive wheel of unspeakable destructiveness. The time has long since passed to allow any of this evilness to be assembled and reassembled behind the profitable, mercenary blackout curtains of these satanic assholes.

    These demonic egoists rely upon the innocent and vulnerable as experimental subjects. Who is collecting the specimens? Mostly charitable programs have been used to gather up refugees, homeless and under-supervised brown-skinned children. These anti-charity charities are being used like funnels. DFC seems to be another convenient orchard, along with its national and international countetparts. So far, I am seeing traces of this shit, linked and going all the way back to prior to WWII. But this stuff is as old as planet earth; this is just the more contemporary aspect. The focus is to tap untapped sources of creativity and to control and to redirect that creativity, to divest people as early as possible of their own free will. Human genome gnomes, anyone? Those who have studied Mengele’s “projects” will not be surprised. For he too was the tip of quite an iceberg.

    Now, Epstein didn’t let his projects be contaminated by using well-known Nazi language to describe the maladjusted scientific intentions. Nevertheless, what is evidently the primary goal of trauma-based “therapy” is to gain control over the will of a person by splitting the individual’s psyche into two malleable, programmable parts. Yes. Via intensely administered TRAUMA. Kind of like what the McCann family had been up to with their child, Madeleine, who “vanished” in May, 2007, and whose physician mother, Kate, was most likely already subsumed by her own traumatic splittage, which is still controlled by her husband like a slice-and-dice instrument…okay, “in my highly uneducated opinion.” One needs to wear linguistic dishwashing gloves, wherein the Big O is not an orgasm; it is an o-p-i-n-i-o-n.

    How interesting that Epstein, with all of his prominent and powerful connections, the Clinton’s, Trump, MIT, Bill Gates, Prince Freakazoid and his indigestible band of Royals, Trump, Dershowitz, Wexner, Mort Zuckerman, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey, Larry Summers, BILL BARR the ventiloquist’s (?) dummy, Stephen Hawking, Lawrence Krauss, Ken Starr, the AI expert, Roger Schank, Harvey Weinstein want to rule a catastrophic world..and do not forget poor Oprah. I have not begun to include many, many of the showbiz legends and cavalcades of star-power who are being used, or letting themselves be used as influencers, to further the cause of making the human race into an ant farm, including the soda jerks who have no idea what they are doing.

    Those interested in seeing the Hollywood rabbit hole in detail will appreciate the work of Tiffany FitzHenry. Website “Tiffany FitzHenry, author” is her best and most detailed online work, but she is also on YouTube, etc. She refused to “sell her soul” to elevate her screenwriting career. FitzHenry is very worthwhile to read, and her visual aids are stunning.

    Okay, any list of cited associates for Epstein’s pet projects can go on indefinitely. The implications of such experimentation and research are grim. Phenomenally grim. A malleable, microchipped and enslaved population of worker bees who can be used by their handlers from cradle to grave but are no longer capable of any self-governing. The web of individual and organizations (concealed with officious-sounding names and “benevolent” foundations) is international and huge.

    One can say that Raniere is a “poor man’s Epstein.” Clare Bronfman probably would not be pleased. Her unworthiness has fucked her over once again, as she has been battling for the team of an inadequate sasquatch. Her father and grandfather were superior to her as despotic scoundrels, so much less emotionally skewered than she. Or at least more able to disguise it.

  • The buzz around Cadman Plaza is that all news is not bad news for Vanprisonguard. Rumor has it that if Judge Garaufis ever gets to read Shadowstate’s sentencing recommendation letter (highly unlikely), Judge G. will be convinced that Allison Mack, and not Keith Raniere, was the evil criminal mastermind behind all heinous crimes committed by NXIVM after Mack signed on in 2012. The result will be a relatively light sentence for Vanprisonguard (if his defense team on the appeal has any smarts they will argue that Raniere was a victim of Mack) (after shtupping women like Nancy Salzman and Claire Bronfman in the name of Executive Success, Mack really rocked his world) and Mack being sentenced at the upper range of the federal sentencing guidelines.

    If Shadow did indeed write a sentencing recommendation letter it will be interesting (to me at least) to see if said letter becomes part of the case file* and if it does become part of the case file, whether it is accessible by the public.** Shadow’s expository style is rather unique, and if Shadow attached his real name to his “hang her high” sentencing letter, we might be one step closer to identifying Shadow and might be closer to having some insight into the source of Shadow’s (obvious) (and humorous) OBSESSION and INFATUATION with Ms. Mack.

    * My opinion, previously stated, is that Shadow’s letter will end up in a redwell with hundreds of letters from (much younger) fanboys begging Judge Garaufis to release Ms. Mack into their custody. Letters recommending sentencing towards the upward range of federal guidelines are usually submitted by the Assistant U.S. Attorneys and are supported by legal precedent. In some cases the victims of a crime or their family will submit a letter seeking maximum sentencing. A letter from a non-party such as Shadowstate, supported as I suspect by links to Wikipedia and pop culture references, might never make it past one of Judge Garaufis’s law clerks.

    ** There is some interesting case law regarding the confidentiality of sentencing recommendation letters in the Second Circuit, of which the Eastern District of New York is a part. United States v Gotti, 322 F. Supp. 2nd 230 (2004), involved the prosecution of Peter Gotti (brother of the “Dapper Don”, John Gotti). In the Gotti case, the defense team sought to make confidential a sentencing recommendation letter written by the mistress of the defendant, contending that said letter would be embarrassing for the wife and daughter of defendant, each of whom had written their own sentencing recommendation letter. Interestingly, Peter Gotti’s wife wrote a letter seeking a harsh sentence.

  • Re: Keith Raniere’s Jewishness

    To K.R. Claviger,

    I am deeply concerned that the Skin Heads (Aryan Brotherhood) will learn of Mr. Keith Raniere’s Jewish Semitic heritage.

    Keith’s parents are both non-practicing Jews as well as Keith.

    Keith Raniere may be in danger at MDC if the skinheads were to learn of his Jewish heritage.

    I believe the MDC officials should be warned.

      • Shadowstate1958,

        “May Allison Mack rot in the bowels of hell.”
        “Don’t lump Keith Raniere in the Jews!”

        Keith Raniere was the true evil behind NXIVM and you have more concern for him.

        That makes a lot of sense……

        If you happen to be insane!

        • ““May Allison Mack rot in the bowels of hell.”
          “Don’t lump Keith Raniere in the Jews!”

          Give me the link to that quote, Clown.
          I never said that.
          What you wrote is not even “cut and paste”, it was just words you pulled out of your butt and attributed to me.
          From the beginning I have assumed that Raniere was either Italian or French, as in Mount Rainier.
          And everyone who was in NXIVM should rot in hell, including liars like you because you pull quotes out of your butt.
          The second sentence lacks the preposition “with” as in “with the Jews.”
          Give me the link to that quote or you are a LIAR.
          No wonder people are fleeing New York State if it is packed with liars like self-proclaimed “niceguy.”

        • ““May Allison Mack rot in the bowels of hell.”
          “Don’t lump Keith Raniere in the Jews!”

          Give me an exact link to that bogus quote or you are a liar who pulls quotes out of your butt.
          Only a total jackass proclaims his niceness and then stabs people in the back with fabricated quotes.
          You behave precisely like the people in NXIVM spewing out non-stop lies and falsehoods.
          What you put in your comment was not even cut and paste.
          It was just a quote you made up out of thin air.
          Give me a link to that quote or you are a liar.

          Let’s start at the end.
          Shadowstate1958 is what you wrote.
          But in my comments on this blog my name is all in small caps with no gap between the name and the number.
          Like this:

          Now for the middle statement:
          “Don’t lump Keith Raniere in the Jews!”
          This statement lacks the preposition “with”
          Without the word “with” it sounds awkward.
          “with the Jews” sounds more normal.
          “in the Jews” sounds weird.

          From the very beginning I have assumed that Raniere was Italian or French, not Jewish.
          But I don’t use the word “lump very often and have never used it on the Frank Report.

          Now for the first statement:
          ““May Allison Mack rot in the bowels of hell.”
          All of the members of NXIVM should rot in hell because they are all liars like you.
          This is a criminal gang that hacks into people’s computers and steals identities.
          This is a criminal gang that buys local public officials.
          This is a criminal gang that planted child porn on John Tighe’s computer to set him up.
          This is a criminal gang that launders money and engages in immigration fraud.
          As for Allison Mack she is a woman who branded women like cattle and sexually trafficked them.
          Allison Mack is a woman who collected blackmail material on women.
          Allison Mack is a woman who knowingly concealed Raniere’s pedophilia.
          And you defend her because you are not a niceguy, you are a liar just like Allison Mack.

          Every time you post here you lie because you are not a niceguy; you are a ruthless, conniving SOB.
          Precisely like the gangsters in NXIVM.

  • I am really glad I found this site. I have been obsessed with this case since it broke but only managed to find the Truthers who ate a cult all in themselves. It’s great to find stories with some fact to them which are just as scary. I watched both Smallville and Battlestar Galactica and I knew about both Grace Park and Kristen Kreuk But I had no idea that the reason Nikki Clyne left an amazing roll was because of NXIVM. So again thanks for keeping us all informed

    And Keith is going to have fun in prison. In a place full of the worst of us even there there is a pecking order. And those there for sex crimes are the low rung.

    • I have been obsessed with this case since it broke but only managed to find the Truthers who ate a cult all in themselves.

      Who the hell are the truthers in regards to the NXIVM case?

        • Clintons are the modern day Bonnie and Clyde of America. Their evil knows no bounds. Hate to break your little heart but Raniere was a useful idiot and not the mastermind.

    • If you’ve been obsessed with this case “since it broke” and you are claiming that you are only finding this site now, then you are either an idiot or a troll. Not that you can’t be both, since you don’t seem to know the difference between role and roll, but hey, go for it. It’s not like this place isn’t infested with trolls and loons.

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