To the Lady That F-ck-d Raniere Once

Keith Raniere, government exhibit photo.

Recently, Frank Report published an intriguing post from Violet, who claims she knew Keith Alan Raniere years ago – and had a brief sexual encounter with him. Violet was wise enough to run away from him after he said that his single sexual encounter meant that he now owned her and that she could never be with another man the rest of her life. Shivani was not impressed by her post.

By Shivani

This is in response to Violet’s [not her real name] story Woman Who Sneaked Away From Raniere After Having Sex With Him Tells Her Story.

Hello, pay attention to meeeeeee.

“I got AWAY after only one f*ck! But I still like to bring it up for topical discussion, all these years later, like Bob Hope singing ‘Thanks for the Memories.’”

The Violet woman (or is that beet red?) who shtupped Raniere did not fall for him but only had a wham, bam, thank the (her words) “very capable lover,” with the myopic Flabturd himself.

The one and only!

Can you even begin to dig it? Ugh, a bugga boo.

This photo of Keith Alan Raniere was used as an exhibit at his trial.


Could any woman resist the noble and sexually exciting one?

Raniere, the obvious harem vomitus, who is described herein as having been an “exciting” and “satisfying” what? 10 or so minutes of friction? Yawn. Blergh.

This sounds like the rehash of a contradictory-feeling ego-trip about having sex one time with some foul jackass whose name has been in print.

He even came highly recommended by his coven of tricky, jealous saleswomen, like a rusty-bottomed used car with rolled-back low mileage. Desirability only to be matched by the offal redolence of a putrid can of sardines which some anorexic hid in her lingerie drawer to eat later, when alone at last.

Hey! “One time, at band camp, I got screwed, quite voluntarily, by a famous criminal! Woobie woobie for me! Now lemme explain how it went and how come it was so gosh darn exciting, as well as psychologically educational.”

Let’s get real.

The lady let herself get suckered as fresh meat amongst the meat Raniere was already used to banging, a bunch of unattractive, possessed hags who had already surrendered and were eager to supply their Guru of Grotesqueness with fresh, unsampled ass.

Keith Raniere with his top wing woman – the obedient woman procurer Pamela Cafritz.

Maybe the ass would come with a trust fund or somethin’. Maybe she could clean toilets for some more sex with the Guru of Grub if found worthy to join the Groupie Troop.

Let us all list, describe and discuss all of the boring or rather strange or very hairy or God forbid! PAUNCHY and /or psychopathic losers with whom we couldn’t resist having one-night stands. Who wants to get the ball rolling!? Maybe it’s a slow news day and there is a Guinness World Record waiting to be broken. Y’all get to go first since it was my idea. Hahaha.

The lady, Violet-but-not-wanting-to-be-Beet Red, was aware that sex was like tennis to the sweaty greaseball and that he had other sexual partners pressuring her, all pimplike, to let him have at her. So what the hell was the big attraction? “Let me visit him one more time and see if I can restrain myself.” ??? For crying out loud, this is a dime novel soufflé, a whipped-up and easily splatt-able scrap of aged, sooty, turgid air.

He was a very capable lover indeed – so said some women who had the pleasure of being mentored by the illustrious Vanguard.

Beet-Red says that she wanted the “white picket fence” dream all along and wasn’t interested in being with a manwhore with herpes, horns and a spiked red tail, but the pressure was too great to resist. Get out of town.

Also, so what?

Tons of people have screwed around with “mistaken identities” every once in awhile, let it go, live it down and sigh with relief as the recollections pass. Better luck next time and maybe remember to have better taste in lovers or even in wham-bams. Is this little vignette any different, or is it only different because the lady still finds her sexual try-out session worth mentioning?

What a f*cked up epiphany.


For years, this handsome man in the middle had a harem of women who could not wait to have his ejaculate sprinkled upon them for their spiritual enlightenment.


If Keith Alan Raniere ever dashed this on your face, you were his slave forever – he said. Violet could not quite agree and so she left after a single session with the noble squirter.


Keith Raniere was ever ready to teach attractive and slender women his rare semen-based lessons.

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  • Just curious, since this topic of “blue light” keeps popping up:

    Was there a particular orifice that triggered the ” light”?

    And the mystery writer– now married– what does her husband think?

    To all those branded….is it for husbands and lovers to be reminded of into eternity? How is that working out?

    Does plastic surgery help?

    • There is no orifice, they were walking through K-Mart.

      You need to ask the husband what he thinks, nobody can read his mind.

      The branding is probably explained away as a rodeo injury. It’s probably working out fine, most people have never heard of NXIVM.

      Plastic surgery helps.

  • Shivani, you have an enviable way with words.

    [Better crack those knuckles hard before the Petal-headed Venus fly trap and the bully boy Maga maggots come out swinging and feces flinging. Mention “The Donald” if you really wanna ratchet up your comments 😉.]

    One note: While I completely agree with your deftly implied premise that Violet is putting lipstick on the very pig she fucked on TV in order to subdue her disgrace, I smell a couple ex-NX motives and mavens in the perfume.

    *Sniff* ….Methinks BB’s maybe cooking up an “I-fucked-Vanguard-and-I-liked-it” ass-coverage club?

    Or maybe they’re working on a “50 shades” novel in homage to Keith’s cock?!

    Nice piece!

  • ROFLMAO! What’s more, if “Violet” is who I’m 99.9% sure she is, she’s already long gone public with a contradictory tale.

    The “Violet” I know is a business associate of Barbara Bouchey’s, an aging beauty queen cum cult abuse blogstress who cried wolf in the 2012 Albany TU expose’ just to get her filler-filled mug in the paper.

    Now, she’s gone undercover here as “Violet” to bolster Barb’s latest blather about Keith’s “tenderness” in the sack when in both their original accounts Keith so lacked in seduction skill and sexual prowess it took a small army of women hypnotically led, they said, by Nancy Salzman to lure “Violet” half across the continent to Keith’s lair —which then consisted of a mattress plopped in an office at ESP / NXIVM headquarters.

    “Violet” was no blushing flower nor was she a stranger to cult connivers, in fact, she’d spent years allegedly entrapped by an FLDS cult leader Keith purportedly helped rescue her from — according to a news report in Violet’s local paper that I researched and queried she and Barb about back in 2011 on the record.

    They confirmed then that “Violet” was targeted for recruitment by NX — probably by Barbara herself who also may have planted the cult-rescue report — to portray Keith as an anti-cult hero and put “Violet’s” State pageant winner title under his belt.

    The only consistency in Violet’s revised version is that she was not informed she would have to forever forsake other lovers post-coitus with Keith. And that news flash was a prospect so reprehensible to her, it caused Violet to book the next flight back home.

    There’s also, coincidentally (Ha!), some consistency in “Violet’s” blue light special story.

    I saw a rare light go off in my 2011 interviewee (Violet’s) head when I proposed she may have been drugged for that enlightening experience with Vanguard but then, as now, she stuck with her hypnosis theory except then she attributed it to Nancy Salzman’s expertise not merely Keith’s suggestion.

    As for the sex, I’ve got quotes from both victims — Violet and Barb — claiming Keith was “a mechanical robot” — although hardly a man thouroughly made of metal.

    Barb said Keith stuck his flattened hand straight down her pants, ordered her to disrobe and lay still while he squirmed around on top of her for a few minutes before she even knew what happened.

    Violet concurred. There was zero foreplay (perhaps that’s what Toni Natalie really means by calling herself “patient zero”), no oral in those days, no whispers of sweet nothings, no hungry gropes and gasps of lustful pleasure, no connectedness, no orgasm for them and no reason any woman I know would want a repeat performance unless she WERE brainwashed and possibly drugged.

    I probed bc I wanted the raw, undiluted truth about my sister Gina’s private relationship with Keith and what’s most infuriating to me about these ever-changing facts is they seem to be mutating farther and farther away from any semblance of truthfulness toward false justifications and away from the unanswered question as to what DID motivate the aberrant behavior of Keith’s continuous willing conquests amid those unwilling, underage victims who should never be put in the same category or news story.

  • “Just once” was bare back like he demands. A hundred showers and ten trips to the doctor for STD screening wouldn’t be enough!



    Today’s Blind Items – A New Cult

    “Taken from the ashes of the one they came from, several of the members of this former sex cult, including at least two actresses, have brought several members back into the fold. They have also recruited this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show which was on purpose. They wanted that same type connection they had the last time around. Because of his star power, he has recruited a half dozen women over the past three months who are also now members. Apparently the leader is the wife of the actress all of you know.”

    Check out the comments. Some people have suggested the actor is Tom Welling from Smallville. He was mentioned before on Crazy Days Crazy Nights, that he was forced to pay a shit load of cash to his ex-wife because she knew about his involvement with the sex cult. The wife of Tom Welling really did get a big payout so perhaps there is a link.

    As for the “wife” and “leader”, this could be Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.


    Is this, is it, is this true? Is this how Erica got Tom to appear with her finally after he avoided her for all these years? He never speaks of Erica for two years in his interviews and cons but now suddenly she is all over him. She probably desparately in need of the money to pay for the big house she can’t afford. She does all the work for her family. What does her master do? Is she a submissive?

    • There’s absolutely no evidence that Tom Welling is or ever was involved in Nxivm. Crazy Days is an internet gossip sheet with zero credibility that engages in dishy innuendo, fails to name names, and invents their “content” out of thin air. The person who writes it appears to be barely literate. Whatever, it seems extremely unlikely that the scandal plagued sex cult is successfully recruiting members these days.

      Welling and Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor on Smallville, talked about the Nxivm scandal recently on Rosenberg’s podcast. Welling vaguely remembered Allison Mack talking about some personal improvement program she was involved with, and that was all. They both thought it was tragic, what happened to Mack. That’s the extent of the Tom Welling-Nxivm “link”.

      Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, and Callum Blue were the only people who ever got involved, and Callum quit when it became obvious this was a cult. Only Mack and Kreuk stuck around.

      I find it interesting that two and only two people on the Smallville set fell for Raniere’s nonsense. I imagine they actively tried to recruit for this “amazing” program. Most people, when afflicted by this kind of proselytizing at work, manage to tune it out pretty quick. “Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever, sounds great, hey are there any fancy donuts left at the craft truck?”

      Incidentally, the CW network is going to have Smallville’s Clark and Lois, Tom Welling and Erica Durance, reunited on their Green Arrow/Flash crossover episode mid-season. (Which is another good reason to believe neither of them got involved in Nxivm: unlike the host of has-been, aspiring, and never-were actors that infested the cult, both Welling and Durance have maintained successful and lucrative professional acting careers.

      • So numnut how come the Attorney that runs the site has not been sued? I have a strong feeling that he knows more than an empty blowhard like you..

        • Because Enty is a lawyer and libel is very hard to sue for. Also, most people don’t take gossip sites seriously. Although peppered with some truth most of it is exaggerated BS.

          • [Laughing] at it’s not that difficult. First of all, you have to have a large amount of money to pay lawyers unless they take a case pro bono or they find it winnable enough they can get money as a result of suing and winning. Second, it’s difficult to prove libel because it requires the proof of actual intent to defame. The fact that Enty is a lawyer means he already knows this and knows what not to do or say.

      • TUESDAY, JANUARY 01, 2013
        Blind Items Revealed
        July 16, 2012

        This actress is not just someone you have never heard of. This actress is a B- list actress who has done movies and television. She was on a huge hit for an almost network. Anyway, the actress ended up meeting this guy, and despite him already sleeping with several women each day, she fell in love with him. Now, she is one of the several women he sleeps with everyday. The problem is the guy just doesn’t love women, he also loves teens. As in underage teens. As in 16 and 17 year old teens and the actress knows about it, but refuses to leave him despite this. She also refuses to leave him despite his insistence that the couple have threesomes as much as possible. Our actress defends the actions of her boyfriend and thinks that people who don’t understand him or his needs, are just wrong. The crazy thing is, our actress has got her best friend, a foreign born B+ list movie and television actress from the same show also thinking this guy is incredible. No word on whether the pair were involved in a threesome with the boyfriend since our second actress claims to have a boyfriend, but if they did, Comic-Con probably would have exploded. Oh, and I’m about to give you your favorite words. This will be revealed.

        Allison Mack
        Kristin Kreuk
        Keith Raniere


        EMAIL THIS

        • this has been discussed here many times already. in case you didn’t read the salacious sentence closely, I’ll help you: NO WORD on WHETHER the pair were involved in a threesome with the boyfriend since our second actress claims to have a boyfriend, but IF THEY DID….

      • “I find it interesting that two and only two people on the Smallville set fell for Raniere’s nonsense.”

        How unsurprising. More pretentious idiocy from Actaeon. There were definitely more than 2 people on the Smallville set who got involved with the cult, some of them even became coaches. You must be the laughing stock wherever you go if you prance around your life making such uninformed pronouncements.

        And plenty of former NXIVM actors have gotten hired post the NYT’s story and Raniere’s arrest, including Welling and Durance’s former co-star, so those two getting some bit gig on the lowly CW doesn’t mean shit. CBS and Hallmark have hired Edmondson; ABC re-cast its high-profile 2018 drama, A Million Little Things, to add Grace Park, who actually appeared in a promotional video with KR in 2016, along with Mark Hildreth who was in Hulu’s The Looming Tower, Netflix’s The Hollow, and Lifetime’s Escaping the Madness this year. I could easily go on, but even you should be able to see that you could have been in the cult and still be getting hired.

        According to Frank, Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, and Rosario Dawson were supportive of KR, and Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem had their children enrolled in the Rainbow program. I would wager that all of them have maintained far more successful and lucrative professional acting careers than Welling and Durance. In fact, how you declare that those two have “lucrative professional acting careers” is just another one of your empty, pompous statements pulled out of your ass. I’d say that the fact that those two are whoring themselves so heavily on the convention circuit for dollars, is a good indication that their “professional acting a careers” are much less lucrative than you think. Welling had 3 bit parts in some flop/underperforming movies before he slunk back to TV. When he failed to get his own shows off the ground, he had to take the Lucifer third-wheel gig. And Durance only registers in the minds of a few psychos like yourself. Ha, after 6 years on twitter, she has fewer followers than Mack, the convicted sex slave madam.

  • This author is exactly correct.

    Violet is attempting a ‘psychological tactic’ to justify her decision to bang a chubby, ugly, nerdy dude who turned out to be a world class pervert and felon.

    But we are ‘not’ the intended target of her con.

    She’s trying to con HERSELF by publishing that article.

    Make no mistake, she’s trying to con herself using basic psychology.

    No woman wants to admit to themselves that they gave up their most prized possession (their pussy) to a chubby, geeky loser who turned out to be a pedophile.

    No woman wants to admit to themselves that they got ‘used’ by a player who fucks a different woman every day of the week.

    Why not?

    Cuz that would cause their self confidence to fall and depression to set in (just ask Flowers, she has experience with being used and gaslighted by men during her younger days). 🙂

    Instead, all women want to believe that they only give out their most prized possession (their snatch) to the highest quality and best looking studs who have awesome love-making abilities.

    That’s what she’s trying to do here.

    She’s trying to convince HERSELF that she didn’t really give up her pussy to a fat smelly geek for the price of a Pizza Hut date.

    She’s trying to PRETEND as though she didn’t get ‘used’ by a PLAYER who fucks a different woman every day of the week, and who’s now a convicted felon and pedophile.

    She’s trying to pretend like SHE’S THE PLAYER who used Keith for a single fuck, not the other way around. LOL.

    But she’s not doing a very good job in her attempted ‘con’ since I see right thru that easy whore. 🙂

    Violet is basically a woman who regretted getting ‘used’ by Keith (in bed) but doesn’t have the courage to admit that to herself.

    Try again, Violet. I see right thru you. 🙂

    • Bangkok,

      You should try Raniere’s tactic then you can finally get laid.

      Poor, poor, Bangkok has not touched a vadge since he was born…….

      Poor little Dipshit. 😉

      • What’s a “vadge”?

        Don’t compare me to this imaginary Violet woman, please.

        One thing I can guarantee is that I would never, ever, have been attracted to a short, goofy-looking guy like Keith. Just looking at some of these pics of him makes me feel nauseous. I honestly can’t understand how he attracted all these women. Maybe he really did use some type of hypnosis on them….
        That might explain it.

  • I hate to say it but Shivani kinda sounds jealous in this latest rant. There isn’t much meat and potatoes to anything written by Shivani. Is this person okay?

  • I don’t believe Violet ever was enjoyed by Vanguard. For she would never have left after just one time. Either he sent her away for being unspiritually fat or she is lying. As the old ad slogan sort of goes for Lays potato chips “nobody can be eaten just once “. I think Violet is a liar. V is the best love maker in the universe. And that includes God.

    • Yolanda:

      There is a story about you in the Crazy Days and Nights website.
      You might want to read it.
      Is Tom Welling more “well” endowed than Keith Raniere?

      THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2019
      Today’s Blind Items – A New Cult
      Taken from the ashes of the one they came from, several of the members of this former sex cult, including at least two actresses, have brought several members back into the fold. They have also recruited this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show which was on purpose. They wanted that same type connection they had the last time around. Because of his star power, he has recruited a half dozen women over the past three months who are also now members. Apparently the leader is the wife of the actress all of you know.

      Have you told your spouse Allison Mack that Tom Welling is now part of your new sex cult?

  • Shivani, I wonder how many other women Raniere f*cked like this, one and done? Some of them may have been drunk, or otherwise didn’t know it was the Raniere the Vanguard. I was hoping this story would open the floodgates with addtional similar stories, but that was apparently wishful thinking. We know Raniere never intended to have any one night stands, just look at all of the average to below average looking women he f*cked for years.

    • Scott, just look at HIM. Keith was lucky to get below average looking. …
      Though I think many of these women were quite attractive- and obviously some were attractive enough to become actresses.

      Niceguy- don’t you think Frank deliberately chose the name Violet to see if he could get people (such as you) to troll me? It’s a pretty transparent and rather childish move.

      • Hi Sunshine.

        Good to hear from you again.

        But somehow, I doubt that Frank Parlato was thinking about you when publishing Violet’s story.

        I doubt that Frank thinks about you at all — cuz you’re kinda mentally unhinged and, according to my confidential Canadian source, the RCMP’s Vancouver office has orders to hang up on you if you attempt to make any more bogus stalker reports. 🙂

        • Frank could have chosen any name, right? So, why pick the name of a flower? He could have called her Jane Doe, as he did with the previous victims.

          • Scott, so you think Frank had some other reason for choosing that name, and it had nothing to do with him trying to incite trolling? Sure…

            Obviously, he never encourages or allows trolling in the comments.

            Guess I’m the only one who has noticed those types of remarks.

        • Really, Cockless? And I heard from my sources that the RCMP in London Ontario were instructed to arrest you (and/or your lovely girlfriend) on sight, as you were both suspects in a stalking case.

      • It wasn’t Raniere that got the girls and women to f*ck him, it was the evil women helping him.

        And yes, everything is about you, that’s why Frank picked that name, although you don’t even know whether Frank picked the name. But it’s still all about you (eye roll).

      • Flowers,

        Frank is Violet?

        Flowers I am sorry for teasing you and I will not do it in the future.

        I do not believe Frank is Violet.

        Have any proof?

      • Yes, Flowers, I’m sure you’re right and Frank chose the name ‘Violet’ with you in mind. I’m sure you consume Frank’s thoughts every second he’s awake and he’s only devising ways to ‘troll’ you.

        The above statement was pure sarcasm!

        NO. Frank didn’t choose that name with you in mind, Flowers. But just the fact you would write such a things shows how far you’ve sunk. You should get help. Seriously.

    • Maybe Shivani wishes that she could have done Violet.
      Or maybe Shivani wishes that she had a harem to match Raniere’s.

      Raniere claimed that he could “cure” women of lesbianism.
      I believe the record will show that Raniere created more lesbians than cured.

          • I’ll forget more about human nature than you’ll ever know. You didn’t join an MLM for the same reason most people don’t join, because you have no self confidence. You didn’t come close to describing an MLM pitch, but since you’ve never been in one and aren’t interested in learning, it just shows how stupid you are.

          • Shadowstate,

            With a 360 slam dunk take down of Scott Amway Johnson……

            Is Scott in pain because Shadowstate burnt him again.

            No one cuts Scott Amway Johnson down to size better than Shadowstate.

            It’s Shadowstate’s one redeeming quality.

          • Scott Johnson:
            I will explain to you one more time why all MLMs and Pyramid schemes are doomed to failure.
            As long as there are new investors (suckers) willing to join the scheme the money to pay off early investors (suckers) will continue to come in.
            Ultimately there are not enough new investors with money to pay all of the participants, old and new.
            That’s when the MLM or Pyramid scheme collapses.
            In college one of my professors warned that one must not pay off old investors with money from new investors.
            He called that a Ponzi scheme, named for a Boston operator named Charles Ponzi.
            Bernie Madoff operated a 20 billion dollar Ponzi scheme that collapsed in 2008.
            All of the self confidence in the world will not make a Ponzi scheme work.

          • Niceguy, the one who is too scared to talk on the phone, telling Mr. Shadow that he took me down. That’s a good one! LOL

            Mr. Shadow, your college professor obviously didn’t know the differences between Ponzi schemes and illegal pyramids, and neither do you. Amway is now 60 years old, when is it going to collapse?

            I’ve taken every round, these guys don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

    • You don’t need to be jealous. You can be disgusted by the attempted insult of intelligence by using such a concocted story. That’s what it reads like to me.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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