From Plastic Surgery to Dubious SSI Benefits – Bangkok Blasts Toni Natalie – and It Ain’t Pretty

Toni Natalie has a tattoo on her back which reads - "‘In War, Truth is the First Casualty. . . But Not This Time” --or so she says.

One of our favorite commenters at Frank Report is Bangkok [AKA The Retard]. And because we believe in free speech and giving everyone their chance to offer an opinion, we are obliged to publish his well written thoughts. Opposing views are welcome.

By Bangkok

Frank Report gives the details about Toni Natalie that no other media outlet would have access to.  I totally agree 100% that she’s a rotten apple.

Toni uses everything as an ‘excuse’ to make selfish decisions which benefit her and hurt other people, such as her ex-husband Rusty and her son. She then ‘justifies’ her disgraceful behavior, which is something that selfish people do.

Toni Natalie in front of the prison where Keith Raniere is being held. Just weeks before he went there, Toni was trying to get $1 million from Keith for a patent he put in her name 25 years ago. This suggests she was not as frightened of him as she alleges. By the way, does she look like a lady with PTSD because of Keith?

And despite claims that Toni was afraid of Keith, her attempt to play hardball and get $1 million from Keith (for the patent) is proof that she’s not the least bit afraid of him.

She was trying to sucker him and Microsoft into paying a ridiculous fee by playing hardball. That type of behavior indicates a willingness to aggravate Keith, which isn’t something she could do if she was deathly afraid of him.

Image result for microsoft
The patent lawsuit? Let’s look at how things played out… Toni tried to sucker Keith out of $1 million dollars for the patent by refusing to sell it to him for less than that. Does that sound like she’s deathly afraid of aggravating him? LOL. She basically stood toe to toe with Keith and demanded that money, without fear or hesitation. Duh. Also… Toni turned down a $50k offer for the patent from Microsoft/ATT, in an attempt to play hardball and get more money out of them (which failed, just like everything else she does). Does that sound like a woman being taken advantage of?

Also, you made good points about her family situation now.

From the book’s promotional material: “Today, Toni is happy, reunited with her son, and surrounded by friends and family–it is this perspective that makes her such a unique storyteller.” Her parents are dead; Her siblings are dead – what family is she surrounded by?

She selfishly claims to be ‘reunited’ with her son (implying to her readers that she’s a great and loving mom now) but, in reality, she only reunited with her son AFTER he grew up and became independent with a good job, and no longer needed her to support or raise him.

In my opinion, that sounds like a reunion of ‘convenience’ for her, not a loving mother wishing to make up for previous bad deeds…

Plastic Surgery?

Has Toni Natalie had plastic surgery on her face during the last couple of years?

I’m not saying this to be mean. I’d like you to compare some recent courthouse photos (of Toni) to the ABC interview photo from a couple of years ago. I will point out certain things from these photos.

Here are three recent HORRIBLE photos of her face, showing a very weird SKIN TEXTURE which kinda makes it seem like she’s had BAD plastic surgery. IMO she looks horribly old & weird here:

Looks like it could be filler fatigue.×1064.jpg

It certainly looks like she is using Botox and fillers and it seems to have been done incorrectly.

Based on this photo, she looks she does not have any grimace lines – which means there may be Botox on the forehead. The skin over her eyes seems hooded. It suggests facelifts and freezing out wrinkles.


Image result for toni natalie
Botox in the forehead – the Real Housewives of Orange County look. Her lips are different – from years ago.


Image result for toni natalie
Maybe not plastic surgery – possibly just some bad liquid face lifters going on there. That bottom lip is not right but that is her old nose. Liquid facelifts likely but did she go under the knife?

Okay, now please view the below photo from the ABC interview (I think it was from 2017 but I’m not sure).

Are there fillers in the cheeks?

She looks MUCH younger and better in that ABC photo. That weird ‘skin texture’ didn’t exist (in my opinion) during her ABC interview. She actually looked pretty good IMO.

In the ABC interview from 2017, she actually looks mildly attractive (she looks like a mildly attractive 50-55 year old). Her facial skin isn’t ‘weird’ in that photo. She looks natural and good.

However, in those courthouse photos (from 2019) she looks horrible & old with a ‘weird’ skin texture.

IMO she kinda looks like a 65-70 year old woman in those 2019 photos, even though I realize she’s not 65-70 yet.

I have no idea if she’s had plastic surgery or not. If she did, she sure as heck didn’t get her money’s worth IMO.

Image result for toni natalie

Image result for toni natalie

Image result for toni natalie


Has Toni Ever Succeeded at Anything?

I created a poem in honor of Ms. Toni Natalie.

It’s called: A Partridge in a Pear Tree


When Toni the ‘Comp Queen’ goes to sleep at night, what does she see?

4 failed marriages

3 failed MLM businesses

2 failed restaurants

1 failed parenthood

…and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Sorry it doesn’t rhyme, it’s the best I could do in 30 seconds.

Maybe someone can point out something that Toni’s actually STUCK WITH and SUCCEEDED at in life, since it kinda looks to me as if everything this woman touches fails miserably or turns to shit, or she simply bails on it fast and moves on to another losing venture.

Has Toni ever stuck with anything or succeeded at anything?


Call the IRS?

I hope that you truly follow up with vetting Toni’s possible/alleged dealings with Social Security Disability, including the allegations of her former roommate that you mentioned.

Guess what?

The IRS has a toll free ‘tip line’ (anonymous tip line) for receiving anonymous tips from credible witnesses, such as the former roommate or any other source with knowledge about Ms. Natalie.

The IRS has the option of initiating an audit to verify if any secreted money is coming into play to pay off expenses (or) if any expenses appear to have no source of legit income paying for them.

But it all begins with being tipped off by credible witnesses. Get your ducks in a row first and then present your case to the IRS tip line, anonymously if need be.

Of course, I’m not saying that Toni has done anything improper financially since I don’t know anything about her finances.

I’m only saying that you don’t need a whole team of witnesses and detailed documents just to call the IRS tip line. It’s their job to find the ‘details’ via an audit. As a tipster, you only need good circumstantial evidence to tip them off.

Even if the matter involves issues that aren’t just about taxes, the IRS can alert other federal agencies of anything they uncover during an audit. The possibility of ‘secreted money’ is an issue the IRS investigates, though.

Thus, if that type of thing is going on — then the IRS is a proper agency to tip-off.

Image result for irs
Report Fraud, Waste and Abuse to Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), if you want to report, confidentially, misconduct, waste, fraud, or abuse by an IRS employee or a Tax Professional, you can call 1-800-366-4484 (1-800-877-8339 for TTY/TDD users). You can remain anonymous.

If they find other issues which aren’t tax-related, they can report them to other federal agencies.

But the IRS tip line is a good start for anything financial.


Dog Poisoning Story?

I believe that Frank is 100% accurate regarding Toni’s dubious claim that her dog was poisoned by Keith.

Why? Cuz Kristin Keeffe has confirmed (for Frank) that she never said any such thing. This means that one of them is likely lying.

In my opinion, the ONLY person with a SERIOUS MOTIVE to lie about that story is Toni Natalie.


Cuz Kristin Keeffe doesn’t benefit either way regardless of whether the poisoned dog story is true or not. Keeffe has no motive to lie.

Whereas the ‘poisoned dog story’ will likely help Toni to sell more books.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event.


PTSD Diagnosis a Fake?

I believe Frank 100% regarding Toni’s alleged claim of suffering from PTSD due to Keith Raniere is fake.

Here’s why…

Toni has spent a good deal of her post-NXIVM life investigating and speaking to others about Keith Raniere, the very SAME person who allegedly inflicted PTSD upon her.

In my opinion, that’s equivalent to a Vietnam Veteran (diagnosed with PTSD due to the war) voluntarily spending the rest of his life traveling to Vietnam and researching all of the former places he fought at while speaking to countless war buddies and telling old war stories as often as possible. LOL.

If the ‘Vietnam War’ is a true source of PTSD for somebody — then the ex-soldier would likely AVOID delving too deep into that topic, not actively seeking it out for the rest of his life.


Because actively seeking it out would likely trigger PTSD symptoms more often, by forcing him to relive the horrors which he seeks to avoid.

Does Toni’s doctor (who allegedly diagnosed her with PTSD) know that she spends so much time researching the VERY SAME person that allegedly prevents her from working due to PTSD?


Toni always seems very relaxed and happy to be talking about Keith.

She talked about the CBI pyramid sham (in the ABC interview) as though it was a great idea.

She doesn’t come across as a PTSD survivor IMO, since she seems to ‘glow’ when talking about Keith. She seems to love it.

She was all smiles at the courthouse and attended every day, even smirking in a couple of photos. In my opinion, that’s not somebody suffering from PTSD due to Keith.

IMO that’s a woman LOVING every minute of the attention she’s getting from Keith and NXIVM.


Image result for toni natalie courthouse
Toni Natalie [with book in hand] in front of the Brooklyn courthouse with Catherine Oxenberg [r] and her mother Princess Elizabeth [l – in white]. Does Toni look like she is still suffering from trauma from Keith – or having the time of her life?
Plus Toni’s comments to Joe O’Hara (about Heidi allegedly trying to exaggerate her role in NXIVM) is NOT something a PTSD survivor would say.


Cuz if Keith and NXIVM were a source of PTSD for Toni, then she wouldn’t care one way or the other about Heidi’s importance within the NXIVM takedown story.

The fact that Toni was worried that Heidi might take too much credit for taking down Keith (according to Joe O’Hara) indicates that Toni is obsessed with Keith, NOT in constant fear of him.


Who is Her Doctor?

Let me see if I understand this issue (according to Frank Parlato’s reporting).

1) Toni leaves Keith and runs off with a married man.

2) Toni claims that she has PTSD from her years with Keith (and she can’t work because of it) —- cuz the mere thought of Keith is so horrible that it triggers PTSD symptoms.

3) Toni then spends much of her free time researching, talking about, and trying to profit from the VERY SAME GUY who allegedly triggers her PTSD symptoms?

(book deal = profit)

4) Reportedly, her doctor just signs off on all this stuff for years — even though Toni herself seems to spend her free time seeking out topics related to the source of this alleged PTSD?


Who is her doctor?

If Frank’s claims are true (about Toni’s PTSD story) then it would appear that Toni is actively triggering her own PTSD quite often.

What a joke. LOL.

Well, I’m pretty sure that a book deal qualifies as SGA (Substantial Gainful Activity) so I’m guessing that she won’t be eligible for living off of taxpayers in the future.


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Dianne Lipson
Dianne Lipson
4 years ago

Toni was not “all smiles at the courthouse.” From my observation, in the courtroom her expression was tense and anxious. After the verdict her countenance changed and she looked calm and relaxed for the first time.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dianne Lipson

Anyone who sat in that trail for any amount of time was tense. That shit was hard to hear. Even the jury looked tense. That doesn’t mean you suffer from PTSD.

Toni Natalie is a scam artist. She’s got you fooled.

In the know
In the know
4 years ago

Toni is involved with a new arial business in her home town. From her FB page. I think she is part of the business.

How disabled can a person be when they can climb up and do flips on this kind of stuff.

Who can afford it when one is on disability? She drives a car that’s about two years old, lives by herself in a house that’s a couple of bedrooms, tooled off for six weeks off to stay in Brooklyn NY in an Airbnb/hotel all while on SSD?

Maybe Nancy Salzman loaned her some of her hidden cash.

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Rosa Laura Cortez
Rosa Laura Cortez
4 years ago

Toni is a beautiful woman. Keith was the right person for her. They are soul mates. It’s not right to criticize her facelifts and Botox. She is an elderly woman and she is trying to recapture the beautiful time when she was with the golden Vanguard.

4 years ago

Realy, this is a gossip magazine? Lately everything seems like…. not worth it

4 years ago

Yo Yo what’s up Bangkok?

Quick question for the wise man. If you played a game of F’ – Marry- Kill

With Nancy Salzman, J.Z.Knight(Ramtha), and Toni Natalie.

Who would you marry? And who would you F’?

Thank you in advance

4 years ago
Reply to  DownLoeDog

Id f@#k the dog shit out of Ramtha, kill Nancy and marry Toni and then kill myself!

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


I knew you would respond to to a. game of F’ marry kill.

Now Bangkok lay down, roll over, and sit up. Good doggy. Here is your treat 💩

Have nice weekend you little dipshit!

The Retard
The Retard
4 years ago

Just wanted to add…

Even ‘IF’ Heidi’s improbable claims turn out to be true — i.e., even if Toni is collecting SS Disability based on ‘Fibromyalgia’ and not PTSD — then that’s even worse for Toni IMO.


…Because Frank’s sources say that Toni engages in acrobatics while hanging on ropes and rings 3 times per week.

If true, that would mean she probably shouldn’t be drawing disability based upon claiming ‘physical’ disabilities rather than mental ones.

That’s why I’m HIGHLY doubting Heidi’s claim about Toni having Fibromyalgia.

Either way, whether PTSD or Fibromyalgia, Toni’s ‘disability’ sounds rather dubious to me and I’m guessing that’s why she’s refused to respond to Frank’s request for comment.

Toni had the chance to correct Frank’s information before it was published yet she chose not to, nor has she corrected it after publication. This tells me that Frank’s sources are probably highly accurate. 🙂

4 years ago

Hey Toni, did you report all the money you earned doing Facebook pages and websites for businesses in Rochester? Just wondering.

Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker
4 years ago

It wouldn’t surprise me if Toni recently had some sort of plastic surgery. It wouldn’t be the first time. When she was with Keith, she got him to pay for a boob job – actually two boob jobs cuz she didn’t think her titties were big enough after the first one. She claimed there was a problem with the first surgery but she also told several of us that she was ‘disappointed’ with the results. Keith was never a big titties guy but he paid for both boob jobs to keep her happy.

Vic # 3
4 years ago
Reply to  Truth Seeker

Keith didn’t pay for both.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago

Slow news day in NXIUMland. Frank taps Bangkok for web clicks

4 years ago

Is it surprising to anyone that so many weird and toxic women got involved with the even more weird and toxic Keith Raniere?

Birds of a feather.

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