Why Nancy Salzman Deserves a Lengthy Prison Sentence

Nancy Salzman

U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis recently indicated that he plans to conduct Keith Raniere’s sentencing hearing sometime in January.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

That likely means that he will be scheduling sentencing hearings for each of Keith’s co-defendants – Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell – sometime between now and the end of the year.

As Frank Report readers know, all of Raniere’s co-defendants pleaded guilty rather than go to trial.

And all of them except Nancy entered into some sort of plea deal.

Nancy simply pleaded guilty to one count of Racketeering Conspiracy without any plea deal.

The others pleaded guilty to the following crimes:
Clare Bronfman: One count of conspiring to conceal and harbor illegal aliens – and one count of fraudulently using another’s identity.
Allison Mack: One count of racketeering and one count of racketeering conspiracy.
Lauren Salzman: One count of racketeering and one count of racketeering conspiracy.
Kathy Russell: One count of visa fraud.

Although Judge Garaufis will have total discretion in terms of the sentences he metes out, he will, in all likelihood, stay within the federal sentencing guidelines – and abide by the terms of any applicable plea deals. He will also be guided by the information and recommendations that are contained in each defendant’s Pre-Sentencing Report.

For Clare, that means that she will likely be sentenced to 21-27 months in federal prison (She can appeal any sentence over 27 months).

Clare Bronfman

For Allison and Lauren, that means they will probably each be sentenced to 3-5 years in federal prison (I think Lauren’s sentence will likely be at the low-end of that range – whereas Allison’s will be at the upper end).

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack 

And for Kathy, that means she will likely be sentenced to 6-12 months of prison time.

Kathy Russell


But What About Prefect?

Although Nancy could be sentenced for up to 20 years in federal prison, she will most likely draw a much lower sentence than that.

Nancy Salzman

But how much prison time she deserves is open to debate.

On the one hand, she was the first to plead guilty – which is almost always rewarded in cases like this with multiple defendants.

On the other hand, she was the President of NXIVM/Executive Success Programs – and the person who oversaw its day-to-day operations until she was replaced by Clare Bronfman.

But let’s look at some of the other things Nancy did.

It was Nancy who convinced many NXIVM/ESP students into signing up for more and more training sessions – which eventually turned many of them into indentured servants.

It was Nancy who taught others how to extract valuable information from those students who submitted to Explorations-of-Meaning (EMs) – and who cataloged that information for future use in case any of them ever posed a threat to NXIVM/ESP.

It was Nancy who helped get members of Raniere’s harem back in line whenever they became unhappy with the terms and conditions of their relationship with The Vanguard.

It was Nancy who oversaw the money laundering operation – and who ordered others to carry large amounts of undeclared cash into the U.S.

It was Nancy who signed the paperwork to create hundreds of shell companies in order to hide NXIVM/ESP’s assets.

It was Nancy who convinced several low-ranking members of NXIVM/ESP to be the signatories on bank accounts that she subsequently controlled.

It was Nancy who hid the cash that was siphoned off from all of NXIVM/ESP’s operations (FBI agents found more than $500,000 in cash when they searched her house – and, according to some reports, that represents only a quarter of the cash that she once ad on hand).

Some of the cash seized at Nancy Salzman’s former home

It was Nancy who knowingly failed to file proper tax returns for NXIVM/ESP or any of its related companies.

It was Nancy who failed to issue 1099 forms to any of NXIVM/ESP’s staff – thereby allowing them to avoid paying any taxes on the income they derived from the company.

It was Nancy who tried to extort more than $100,000 from Continental Airlines when she mistakenly left her laptop on one of its planes (At the time, she claimed that her salary was $10,000 per hour).

It was Nancy who set up the illegal “bundling” operation via which NXIVM/ESP made political donations for which they were later reimbursed by NXIVM/ESP – and it was Nancy who personally delivered the illegal contributions to the political candidates.

It was Nancy who went on shopping sprees with her illegal $40,000/year “clothing allowance”.

It was Nancy who sent out an annual list of high-end gifts that she would like to receive as birthday presents.

It was Nancy who preached that breast cancer was caused by low self-esteem.

It was Nancy who had various NXIVM/ESP staff provide unpaid services for her as part of their punishment for having an “ethical breach”.

It was Nancy who spearheaded the attempt to break-up so many couples that got involved with NXIVM

It was Nancy who scornfully intimidated any NXIVM/ESP student who had the temerity to question any of Raniere’s teachings.

It was Nancy who perjured herself on numerous occasions when she was questioned, under oath, about NXIVM’s operations.

It was Nancy who claimed to have a Master’s Degree even though she had only graduated from a 2-year nursing program.

It was Nancy who claimed to be a Psychiatric Nurse even though she was not.

It was Nancy who also claimed to be a Psychotherapist even though that is not a recognized profession in New York State – and even though she had no formal training in psychotherapy.

It was Nancy who admitted to overseeing the illegal hacking of the computer accounts of some of NXIVM’s enemies.

It was Nancy who oversaw the operation that resulted in the editing of videotapes that had been subpoenaed in the Rick Ross litigation.

It was Nancy who maintained all the information and records that agents of NXIVM/ESP had illegally obtained on judges, politicians, and others.

It was Nancy who ordered her two daughters to cut off all contact with their father because he refused to fire one of his employees who had fallen into disfavor with NXIVM/ESP.

And it was Nancy who willingly allowed Raniere to turn her two daughters into two more of Raniere’s fuck-toys.

 Michelle, Nancy and Lauren Salzman 


How Much Time Should Nancy Serve in Federal Prison?

So, how much time should Nancy spend behind bars for all of her misdeeds and crimes?

I could easily argue that 20-years would be appropriate.

She was for many years the driving force behind the company and its day-to-day operations –  and without her, NXIVM/ESP would never have grown into the criminal syndicate it became.

She demanded adoration and obedience in her role as Prefect.

She meted out harsh punishments without a second thought.

She sacrificed her two daughters in order to appease Raniere.

On second thought, 20-years in prison may not be enough punishment for Nancy Salzman.

Danbury Federal Women’s Prison

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K.R. Claviger


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  • Nutjob,
    Do you really know that Keith and Clare “demoted” Nan? And if so, considering the continual infighting, the chance that Prefect was making alliances with other factions as the “face” of Nxivm?
    I’ll admit, it seems like a possibility bc Keith was a total creeper and major douche *and pretty much everyone knew it*

    • I don’t know anything about the demotion – other than what has been posted on FR. Niceguy made a point about it being odd that Nancy was placed on an allowance and yet had over 500K cash scattered around her house.

  • In my opinion Nancy Salzman is an avaricious and depraved woman who still carries a whole lot of undisclosed dirty secrets. Perhaps she can be recycled via the justice system and go to work for whatever the hell is left of the United States government. There would be no need to corrupt her, since seemingly, she deleted her conscience decades ago.

    When will she mention her “familial” interests in bio-tech, just as one example? Never, right? One must insist that any such insinuation is baseless, without foundation. Cuz Nancy and Keithy-Weethie were so much smarter than the average bear. Look at them now. So dignified, just like Prince Andrew but not as protected.

    So ignore and then deny just how low y’all were and are willing to go. Even as the corrupted tendrils are being excavated from stale, abandoned paper trails, from back in the good old days when nobody was looking. Po’ Nancy wants to and dreams that she can still pass for being a respectable and well- established therapeutic worker. What a fable.

    She already had her beanstalk and he ain’t jack. She recently claimed to be pretty damn mad at Keith. next After prisonm maybe Nancy’s next mission should be to the moon, to see if there are margaritas up there.

    Lemme ask, were inferior-grade sex slaves going to bring better bangs for Nxivm bucks, say, as trafficked and disappeared involuntary organ donors? Possibly so, if money were involved and Salzman could be Queen for half an hour.

    Sorry that the maternal nightmare monster, Salzman the Eldest, still looks human enough to sentence to prison.

    If only a she lived in a cartoon, a gigantic fly swatter could appear to dispatch that pesky executive horsefly. And her moustache. Why beat around the bushes? Especially those huge Nxivm ones. Those ambitious bushes have been trampled already by the myopic Flabturd himself. Let no man come behind him. Hahaha.

    Unless, as rumors mention, you happen to be Tom Welling, and it’s already too late, according to Crazy Days and Nights.

    Regardless, one might as well not chug a mercury milkshake to get an idea of what it would be like to get stuck anywhere near Nancy Salzman. Just read the Frank Report instead.

    Nancy Salzman is too visible to be able to retrieve hidden money. Her unarrested daughter might come in handy, though. There is an elderly ballerina accountant waiting in the wings, too. She’s not that innocent but has been pretty good at thinking invisible ever since her plea deal. Better than Nancy, who evidently still wants to be seen.

  • She stands convicted of racketeering conspiracy. I don’t see her getting a longer sentence than the two who pleaded guilty to both racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. That would be way out of balance.

    Plus, this trial was largely about DOS and the branding outrage. Without DOS, this whole case might never have been prosecuted. It was the branding and the sex slavery that caught the attention of the press and the public. The prosecution emphasized the sex aspect and I believe it led to the jury’s unanimous verdict. It’s what damned Raniere and intimidated the other defendants’ legal teams. There was little hope of a not guilty verdict for anyone implicated in this poison. I think it angered the judge as well.

    Nancy Salzman was NXIVM, not DOS.

    I suspect that come sentencing, Judge Garaufis will come down like a ton of bricks on Raniere. And perhaps Mack as well. Because of the sex crime and the branding.

  • She was the mastermind behind the creation of NXIVM/ESP.

    Her motivation was 100% financial.

    She cashed in on Raniere’s narcissism and desire to be worshipped.

    That was his motivation.

    She taught Raniere how to use NLP’s Covert Hypnosis and other covert manipulation techniques.

    She created Vanguard.

    Before she came along, he was just a failed conman.

    Without her, there would have been no DOS.

    She’s outsmarted Raniere, the Bronfman sisters, and so far, the FBI.

    She knows where the money is.

    • I do think this is why Nan is so mad–she did take him on up from CBI, Natalie, and even worked, somehow, with Cafriz, Kristin, and KU. And sat there, clapping.

      There is so much more to this story, but we can see, clearly, that Nancy Salzman had a reason to keep the Keith Raniere charade going. And did.

    • Paul,
      Do you think she has, really, outsmarted Raniere? I get it, Nancy does still have her little following and she is tricky. And maybe that cash was a little fu to Keith and Clare? But she didn’t act alone.

      Frank isn’t writing much about the Mexicans.
      Nancy is a crafty person.
      More questions than answers, right? I suppose it comes down to what the NDNY is going to do?

  • I am shocked….literally appalled….a mother would offer her children to such a sociopath.

    Not just that.

    Even if Raniere was NORMAL, why would you want your daughters to sleep with the same man you did?

    This is nothing about free spirited, gee I must be European and open minded.

    In my humble opinion, this is a deep, deep psychosis. Whatever prison sentence comes along, therapy should too.

        • “a mother would offer her children” and I have an issue with your “willingly” statement. I wrote a longer post about this last night that must have gotten lost in the FR cloud or has been deemed inappropriate.

          • It sure turned out that way. I’m confident it wasn’t her intention to create a cult when she started the thing up. She did willingly introduce her daughters into it.

            So, No to the cult – and Yes to introducing the daughters. (This answer is not meant to defend her from sticking her head in the sand for all those years as the cult manifested and went sideways)

          • I am not, and never was, involved in Nxivm, so I am speaking from what I read.

            Did Nxivm have cult attributes right from the getgo? Some critics say even the initial basic course made rewiring a thought process as possible, and therefore had the indicia of manipulative possibilities.

            Put another way, did the founders know, or should they have known, this was a cult in the making?

            Did they know, or should they have known, allegations of “ blue light” during sex, altering police radar, smartest man, etc—should they have known the indicators of cult attributes were present and foreseeable?

          • They should have known, but I think the only one who did know was Keith. One of the first courses they taught was about what a cult is and what a cult isn’t. There was a slow boil going on with everyone – including Nancy.

        • Nutjob,

          In all seriousness please share, if you can, what is not accurate according to Krclaviger report.

          Krclaviger like all journalists gets ahead of himself when he is impassioned regarding a topic…..

          He generally has been factually correct the majority of the time and when he has erred Krclaviger always owns up to it.

          I have criticized Krclaviger, but I also respect and appreciate the integrity of his reporting.

          Ass kissing aside 😉

          Krclaviger does do a professional job of keeping us all informed and explaining the law.

          • I’ve tried twice and they aren’t showing up. It’s not that big of a deal, but one thing was shadowesque.

          • In reply to K.R. and niceguy – She didn’t willingly give her daughters to Keith. As has been discussed on FR, and as logical minds could conclude, Keith talked Lauren into moving out of Nancy’s house so he’d have easier access to Lauren. Am I remembering correctly that in Lauren’s testimony there was something about her hiding her relationship with Keith from her Mom?

            While this one comment from the article might not seem/be a big deal, when one thing is presented as a fact and it is either a ballooned version of a fact or flat out inaccurate, it devalues the rest of the article. I was following right along with Krclavinger and feeling the vibe. At the very end, I then read the point about Nancy “willingly” giving her daughters to Keith and I cringed. Sure enough – what are the commenters shocked and appalled by?

            The tabloid NXIVM material is everywhere. Nancy willingly sharing her daughters with a creepy psychopath is a stretch at best. It isn’t needed to make the point of the article. In fact, it hurts the point of the article.

          • Nutjob, you’re right that there was something about Lauren hiding her relationship with Raniere, from her mother.

            I take all those reports with a grain of salt, but then again, given what we know of the effective compartmentalization within NXIVM and its inner circle typical of cults, not to mention the human tendency towards denial, it’s plausible. From what I know of other groups, not to mention related phenomenon like financial frauds, people are often surprisingly unaware of things that outsiders would assume they would have to know.

  • With the exception of Kathy Russell I believe all of the NXIVM defendants should receive prison sentences of at least 20 years.
    And Pea Onyu, Yolanda Cortez, Legatus Pro Tempore, Gabrielle Cortez, Monte Blew and Nicki Clyne should each receive prison sentences of 20 years served consecutively.
    And the Warden of their prison should be “Ilse, She Wolf of the SS.”

  • Yes, Nancy was a bad player within NXIVM and deserves a 20 year prison sentence for offering up her daughters to Raniere. I agree with Claviger on that issue.

    However, it’s not gonna happen cuz the judge seems very sympathetic to lovely Lauren Salzman and he’s not gonna punish her further by sending her mom away for too many years.

    (apart from her huge nose, she is a lovely woman IMO).

    IMO lovely Lauren Salzman will receive 12-18 months in prison, along with some amount of probation.

    Nancy will receive 24 months in prison. She’ll be out soon after Lauren is released, thereby allowing mother and daughter to begin rebuilding a life again.

    The judge felt sorry for Lauren and he’s not gonna hurt her (or her mom) any more than the bare minimum.

    Allison is a different story. She’s gonna get a minimum of 7 years in prison IMO, even though her plea deal calls for 3-5.

    The judge can depart from ‘guidelines’ in an upward fashion if the pre-sentencing report justifies it. Allison was among the dirtiest of Keith’s sex masters. IMO she’s going away for 7 years cuz all kinds of dirt will be in the pre-sentencing report.

    Don’t believe me?

    Do any naysayers have the balls to put their money where their mouth is?

    No? That’s what I thought. 🙂

    • The judge can depart downward too. He can give 12-18 months even if the plea deal calls for 3-5 years.

      The judge has FULL discretion and Lauren was groomed by her mom to be a sex partner for Keith, so that’s gonna mitigate her sentence.

    • Bangkok,

      The Clare Bronfman plea deal and million dollar settlement nixed any chance Allison will do more than 5 years.

      I screened shot your comment for future posterity…….

      Oh greatest of great imbeciles lord Bangkok.

  • You know that nasty little space between a bull dogs ball sack and ass hole?
    It’s called a taint and should be referred to as a Nancy.

  • Re Nancy Salzman flipping first


    Do you think it’s plausible Nancy flipped first because she had secreted/embezzled the $500,000 dollars away?

    I don’t think Keith and Clare would have been keen on Nancy holding on to $500,000 dollars cash.

    Considering Keith and Clare had put Nancy on a budget and had taken away most of Nancy’s leadership duties.

    Nancy had a $40,000 dollar clothing budget but had access to $500,000 cash?

      • Nutjob,

        Think of it this way:

        If you’re Clare or Keith… you cannot just tell the authorities(DOJ) that the 500,000 cash money Nancy allegedly embezzled is from income NXIVM was hiding from the IRS…

        Either I am right…..

        …..Or I am wrong and it’s all just an example of gross incompetence by Raniere and Bronfman.

        • So my theory holds that Nancy flipped because she was caught embezzling and the relationship with Keith Raniere and Nxivm was finished forever anyway.

      • Mr. Nutjob,
        Maybe I am wrong, but the series of events seems to point to suppisedly removing Nancy’s clothing allowance.
        Girl, she shops at Marshall’s now. For real.

        Greetings From Halfmoon.

    • Niceguy, Yes, it does seem as if there were some problems with Nan having cash money, but really, $500.000? That was pin money for Prefect. Like, her little stash or what she was left holding

      I am going to wager that Nan is in a bad place without anyone willing to be able to take her back now that DOS came out

      Anytime I listen to these Raniere/ESP/NXIVM/jness(JANUS/SOP/WHATEVER bullshit artists go on about the “good” and the bs connection to, barf, the Dali Lama:

      Love and enlightenment for sale! Money and connections — we play you like a fiddle.

  • All of the women entered a plea deal. Salzman is the only one believed to have not to have included a cooperation agreement.

    A better question for the lawyers out there is whether the judge can take into consideration the various financial and sexual crimes that Salzman was not convicted on. If he can, then 20+ years is possible. Otherwise, a first-timer will probably get a lower, single digit year sentence.

  • Keep in mind Nancy wants to “reintegrate” into the community.

    Any of you want her living next door?

    I wonder…..will she be showing up at her tailor’s once this is over?

  • The audience leaps to its feet, applauding and cheering, punching the air, wiping JOYFUL tears…and for those Nancy helped Keith destroy with her deceptions and NLP techniques a resounding chorus: Shame Prefect, shame, shame, SHAME!!

    • I am still wondering how Nancy “took the blame” after Bouchey left, was “demoted,” and became beholden to Clare. Blame for what?

      And really, how did Nan step down? So much bs with these people. And not to mention the connection to the south. Honestly, it is getting more ridiculous.

      No way Prefect just went doddering off to the coffee shop with the old harem gang.

      Also, those idiot, manipulative SOP bastards.

  • Krclaviger,

    Excellent synopsis of Nancy Salzman’s crimes…..

    ….It was Nancy who plead guilty first…..as you clearly state.

    ……And it was Nancy who cooperated and caused the defendants to all fold like a house of cards with the exception of Raniere.

    I am betting she gets less than 2 years.

    Krclaviger if I remember correctly you yourself originally thought she would do less than 2 years or perhaps no time at all…..

    I agree she deserves 20 years alone just for ruining her daughters lives. Then there are all the real crimes she committed that is deserving of a 10 year sentence….

    Odds are her cancer is probably going to come back…..

    • Nancy Salzman plead guilty, but without a cooperation agreement, if I have it right.

      I suspect she realized that she was better off to make a partial deal than go to trial, but that she was still too righteous and defiant, and perhaps even still too loyal to Raniere, to agree to cooperate.

  • I think you misspelled her last name. It should be Sleazeman. What kind of woman fucks a scam artist and then gives her two daughters to him to fuck? What morally decrepit people.

  • Lauren and Ally pled guilty to “one count of racketeering conspiracy” PLUS one count of racketeering. You say they will be sentenced to 3-5 years.
    Nancy pled guilty to “one count of racketeering conspiracy” and nothing more. So how could she be sentenced for more for lesser charges?
    Did Lauren and Ally’s plea deal include the 3-5 year limit?
    Since Nancy pled guilty first, why wouldn’t her lawyer get her a similar limit or better?

  • Won’t Nancy Salzman’s pleading without a cooperation agreement count against her?

    And hasn’t there been talk of possible additional behind-the-scenes cooperation from some of those awaiting sentencing? Could that include Nancy Salzman?

    Thanks for the run-down.

    • Are letters to the judge ( for sentencing scenarios) divulged as part of public record or kept confidential?
      KR Claviger?

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