Did NXIVM Almost Survive and Thrive Because of Toni Natalie?

Toni Natalie

By Joe O’Hara

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the criminal computer trespass charges that were lodged against John Tighe, Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie and myself by Holly A. Trexler, who was appointed as an Albany County Special District Attorney as part of what appears to be a multi-faceted conspiracy to silence some of NXIVM’s harshest critics.

Holly Trexler – former Special Albany County District Attorney – has now climbed the political ladder to become an Albany City Court judge. 

Others who were apparently part of that conspiracy include Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares; Assistant Albany County District Attorney David Rossi; New York State Police Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp; NXIVM leaders Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman; and three members of the O’Connell & Aronowitz law firm: Steve Coffey, Mike McDermott and Pam Nichols.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares.

A few days ago, I came across some documents related to the case. And for the first time, I realized just how close NXIVM came to achieving its goal.


It All Began With a Lie

As Frank Report readers may recall, John, Toni and I were accused of accessing NXIVM’s password-protected web site by using the username and password of Mary Jane Pino, a former member of NXIVM.

Several months after the NYS Police had raided our homes and seized our computers, Barbara Bouchey allegedly accessed the same website by using the username and password of Svetlana Kotlin, another former member of NXIVM.

Neither John nor I ever denied that we used Mary Jane’s credentials.

That’s because we were both told by Toni that Mary Jane had given permission for Toni to use Mary Jane’s username and password to access NXIVM’s website – and to share that information with others who wished to do so.

Toni made the same claim to several other people who were not charged – and Mary Jane’s credentials were apparently used by dozens of people to access NXIVM’s website.

Mk10ART ‘s painting of Toni Natalie. If Toni Natalie had not told others to use the password of Mary Jane Pino – and that they had permission to do so – she might have been the only one charged with computer trespassing,

When my earlier post appeared, Mary Jane immediately made the following comment flatly accusing Toni of lying: She said, “They did NOT have permission to use a password. NO ONE did. John Tighe had the integrity to finally admit it. And that is all I’m going to say on the subject”.

Shortly thereafter, the Frank Report was provided with a copy of a sworn affidavit that Mary Jane had signed on January 30, 2012.

In that affidavit, she stated: “I have never provided my login information to anyone or authorized or permitted anyone to log into the NXIVM internet site through the use of my login information”.

Clearly, Toni’s claims and Mary Jane’s claims cannot both be true. One of them has to be lying.

So, who do we believe?


Why Would Mary Jane Pino Lie?

I have never met Mary Jane Pino. Nor have I ever spoken to her. Which means that I have no personal knowledge of her whatsoever.

So, all I can do is analyze the relevant facts surrounding this matter – and try to draw a reasonable conclusion from them.

Here are what I understand to be the relevant facts:
– Mary Jane dropped out of NXIVM in August 2003 – more than seven years before any of the alleged illegal accessing supposedly took place

– Mary Jane was not one of the named NXIVM members who sued me back in 2005.

– If Mary Jane’s sworn affidavit contained any falsehoods, she would have been subject to a criminal charge of perjury.

Based on those facts, it doesn’t appear to me that Mary Jane had any personal animosity towards me – and that she had good reason to be sure that the statements in her affidavit were true.

So, unless she was bribed or intimidated, I can’t think of any reason why she would provide false testimony against me and the others.


Why Would Toni Lie?

As I mentioned in previous posts, I used to trust Toni implicitly.

But based on more recent events, I no longer do.

Still, the question remains: Why would Toni make up the story about getting permission to use Mary Jane’s credentials – and then share those credentials with others?

Toni Natalie – did she share the password in order to keep the focus off of her? or was she trying to be helpful?  

Well, as it turns out, Toni may have needed to cover her tracks as regards the accessing of NXIVM’s website.

Although I always assumed that we were all facing the same charges, it turns out that was not the case.

Barbara was charged with one count of accessing the “Calendar” and the “Coach Tree” on the NXIVM website on January 8, 2014.

I was charged with two counts of accessing the “Magnificence Report” – and the “Calendar” – on the NXIVM website on March 16, 2011.

Toni, however, was charged with four counts of:
– Accessing the “Calendar” on the NXIVM website on August 23, 2010;
– Accessing the “Magnificence Report” on the NXIVM website on October 6, 2010;
– Accessing the “Because” testimonial video on the NXIVM website on January 5, 2011; and
– Accessing the “Calendar” and several other sections on the NXIVM website on March 15, 2011.

Notice anything funny about those dates?

Yep – Toni was allegedly accessing the NXIVM website more than six months before anyone else did.

So, what better way to cover your tracks than to bring in all sorts of other people to access the same website?

And how would you do that?

Well, maybe by telling them that Mary Jane Pino was willing to let others use her credentials to access the NXIVM website.


In Retrospect

NXIVM came very close to silencing some of its biggest critics via the criminal computer trespass charges that Holly Trexler was willing to prosecute as part of a multi-faceted conspiracy.

Even though, as it turned out, there was no jurisdictional basis for those charges, John pleaded guilty to one count of criminal computer trespass as part of a broader plea deal arrangement involving other charges.

John Tighe

And a great deal of other damage was also done because Toni took it upon herself to provide numerous people with Mary Jane Pino’s username and password – and tell them that Mary Jane had given her permission for them to use it:

John’s Saratoga In Decline blog was shut down. That’s right – the most vocal, critical and relentless blogger – the guy who was being contacted by many of Keith Raniere’s victims – was shut down. His blog ceased to exist. He never wrote about Keith Raniere or NXIVM again.

The NYS Police confiscated all my NXIVM records – and only returned them to me when they were ordered to do so by a court more than a year after the criminal charges were dropped in 2016.

Since I was never given an inventory of what they took, I have no idea what records I did not get back. Nor do I know if they made copies of some/all of my records – and gave them to NXIVM or NXIVM’s legal representatives.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were expended by the defendants in the related civil lawsuit that the O’Connell & Aronowitz law firm launched on behalf of NXIVM just one-day after the NYS Police staged its early morning raids and seized computers from John, Toni and me (John never got any of his computers back).

Because he was named in that civil lawsuit, James Odato, the intrepid reporter who wrote numerous investigative pieces about NXIVM – including an award-winning series – went on administrative leave with the Albany Times Union. He never returned – and never wrote another word about NXIVM.

MK10 James Odato

Suzanna Andrews, a featured writer for Vanity Fair magazine who had written a story about the Bronfman sisters, was also named in the civil lawsuit. Although she wasn’t fired, she was subsequently given different assignments – and another strong anti-NXIVM voice was lost.

For more than two years – from the time that our computers were seized back in October 2013 until Frank started the Frank Report in late November 2015 – those who wanted to expose the NXIVM crime machine had no voice.

Not surprisingly, it was during that time period that NXIVM began to undertake some of its most heinous crimes – including the creation of DOS and the branding of women.

Toni’s decision to share Mary Jane Pino’s credentials almost allowed NXIVM to win.

Had NXIVM and the Bronfman sisters not decided to try and destroy Frank Parlato – which is what led him to start the Frank Report – that’s how the story likely would have ended. NXIVM would have won and its critics silenced.

MK10’s painting of Frank Parlato


A Chance for Toni to Answer Questions

On October 1st, the Albany Times Union will be holding a panel discussion “to discuss the inner workings of the cult-like NXIVM organization and its fallen leader, Keith Raniere, who faces up to life in prison after being convicted of federal racketeering and conspiracy charges in June”.

Interestingly enough, the two featured speakers will be Rick Ross and Toni Natalie.

Rick Ross

The October 1st forum will provide a great opportunity for attendees to ask Toni all sorts of questions.

One of Toni’s attorneys previously advised me that “Toni will address everything you have been publicly saying about her, but she will not dignify these incredibly offensive posts with a response on the blog. She will do so in her own way, in her own time, in her chosen forum or forums”.

October 1st will be a great forum for Toni to answer all sorts of questions.

Let’s hope she’s willing to do so because I’m sure there will be people there to ask some very interesting ones.


The bottom line is that Toni told people who were fighting NXIVM and exposing NXIVM – the people who were waging the fight against Keith Raniere and seeking to expose him – that a legally authorized user of the website [Pino] had given permission for them to use her credentials to access NXIVM’s website.

Toni was trusted by virtually everyone at that time.

But, in reality, she had secretly been using Mary Jane’s credentials all by herself for several months – and had allegedly downloaded several files including a list of NXIVM coaches and NXIVM students. Then suddenly, months after she first started using the credentials [which Mary Jane claims she did not give her], she decided to share those credentials with a number of others. Almost as if she wanted cover – so that she wouldn’t be the only one who had gone onto the NXIVM website.

I don’t know anyone who would have used Mary Jane’s credentials if they knew that she had not given permission for them to do so.

The results were almost fatal to the efforts to expose and stop NXIVM.







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J.J. O'Hara


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  • J.J. O’Hara,

    Well I have to state after Frank Parlato’s bombshell article and the reveal of Tonie Natlie’s treatment of her son……

    Joe everything you have been writing about Toni Natlie and your belief that she lied to you has been validated as true.

    Any woman that would treat her adopted son in such a manner as Natlie did is capable of anything. Natlie has no moral boundaries.

    She is a wretched disgusting human being.

  • Toni wasn’t even in NXIVM. Nor was Chet Hardin who really wrote her book.

    So who did they get their information regarding NXIVM? Toni took it from others who were there.

    Does Toni have one release from anyone she took information from that is in her book? Odds are she doesn’t.

    Toni is still stealing from others just like she has always done.

    Won’t she crap her pants if the guy she was involved in the bank fraud deals shows up to the Times Union event and he asks her some questions about their business deals?

    Some of us know who he is Toni. Yep, he still lives in the Albany area. Maybe he can clear up the issue of Raniere’s involvement.

    • Not sure what your point is Joe, it doesn’t matter if you had permission to use Mary Jane Pino ‘s password, you knew that you were hacking into NXIVM ‘s website without their consent ! That’s why they filed a lawsuit against you.

  • It strikes me that in the big picture, Natalie, as someone involved going back to Raniere’s MLM fraud days, probably always has been and always will be someone prone to culty ends-justify-the-means unethical thinking. I think it’s almost certain that she could justify to herself deceiving others about using the login and password, whether she thought it would help bring down NXIVM (perhaps more out of revenge than altruisim) or just cynically thought it might somehow provide her cover.

  • J.J. O’Hara,

    Somone above set you up.

    Why would a password be good for years on a server after the employee left?

    NXIVM IT people were very competent. It’s extremely unusual for a IT Administrator to leave a login and password for a former employee on server for an extended time.

    It’s very easy to monitor passwords and login credentials on a server.

    Natalie was probably played by Pino. Natalie still may have been lying to you….. regarding “permission”.

    ……I would bet any amount of money that Pino set Natlie up and ended up ensnaring all of you in the net.

    Toni Natlie was set up by Pino and Pino and Nxivm just got lucky when Tonie Natalie handed you all the password.

    I guarantee Toni Natalie was the initial target.


    Lastly I feel bad for you because you probably had no idea of the seriousness of the crime you committed. I sincerely mean that.

    You didn’t even actually steal anything or do anything malicious. I am surprised the DA shafted you, which tends to point to corruption.

    • I would question the assumption that NXIVM’s IT people were necessarily very competent. Do you know that they were? Does whatever they are doing now, demonstrate that?

      I’ve seen reference to NXIVM’s servers being at someone’s home, so it doesn’t sound like a very professional operation. Much of the way they operated, like have cash strewn all over Nancy Salzman’s home, strikes me as pretty amateurish and even hapless.

      It seems to me that NXIVM was full of wannabes, people who largely weren’t finding success in professional fields probably in part because they were prone to sloppy culty thinking and lacking in intellectual rigor. In fact their ranks were almost completely devoid of people in really demanding technical and scientific fields.

      Would you trust people enamored of Raniere’s word salad as the greatest wisdom ever pronounced, to properly run a complex computer system?

    • Mr. Niceguy says that NXIVM’s IT department is too competent to allow an older password to remain active for a year.

      He’d bet any amount of money on this fact.

      Oops, it looks like he’s forgetting something. 🙂

      Mr. Niceguy,

      You’re forgetting that this is the same IT department that allowed Keith’s own computer to remain unencrypted (with all kinds of valuable evidence on it) so that the Feds could seize it and read everything, including illegal photos of an underage girl.

      Does that sound like a competent IT department, sir?

      Guess what else?

      NXIVM’s IT department didn’t even teach Keith how to use Windows Bitlocker, which is already a part of the Windows operating system and provides encryption for the entire hard disk with a few clicks. LOL.

      Not only that, but NXIVM’s IT department allowed this to happen WHILE Keith had already fled to Mexico because of a NY Times article that made it clear an investigation was underway, LOL.

      Thus, NXIVM’s IT department KNEW that an investigation was underway and that Keith had fled to Mexico — yet they still left his own computer UNENCRYPTED and laying around the house for the Feds to seize during a raid, LOL.

      Does that sound like a highly competent IT department to you, sir?

      Duh, Niceguy. 🙂

      Oh, and NXIVM’s executives also left $500k cash in a SHOEBOX (lol) just waiting to be seized by feds AFTER Keith had fled to Mexico because he knew an investigation was underway.

      Does that sound like a competent company that takes care of every loose end, sir?

      Duh. 🙂

      You and Heidi can argue that NXIVM was too competent to allow an old password to remain active, but in reality both you and Heidi are not being realistic about NXIVM’s history of SLOPPINESS and INCOMPETENCE regarding computers and other evidence left laying around people’s homes.

      Methinks that you and Ms. Hutchinson aren’t the most critical of thinkers. 🙂

      Try again.

      • Bangkok,

        A computer server is the easiest thing in the world to monitor and administor.

        What you are referring to are disparate elements outside the perview of a server admin.

        Congratulations you trolled me!
        Now Bangkok get back to waxing your taint & cha cha for your Craig’s List date.
        Bangkok you should totally contact Flowers. I am sure she would like to do some pegging with you.

        Have a nice day you little dipshit 😉

    • I know less than nothing about IT but I’ve know since about the age of 8 years that if someone I’m not friends with anymore knows my bike lock combo and it looks like he maybe used it to try to steal my bike, I should prolly change the lock combo.

      • What if you have a video camera fixed on your bike that’s parked in your front yard? If you’re feeling vengeful, maybe you press record, and don’t change the lock combo – especially if the bike isn’t anything special and you don’t care if it’s stolen.

  • Let me get this straight. Toni gets access illegally into nxivm accounts which ultimately leads to John Tighe being arrested for child porn that was possibly planted on his computer?

    • Scott, why are you so concerned about Barb’s flowers.
      Maybe just worry about where you stick your own… uh ….nose. Keep sticking it into someone else’s business, and you just might regret it.

          • Do you feel threatened, Scott? Apparently some of the commenters are concerned for your well-being.
            If a large man in Texas (who probably owns a gun, too) is afraid of a woman who lives thousands of miles away, I would really have to wonder why…..

          • Anonymous,


            You just hit a grand slam ball out of the park home run zinger!!!!!!

            Flowers and Scott have zero sympathy or empathy for anyone except themselves…..

      • I like flowers and deer stew. Don’t worry, she already banned me from her account. I’ve been banned from lots of places. I get my shot(s) in and then don’t have to read the BS any longer. Life is good!

  • Toni probably did only start passing out Mary Jane’s password to others after it looked like she might be in hot water for using it herself back in 2010.

    The timing is suspect as you say and Toni’s always been guarded about sharing intel or sources unless she has reason to.

    Maybe Toni became more emboldened in 2011 after others, including media professionals, had the password and it looked like NX’s days were numbered with the TU expose’ finally coming out.

    I just don’t see Toni as tech-savy or criminal enough to “steal” a private password. …How?

    And why bother with a lower-level person with limited access like Pino if Toni could or would have resorted to thievery?

    I still believe it was another set up amid dozens of other attempts to frame NX “enemies.”

    Does Pino have any explanation for how this alleged password theft took place? Hypnosis? Mind-reading? Break-in? Key logger?

    Also, why didn’t NXIVM simply change Pino’s password after they apparently knew Toni or someone had accessed her account in 2010?

    IDK Mary Jane at all either, btw.

      • Or, they didn’t change the password because they couldn’t believe how lucky they were that their enemies were stupid enough to illegally access their system. Starting with Toni. How she thought it was a good idea to poke around on their website is asinine. I guess I have to believe it actually happened because Toni admits it. And then for others to go and do the same thing because “Toni said that some lady named Mary Jane said it’s cool to use a password given to her seven years ago when she a part of NXIVM.”

        I totally get Joe’s anger and reading how this all went down is pissing me off. I really don’t get how ALL of these NXIVM enemies fell for it. I agree with Heidi that it reeks of a setup. But what it really makes me wonder is if they fell for this, how the hell didn’t they fall into any other NXIVM traps? Could you imagine Frank falling for something like this? I can’t. But everyone else did and then had to watch their careers and freedom dangle in front of their eyes. Because Mary Jane said (or didn’t say) it was cool? I’m a little surprised they didn’t all carpool down to Mexico to sit on that cult panel.

        • I highly doubt NXIVM would willingly compromise the information on their website that could be used to cause others to leave just to go after these people. That would be tantimount to shooting yourself in the head rather than than in the foot.

      • Scott & Nutjob

        On just about any enterprise commercial server a list of users is clearly listed at the Admins request.

        In fact it comes up by default on certain views.

        In my opinion Pino set up Natlie. How else does a technology illiterate individual get ahold of the password.

        Even if Natlie had a key logger Pino would have had to enter the login and password for the other server.

        Why would the password still be good?

        Why would Pino enter the password into her keyboard after she her employment at Nxivm?

        It fairly obvious ,in my opinion, that Pino is the one chiefly lying.

        O’Hara should be as mad at Pino as he is at Natlie.

        • Thanks, niceguy. That’s interesting.

          I’ll say this, anyone could have been used to setup anyone. And if the person was propositioned correctly and with the correct timing, it would be hard to say no to NXIVM leadership.

          Too bad MJ has said her last words on this subject… I’ll say this – if MJ was lying about giving Toni authorization, it would make more sense for her to be silent about it. Who knows (other than Bangcock)?

    • She’s not sophisticated or savvy enough, eh Heidi? 🙂

      She’s too wholesome in your mind, eh?

      Says the gal who previously wrote that Toni didn’t do anything bad by abandoning her son, claiming INCORRECTLY that it was only her ‘stepson’ and that it was normal to ship him back to his dad when she wanted to run off with Scott Foley. LOL.

      You did write that, remember?

      No, Heidi, I don’t consider it ‘normal’ to ship your adopted son away just cuz you wanna fool around with a new man. That’s disgraceful IMO. What kind of loving mom does that?

      After you wrote that, it’s hard to take your comments about Toni as anything but biased drivel.

      PS —- As for your ‘setup’ theory, the only problem is that you seem to think everything is a NXIVM setup.

      Remember? …You honestly think that Denny and Sandweg are following you around LA and fixated on you 24/7, LOL.

      IMO you’re predisposed to view everything in life as a ‘NXIVM setup’ —- and no amount of reason will cure your conspiratorial thoughts.

      Thus, it’s natural that you think Toni’s being setup too.

      Well, at least you’re not claiming that Denny Burke is part of this setup so I guess you’re making some progress in overcoming your NXIVM demons. 🙂

      • Sorry to disappoint you but my only “NXIVM demons” as you allege, “Bangkok, The Retard, Pussy & Pizza sans Garlic” ET AL, only live in the head of my ex-husband, Jeff Apple.

        You, Mr. The Retard, may or may not know or “remember” Jeff Apple but have you met “Tiffany” yet?

        Keith Raniere has. They both used to frequent a gender-free website known as “Private Eyes” back in the early oughts — a place where they engaged in cyber sex quite frequently, apparently. At least according to the key logger report and video my late sister, Gina Hutchinson, showed me before she was suicided.

        And, just for the record, I have NEVER claimed Dennis Burke or John Sandweg were following me ever at all to anyone.

        I believe you are referring to some friends of Jeff Apple and his wife Kym Karath I shall affectionately refer to as the Smell Rods, both of whom were caught on camera tailing me in their vehicles (once with the license plate removed) at different times in different places to pinpoint my location when I was not driving our son’s van his Dad, Jeff Apple, equipped with a tracking device for the same purpose.

      • Joe O’Hara,

        Do you not understand that Natlie was probably setup by Pino?

        I left bunch of comments below with a simple explanation.

        Pino set Natlie up and the rest of you were swept up in the net.

        I do not understand how you and Frank do not see it.

        • In reply to Niceguy.

          As it turned out, NXIVM rarely deleted the usernames and passwords of former students (The exceptions were people like the NXIVM Nine who left as a protest). That’s why Barbara Bouchey was able to use Svetlana Kotlin’s credentials to access the NXIVM website more than 4 months after the NYS Police had seized computers from John Tighe, Toni and me.

          Toni also consulted with several IT experts about a variety of issues. So, I suppose it’s also possible that she had one of them obtain Mary Jane Pino’s credentials.

          Like I said, unless she was bribed or intimidated, I can’t think of any reason why Mary Jane Pino would file a false affidavit. Nor can I think of any reason why she would still be publicly stating that she did not give Toni permission to use her credentials.

          • Joe O’Hara,

            I guess……

            …….When it comes to NXIVM it’s difficult to ascertain where gross incompetence ends and diabolical scheming begins…..

            Thank you for taking the time to reply.

          • To Everyone:

            If anyone has been following along with my posts and Joe O’Hara’s responses……

            Joe pretty much put holes in my logical defense of Toni Natalie.

            I now believe Joe O’Hara’s perspective and opinion on the matter.

            Unless Pino comes forward and changes her story.

    • Heidi,

      I agree Toni is not tech savvy enough.

      In my opinion…….I think Pino fed Toni the password under direction from Raniere and crew.

      Did Pino receive a financial reward for helping NXIVM entrap Toni?

  • Awesome piece of journalism, Joe.

    You have the truth on your side, bro.

    In my own humble opinion, Toni is a disgraceful opportunist who has a habit of using others to further her own agenda.

    Let’s look at what FrankReport has reported so far.

    The following is based upon information taken from articles written by Joe O’hara and Frank Parlato:

    1) Toni allegedly lied to Joe O’hara and John Tighe (about having permission to use a NXIVM password) in order to encourage them to access a computer without permission. She allegedly did this to help cover her own tracks or to at least diffuse responsibility among several people, rather than just having her on the hook.

    2) Toni allegedly participated in a leasing scheme which sought to gain money thru bogus/phantom restaurant equipment that was never bought. Instead, the money was pocketed rather than buying the equipment.

    3) Toni was a top salesperson for Consumers Buyline, a pyramid sham that was shut down by pressure from NY authorities. Toni even made a TV infomercial appearance to encourage helpless victims to invest into that sham (a sham that the NY attorney general deemed an illegal pyramid scheme).

    4) After CBI was shut down, Toni allegedly started 2 more MLM companies which many people here have described as pyramid schemes similar to CBI. Both of those firms also failed. Does that sound like a woman who learned her lesson and changed her ways?

    5) Toni allegedly bailed as a parent by sending her own adopted son back to live with his father — so that she could run away with a new man named Scott, first to Florida then to NY. In my opinion, that’s akin to ditching your son for a man and it’s DISGRACEFUL since there’s no excuse for not wanting to raise your own child. Does that sound like an ethical woman?

    6) Toni was allegedly in charge of 2 restaurants at different times, both of which failed just like her MLM businesses.

    7) Toni allegedly called herself “Queen of the Comp” for making bogus complaints to hotel staff in order to get her room comped or upgraded. She was apparently PROUD of this behavior, since she’s the one who gave herself that nickname according to Frank Parlato.

    8) Toni allegedly ditched her own husband (Rusty) to shack up with a smelly conman named Keith Raniere. Does that sound like an ethical woman? Sounds like an opportunistic woman to me. Sounds like a woman who’ll do anything if she thinks it’ll benefit her, IMO.

    How can her defenders not acknowledge these things?

    Overall, I’d say that Toni’s entire life has been one big OPPORTUNISTIC disgrace.

    She’s now become a woman who hides behind attorneys who visit this forum and give implied threats of legal action — while IRONICALLY using the same tactics that NXIVM used to silence their own critics. Talk about hypocrisy. LOL.

    She is now a public figure (in the eyes of the law) in the context of NXIVM, ESP and Raniere related topics. She has injected herself into this public conversation by appearing on TV, doing media interviews and writing a book.

    Keep it up, Joe. Keep it up, Frank.

    When her book comes out, I’d love to see a chapter by chapter analysis of how truthful it is.

    Don’t let her apologists silence you. 🙂

    • I’m not aware of NXIVM making implied threats of legal action, they were more like when Amway sued me – they just filed a lawsuit without warning. If Frank wasn’t silenced by NXIVM, I doubt that thought has ever entered his mind when it comes to Natalie’s apologists.

    • So now Bangy’s puckered up all over Joe and Frank’s arses [just when did this Francophile affair begin? When Phillipe first moved in?] — long as they’re throwing stones at the bad girls — so obvious you’re a misogynist duchebag, Returd, Bankook, etc. —even more so than the obvious fact you are Jeff Apple ET. AL. stalking me on here just like you do with your tracking devices on our son’s van, etc. — when it was but weeks hence that you were plotting Frank’s demise as an accomplice of mine (or vice-versa) in some nefarious, mysterious act of wrong-doing you’ve tried to setup — GAWD what a deviant among deviants, playing other deviants…I HOPE it’s really Dennis Burke and he needs an alibi. Jeff’ll work, it all fits. Trust me on this Denny. Tell the Salinas’ Jeff’s been trying to mimick them and NXIVM — down to Dennis Burke — to scare me and cover his own fiendish stalker tracks.

        • Quit stalking me Scott😂 .

          As I have said before, these criminals have “followed” me online (which is provable, as I keep screenshots of their bs)… so if you consider that to be stalking, then I guess I am being stalked.

          • Flowers do you ever say the things you post here to people you know – like face to face? You say criminals have followed you online and this is provable with screenshots. Of what do you have proof? You have proven there are other people commenting on blogs or sm? Well, call the police and let them know! Your story gets more convoluted as you continue commenting here on Frank Report.

          • Pudding
            What do I have proof of? I’ve already mentioned that, but to repeat: somebody who posts here created an account (in the name they use here), and then notified me on this other forum.

            I took screenshots to prove it, before they deleted their account.

            I hope this is clear enough for you.

            Btw, I really don’t care, but perhaps people should be aware that there are some apparent stalkers who read this forum.

          • I don’t think it’s a crime by itself, but I believe, if this is being done by the people who targeted me before, then it could be a crime.

            This is why I keep any evidence. I obviously won’t post it, as why would I post something that could potentially expose me to more stalkers?.

          • Flowers – Perhaps you should show all your ‘evidence’ to someone in your real life and get their take on your situation. And how about just giving up the screen name of the person you believe is posting here and then ‘stalks’ you elsewhere.

  • Joe, I am sorry for the ordeals that you and other critics of NXIVM have gone through over the years from this Society of Criminal Con Artists.
    Because of the help received by NXIVM from corrupt New York State officials and the equally corrupt New York State Bar, this criminal gang was able to terrorize the Albany region for almost 20 years and spread its poison to California, Vancouver, Mexico and Europe.

    Your post makes it abundantly clear that the NDNY MUST step in and start prosecuting the NXIVM gangsters for the crimes they committed in New York.
    All of the NXIVM gangsters, even those partially tried in the EDNY.

    As it stands right now, it appears that the Bronfman sisters and the Salinas family together with the Salzmans and other assorted true believers in NXIVM are merely lying low waiting for the storm to die down so they can revive the criminal gang.

    Should that happen, it would be a crying shame.

  • Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares; Assistant Albany County District Attorney David Rossi; New York State Police Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp; NXIVM leaders Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman; and three members of the O’Connell & Aronowitz law firm: Steve Coffey, Mike McDermott and Pam Nichols.

    Question. All these people, for the love of money, had people locked up, kept in litigations under false charges to bankrupt them? I understand that the Bronfman sisters paid for this organization to run. Is there a way to prove Nxivm monies paid these officials off? I’m not saying they did of course. Or are these law enforcers members of the cult also? Maybe taken classes?

  • It’s too bad she won’t communicate on here so we can read her side of the story. Looking at the dates, it’s crazy to see how long she deceived you. It seems this is what she thrives on. It makes me wonder what this lady is trying to hide. She has gone through great lengths conniving her way through life proudful by the sounds of it. She is attached to Raniere like the devil is attached to this earth. She can’t help it. I mean look how old she is and she’s still deceiving people. Will anyone be there to video this panel discussion?

    • Youtuber Jason Bermas video’d the last Times Union NXIVM panel in its entirety and released it. (it’s still there for anyone who wants to view it). So my guess is that if he is aware of it, he and his crew will be there. Might want to advise him in comments on his channel i you think it’s important to cover, because you can pretty much bet that will be the only publicly-accessible video footage.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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