Police and Coroner Were Looking for [and Only for] Evidence of Suicide – in the Case of Gina Hutchinson

Gina Hutchinson

Gina Hutchinson died around 11 PM on October 11, 2002.  I am investigating her death, almost 17 years after the fact.

I have her diary – courtesy of her sister, Heidi. It gives some clues – particularly about what she describes as “the Keith problem.” [Later we will get into her diary in more detail].

I also have the police reports of her death and I recently obtained her autopsy – thanks again to Heidi – who gave permission to Ulster County to release it.

Image result for ulster county new york
Ulster County – where Woodstock is – and where Gina’s body was found – is mainly rural with the Catskill mountain range running through it.

I have been to the place where her body was found – even taking the route she would have most likely driven from the motel she stayed at in Clifton Park  – to the long – long – winding road up to the remote Buddhist monastery grounds not far from rural Woodstock, New York.

I was amazed that a suicidal woman would make such a drive – even one she had made many times before – planning the whole time for a suicide – up the winding narrow road – up the hill.

I have interviewed various people who knew Gina and others who knew Keith – including three women who were around Keith – at different times – when he supposedly “learned” the news that Gina was dead.

Frankly, there are some inconsistencies in their reports – since he seemed to have acted surprise at least twice at different times.  Of course, in asking people to recall things years after the fact, there is the possibility that memories fade and recollections can be wrong.

Heidi tells a story that at the hotel where Gina last stayed  – Coco’s Motel – the clerk told her that four exceedingly slender women came to visit Gina [who was also exceedingly slender] – two nights before she died.   They came to her room and went inside.

One seemed older than the others.

Also – and suspiciously – Heidi says that Gina switched rooms the next day and took a room with a hot tub. I asked Heidi if Gina had any special fondness for hot tubs. She said no, not particularly.

Toni Natalie had once told me that when she was with Keith and they traveled, Keith always insisted that she arrange for a room with a hot tub. He would not stay in a room without a hot tub.

It is also known that in Keith’s so-called library on 8 Hale Drive, there was a hot tub on the second floor – it was one of the central features of the fairly small townhouse. [In fact, it almost fell through the floor after Raniere was arrested.]

Keith loved hot tubs. Gina was reportedly not so fond of hot tubs.  Did Keith visit Gina on the night before her death?

There is another peculiarity about Gina even staying at a motel in Clifton Park. At the time, her home was just a few miles away.  She lived with her elderly aunt, Mary Ketz [now deceased]. Gina did not need to rent a room in a motel just to have a place to sleep.

gh 261 lapp
Gina lived at 261 Lapp Road in Clifton Park with her aunt Mary Ketz.

Maybe she needed privacy.

Was it to arrange for her death, or was it to meet with Keith or others of Nxivm?

Which brings us to another question – was Gina regularly meeting Keith – secretly during this time?

We know she was not pregnant at the time of her death. The autopsy tells us that.

We also believe she was [statutorilyy] raped as a teen, perhaps as young as 14 years old by Raniere – based on Heidi’s account of catching him leaving Gina’s bedroom. [and other evidence, including hearsay reports of her relationship with Keith that were told to me by women Gina purportedly told].

Heidi HutchinsonHeidi said [read her account here] “He had sex with her, became her mentor, had her quit school to be tutored by him, and claimed she was born to be his ‘consort’ and achieve enlightenment as a Buddhist goddess through him.”

We also suspect Keith raped other teenage girls and at least one pre-teenage girl [Rhiannon- at age 12].

Rhiannon was 12 and still wearing braces when Keith started raping her.

Gina was likely in Clifton Park the night before she died.  Police found the motel key in her pocket. Which immediately raises the question – why did she take the Clifton Park motel key with her to Woodstock? Was she planning to come back?

It is not known if she left any possessions behind in her motel room and the police report is silent on this.  Her car was found on the side of the road about 500 feet or so from where the body was found.

Police Decided at Once That Gina Committed Suicide

They did not investigate this death with the thought that there might be foul play.

I asked a crime scene investigator if police knew then what we know now about Keith Raniere would the investigation have gone differently.

She thought yes.

If she had been investigating – and had she known that Keith Raniere likely raped Gina as a child – even though it was almost two decades earlier – and that he was still possibly involved in her life [he, a cult leader], she might have suspected that Keith had a hand in her death.

She would have treated it – on that basis alone – as worthy to be investigated as possibly something other than suicide.

This would have changed the way the autopsy was done and, of course, changed the way police investigated the death scene.

For instance, in the autopsy, there is no mention if there was gunshot residue on Gina’s finger – from her pulling the trigger.

Image result for gunshot residue on hands

When a gun goes off, a cloud of fine particles covers the hands of the shooter – leaving behind a bit of the rare element antimony on the hands.  Forensic labs can examine skin swabs and clothing with an electron microscope to look for tiny gunpowder particles.

This apparently was not done.

Image result for 20 gauge shotgun length

The gun that killed Gina was a 20 gauge pump-action shotgun – and a single shell was fired from it.

If Gina really pulled the trigger, a test would have proven it.  That test was not done apparently.

They assumed she pulled the trigger.

If the police had known that a cult leader and sex trafficker, Keith Raniere, had some influence on Gina – [a strong and long influence] they would have likely had Dr. Walter Dobushak – who did the autopsy – up in Ulster County – do some additional testing.

He would have likely tested her hands and fingers to see if Gina pulled the trigger.

Gina Hutchinson

Police might have also tested Keith’s hands  – although I personally doubt he pulled any trigger – he would have had someone else do that for him.

It May Have Been a Hybrid  — Suicide and Murder

Keith was not likely there. Maybe no one was with Gina when she died.  But he may have talked her into it. He had enormous control of the women he abused as we have seen.

Toni Natalie likes to call herself “Patient Zero” – but, in reality, Gina preceded Toni by more than a decade.

There is no doubt that Keith, who likely raped Gina when she was 14 or 15, then promised to marry her, then proceeded to have sex with some of her other teenage girlfriends [it was a horrible moment when Gina discovered that – according to two sources around at the time] – had a gripping and destructive influence on Gina – throughout her teenage and adult life.

She was A Goddess Keith Said

Her sister tells the story of how Keith persuaded Gina that she was a Buddhist goddess reincarnated on earth to be his consort in life. [He was, therefore, I assume, telling her that he was a Buddhist god or perhaps the Buddha himself reincarnated to save the world].

Gina seems to have believed this [at least some of the time]. It is likely no coincidence that her body was found at a Buddhist monastery – and with a Buddha medallion in her pocket.

She was found in the woods in a lonely place by a small pond – on the grounds of the Buddhist monastery.

gh 2
Gina’s body was found by the side of a pond [upper middle of picture] on the expansive mountainside grounds of the KTD Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. Her car was parked on the road above the pond – which was downhill about 500 feet from the road and about 30 -40 feet lower in elevation.
gh 3
The pond is about 175 feet by 200 feet.

The irony is this – Keith told Gina for years that she was the Buddhist goddess Shyama [Green] Tara. And that she would attain nirvana and be able to help others more fully – only after she died.  She would have to shed her corporeal body in order to attain her true godhood.

Image result for shyama tara
Shyama Tara

She must make this sacrifice to be the mother of all humanity.

He would say when. But he made suicide seem a dignified thing to this teenage girl and reinforced it often throughout her life. She was 33 when she died.

Sometimes, he would send her images of suicide for her to look at and comment on. He would take her to movies with destructive death scenes or themes of suicide.

He would wax destructive on the virtue of suicide – using his now infamous teachings from his Rational Inquiry module on suicide -– posing the question – “Is suicide always wrong? When could it be the right thing to do?” [Just like in his Human Experiment Module 9 – he asks – “Is sex with children wrong if the child enjoys it? or if they come from a country where parents have sex with their children as part of the culture” {I have yet to identify such a country}]

He Was a Devious Monster

It may have been sport – he needn’t have had a serious reason – to encourage Gina to commit suicide. He may have wanted to experience the joy of getting a woman to commit suicide simply because he told her to do it.

To have sex with her the night before – and then using his power of hypnosis and suggestion – to get her to commit suicide.

He won by having the most joy.

Keith Alan Raniere [pre Vanguard] in the 1990s. He later coined a saying he taught to his followers – “He who has the most joy wins.”
Whether he encouraged Gina to commit suicide was never investigated.  It may not have been illegal to talk someone into suicide then.

Maybe it ought to be and a woman recently was convicted for texting her boyfriend repeatedly, encouraging him to kill himself. After he did as instructed – she was charged and convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

The case is being appealed to the US Supreme Court – on the constitutional grounds of free speech.

Image result for girl who texted boyfriend to kill himself
Michelle Carer was sentenced to 15 months in jail in August 2017 for talking her 18-year-old boyfriend via texts to kill himself. The charge was involuntary manslaughter. She was 17 years old at the time of her boyfriend’s death. The judge gave her a 2.5-year sentence. He also sentenced her to five years of probation.

Did Keith Meet Gina at a Motel to Give Her His Final Teachings?

Keith might have gone over to the motel where Gina was staying – replete with a hot tub. He often met women in those days in motels and hotels.  It is reported that his trysting place with Sara Bronfman was at swanky hotels.

Reportedly – because he was living in a small townhouse – at 3 Flintlock Lane – with several women at the time – and did not yet have his bachelor pad [library] at 8 Hale Drive at the time – he would have had Gina get a motel room if they wanted to meet privately.

And, of course, he would not have wanted anyone to know of their clandestine meeting [except perhaps a few of his inner circle] if he was hoping to persuade her to kill herself.

So why did she have the motel key with her – a two-hour drive by car – where her body was found – if she was not planning to come back?  Could she have been physically assisted in her suicide with something more than subliminal suggestions?

Was she murdered?

The body was found lying on the ground near the pond. The gun tucked under her jacket with the nozzle at the side of her head inside her hoodie. She was wearing all black.

A model – the same height and weight – demonstrates the positioning of the gun. Curiously, the model had a difficult [but not impossible] time reaching the trigger.
The police and the autopsy report concluded Gina killed herself by sticking the barrel of the shotgun inside her mouth and shooting upwards – the buckshot blew into her brain and instantly killed her.

There was a curious oversight – although not surprising given the police were certain it was suicide.

Image result for 20 gauge shotgun bullet pellets

Image result for 20 gauge shotgun bullet pellets


There are a number of pellets in each bullet used for a shotgun.

In a murder or suspicious death – the police and the coroner would look to find every pellet. What killed Gina was a Winchester 20 gauge shotgun shell.  That type of shell has 18 pellets inside the shell.

The autopsy report says they found “numerous” pellets in Gina’s brain, and in the scarf she wore on her heard and some were lodged in her hood.  Curiously they did not account for all 18 pellets. Instead, they were content to report they found “numerous pellets” without saying exactly how many.

Now here is why this is important.

If they were looking to find every pellet [common in murder investigations], they would have scoured the ground around her body to ensure they found all the pellets.

This would have helped prove that she actually died at the place where the body was found. If some of the pellets went beyond her hood – as seems likely – then some of them should have been recovered on the ground around her.  No effort apparently was made to recover any pellets outside the body.

If she was murdered – as implausible as that may sound – finding any missing pellets around her body might have confirmed that she died where her body was found.

Footprints Not Mentioned

Another thing that would have been investigated – and there is no mention of it in the police report – was a search for footprints – Gina’s and others’ footprints which might have indicated whether or not Gina was alone.

It might have also indicated if the body was moved or carried to the location.

Women Rarely Commit Suicide with Shotguns

Women – it has been demonstrated in numerous studies – rarely use guns and even more rarely use shotguns – with a barrel in their mouth – to commit suicide.

In fact, women rarely use guns at all. That is a more masculine method.  Women who commit suicide generally use less violent methods, such as drugs and carbon monoxide poisoning, than do men, who more often use violent methods such as guns and hanging.

And when women do use guns – it is usually because they are long-time gun owners.  It is rare indeed for a non-gun owning woman to go buy a gun and use it to blow her brains out.  It does not mean Gina did not use a gun. It might have even been Keith’s suggestion.

A shotgun could be bought at a department store without any fuss or licensing. Any adult could buy one.  But her sister says Gina never owned a gun. She was a pacifist and not a hunter.

Maybe it was a sudden decision to die [perhaps decided the night before] and buying a gun was easier to obtain than poison.

The official story is she put the gun under her jacket and stuck the barrel in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

She was 5’7” and a quite thin 110 pounds. [Indeed they found a pack of gum in her pockets – just like the semi starved DOS women – much later – always carrying gum with them].

Curiously, there was no test made to determine if her arms were long enough to reach the trigger.

Image result for frank report gina hutchinson
Gina Hutchinson did not have a chance in life against the controlling and vicious Keith Alan Raniere who allegedly first raped her when she was 14 or 15. He was 23 or 24 at the time.


Gina Hutchinson was 14 or 15 when the course of her life brought her into the orbit of Keith Raniere.

Of course, she might have used a twig if her arms were not long enough to pull the trigger.

But we don’t know because the police never measured her arms to determine if they were long enough to pull the trigger while the barrel was inserted two inches inside her mouth.

We are also uncertain – there seems to be no mention in the autopsy or police report – of whether she was standing or lying down when she purportedly pulled the trigger. The angle of the head would have been different standing or lying down. This was never examined.

One thing the autopsy seemed to have determined is that – based on her injuries – the barrel of the gun was inside her mouth when the trigger was pulled.  It was also ascertained that she did not have drugs in her system – other than ibuprofen.

But in the world of Raniere – as evidenced by so many women doing so many crazy things – she did not need drugs to harm herself.

Another troubling thing is that someone called the police to report Gina was missing – it is not entirely clear from the reports who this was – but this person claimed Gina was depressed about the recent passing of her mother.  That she was chronically depressed.

Her depression may have been chronic – as is the case of many Raniere women. He promised them joy and gave them depression.  But claiming the mother died recently is curious.  Her mother did not die recently – she had died about two years earlier.

Gina had done many things in between. She had traveled to India – and lived in California.  She was making a documentary. She was not seen as someone who had no reason to live and so depressed about her mother dying that she did not want to live.

Raniere and His Harem

A group ceremony involving the eight first line slaves and Raniere was planned just before Raniere was arrested. All of these women were expected not to have sex with any other man the rest of their lives.

Raniere for years kept a harem. He demanded that all of them be monogamous with him while he could have sex with any and all.

No one owned his penis – his harem women taught newcomers into the harem. {But he owned their vaginas.]

He told his women that if they strayed and were touched by another man – especially by that man’s semen – it would destroy the perfection of their sublime and spiritual relationship.

Once the DNA – he said – of another man – via his semen – entered or even touched the body – it would irrevocably change the woman – and potentially the course of history. [It might even kill him, he said.]

Raniere believed or said he believed that once his own sacred semen touched a woman – that she became his forevermore.

Camila Fernandez started having sex with Keith Raniere when she was 15 in 2005 [or possibly younger.] The sickening texts [read in court] between Keith and Cami – when she was in her 20s  – show the extraordinary and it seems insane jealousy he had because she had sex with another man.
We have read the despair and lunacy Keith had toward Camila Fernandez [she often thought of suicide she admitted in her texts] because Cami had slept with Robbie Chiappone and Keith found out about it and harassed her for years. He lamented about how she had destroyed everything he had hoped for, dashed his dreams and probably destroyed the advancement of human civilization for the next 10,000 years.

Keith often spoke of his own death – and the agony he said he felt because his virgin Camila had consumed another man’s semen.

His whole future, he said, was ruined and he might die without leaving the impress of his DNA on the world.

Cami became alarmingly depressed over her terrible mistake and tried to rectify it by trying to find him an [underage] virgin to replace herself.

Gina Had a Boyfriend

It is reported that Gina slept with another young man after Keith. She had not remained a total slave to Raniere.  She even defied him over the years by leaving him for periods of time and going on with her own life. She was far from a perfect harem member.

When Keith first found out she had had sex with another, he went berserk – just like with Cami, sources told me.

She had been a virgin when she was raped by Keith. And when she found someone closer to her own age and had sex with him, Keith freaked out and punished her – for years.

He said she had ruined everything – forever [just like he later did with Cami]. And all his hopes for a better, nobler civilization were dashed by her one act.

All was lost.

His DNA would now become extinct for the future – for he could not have a child with her.

The most noble, ethical man, the highest intellect, the greatest thinker, the most compassionate man ever – greater than the Buddha or Christ – his DNA would die out – he told Gina – because she could not have his avatar baby – and, thus, he would have no successor.

He continued on that theme with her for years [like he did with Cami]. When she asked him how she could atone – he said there is but one way – to become Shyama Tara – and shed the mortal coil – sources told me he said to the victim.

To end this present and highly flawed life – and ascend to the goddess and await rebirth – was the only way out.

Sometimes, she believed him and other times she sought to escape him and his madness.

Witness Accounts of Keith’s Reaction to Gina’s Death

It is reported by three witnesses who were there at different timeswhen Keith supposedly got news of Gina’s death – that he acted surprised.  He said if only he had been more in Gina’s life, he might have saved her.

He acted sad. One said a tear came to his eye.  Maybe he was genuinely surprised – at least one of the times.

He said he had not seen Gina in years.

Yet, was that true?

She rented a room – it is said – with a hot tub the night before she died.  And Keith loved hot tubs – not Gina.

Was She Murdered?

For Keith to murder Gina, he might have had to have a motive.  Was she threatening him? Threatening to reveal his rape of her years earlier?

Keith was just in the process of reeling in the Bronfman sisters – which would change his life – from one where his women had to earn money for him – to one where he could – if he played it right – have all the wealth he needed – regardless if ESP [Nxivm] made money or not.

Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman – during the early days with Keith Raniere. They are on stage lauding his greatness.
He did not need Toni Natalie to steal for him. Or Barbara Bouchey to lend him money. He did not need to live within Pam Cafritz’s $20,000 per month allowance.  With the Bronfmans, he could do everything he wanted – when he wanted.

And they were being reeled in at the time of Gina’s death. Slowly indoctrinated into the Keith is God or nearly-a -god attitude they would soon adopt.

They had not given the big money yet – but they were being worked – and worked hard – by Nancy Salzman and Keith – and if Gina was getting in the way – that would have been a motive for murder for a man like Keith, I believe.

Did he go to Woodstock with her? Highly unlikely.  Did any of his harem go there? Possibly.

Did he hire a man or men to do the foul deed?

It is not hard to hire hit-men. It may be unlikely but I don’t think Keith would have had any moral scruples against it.

Six and half years later he told Barbara Bouchey on camera that he had ‘people killed for his beliefs – and for theirs.’

A friend of Toni Natalie – who knew Toni and Keith at the time they were working as partners – told me that Keith often used that line when trying to intimidate others – including him.

Image result for raniere people killed for my beliefs
Keith Raniere said in his now-infamous video that he has had people killed for his beliefs and for theirs. Was one of those people Gina Hutchinson?

Missing From the Investigation

A lot was not done at the death scene because everyone was certain it was a suicide by a depressed person saddened by the recent death of her mother.

Nothing was mentioned – not a word about Raniere.  And why should they – Keith was unknown at the time. He was largely under the radar.  The Albany Times Union was just sniffing him out and the damning Forbes article did not come out until a year later.

Raniere makes the cover of Forbes Magazine in October 2003

In October 2002, a 33-year-old woman – who once was a girl allegedly raped by Raniere – who then held her in his orbit until the last day – it seems – of her life –was found dead with a shotgun in her mouth.

The natural thought then was she killed herself.

Today, we don’t know. Sometimes, a grave will open and from it, new evidence may appear.

There may be some still living who might be able to shed light on the matter.

MK10ART’s portrait of the Rat.

An anonymous poster on John Tighe’s defunct blog – Saratoga in Decline – back in 2010 – and calling herself The Rat – [I am pretty sure now that I have identified the Rat] – had a story to tell about the death of Gina Hutchinson.

The Rat wrote [her punctuation and spelling] ” i see my responsibiy in the deaths of  {Gina] in the monistary and [Kristin Snyder] in AK. He did not kill, I did for him. I put the idea in thier heads. It was suicide, so it could not be linked to me and keith. But we still encouraged it to happen.

“… I think if someone looks into [Gina] (who was under age) and those other teenagers that worked for CBI they will see that he is a molester. That is what bothers me above all. Murder is one thing, thier lives are over. When you take advantage of girls who work for you and play video games in an emtpy warehouse after hours (Keith knows what I am talking about) that is sick…..

[I have identified a woman who I strongly suspect is the Rat. We have spoken several times about her own victimization and escape from Nxivm. I hope to identify her to readers in the near future after further discussion with her.]

The Rat said in her anonymous post in 2010 that Gina’s death was, in effect, an assisted or an encouraged suicide. She even uses the word “murder.”   We will have more on this later.

In the meantime, we have more questions than answers concerning the death of Gina Hutchinson.

Stay tuned…

MK10 ART- Keith Alan Raniere had a fondness for young women.

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  • There’s “no reply” under some of these posts (thank you all for your thoughts, btw) and to those of us thinking about the original inner-circle members Gina was close with:

    Two are also dead, the others are in hiding and barely escaped with their lives. Gina’s potential murder or assisted suicide may well be one of the reasons for that.

    And, yes, of course if I could turn back time I’d have not only reported but kicked Keith’s balls just a bit harder than I once did.

      • Yes, for you Peaches.

        One night we were stranded during a snowstorm at #3 Flintlock Lane following an NLP training session with Keith.

        I fell asleep alone in an upstairs bedroom I was offered. Keith gifted me with a book on NLP that night. I dozed off studying it and woke up with a start hours later to Keith’s hand creeping very stealthfully up my leg. Once I fully awoke to what was happening, I pushed Keith off and leapt out of bed but as he was scrambling up from the floor where he landed he made a move backing me onto the bed again. I screamed for help but no one responded and he didn’t stop advancing. I was cornered between him and the bed and that’s when my reflexes took over and I inadvertently kicked him square in the nuts and ran out. He went down wailing. Wasn’t a hard kick but apparently on target. A couple of unmentionable young ladies I was shocked were there in the townhouse ran past me to Keith’s aid.

        I highly recommend Taekwondo. Lots of on-target practice and you’d be surprised how well those reflexes kick in when you need them.

  • Re the police suicide recreation:

    There is an episode of the nonfiction tv show forensic files or City confidential where a suicide by shotgun case was botched and it turns out to be a murder.

    I always assumed Gina killed her self with a handgun.

    Shotgun is an easier gun purchase but still strange for a woman to do.

  • I don’t see how this could be a murder.

    According to this article, it sounds like the barrel of the gun was inside her hoodie (as though she had zipped the hoodie closed around it) and the end of the gun had been placed inside her mouth.

    Obviously no one could be forced into this position, and since the toxicology report found no drugs in her system , she had not been drugged into unconsciousness and then placed into this position.

    The police did the standard tests in the situation, and didnt investigate further because they know the position she was found is typical of suicides by shotgun.

    The coroner could easily tell if her body had been moved after death, and so obviously it had not.

    If Raniere had coerced her into suicide, the police reports of the death scene and the autopsy results will probably not provide any answers.

  • What I’d like to know is why Hutchinson didn’t tell law enforcement when she knew her underage sister was being f*cked by Raniere in 1984 and/or after she committed suicide. The remainder of Raniere’s saga may have never occurred.

    • Probably for similar reasons dozens of others didn’t go to law enforcement when they found out about Raniere’s relationships with underaged girls. I’d bet many of those dozens would choose a different path if you’re granting do-overs. Not sure if you’re new to FR or not, but I’d bet shadow’s rent money that Heidi will do a few things differently if that time capsule ever starts working.

        • My apologies. I didn’t recognize your name. You have a radio show?

          Similar reasons like – They trusted Raniere and didn’t want to snitch. They put their head in the sand and hoped they were doing the correct thing. They weren’t exactly sure if inappropriate stuff was happening and didn’t properly investigate. They thought Keith was a good,ethical, human and good, ethical, humans, wouldn’t do something bad like that. Bottom line – they screwed up.

          • Nutjob,

            Didn’t you know…….Scott has the only radio show on the internet that is not actually broadcast on the airwaves whatsoever?

            PS I noticed you, like myself, have given up debating Shadowstate regarding Allison Mack.

          • Niceguy – Weren’t you, Mitch Garrity, and Heidi all on Scott’s buddy’s podcast?

            I’m hoping that if I ignore shadow (rather than being one of the 100 commenters tossing well deserved insults towards him and his therapist), that I won’t perpetuate Frank’s issue of goading shadow into producing more fanboy/madstalker Allison articles.

          • How can you consider a 25 year old man who climbs tbe windows of a 15 year-old girl, for the purpose of having sex with her, to be ethical? Why would anyone, anywhere, ever assume that behaviour to be ethical???

          • Hi Flowers. How are you? If you’re quoting me, that’s not what I typed. But glad you don’t think it’s ok for 25yr old men to climb into windows of 15yo girls for the purpose of sex. Other than Keith, I don’t think anyone reading this blog thinks that’s ok.

          • I declined appearing on Scott Johnson’s two-can — and even less listeners — podcast bc his archives include several anti-Semitic, racist shows. I.E. he is a bigoted asshole who’s been banned from Twitter and should be from banned from this blog as well, IMHO.

          • Nutjob
            Your reading comprehension and your memory are both failing…

            “They thought Keith was a good, ethical, human and good, ethical, humans, wouldn’t do something bad like that. Bottom line – they screwed up.”


            I never suggested that you believed that to be true. I asked a rhetorical question – the question is how could anyone ignore the fact that Keith is a perv, and just make the assumption that he is “ethical”.. ??

            Sorry, “Nutty one” but if that had been my sister, I would have reported him to the police.

    • Scott,

      Since I have been following Frank Report you keep bringing up that question.

      Heidi already answered your question.

      The only reason you bring it up now is to be a f*cking asshole and to cause Heidi pain.

      Scott and I thought you had turned over a new leaf……

    • I’m sure in hindsight she wishes she did. It is strange to me that she wasn’t more protective of her sibling at the time. At least she is honoring Gina by helping Frank.

    • …Overlooking the facts, as usual, that RHIANON, A 12 YEAR OLD CHILD who was raped repeatedly and forcible by Keith Raniere DID contact the police. But maybe Schlock’s right and they would have taken me a lot more seriously than Rhianon and her mother even with Gina “consenting” and older, arrested Keith on the spot and locked him up for life where no harm would ever have come to anyone…..and they all might have lived happily ever after in Scooter’s fairy land.

      • Rhianon waited 2-3 years to report the rape and refused to wear a wire to provide adequate arrest evidence, in legal terms it’s called probable cause. Police rarely make an arrest with a mere accusation, especially if it is the first accusation. Raniere statutorily raped (f*cked) your underage sister several years BEFORE he statutorily raped (f*cked) Rhiannon. It’s a stupid excuse that you should remain quiet in case the police don’t do what you want them to do in Hutchinson’s fairy land.

  • Does anyone know the make and model of shotgun used?

    I just would like to know the barrel length.

    There has been at least one incident where the police did not properly reconstruct a murder scene involving a suicide with a shotgun. It turned out a woman had actually been murdered by her husband.

    • Length? Why?

      You don’t need arms or hands to pull the trigger.

      You can use your toe to do the job. Was she barefoot? I didn’t read the whole article but she probably was.

      Police are swamped and have tons of suicides that don’t get investigated as murders. This isn’t a TV show.

      Frank is doing a good job but there’s not much to see here IMO.

      Besides, if somebody was REALLY there (and is one of Frank’s sources) then why the fuck can’t they tell Frank who was there with Gina and who really did what.

      Frank seems to be relying on hearsay from people who hate Keith but who weren’t actually there.

      Frank doesn’t seem to have a SINGLE fact about WHO was there and WHY she was there, other than the likely scenario that the police already filed it as.

      Speculation isn’t worth much.

      Every single family member from every suicide victim claims that there’s no way their relative would have committed suicide. Yet 99% of the time that’s exactly what happened. Maybe it is what police say.

      Even if it wasn’t suicide, no participant is gonna talk to Frank cuz Frank can’t give them immunity from being charged with a crime. Not gonna happen. Nobody is gonna trust Frank with their freedom, no matter how trustworthy he might be.

      I’m not being mean by saying that, I’m just stating an obvious fact.

      • Bangkok,

        Thank you Bangkok. She had her shoes on moron.


        So Bangkok how did you know Heidi Hutchinson was camped out in front of her house again?

        I think I missed the explanation.

        Frank should take the time to explain the obvious to Heidi and her family for their own safety.

  • I grew up in that region of New York state and I remember those long, dark, winding roads with thick woods on both sides.

      • There is something I don’t like about the fact that he died at the age of 33.

        The number 33 is a cabalistic number, widely used by Satanists and sorcerers for many things, also it is said that the Illuminati and that they are satanic in their nucleus use this number a lot, it is assumed that they have 33 degrees in their pyramid of gearchy, like the freemasons and the Skull & Bones.

  • I would have thought that the coroner would have had a standard set of tests to complete, even if he thought that it was a case of suicide. Surely testing the hands for gunshot residue would be normal practice for ANY shooting victim. As you say, it is very rare for a woman to commit suicide in this way. One thing that I believe is that women would not want to disfigure their looks, even in death. From the way Heidi has described Gina, she would appear to have been a caring, considerate person and would not have wanted to inconvenience anyone. Surely if she had planned to take her own life she would have left her motel key behind. Everything about Gina’s death screams foul play.

    • I agree, it sounds like a terribly investigated case…maybe on purpose or maybe due to incompetence but the many shady details around this case make the investigation suspiciously wrongfully handled…

      For the shotgun suicide, While I agree it’s rare, it’s statistically rare …that doesn’t mean it never or will never happen.

      But what Heidi said makes it even more shady (not shady on Heidi side, i Believe fully what she say but on the investigation side)

      While Gina could have committed suicide, why choose Something she is against !? why a gun?

      The Rat is also an interesting point of this case…Normally, authorities would investigate to find who is the Rat and verify the allegations but if i understand properly, Nothing was done…yet again

      Frank, for once, i’m forced to say that this is helpfull…this is investigative report.

      Heidi, i’m really sorry for your loss and i’m further impressed by your strength now that i know more about what you go through

      Wish you the best in the future and hopefully, if it’s murder, you’ll get the justice (for Gina, for you and your family) you trully deserve.

  • Thank you, Frank. Beautiful.

    This is already beyond any hope I’ve ever had of anyone getting close to the truth about Gina’s death or the hell she lived after being raped and tormented for decades thereafter by her rapist, Keith Alan Raniere.

    This is part of an on-going, painstaking investigation Frank’s gratefully undertaken for “Discovery,” being produced by Ample Entertainment on all “The Lost Women of NXIVM.”

    Please, if you have any further information or evidence, please contact Frank Parlato immediately for inclusion in this documentary. Frank keeps all his sources who request to be anonymous, very ANONYMOUS.

    I’m a bit shocked myself reading this to learn of some obvious ESP / NXIVM insider sources who are corroborating my suspicions.

    I know how hard Frank’s worked for this on a grueling schedule, through Alaskan fires no less, and if this article alone represents the result…WOW, Frank, God Bless You!

  • I was read one by one your reports, and Cami, no only touhgt to commit suicide, she tray to commit..can you investígate this more, poor girl…

    • Cami, bless her heart, may really need more help and support from, especially, her family after what they all went through. How sweet of you to bring FR reader’s attention to her. I think Keith had her and maybe Dani, too, at the brink of the same place Gina fell to, if she wasn’t pushed or actually murdered. Cami is lucky Keith is out of her life and I hope out of her head & heart. Takes time to wake up and realize…💖

      • Heidi,

        Let me spell it out for you…
        …… Bangkok has been by your house that’s how he knew you were camped out, outside your home.

        I promise not to bring it up again.

  • No doubt about it, Keith is a sadist.

    I noted what a sneering little ape like male he is from viewing videos of him.
    His body language, and tonality of voice, always shows it.
    How did these folks stay for years? I see why Nancy did…money. Her daughters because she helped groom them for Keith.
    But the men, and women, who hung around for years….some of them should have, could have left. The cognitive dissonance was too apparent.

    Keith pushed the sex with children bit because it is the final taboo. If he could get them to accept that he could get them to accept anything.

    Sadly Gina is similar to Lisa McPherson of Scientology. Both were hounded by the group to their death.

    • Raniere didn’t do this by himself, he had a small number of evil women who helped him. Two of them died of cancer about three years ago and another one, Karen U., probably flipped and helped get the others prosecuted.

      • I doubt Karen flipped…It would have been revealed somehow in court…She is probably still supporting Nxivm (it’s paying for her house after all)

          • And I agree for the first part…but for the second, the rat apparently had remorses…i doubt Karen U. know the meaning of this word (at least, not anymore)…

            20years of life-destroying changes a lady.

    • “But the men, and women, who hung around for years….some of them should have, could have left. The cognitive dissonance was too apparent.”
      Shows that you don’t understand how cults really work….

      Should have left, definitely but they couldn’t…Especially not with Nxivm.

      And the cognitive dissonance (as you call it) can be counteracted (once the person is pulled away from the cult)
      Nobody is lost, never.

      But as long as people are kept in the “environment” of the cult, they will not be able to be “cured”

  • I won’t pass judgment just yet on how and why Gina died.
    But I will wish Heidi that she finds the real truth of what happened that night in Ulster County and that Heidi receives some measure of closure.

  • Could Pam and Barb that passed away been 2 of the “skinnys” who were part of the possible assisted suicide / murder? Could that be why Keith cared less about their treatment so they could never talk? Who were the other two? Did Keith have plans for them also? Are they still alive and would rather not discuss this incident for fear of doing time? Did Gina’s documentary involve Nxivm at all or did Keith fear it might in some way? This excellent article helps to raise a lot of questions.

    • I’d put money on Pam and Barb being two of the skinny visitors. I hope Kristin Keeffe opens up to Frank about what she knows.

    • I would imagine that Pam and Barb were two of the visitors. I find it strange that both died of cancer while relying on Keith’s “tech” to cure them. Then Nancy also contracted cancer but received medical treatment – maybe because Keith was in jail and the milky white fluid was unavailable. Is it possible that Nancy was one of the four visitors? Could it be possible that all three were poisoned in some way in an attempt to get rid of the women who knew too much? If this was the case, the fourth visitor would be likely to have left NXIVM and unknowingly escaped the same fate.

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