Jeffrey Epstein: On the Other Hand – Sometimes a Building Is Much More Than a Building

Jeffrey Epstein

By Tracy


So many theories.

What is truth and what is conjecture?

Little St James Island is indeed a very strange place, perfectly positioned to reach nearby countries by plane in one run.

Little St. James Island

Imaginations are running wild after the Rusty drone footage.

However, it has been on some truthseekers radar for several years.

What is down them damn tunnels which incidentally have now been filled in?

What nefarious activities have taken place below that temple?

Temple On Little St. James Island

I don’t know!

Was Chandler on the Lolitta Express with Clinton? I thought that had been debunked 2 years ago along with that Pizzagate.

I think we do know a few facts about Epstein and yes two of them are: he was a rancid pedophile and a blackmailer.

The whole island was covered in video cameras and them god damn vents look suspicious along with the sundial.

Epstein is multifaceted and I think there is a grain of truth in the tunnels and rooms were used for experiments. This guy was very interested in science, bad science, genetics, and the human brain, actively involved in evolutionary dynamics pumping megabucks into programmes. So, I would be looking in that direction.

But could it be a drug trafficking operation? The ambulance, what’s that all about? How many questions would be asked taking an ambulance over to his newly acquired St. James he bought in 2016 and loading a ton of drugs on a stretcher. Does this sound far fetched?

By any stretch of the imagination, there seems to be more evidence of activity under the rocks than above.

Incidentally, the large rectangle-shaped structure was seen on google earth a few years back as a tennis court, not a helipad, make of that what you will.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Helicopter

How did he make money? I’m thinking a big drug operation here. I know its not quite as interesting as Satanic blood-drinking elites.

Ghislaine was also known to have a submarine license; what better way to get to the island and stash stuff.

Ghislaine Maxwell

They were a right pair together. Bringing in the money. How many people have just been caught going over there to parties and getting compromised with powder around their nose?

Shooting up or gathering around a bong.

I’m still living in a world that most people are not child rapists, killers, and blood drinkers.

Most are stupid by partying, letting their inhibitions down and getting compromised through drugs and sex but not necessarily underage.

Professionals lured in top players for networking and striking deals, conversations recorded = compromised. Loose lips sink ships.

I do think that the names close to Epstein were part of a child trafficking pedophile ring, yes. But that, remember, is one facet to that man and not forgetting Ghislaine who is the one that acquired the place in the first instance.

Jeffrey Epstein – MK10 Art

Also, the place in Cuba not far from the island by plane able to get there is one flight.

Incidentally, their place there was another operation, they had to apparently flee when Castro died, unstable times.

Ghislaine went back to the property to find no guards and the whole Safe taken out. What was in there? That is just gossip on channels so nothing of fact but who has this information some say QANON the plot just get thicker lol. I’m no Agatha Christie.

Filling in the tunnels and taking the operation to his Zorro range where he wanted to share his sperm with 20 women at a time and have a baby-making factory.

This doesn’t sound so far fetched after all.

So yep! I’m going with drugs and potentially science experiments. Who knows?

Oh, and a debauchery playground.

As I say, multi multi-faceted and it’s disappointing he was snuffed out.

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  • I just want to put out that, the tunnels, more than likely are used for electrical and wiring. They had to produce their own power and not have to replace it after every hurricane. They could have other purposes,…

      • Actually, the article was very informative. You seem very defensive. In the next few months, things are going to break in the Epstein saga and one good thing will be your departure from this blog.

        • I’ve observed conspiracy theories for decades, including when young hanging out with people in my circle of acquaintances who were into that sort of thing. I’ve heard endless claims along those lines that “things are going to break,” and yet have yet to see that ever happen.

          The article fails on a number of points, including not making a clear distinction between the sort of mundane and often hapless real life conspiracies that do occur, like Madoff – who despite billions of dollars that went through his hands, had no escape plan for when he did finally get caught – and which sometimes get prosecuted, and fringe conspiracy theories.

          Can anyone cite a conspiracy of that latter type that was ever vindicated or proven?

          Fringe conspiracy theories are so speculative and without solid evidence, that for any event there are usually multiple, contradictory and competing ones – meaning that most of them have to be wrong, just as a matter of probability.

    • Nope, It Was Always Already Wrong *

      Also, it’s easily debunked just by going to Google nGram viewer to see that the term was used with increasing frequency starting in the mid-1950s – after the concept’s initial popularization by philosopher Carl Popper in his book The Open Society and Its Enemies:

      Who keeps repeating falsehoods, until gullible people start to believe them? Sounds like possible evidence of a conspiracy to me….

      That actually points to one of the major things that conspiracy theories conveniently overlook, that the sort of devious conspirators that they posit, would almost certainly know how to use disinformation – as we see state-affiliated actors on social media now doing.
      Thus any truly resourceful conspirators could be expected to disseminate both a cover story, and also an alternate false narrative to mislead the conspiracy-gullible as well, distributed through informal news and information sources including promulgators of conspiracy theories.

      Conspiracy theories, taken to their logical conclusion based on their own premises, would have to mostly be false disinformation, then.

      * Here’s a bit more rich detail from the piece:

      “An infuriating feature of conspiracy theory is its propensity to take the standard of evidence that skeptics value so highly and turn it on its head: extraordinary claims no longer require extraordinary evidence; rather an extraordinary lack of evidence is thought to validate the extraordinariness of the conspiracy. It is thinking just gone wrong. Worse still, disconfirming evidence becomes evidence in favor of the conspiracy. I strongly suspect that the “the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ was invented by the CIA” gambit is a fairly radical extension of this tendency, that the mere fact that so many people recognize that conspiracy theorizing is a futile and intellectually unproductive exercise is only more proof to the conspiracy theorists that they are really onto something.

      As evidence of this deliberate manipulation of language, theorists offer up a 1967 document released in 1976 via a FOIA request, Dispatch 1035-960. In short, the CIA document outlines arguments that field operatives can use to counter conspiracy theorizing abroad and advises where those arguments might have the largest effect. The document was released to the New York Times, but conspiracy theorists’ seizure of this notion, that what they do has been deliberately stigmatized by nefarious outside agents rather than by the internal flaws of their
      arguments, ignores both linguistic and historical reality in order to flatter their delusions.”

    • Nope, It Was Always Already Wrong

      A quick check of Google Ngram Viewer also reveals that use of the term started spiking in the 1940s, after philosopher Karl Popper used it in his book The Open Society and Its Enemies:

  • Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell stroll the streets of Paris with their underage sex slave in unsealed photos which also show the apartment where pedophile housed teen victims in NYC

    Virginia Roberts included multiple images of herself during the time she was being trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein in court filings
    Some of these images have now been unsealed from her defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell, and show the British madame in Paris with Epstein

    There is also a look at the apartment where Epstein would keep her and other underage girls during their time in New York City
    Roberts first shared these photos with the FBI back in 2011, when she was contacted about Epstein

    They were unsealed as part of Roberts’ defamation case against Maxwell that was filed in 2015 and settled late last year
    Roberts also reopened the FBI’s probe into Epstein when she provided agents with photos of herself travelling the world with the pedophile


    PUBLISHED: 12:16 EDT, 22 August 2019 | UPDATED: 08:17 EDT, 23 August 2019

  • Glad to see some critical questions being asked.

    Is there really proof that tunnels were filled in? It looks like Epstein was building himself a little fiefdom and had all sorts of pet projects going on, which the people working for him would rely on to keep their paychecks coming, so an order for concrete would not necessarily be nefarious; I thought to check, and for instance pouring a standard 60′ by 50′ (3,000 sf) helipad 6″ thick in concrete would take about 165 yards, or 335 tons, which delivered in the Caribbean would cost in the ballpark of an order he is reported to have placed.

    I checked the Google Earth desktop installed on one of my computers, which allows me to go back in time. In the furthest images back that I can access, 2002, a few years after Epstein bought the island, there was a pad and access road at the site of the strange building, along with some sort of small structure low to the ground that is visible in the old low-resolution images until the building appears about a decade later. That high point would have been a likely spot for navigation beacons, antennas, and fresh water supply system components over the years, so the building might well sit on top of some infrastructure.

    Epstein could also have had his own strange but baseless beliefs, or been a prepper or survivalist, which could account for someone of means doing all sorts of curious things that had no real connection to reality or anything going on in the wider world. Howard Hughes, for instance, did have some connections to intelligence agencies due to innovative companies he founded when he was young, but also was just a crazy old man at the end.

  • “Little St James Island is indeed a very strange place, perfectly positioned to reach nearby countries by plane in one run.”

    Little St. James Island doesn’t even have a runway. So much for factual accuracy. Two minutes on Google Earth shows that it’s a small island, just over a tenth of a square mile in area, around 75 acres. There is no runway, let alone one allowing international flights.

    Do people here care about the truth at all? Yes, it’s great fun bashing Epstein, the man was a complete asshole. But aren’t the things he actually did sufficient to loathe him? Why make up stuff that obviously isn’t true? Do you think that makes the case against him stronger?

    Why do people want to fill their heads with nonsense? Aren’t you concerned that just making stuff up and believing to be as good as true might harm your critical faculties? Or is this some kind of contest to make up the most flamboyant incriminating tale against this man, to spin the most outrageous nonsense and adamantly defend it as gospel truth?

    • Good catch – facts often seem to be the first casualty of conspiracy theorizing. The island does of course have a helipad, but only other island nations are within range, and possibly Venezuela.

      Now in a stretch, it might be said that a major construction project could put a long enough runway for a small plane on the island, or that it is readily accessible to the airport over on St. Thomas – but that’s subject to full Customs and Border Control screening, inconveniently for anyone up to anything nefarious.

      • Little St. James is less than two miles from the eastern point of St. Thomas. According to Vanity Fair Magazine, Epstein routinely flew by helicopter to the St. Thomas airport, where he transferred to his private Gulfstream jet. It’s all perfectly ordinary, and this is what amuses me about looney conspiracy theories: they make up elaborate scenarios instead of accepting the perfectly rational explanation. Epstein was filthy rich and owned his own island, two jet planes and a helicopter. He was not a Bond villain. He was a horny old goat who liked younger women, young to the point that he was (stupidly) messing around with girls below legal age. When he was in his 60’s. A gross old lech, IMO. And a criminal, if the allegations are true (I believe they are true). Again, this does not make him a Bond villain.

        So why do people feel the need to invent tales about secret underground tunnels, temples devoted to devil worship, and his girlfriend having a “submarine license (!)”. No doubt someone somewhere has accused the man of having a pool of sharks with laser beams on their heads, too.

        It’s pure fantasy. And yet adults believe this crap!

        • Not crap she can pilot the submarine, not crap she got the helicopter license. Hey if I’m a rich bitch, I would do same and be a real-life Lara Croft but I would need funds mmnn funds I’m still not buying just a randy old goat. Hell, he brought her a plane too and still no trace on how he made his money. The plot gets thicker

          • He made his money first in a Ponzi fraud, and then by siphoning off the aging billionare Wexner.

            I looked it up, and Wexner is listed as being worth $4.4 billion. The standard 2% wealth management fee on that amount would be $88 million per year – and hedge fund managers take even bigger cuts.

            What’s so surprising about Maxwell having treated Epstein like a sugar daddy, living out her fantasies?

          • Two people here very involved in trying to change the narrative of what is really going on. What has triggered these two? Those that screech the loudest…………….

          • That’s the problem, it’s just a narrative – and culty group-think – tending towards conspiracy theorizing, rather than following the facts and patiently waiting for actual evidence to be fully revealed.

    • Good afternoon Actaeon , thanks firstly for your reply to my comments . I would just like to comment that I never said that he had a runway on LSJ island I know he hasnt myself because Ive seen the drone footage of the place. The nearest is in St Thomas around 9km from the Island itself if we want to be pedantic about it . Also the only facts actually stated were what we already know of . The rest if you read my post carefully is…I dont know …. But does that stop me questioning and putting my theory to the original post which leans towards Satan tunnels and blood sucking elites I also state that I thought that had already been debunked . I took a different slant about the filled in tunnels that what most are saying about them actually Im leaning towards drugs or some kind of mad science project . Should I just read the main stream and watch television to get my news and views ? should I trust authority to do the decent thing and leave no stone unturned and justice will prevail cant i have an opinion . I think mine is quite rational actually given what we know about the man already . The sweatheart deal and allowed to continue to operate with impunity arrogance and my back is covered so I will do what the hell I want . I dont think that my theory is so wild given that he was already in the process of coverting the Zorro ranch into some knind of baby making facility . Of course it is wild theory but just beacause I read somewhere tht the elites are into child abuse and killing children doesnt make it real . Im curious of course I am , not just the child trafficking . His money where did it come from? what deals have been brokered , what curruption has taken place who is involved? I want to know . Remember , It is only by perseverence by a few that the spotlight had been shone once again and other concerns have come out in the public domain , now he is dead , no its not good enough that we just know he is a scum bag and an arse hole and no ! what he did is suffiecient to loathe him . you accept that status quo by all means . Im not a mushroom keep me in the dark and feed me bullshit . There are a lot of nervous people that have been involved with that man . Law makers , presidents and Royalty it is of public interest globally . I do not adamantly defend anything as Gospel truth do I? My critical thinking is, as a citizen in the so called free world I want to know what the supposedly great and the good , you know the ones we vote for who we are supposed to trust get up to . What laws they break and I want to see justice prevail . This is not just about that Epstein character this is far reaching , secretive , seedy and we the sheeple should not accept it . The rich guy on the sex offenders register was expanding his operation , he was enabled , invested in and pumping money into mad science projects . Later years seemingly taking his operation to this Zorro ranch which incidentally does have his own air strip So yeah I can fill my head with nonsence , throw out some whacky theories and look for truths , it interests me especially when his Air craft number is shared by the state dept , There might not be anything in that story but I will go looking none the less , excuse me .. again not fact ..

  • A blind man who feels an elephant’s trunk believes he is touching a snake.

    • “A blind man who feels an elephant’s trunk believes he is touching a snake.”

      This is an excellent comment and people should really reflect on its meaning. A person can have all the theories they like and many will twist things to suit their own bias. It’s dangerous and it’s wrong.

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