Jeffrey Epstein: Sometimes a Building Is Just a Building

Temple On Epstein's Island

By Actaeon:


I see we have gone from the absurd to the ridiculous here.

Keeping an open mind is not an invitation to let your brains leak out.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; so where is the evidence? Pictures of a blue and white rectangular building, with a gold dome in some of them.

What is more likely, that this is a temple of Satan where young girls are imprisoned or a bit of whimsical architecture?


There’s plenty of whimsical architecture around, vanity projects of millionaires, castles and replicas of Versailles and shit… are these also temples of Satan?

There’s a really big sundial. Wow, that’s suspicious. My neighbors have a sundial in their yard, probably should call the FBI on them. Oh wait, the FBI is certainly in on it!

This idiocy is driven by paranoia. Paranoid fantasies that “They” are out to get us. That “They” have us fooled.

How do you know the earth is round?

How do you know that Apollo 11 landed on the moon?

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

“They” could be deceiving us! They’re controlling our minds! Wake up, sheeple!

Well, isn’t it at least possible?

Yeah, because anything is POSSIBLE.

I remember Philosophy 101 where the professor challenged us to PROVE that the classroom table is real. We know you can’t absolutely trust your senses, your perception can be fooled. Think dreams, think LSD trips.

Maybe you’re on LSD right now… how would you know? Maybe you’re really an alien computer program, or a brain kept alive in a jar. We’ve all seen the sci-fi movie. How would you know? How could you be SURE?

Yes, it’s a fun intellectual game to play and it taught us something about logic and proof. But at the end of that class, as we filed out of the room, nobody tried to walk through that table.

There’s an old saying, “I’m from Missouri, show me.” It refers to good old American pragmatism. Show me the evidence. Sure Mr. Raniere, you’re the smartest man alive. The rain doesn’t get you wet. So show me. Prove it. Otherwise, mister, I’m calling you a liar.

The Smartest Man Alive

That’s pragmatism. That’s skepticism. It’s also logic in action.

It’s a good way to live your life. Reduces the chances that some asshole’s going to make a fool of you, sign over the family farm in some flim-flam scheme. It’s good old fashioned American common sense. Whatever happened to that? It’s certainly missing on this site.

Satan worshipers, my rosy pink ass.

Let me ask you: If you were going to build a temple to the Evil One, would you paint it white and baby blue? Wouldn’t, I dunno, black and blood-red be more apropos, more fitting the Dark Lord’s color palette?

The building could be for anything. What kind of idiot finds building a structure on a hilltop suspicious? Dunno, maybe for the spectacular view of the ocean? Those tropical breezes?

The Temple

What kind of fool immediately jumps to the conclusion that if a structure is built on a hill, it must be so as to leave more room for underground tunnels below? That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve heard. Like, what, if you build on level ground you’ll run out of room down there? Use your brain, idiot.

Believing in this kind of far-fetched speculation is exactly what Rainier’s faithful did.

It’s what Ramtha’s followers do. They believe the nonsense their fellow deluded believe, the most ridiculous bullshit, insisting against all common sense, evidence, and logic, that they possess the Truth.


Rainier’s inner circle, holed up in that Mexican villa, had convinced themselves that “They” were out to get them because “They” feared the Vanguard’s awesome abilities. Most of them likely still believe Raniere was railroaded by an evil government plot.

Keith Raniere sitting inside a Mexican police vehicle on March 26, 2018. 

QAnon is the same breed of paranoid fantasy, and it appalls me that it is being presented on this site as worthy of serious consideration.

Down the rabbit hole, indeed.

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  • I think it’s amazing that people can’t see the weird Symbolism that The “Financial Elite” use in almost everything..The mass programming and Social Engineering that has been put forth is the actual crazy Narrative.. The Smith-Mundt was repealed in 2012-13 and “PROPAGANDA” was legalized..The Thought that either Trump, Clintons, Bush’s, or anyone else within the False Right/Left Paradigm actually represent the Populace is laughable. Trivial Social issues and events intended to cause division are highlighted while both parties push forward Deregulation of the Financial Markets, WAR against “BOOGEYMEN” all in Nation’s that reject the “USARY” Financial System(FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING) and The continual loss of personal Liberties and the general feeling that our Politicians and Global Elite are above the Law and the direction and policies are polar opposite of Liberty and Freedom.. Lies. Gulf of Tonkin, Beruit Bombing(blaming Khadaffi when it was Syria)1st Gulf War(WMD?? We funded and armed Saddam Husein for a decade) 2nd Gulf War(PNAC Report.. Supposedly Terrorists and Osama Bin Laden attacked us and were able to dismantle and surprise the most sophisticated and well funded Military Apparatus in human history..Saudi Arabia being where most were from. We decided to attack Iraq and Afghanistan.. GTF outta here

  • There’s also one major mistaken assumption, now obvious, to point out: that headlining graphic imagines equipment underneath the dome, but in the drone video and some photos, the dome is gone and there’s nothing underneath – though there could have been something movable like a satellite dish (but not elevator equipment).

  • Hi Frank,
    I agreed with this article until you said Q is a big joke. There’s way too much evidence out there that Q is real, most likey part of some military intelligence. Trump was recruited by military intelligence as part of the Alliance to take down the Deepstate, Cabal or whatever you wanna call it. The Youtube Channel “Edge of Wonder” has some great videos for beginners to the whole Q movement. When Qanon is followed closely, there’s way too much evidence of him being linked to the Alliance that it’s impossible to deny. I feel like everything on this website is affiliated with the Cabal. Am I out of line, here?

  • Here’s what I find ridiculous in the comments section of this website:

    1. Why do people need to decide immediately whether something is true or false?

    2. Why not wait for more information before taking a staunch position?

    An example is Ben Szemkus. From the moment I heard his story was online I had my doubts his story was true, but NXIVM is so weird I felt it was worth discussing on this website, particularly whether someone else could corroborate his story. Frank had his doubts, but posted Ben’s story anyone, I believe for that reason. Nobody did come forward to confirm Ben’s story, but I did come across a completely unrelated guy who said his sister was similarly approached at another New York City area college by NXIVM people. So perhaps parts of Ben’s story is true and he exaggerated, especially his later embellishments about additional attendees. But is it 100% untrue? We don’t know, but that doesn’t keep people from accusing me of totally believing a total liar. I was somehow taking away their “thunder” about NXIVM and they didn’t like it. In the grand scheme of things, Ben’s story was pretty meaningless, all he claimed was he attended a social/recruiting gathering over a decade ago, just a one-evening experience, nothing more than that, but people blew up and got completely bent out of shape over it. A little moderation would be helpful, but people like to be overly dramatic, immediately taking one exteme position or the other. They must live otherwise boring lives.

  • Wow, way wrong here, if you had really did an honest look into Q you’d know it’s true.

    President Trump said this is the calm before the storm on 10/5/2017. Q started up on 1028/2017, the storm.

    Look President Trump is dying for the media to ask him directly who Q is.

    But they know it’s true, so they’re forbidden to ask the Q question, I know it’s eating them up.

    The very fact that the fake news media will write story after story attempting to discredit Q.

    That they refuse to ask him outright who Q is proves you’re wrong here.

    President Trump says a prayer in the oval office which honors the memory of JFK.

    Every American that enjoys their life, loves their family & country, better pray that Q is true too.

    If not the deep state wins, freedom & the American dream dies. Why would you be against U.S.?

    • Q lost me at the ridiculous rumor that JFK Jr would show himself on July 4 and take Pence’s place on the ticket.
      POTUS already had said that Pence is his running mate.
      So don’t try to sell me on how close he is with Q.
      They had a welcoming theme song on some of their videos “Welcome Back” from the tv series. This is Jimmy Swaggart-country now as some commenters said they were getting choked up thinking about it. Douche-chills just thinking about it.
      Marshall Applewhite laughs at Q.

    • AZ III sounds as real as Pea Onyou. He, and others here, are just trolls pretending over-the-top reverence for Q and Trump.

      It is the Trump connection that makes the whole Q conspiracy ridiculous. That the Q group is working to help Trump save the world from the deep state would mean that Trump is secretly wise and noble, and for 70 years has only been pretending to be a lascivious con-man and failed businessman turned reality star. Trump is what he shows himself to be every day with every word out of his mouth—a liar, bully, fool and narcissist.

    • Naive… I’m shown a picture of a building on a hill and asked to believe it’s a temple to Baal with an underground tunnel system, I call bs, and I’m the naive one!

      Groundless speculation and believing elaborate looney conspiracy theories is naive. Take a reality check.

      As for the obsession with Satan…
      There is, in fact, an actual Church of Satan. There’s also a real organization called The Satanic Temple. They are both entirely above board, both have websites, both have Facebook pages. Check ’em out, I have. The Satanic Temple is a recognized religious organization, with IRS tax exempt status and all. They have their headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts (tourist destination of witches everywhere), housing a twelve-foot bronze statue of the goat-headed god. They sell cool tee shirts– I got myself one.

      Neither one believes in an actual, literal supernatural entity. Those are just stories to frighten children.

      I’ve had it with this Satanic Plot crap. From the infamous witchcraft trials to the Satanic Panic of the 1980s (Google it) this kind of foolishness has done real harm to real people. Unlike any of these imagined satanic plots, which always turn out to be bullshit. From the fevered brains of the orthodox religious came imagined plots by Jewish cabals, in their secret lairs, abducting Christian children to use in their bizarre rites to the Evil One. The blood to be used in baking… wait for it… Passover cakes! Yes, people actually believed that nonsense. Worse, they acted on it. (Google the Protocols of the Elders of Zion).

      We all know what happened during the repeated Witchcraft hysterias in Europe and the American Colonies. Real people were killed, not at the hands of devil worshippers, but judicial murder at the behest of orthodox religious leaders. Google it.

      Incredibly, in the latter part of the 20th century in the good ol’ USA, came the Satanic Panic. Tales of abducted children being used in bizarre satanic rites. People were arrested. People went to prison. People who were convicted of crimes they didn’t commit because the their fondness for hard rock music and the way they dressed and wore their hair made them seem “suspicious”. I mean, if you listen to Iron Maiden and wear black, you must be up to something nefarious, right? When was the last time you went to church, son? Just look at these record albums… sweet Jesus! The skull on the cover, dancing skeletons, half-naked women dancing with the devil! And the lyrics! Blasphemous!

      So when I hear tales of scary satanic plots, I want evidence, I want proof. Otherwise, they get the horse’s laugh from me. Anybody trying to spread these tales makes themselves look absurd. Jeffrey Epstein committed real crimes if the allegations are true, and I believe they are true. There’s no need to make up ridiculous fables about what he did to embellish the tale.

      • If you’ve “been there, bought the T-shirt,” Actaeon, why so dismissive?

        The tunnels beneath and possible entrances are, btw, also pictured, not just the alleged “temple.”

        I find it a much bigger leap of logic and, yes, NAIVE to believe — as you say you do — that the Demonic temples & idols are just for show and no one affiliated really believes in these beastly figures. Much less, I suppose, enough to make sacrifices to them.

        Plus, tax exempt status wouldn’t apply to a “religion” no one believes in, would it? …Wait, did you say TAX EXEMPT?! Like, recognized as a true religion by the US Treasury Dept. and IRS? What did Q Anon drop about Satan worshippers in Govt.? Hmmm.

        • They technically have tax exemption but they pay their share of taxes to snuff the religious organizations that abuse it everyday and set a good example.
          TST is a stand up organization, better than any religion ever thought of.
          There is discussion about where we’d get $ to support this or that, well the 7 trillion $ a year religions don’t pay in owed taxes would go a long way.

  • The reason people leap to wild conspiracy theories in the Epstein case is because what we do know about the man that is true is so outrageous that it is unbelievable.

    In 2008 the police and FBI had identified at least 36 girls who had been molested by Epstein.

    And what was Epstein’s punishment for molesting 36 girls? Thirteen months of work release.

    In fact, Epstein’s butler received 18 months in prison for withholding evidence, far more punishment than Epstein received for actually molesting children.

    Epstein’s sweetheart deal was so outrageous that a Temple to Satan no longer seems so outrageous.

    • Actually, no, it’s not that shocking. Isn’t that what all the people that piss and moan about the evil rich and injustice have been talking about since the dawn of wealth?

      Life ain’t fair and all that.

      Guy was rich and banged young ( illegal young) pretty girls. Not shocking. You know who else bangs young pretty girls? The wealthy, the famous, rock stars, movie stars, tv stars, royalty, the children of all of them, etc.

      Is it distasteful? Yes. Not a surprise and not an excuse to go absurd as is done constantly with stories of NXIVM and all the conspiracy. Fucking mind control and unexplainable hardship in the lives of losers that crossed paths with Raniere. Yeah, all your problems are him and his secret workings. Don’t worry Niceguy will give you sympathy and a hug

    • Conspiracy theories do arise out of attempts to make sense of a world that is often just strange and random. That’s also one of the roles of traditional religion, which is of course on the way – and of cults.

      And yet how many of us have not actually in their own lives and through their circles of family and acquaintances, experienced things that seemed extraordinary or even unbelievable? Who do we know who committed some crime, or self-harm, that seemed hard to accept the truth of based on what we thought we knew of them?

      I knew at least 5 people in college and graduate school who committed suicide by gunshot or hanging, two of them rather bizarre cases and one of those which made the DC area papers because of a previous infamous incident that none of us knew about. A college-age man I mentored in graduate school had his father and younger sibling brutally murdered by a psychotic acquaintance. A teacher in an artistic community I belong to was exposed, including in the media, for assaulting women including one it turned out I knew; and yet a female professor I know. who he had not targeted, came to his defense because she couldn’t believe the allegations. Who of us who has not lived something of a full life has not experienced our share of such human mystery, and frailty?

      • Not believing in something does not make it less real, as far as conspiracies are concerned, these are not the exception to the rule if not our daily bread, what happens is that you have to open your mind, start with giving yourself account that any type of conspiracy by small or common that we resemble, have the same principle and is that it is a group of people agreeing to do things that they do not want the majority to know, and that is sought with this, nothing rather than avoiding public recognition of their actions and therefore not taking responsibility for their actions.

        Now, those who star in a conspiracy and what are their objectives, it is not relevant to determine whether or not there is a conspiracy, now if we talk about whether they are satanic or not based on each person’s particular belief about whether there are satan or not certainly not It will reach nowhere since we talk about spiritual things that even if you belong to a religion or not, it is simply something that is beyond what each of us knows.

    • The reason people leap to wild conspiracy theories in the Epstein case is the same reason they do with many other situations, they have a need to leap to final conclusions before enough information is available. They have a need to look smart, so they jump to a conclusion prematurely. If they happen to be right after more facts come in, they can claim to be brilliant, publicly and/or in their own eyes. If they are wrong, they simply silently slink away and try again with another situation. You are a prime example of this.

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