The Epstein Chronicles: More Details & More Questions

The late (?) Jeffrey Epstein

Every day brings more information Jeffrey Epstein – and the events surrounding his supposed suicide at the Manhattan Correctional Center.

Manhattan Correctional Center

And every day also brings more questions about Jeffrey Epstein – and the events surrounding his supposed suicide at the Manhattan Correctional Center.

Let’s take a look at some of both.


Psychologist Removed Epstein From Suicide Watch

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has now confirmed that Epstein was removed from Suicide Watch by a “doctor-level psychologist” (whatever the hell that is) who had determined that continued 24/7 monitoring was “no longer warranted”.

Jeffrey Epstein and an unidentified female companion

That information was contained in responses to questions that had been posed by the House Judiciary Committee to the DOJ as part of its investigation into the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s supposed suicide.

Additional investigations are also underway by the FBI, by the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General, and by the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY).

According to The New York Times, another investigation is underway in France “in connection with possible offenses such as rape, the sexual assault of minors and criminal conspiracy” (I wonder if France will ever get around to investigating Sarah Bronfman-Igtet and her Rainbow Cultural Garden operation over there).

Although the new information regarding Epstein’s removal from Suicide Watch sounds important, it is believed that all the prisoners who are removed from Suicide Watch in federal prisons have a similar notation in their file.

It is also believed that the vast majority of federal prisoners who are put on Suicide Watch only spend a few days there.

Thus, the fact that Epstein was taken off of Suicide Watch at MCC after just a few days may not mean anything.

Even if it was done under the authorization of a “doctor-level psychologist”.


Fifteen MCC Guards Subpoenaed in Aftermath of Epstein’s Supposed Suicide

Hugh Hurwitz, the former acting Director of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has been reassigned.

Hugh Hurwitz

So has Lamine N’Diaye, the former Warden at MCC.

And the two guards who were supposed to be checking on Epstein every 30 minutes on the night of his supposed suicide have been accused of sleeping on the job and falsifying official records to cover up their lapse (They noted in their logs that they checked on Epstein every 30 minutes).

Jeffrey Epstein

Now comes word that 15 guards at MCC have been subpoenaed by SDNY prosecutors as they try to pin down the circumstances that led up to Epstein’s supposed suicide on August 10th.

William P. Barr, the U.S. Attorney General, has indicated “Unfortunately, there have been some delays (in the investigation) because a number of the witnesses were not cooperative”.

Eric Young, the President of the union that represents federal prison workers, disputed Barr’s claim – and indicated that the Correctional Officers (COs) at MCC were willing to cooperate provided they were provided with immunity from prosecution.

The same can likely be said for most, if not all, of the prisoners being held at MCC.


Staffing Shortages May Have Been Part of the Problem

Reports coming in from BOP facilities around the country indicate that many of them are experiencing severe staffing shortages.

Although such shortages were already occurring before President Trump took office, the government-wide hiring freeze that he imposed shortly after he took office has apparently exacerbated the problem at many BOP facilities.

The hiring freeze was lifted in April 2017 for many federal agencies but it was maintained at BOP for several more months.

At present, many BOP facilities are having difficulty maintaining the required number of COs who are supposed to be on duty – especially with respect to overnight shifts.

As a result, many federal prisons have required support staff – e.g., cooks, nurses, teachers, etc. – to fill in as COs in order to maintain required staffing levels.

One of the two staff who was assigned to guard Epstein on the night of his supposed suicide was not a CO – and, instead, was a staff person in MCC’s business office.

According to several reports, MCC currently has only 111 COs instead of the 137 it had when Trump took office.


Jeffrey Who? Nope, I Don’t Think I Ever Met Him

One of the consequences of Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed suicide is an apparent nationwide outbreak of amnesia on the part of people who previously associated with him.

Mk10ART Portrait of Jeffrey Epstein

According to a new report by Julie Brown, the Miami Herald reporter whose investigative reporting led to the charges that resulted in Epstein’s incarceration at MCC, many people who were listed in Epstein’s “little black book” have no recollection of meeting him.

“My sister knew his girlfriend”.

“Maybe I handed him my business card once”.

“We met at a party a long time ago”.

Those are the kinds of answers she’s getting when she contacts people who are listed in Epstein’s “little black book”.

The 92-page document was first published in 2015 by the now-defunct Gawker website – which claimed that it had appeared in court documents regarding Epstein’s prosecution in Florida.

Brown and others recently started calling all the U.S. phone numbers that were listed in the document.

According to Brown, many calls were ducked – and few messages were returned.

“Those who did comment often said they were in the book because of their ties to Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s socialite girlfriend, alleged enabler and business associate”, Brown said.

Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell

Which, given the numerous stories about Maxwell’s alleged involvement with Epstein’s underage sex trafficking operation, is hardly a great explanation.

“He relied on her to introduce him to all kinds of interesting people,” said Christopher Mason, who is in the black book and is the TV host of series “Behind Mansion Walls”.

“I was commissioned by her to write a song about him on his 40th birthday – to write a song and perform it,” Mason said. He went on to claim that he had only seen Epstein and Maxwell a few times after the event.

The big names in the black book have drawn broad attention – people like former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, President Donald J. Trump and a host of others.

Jeffrey Epstein with Donald Trump

One of the least credible responses came from former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine – for whom Epstein had an astounding 14 different telephone numbers (Who knew that mayors in Florida used burner phones?).

Although he declined to talk to the Miami Herald on the phone about his name being in Epstein’s “Little black book”, he sent a text saying that he’d met Epstein “a couple of times” but couldn’t recall how or where they met.

“No clue”, he wrote. “Probably at a NY event”.

Yeah sure…I believe that.

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  • Hey, GHISLAINE MAXWELL…. come onnn down! It’s your turn you satanic pedophile. All the threats and deal-cutting and signaling to your masters won’t amount to a hill of beans. You’re going to be busted, just like the Head Pedophile. Think they’re going to wait around for you to start talking either? Nope and no sympathy from me for anyone who procures little children for satanic cults. Enjoy the choice they give you when your alleged lawyer stops by — strangulation/suicide or the cyanide pill. Pick well you massive cancer on society. Guess it was fun while it lasted, huh Maxwell?

    In my opinion, you, MAXWELL, are more revolting and disgusting, than the others. You spit in God’s face when you “befriended” these lonely, unloved children and then turned them over to the Epstein and Clinton sex cult. How DARE you, you ugly hag. HOW DARE YOU!

  • Thanks for the updates on various aspects of the story.

    The revelation of severe understaffing at the MCC casts a new light on what had initially been assumed about Epstein’s handling.

    There were also reports in the news, that Epstein’s attorneys had requested his removal from suicide watch.

    And it seems plausible that Epstein had numbers for a lot of people he had little if any actual contact with, much less nefarious involvement – but that politician for whom he had 14 phone numbers definitely has some explaining to do!

    • It’s quite likely that Epstein’s attorneys did ask to have him taken off Suicide Watch – especially if he claimed, as some reports indicate, that he had actually been attacked by his cellmate. But even then, BOP’s policy would have required that a psychologist approve the move.

      • And, interestingly, they did follow procedure that far. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that, due to the same sorts of short-staffing and under-funding, leading to shortcuts and even negligence, that his examination was rather cursory and perhaps even conducted over video.

        Epstein was the sort of smart psychopath who could probably readily deceive a psychologist, especially in a brief exam. Perhaps his underlying thinking is revealed by another piece of news, that 2 days before his death he signed a new will.

          • Epstein wasn’t just a liar, he was probably a psychopath, and one of their characteristics – and part of what makes them very dangerous – is that they are extraordinarily adept at deceiving people.

            Psychologist and author Maria Konnikova, talking about the research that lead to her book The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It (highly recommended, very readable), said that one of the things she found scariest was that even after studying the rare people who are particularly reliable at determining when others are lying (most of us are not even as good as we think we are), she still couldn’t read psychopaths at all. On an interesting side note, on a lark, and having no previous experience, she decided to try competitive poker, and has had a successful career, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars – presumably because she’s good at reading the other players’ “tells.”

        • Now comes word that 15 guards at MCC have been subpoenaed by SDNY prosecutors as they try to pin down the circumstances that led up to Epstein’s supposed suicide on August 10th.

          William P. Barr, the U.S. Attorney General, has indicated “Unfortunately, there have been some delays (in the investigation) because a number of the witnesses were not cooperative”.

          Eric Young, the President of the union that represents federal prison workers, disputed Barr’s claim – and indicated that the Correctional Officers (COs) at MCC were willing to cooperate provided they were provided with immunity from prosecution.

          Hmmm now why would the prison help be so uncooperative. Too bad you are clueless on what is really going on little fella.

          • Or quite likely, the guards are unhappy at having been overworked and having had the requirements for doing their jobs properly ignored, and now being made scapegoats as well.

            You might want to get out of the basement and experience a few things like having a job yourself, you’ll learn a lot about how the real world actually works – it’s not like in the movies or video games. I find it hard to believe that anyone who has done honest work in a business or organization of any size, and experienced typical problems such as shortages of resources and internal politics, wouldn’t have some understanding and appreciation of what the guards in a facility like MCC, humans like the rest of us (unless you believe in some really bizarre conspiracy theory), might have experienced in trying to do a dangerous and thankless job while not even being given the time to do it right.

  • Really interesting that the two people constantly posting on every Epstein thread. They’re constant defense of the “official” narrative that has changed way too many times. Interesting that these two hate to see the truth of Epstein and the pedophilia network he was involved in.The strings that are being pulled are going to unravel things that will kick their own fictitious views right in the ass.

    • What I find interesting is all the culty conspiracy theorizing that’s been going on for a while now, on a site that’s supposed to be taking down cults and their fallacies. Take Shadow, for instance – it seems practically his full-time job to post here, and dig up things to cite in his posts, what’s up with that?.

      Or are you only noticing what conflicts with your beliefs? What’s “changed” is that the story has developed, as happens in the real world, and we’ve discovered things such as the MCC has suffered from such severe short-staffing that the sort of protocols people would assume would be followed, aren’t and essentially couldn’t be.

      Anyway, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to try challenging some of the culty thinking and conspiracy theorizing.

      And I want to see the actual truth of the Epstein case exposed, like his relationship with his long-term patron and apparently the source of most of his wealth, Wexner, with whom he had strangely close ties but who has not yet been connected to any of the sexual activity that was reportedly obvious. Curiously, that actual connection seems to be virtually ignored, while hypothetical ones are being fussed over endlessly – what’s up with that, doesn’t it sound like a conspiracy to obscure inconvenient truths could be at work?

      Oh, and I’ve been around long enough to see knowing pronouncements like that last one fall flat time and again. Can you name a single conspiracy theory that resulted in the sort of exposures and take-downs that their proponents are always predicting?

    • Yep the Epstein string has been pulled and the defensive posts by the clowns yo are talking about are indeed telling.

  • Good reporting from K.R. Claviger, a dose of rationality here comes like a breath of fresh air. Suicide is the leading cause of death in U.S. jails, so I’m happy to see it being at least considered among all the looney theorizing about assassination and body-switching.

  • Doctor level psychologist is probably a clinical chartered psychologist who has a doctorate (Ph.D.). I presume they mean psychologist rather than “psychiatrist” who would, of course, be a doctor.

  • “The Duke of York could be summoned to Paris to help French prosecutors investigating suspected rape and sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein.

    The American financier and convicted sex offender owned a luxury apartment – which featured photographs of naked young women on its walls – on the French capital’s most exclusive street.”

    “Remy Heitz, Paris’s chief prosecutor, said the inquiry will focus on ‘potential crimes committed on national territory as well as abroad’.”

    • Epstein’s luxury Paris apartment had photographs of naked young women on its walls. Wow, shocking! And in Paris, too!

      This stuff makes me laugh every time I see it. Does ANYBODY think it’s rare to see nude artwork in Paris? Or New York or Kokomo IN? REALLY?! Come off it.

      There’s a resurgence of prudery, of puritanism behind this. And like all puritanism, it’s mostly hypocritical. The Daily Mail and the New York Post, who revel in this kind of stuff, often carry these kind of pearl-clutching statements about the shameful goings-on among the rich and famous… and right along with the article, in the sidebars, they’re promoting their photo series on actresses in skimpy bikinis and socialites in cleavage-baring designer wear. Tittilation and disapproval, have your cake and eat it too.

      News flash: men like to look at pictures of sexy young women. They always have. It’s not illegal (at least not yet, anyway). Lots of women like to look at pictures of sexy young women, too. Just look at Cosmopolitan covers.

      Young women are beautiful.

      Jeffrey Epstein liked to be around young women. He was obscenely rich, so having access to them by the dozens was pretty easy. Lucky him. There was nothing illegal about that, nothing unusual. Kinda creepy, given the age difference.

      What was illegal– highly illegal and absolutely immoral– was Epstein got his sweaty paws on girls below the age of consent. Illegal, immoral, and deeply stupid.

      He paid the price. It cost him his life.

      And that’s the story. Epstein was a man who couldn’t control his base impulses, a man so arrogant he believed he could get away with it. That was his tragedy. It’s a bit like King Lear.

      • Even from within multiple layers of insulation, Andrew will be nervous. France’s legal system allows prosecutors to use methods which would not be allowed in the US or UK. France also has no tradition of more than minimal deference to the British Monarchy. The French want answers and they will push very hard to get them.

      • WRONG. Epstein didn’t like to “be around” young women, he liked to “be around” (i.e., f*ck) underage girls, and even plead guilty to related charges. When they turned 17, he was no longer interested in them.

      • No; if you look at the alleged police video of the raid of his house in Palm Beach, there are photos of babies, and really really young girls, photos of Epstein holding babies, photos of toddlers, and girls that are clearly not anywhere near legal age. Not all of them are nude, but he had no children and the fact that the ONLY photos on his walls are literally photographs of extremely young girls, and himself is extremely disturbing. Go take a look and see for yourself. Something is not right at all. :/

  • This is often how investigations start out. Good media and law enforcement will keep digging, pulling at strings, etc., and will hopefully and eventually find something that leads to the truth.

  • “Jeffrey Who? Nope, I Don’t Think I Ever Met Him
    One of the consequences of Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed suicide is an apparent nationwide outbreak of amnesia on the part of people who previously associated with him.”

    John Kass of the Chicago Tribune has a name for this disease.
    He calls it Fedsheimers Disease.

    Every time the Feds start an investigation in Chicago, everyone gets Fedsheimers Disease.

    It seems Fedsheimers is now a national disease.
    “former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine”
    “14 different telephone numbers ”
    “(Who knew that mayors in Florida used burner phones?).”

    In Chicago city Alderman Ed Burke, who has been on the City Council for 50 years and whose wife Anne Burke is a Justice on the Illinois Supreme Court, has his staff buy him a new burner phone every month.
    When the Feds raided his official offices they found 23 guns.
    Alderman Ed Burke is under indictment for extortion for shaking down every Burger King restaurant in the city,
    If the franchisee wants a building or remodeling permit, it has to go through Alderman Burke’s law office.

    Burke used at least one ‘burner phone’ that feds didn’t know about.
    The device raises the possibility that the alderman may have been alerted to, or was suspicious of, the investigation that led to his indictment.

  • The real Conspiracy!!!!! Shocking Uncovered by liberal NPR!!!!!

    Cats heads, bullets. & payoffs.

    The New York Times, ABC, and Vanity Fair all buried stories according to NPR.

    That’s right, the left-leaning NPR reports on how ABC, Vanity Fair, and Vanity Fair buried stories!

    In fact, a Vanity Fair journalist buried a story and became friendly with Epstein!
    It’s 100% true !!!!!!

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