MK10ART — New Sketches and Paintings of Nxivm and Raniere Delight, Amuse and Instruct

MK10ART - Keith Raniere on Suicide Watch

MK10ART  is a prolific and superb artist, who creates insightful paintings and sketches – many of which are Nxivm related and often taken from themes and events described on the Frank Report.

Here are some of her latest contributions to the artwork of Nxivm. The descriptions below the paintings are from MK10ART’s Instagram page  and are oftentimes the narrative of the Frank Report.

Kristen Kreuk’s website for teen and preteen girls called ‘Girls by Design’ (GBD) wrote about topics such as female sex slaves in New Orleans called Quadroons. One commentator named ‘Ghost’ rationalized that the life of these courtesans may have been acceptable. Ghost explains “Regardless of race or gender, we all sell ourselves to someone or something, be it school, work, marriage, children, etc.. The reality is more a matter of perspective.”

Along with this article was a picture of young women’s arms tied up in chains.

GBD was created +run by female #Nxivm cult members who adamantly denied that Nxivm leader #KeithRaniere had any involvement.

Frank Report recently obtained a treasure trove of never before published pictures of the #Nxivm retreat on #RichardBranson’s Necker Island in 2010.  They feature a who’s who of leading Nxians.

In the picture, #AllisonMack is shown with the Dalai Lama’s assistant, the monk Lama Tenzin. Of course, we now know that the Lama was no monk but a secret lover of #SaraBronfman. In this polyamorous cult of Nxivm, maybe the Lama also infringed on some of Raniere’s harem.”


#Nxivm leader #KeithRaniere was like a gerbil on a treadmill, according to a courtroom observer. “Rarely does he stop moving. He’s writing almost incessantly. He is left-handed. All he has to write with is a lead pencil, like right out of grammar school.  And he was taking notes all the time, writing post-it notes and passing the notes to both attorneys”


#Keith Raniere slings out the word salad and #AllisonMack eats it all up.


Karen U used to liken the inner people of CBI [#KeithRaniere Consumers Buyline, the scam he ran before it was shut down and he went on to create #Nxivm],  to the island of misfit toys (guess the movie). That’s because she and every other person who ends up close to Keith have self-esteem issues and are searching for something, never feel like they fit in, and are easily manipulated and gullible.”


Ornament of Keith Raniere’s avatar baby ”  #KeithRaniere, in a tone of prophecy, told Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Christine Marie and probably others that he would father a child with them and that child would be an avatar that would change the world. (Def of ‘avatar’:a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.


. . . be sure to check out the 6-episode *Wild Wild Country* docu-series on Netflix ( “Wild, Wild Country” is an exposé of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) and the commune, Rajneeshpuram, built by his followers in some proximity to the tiny town of Antelope, Oregon.) Frank Report had posted that DOS slave, harem member, Rainbow Cultural Garden MDS and mail-order bride for her green card,  Sahajo Haertal–Kozak (depicted in drawing)  was a follower of OSHO.

Sahajo is a little young to have lived at the Oregon commune but she most certainly could have spent time or even worked at the mediation center/ashram in India.

Legend of the cult leaders of #Nxivm + Scientology “Validate the founder’s “super-genius” origin stories:  In both cases, Nxivm’s Rainbow Cultural Garden and Scientology’s “study tech” seem to be aimed in no small part at bolstering the legendary biography of the respective cult’s founders, placing them among the world’s greatest polymaths.  Both Nxivm founder Keith Raniere and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard have official biographies laughably filled with easily disproven lies about their early childhood achievements.  Both have a tendency to try to couch their cult dogma as brilliantly simple solutions to exceedingly complex problems.

Nxivm’s Super Kids Program vs. Scientology Applied Scholastics

Some of Keith Raniere’s claims about his childhood achievements that have all been proven false:

#KeithRaniere according to his website: By the age of one, he could construct full sentences and questions; he was able to read by the age of two.

In an interview with the Albany Times Union:

He understood quantum physics by age 4.

He tied the state record for the 100 yard-dash.

His bio:  He was an East Coast Judo Champion at age eleven.

By the age of twelve, he taught himself to play piano at the concert level.

The Times Union:  He plays seven musical instruments and sings “high tenor” in musical productions.

In his sworn affidavit: “By the time I was 13, I had taken and passed the 9th, 10th and 11th grade NYS Mathematics Regents exams and had taught myself the first two years of college Mathematics and several computer languages.” His bio conflates: “He taught himself high school mathematics in nineteen hours at the age of twelve; at age 13, he was proficient in third-year college mathematics and was a professional computer programmer.”


Like an overgrown child, #Nxivm leader #KeithRaniere aka #Vanguard, named himself after his favorite childhood video arcade game – Vanguard.  He even used the stripe colors of the background screen of the video game for the Nxivm cult #stripepath or sash colors that thousands of people paid millions of dollars to work their way up from one color sash to the next.  The order of sash colors from lowest to highest: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, gold.


The ‘ash’s of #Nxivm


Multiple readers on believe that #allisonmack ‘s Canadian green card wife #nickiclyne is leaving inflammatory comments in the comment sections under various pseudonyms such as: Monte Blu, Yolanda Cortez, Gabrielle Cortez. Pea Onyu, and Legatus Pro Tempores.

Keith Raniere Tried to Sexually Assault Heidi – Who Fought Back

One night we were stranded during a snowstorm at Keith Raniere’s townhouse at #3 Flintlock Lane – following an NLP training session with Keith.

I fell asleep alone in an upstairs bedroom I was offered.

Keith gifted me with a book on NLP that night. I dozed off studying it and woke up with a start hours later to Keith’s hand creeping very stealthily up my leg.

Once I fully awoke to what was happening, I pushed Keith off and leaped out of bed. As he was scrambling up from the floor where he landed, he made a move backing me onto the bed again.

I screamed for help, but no one responded and he didn’t stop advancing. I was cornered between him and the bed and that’s when my reflexes took over and I inadvertently kicked him square in the nuts and ran out.

He went down wailing. It wasn’t a hard kick but apparently on target. A couple of unmentionable young ladies who were there in the townhouse ran past me to Keith’s aid.

I highly recommend Tae kwon do. Lots of on-target practice and you’d be surprised how well those reflexes kick in when you need them.


The Suicide Pattern – of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

#Nxivm’s Prefect, #NancySalzman, claimed to be a leading expert in NLP. Her mentor, #KeithAlanRaniere AKA Vanguard, claimed to be expert at all techniques of influencing the mind, including NLP.  He claimed he employed only those that were helpful to people.” “…taken from “The Forbidden Knowledge Archive” by Matt Bacak and Brother Mesmer.

According to the authors, who condemn this practice, “This is a particularly nasty pattern that, according to NLP lore, has in fact been responsible for more than one person taking his/her own life.” The desired outcome is to put the target into a confused and depressed state, ideally that of a person who will consider taking his/her own life.  In theory, for those using NLP techniques to destroy another person, a weak person can be guided into taking his/her life. A stronger person, if he/she succumbs to the Suicide Pattern, will experience depression; ideally, it will be dark and prolonged.”

There were at least 2 suspicious suicides in NXIVM #GinaHutchinson and #KristinSnyder.  #keithraniere was intimately involved with both women.


Dr. Brandon Porter takes a moment to relax on a swing in between showing human fright experiments on unsuspecting women.
Jen Kobelt, 28, was an assistant to Sarah Edmondson – when they were both in #NXIVM. She describes for CBC her experience with human fright doctor, Brandon Porter, and his experiment on her.


A writer on asks “At what point do we begin to regard #AllisonMack as a grown woman who made her own choices and not like a frail helpless little girl?  Keep in mind that Allison Mack had the financial resources to leave NXIVM at any time.

Allison Mack traveled all over the world.

Allison Mack always had communications access, via phone and internet, to the whole world.”


Frank Parlato describes in an interview, how #Nxivm leader #KeithRaniere was able to enchant young women into following and sleeping with him

He said that Keith was a master hypnotist and an expert in neurolinguistic programming. His strategy was that he would never meet new recruits right away. Instead, he would have his wingwomen groom the new female recruits and build up a mythology around him, call him the Vanguard. Keith was like the Wizard of Oz, always behind the curtain until the young women were fully indoctrinated into the program through lack of sleep, food, and repetitive slogans.

Listen to interview with Frank Parlato here


#Nxivm leader #KeithRaniere waged war on #Husky women “Dietary considerations play a vital role in  Keith Raniere’s teachings, especially for the women of DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] the secretive women’s group.

The presence of excess fat can disturb the transmission of Mr. Raniere’s energies to women. He encourages women to be vegetarian and offers instructions on overcoming bodily urges and “emotional viscera” toward food. DOS women are aided by one of three diets, distinguished by daily caloric intakes: 500, [advanced] 800 [standard] 900 [women with defiance issues].”


#AllisonMack (left) and #KristinKreuk (right) helped build up the #NXIVM cult by capitalizing on their Smalllville celebrity status.  With their fans who admired or even idolized them from the characters they played on TV – they were able to lure in many pre-teens, teens and college aged females. They did this through various groups like #GirlsbyDesign or #GBD and #etholutions and surveys they took on college students.


#Nxivm puppy in the freezer story “But #ToniNatalie told me the story of how a despicable #KeithRaniere blamed Michael for his puppy’s death when its death was clearly accidental.

While it made Keith seem like quite a monster, as a mother myself, I did not understand Toni’s acquiescence to Keith’s punishing the child the way he did. Had anyone ever tried to lay a guilt trip on my son, like Keith supposedly did on Michael – over carelessly “killing” his own pet – when the pup’s death, according to Toni, was an accident, I would have stood up to the man and objected.I draw a line with anyone who abuses a child. But it was far worse.

According to Toni, Keith made her keep the body of the puppy in their freezer and Keith [with Toni’s full knowledge and consent] made Michael stare at the dead puppy for a certain length of time every day – in order to teach him the consequences of his action.

Toni described this as more of Keith’s brutal behavior and his monster-like tendencies. But I gleaned something different from her horror story. That she was a horrible and unfit mother.”


“This is the sinister bait-and-switch of alleged cults like #Nxivm, according to Stephen Kent, a professor at the University of Alberta whose research focuses on new and alternative religious movements. People get involved because they’re looking to improve some aspect of themselves, but the transformation isn’t what they bargained for. Anyone seeking individualism finds their own mind replaced by a group mentality, anyone who wants to work on relationships ends up isolated from the people who really care about them, and anyone who wants to improve their career prospects eventually finds themselves in a new line of work: the cult. ”


#Mindless Tweets

In July 2018 “with indictments coming soon for her sister, #ClareBronfman and, quite possibly, for herself – #SaraBronfman Tweets away as if she were in a dream.

Never a word about the monstrous allegations against her sex-slave cult-master, Keith Raniere. No word in his defense.

Nothing on the trouble she funded in Libya and how a man died because of her funding the inanity of her husband aligning with anti-American terrorists – to foolishly try to overthrow the Libyan government.

No remarks about her guru – Raniere – whom she and her sister funded with hundreds of millions of dollars – now in jail, having been denied bail – despite her and her sister agreeing to put up millions for his bail bond and putting up millions to pay for his attorneys.

No. Instead, Sara is tweeting inspirational quotes – many of them demonstrating either a gross stupidity or hypocrisy or both.


Is #Nxivm over or will it be recreated on a new form like an ouroboros?



One of the best scenes in Lifetime’s movie about #Nxivm

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  • Re MK10’s NXIVM Collection:

    MK10’s NXIVM artwork is a clever sardonic deconstruction of all things NXIVM.

    If Marie’s art work is an X-ray into the soul of Keith Raniere and his minions…..

    MK10’s art is a satirical jibe at all things NXIVM, even the impotent one, Vanguard.

    I love MK10’s very original humorful take on a humorless subject. It’s brave, and it’s darkly entertaining.

    MK10 humor undresses the Emperor….. She leaves Raniere naked and alone; And she shows that the upstate New York NXIVM utopia was, in fact, a perverted hedonistic ghetto of lost souls…

    Goodnight Vanguard Land!

    MK10 you rock!!!!

  • The one of Heidi kicking KAR in the balls is a treasure, makes me happy to think how empowering that image must be for her. Thanks MK10, for all your generous gifts.

    • Agree. And, it’s also quite sad Heidi was one of the very few women with gumption to do what she did to Keith.

  • “In theory, for those using NLP techniques to destroy another person, a weak person can be guided into taking his/her life.”

    The scientific consensus is that NLP, neurolinguistic programming, is pseudoscience

    It is no more effective than casting spells or using voodoo dolls to influence or harm people.

    “The last thirty years of research have simply shown that NLP is bunk”.–Steven Novella, M.D.

    The Wikipedia article referenced above is thoroughly referenced and cites the scientific literature on the subject. It is scathing and unequivocal.
    “Medical anthropologist Jean M. Langford categorizes NLP as a form of folk magic; that is to say, a practice with symbolic efficacy—as opposed to physical efficacy—that is able to effect change through nonspecific effects (e.g., placebo).”

    “Bandler and Grinder [the creators of NLP] were (and continue to be[110][111]) influenced by the shamanism described in the books of Carlos Castaneda. Several ideas and techniques have been borrowed from Castaneda and incorporated into NLP”
    Yes that’s right, neurolinguistic programming is based on the fantastical magical-reality musings of Carlos Castenade, the shaman-story novelist. It has as much basis in reality as Harry Potter’s magic.

    So no, neurolinguistic programming can’t make someone commit suicide. It can’t make someone join a cult or have sex. It can’t make you do anything because it’s fake. That’s not my opinion, it’s fact.

  • Was poking around on NXIVM members whose name have exposed here on Frank Report and found Suzanne Gomez, the publicist of NXIVM coach Kristin Kreuk, recruited into NXIVM by said coach. She has unfortunately brought a bean baby into the world and is raising it to be a hateful fifth column degenerate.

    What a fuck-up that kid is going to be. That child wont be given a choice of opinion. It will be brainwashed to like all things degenerate. Hopefully, it will grow up to see the crazy old wench as toxic.

    Lots of anti-Trump, mentally ill liberal bullshit on her Twitter, yet no mention of being a member of NXIVM. No problems with Mexican women and girls raped by Keith Raniere. No problems with Mexican money laundered into the US.

  • Great artwork! I thought the one piece might have been the sultan projectIng his bs on the frank report. But he would be shown rolling a turd in glitter.

  • Here is some great art work from bisexual California Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill with her girl friend.
    From the UK’s Daily Mail:

    “EXCLUSIVE: Shocking photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill are revealed as she’s seen NAKED showing off Nazi-era tattoo while smoking a bong, kissing her female staffer and posing nude on ‘wife sharing’ sites
    Katie Hill, 32, has been seen in a series of shocking photographs obtained exclusively by
    Hill was pictured kissing and brushing her young female staffer’s hair, who can identify as Morgan Desjardins from Santa Clarita, California
    The then 22-year-old began a throuple relationship with Hill and her husband Kenny Heslep shortly after she started working for Hill in 2017
    Texts and photos between Hill, Heslep and Desjardins reveal their throuple was steamy at first, but ended with Hill leaving them ‘high and dry’
    The congresswoman was also seen posing naked while smoking a bong on 9/11 in 2017, as a tattoo of a Nazi-era Iron Cross on her bikini line is on full display
    The tattoo could open the congresswoman to accusations of hypocrisy, after she criticized racist Facebook posts that included a similar-looking cross
    Sources revealed Hill and Heslep also posted Hill’s naked photos online in 2016 under a thread called ‘WouldYouF**kMyWife’ and ‘wifesharing’ ”

  • Future Faking

    “Future Faking is, fundamentally, promising a future that the manipulator has no intention of acting towards, making promises they won’t keep. Instead they distort reality to get what they want from you now.”

    Again, @MK10art illustrates this deceptiveness and shows it consistently, relentlessly and resolutely. This is the art of the wake-up call. The revealing of the naked face.

    I have spent decades poring over the words and the art, some found buried, stashed away in concentration camps, during WWII times, as well as the work and words of those who survived. The tragedies and the great insights evoked are represented throughout time, by the words and the evocations of profound response, awareness and expression. Music too is an incredible source.

    This is art that gets right under one’s skin and straight to the heart.

  • The artist portrays the energetics coming out these faces, even the particulars of body language, in a way that’s both surreal and very real. This is hard-hitting and of great value. We see the ill intentions around these faces, bodies, beyond the attempts to disguise that malevolence, that parasitic opportunism.

  • Brilliant as always. I love the “ash” words of NXIVM. Very apropos (Not a reference to the Potemkin restaurant of the same name).

  • I don’t care for NXIVM at all, but the artwork is terrible. It’s not drawn well at all. The only reason you keep posting it is because it’s anti-NXIVM.

  • Cool pictures. Frank, John Tigue said on Saratoga In Decline, possibly in the comments that he had over 300 of these Necker Island photographs. Do you have the full collection?

    Also, do you know who gave John Tigue the pictures (or how he obtained them) and how did you yourself acquire them, seeing as Tigue’s computers were taken from him?

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