Brandon Porter Has Gone Home

Brandon Porter had his medical license revoked in New York for his role in NXIVM.

They say you can’t go home again.

But former doctor, Brandon Porter, 46, has left Clifton Park and returned home to his native Waukee, Iowa where his father lives.

Document 40 – Summons For Brandon Porter (02.21.2020)

We know this because the Nxivm civil lawsuit names Porter as one of 15 defendants and the service of the summons and complaint for Porter will be at his present residence in Iowa.

Porter, who lost his medical license last year for conducting unauthorized human experiments, also filed bankruptcy.  He is yet another example of the collateral damage that comes with contact with the human beast, Keith Alan Raniere.

Keith Raniere about the time he first met Brandon Porter, in the early 2000s

Raniere’s goal, by the way,, in my opinion, was to destroy every human being he ever came in contact with. It was his game. It brought him joy.

The best way he could destroy others, he found, was not to openly declare his hatred of all humankind but, the clever beast, would instead befriend his victims.

And the best way to befriend them was to feign a role as teacher, as someone who cared. The love he pretended was that of a superior. Between the great and dependent. He did not seek love between equals.

His ruse was to get those to love him in dependency. Once that dependency was established, then he set out to destroy them.

He had another objective. He wanted to destroy those who loved and depended on him, but not all at once. His joy came in managing everyone’s destruction while keeping them in his orbit, to serve him, slowly consuming their lives, taking everything away from them slowly.

A true psychopath, Raniere wanted to keep his victims nearby until he was ready to dispose of them. Think Gina Hutchinson, Kristin Snyder, Barbara Jeske, Pam Cafritz.  Of course, if they dared to leave, he would accelerate attacks. Think Barbara Bouchey, Kristin Keeffe, Susan Dones.

It was his most faithful that he worked to destroy that brought him the most joy.  Most of his victims were women, which was convenient for he was a sex addict. And because he was a sex addict, he was weak, like all sex addicts. But Keith had an advantage. He was cunning and well practiced at deception. He knew how to control his temper and hide his love of destruction.

He also had the luck of having the incredibly stupid and reckless Bronfman sisters, heiresses of the Seagram’s fortune, to fund his destructive exploits. He has tried his best to destroy their lives and pretty much succeeded in destroying the one who was most loyal to him, Clare Bronfman.

He also had the incredibly cunning Salzman family – mother Nancy and two daughters, Lauren and Michelle, to help hold operations together. Of course, he was seeking to destroy them and happily for him he got two of them convicted for felonies, for following his instructions.

Keith Raniere ‘owned’ Nancy Salzman for years. But that ownership may now be rescinded and Raniere is now ‘owned’ by the US Bureau of Prisons.

And he lucked out also [Raniere might call it skill] and secured the aid of several glamorous actresses such as Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Kirstanna Loken, Grace Park, Kristin Kreuk, all of whom he sought to destroy. He scored pretty good in taking down Mack. She too is a convicted felon.

Image result for kristanna loken
Kristanna Loken followed the Vanguard, but his arrest may have arrested his long term plans for her destruction.
Allison Mack stayed close to Keith Raniere and was destroyed.

How often do you see it? A beloved star on TV who left her acting career to be a slave and aid him in procuring other slaves who winds up being charged with sex trafficking – but not for money – like every other sex trafficker – but to please her boyfriend Raniere.  [Mack took a plea deal and copped to two racketeering felonies and faces prison time.]

And Raniere had his Mexican contingent of rich and famous trust fund babies, headed by children of former Mexican presidents.

The Mexican followers of Vanguard bowing to him on his birthday. Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas are in the green t-shirts.

And of course it didn’t hurt – if lemmings attract each other – to have two physicians in the pack. Dr. Danielle Roberts, who still has her license, but is reportedly under investigation by New York State [who Raniere got to actually brand women with his initials] and Brandon Porter who already lost his medical license.

For those who like to say that Keith was just an ordinary conman, think again. He was a master criminal and an extraordinary psychopath. He deserves to have a wax figure installed at Tussauds Chamber of Horrors alongside other great criminals of history like Bluebeard, Charlie Manson and Jack the Ripper.

Raniere was not really a cult leader. Most cult leaders seek to be worshiped and seek power and sex.  But Keith just had one simple desire: He wanted to destroy other human beings.

And he was not just an ordinary conman, as some people think. He did not care about fleecing people for money, except to use that money to destroy others.

He did not live lavishly. He rarely traveled. Most of his life he lived in a smallish townhouse in a suburb of Albany. He did not have fancy cars, or expensive clothes. Or jewelry.

No, it was not money or power or veneration he craved. In the end it was not even sex. He did not so much desire sex but rather his severe mental illness required him to constantly have sex and seek it and discharge his very toxic and destructive seed lest it would self poison him.

Keith Alan Raniere had an appetite for human destruction. It gave him joy and as he said, “He who has the most joy, wins.”

Raniere’s real and only joy was the slow destruction of other human beings. And the pure true joy of destroying them while they thought he loved them and was helping them.

Brandon Porter was one of them. I know we all love to hate Porter. Along with the other big Nxivm villains – Mack, Salzmans, Ben Myers, Bronfmans, Emiliano Salinas, Pam Cafrtiz – we love to hate Porter.

After all, he was a doctor who ran twisted human fright experiments for Nxivm.  He brought some 40 women, one by one, into a room at Apropos, the Nxivm clubhouse, telling them beforehand only that he was going to do a little experiment, something that was in line with the exalted teachings of their mutual Vanguard, the man who did their thinking for them.

Then he would hook them up to the EEG machine and surprise the shit out of them by showing them films of alternating gang rapes, happy scenes, snuff films and back and forth between terror and pleasant and scare the daylights out of them.

The state’s medical oversight board accused him in April 2018 of showing “human subjects an actual video of the horrific and brutal murders and dismemberment of four women by machetes; and violent film clips, including a male African American being viciously stomped by a Nazi; a conscious male being forced to eat a portion of his own brain matter; and a graphic gang rape.”

Scene from the Accused shown to slender young ladies by Dr, Porter.

Why Porter, a physician, did this we can only guess. But it came around the time that Keith was madly recruiting into his super-destructive. secret, lifetime scarring – both physically and mentally – DOS, a crazed master-slave relationship group where he was the secret leader and which was supposedly an all-female sorority.

From what I learned, if a woman – pretty though she might be – reacted too much to the violent scenes, she was not asked to join DOS. It might be that Porter unknowingly was weeding out women for their destruction in DOS.

Dr. Porter.

As for Porter. who has a wife and three kids, I am convinced that he wanted to be a good father and husband [knowing of course that a husband in Nxivm is not the same thing as a husband outside of Nxivm, for the Nxivm philosophy is that men are polygamous and women are monogamous, a handy device for Raniere who lived that way with his harem and which philosophy had the additional value of breaking up many Nxivm marriages.]

I am sure Porter did not grow up looking for the ignominy he achieved. He likely wanted to be a noble human being.

Sure he had his faults. He may have been somewhat emotionally immature. But, in the end, he wanted to be a physician – and did the work to become one. He wanted to heal and help others. There are very few who get into that profession and take the training who really have no heart.

Porter was a big fan of Star Trek as a boy. He most admired the character of Mr. Spock, the alien, super-intelligent, unemotional [but secretly emotional] second in command on the spaceship. Spock was a superb subordinate, efficient and loyal, competent to command but much happier having a commander.

Keith was Porter’s Captain Kirk.

And while some may get into the medical profession because it pays well, Porter never seemed to be after the money. He never made the big money.

He took a job as an internist at St. Peter’s Hospital making $170,000 per year, a fraction of what he could have made if he really wanted to establish a practice.

But he needed to spend most of his time serving his Vanguard. And most of his salary was consumed in taking more Nxivm courses and placing his children in expensive Rainbow Cultural Garden – a childhood experiment Raniere devised to cripple children’s language skills.

Porter got sucked in completely. He took his wife and kids down with him.  All he ever needed was someone to lead him, someone to think for him. Someone who could lead him to do the great things he knew he could accomplish, if he just had a master, a guru, a Captain Kirk, wise enough to teach and command him.

He needed a mentor and found a man secretly bent on destroying him.  He found Keith Alan Raniere, the beast.

And from a promising career as a physician, he wound up broke and for a time selling insulation.  You don’t see that every day, a man trained as a physician reduced to selling insulation, making cold calls, setting up appointments then going to people’s homes and telling them how much they can save on their utility bills, if they get their walls and attics insulated.

Porter, whose 2017 salary was $170,675, was pulling down just $2,340 a month as an insulation salesman, according to his bankruptcy filing. [Porter filed bankruptcy with $170,469 in debts and less than $2,000 in assets.]

But when his bosses found out he was the famous Nxivm ‘human fright’ doctor, they fired him and he lost even that income.  Too bad Raniere was in custody when we learned about Porter. It would have given him great joy.

Before Porter went back home to where his father lives, a man who has been trying to get his son out of Nxivm for years, Brandon was living at Clare Bronfman’s former home on Button Rd, a 3,000-square-foot home in Halfmoon outside Albany – rent free. The house is owned by Percenceo Inc., whose founding president was Sara Bronfman.

Clare had to move out of the house after she was arrested and lives in Manhattan subject to home arrest. She was convicted last year of conspiracy to conceal and harbor an illegal alien for financial gain and fraudulent use of ID in Brooklyn federal court. Another amazing accomplishment of Raniere’s. How often do you find an heiress from a world-famous family, worth some $200 million, who goes to prison for financial crimes worth less than $200,000?

As for Porter, he lost all as well. Proportionately, he ranks right up with the other joy-producers for Raniere.

Because of the bad publicity, he had to resign his hospital job as an internist in 2017.  He sold his house on Oregon Trail in Halfmoon in 2018 for $352,000, most of it was mortgaged. He lost his medical license in 2019. He became a pariah everywhere he goes.

Dr, Porter’s former home on Oregon Trail.

His wife once told the New York Post, who showed up at her door, that “The media has ruined our lives. We have been blocked from everything.”

But I wonder if she really understood that it was not the media that ruined her life. It was someone else together.

Now Porter and his wife and children are back home. Perhaps in time he can be restored. Start again. Maybe one day they will let him practice medicine. Maybe he can set his life aright. That may come, as it may come to all who touched Raniere, when they realize they were fooled.

That is the first step, to realize they were fooled. And once they do that, they will stop blaming Raniere. They will take the blame on themselves. That is the cure. Stop crying, stop whining. Stop being a victim. Say to oneself, “If someone else could do this to me, it could happen again and again. But if it was all my mistake, if I did it to myself then it stands to reason I can undo it all myself. I can right it all by myself with my own brain and strong right hand.”

Brandon Porter has gone home.

‘Son, son, you have been mad and drunken, furious and wild, filled with hatred and despair, and all the dark confusions of the soul – but so have we.’

Now heal yourself, fool, and start again.

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Frank Parlato


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  • It’s okay, Frank. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and write another article. I’m sure it will rise to the proper standards.

    Though I agree Raniere intentionally, and with forethought, destroyed people, it didn’t take any courage for him to do so. He, in his role as mentor, got most of them to do it to themselves.

    Looking at the more successful members of the community, it’s very obvious the direction he led them and the results. And even then they thought they were completely to blame because they hadn’t done whatever advised good enough.

    The only men in the cult were snowflakes. He wouldn’t have allowed a guy with half a nut near the community

    • Mitch Garrity,

      Why do your most enigmatic and idiosyncratic comments always appear after 5:00 pm?

      Very intriguing…

      “It’s okay, Frank. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and write another article. I’m sure it will rise to the proper standards.”
      -Mitch Garrity

      Mitchell, what are you talking about?

      You act like Frank wrote a Daniel Steele romance novel or a screenplay for a porn movie.

  • Interesting that you used “The Accused” as an example of what the women were shown. Although I’ve never seen the movie, I read about it and saw some short clips from the movie and I saw a woman who, although she was far from being perfect, wanted to publicly testify against those who did her wrong, unlike the cowards who post comments on this website. LOL

  • Frank, this is not one of your best articles, for the following reasons:

    1. While Raniere enjoyed destroying people, he didn’t try to destroy anybody who came in contact with him. He mostly destroyed women, I think he was intimidated by most men. I think his primary goal was sex with women, destruction was a natural result of having numerous sex partners and the complications that arise from that arrangment.

    2. I don’t think he planned his destruction like an evil genius, it was more like a little boy throwing a tantrum.

    3. Raniere is a mere footnote among the real criminals, just a sex pervert who was too incompetent in many other areas and let things get out of control.

    4. $170k/yr is pretty good money for a doctor these days. It ain’t what it used to be, especially for the non-specialists. He could have done a little better with his own practice, but not a whole lot, and he would have to put up with running a business, the overhead costs, paperwork, etc.

    5. I don’t think Raniere likes destroying lives as much as he doesn’t care whether he destroys lives because for him it’s all about the sex. Raniere’s perverted “joy” comes from sex, and now Bubba will be joyful.

    6. Blame doesn’t have to be relegated to one party or the other. There is plenty of blame that can be shared among all of the NXIVM creeps, including Raniere AND Porter.

    7. It’s the same with being a victim and a victimizer. Porter is a victim AND a victimizer.

    8. Selling insulation in Iowa would be a good occupation for Porter, I wouldn’t want him being a doctor ever again.

    • Wow. Some real comments. Impressive. So you think Raniere is a sex addict but not a psychopath? In the past, when we’ve seen glimmers of real comments from you, you’ve said you don’t think there will ever be enough proof that Raniere killed anyone. From this post, is it fair to say that you don’t think the little pervert ever did kill anyone?

      • Wow. Some real (limited) understanding. I think Raniere is a sex addict and a psychopath, but I don’t think his major motivation was to destroy people, that was merely collateral (notice the double entendre?) damage.

        What I’ve consistenly said is I think Raniere is too wimpy to kill somebody and it will be very difficult to prove this opinion wrong. Much more evidence is needed and it’s been too long to have much of an expectation of finding it.

  • Great article. I agree with it.

    Those like Porter who have blamed Frank for their hard times, should ultimately look back on this part of their life and realize that Frank ending Raniere may have saved their life.

  • More UNTRUE drivel from Frank Parlato.

    This whole article is not only untrue, it’s literally WORD SALAD which was entirely born out of Frank’s ass.

    Case in point… Frank (comically) claims that Keith wasn’t really a cult leader who wanted money, sex and power. LOL.

    According to Frank, Keith simply wanted to destroy everybody around him. That’s all Keith wanted. Keith didn’t want money, power or sex —– at least, that’s what Frank says. He just wanted to destroy people.

    My response: Uhhh, no Frank. Just no.

    Frank, did you hear me? I just called you a fucken liar, sir.

    Let’s look at facts.

    FACT #1: Keith wanted sex. In fact, he did little else but fuck every attractive gal within a stone’s throw of himself. He did little else except think about getting more sex. He created DOS (and other orgs within NXIVM) to manipulate women into having sex with him.

    In fact, without his fixation on ‘sex’ he’d have likely escaped the wrath of the NY Times and DOJ.

    Yes, Frank, he wanted sex and TONS of it. You dimwitted, Sicilian dweeb.

    FACT #2: Keith wanted money. He simply chose not to keep the money/assets in his own name. In fact, he did little else but steal money from every NXIVM class taker, teacher and benefactor within spitting distance. He stole from Bouchey, Bronfmans, Cafritz, Jeske and every other person he ever met.

    Yes, Frank, Keith wanted money and TONS of it.

    He made people pay thru the nose for intensives, courses and sashes. He stole whatever money he could from whatever the source, including wealthy benefactors like the Bronfmans. Duh, Frank.

    FACT #3: Keith wanted power. In fact, everything he did was to consolidate his ‘power’ over his followers. He did little else but punish anybody who questioned his authority and power.

    Yes, Frank, Keith wanted POWER above all else.

    He made every follower bow to his every wish. He tolerated no dissent. He gave irrational errands for no purpose other than demonstrating his power. Duh.

    What else is Frank wrong about?

    Keith did NOT purposely SEEK to destroy people as a matter of habit, as Frank claimed.

    The destruction of everybody around him was merely INCIDENTAL to his quest for maximum money, sex and power. Yes, everybody around him was destroyed. But it was merely incidental.

    Keith would simply milk every cow for every drop they have. Not to destroy them, just to drain them for as much money, sex and power which they can provide him.

    Of course, the more he took from them the more they’d be destroyed. But their destruction was merely incidental to his goals, not the goal itself.

    Finally, when they have nothing else left to offer Keith, he will discard them. But they probably deserved it.

    That’s why the older gals had to go. They had outlived their usefulness to him. He’d bankrupted most of them. They were too old for pleasurable sex. …and having power over grannies just ain’t appealing. So they were discarded.

    Frank’s analysis is therefore SHIT.

    Frank’s analysis is nothing more than WORD SALAD to confuse his readers.

    • To Citizens United Against Shitty Journalism:

      Is the Knife Media an example of Shitty Journalism?
      Why do you show more anger with Frank Parlato than with Keith Raniere?

      “Keith wanted money. He simply chose not to keep the money/assets in his own name.”
      Then where is that money?
      Off shore banks?
      Neil Glazer and his eighty clients want to know.

      • What does the Knife Media have to do with with whether this article isn’t very good?

        Do you think showing more anger towards Frank for this article means Citizens United Against Shitty Journalism is in love with Raniere?

        The money is hidden, hopefully Glazer’s lawsuit will uncover at least some of it.

        Grow up, child. LOL

        • “What does the Knife Media have to do with whether this article isn’t very good?”
          Scott Johnson

          In the Warped World of NXIVM, the Knife Media was supposed to be the sterling standard by which all other journalism is measured.

    • Although CUASJ’s comment contains a lot of words, it has little, if any, real content or perspective.

      For those who are interested in more than superficial analyses, Frank’s article is very thought provoking – especially in terms of reviewing the arcs of other cult leaders.

      Did Raniere or any of the others ever have a real “plan”? Or were they simply driven by subliminal needs that they weren’t even aware of?

      Sure, Raniere wanted – and enjoyed – sex, money and power. The question is WHY those wants/needs dominated every aspect of his life.

      Why wasn’t it family, friends, and professional success – just to name a few alternatives – that dominated his life?

      And why were so many people enthralled by someone whose primary objectives were so base?

      CUASJ has missed the point of this article…

    • Hey, Nicki:
      What do you know?
      My family was among the earliest settlers in Iowa dating back to the 1840s and they are located all over the state.
      My great great great grandfather is buried near Ottumwa, Iowa.
      My Aunt Sally grew up in Ames, Iowa where Iowa State is located.
      They are active in the Iowa Republican Party.
      Maybe I should have them contact Iowa’s Governor, Kim Reynolds, and inform her of the presence of that great medical researcher former doctor, Brandon Porter.
      We could throw a real hootenanny for that great scientist Dr. Brandon Porter.

  • Do the good people of Iowa in America’s Heartland want a Doctor with the unique skills of Brandon Porter?
    A man who associated with criminals like Keith Raniere, Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman?
    A man who hooked unsuspecting women up to electrodes and then monitored their brain waves while showing those women bloody snuff films?

  • Mr. Porter’s prospective employers will wind Frank’s work very informative when they search his name. Thanks to Frank, he is effectively unemployable outside the cult.

  • Keith owned Nancy, but crafty Nancy owned ‘Vanguard;’ the fictional person that she and Raniere created together.

    His motivation was the fulfilment of his perverse sexuality and need for adulation.

    Hers was mainly the love of money

    She’s as sly and calculating as a pickpocket.


  • I’d like to hear an expert opinion on Raniere’s pathology. While he was destructive to those around him just as a matter of course in dragging them into his web of inhumanity and illegality and dominating and controlling them, I’m not sure he necessarily planned or delighted in their suffering; however, he obviously enjoyed wreaking vengeance on those he considered to have betrayed him, or enemies.

    And $170k is not a bad income for internal medicine, which is the bottom of the rung among specialties. If Porter wanted to make more money, he’d have gone into something like surgery, though typically general practitioners and internists are those who wouldn’t make the grade for more demanding specialties.

    Also, I think Porter might have a shot at getting licensed again in Iowa – where he might even have once been licensed since that’s where he trained. If I recall, losing a license in one state is not necessarily a bar to getting licensed in another, and some doctors who run into disciplinary trouble move to states with more lax requirements. It’s also possible he could use his connections to get a job in academia that doesn’t require an active license, though the particular circumstances of his improper research would be a real black mark.

    Doing a quick check, I did find this pair of brief, very readable articles about sociopaths, who share many of the same antisocial personality and narcissistic characteristics. They don’t directly answer my initial question, but do note that “the driving force with sociopaths (and they have lots of energy) is to dominate others” and “They often enjoy the suffering of other people”:

    Are You the Target of a Sociopath?
    “Anti-social personalities want to dominate people. Don’t let it be you.”

    How to Spot a Sociopath in 3 Steps
    “It helps to know some of the warning signs of sociopaths.”

    • Thanks for sharing those articles – the second one in particular sounds like my experience of Raniere.

      I think you are correct that destruction was not generally his aim, just a byproduct of his actions. I’d come to seem him as malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He needs to feel that he is “more” than anyone else he encounters. So if you show a talent or a skill in something, he must demonstrate that he knows more about it or can do it better. People are just objects for him to gain narcissistic supply; if he treated someone as valuable, it was because he had something to gain – in particular, adulation.

      I believe sex in particular was a key place where he required the adulation and ego boost. He needs to be acknowledged as special – blue light (insert eye roll). It was never about giving a partner pleasure (or even himself); it was about feeling powerful at the control he had and the “specialness” attributed to having sex with him. His tally of virgins ties into that.

      I think true destructiveness comes into play for him when he is crossed – when something harms his view of himself as “the best”. Then he will pull out all the stops to make certain you are defeated; it proves that he is the superior creature.

      I think he is pretty disturbed and his need for acknowledgement is a black hole that cannot be filled (prognosis for personality disorders in the anti-social spectrum is pretty dim). No telling where this all would have ended if the EDNY hadn’t stepped in.

      Man the inside of his brain must be a vile place. I just no longer have it in me to feel compassion for people who struggle with this kind of mental disorder when they leave so much collateral damage in their wake.

      • Sure Brandon Porter is broke. That is why he has set up a phony orthopedic business with a phony photo and a phony license in NJ. He has a new hair implant and a fancy address in 330 third Avenue with Ann Siriano.

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