Study of Evil: Ghislane Maxwell Has the Aura of a Raptor Who Mutated Into a Sexual Cannibal

By Shivani

There is no reason to be polite about Ghislaine Maxwell, the “alleged” pimp madam who probably thought nothing of destroying the safety, stability and the physical/emotional and mental intactness of quite possibly hundreds of young people.

Kids for sale. If you’re rich just call Ghislaine(?)

She was busy at her profitable child sex-trafficking ventures for a long, successful time. Some of the sex-trafficked kids under her supervision have been telling the whole world about not only Epstein, but about Maxwell and her named co-pimps. At least one girl mentioned being handed to Prince Andrew, who is supposed to be the Duke of York, not P ork.

There were 3 separate “meetings” with him described by her. And don’t forget the presidents and prime ministers and the shahs of hoo-ha from the middle east and the titans of industry. Please don’t forget the nude jogging oddball of Martha’s Vineyard, eighty year-old Alan Dershowitz.

Ah yes, monsieur Dersh, some of us happen to still have family living on the Vineyard, who will now always have memories of Alan. My very own nephews, albeit not recently, had the summery misfortune of seeing the Dersh trotting and flapping in the breeze once, but their impressions were brief…and miniscule.

The proper thing to do is to disrobe once you are ON the nude beach. One does not jog nude for half a mile TOWARDS the nude beach. That length of shoreline is for those who are clothed. No doubt Dersh doesn’t need to be reminded anymore, he so intelligent!

The worst Epstein and Maxwell concerns would be aimed at whatever has not come to light yet, if it ever does. For example, how many kids were abused by Epstein, Maxwell and their cohorts to the point of no return?

James Saville is said to have been fond of necrophilia and pedophilia.

The British pervert, Jimmy Savile, was said to be a necrophiliac who preferred having at dead boys, especially out on the water on a fine yacht. This has been mentioned publicly and in the press. Epstein is likely to have accommodated at least one or two of these types on his island. He had the capacity to put kids to sleep right in his underground dental set-up. You don’t think that was only for dental work, do you? .

It might never be known, especially regarding Epstein’s island or out in the wild by his New Mexico ranch, who has died. Who are the children who didn’t survive, who haven’t even been noticed or missed? Where have their little bodies gone? So much can be hidden by money.

One thing really does show, though, right on Maxwell’s face. Indifference is coming out of her pores like poison, and Maxwell still seems smug about her choices, as if she is dead to any feelings whatsoever about abusing kids for her own benefit, for around 20 years. It is chilling, what is in her face. God only knows if she’ll ever be done paying for being a monster whose enjoyment involved demolishing kids. She can’t undo what she has already done.

Maxwell stands out a whole lot to me, as she is likely to stand out to anyone who experienced childhood sexual abuse. You see the cruelty and the hardness etched just beneath her makeup. You see how she could use charm to persuade and then go in for the kill seamlessly. Happy for anyone who hasn’t had to find out about childhood sexual abuse the hard, personal way, however my remarks about her aren’t casual. I have every right to be deliberatively pointing at Maxwell with aggrieved condemnation and outrage.

Our entire nation has the right, as well as the duty, to be outraged with all of the Epsteins and Maxwells who hunt and abuse kids. Way back in 1992, it was estimated that one out every ten children in the U.S.A. experiences childhood sexual abuse, boys and girls alike.

One gets accustomed to people not being well-informed and maybe preferring not to know what can and does happen to kids, even infants. A former coworker of mine had had her pelvic bones broken by her own father six times before she was 30 months old, because he liked raping his own baby. This stuff is very hard even to hear, let alone to experience, yet she has spent her life listening and developing bodywork to give such victims some ways to feel that their lives are back in one piece. If you can’t handle how grim it gets, step back and listen from a safer distance.

Statistics can never convey the damages of abusiveness anyway. My childhood sexual abuse ended on the eve of my sixth birthday, when finally I was able to ask a simple question: how come Mr So-and-so did things that daddy didn’t ever do?

(My mom had sent me to the abuser’s house while little girls were arriving for a surprise birthday party she was having for me. I came home and rang the front doorbell as she’d made me promise to do, and she nearly fainted when I asked that question.) Some way to start a party. One crisis ended at that moment, with a chance to stay alive but never to know an uninterrupted childhood. Like most who were like abused as kids, I always wonder how that is. What is it like, not to have been picked by cold hands and a dead heart? How different might living have been? What does that feel like? It sounds so luxurious.

There is very little doubt that my abuser’s wife (the heffalump) was well aware of what her husband had been doing and also knew it was far from his first molestation. Besides, she used to iron at a friend’s house, and I told her the whole thing, and told her that she was married to a bad man and had better make him stay home. This was very shortly after my mom and dad found out. The look on that woman’s face was unforgettable, but she had to behave if she wanted to keep her ironing job. Since our neighbor down the hill began molesting me when I was 3, his wife had seen me for a couple of years and knew that her husband isolated me while she kept to the kitchen.

Another 1,000 reasons for not being polite about Maxwell? For twelve years I worked in a safe house overnight every week as a bonded volunteer. It was a privately funded place where endangered women and children could be protected in Palm Beach county. Don’t tread on me for not liking sexual abusers. In fact, stay out of the way if all you’ve got is hot air or some Amway exhaust fumes. Leave it to others to wash off the blood and to apply the bandages, to find someone affordable help for the knocked-out teeth and to try to soothe the broken hearts.

Maxwell is not the first woman with this sickening nature whom I’ve seen or dealt with, and you don’t forget the observable elements within a pervert’s psychological makeup. Maxwell’s smooth, malignant vibe has nothing to do with either Allison Mack’s condition or her conditioning as a superficial, dissipated cult ditz and cheerleader/deputy.

Mack was, maybe still is, a needy and not very bright sucker, as in “born every minute.” She was an ideal patsy in a world of easy marks, small change in a medium pocket. She, like the ballerina accountant, is barely even interesting. That could be how come the Shadow’s fixation upon Mack is seen as so oddly disproportionate. It IS oddly disproportionate; much ado about a nothing burger who used be onTV.

Allison was a fool, but it would be naive to categorize Maxwell that way. Ghislaine is worldly rough trade and is more studiously practiced at deviousness and criminality than Allison could ever dream of being. Ghislaine has more support, more experience and more assets. Stripping Maxwell down to her real dimensions is going to take penetrating incisiveness, since she is so damned resolutely callous and pre-numbed, to the point that she appears to be thoroughly exorcised of any genuinely humane sentiment. She is probably nice to her dogs like so many sadists are. Otherwise she looks to be a very tough and indelicate user, and proud of herself for being so tough. Plus she seems to find herself beyond reproach, what with all of her delusionary savoir-faire.

Maxwell does know that she won’t be taking that savoir-faire with her when she finally dies. She is old enough to have noticed. She really cannot be that obtuse. She hasn’t investigated her own games enough, the lies she has to tell herself, or else she would have found an exit, before it gets too late. Does she think she is being protected? Could be. But to paraphrase Patanjali, beware of receiving gifts. Just in case the whole devil worship part of Ghislaine’s and Jeffrey’s shtick reaches the headlines and spills all over the blackbook bigwigs, maybe Ghislaine better keep shopping around.

Allison Mack

She is falling onto a bigger sword than the one which has been scratching the hapless Mack. Frankly, this really ought to be obvious, unless Amway or some other inconvenience has scrambled someone’s cognition switch. See Maxwell in deep international waters, and see Mack half-drowned in a kiddy pool in Raniere’s girlfriend’s backyard. About all that Mack and Maxwell really have in common is that they have caused others serious harm. Oh, and that now they are both too old and ugly for each other’s terribly questionable good taste.

The first female shark like Maxwell whom I met worked as a parttime short order cook at a Camp Pendleton NCO club in the early seventies, while sexually enslaving young, vulnerable women and girls, mainly Filipinos, all illegally imported for sex trade. That’s how she made her real money. I had a very good sideseat when she got caught and already knew her foulness from the moment she was introduced to me, when she immediately made a vulgar, invasive remark about my figure as the first sentence out of her nasty little stiletto mouth. The swine that she was, she wasn’t smart enough to conceal her oozy, predatory fangs.

Neither can Ghislaine Maxwell conceal hers, and from my vantage point, she carries a vibe more fetid than a garbage truck full of barf. Ghislaine reminds me a lot of that sweaty pimp madam slob at Pendleton. Better clothes and accessories but exactly the same scuzzy, stinking, very bad, rotten, no good vibes. Maxwell has the aura of a raptor who has mutated into a sexual cannibal.

At Camp Pendleton the “gentleman” civilian general manager of the E-6- and- above staff club where the Bad Lady cooked was her real gangster Bossman in all of their international criminal endeavors. It was all about moving sex and moving heroin. The gentleman was already being investigated by CID when he made a stupid mistake and locked me into his office to get me alone one evening at work, despite knowing I was a young, married mom. The potbellied toad offered to pay for my husband’s college if he could just have me, and the chase was on. I talked him out of what he wanted and went home to call the Pendleton cops. This was the beginning of the end for both the man and his bad lady, as well as several of their partners.

But watch Ghislaine Maxwell, who might get O.J. Simpson-ed out of reach, so far as paying for any crimes. She can be “legally” put out of sight and out of mind despite her evil actions. It does look as if inaction about Maxwell would speak volumes, in and of itself. She could have been arrested much sooner. See if any branch of law enforcement makes a move on her. Beyond civil suits, maybe she really can get away with only being notorious. Perhaps she is being protected so far. Sometimes dams burst anyhow.

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  • There are some things that you can’t come back from.

    Prosecuted or not, she is a pariah now.

    And all the great and glorious will say, “I saw here at a few parties, but I didn’t really know her.”

    If her Dad was alive, he might even say the same thing.

  • Hey Shivani,

    ‘ Like most who were like abused as kids, I always wonder how that is. What is it like, not to have been picked by cold hands and a dead heart? How different might living have been? What does that feel like? It sounds so luxurious.’

    Well said.Thank you very, very much.

  • Well written. Im sorry that you had to experience the pain that you did as a BABY… Thank you for your honesty and your fight.
    Kind Regard,

  • A number of points for Shivani:

    ” Please don’t forget the nude jogging oddball of Martha’s Vineyard, eighty year-old Alan Dershowitz.”

    Shivani, why don’t you mention the fact that the oddball Dershowitz is a “respected” Professor at Harvard Law School?
    What does it say that Harvard University would have a scumbag like Alan Dershowitz on the faculty?
    Dershowitz claimed that he consulted with college drop out Epstein in writing twenty books.
    What would a college drop out like Epstein have to tell Harvard Law Professor Dershowitz about the law?
    How to beat a child molestation rap?
    Shivani, do you happen to be a student or graduate of Harvard?
    When I went to college I found that every Professor who was from Harvard, with one exception, was an arrogant jerk.

    “The worst Epstein and Maxwell concerns would be aimed at whatever has not come to light yet,”

    What has not fully come to light yet is that Epstein and Maxwell were engaged in blackmail and espionage.
    Maxwell’s father was a Mossad agent who looted his company’s pension fund before he conveniently died.
    America faces the horrible possibility that top government and corporate officials were being blackmailed by a foreign country for pedophilia.

    “The British pervert, Jimmy Savile, was said to be a necrophiliac who preferred having at dead boys, especially out on the water on a fine yacht. ”

    The story is that British Prime Minister Edward Heath would take boys out in his yacht for sex.
    One boy threatened to tell and Heath had the boy tossed into the sea to drown.
    The police were able to confirm the pedophilia but not the murder.
    As for Savile he would indeed brag about necrophilia and because he was in with the Royal Family no one could touch him.

    “Maxwell’s face. Indifference is coming out of her pores”

    Shivani, read the testimony of Jaye and Nicole concerning Allison Mack.
    Allison Mack preached female empowerment but did not give a rat’s ass when these women wanted to control their own sex lives.
    Allison Mack considered them to be selfish for wanting their own boyfriends.

    And let me tell you, Shivani, give Allison a few more years of pimping and extortion and she would be every bit as cruel and heartless as Maxwell.

    And Allison, knowing full well that Raniere is a pedophile, covered up for him when confronted with the fact.
    Allison Mack is more than stupid.
    Allison Mack is complicit.

    As for Ghislaine and Jeffrey’s Devil worship. in 2018 just before Raniere was arrested Allison Mack posted a picture of the Spirit Cooking Devil Worshiper Maria Abramovic.
    Was Allison, who borrows from every religion in search for Salvation, trying to get help from Satan?

    Alison Mack’s Instagram [IG] account.
    It’s Marina Abramovic, who calls herself a performance artist. Her art involves spilling of blood and other odd displays, some of which have been connected to events held by Hollywood stars.

  • So we’re supposed to drop every other crime being committed on the planet because Shivani says so? It’s not going to happen. Plus, Amway has its own rape issues, and if you think this is the only instance of this happening, you are dead wrong: see the October 4, 1976 story near the bottom.

    Besides stealing peoples’ time and money, MLMs are also responsible for murders, suicides, debt, divorces, bankruptcies, broken relationships, ruined careers, etc.

    Stayed tuned to listen to my radio show Saturday, we’re having the actress who played the mother of the girl who was trafficked in the movie “8 Days” and then became active in the organization that made the movie. Rather than repeatedly going after Maxwell’s entire psychological makeup based on a couple of pictures or Mack over and over and over and over, I’m educating others about underage sex trafficking and the parallels to MLM scams.

    I do commend you for speaking up, but that doesn’t mean you have a monopoly on the overall discussion.

  • Nick Tartaglione (Epstein’s temporary cellmate at MCC) may end up meeting his maker in the not too-distant future. His lawyer has formally requested a transfer to a different prison for him, due to numerous threats he’s received from the guards at MCC.

    In Maxwell news, I have a source who’s told me she is preparing to leave the country, and headed to Israel.

    • Prisoners don’t like pedos and cops. Maxwell will have to sneak out of the U.S. and into Israel, because these two countries have an extradition treaty. Not a likely result, there is far too much heat with this case. If Epstein couldn’t get out of trouble, neither will Maxwell.

    • “In Maxwell news, I have a source who’s told me she is preparing to leave the country, and headed to Israel.”

      If Epstein and Maxwell were working for the Mossad, Israeli will NEVER hand her over to the US for prosecution.

      • Maxwell has to get to Israel first, and could be brought back in a trade deal or the extradition treaty. Plus, Israel’s relationship with the U.S. has never been better. But keep up the pessimism, we don’t expect anything more from you.

        • ” keep up the pessimism, ”

          It is called realism.
          No matter how good America’s relationship with Israel was, no matter how much money America shoveled into Israel, that country spent almost 25 years trying to free the convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, a man who sold America’s secrets to Israel for cocaine money.

          “Critics allege that Pollard’s espionage, which compromised elements of four major intelligence systems, damaged American national security far more than was ever publicly acknowledged. They have charged that he was motivated not by patriotism or concern for Israel’s security, but by greed; that Israel paid him well, and he spent the money on cocaine, alcohol, and expensive meals.[161] Many intelligence officials are convinced that at least some of the information Pollard sold to Israel eventually wound up in the Soviet Union,”

          If Ghislane Maxwell makes her way to Israel she will NEVER be turned over to American officials to be tried for child sex trafficking.

  • I’m glad that word ‘Evil’ is coming back into legitimate usage.

    It became a politically incorrect term and words like, ‘sick’ and ‘insane’ were used instead.

    But evil people exist.

    Keith Raniere is not sick. He is evil.

    Epstein was not sick. He was evil.

    The same goes for his pimp.

  • Shivani, thank you for sharing. One reason I follow this site is that I get pleasure seeing these monsters humiliated. Marie’s paintings are hilliariously humiliating them.
    Question, do you think someone will ever take cadaver dogs to sniff out any possible bodies out on pedo island?

  • Powerful. Thank you, Shavani.

    My heart’s in my throat reading this raw account…nearly too teary-eyed to type. But you rest assured, this time this cunt’s going down for the count. Ghislaine’s certain demise — hopefully a very slow and trenchant one — w/o a dick to duck behind is the upside to Epstein’s sudden departure from this horror story. I’d lay odds on her arrest by the end of the week, latest.

    Spot on re: Allison Mack’s relative innocence, too. Would love to hear more from you on Nancy Salzman. She’s got the same cruel disdain oozing from her too, IMO, even if Nancy’s not of the same elite, putrid, inbred ilk as Ghislaine.

  • So, if Ghislaine Maxwell’s picture was photoshopped and given to the New York Post, was Epstein picture also photoshopped as well? Are we being all played as suckers of those in power? How about it AG Barr? Looks like you can’t get this woman or her cabal of rapists. They are walking free. Raniere must be like “How the hell is that crowd walking free and I’m in jail?”.

    • If Epstein’s picture was photshopped, I think it would be in the news by now. Epstein isn’t exactly walking free, unless the hot coals of hell count. People thought they wouldn’t go after Epstein, that didn’t work out too well for him. One of the counts is conspiracy and Barr said he would go after others. What makes you believe he won’t? It takes EVIDENCE to arrest people, you wouldn’t want to be arrested without it, right? Perhaps they’re being watched right now, waiting for them to make a mistake. That’s not exactly “walking free,” Raniere is too pre-occupied with his head lice and shaven head (and body?) to be concerned about Epstein’s former little girl recruiters.

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