Toni Natalie: Not Who She Says She Is?

MK10: Toni Natalie & Keith Raniere

Editor’s Note: Frank Report knows the identity of “Truth Seeker” – and considers them to be a highly reliable source of information about NXIVM and Keith Raniere. The author’s request to publish this post under a pseudonym because of recent threats of lawsuits is being honored because of that threat. Similar consideration will be given to others who wish to publish their opinions and thoughts without risking the threat of becoming a defendant in a defamation or libel lawsuit. 


By: Truth Seeker

I found it interesting how several commenters regarding Joe O’Hara’s recent post tried so hard to take the spotlight off of Toni Natalie and put it on Nancy Salzman.

Nancy Salzman

True, Nancy Salzman ran NXIVM until she was replaced by the deep pockets, brainless Clare Bear Bronfman.

Salzman and Bronfman did their damage, and both will soon pay for their evil deeds.

But Toni Natalie is another story and her questionable activities are likely to become public fodder now that she has turned herself into a public figure as the self-proclaimed heroine in her soon to be released book, “The Rise & Fall of NXIVM.”

Let’s not forget she was with Keith Raniere during his illegal Consumers Buyline Inc. (CBI) operation.

Before he became Vanguard, Keith Raniere started a business called Consumers’ Buyline. It was shut down because it was an illegal pyramid scheme. 

In addition to working for CBI, she not only left husband number three (or maybe he left her?) for Raniere so she could have Raniere as her lover, we now know Toni was not honest about her relationship with Raniere.

Those close to Raniere who have jumped ship and who knew Natalie have reported that Raniere did not live or sleep with Toni as much as she has claimed. They are also reporting Toni knew about the other women.

Keith Raniere specialized in taking photographs of naked women – but this is not one of his photos

Toni never counted on the truth coming out or that questions would get asked and that these women would speak about Toni’s and Raniere’s relationship.

Toni Natalie knew Raniere was willing to break the law.

When CBI cratered, she never questioned what happened to the millions of dollars the company had supposedly made when it was operating. Toni enjoyed the wealth of CBI as one of its top salespeople and leaders.

Toni Natalie also knew that Raniere had blown through people’s money in the commodities market during their CBI years. Toni never took the time to warn others via the media. Had she, maybe people in NXIVM would have never trusted Raniere with their millions.

Toni Natalie didn’t leave her lover, Raniere, after the “takedown” of CBI for illegal business practices.

Instead, she went on to start another business with him – but hid his involvement because Raniere had been barred by the State of New York from operating any type of multi-level marketing business.

So, Natalie put the business, National Health Network, which was another multi-level marketing company, in her name. Hmmm… Just like Nancy Salzman did to hid Raniere’s involvement in NXIVM.

Toni Natalie also hid other assets of Raniere when he registered a patent of his in the name of a company that she allegedly owned. She then claimed he had gifted the patent to her.

Come on, Raniere gave it to her out of the goodness of his heart?

Yeah right, and I have a bridge in Arizona for sale.

He later attempted to sue AT&T and Microsoft for patent infringement, but the lawsuit got thrown out of court due to his inability to prove he owned the company that controlled the patent.

The US Patent Office canceled the patents Keith Raniere claimed were his in a federal lawsuit against AT&T and Microsoft.

But did Toni Natalie speak up to advise AT&T and Microsoft of the fraud Raniere was trying to perpetuate?


Instead, she called Raniere and offered to sell him the patent back to him for One Million Dollars – believing Clare Bronfman would gladly pay this for him so he could walk into the courtroom and shove ownership up AT&T, Microsoft and the Judge’s you know what.

And when that didn’t work, Toni tried to sell the patent to Microsoft. They offered her $50,000. But that wasn’t enough for her.

So, in the end, she walked away with nothing and ended up being sued by Raniere for the rights for the patent.

He lost that case too, and the patent itself was finally declared to be null and void.

Raniere also ended up owing a lot of legal fees for all his patent-related lawsuits that went nowhere.


Coming soon, the rest of the story as the investigation for the truth continues…

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  • Dear god, so much noise. We get it. Ms. Natalie stays in character as a “former” Raniere acolyte.

    Meanwhile, what is going on with Queen Nancy and her connections? That is the interesting story, and not a word about her, not one. Because, haha, she has simply *washed her hands* of it all and has, allegedly, said “some bad things” about Keith. Keith was a well-known, embarrassing douche.

    Bicker all you want about the beginnings, and I do wish the harmed some sort of closure, but every damn picture, there’s Prefect, still with that off-putting smile, still trying to “fix it.” This bs of having Clare in charge has to be the most bs story I can imagine–lol, *Clare* in charge? Along with Michelle and that “can’t keep his penis in pants” douche husband of hers. Lawyers, meetings, lawyers, everywhere!

    But anyway, Apropos was cleared out. They left the filled dumpster outside.. No doubt with the creepy cameras to see who may be going through.

  • The Rise and Fall of Noni Tatalie?

    It is odd that Toni Natalie seems to want to stretch out her affair with Raniere and present her ties to him as having been long and strong. Maybe she doesn’t embarrass easily. But yuck.

    Overall, one gets the gist. Toni, it would appear, doesn’t have clean hands. There’s very little about poor Toni which is worth trusting, and she sounds useless as any kind of honest source. The warnings about her integrity make it very simple to decide not to seek out Natalie’s book.

    So, when is her Nxivm NOVEL coming out? Will she write about a superwoman named Noni Tatalie? From descriptions of her, anything which she has written is probably slanted to suit her purposes if not outright fictitious. Tepid air.

    • fictitious. Dayum. dayo. day-aa-aa-o. daylight come an’ we don’t wanna go home
      Yeah, so, we losin’ control
      Turn the lights low ’cause we about to get blown

      I did not know that Jason Derulo had fractured Harry Belafonte. Please excuse the brief musical interlude.

  • There’s a great comment below made by “You Can’t Sue If It’s True”.

    Lots of great info there about Toni’s history with CBI and NHN.


    Hey Frank,

    As readers, we have no idea what happened with Toni’s past business ventures and we rely on you and your authors to inform us.

    It’s not about Toni per se. I have nothing against her personally.

    I’ve spoken out against every person in the NXIVM story — including yourself, Claviger and Heidi.

    I’ve told you and Claviger to fuck off and eat shit more times than I can count. 🙂

    Except with Heidi, I do have something against her cuz she’s a paranoid loon who seems way off-kilter in some of her conspiracy theories about Sandweg and Burke.

    But anyway, back to Toni…

    I never focus on any particular person for very long, except that right now Toni’s book is ‘news’ and it’s related to NXIVM (thus it’s relevant for FrankReport to report on).

    She was a former player in Keith’s inner circle and you’ve apparently been giving her a free pass for the past year.

    Her past business history needs vetting for your readers, Frank.

    If she’s truly blameless, then please lay out her past history with CBI and those 2 health businesses —- and explain in detail why she’s blameless.

    I’m just asking for the TRUTH, Frank. 🙂

    Toni is now publishing a book and injecting herself into the NXIVM media narrative. How can she not expect scrutiny? …Especially when she scrutinizes others within NXIVM for their past questionable deeds. Pot meet kettle.

    It’s also your job to make sure her book is accurate, chapter by chapter, for your readers.

    It sure beats more Allison articles by Shadow, LOL. I’ve had my fill of Allison articles for a lifetime.

  • To Editor Frank Parlato

    Re Truth Seeker identity

    I am not the Truth Seeker!

    On August 15, I posted using the alias Truth_Seeker to correct what I believe to be a factual error in Paul Serran’s article on Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein.

    I greatly enjoyed Mr. Serran’s previous 2 articles and even enjoyed the third except for the one fact.
    I did not wish to directly comment on Serran’s work because I did not want to upset Mr. Serran directly.

    I thought Paul is a good writer and great artist!

    I am not the new Truth Seeker. I believe my previous one time temporary alias was chosen on purpose to help cloak the true identity of the new Truth Seeker.

    I have no true opinion on Toni Natalie either positive or negative, except that I believe she is a victim.

    I have never written any article regarding Toni Natalie, ever!

    Again my temporary alias was chosen with the sole purpose to mislead other parties as to the true writer of the article above this comment.

    Date of my post original post August 15, 2019 at 6:24.

    In the future I will make sure to use my own regular alias.

  • Atropa Belladonna-Deadly Nightshade- Plant Researcher Henry G. in 1915 thought it would be more dangerous than the cholera. Dr. Walters declared that the plants were capable of love and that they had memories, implying that they might also hold a grudge as lovers do. He believed the deadly nightshade was filled with hatred. The black berries are the plants most tempting feature. It preforms its dark magic with the help of an alkaloid called atropine. It is sometimes added to addictive pain killers. In Greek mythology Atropos means three fates in human destiny. Lechesis measured the thread of destiny at birth; Clotho spun the thread controlling ones destiny and then Atropos brought death.
    Why am I writing this? I cant stop wondering what has happened to Pam Kravits and all those people getting sick at Vanguard week and most importantly where is Kristen Snyder? Where have all the lost girls of NXIVM gone?

  • So Toni Natalie’s true colors have come out.

    She is now attempting to intimidate people from sharing the truth by threatening legal action?

    Even Raniere wasn’t stupid enough to try this kind of legal action.

    This kind of lawsuits will open up an entire can of kickass for Toni Natalie. She will be under oath during her depositions. One for every person she goes after.

    At this point cannot play the same PTSD card she has in the past during her depositions. Not after spending the time she has in the courtroom and in front of the media

    Does she really want to go to Funky town under oath?

    Most people she’d drag into a legal battle don’t have a pot to piss in. So ask yourselves, Natalie’s legal team, are you going do this pro bono? Your percentage of nothing is zero.

    That is unless she thinks somehow Clare Bear will be the Cash Cow.

  • FYI – Frank is sitting on a post of mine that shows virtually everything in this article is bullshit. So please save your judgements and tongue clicking until you read my response. (I feel like the damn anonymous family member of Allison who diligently has to correct shadow’s untruths)

      • Cool. It should be entertaining. 🙂

        But if he’s claiming to have refuted everything in this article, that means he’s claiming that CBI wasn’t a pyramid scheme designed to sucker people. LOL.

        Newsflash to Nutjob: Choosing to avoid a trial by agreeing to shut down your business forever — without any official admission of legal guilt — is still a TACIT admission that you’re operating a pyramid scam, lol.

        Well, at least the people in the comment section will quickly refute that bonkers claim.

        It should be a lively discussion. Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  • Isn’t it strange what rampant greed and an all-consuming desire for self-aggrandisement, can do to an apparently normal person?

    To people such as these, the rightness of an action is determined by the likely number of zeros that could come after a dollar sign.

    For them, everything is, and should be, monetized.

    “What is money?”

    “Money’s what makes a man act funny.”

    – Eminem

    Is there anything more unseemly than the sight of two people fighting for the ownership of money that wasn’t legally generated in the first place?

    Don’t worry Fluffy Glazer – I won’t name any names. I’m just speaking of an undesirable trait that some people exhibit.

    • Toni Natalie was hellbent on selling out the NXIVM victims, especially the DOS women if she could get a big payout from Keith and Clare, or whoever. Her negotiations with Clare and Microsoft/AT&T happened after the DOS story broke.

  • Who is Truth Seeker? Sarah Edmondson arrogantly describes herself as a “truth teller” on her Instagram page bio. Someone Frank knows… hmmmm… 🤔 Thoughts?

    • LOL. Great question. I’ll tell you this – whoever Truth Seeker is, they weren’t around during the 1990s.

      • Nutjob – You know nothing. Why are you so desperate to defend Toni Natalie? She has made herself through her own actions universally reviled throughout the Ex-NXIVM community and beyond. There are only two people defending Toni Natalie, Chet Hardin and Neil Glazer – whose motives are 100% profit-driven and both have zero first-hand knowledge. So, which one are you? My bet is you are Chet. Trolling the blog, commenting on every comment about Toni, hoping to inspire doubt, over and over and over, desperate to believe the truths coming out about Toni Natalie are not true. Yet not knowing…No first-hand experience whatsoever.

        • Why was she reviled in the NXIVM community? She was never in NXIVM but has had lies told about her to EVERY SINGLE person who ever was a part of NXIVM.

          Post facts and stop trying to spin factual generalities to fit an agenda and I’ll stop calling you out.

          Post my shit, Frank. I’m tired of repeating myself.

          • Chet – Toni inserted herself into the ex-NXIVM community. First with Joe O’Hara, then Barbara Bouchey and the NXIVM Nine, then Rhiannon and Heidi Hutchinson, then Frank Parlato, then the DOS victims, etc., etc., etc. I don’t see a single one of those people coming on this blog to Toni’s defense, QUITE THE OPPOSITE (since you like ALL CAPS – lol). Just you, Sad Chet, her only defender.

            Toni is a pathological liar and a total thief in every way. No one talks to her anymore because all get burned. She uses the same tactics as Keith Raniere except she’s dumber and less competent.

            Oh yeah, and she was in NXIVM. She didn’t give two shits about all the victims she helped enroll until 10 years later when Barbara Bouchey and the NXIVM Nine left. That’s when she saw an opportunity to reinvent herself, steal Barbara’s story, repackage herself as a crusader, blah blah blah. Toni’s stories are all bullshit. Deal with it. You should have done your homework and checked your facts. Bad journalism gets bad results. Now, you have to live with it.

          • Rip Toni, if you want. But if you rip her for things I know are not true, I will say so.

            Toni left Keith a few months into ESP. Well before NXIVM.

            Sounds like you have lots of dirt on her. Let’s hear it. Maybe keep it to this century because you are the one reinventing history when it comes to the 1990s.

            You’re pretty classy and don’t talk in generalities at all. Very specific in your beefs with her. I was waiting for the “nobody likes her” card. Are you in Bangcock’s 5th-grade class? Your “dirt” is awfully similar to his make-believe Toni takedowns from a year ago.

      • Look at the comments on Sarah Edmondson’s instagram post:

        Toni Natalie left her a message. Perhaps they have been in contact?

        Maybe “Truth Seeker” is Kristin Keefe or Susan Dones?

        Also, another tidbit, Kristin Kreuk liked that instagram post under “Anastasia Bunch”. She is happy Sarah Edmondson is cashing in on her NXIVM role by writing a self absorbed book pretending she is a victim.

        • You sound mad. Like you wanted to be part of the Vancouver NXIVM club but were rejected and now you’re stalking their accounts and attacking them in the comments any chance you can get. Who knows and stalks private accounts unless 1) they are prior NXIVM members pretending not to be 2) or wanted to be but couldn’t get in the club.

          • You sound mad spanky! Like someone who went to Albany to rescue/kidnap Kristin Kreuk to make her your hijab-draped halal sex slave, but got rejected!

            Kristin Kook’s name comes up and WHOOOSH!!!! There you are like fucking Beetlejuice!

            And you third world cock sucker, no one got “rejected” from joining NXIVM like it was a fraternity! You could join if you gave them your $$$ and have Sultan Of Shit- grade low self esteem!

            To much spankin’, stalkin’ and face down/ass up facing East has rendered your already crazy aspergers head to fry like bacon fat! Call the whambulance!

        • Wow. I was right. But you sound even more crazy than mad. I don’t even know who you’re talking about. I just know Sarah, she’s a good person, and I’m getting tired of you calling her out for profiting on NXIVM. You don’t know anything about her.

          • How do we know you’re the real Scott Johnson? Because I’m the one and only real Scott Johnson.

            Texas rules. Yeeeeeeehaaaaaawww!

  • “did Toni Natalie speak up to advise AT&T and Microsoft of the fraud Raniere was trying to perpetuate?
    Instead, she called Raniere and offered to sell him the patent back to him for One Million Dollars – believing Clare Bronfman would gladly pay this for him so he could walk into the courtroom and shove ownership up AT&T, Microsoft and the Judge’s you know what.”

    Toni Natalie’s involvement in the bogus patent lawsuit business demonstrates that she is just another NXIVM Grifter.
    Perhaps that is why she is so eager to freeze out all narratives about NXIVM except hers.

  • Thanks for this early and insider insight.

    It’s interesting to hear that Raniere had been losing money on commodities for quite a while. I’ve noticed that it seems typical that people who run frauds have rather of a gambler’s personality. And while I suspect that NXIVM was always so inefficient and wastefully run that it may not have generated much profit, anything money that was made could well have then been lost to Raniere’s gambling habits.

    I’ve also been curious, as someone else asked about recently; was NHN about vitamins, or what?

      • Herbalife was popular with Raniere’s sort of crowd in the 1980s, from what I remember of similar circles. Amway’s Nutrilite might have been the most direct inspiration, particularly given Raniere’s previous experience with the company, but the sort of people interested in health food and natural medicines probably would have been more likely to be familiar with Herbalife.

    • After reading all the recent articles about Toni, I get the impression she may be a narcissist herself. If Joe’s is being honest about her, then it appears Toni constantly manipulated people in order to rewrite the truth to serve her own agenda.

    • National Health Network was a pyramid scheme, Consumers Buyline 2.0 but with vitamins. Toni Natalie was at the top of the pyramid and she was President and owner of the company.

      • NHN (NHO) was a retail store that sold vitamins, vegetables, health foods, and had a cafe. It sold product. It was not an illegal pyramid scheme. As with all of Raniere’s businesses, it was MLM based.

        Frank, it would be nice if you could post some of my comments so people can stop guessing and instead get it. Did I kick your dog, or are you enjoying watching the uninformed hate being draped on Toni?

        • So we are all to believe that CBI was an illegal pyramid scheme, Toni’s Awaken company was an illegal pyramid scheme, but National Health was an innocent health food store? Check your facts, Nutjob. You can be sued for lying. Calling people liars who are telling the truth is an act of defamation. You’re the one who will be sued. Guess you better stay anonymous or you’re screwed.

          This is from an earlier post, responding to questions about CBI. Sounds pretty authoritative. Nutjob, I’d be really careful before refuting the below or making threats. There were 100’s of thousands of people in CBI and hundreds if not thousands in the National Health Network. You think none of these people are talking to each other or the bloggers here?

          1) You are correct there was a small fee that went to the buying club (CBI) the rest went to Keith, Toni, etc.

          2) National Health Network was CBI but with vitamins. Toni was the president, owner, founder, and chief spokesperson and product trainer. She was the face and voice of NHN and controlled all the money and assets. Exactly like Nancy Salzman did for NXIVM before Clare took over. NHN closed because Toni took all the money out of the business through various schemes and ran off in the middle of the night with her boyfriend. (Abridged version-bottom line.)

          3) Toni Natalie’s role at CBI was owner and President of Awaken. Awaken was a sub-pyramid scheme operated out of CBI and marketed to the CBI network. Awaken sold a skincare line. CBI members were told “buy this skincare and recruit other people like you do in CBI and you can make even more money! We’ll be bigger than Avon!” You had to be in the CBI pyramid first to get in Toni’s Awaken pyramid.

          • Please post my essay on this, Frank. You sitting on it is not helping and I’m not typing it again.

          • Let’s start with the low hanging fruit – how much money did Toni run off in the middle of the night with? Name one scheme she used to take money out of the business? Just because somebody in NXIVM told you something, doesn’t make it true. STOP REPEATING THINGS TOLD TO YOU BY NXIVM INNER CIRCLE MEMBERS THAT YOU HAVE NO FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE OF.



            Better check your sources, Frank, cause there is some devious shit going on here.

            But the main point of this post: How much money did Toni run off in the middle of the night with? Name one scheme she used to take money out of the business?

          • An illegal pyramid is where most of the profit is being created by insiders (MLM distributors) buying the stuff and/or paying ongoing fees, rather than most of the profit coming from product being sold to outside customers. If you don’t know what the definitions mean, the rest of what you say doesn’t matter. Most MLMs are illegal pyramids, and many of them are RICO frauds as well, because of their tool scams. Amway is the #1 example of both.

          • Chet, before you start making accusations about lies and pseudo-facts, why don’t you go back and read Joe O’Hara’s post again? Toni was facing 10 years in prison for bank fraud to do with the National Health Network, negotiating a plea deal. I would say that’s a pretty serious scheme.

            Here’s the low hanging fruit Chet: ask Toni to see her file for the bank fraud charges. That will lay out all the facts against her and the terms of her plea offer. Oh, right, conveniently she might not have that anymore. No problem: she or Neil Glazer can get it from E. Stewart Jones or the U.S. Attorneys office in NDNY. (It seems pretty obvious E. Stewart Jones didn’t have a lot of confidence in Toni as a client being that he later took on Mary J. Pino as a client).

            Why don’t you call Nick Palmetto, the owner of 44 Phila Street Toni’s National Health Network-Outlet location? Ask him about Toni running off in the middle of the night screwing him out of tens of thousands of dollars. I dare say the FBI, the US Attorneys office, Toni’s attorneys, or her former landlord were not NXIVM insiders telling lies. Nick Palmetto is on Linkedin, you can contact him there if you dare. He’ll have A LOT to say.

            How much did Toni run off with? Hundreds of thousands.

            You’re a deviant. Deviously spinning lies for profit, at the expense of all of Toni’s victims.

          • Thank you for actually bringing something to the table. She skipped town broke. Broke because Keith’s health food MLM idea was a flop. And only her name was on it. (her fault for keeping the patent and also her fault for eating the bankruptcy from having NHN in her name)

            I will tell you this – Keith, Nancy, Lauren, Kristen Keefe, Pam C, Barbara Jeske, Karen U, and probably Dawn knew Toni was dead broke. Somebody confirm this with Kristin Keeffe if she ever communicates.

            I have no doubt that the narrative was spun to everyone else that Toni skipped town with hundreds of thousands of dollars because she was an evil bitch. Just not true and was part of the bizarre lying about Toni that went on for years.

            Keith tried to have Toni arrested (and worse) for years and years and years. The jilted lover was all consumed with it. Are we also going to pull up the Mexican warrant for her arrest and blame her for the sinister deed that prompted it?

        • If I recall the history I’ve read, Raniere got into something like a retail health food store through a relationship – and then attempted to spin a large-scale MLM out of it, similar to CBI.

          Pyramid schemes typically have product, particularly at the early stages.

          Why did NHN fail if it was a legitimate business?

        • Nutjob,

          Just remember you are battling/debating mostly an assorted band of merry dysfunctional misfits.

          In other words……

          It’s like your picking a fight with the kids from the 1/2 bus…..

          Sure you will probably win…

          ….but they will still be retarded…

          Don’t forget what you stated to me long ago as advice….. “you are not some vigilante and you’re wasting your time!”

          You may need to take your own advice!

          Have a nice night! 😉

          • Appreciate it. But as you can tell, I have a hard time watching things presented as fact that I know not to be true. I happen to know a lot about that specific time of Toni’s life and I’d be doing everyone, especially her, a disservice if I didn’t share what I know. I wish I’d done more to help her at the time.

          • Wow, Chet, how very sad you are. Just because you’ve been so far up Toni’s ass you are now over a barrel, does not mean “I happen to know a lot about that specific time of Toni’s life and I’d be doing everyone, especially her, a disservice if I didn’t share what I know. I wish I’d done more to help her at the time.”

            Let’s correct that for our glorious peanut gallery here at the Frank Report. “You happen to know a lot of things that TONI TOLD YOU THAT HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED. EVER.


            Sorry, know you love the all caps function.

            Everyone saw you week in and week out, thick as thieves with Toni at the trial staying with her alone in that teeny tiny apartment. Aren’t you married? WTF? I think Toni might have collateral on you in every way. We can all see it; why can’t you? Stop humiliating yourself further and grow a pair for Christ’s sake.

            Take it from the rest of us, the more you try to rationalize Toni’s evil conduct, the deeper shit you’ll get in with her. She learned all her strategies from Keith Raniere. Look where that got people?

  • “I am not a bottom-feeder!” This reminds me of Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook!” What kind of attorney responds to this kind of thing so desperately, so defensively. What say you to this latest post Neil Glazer?

    Everyone check out Glazer’s desperate exclamations to a previous post:

    Glazer says “Meanwhile, please provide links regarding my “blustering,” and provide cites to cases regarding my “bottom feeding.” If you are going to make statements about somebody, you should probably check your facts and be prepared to back them up.” Ok, here are some facts checked. A link for everyone, it’s to the wayback machine (internet archive) and shows the Kohn Swift website, Neil Glazer’s firm. Glazer why were you not on your law firms website before february 2016? How does a man seemingly in his 60’s not make partner or even associate? Did you have a case before NXIVM/DOS? It seems not. I’d call that bottom-feeder.

    Link to showing no Neil Glazer in November 2015. He first shows up in February 2016. Is this a total scam?

  • I’m all for the truth and I’m all for this stuff coming out (part of why I’ve been excited for the book and podcast). But come on, Truthseeker. You can state facts and even hypothesize about things without blatantly trying to mislead people.

    – If you were around at the end of CBI and the aftermath of it, you know Keith stuck to his story of innocence and he did a great job of making everyone believe he was a victim. Toni wasn’t involved in high level decisions of CBI and she trusted Keith – as did many others. Keith said he spent the millions on his defense and it was worth it because he never had to admit any wrongdoing. Toni believed him. Many believed him. He was a good liar. Toni fell for his lies. And yes, she fell for his lies so much that she started another business with him. A business that basically bankrupted her. IMO, what I just typed is a much better way of describing this part of Toni’s life than your way. Your way seems disingenuous because if you really are knowledgeable about this time of Keith’s/Toni’s life, you know this was Keith’s show and Toni was one of his trusting pawns. A good salesperson and a go-getter, but a blind follower.

    – Has anyone ever asked Toni how many nights a week Keith would sleep in her bed? Why would that EVER have come up in conversation? Keith and Toni were presented to everyone as a couple. Heidi just made a comment on this last week and I believe her take over the angle delivered above.

    – With ALL the whistleblowing, interviews, and kicking and screaming that Toni has done since she left, you are going to fault her for not going to the media to tell them that Keith had lost money in the commodities market when she knew him? What media outlet would have printed that drivel? How do we know she didn’t spill the juicy beans? Again, the word disingenuous comes to mind.

    – As for the patent thing, EVERYONE was happy to see Toni finally screw over her jilted lover. He’d been ruthlessly attacking her for a decade plus. Remember, he sued her into oblivion. He killed her dog. He harassed her continually. He tried to lure her to Mexico to have her raped and murdered. She thinks he murdered her brother. Should she have given him the patent? What exactly was the fraud she should have told AT&T and Microsoft about? Should she have given them the patent instead of trying to sell it to them? In retrospect, sure, she should have taken the 50K. Disingenuous bullshit when you try to spin this into her being a bad person.

    If Toni deserves to be taken down, go for it. But keep the bullshit spin out of it.

  • “I am not a bottom-feeder!!!!” This so reminds me of Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook!” What kind of attorney responds to this kind of thing so desperately, so defensively. What say you Neil Glazer?

  • This was AWESOME information.

    Well written and to the point. 🙂

    Enjoyable to read articles like this one, which tell us things we hadn’t yet known.

  • Haha.

    Now that the king of frauds is locked up and awaiting sentencing, let’s play a game of who is now the shittiest of all the characters left in this NXIVM clusterfuck fest drama.

    Newsflash: all of you inner circle people and those who enabled this cult for so long are morally corrupt individuals. Who gives a shit about your differences in slight degrees?

    And these knuckleheads tried to make it like religious people are problem children.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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