Source: California-UK Attorney Took Pictures of Ghislaine Maxwell for NY Post [and Attorney’s Dog in Photo Too]

A source provided the following:

“I know who shot the [Ghislaine] Maxwell picture at In-N-Out Burger. It was Maxwell’s friend, Leah Saffian. The picture is clearly staged.”

[It may also be photshopped].

“Leah Saffian took this pic. and then sold it to New York Post.  She’s a long time friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. The dog in this picture is Leah’s dog, Dexter.”

Leah Saffian is head of Meadowgate Media Investments Inc.

Meadowgate Media is named in the exif data of this picture:

She’s friends with several Maxwells on Facebook.

There are also pictures of Leah’s dog ‘Dexter’ on her Facebook.

Leah Saffian posted pictures of a dog on her Facebook page.

Leah Saffian, wearing a wig worn by barristers in UK courts.  She was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1991.

She’s currently an attorney in the US. She represented Kevin Maxwell in London.

Leah S. Saffian #121796
License Status: Active
Address: Law Offices of Leah Saffian, 15546 Meadowgate Rd, Encino, CA 91436-3429
County: Los Angeles County
Phone Number: (858) 752-3122
Fax Number: (818) 986-0447
Email: Not Available
Law School: Pepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA

Saffian has practiced law in England and in the US. She is an expert on UK laws, an expert in extradition [might be helpful to Ghislaine Maxwell] and knows criminal law as both a prosecutor and defense attorney.]

From this link we learn a more about Saffian

Leah Saffian

Leah Saffian is a California native and was admitted to practice in CA in 1985. She holds degrees from Amherst College (BA), Pepperdine Law School (JD) and Kings College (LLM).

She was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1991 at Gray’s Inn. While in London she worked as a California lawyer, a Barrister in employment at Peters and Peters Solicitors and then was a Barrister/Tenant in chambers.

During this time, she prosecuted and defended complex fraud trials and defended in extradition cases. She presently practices in California dividing her time between San Diego and Los Angeles representing dual nationals in the US; US companies establishing foreign trade and offices; and advising/appearing as an expert in US/UK legal issues.


Did Leah Saffian take the photos of Ghislaine Maxwell?

If she did, when were they taken? Was there photoshopping done to the images?

Was the movie poster Good Boys photoshopped in to mislead on the date, as the Daily Mail reported? [Good Boys came out recently which would help date the pictures as being taken recently. The ad agency that sells that space said there was no Good Boys advertisement there.]

Who else was involved in the misdirection, if there was misdirection?

And as for Ghislaine Maxwell – is she alive and, if she is, where is she now?




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  • Massachusetts is a great place to find a transoceanic vessel for private charter.

    If you happen to desperately want go back to France and skip customs.

    Lady Ghislaine have you all ready disembarked in France?

        • Maxwell might qualify as a French citizen. Her mother is a French Huguenot, a French Protestant.

          Ghislaine Maxwell
          Occupation Socialite, businessperson
          Robert Maxwell (father)
          Elisabeth Maxwell (mother)

          Elisabeth “Betty” Maxwell née Meynard (11 March 1921 – 7 August 2013) was a French born researcher on the Holocaust who established the journal Holocaust and Genocide Studies in 1987. She was married to the publishing tycoon and fraudster Robert Maxwell.[1]

          She was born Elisabeth Jenny Jeanne Meynard in La Grive, near Saint-Alban-de-Roche, France, to Paul and Colombe Meynard, Protestant descendants of the Huguenot aristocracy.

    • This sort of speculation always seems to me to, well, miss the boat.

      If the subjects of speculation were clever and resourceful, they’d already have slipped away before it got to this point. The fact that they’re now like deer caught in the headlights, means that they’re rather hapless.

      Can anyone even think of an example of someone whose case was brought into the public eye, who then successfully fled abroad – and turned out to have had the foresight to have stashed money safely?

  • Leah Saffian may not have sent the Photoshop images.

    Leah Saffian may be being used as decoy straw man.
    All anyone has to do is to download any Hex editor for free and they manipulate the metadata of any file.
    Every technologically literate 13+year old is aware of this fact. Any modern private investigator or personal security person is also aware of this fact.

    The metadata does not substantiate or prove anything.

    • Shadowstate—Leah Saffian would have filed an order of appearance by now. Leave the legal issues to KRClav. Le’Gal.

      • Ghislane Maxwell has yet to be formally charged.
        There’s no need to file an order of legal appearance.

        But Maxwell would have to be as stupid as a NXian not to understand that the heat will soon be upon her.
        Again, don’t be surprised if Ghislane Maxwell flees the country as soon as possible.

  • This seems to explain what I’ve been suspicious about: who sold the photos to the NY Post. I’d love to know what photos of a trending topic like Maxwell go for; it may have been enough to provide a lot of motive.

    And it looks like just amateurism and haplessness from beginning to end. Maxwell and Saffian likely cooked this up to make some money – though the author whose book was being promoted might have been in on it as well. It seems they attempted a bit of crude photoshopping clean-up, such as trying to take the garbage can out of the one picture and erasing some store signs visible behind Maxwell in another, that they thought would make the images more saleable. The Post apparently bought it hook, line, and sinker, including a concocted report of what Maxwell was supposed to have said.

    It’s probably more Dumb and Dumber than Mission Impossible.

    p.s. One of the amateur erasures is quite evident in the photos here. In the second photo, just above Maxwell’s head and then to the right, some of the signs on the strip mall across the street behind her can be seen; a black one that the umbrella pole blocks, and to the right of that a white one which appears blank but kind of pixelated. However, in the third the photographer has moved a bit and the black sign is over Maxwell’s head, while the white one is blocked by the pole though the black letters “CL” and “S” can be made out on either side; it actually says CLEANERS, as can be verified in Google street view.

    • I think both are well off enough not to need the money though so if it were sold by one of them it would be for other reasons.

      • What would lead us to assume that Maxwell actually has any money of her own left? Her father turned out to have gone bust at the time of his death, and if I recall several of her siblings had to file for bankruptcy as a result. She then seems to have lived off Epstein’s largesse for a long time – but of course any possibility of that recently came to an end, unless his brother is willing to see to her upkeep her for some reason.

        And it appears that she is on the outs with her most recent boyfriend – who may also have been her sugar daddy.

        It’s quite possible that she’s stuck in LA and desperate for spending money. It certainly has some elements of a publicity stunt with her mentioning of a provocative book – which then generated a lot of sales, and money, for the author – and it’s possible she’s angling to either promote some media deal (her friend could be shopping projects around LA), or hoping to shake money out of people who would rather that she remain out of sight and out of mind (including that brother).

    • Anonymaker
      That type of photoshop is obvious, and is commonly used in these kinds of pictures.
      But in looking at the Good Boys poster, I see no evidence of editing. I can even see the reflection of a nearby car in the glass in front of the poster, which would be difficult to photoshop in, so I’m sure the poster was really there when the photos were taken.

      That makes me wonder why the writer is now making claims that the poster was photoshopped in, and that someone had visited the site to confirm this. Seems as though someone is deliberately lying about it. Why?

      • Flowers, I agree with you, photoshopping the poster would have taken a near quantum leap of skill over the rest of what can be seen to have been done – especially since it even has the seemingly correct reflection of a car to the left.

        It’s been reported that a newspaper sent someone out who found that a different poster is currently up at that bus stand, and that the advertising agency said that they checked and there wasn’t a Good Boys poster installed at the time, and so it had to have been photoshopped. But I think the accuracy of the account is open to question given what what’s been revealed about the sloppy vetting by the media of this story and the photos; and I’d also question whether a large international firm can really be that sure of what was where and when, particularly if they contract out installation work that may then even end up being done by subcontractors (if you’ve ever had problems getting something like a cable install done when it was supposed to be, you’ve likely experienced the unreliability of contracted out work).

        I still think it looks like it comes down to the banality of Maxwell herself setting this up amateurishly with the help of her friend who’s attempting to be some sort of media broker, and the NY Post tabloid sloppily falling all over themselves to get out what they thought was a scoop. It’s a big enough story that the book referenced reportedly sold out at Amazon, so all the parties involved are probably making money and/or getting publicity/”eyeballs.”

        • Photoshopping a reflection is quite easy. They just need a stock image of that model car at 3/4 angle, resize and transform as necessary, create a layer on the poster at appropriate angle and make transparent with possibly other layer effects. It would take 5 minutes.

          • Easy, perhaps, for someone with a high-end graphics setup, training in the intricacies of software like Photoshop plus lots of professional experience, as well as ready access to resources like stock images of cars. And that’s not taking into account what it would take to get an image of the movie poster with proper perspective and placement inserted in the first place, along with color and lighting adjustments, so that looks as if it belongs and the manipulations are undetectable.

            That’s a relatively rare level of capability, compared to all the obvious work done on the photo by someone with just a bit of experience and something like a consumer version of Photoshop or GiMP freeware. I think it’s less likely something that exceptional is what’s at work, rather than that a poster for Good Boys was actually installed at the bus stop at some point this summer, and the staging of the photo op for sale to the tabloids is just an amateur operation from beginning to end – including that the NY Post apparently failed to flag the messy photoshopping out of the garbage can, that it doesn’t take a professional to spot.

  • “President – Meadowgate – Media – Investments – Inc

    Saffian is president of Meadowgate Media Investments Inc, according to public records. has reached out to Saffian for comment.”

    What does this mean?

  • GREAT CALLS, FR, in all of these pedo reports! Super sleuth Frank Parlato indeed is!

    I’m reminded of so many parallels to NXIVM…Ghislaine Maxwell even looks like Nancy Salzman.

    This whole configuration of women sacrificing, pimping out, mutilating even other women — especially when it comes to the younger ones — freaks me out more than the male pedo pervs themselves sometimes.

    RHIANNON, if you’re reading this angel, we need to hear from you — you know better than anyone how it was that an older woman (Pam Cafritz) lured you in to Keith’s — a pedophile’s —poisonous orbit — and not without dire consequences to Pam herself. So unlike the doe-eyed, innocent Pam I was once acquainted with and I wonder how she came across to you, Rhianon. Whether you sue or not I believe your truth will help many.

    Other KAR victims suckered in the same way, through a “wing woman,” 🤮 might please also chime in on this. I do wish my sister, Gina Hutchinson, had lived to tell for herself what role Karen U. and Kristin Keeffe played in her tragic story.

  • It is being reported that the In-and-Out Burger chain has been a front for a GOP sex ring.
    This scandal may be worse than the Dem’s Pizzagate.

    • It’s the In N Out immediately next to Vivid.

      It’s obviously a junction for milf porn featuring Ghislaine.

      This whole thing is a CIA operation to make auntie fuck again.

  • Those aren’t even the same dogs in the pics. Not even the same kind of dogs from the insta pic and the in and out pic. Diff breeds.
    Good detecting

    • I agree, Stan. One dog appears to be a labradoodle, and the other is perhaps a wheaten terrier. It’s hard to tell because the fur is shorter in the FB pics, but the ears appear floppy on the dog which is under the table, and pointy on the other dog.

  • Side note to Frank and no need to publish my comment.

    I don’t have to tell you this is an excellent time to go on media outlets. Get out there and shake your money-maker (metaphorically).

    Look, I believe the work you do does good and helps people! Nothing wrong with getting exposure to do more good!

    This is so crazy watching a conspiracy unfold on the only blog I have ever posted on. It’s all happening in realtime. It’s surreal.

    • I am sure most of the longtime commentators feel like I do despite the fact that we actually have no real connection to you. We all live safely and vicariously through you! 😉

      It’s like reading a suspense novel play out in real life.

      I did not see this latest development coming after Keith Raniere’s conviction. Did you or your staff? LOL

      Don’t forget what happened to the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange… Or more to the point John Tighe.

      Best of luck to you!!!!

  • Lastest breaking news!!!!!!!

    “The sister of Jeffrey Epstein’s gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell was spotted packing up bags near the Massachusetts mansion where the socialite had been rumored to be staying.”
    The Post



    What game is Ghislaine or other individuals playing?(Rhetorical question).

    Why the drama?

    Why the misdirection?

    They are not fooling you or law enforcement.

    If attorney Saffian did send the photoshoped images to obfuscate Ghislaine Maxwell’s where abouts….

    ……Attorney Saffian could possibly be charged as an accessory after-the-fact or she could be issued a subpoena and have her good name dragged through the mud.

    Therefore, as I am sure you have all ready concluded, Attorney Saffian did not take the photos.

    It must be flattering Frank that the powers that be have decided to embroil you in a conspiracy. 😉

    Tallyho! My dear, dear Mr. Parlato….

    …And congratulations on your notoriety!

  • And why would Leah Saffian, British Barrister, be taking pictures of her friend Ghislane PIMP Maxwell?

    Because the US DOJ through both AG Bill Barr and SDNY US Attorney Berman, has made it loud and clear that it intends to prosecute PIMP Maxwell and all of Epstein’s Assistant PIMPS.

    And Ghislane PIMP Maxwell, with the help of Barrister Saffian, puts out the bogus narrative that Epstein and her were merely working on behalf of the Intelligence Community, the CIA and the Mossad, in pimping out little girls to politicians for blackmail.
    Epstein and PIMP Maxwell were not perverts or sex traffickers but heroes working to save America, Britain and Israel from the bad guys through sex trafficking.
    And if you believe that I have a nice Bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

    Here is what G. Maxwell wrote in her book review of the book she was reading:

    G. Maxwell
    5.0 out of 5 starsA comforting read after a personal tragedy
    August 15, 2019
    Format: Kindle Edition

    A good friend of mine died recently under very tragic circumstances. Some of us saw it coming for quite a while but it was still a huge shock when it finally happened. I picked up this book at the advice of a friend and absolutely couldn’t put it down. I’d read it walking the dog, getting fast food, or even just lounging around the house. It helped me realized that my friend really believed in something, and that giving your life for the CIA, NSA, FBI, Mossad, or other intelligence agency is truly a higher calling and not something to mourn. A wholehearted recommendation.
    379 people found this helpful

    What a load of BS!

    And what newspaper were the staged photographs printed in?

    And who owns the New York Post?
    Ghislane Maxwell’s good friend Rupert Murdoch.

    Maxwell and Murdoch together in 2010.

    Picture of Rupert Murdoch on the left with Ghislane Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell on the right.
    Robert Maxwell died in 1991.

    Was Rupert Murdoch doing a favor for an old family friend by posting those staged and maybe photoshopped pictures of Ghislane Maxwell?

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