Where is Pam Cafritz’s Body?

Pam Cafritz

Editor’s Note: Based on new reports from people who were there, Clare Bronfman and Marianna Fernandez did not attend the 2016 Vanguard Week. Clare, however, was closely monitoring the spread of the illness or infection that caused so many to be sickened at the event – and was requiring that she be provided with periodic updates on exactly who was ill. 

Those same people also confirmed that Brandon Porter was closely monitoring the situation – and gathering the information that was provided to Clare. Apparently, however, neither Porter nor the other doctor at the event, Danielle Roberts, ever made any reports to the New York Department of Health about the outbreak (Both Porter and Roberts are being investigated by the Health Department for various things they did – and didn’t do – while they were involved with the cult). 


No one was supposed to know Pam was dead. Not at first.

She allegedly died on November 7, 2016 – but Keith Raniere did not allow her death to be announced to Nxivm followers until November 28 – some three weeks later.

That was when he announced he had scheduled a two-day memorial in her honor.

But for three long weeks – between the time she died and when he announced her death – he wanted no one to know Pam died.

She had renal cancer since around 2013 and, at one point, she went into remission. She had a kidney removed and it seemed she would survive.

Then Keith took over her health regime [as he had done for years]. In fact, at one point, because the treatment he had in mind for her was illegal, he thought about removing her from the US so he could do his experimental treatment.

Ultimately, he abandoned the idea of transporting her and decided to handle her medication himself – providing for her a milky white drink that was supposed to cure her.  

MK10ART’s painting of Pam Cafritz drinking the milky white beverage that Keith Raniere concocted for her.

And the cancer came back.

After she died, he told his close followers [the few who knew she was dead] to tell Nxians she was still alive.  There was no obituary. No funeral.

When asked about [dead] Pam, the women had to say that she was alive.

Wellwishers would say to the women who knew Pam was dead that they hoped she would recover, and the women who knew Pam was dead were required to answer – “We will tell Pam and give her your good wishes.”

When people asked if they could see [dead] Pam, who they thought was alive, they were told that Keith is busy working on her treatment and she cannot see anyone just now.

But she was dead. That we know.  What we don’t know is if she was buried or cremated or stored in a freezer somewhere.

Keith got a death certificate – he had to – at some point – so he could collect on her will, which was made in his favor to the tune of $8 million.

There may be some irregularities there.

Keith was charged with identity theft because he and Clare Bronfman used the dead’s women’s credit card and bank accounts. Keith lived off her money – after she was dead.

All the paperwork and arrangements were made by Keith and Clare and, were I a law enforcement authority [and were I investigating this], I would check anything notarized during the months leading up to her death and afterward to ascertain if signatures which were verified as authentic from notaries are indeed authentic. [check the notaries]

Were they who did the verifying of signatures, Nxivm notaries? If they were, that means they would lie. Nxians lie. They are taught to lie.

Who knows who signed the death certificate? Was it Dr. Brandon Porter or Dr. Danielle Roberts, the gruesome Nxivm doctors?

That might be a problem for them.

The death certificate: who signed it and on what date and from where was it issued?

There is a record of an ambulance taking Pam to Albany Medical Center – but where is the record of her leaving? How did she wind up back home at 21 Oregon Trail?

Pam was taken back to 21 Oregon Trail in Waterford New York where she had lived with Keith Raniere and Mariana Fernandez.

There are reports, whispered among ex-Nxians, that Pam’s dead body [or was she still alive?] was smuggled out of Albany Med.

The late Pam Cafritz.

Seven people supposedly were there. Esther Chiappone Carlson, Mariana Fernandez, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Jim Del Negro, Adrian ‘Fluffy’ Fernandez, Dr. Brandon Porter – and Keith Raniere.

The story was told that they smuggled Pam out of the hospital  – alive, half-dead or already dead.

And it is whispered that Keith put something in her IV to sedate or perhaps kill her. Rumors only.

It is said her body was smuggled out. In fact, the story is told that they dropped her body while carrying her and they laughed at their clumsiness.

It broke the tension when they dropped her body and they laughed when she fell to the ground with a thud.

James Del Negro, went with Esther Chiappone Carlson to get ice.

And Jim and Esther were sent to the store to get bags of ice. They were to put her body in the bathtub in ice to preserve it – so that Keith, he said, could get her body to a cryogenic tomb to be frozen – until the time came when he could restore her to life.

Keith said he wanted to keep the house at 21 Oregon Trail exactly as they had it when they all lived together – Pam, Keith, and Mariana. He refused to let anyone touch anything. So that when he restored Pam to life – he said – she would come back home – and everything would be the same and she would be comfortable there. So considerate was the man.

Pam Cafrtiz with her successor, Allison Mack.

Of the six people who were said to have helped Keith remove Pam from Albany Med, only Fluffy has left the cult.

This may be the reason Esther, Jim, Brandon Porter, and Danielle cannot leave. Why they refuse to return my calls.

Dr, Brandon Porter is famous for conducting human fright experiments on women. What does he know about the death of Pam Cafritz?

They may be co-conspirators in the death [maybe murder] of Pam Cafritz.

What happened to Pam?

Why did Keith need to do this?  She was dying of cancer. That was clear. She attended Vanguard Week in August 2016 in Silver Bay, and one can see from the pictures that she was deathly ill.

Pam Cafritz at V-Week 2016 – a few months before she died.


Pam Cafritz [l] was a few months from her death. Keith [r] had kept her on a low-calorie diet all her adult life and made her run constantly. Her kidneys failed and she got cancer. Keith said he would take charge of her medical treatment. She died, according to Keith, on the day he finally got the right medicine. [Nancy Salzman in the middle.]
The 2016 V Week, by the way, is the same V Week when there was a curious outbreak of some kind of virus or food poisoning when everyone – except the Nxivm leaders [who strangely did not get afflicted] – got very ill and were quarantined in their rooms.

They were quarantined, it was said, to protect ailing Pam Cafritz – so she would not catch the dread disease that spread among the followers [except the leaders, such as Dr. Brandon Porter, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Jim Del Negro, Esther Chiappone, and Keith Raniere.

Both Dr. Brandon Porterand Dr. Danielle Roberts failed to tell the NYS Health Department authorities about the outbreak.

But where is Pam’s body now?

Is It – as it has been rumored – in some cryogenic tomb somewhere?

Or is she in a freezer somewhere in Knox Woods? Perhaps her remains were buried in the backyard of 21 Oregon Trail.

Is Pam’s body or ashes buried in the backyard of 21 Oregon Trail?

Remember, Raniere ‘owned’ two doctors – Roberts and Porter – who would do anything for him – from human fright experiments to branding women with his initials.

No one knows if the cryogenic story is even true. That might have been a cover story.

So where is her body?

There was a memorial two months after she died.

People were ordered to go.

There, Keith blubbered and called Pam his partner in life which surprised a lot of people. Especially since in the last years of her life, she was just a servant of Keith and Mariana.

No one who spent time with those three would have seen her as Keith’s life partner. She was more of a servant to Keith and Mariana, a lower level servant with a good title.

Keith may have wanted to get rid of her to get her millions and get the others in on the crime.

He would have that over them and I can see him thrilling over it – in getting people – including two physicians – to go along – just seeing how far they would go.

This was in late 2016 when he was on top of the world.

I had gone to authorities at the Department of Justice – Western District of New York – to an assistant US Attorney named Anthony Bruce and I had told him about the crimes of Raniere and Nxivm – I laid it all out [many of the same crimes they were subsequently charged with in the Eastern District of NY in 2018] I laid out for the Western District of NY in 2015 and they said – ‘fuck you; we are indicting you. Nxivm and Bronfman are our victims.’

Keith had gotten me indicted and he went on to brand women.

He would have to keep raising the stakes. He knew –  especially after I tried to get the authorities on him – that he was untouchable. This was sport to him.

The Northern District would not touch him. And I was fighting for my life.

Why should he not enjoy himself?

Fair enough.

So what happened to Pam? Was she cremated?

I don’t know. I don’t think anyone knows other than Mariana, Clare, Esther, maybe Jim, probably Dr. Brandon Porter and Dr. Daniele Roberts. Mariana is in Mexico hiding. She probably knows.

Keith has no reason to tell. It won’t help him out to reveal what he did to Pam in the hours before her death.

Mariana Fernandez and Keith Raniere, Keith is pushing the stroller of the baby Kemar.

One thing we do know is that around the final days of Pam Cafritxz – maybe on the last day of her life – or just after – Keith had sex with Mariana – because almost 9 months later to the day she gave birth to a son – Keith’s son – Kemar.

I can see it now. Pam lying dead in the bathtub filled with ice. Keith, so excited that he takes Mariana to the bed where Pam and she used to sleep and he gets Mariana pregnant.

What a thrill. [Maybe his limp dick got hard for once and he could fuck again.]

But what happened afterward? What happened to Pam’s body?

Maybe it was`all above-board. None of this came out at the trial. This is new information.,

To readers of Frank Report – If anyone knows anything about the death of Pam Cafritz, they should come forward. If you know anything please contact me at 716-990-5740 or frankparlato@gmail.com.

I will keep your name confidential.

Someone will call  – I am pretty confident – as the result of this story. Why not you? Don’t wait until others tell on you and get you in trouble.

If you have committed a crime, I can help you get an attorney who will work with you to turn state’s evidence and possibly spare you punishment.

Don’t wait. If you were part of the conspiracy involving Pam Cafritz’ death, it is time to come forward.


Now here is the memorial invitation – sent out on November 28, three weeks after Pam’s purported death.

Nxivm Communications <communications@nxivm.com>
28 November 2016
Subject: With deepest sadness

Pamela Anne Cafritz

On Monday, November 7, 2016, at 2:37 p.m., we suffered the indescribable loss of Pamela Anne Cafritz. She had battled cancer heroically for the past few years, and passed away cared for by her life partner of 30 years, loved ones, and dearest friends. The world, humanity, and women are better because she walked this earth. Her footprints will forever leave an impression on thousands, and open a path for us all. Amongst many substantial accomplishments she was one of the founders of Jness; a founding, and highest ranking, student in NXIVM; a role model who started, built, and led, an affiliate network of over 250,000 individuals; a champion athlete, winning 1st place in the open division of the international Fifth Avenue Mile run; and a wise woman, touching many individuals with the softness of her being, and the care of her soul. Many of us who knew her found her profoundly empathetic, pure and innocent with deep wisdom, and a person who joyfully gave her self, and her most precious things, to help others, even strangers. Truly to Pam, all people of the world were her family and under her care.

A memorial celebration of her life will be held January 10th and 11th, 2017.

Anyone who has text messages, voice messages, videos, pictures of, or with, Pamela Cafritz please send copies to: memories@jness.com




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3 years ago

September 8, 2020 at 4:48 pm( revised comment)
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
This woman died of anorexia. She looks just like Karen Carpenter in these pictures. She was essentially starved to death.. The question that should be asked is WHY do women allow men to control their existence? My guess is that childhood abuse occurred emotionally, physically and mentally given her a diminished moral ethical compass. And her being his “pimp” shows extremely low self-esteem and likely severe childhood abuse that she no longer has a moral compass. I think that many of the women involved in the ranks of NXIVM qualify.

3 years ago

This woman died of anorexia. She looks just like Karen Carpenter in tnis pictures. She was essentially starved to death.. The question that should be asked is WHY do women allow men to control their existance? My guess is that childhood abuse occured emotionally, physical and mentally. And have a dimished moral ethical compass. And her being his ” pimp” shows and extremely low self esteem and likely severe childhood abuse that she no longer has a moral compass. I think that if many of the women involved in the ranks of NXIVM qualify

4 years ago

MK10Art’s take on Pam Cafritz’s body.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

It’s difficult to muster much sympathy for Pam in view of her role in 12-year-old Rhiannon’s rape but I’m still stunned at how little interest NDNY and NYS law enforcement is taking in this matter despite much evidence that indicates a premeditated murder is what actually took place.

I wish you’d share Pam’s last will and testimate that appears almost posthumously prepared by and for her grave robbers down to her innard body parts.

Disgusting that Keith couldn’t admit to being Pam’s “life partner” until there was $8 Million dollars staked on it he used to pretend he was finally paying Clare Bronfman back.

I shudder to imagine what kind of gruesome ritual went on with Kemar’s conception in Pam’s deathbed. Let’s hope Pam WAS fully dead and didn’t have to witness the act.

Thanks for keeping this story alive, Frank. Eventually you’ll turn up the truth. Keep digging.


[…] Where is Pam Cafritz’s Body? […]

4 years ago

Where was local law enforcement ?

4 years ago

The Pam Cafritz mystery death and scandal highlights just how out to lunch or/both corrupt local law enforcement officials were/are.

It’s like movie Police Academy or tv show Reno 911 played out in the Saratoga area.

Oh, wait I am wrong because in the fictional movie or tv show the bad guys at least go to jail.

Anyone audit a detective from the New York State police yet?

*Hint: This guy’s taken multiple $15,000 vacations on $200,000 dollar salary before taxes is a good place to start!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  ScoobDoo

$15,000 vacations on a $200,000/year income isn’t excessive. How do you know how much their vacations cost, and what else do they spend their money on? Some people make vacations a priority, especially if they are in a high-stress environment. Do they get paid overtime, or is their job a straight salary? Enquiring minds want to know.

4 years ago

This is certainly a question worthy of investigation.

First, does anyone know where Cafritz’ family stands? I think I’ve seen that her mother is still alive, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the family wrote her off as dead to them long ago.

There may also be probate records related to Cafritz’ estate.

A quick property checks show that Cafritz and Clare Bronfman are still the joint owners of record of 2 Flintlock Lane, which suggests her affairs haven’t been properly wrapped up.

4 years ago

Top five poisons, in my opinion, that could have been used to murder the innocent and late Pam:

Arsenic- White arsenic, which is arsenic oxide, is a water-soluble, tasteless solid easily added to drinks.

Atropine- “Belladonna” extracted from the berry juice of the deadly nightshade bush. In small doses, this chemical causes hallucinations and was used for this purpose as long ago as ancient Greece.

Strychnine- Can be extracted from the seeds of the nux vomica tree.

Cyanide- Can be distilled from the kernels of certain nuts such as almonds and also present in the leaves of some laurels bushes. Tylenol capsules in the US had cyanide found in the 80s and killed several people in the Chicago area.

Thallium- Discovered in the 1860s. Thallium sulfate is water-soluble and tasteless and they take several days for the symptoms to appear and even then these are generally attributed to other illnesses.

4 years ago
Reply to  Peaches

It was likely that cranky Waldorf-Steiner mistletoe remedy – Iscador. I think they give it to kids at Waldorf-Steiner schools as a panacea for all disease.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I think it was Raniere’s sperm. That would kill anybody.

4 years ago
Reply to  Peaches


Iscador mentioned/explained.

4 years ago

Are you aware that Dr. Gaushauser MD
with two masters degrees and vast clinical experience prescribes goat milk as an adjunct to kill off cancer cells?


[…] Where is Pam Cafritz’s Body? […]

4 years ago

Perhaps Pam Cafritz’s mother and siblings, as the next of kin, could get copies of her death certificate to find out which Quack NXIVM Doctor signed it.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Cafritz’s obit left out the part where she hunted down underage girls for Raniere to f*ck.

4 years ago

“And to whom shall these items be billed?”

“Pamela Anne Cafritx.”

Exploited even after death.

Is there any lower to go?

4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

yep. I think there was also ‘K-fritz’.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

How about child sex slavery? Is that lower than spending the money of someone who found girls and women for Raniere to f*ck?

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