Monterrey Mexico Nxivm Center Closed and Is Vacant

San Pedro Garza Garcia is the most exclusive municipality in metropolitan Monterrey Mexico.

SanPdro. de Noche.png
San Pedro Garza Garcia

And it is where, for many years, Omar ‘Cuckie’ Boone and his wife, branded DOS slave Jimena Garza [in partnership with Emiliano Salinas and Alejandro Betancourt], operated the Monterrey Executive Success Programs.

They operated under the auspices of Keith Alan Raniere, also known as Vanguard.

In San Pedro Garza Garcia, they taught Nxivm ‘tech’, as invented by Raniere utilizing his supposedly patent-pending Rational Inquiry (The patent was actually denied).

Now the Monterrey Center is closed and the property is for rent at almost $7,000 per month [US dollars.]

It is believed that Clare Bronfman, the leader of Nxivm, while Raniere is in prison awaiting sentencing, has approved its closure.

Omar Boone [green sash], his brother, Edgar Boone [blue sash], and their wives continue to operate Nxivm in Mexico.

They reportedly hope to begin recruiting again once the scandal dies down.  Most of the Mexican media reports largely focus on the role of Emiliano Salinas in the cult.

Convicted racketeer Lauren Salzman with Emiliano Salinas

Former Mexican Nxivm leader Emiliano Salinas seems to have left Mexico. His whereabouts are unknown. His wife, actress Ludwika Paleta recently returned to Mexico by herself.

Salinas claims he left Nxivm when the branding scandal first erupted in 2017, but there is evidence that he remained until Raniere was arrested in 2018 and then only did he seek to distance himself from Nxivm.

Loreta Garza with DOS slave Melissa Rodriguez.

Jimena Garza Davila, who along with her sister, Loreta, are said to hope to rebuild DOS once the media furor dies down.

Loreta is a first-line slave of DOS and holder of the green sash.

Jimena herself earned the Nxivm green sash in June 2017 after her accomplishment of branding new DOS slaves after Frank Report broke the story of the branding.

These are believed to be the only women branded after Frank Report revealed the secret group called DOS.

To show how close Raniere is to the husband and wife team of Omar and Jimena, it was to them that he came when fleeing the US after learning about the FBI investigation in Nov. 2017

Keith Raniere has fled the United States; may be seeking to avoid imminent arrest in NY!

His last few months of freedom: Keith Raniere strolls with his slave Jimena Garza. Her pubic region bears the scarred initials of Keith Raniere. She vowed her total slavery to him for life in a secret ceremony.


While the Nxivm cult was cratering from revelations of branding, Jimena was able to persuade six Mexican women to come to Clifton Park and get branded. Raniere was so pleased with her accomplishment that he awarded her the green sash.

Does Edgar’s Wife Carry Orders from Legatus?

Edgar Boone’s wife, Vanessa Sahagun, is reportedly the conduit between Clare Bronfman, the leader of Nxivm, and the remaining Mexican followers.

Vanguard not only stripped Clare Bronfman of scores of millions of dollars and got her indicted, but he made her wear a jockstrap when she was acting too man-like. She is a woman and must know her place, Raniere insisted. Now, this proud woman bears the heavy responsibility of maintaining his organization while he is in prison.

Bronfman is known in some circles as Legatus.

“In Keith We Trust”: Edgar Boone and Vanessa Sahagun keep Nxivm embers alive.

Though Sahagun is a Nxivm coach, she is not on the 2017 coaches list filed by the Eastern District of New York. Bronfman can, therefore, meet with her privately despite Sahagun being a coach

Judge Nicholas Garaufis, in modifying Bronfman’s bail conditions, ruled that Bronfman cannot communicate, outside the presence of her lawyers, with anyone on the 2017 coaches list.

Sahagun obtained her coach status [yellow sash] by paying the $60,000 per year tuition and attending Vanguard University in 2017.

Pages from a textbook at Vanguard University

Vanguard University is not an accredited university but teaches, as Vanguard said, a higher educational system than any university in the world.

Sahagun recently met privately with Clare, who is subject to home arrest in her Manhattan luxury apartment. Did Vanessa receive direct orders from Clare and pass them on to Edgar, Cuckie, and Jimena?

Husbands come and go but there is only one Vanguard. Omar Boone, with wife Jimena Garza. She came to Clifton Park and had her pubic region branded with the initials of Keith Raniere. She has taken a vow of slavery to him. Her husband Omar earned the nickname “Cuckie” [for cuckold] since his wife bears the initials of Raniere on her pubic region. Jimena reportedly provided graphic nude photos of herself to Raniere as collateral.  Were he free, Jimena would have to submit to his orders to have sex with him [or anyone else] because of her commitment as his life slave.

At one time, the Monterrey Center had many eager students. Following the Nxivm scandal, many of these dropped away. Enrollment is down. In any event, the longtime center in San Pedro Garza Garcia is closed. Times are tough for Nxivm.

Its leader is in federal custody awaiting a sentence that is likely to be lengthy. His second-in-command is in Manhattan subject to home confinement. Most of his worldwide followers have quit.

Only the diehards [and whatever new recruits they can find] remain to keep it going.

And, in Monterrey, two of his most faithful followers have closed down the center.

Below is a video of the outside of the Monterrey Center. It was once filled with enthralled students who adored Vanguard and paid thousands of dollars [preferably in cash] to have a chance to learn his marvelous tech.

Nancy Salzman, with Mark Vicente [out of NXIVM] Alex Betancourt, Karen [out of Nxivm], Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, and Emiliano Salinas – all wearing their colored sashes indicating their rank – in Monterrey.
Escobedo Mayor Clara Luz Flores inside the Monterrey Center of NXIVM/Executive Success. Mayor Luz Flores is wearing her yellow sash [coach.]
The ESP Monterrey Center was in San Pedro Garza, Garcia, an affluent city in the greater Monterrey area.


Behind these gated walls in San Pedro Garza Garcia was the ESP Monterrey Center.


Now it is empty.









Viva Executive Success!

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  • Frank thanks for the latest update. This update serves as a reminder that…

    Rainbow Cultral Gardens is a very dangerous entity.

    I believe many Frankreport readers skipped or skimmed over Joe O’Hara’s article on Rainbow Cultural Gardens.

    I believe Rainbow Cultural Gardens is like a radical Saudi financed Islamic madras school or a Hitler youth program. I can only imagine the havoc that would be reaped by a few hundred diehard Espians.

    It may sound funny but how do you think the world’s extremist religions started out?

    Below is a link to Joe O’Hara’s important article concerning Rainbow Cultural Gardens school.

  • It is time for the Nxivm diehards and sex slaves to fester quietly, until the coast feels clear again to reopen for business with a new name and location.

    Their time to regroup will likely be postponed at least until after those who were convicted in New York receive their sentences and the noise dies down from it. Those 6 sentencings are bound to create another wave of “restrictive” negative publicity.

    But the Nxivm gang is not dead yet, and this is no moment to become complacent. They show signs of being ready to be sneaky like Scientologists are about how to stay in the mix. Human cockroaches looking for a new kitchen.

    Hello, all of you fine Mexican people. Hear the tuba my young grandson plays for you from Florida. He says, trust yourself and keep these Nxivm FAKE GOOD PEOPLE away from your children.

    • I still think the longer they wait, the more people will lose enthusiasm and loyalty, and drift off or find new things, leaving only a rather small hard core.

      Scientology itself has never faced this dire an existential threat. What I see being more similar examples, are the various offshoots of Scientology that started off with some enthusiasm and then faded after a while, partly because they lacked the critical mass to make people feel like they were part of something grand, and were missing a leader who had the right mix of charisma and authoritarianism. Do you have some other example to suggest we look to? (I’m genuinely interested if you think we should look at it differently)

      Also, the hardcore types are probably the ones Albany-area authorities should be going after for the various relatively lesser crimes they were involved in – immigration fraud, illegal cash transfers and money laundering, tax evasion and so on. If NDNY and others do their job, which I hoped concerned parties up there are pushing for, then most of the cockroaches will get caught up before they can scuttle around much more. I think the person most likely to revive at least some part of NXIVM would be Nancy Salzman, and particularly if she faced additional charges beyond what she is already about to be sentenced for, that would prevent her from ever getting a toehold again.

  • It’s interesting to see evidence of NXIVM collapsing in Mexico, thanks for that.

    The pattern I’ve seen with other such groups is that they will end up with a small number of remaining followers, and then over a couple of years even that group will be whittled down to a handful of true believers – it’s hard to keep up the faith when the leader has been discredited, there are no more exciting big events, recruiting is impossible and just admitting membership to outsiders is embarrassing. Some of those who finally leave will wise up, and others will just find a new group and guru that still offers allure and excitement.

    Occasionally groups manage to reconstitute themselves or spin off a viable offshoot, . It doesn’t help that the person perhaps most able to carry on some version of what might be considered the “good” parts, Nancy Salzman, has been sidelined and soon will be incarcerated.

    • I get what you are saying, AnonyMaker, but I do wonder how familiar you are with the community. You seem to indicate that Nancy Salzman is “sidelined” due to incarceration? I wonder if you are really familiar with the mission?

      • I don’t have experience with NXIVM specifically, though I have tried to familiarize myself with it as well as possible, and make sense of it in the context of other groups that I know better or have studied.

        We’ve heard some rumblings here about Nancy Salzman being seen around Clifton Park with old pals, but she’s certainly not doing anything public, and there are no reports that she is trying to pick up the pieces of NXIVM on her own, either. And even if she is up to something, her upcoming incarceration really will sideline her.

        If you know of some remnants of NXIVM and ongoing activities that you think point to some different outcome, I’d be interested to hear about it.

  • Frank is bullshitting us again.

    Hey Frank.

    How can you say that NXIVM is hoping to begin recruiting again once the media scandal dies down?

    That’s a crock of shit, bro.

    Recruiting from where?

    Under a rock on Mars where people haven’t yet heard about their PERVERTED LEADER doing life in prison?

    In case you haven’t noticed, the man they WORSHIP before & after every single NXIVM class is in prison for many years.

    Guess what?

    Vanguard’s whole persona has been etched into every NEXIAN’s mind.

    Thus, Vanguard cannot be separated from the tech.

    The remaining NEXIANS can’t just remove Keith’s name from their teachings and pretend he doesn’t exist.

    Why not?

    Cuz every cult NEEDS A LEADER that will be WORSHIPED.

    Guess what?

    There’s nobody else who fits that description.

    Vanguard, Prefect, Salinas and Betancourt are gone.

    Pimp Mack is gone.

    Ain’t nobody gonna worship Legatus, that’s for damn sure.

    Plus Keith would NEVER approve of others replacing him in the organization.

    They won’t turn against Keith EVER. Their loyalty to Keith will prevent them from replacing Keith with a new leader.

    …And they can’t lionize Keith and make him a martyr for new recruits.

    Why not?

    Cuz he’s a convicted PEDOPHILE and SEX SLAVER.

    Keith’s perverted emails were made public and he can’t EVER recover the respect he once held. That stuff is on the Internet and can’t be hidden from future recruits.

    Even DOS cannot be revived.

    Why not?

    Cuz DOS revolved around being a life-long slave of Rodent Keith.

    DOS didn’t revolve around anything else.

    They can’t continue recruiting people into DOS if there’s no male grandmaster to fuck the slaves.

    Without a grandmaster it’s just a group of heterosexual gals pretending to be dykes while doing silly readiness drills at 2:00am, while waiting 25 years for Grandpa Keith to be released with his 85 year old, limp pecker.

    Most of those gals will want to get some fresh dick before then.

    NXIVM is finished.

    There’s just no path forward.

    I challenge anybody with common sense (i.e., Heidi and Niceguy excluded) to present facts which prove me wrong.

  • If walls could talk….

    Is the Rainbow school shut down, or did it just move to another location?

    Does anyone know the addresses of the California, Albany, and NYC schools?

    • It’s pretty sexpensive, Scott. But they’ll probably work with you. And I think there is a discount if you have two kids.

      • “expensive” – I’m not that weird…
        And to add one thing – Scott, Waldorf may be a better route for your family. I’ve heard the studies on the language development with the Rainbow kids are coming back shaky.

  • Not much Executive Success in Mexico these days.

    Clare may currently be functioning as Vanguard’s Hand, but we will eventually see a power struggle, between at least 2 contenders for control of the Necrokult.

    Many of the deluded still believe that their Vanguard will be released after a successful appeal, but once it sinks in that he’s gone for good, the split will be inevitable.

    It will happen when all the convicted are in prison.

    Someone will want to own the kid’s indoctrination program, and that’s where it will all begin.

    • Paul, what is this “mission”? Right? There is a contingency plan and always has been. Smaller and obviously major setbacks. Like, haha, no one realized that Keith was a selfish, egotistical dumbass and mocked him and his Ladies Auxiliary. Very embarrassing. But! Money and the need for power. Eventually. In a land, far, far from Halfmoon. In a turbulent place, where money is needed and rubes, strivers, and low informations exist, a
      determined and driven person with outdated hipster eyeglasses will attempt to establish her wounded pride.

  • So Clare Bronfman is top dog of the orgy Nxivm now? Does she wear a strap-on like Ghislaine Maxwell did when she raped Epstein teenage slave Ms. Giuffre?

  • Hey, Legatus Pro Tempore Nicki Clyne:
    You don’t need the Apropos Building to be your HQ.
    This building looks like an appropriate place for NXIVM North America’s new HQ.
    And the winters are so much nicer than in Albany and New York.

    Viva Executive Success!

    • There is a dumpster on the side of Apropos. Almost looks like there is construction debris in it. I pass by early and return late so I haven’t seen any actual workman on the premises.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that building goes up for sale or has gone up for sale considering Clare paid a fine and didn’t have to forfeit any properties.

      Maybe it will be revived as the old Italian red sauce joint it once was (Romano’s family).

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