All We Know for Certain About Epstein Is That His Trial Is Canceled

Jeffrey Epstein

How does the most famous man in custody in the U.S. kill himself?

The only thing we know for certain is that the Epstein trial is canceled.

The official government story is that he committed suicide – the most high-profile prisoner in America – while not being watched too carefully while in federal custody.

He just happened to be placed in the section of the Special Housing Unit (SHU) where there were no cameras in the cells – even after a failed suicide attempt a few weeks before. He was taken off of suicide watch – which, while not necessarily unusual, turned out to be another bad decision. He was supposed to have a cellmate in the section of the SHU where he was placed, but for reasons that are unclear, he was left alone in his cell – supposedly.

He was supposed to be checked on every 30 minutes – but it now appears that several hours went by before he was found dead in his cell.

The warden, Lamine N’Diaye, has been transferred, which is convenient. Two guards were placed on administrative leave pending the results of the ongoing BOP “investigation.”

US Attorney General William Barr admits there were irregularities and promises a vigorous investigation.

That investigation may or may not conclude something other than the official version – that Epstein committed suicide.  It may determine there was criminal negligence, or simply negligence.

It may not determine what happened.

If Epstein is dead, we do not know for certain how he died. And the official report  [much like the official Warren Report] may not be edifying or believable.

Despite the official version – that Epstein hung himself – this is not 1963. We live in a country where most of us understand that government cannot be implicitly trusted. [And it wants us to surrender our guns to them].

That does not mean the official story is a lie. He may have killed himself.

Most agree that Jeffrey Epstein is/was a scoundrel. But by the principles of our constitution, some of us believe he deserved to stand trial. No one should be glad he died [if he died].

Even if for no better reason than his death – if he is dead – means that a lot of people who may have been as guilty as he – will never go to trial.

At the end of the day, we may have to accept the fact that we won’t know the answer.  Like the Kennedy assassination. What is interesting is that even people who want to trust government seem to have some doubts this time.

Trust in government is low enough that mature people realize government might lie to them – and likely get away with it. [Some of these still want to surrender everyone’s guns.]

Epstein might have been murdered, for pressure was intense for him to keep his dirty secrets silent. Maybe powerful people were in jeopardy.

It seems logical that a super high-profile prisoner awaiting trial – recently on suicide watch because of an alleged prior suicide attempt – might not get to die unless a very high price was paid for his death. What would that cost?  Certainly not a mere $1 Million.

$10 Million? $100 Million?

There may be something bigger at stake than the coverup of the statutory rape of girls by various wealthy or famous people.

Epstein might have been wheeled out alive.

A fake failed suicide – and then a second successful suicide outside the range of prison cameras – on a night when guards happened to not timely check-in – may have been an agreed-upon exit strategy.

He was not in a body bag. The photos of the ‘dead man’ and Epstein, some say, don’t seem to really match.  The nose, skin, hair don’t match too well, many have said.

Epstein might be alive and under Trump’s control, or in Israel, in an accommodation reached between Trump and the CIA, FBI, and Israel, whose Mossad operation Epstein was long rumored to have been part of.

Was it a body double upon whom the autopsy was done? Were Epstein’s representatives reliable?

Will Epstein go to a plastic surgeon to have work done on his ears, teeth, and face? He may be in a safehouse today telling what each person he allegedly blackmailed did.

Or he may be dead, of suicide or suiciding.

This report from SOTN purportedly quoting an unnamed “ former New York jail inmate” has the ring of truth:

“I was incarcerated as an inmate awaiting trial in a county jail in New York very similar to Jeff Epstein’s situation. For reasons that are too long to explain here, the jail had me under suicide watch because my case was so HUGE at the time. They had me under such close observation that I could not even pee in my cell toilet without the whole jail staff watching my every move. Not only that, but they stripped me of every single possible means of killing myself. They wouldn’t even let me have a short strand of dental floss after eating. Belts were out of the question as was plastic silverware. Look it, I was certainly not a ‘Jeffrey Epstein’ and yet the jail guards and nurses and other administrators were hovering all over me likes flies on a cow-patty. Every single moment on suicide watch was like living the nightmare of the Truman show. What’s the point? Epstein didn’t commit suicide….”

Still. the people are told to be assured – there will be investigations. The man in charge of Epstein, in charge of the bureau of prisons, US Attorney General William Barr, ordered an Inspector General probe into the “death.”

The FBI opened a probe of the “suicide”.

The US Marshal’s office is investigating his “demise.”

Can the investigators be trusted?

There are people who do not believe in the existence of the “Deep State.” They believe that people who acquire great power in government or in private industry – say the military industry – can be trusted – for the goodness that is inherent in humankind.

If the government says it is a suicide – after an investigation – then suicide it is, and John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone crazed gunman. And Martin Luther King could not be assassinated by our government.

Of course, at the opposite end of the spectrum are those who believe in conspiracy theories without proof.

They know, they say that:

  • Epstein is alive, suicide faked.
  • Leslie Wexler ran the black op and Ghislaine Maxwell was his handler of Epstein.
  • This is a MEGA run op, one of many.
  • No real investigation will ever occur.
  • Epstein was debriefed for the past few weeks incriminating all kinds of people.
  • The Mossad, CIA, FBI cooperated with a pedophilia entrapment for a blackmail scheme.
  • Epstein is one of the Likudists’ greatest heroes since he provided human compromise materials in video form. On his island and ranches, he also had occult child sacrifice worship ceremonies for the higher-ups who need to be controlled more.
  • Clinton was involved.

The fact is they don’t know. They are guessing. Like everyone else.

Intelligent people have questions, not answers.

Here’s one: Where is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Or why was Epstein taken off suicide watch before his “death”?

Some of the reasonable questions assume there could be a deeper issue at stake here than statutory rape by the rich and famous.

Was there a murder for hire “hit contract” by private parties, or was this a government assassination or an accommodation?  Does Trump know if Epstein is dead?

Did the US military rip Epstein out of jail?

These are all wild and improbable explanations.

Almost as improbable as that Jeffrey Epstein – the most high profile prisoner in America – committing suicide in federal custody awaiting trial – a trial that might topple some of the biggest names in America and abroad in widespread and rampant statutory rape.

Meantime, intelligent people know, that all we know – as Americans – at this point – is that Jeffrey Epstein’s trial has been canceled.


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    • I bet he had Senator Mitchell, Governor Richardson, Prince Andrew, etc, etc, etc, etc on tape raping these young girls. All should be arrested by F.B.I. If what Johanna Sjoberg and Virginia Giuffre state is even half true. Ghislaine Maxwell said in that article Epstein had cameras everywhere on the island and New York. I’m sure he had his Zorro Ranch and Paris wired up as well. All should go down with life in prison. Ball is in your court AG Barr.

    • She has been staying in luxury at Manchester-by-the-sea, MA., as the town is called. Here is an interesting comment which might be moderated out of existence soon, responding to the Daily Mail story. I will leave out the commenter’s sign-in name.

      “This is my hometown and I am not at all surprised. It’s the perfect place to hide your dirty, rich secrets. MBTS is full of things that are hidden by wealth, private driveways and coastal inlets. My mother taught in the school system there for 30 years and some of the things she knew about people in that town would make your hair stand on end. I left to go to graduate school in London and my mother and her colleagues started referring to it as, ‘The Village of the Damned.’ My parents left after they retired, it got exponentially worse in the last decade.”

      God bless America? How yucko that this madam is cloistered in my home state. But maybe no farmers can afford to live in that town to start a 21st century Daniel Shays rebellion.

      • Miss Maxwell must have a magic Nani.
        Even with the scandal…..

        …….She scored a rich man 14 years her junior.

        “The 57-year-old British socialite is in a relationship with tech CEO Scott Borgerson, 43, with whom she is living in the $3 million oceanfront home at the end of a long private road in Manchester-by-the-Sea, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.”

        The 3 million is the tax assessed value. I know the area. No way are you getting a house that large on the north shore for so little money.

      • My personal guess regarding this latest development is that something fishy unrelated to Jeffrey Epstein is going on.

        Not to be an asshole, but 43 year old tech CEOs do not regularly date 57 year old women.

        Something is up.

        What exactly? I have no idea.

    • Hmmm wonder why Vicky Ward didn’t have this scoop? She is a fraudster who hung around the rapists Maxwell/Epstein. But now says she warned us. Yeah right . You and the Reille guy who is always quoted by the papers. You and him are a fraud. Watch out maybe Epstein had you on one of his many tapes.

  • From the Guardian Aug 13, 2019 Jeffrey Epstein’s death: what we know….

    ” Suicides at the high-risk prison are rare, though it is unclear how many attempts have been made in the past. In a review of published reports of suicides at the Manhattan prison, the New York Post reported that the latest suicide was in 1998, involving a Philadelphia drug lord.”

    So twenty-one years ago is kind of a while. If it’s true. No suicides in twenty-one years, eh?

    The part about it being unclear about how many attempts at suicide have been made “in the past” should probably say “the past, meaning the past week. Until further notice.” The only thing stopping some of these guys from trying to die their way out via suicide is what happens to them if they get stuffed into the big strait jacket envelope for failing to get it done. Welcome to hell’s specially reserved seat.
    Not to get too Edgar Allan Poe about MCC. Several different branches of authority are already barfing at each other about all that. How bad it is and whose fault it is. It’s a regulation tap dance contest.

  • Perhaps the real underlying question is why are our federal prisons being underfunded and understaffed, so that either unfortunate things happen – or bad actors have free reign? Is there some mysterious reason that the administration instituted a hiring freeze, even as prisoner populations were going up and thousands of experienced guards were reaching retirement age – or is it just the result of organizational chaos and even incompetence at the highest levels?

    Here’s more on the likely banal explanation for what happened:

    Jail guards assigned to watch Epstein were sleeping before his death

    “One of the two Federal Bureau of Prisons workers assigned to guard the perv in the 9 South unit didn’t normally work as a correction officer, but was filling in on overtime. It’s unclear what the worker’s normal role was.”

    For those who might want a different source, Fox News is also reporting the same facts:

    Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t checked on for hours before apparent suicide, source says

    “Correctional officers at the jail had reportedly worked extreme overtime shifts for days on end to compensate staffing shortages.”

    Jeffrey Epstein ‘special observation’ watch protocols went unheeded in hours before death: reports

    “one of the guards assigned to monitor Epstein was not even a full-time correctional officer, although it was not immediately clear what other job the employee was said to have and the employee was reportedly able to serve as a corrections officer.”

  • Q does not speak idly abt military tribunals. JE qualified bc he was CIA? As a traitor like No Name and GHWB do the public need to know?

  • New details of the chronic understaffing, involuntary double (and longer) shifts, and even pressing of unqualified support staff into guard duty, that contributed to what happened:

    Jeffrey Epstein Death: 2 Guards Slept Through Checks and Falsified Records
    “The two guards who were in the jail unit where Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself fell asleep and failed to check on him for about three hours, then falsified records to cover up their mistake, a law enforcement official and a prison official said on Tuesday.”

  • All I know is that Wexner provided the means for Epstein to do what he did, and Wexner did this for years. The big question: Why? This is something that Wexner and his apologists have not even come close to effectively answering. The Feds need to follow the money. They need to seriously investigate everything Wexner. Doing so with reveal many answers to many questions regarding Epstein and the co-conspirators I suspect.

  • Speculate, but keep Hanlon’s Razor in mind: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity

    • Le’Gal,

      I have no knowledge of Federal prisons.

      However, I do have some knowledge of state prisons.

      If federal prisons are only 1/2 as dysfunctional as state prisons, Jeffrey Epstein’s death is easily explainable.

      Many prison guards have come forward and claimed how irregularities Epstein’s death is…. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

      Just look up the suicide of the BU medical murder’s death in Boston.

      He was murdering prostitutes in hotels and was apprehended and shortly after committed suicide. There are many signs that he was going to suicide himself and nothing was done about it.

  • Epstein wanted to have his head and genitals frozen for future generations.
    (Kind of like Walt Disney’s plans.)
    I suggest that his frozen head and genitals be brought to trial.

    • Shadowstate,

      Who are you kidding….

      ……you just wany to see what an egg shaped penis looks like.

      I am kind of curious myself to be honest.

  • We may not have Epstein trial but on Sept 9 is start of Harvey Weinstein trial. His rapes were just as crazy as Epstein and Raniere’s were.

  • The story is full of cases of pedophiles. For example the case of Santo Dominguito de Val (Spain). On August 31, 1250, Santo Dominguito de Val suffered martyrdom in Zaragoza by a group of Jews until he was killed. He was a seven-year-old boy who belonged to the La Seo choir of the Aragonese capital. He was on his way from the cathedral to his house, was deceived by a Jew named Albayuceto who led him to the Jewish quarter of the city. Once they arrived at a house, a group of Hebrews were waiting for them and began to torture poor Domingo, who was nailed to a cross and injured him until he was killed. After this, the Jews tried to make the body disappear. They cut off his head and feet, which they threw into the well they had in the house, while the rest of the body was buried on the bank of the Ebro, very close to the current well of San Lázaro next to the Stone Bridge. Meanwhile, the city went crazy looking for the missing child until one day two fishermen who were in the river watched as a strong ray of sun descended from the skies and began to illuminate a specific point on the shore. The fishermen went there and began digging until they found the remains of Sunday. The mystery of what had happened to the child was revealed, being a divine sign that showed where his body was. However, the miracle did not end there. Again the celestial intercession caused the waters of the Ebro river to grow abnormally for that time of year and the wells of the houses of the city began to ooze water and overflow, with which the feet and head of the child left the well of the Jewish house to which they were thrown.

  • There have already been news reports that Epstein’s attorneys asked for him to be take off suicide watch. If that’s correct, the question is did
    Epstein just object to the harsh conditions of suicide watch, or was he calculatedly angling for a better opportunity to put an end to his own misery?

    A virtually guaranteed way to see government operations falter and fail – unlike the military, which seems to perform admirably with a mix of fetishistic support and literally having more money thrown at them than they know how to spend – is to underfund and understaff agencies. I’ve previously posted links to several articles, including old warnings about impending dangers, about recent staff and funding cuts that have resulted in horrendous conditions and inevitable negligence. Here are a couple of the latest pieces:

    Jeffrey Epstein jail ‘a gulag’ in lower Manhattan

    ‘The jail was built to accommodate 474 inmates, but held 763 male prisoners at the time of Epstein’s death, according to a statement from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
    Brooklyn College professor Jeanne Theoharis, who has written extensively about MCC, told the Gothamist website in June that the jail resembles conditions found in countries such as “Iran or Russia”.’

    ‘A representative for workers at the jail told CBS News in New York that the Epstein death is not surprising. Staffing, the representative says, is “completely inadequate”, with many workers putting in more than 60 hours per week leaving them “overwhelmed” and “not alert”.’

    The Completely Predictable Death of Jeffrey Epstein
    “If you are shocked by a jail suicide you aren’t paying attention to the grim conditions of incarceration in America.”

    Journalists should examine the leading cause of jail deaths, in light of Jeffrey Epstein

    • Too many unanswered questions and the narrative keeps changing. Also, many of the media sources you link to are notorious for pushing an agenda rather than doing actual investigative reporting. As your constant deep state defensive posting history shows, you should totally be disregarded.

      • Good points. It’s probably Trumps fault that he’s not getting any ass from KK. Poor left handed spanky.

  • ……One thing to keep in mind Jeffrey Epstein’s attorneys asked for him to be taken off suicide watch……

    Everybody can read into it whatever they like…..

    I’m not really much into conspiracies myself but this is one of those times that everyone knew how the story would end……

    Suicide or assination….

    …..Pick your poison.

    • The media has failed to note that it is very rare for any prisoner to stay on Suicide Watch for more than a week. So, whether or not his attorneys asked for him to be taken off, he wouldn’t have been there much longer anyway.

      The real screw-up is that when MCC took Epstein off Suicide Watch, there were two options housing options available: the first was the part of the SHU that has single-occupant cells with in-cell cameras that monitor inmates 24/7 – and the second was the other part of the SHU that has dual-occupant cells without any in-cell cameras.

      Somehow, MCC managed to put Epstein in the second option but not assign him a cellmate. That’s what makes no sense here.

      • Makes no sense, you say?

        Uhh, wrong asshole.

        If they had assigned him a cellmate then you’d have been screaming ‘incompetence’ after the cellie beat his brains in.

        Option 1) If they gave him a cellie, they’d be promoting a fight and possibly his death.

        Option 2) If they assign him a lone cell, they’re promoting suicide.

        Thanks for the catch 22, dipshit.

        • You missed the point entirely (Suggestion: Try reading more slowly and sounding out each word). They placed Epstein in the section of the SHU that does not have in-cell cameras – which is the section where cellmates are mandated. If he didn’t have a cellmate, he should have been in the other section that has single-occupancy cells and in-cell cameras.

          • Krclaviger,

            Frank Parlato may not have fully explained your Frankreport’s Employee Benefits Package.

            Did you know the time you spend replying to Bangkok is deducted from the total amount of time you spend in purgatory?

            When Frank passes, he will now ascend straight to heaven.

      • Krclaviger,

        I did not know that rather large tidbit of information. Thanks!

        Currently, I personally do not know anyone of any ilk who believes Jeffrey Epstein’s death was suicide.

        The first Jeffrey Epstein pedophile criminal case investigation was covered up at the state level in Florida.

        Then the Second Epstein pedophile case investigation was covered up at the federal level.

        I would have to be incredibly naïve to believe it’s a case of suicide unless there is at least 2 different investigations including one outside independent investigation not run by the government.

        On the flip side:

        No will ever completely believe it was a case of suicide even if it was a case of suicide.

        Have good night!

        • Krclaviger,

          Keep in mind many of the men who slept with these girls may have been led to
          believe that the girls were 18 or 19 year old paid escorts. My point is there may be a cavalcade of powerful men who did not know or chose to believe the girls were of age.

          Epstein and Maxwell are two incredible sick and twisted individuals.

          What were the two of them not capable or willing to do short of murder?

        • In the section of the SHU where he was located, all cells are supposed to be occupied by two inmates. If one inmate is transferred out – which may have happened in this case – the remaining inmate is supposed to be transferred to the other section of the SHU that has single-occupancy cells.

      • SH 9 vs. SH 10, (?) are what I recall as the 2 sections you mention here re Special Housing, as described by a former inmate in pretty good detail. The stories I read about it were in both New York and London papers. You are the only one who has mentioned the differences between those 2 units, just as the former inmate knew them to be. Thank you.

  • His body should be the property of the American people. His victims and more should have a right to verify with DNA proof from multiple INDEPENDENT sources that the dead body is indeed him and that he was not shipped out of the country due to being an agent of a foreign government. This is an egregious injustice and a complete failure of responsibility that reeks of conspiracy and needs to be thoroughly investigated.

  • Maxwell is already out of the country. Epstein’s island house was cleared of any real evidence this past weekend, ahead of the FBI raid on Monday.

    • I read somewhere, well, from several sources, that she hasn’t been seen much at all in New York since 2017. Even then, she was noted to be only in and out quickly, not socially, since around 2015. In England she has (or did have) a home near Hyde Park and a simpler place out of the city. She also still has a lot of siblings who might have found her some spot for anonymous recluse. She probably needs to think invisible even though she hasn’t been charged anywhere, isn’t a fugitive. Yet, if ever.

      Her “pedigree” always outsparkled Epstein’s. He used that every which way. Maybe she still has friends in high places who don’t get paralyzed fingers if she tries to ring. She has had plenty of time to get reorganized. Or to be made to reorganize. By parties more substantial than she.

      Even though the New York Post reported that Maxwell had been “cooperating with the prosecution” according to an unnamed source, so far no one has gone with that story. For whatever reason. It could be true or false. But Ghizz might be depressed as all get out from these last several days. Even if she hasn’t had to face any charges yet and might have paid off the civil stuff, she’s probably run off to sequester herself from sight like a ghoul, and probably with a good chunk of money for the rest of her life.

      From the article from several hours ago written by the NY Post about Miss Maxwell, showing her gizzardly self done up in a patriotic bikini during the early ’90s, she was already serving up dildoes as place settings back then. Literally. She told the photographer she had just hosted a dinner party for what she herself described as “young girls.” She was wittily juicing the photo-op with details about her whole sexy scene, without mentioning Epstein yet. Who knows what can be left of her heart and soul after decades of being so professionally predatory? At this point maybe she doesn’t know whether she’s Madam or Adam.

      • Shivani33:

        GM is a Mossad asset, just like Daddy was, just like Jeffrey is. The entire setup was a Honeypot. GM and JE are alive, and safely outside of US jurisdiction.

  • Lol his might be canceled but Ghislaine Maxwells could be heating up. New York Post just had an article with her in a bikini. In it she is talking about fellatio, dildos , and Brazilian waxes. Amazing she just flaunted this behavior and our ruling class thought she was nice and fun. Not according to the testimony she tried to squash. So, yes Epstein is gone but the cabal who raped young girls are still with us in plain sight. The question is what is law enforcement going to do about it.

  • Let’s work it like a standard murder case.

    Who has the motive?
    Who has the means?
    Who has the opportunity?

    Obviously elements of the US govt were complicit. This was a targeted hit.

    Epstein was looking at a life sentence. Unless he cooperates w US Attorneys Office and takes out his little Black book. Take the names and dates in Black book and match them to flight logs. And Boom! There are many nervous powerful men out there that are about to be named and face indictments.

    Who can make id or credentials that look real or are real? CIA. Who needs to lean on Epstein’s buddies to support US policy overseas? State Dept. Who has experience pulling off daring assassinations? ISA.

    So pick one. But another thing is certain. Some Bigwigs are sleeping very soundly tonight.

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