Shadow: Who is Allison Mack Crying For?

By Shadow State 1958
Is Allison Mack crying
  1. for the women who were branded by a hot iron with her and Keith Raniere’s initials?
  2. for the women who were promised female empowerment and then delivered into sexual slavery?
  3. for the women who were blackmailed?
  4. for the women who were coerced in to giving up bank account and financial information?
  5. for the women who were deprived of food?
  6. for the women who were deprived of sleep?
  7. for the women she paddled for various infractions?
  8. for the women she locked in cages as punishment?
  9. for the Jewish women who were told that they are reincarnated Nazis?
  10. for the underage girls who were raped by Mack’s perverted boyfriend, Keith Raniere?
  11. for Rhiannon, the 12 year old girl reputedly raped by Mack’s  boyfriend Keith Raniere some sixty times? (I know that Allison Mack is aware of Rhiannon’s story)
  12. for the teenage Mexican girls brought to Clifton Park to serve as house and sex slaves?
  13. for the young woman who was unlawfully confined for 18 months in a locked room because of some ethical failing?
  14. for the people persecuted by NXIVM and Raniere?
  15. for the people driven into bankruptcy in frivolous lawsuits filed by Raniere and other NXIVM members?
  16. for the people whose computers were hacked by NXIVM?
  17. for people who were prosecuted on bogus criminal charges brought on behalf of NXIVM?
  18. for the people targeted for arrest and illegal incarceration in Mexico by NXIVM corrupted officials?
  19. for the citizens of Albany and Saratoga  Counties who had their governments corrupted by NXIVM?
  20. for all the suicides and strange deaths in the NXIVM saga?
  21. for all the children in the Rainbow Cultural Garden indoctrinated in Raniere’s evil philosophies?
  22. for all the people swindled in the expensive Executive Success Program?
  23. for her Clifton Park landlord who might lose a townhouse because Mack used that property in sex trafficking?
  24. for Sarah Edmondson?
  25. for India Oxenberg?
  26. for Catherine Oxenberg?
  27. for her nephew whom Mack falsely claimed was molested?
  28. for the women who were shown violent movies (snuff-type movies) by Mack’s good friend Doctor Brandon Porter?

Or is Allison Mack crying for her wicked troll of a boyfriend, Keith Raniere?

Keith Raniere, a man so evil that a whole website (thefrankreport) is devoted to his crimes.
Cry me a river, Allison.  You don’t remind me of Joan of Arc.
You remind me of Eva Braun in a Berlin bunker crying over the pending fate of her boy friend Adolf.

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  • shadow, among all those questions you realize that allison happened to be victim or aser victimizer for which I go through all those things that you claim to her, so I ask you how she would cry for other people but to cry for the abuse that she herself she suffered, in these moments she cries because the situation has her against the sword and the wall and with that I deserve that the sword is the truth that will destroy any notion of security that she currently has and the wall is that she knows that KAR, the salzman, the Bronfmans, the salinas and lawyers of the mafia of arizona and who knows who else, are working so that she is the one who receives all the fall or as much as they can put on her, probably at some level of her psyche she can see but is in such a weak position who knows if even threats have been made or simply suggested that he has no choice but to follow the KAR game plan where she will be asked to take one for the team.

  • Who is a tough criminal type, does not cry for others, he only regrets himself that he is in this situation.
    And he wants to punish the others for that.

  • I do agree with what g said. Reality tells us anything is possible. I believe it is possible she saw pictures of her cankles on Frank Report and realizes how ugly they are.

  • Well put Shadowstate.
    The dark truth….
    The incredible dark truth is that
    Raniere’s control over Allison Mack is so absolute that even after 10 months Allison Mack has remained steadfastly loyal to Raniere. “Pimp Mack” is one brainwashed human being. Raniere could say 2+2=5 and Allison would agree. She lives in Raniere World now.
    Anyone with a degree of common sense would have flipped by now and cut a deal.

    The prosecution wants to send a message to the public and make an example of Keith Raniere. I believe that the prosecution, in the interest of saving time and money, would cut Allison Mack a deal.

    If the ‘good’ doctor has not faced any punishment even from a medical review board for ethics violations or faced criminal charges….. How bad is Allison’s actual criminal “collaboration” with Keith Raniere legally?

    Morally, there is no question Allison Mack is an abhorrent human being.

    I had hoped for criminal kidnaping charges to be filed however none materialized.

    Fortunately, if Keith and Alison go the way of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, no German Shepherd needlessly die.

    I should have submitted this comment as an editorial article. 😉

  • Allison cries for Allison alone.
    To believe she is remorseful is delusional.
    Allison has drunk the Koolaid many times over and is a true believer.
    Sadly, and I really do mean I am saddened, Allison was used – and abused -by Keith and Nancy. Both of whom in turn, with Nancy’s encouragement, used and abused Nancy’s daughters.
    Yet, Allison is psychologically weaker than the rest and thus easily ill-used by Keith and Nancy.
    Whether this is an innate flaw of Allison’s or as a result of her family dynamics or just plain bad luck, we may never truly know but Allison is forever lost.
    Yet, she must answer for her crimes even though she is both victim and perpretator at the same time.
    One can mourn for a life lost when it comes to Allison Mack but that is as far as our compassion for her should go.

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