Allison Mack appeared to hold back tears when leaving court

Channel 13 News in Albany shared some footage of Allison Mack leaving court today – looking haggard and as if she was holding back tears.

One observer said she had been definitely crying.

See the video:

When inside the courthouse, with all eyes upon her, she seemed chipper and jovial.

Inside the courtroom – when Judge Nicholas Garaufis was presiding- she was the picture of somber rectitude and rapt attention.

When she left the courthouse and went outside, she appeared to be fighting back the tears.

Whether she was crying or not, Mack was looking haggard.

The burden of her impending trial and the weight of her possible 15 years or longer sentence – and how her life is in shambles thanks to the man she followed – might be wearing her down.

One wonders: what does she think of Vanguard now?

Here are a few screenshots.

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  • Whew! And I thought I looked bad! SheesH! Ms. Mack: Get some sleep, if you can. Repent, if you will. Admit your guilt and try to make amends!! You will feel SO much better!!

  • I actually started to feel bad for her when I first saw this photo, then I remembered how many tears she shed as she forcibly held women down to be branded and tortured, telling them to “Think of the master.” Those were the tears that should have been shed, but no. Now she weeps? For what? That her actions have consequences? Please.If she actually felt remorse then those tears would be tears of joy knowing that no parent, like poor Catherine Oxenberg, will ever have to lose their child to a sex offender. Tears of joy that no one will be sued into oblivion for daring to speak out against NXIVM and the atrocities that they committed. Tears of joy that no toddler will ever have their language development hobbled by the cruel child linguistic experiments that they ran. Now she weeps? She still doesn’t get it, and I doubt she ever will. It’s ok, though. She’ll have years in a cell to shed the tears she should have shed years ago.

  • I disagree when others say Allison appears to finally “get it”.
    Her synapse’s have all been retooled for far too long for her to be redeemed. She’s a hardcore believer.
    Why do I say this? First hand experience of being in a cult, decades ago and, decades later, those, like Allison, who gave all, burned all their bridges, even though the founding father died and his hand picked successor was deposed, those I knew are still fully invested, still swill and propagate the lies and still live the lifestyle.
    Just like there are animals that have been so abused they are beyond ever being a companion animal aka pet the same with Allison.
    She’s forever lost to us and, yet, to Keith, she is his greatest triumph. I assure you Keith gloats in her destruction as proof of his prowess.
    Sad ending for a woman who had yhe ability to lead a happy, fulfilling life till Keith, Lauren and Nancy got their hands on her.

    • –I assure you Keith gloats in her destruction as proof of his prowess. Sad ending for a woman who had yhe ability to lead a happy, fulfilling life till Keith, Lauren and Nancy got their hands on her.

      That is why these latter three must pay and suffer. I hope the government doesn’t even offer a plea deal because they have so much evidence it can put them away for a long time.

      Yes, it is true that Allison is responsible for her own misdeeds and needs to suffer the consequences. But those previous assholes who connived their way into her mind, pants, her bank account, and her life deserve to suffer more with some retribution on this planet too. They were arrogant for too long.

    • I fear you may be right, g. Maybe I’m a victim of wishful thinking. Gina believed to her dying day. Argued fiercely with everyone who didn’t. There were times she waivered and laughed along with anyone mocking or questioning but, as you say, rewired synapses don’t snap back so fast if ever. Do wish someone who understands this phenomenon were representing Allison with her true, only true, defense.

  • There ya go, Allie. Now, you’re getting it. That truly “authentic” despair and realization of the situation you’re unfortunately in. I feel for you and I suspect whomever was behind that camera got it, too, as do maybe hundreds of other viewers who are catching on past the masks and blindfolds.

    Please consider getting into therapy if need be and getting real and taking control of your defense — you’ve got a real one. Pinochiette will surely go to prison, one way or another. The real Allison Mack may just go free. Her real story is a heartbreaker.

    • Keith literally sucked the shit out of all of his followers. The whole lot of them need long term psychotherapy.

      Based on the video, Allison looks more annoyed by the camera in her face than fighting back tears. Or, just nervous. It’s also cold in NY this time of year and most peoples eyes tear because of the cold.

  • You have to assume that her family and friends patrol this site but if I were them, I would put her on suicide watch. Her future and present are very bleak but if you do the crime, you should do the time. I also appologise to Heidi in advance but nobody should be taken to that dark because of one man.

    As an aside, whenever I look at the name NXVIM all I see is roman numerals and depending on the perspective of how you look at the name determines its value.

    Let us start at N which is the odd one out as N has no roman numeral and if you ain’t part of the scheme’ this is the odd one out from the rest. So how about the outsider/student? N is the 13th letter in the alphabet (unlucky you).

    X = 10
    I = 1
    M = 1000 (and the Master)

    So as the most important numbers in our lives is got to be by logic money, you as the student looking forward are unlucky number 13. You are reeled in, broken as the numbers reduce and then become a cash cow for M, also part of Master.

    From the Masters view and whom is in the gang, you are a cash cow who he can break and sees you as unlucky to cross their path. Maybe KAR was trolling people from the very beginning with the name?

  • Every time I see Alison Mack she does not look like the women who lived next to me for 4 years at all everyday she be shopping running I her house with loads of packages

  • Who were the folks she passed by and appeared to touch on the shoulder? It looked like the woman was holding a sign perhaps.

  • Or more bad acting. Her lawyers give her an onion to sniff in the bathroom? Sooner or later, our true selves always show up on our faces. People think botox can protect them from it, but it still just shows how fake they are. Direct sunlight is definitely not kind to her. She’s starting to get a face for radio.

  • The reality of the situation and charges is finally sinking in for Allison. Plus, she’s been out of Keith’s spell for many months now.

    She has good attorneys and they are explaining to her that her case is a lost cause and she’s f#cked.

    Better to take the plea now, than get hit with 15 + years. Remember, there are Sentencing Enhancements for number of victims and use of weapons.

    So, she could get 25 years. And no parole in the Federal system.

    Wakeup sister. Admit your mistakes and take the plea.

    • I do hope this is true, that Allison is finally waking up to the fact that Raniere is a criminal, that the whole NXIVM thing is a sham and a cult and that she has also committed criminal acts and that it’s better to spill your guts to the authorities and make a plea deal then face a trial.

        • Wrong again Jeff Peterson. Don’t go away Mad. Just go away…

          Frank can verify that our IP addys are different. Also, Dennis Burke doesn’t post on this site. Wakeup.

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