Red Alert: Non Espian social media contacts to be blocked; paranoia reigns, even Nancy defiant!

NXIVM/EDucational Success Programs (NXIVM/ESP) is on super lock down. Paranoia is at an all time high. And all because some insiders are leaking photos and information to Frank Report.

When Prefect is defiant to Vanguard, there is trouble and it must be rooted out.


High Rank want to stop it, and more importantly, find out who is doing it.  So, NXIVM/ESP High Rank has ordered all DOS members to block all non-ESP and non-DOS members from all of their social media accounts.

They have to stop the leaking, or the whole future of the mission will be in jeopardy.

Clare Bronfman, who, next to Keith Raniere (who prefers to be called Vanguard) is in charge of operations, has been instructed to intensify efforts to have Sarah Edmondson arrested in Canada. In Mexico, orders were sent out to try to find ways to arrest other defectors there (More on the Mexican situation soon).

Only Clare, Karen Unterreiner and, of course, Keith are keeping their heads, while all others are losing their heads and blaming it on Keith. Many are under scrutiny.

People are behaving insanely: Nancy Salzman, of all people, seems to have flipped out. She has been defiant. I know this sounds unimaginable, but she has been arguing with Keith. In all the years they have been together, Nancy has never been defiant with Keith.

But day after day, she keeps disputing matterswith him. This just shows how crazy things are.

Among other things, she claimed she knew nothing about her daughter, Lauren Salzman, being branded on her pubic region with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials until she read about it in the Frank Report.

Clare Bronfman is very disturbed about Nancy.  At times like these, everyone sees how useless Allison Mack is. Useless in the trenches.

Lauren Salzman, who is normally dependable, is forlorn because she has finally realized that she is never going to have a child with Vanguard (Not having a baby has hit her pretty hard). Marianna is ready but she is tied down with her new baby – and, in reality, she’s pretty useless  except as for buttling.

Gone are the real strategists: Kristin Keeffe is gone; Pam Cafritz is gone; Barbara Bouchey is gone; Barbara Jeske is gone; and Mark Vicente is gone.

All Vanguard has left are dunces. And fem men.

But somebody is leaking. That person or persons has to found and stopped.


Keith has hinted to Clare who immediately thought it was her own idea to find a way to hack the computer of Frank Report. Maybe seek ways to spy on computers of some of the suspected ESP followers. There has been discussion about surprise inspections of computers in Clifton Park.  If the women have nothing to hide,  then why wouldn’t they show them? The one who refuses is guilty.

Lawyers have been retained. Research is being done. What can we turn into criminal charges? Clare understands Keith is formulating plans to have a greater system of surveillance on followers.  She alone knows that Keith will take care of everything.

Others are uncertain and Allison Mack babbles like a child.  Keep her out of all conversations.

Some of the the old timers, including Jim Del Negro and Esther Chiappone, are suspected, not only for certain comments they made, but because of the defection of Rosie.  When Keith tricked Esther into moving here from Alaska promising her they would have a monogamous relationship then sprung it on her that he had a harem, Nancy helped persuade Esther that Keith’s penis was no different than his elbow.

Nancy promised Esther was line bent enough to be depended on permanently. Now WTF? Even Nancy has gone haywire. Maybe it’s the cancer or the herpes.

But what about Esther? How come Rosie quit?  How come the boy got caught? He had been trained by Keith himself!

Esther failed. And if Jim Del Negro had not blundered so stupidly with SOP when the DOS first came out, they wouldn’t be stuck with morons like KS and Lucas Roberts.

Everyone is on red alert.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION:  All members in good standing who wish to remain loyal to Vanguard and Prefect have been advised NOT to read the Frank Report.

The suggestion made by one buffoon to read it and dissect it using the tools of the Knife and make comments on Frank Report using the superior technology of the Knife to demonstrate Frank Report to be all lies, was rejected by High Ranks [said to decided by Vanguard himself].  Too bad because it would have been fun going back and forth with that brain-trust!

One source within NXIVM estimated about 70 percent of Raniere followers are reading Frank Report.


The focus should not be on addressing the fallout.  The focus must be catching leakers, punishing defectors and trying to get someone thrown in jail to distract, to have something to hang hats on.  Sarah Edmondson is target number #1.

At the University, where people are being charged $5,000 per month for an elementary school education, there is widespread dissatisfaction. They were reading The Little Prince and George Orwell’s 1984. But there has been nothing on becoming a Field Trainer, nothing on being a Salesperson or a Proctor or how to become an EMP.

All things that were promised to induce people to pay $5,000 a month and rise in the ranks of NXIVM.  But there is no need to teach. What possible difference would it make if they learn or not. NXIVM depends on multilevel marketing to survive and for people to make money.

NXIVM is done. Nobody is joining. Who is going to join with the information that is available online now?

DOS slaves have been ordered to block old friends. There is paranoia and suspicion everywhere.

If you want to see how this will all play out, just do some research on Consumers’ Buy Line. That is all very easy to find online.

At the University, the students are reading 1984. It is poetically perfect.

Keith Raniere is Big Brother.




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  • The note from the Insider about Nancy not wanting ESP to end says it all – and makes it impossible to feel any sympathy towards her and her new battle with cancer. Fuck it: I hope she dies a slow and painful death – which will give her plenty of time to think about everything she’s done to harm others.

  • Wasn’t Nancy Salzmann treated for cancer before (like 20 years ago in the early days of ESP?) and or claimed to be cured by Keith and RI?, Good Lord woman, get yourself real medical treatment if you want to live. You see how it all went down for Pam and Barbara.

  • Some higher ups in SOP are KS, Jim, Pat, and Lucas. Some higher ups in DOS are Allison, Lauren, Loreta, Daniela, India, Danielle, Jimena, Monica. Plus other people like SIobahn, Karen, Esther, Nicki. Most of the women are harem members, some for years.

    I find it hard to believe any of these people aren’t drinking the cool-aid and are still way in. Could I be wrong? You probably can’t say. Most of these women mentioned are bat shit crazy. If anyone in the higher ranks wants out I would put money on it’s the Garza’s, Dani Padilla, Esther, and Monica. Probably Pat Maloney. The rest forget it they’re going down with the ship.

    Correction. Maybe Danielle Roberts too? The prospect of her medical career being destroyed could be her wake up call. The thing that snaps her out of the delusions.

  • Once you are in the Address Confidentiality Program you’ll get an identification card. It comes in about 5 days. Don’t use your new real address on anything including utilities. The law states that all companies and government agencies have to accept this as your official address. You can use it on your tax returns, everything.

  • Tips on the safest way to leave:

    Don’t tell anyone unless you are absolutely sure you can trust them, and even then…

    Act normal like everything is ok while distancing yourself.

    If they have collateral on you call Investigator Student at the Clifton Park State Police barracks. Tell him you need help your in NXIVM but you want your information to be kept totally confidential. Then tell your story and that you want to get away as quietly as possible but are afraid they will blackmail you. This is so if you do get blackmailed the police will be lined up in advance to help you. If you are in DOS and you need temporary housing ask for it, you’ll get it.

    Sign up for New York State’s Address Confidentiality Program. it’s advertised as a program for Domestic Violence victims but in practice anyone afraid of violence, intimidation, or being stalked is accepted. Everyone leaving NXIVM will be accepted. Tell them you’re fleeing NXIVM when you go there. It’s a protected address run by the Dept. of State where all your mail can go. Change your driver’s license, your credit cards, and your phone to this address. ACP will forward your mail to your actual address no matter where in the country you move to and will do so forever if you want. For free.

    Take every shred of NXIVM materials you have, anything with the slightest glimmer of “proprietary” information in it and mail it to NXIVM with a note saying “I resign from all involvement”. Nothing more. Do this on your way out of town and it will arrive at 455 New Karner after you’re gone.

    Pack late at night and leave late at night.

    Go dark on social media and cut off all communications with anyone on the kool-aid. They can’t be trusted and you can’t open yourself up for abuse by the Gestapo. It’s not worth it. If you are leaving friends behind who are still in denial the best you can do is lead by example and walk away.

    If you do the above they can’t and won’t do anything to you.

    • Just be very careful who you talk to at the New York State Police. Word is that Investigator Rodger Kirsopp has been compromised and is now working to help NXIVM.

  • As someone very close to the situation I can say Nancy isn’t herself. It could be because of the cancer or it could be this weighing on her. She doesn’t want ESP to end. It’s been her life. Her entire persona is in this. Keith on the other hand wants to destroy it. It actually takes work to run it and he doesn’t want to work. He just wants to have sex and lay around. He is a lazy guy. Several of us have seen Nancy walking around outwardly angry which most people haven’t seen before. A lot of the higher up SOP men and DOS women are discussing this blog and people want out but are worried what Keith might do in terms of collateral or even revenge. People in ESP aren’t stupid, just scared. If Keith was taken down by authorities, not many people in ESP would be that sad. I don’t know many people in the organization fully drinking the koolaid. Most just don’t know how to get out without any problems.

  • I bet Nancy and Lauren are reading this blog everyday. They’ll want to know what’s going on and what the truth is. By now they’ve figured out Keith lies and lies.

    They’ll get more information from the Frank Report then from their own inner circle!

  • Frank Report I can’t believe what I am reading. It’s so spot on I feel like I’m at the NXIVM center watching this all play out like a reality TV show or a documentary. Every day this blog gets better.

    Keep up the good work.

    Keith hasn’t been under the microscope like this ever. It has to be crossing Nancy’s mind over and over that it might be true and Keith is a psychopath after all. It all fits so perfectly and if she’s opened her eyes because of Lauren being a branded slave and enslaving others? That’s a thought she won’t be able to let go of. Nor will others.

    Keith marches on acting squarely from the psychopath’s playbook. Every day that Nancy spends time with him it will become more and more obvious what an arrogant, vindictive, paranoid, empathy-less monster he is. Nancy might be at the point where the walls she constructed in her mind collapse and she sees the truth.

  • Hey Uncle Keith. Guess what you perverted fiend, this is just the start. More and more people inside your organization are going to leak info. You won’t be able to trust anyone. Not even those closest to you. And your best efforts to try to stop the leaks will make them even more prevalent. All of your secrets are getting out. Everything you want to hide isn’t safe anymore. What’s next? There’s some angry dads out there. Most of us are hoping that one of them gets 30 seconds with you. You think you’re watching us. We’re watching you. – Your friend, Johann Georg Faust

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